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More antics from the crew next door
Well all here is part 2. A little different from the first so hope you enjoy as the plot thickens. As always feel free to vote and leave your thoughts in the comment section. Also if the tags aren't to your liking then the story won't be either. Don;t disappoint yourself thinking that tag was added to be funny.

So Enjoy part 2 and I will see what time is looking like for part 3.

Pleasant Valley Sunday Pt. 2

So work was work, nothing special for a Friday and realistically I was happy with that after the way the morning started. It was a lot to process and focusing on something else helped. I was out with a couple of coworkers after work which wasn’t unusual on a Friday. We had a couple of beers, talked shop and looked at women. All 3 of us are single or single by divorce. The other two are single by divorce and seemingly always trying to find me a match. I typically come back with something along the lines of cause it worked so well for you? Stop trying to fuck up my life since you can’t do your own any more. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with a hot woman and have had more than one long term relationship. Something just doesn’t work out though. Anyways I am happy with things as they are. If I want to go out with the guys no one complains. Or if I leave the toilet seat up or didn’t clean up right away or whatever ya know?

I got home that night a little late, 11:00PM. Or shortly after. I got my shoes off and laid on the couch and thought about the week. What the hell do I need a person in my life for when I have the worlds most fucked up neighbors living next to me?! I mean yeah so I am just jacking off on a daily basis as opposed to dumping my load into some chick. But considering what I am jacking off to … Sam fucking the family dog … I think a lot of guys would be pretty damn happy to see that gorgeous face and body of hers getting hammered by Spot. Maybe it was the beer, or the shot, but that dog’s name still cracks me up, even if he is railing Samantha. And what about the parents? Is Jen right about them and they really do watch Sam like I do? Maybe that is why she always picks the same place in the yard to fuck at. Maybe the window has the best view there? OH! And what about Jen? I mean I was happy jacking off every morning and then she ended up blowing me? Well she did start it even though I forced her head down farther and exploded in her throat. Is that going on all next week? Plus she wanted me to watch her sister. Does it turn her on like it does everyone else?

That was why work was a good thing. Just a lot of fucked up shit to think about. I fell asleep on the couch again, which happens several times a week it seems. When I woke up a little later the last thing I was thinking about was Jen and my cock in her mouth. It was also what I was thinking about when I woke up. Of course maybe that is true because as I looked down there was Jen sucking my cock. WHAT?! She looks up at me and smiles,

“I was wondering if you were going to wake up.”

I slide from under her and sit up on the couch. I start to focus on the situation and am trying to figure this all out.

“How did you get in here?”

She tells me it was simple as I left the door open and unlocked, those damn spring nights. She was concerned about me and came over. The look of bewilderment on my face must have been extreme as she smiled and then unloaded on me. She told me that everyone but her is having sex at her house. My eyes must have bulged a little more when I heard this. I get told about Samantha fucking the dog and how her mom even helped her to get started with that cause she watched as well and her mom said that she wasn’t to try this. And then telling me about how she has caught her mom and dad fucking in the kitchen staring at Sam and they don’t even bother closing their door any more since we all know what is going on. She said that she has even asked them and they straight up told her no. Like that is the one part of the family they are keeping as normal. The problem was that Jen didn’t want to be their little keep safe project, she wanted to get laid. As much as that shocked me, and her being so open, the next bit pushed me over the edge when she said she wanted me to be the one to screw her. And not like to just pop her cherry (which she said she did herself while masturbating) but to spend hours with her doing everything she wants. Stuff her parents would never do with her.

Trying to take this all in I go back to something simpler like how does she get out of the house without getting caught. Again that is simple as there is a short section of roof out her window you can walk on and then a trellis that you can easily climb up or down. She sits there smiling at me, eagerly awaiting my response and willing to answer any question I come up with as long as it leads to the outcome she wants. I asked her about birth control and she told me that she had some period issues and the doctor suggested she take birth control pills to help with that. It did help but as a bonus she tells me that I am free to fill her tight cunt up with as much cum as I can get out. She winks at me and tells me she knows how much that is as well. I am sitting there trying hard to come up with something else, anything else to try and fully wrap my head around all of this.

“Jesus Derek! Are you going to fuck me or not?! You do think I am cute don’t you?”

Hell yes I think you are cute. I tell her she is fucking hot which makes her smile again. She asks me again if I will fuck her then as she pulls her top off of her and I see her tits for the first time. She reaches over and grabs my cock through my jeans and squeezes it. She takes off her PJ bottoms and then runs over to the door and closes it and tells me it is my turn to get undressed. She also tells me she is kind of a virgin. She stole a smaller dildo from her mom’s collection and that is what she popped her own cherry with. And hell yes she has fucked herself with it but has never had a real cock in her and that I am bigger than the toy she has next door. While listening to this I get undressed and I move the coffee table out of the way and have Jen come over to me. I get her to kneel and bend over the couch as I kneel behind her. I can’t believe how hot and sexy her ass and pussy are. There are no longer any effects of alcohol and I rub the tip of my cock up and down her wet slit. She says to please fuck me as if there was any doubt I was going to do exactly that.

I push the tip into her and hear her gasp and then grab her hips and bury my shaft completely into her.Jen moans out loud and I start fucking her like she has been fantasizing about. I know I am her first real cock, but I also know she has had some experience and blatantly ram in and out of her. Several minutes later she orgasms for the first time. Feeling her tighten around me is insane. She was incredibly tight even as wet as she was but this is something else. We change positions several times after each orgasm. I am finally to the point of no resistance and push deep into her and unload my seed into her. I feel Jen grinding against my shaft and milking every drop she can from me. I slide my cock out and Jen energetically pounces on it with her mouth, sucking up and down and cleaning off all of our combined juices. She smiles as she leans back and spreads her pussy open so I can see how wet she is and the trail of cum running down to her ass.

It has been a couple of hours and I hope that Jen’s parents didn’t look in her room and wonder where she was. She is technically an adult but why have a yelling match if it can be avoided, And besides, Jen has given me some ideas beyond just fucking her that I will look into. Jen gets dressed and gives me another kiss on the cheek.

“That was so unbelievable. You know you are going to have to fuck me again, just like this? Tomorrow night you are going to fuck my ass OK?”

I watch her wiggle as she walks out the door and closes it. My cock in that ass huh? I guess I should stop by the porn store and get some lube for that adventure. May have to drill a lower hole in the fence so I can fuck Jen and still watch Sam give it up to the dog. It definitely seemed like something that turned Jen on when she had me watch while sucking my cock. Maybe I can drill one for her as well so she can watch her sister getting knotted while I am getting both of us off?


2023-05-20 10:59:13
Looking forward to part 3.

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