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I wrote this story, got 3 chapters out already. Hope you enjoy! Originally it was going to be a pure fap fantasy, which to some extent it still is, but I decided to go a bit psychological later on.
Another day, another dollar. It was time for me to get off work. I left my office suite and headed for the elevator. Little did I realize I had hit a red button I had not seen before. I was about to see what it did, so out of curiosity, I pressed it.

The sign on the elevator changed. It said "Fantasy Room". I was intrigued. Where was it taking me?

I felt the elevator go higher than usual, to a floor I didn't know existed. Do I dare go any further?

My curiosity got the best of me, so I did. Immediately I stepped off into a red tinted room. In the distance seemed to be a bed with flower petals on it.

As I approached the bed, I was stopped briefly. I suddenly developed a headache, as if something was trying to enter my mind. The headache was brief, and I felt better a few seconds later, when two figures materialized on the bed.

I recognized those two figures. They were Iroha from Samurai Spirits and Kirika Misono from Eiken.

Yes, I was lusting over them and was surprised to see them there, looking so sexy, but I didn't know what was going on. I walked over to them, and asked, "Excuse me, do you know where I am? I haven't been to this room before."

The two of them patted the space between them. "Sit down", Iroha said.

I gulped a bit, then sat between them.

The two women leaned on my shoulders, their arms linking with mine. I blushed a lot at this action, but I still didn't know where I was.

"Where am I?" I asked once more.

"Didn't you see the sign? You're in the fantasy room," Kirika explained.

I was partially confused, and partially hopeful. "The fantasy room? You mean..."

They smirked. "Yes, we are here to fulfill your deepest darkest fantasies," Iroha said.

Now I knew what I was feeling earlier. This room was programmed to read my mind, and it did, which is why these two busty beauties were right before me. There was a fantasy I had in mind, and I certainly wanted it fulfilled. However, as I was about to open my mouth, I felt the sting again.

"I think I know what you want," Kirika said. "You want me to ride you, right?"

I actually didn't, but at that point she started stroking my crotch through my pants and kissing my neck. I began to moan with pleasure as I felt my cock stiffen. "Y-yes..." I said. Of course, I wasn't about to forget what I really wanted, so my face turned to Iroha. "And I want you to participate too. While she rides me, I want to suck on those." My face darted not-so-subtly to her breasts.

Iroha nodded. "Sure, anything you want."

I lay back on the bed as Kirika began to remove my pants and boxers. Before I could even react, I saw Iroha push her onto my dick. Immediately Iroha moved towards me, trying to sit where I was. I knew what she wanted. I moved my head up so she could sit there, then I lay my head down on her lap. I licked my lips as my eyes noticed her huge breasts, inches from my face.

I felt Kirika start to ride me, and as she did, Iroha grabbed one of her breasts and pushed it towards my mouth. My lips wrapped around her nipple and I sucked on it, giving a soft moan as I felt the other woman bouncing on my cock. As I moaned, my lips vibrated around Iroha's areola, causing her to moan out as well.

However, I noticed Kirika was only moving slowly. She hopped off my cock and looked at me. "I get the feeling you're not liking this very much, Billy. Are you okay?"

I removed my mouth from Iroha's nipple, took a deep breath, and spoke honestly. "Well, I won't say I'm not, but... I kinda would have preferred oral. But I wanted you to have fun too, and..."

As if to stop me from speaking, Iroha placed her finger against my mouth as Kirika spoke. "That's very sweet of you, Billy, but we're here to make you happy. And if oral makes you happy, I'm happy to perform it."

I almost had tears in my eyes from that. "Then, as you wish, give me a blowjob."

Kirika's eyes focused on me at first. "Sure, but if you want to make me happy..." she smirked. "Be rough. I want to be pegged in the mouth."

I nodded. "Sure." I looked up at Iroha. "But you be rough too."

Iroha smirked too. "Oh, I can be quite rough."

Kirika moved off the bed and kneeled down at the foot of it. I scooched forward a bit so my legs were hanging off the bed, and Iroha moved with me so my head was still laying on her lap. "Ready when you are," I said.

At that point, Kirika took my length into her mouth. I felt her bobbing as I began to close my eyes, moving my hips so I was pegging her in the mouth, just as she said. At that moment I felt Iroha's hand move to the back of my head as she practically yanked my head against her breast and I resumed sucking on her nipple. I moaned so much louder this time, still muffled by Iroha's breast, once again sending vibrations around her areola. It was wonderful hearing Iroha's moans along with mine.

Eventually, I felt precum enter Kirika's mouth, causing me to suck extra hard on Iroha's nipple. This path caused the latter to scream quietly. "Oh, Billy! Cum for me so you can suck more!" she said. She then looked at Kirika. "You know what to do. Make him cum!"

In answer to that, Kirika opened her throat, causing some of my precum to come onto her tongue. She swallowed it all without hesitation, making me moan even harder. In response to my muffled moans, I felt Iroha moan out louder as Kirika resumed sucking me off. I continued to pound against her throat as I felt Iroha's fingers digging into my scalp. I knew I was going to let loose my big load any minute now. I just needed a little more stimulation. So, Kirika decided to go for broke.

"Billy, stop pounding. Let me do the rest," she said, taking her mouth off my cock before sucking on the tip and using her hand to stroke my shaft and balls. I moaned loudly at that, and I heard Iroha gasp loudly. Her moans were music to my ears. Iroha took my hand and placed it on her other breast. In addition to moaning on one of her breasts, when Kirika pumped her mouth and hand I pinched her nipple harder. She had the most delicious squeals. I felt my balls tighten up, and I knew I was going to cum soon. I moaned out loud as I felt Kirika take my entire length into her mouth and begin to swallow. All of a sudden, everything went white in and out of focus.

Iroha was gasping loudly, but I had no idea how loud it really was until moments later, and I could hear Kirika swallowing everything up, as well as I was spurting a huge load of spunk down her throat. As I let loose my load in Kirika's mouth, the suction on one of Iroha's nipples intensified as did my fingers on the other. I could hear her squeals of joy that were so loud that if anyone else was around they would hear. After a few minutes of my orgasm, I pulled my fingers and mouth away from Iroha's nipple, and Kirika released my cock from her mouth, letting my spunk slide down her throat.

"Wow, that was amazing," I said. "Thanks, girls. That was a lot of fun. It was great being able to share this experience with you two." I truly meant that - I never thought this fantasy could come true, but it did.

"We're glad you enjoyed yourself too, Billy," Iroha said as they both giggled.
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