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Ever since HB 2469 passed, or the H-Bill as it was often called, Humiliation is the approved form of discipline. Laura, a high school teacher, breaks a rule and finds herself having to deal with ever increasing humiliation. She thought the humiliation of day one was bad, but day two adds a whole new set of challenges.

Finally, it was lunch time.

She grabbed her lunch during the break and immediately started standing at the podium. No way was she going to repeat the fiasco of yesterday where she added time to her sentence. She was already after 1:00 PM on Wednesday.

Then her heart sank when Todd walked in. “Hey Ms. B. Lookin’ good as always. I don’t want you to feel lonely during your lunch. I would very much like you to feel good about this time. In fact, I brought a whole box of straws, and I am going to be giving lessons on how to not violate the rules but have some fun.”

“Todd, please don’t do that. It is bad enough that I must stand like this, half naked, in front of everyone, please don’t make it worse.”

“Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I am not going to make it worse, I am going to make it better. If I do it right, much better. You’ll see.”

Todd sat down at the desk in the front center of the room and placed a box of straws on the desktop. Soon others started wandering into the room and Jake handed each person a straw. Most were male but a surprising percentage were female.

When the passing time bell rang, Todd got up and turned around to address the full room. “Hello everyone, I see word got around that I was going to be teaching a class in this room today. Now first things first. You cannot, I repeat, cannot touch Ms. Burk with anything. If you do you could possibly receive a sentence of your own. I will not be responsible for any of your actions. Remember, the room has cameras.” He turned to each of them and waved. “And if any inappropriate actions take place, we can all assume that the harshest punishment will be delt. Are we all clear on that subject? … Good. Now each of you have been handed a straw. Please blow through it and place your other hand at the end to feel the air as it comes out. You will note that it is much stronger than just blowing on your hand.” Most of the students tried it both ways and nodded in agreement.

“Since air is already touching Ms. Burk, you will not actually be touching her. You will simply be directing air in a specific manor.”

“Jake, Please don’t do this. It is just not right to do this to a teacher at this school or any school, or anyone, for that matter.”

“Now Ms., Burk, Just relax I won’t be doing anything but directing a little air. You felt how that was yesterday, but I just didn’t do enough. I will correct that situation today.”

He walked up to her widespread legs and knelt. “Now, first I take the straw and gently blow on the hair around her pussy lips.” Laura let out a quiet moan. She looked down and saw that there was still 21 minutes to the period and 20 minutes left for her to stand on the foot pads. She tried to cover her pussy with one of her hands, but she felt as if she was going to fall. She needed both hands on the handles for her balance. “Jake, I am begging you.”

“Relax Ms. B., I’m not going to hurt you. I have had a fair amount of practice on my sisters and mom, you know.” He blew a soft puff of air across the hair on her pussy. “Notice, as I blow air, how her pussy hair moves. That lets you know where the air is hitting her. Now does everyone know where to find a woman’s clit?” There were a bunch of “yes” and a few “no” replies. “That is OK, I’ll explain. The Clit is kind of, sort of, the equivalent as a cock. Don’t get me wrong, it is not exactly the same but similar. t is very small when compared to a cock but has over twice the nerve endings, so it is really, really sensitive and should be paid attention to. If you know how to stimulate a woman’s clit right, you will make her very happy. Notice how Ms. B’s clit is not really visible at the moment. She is not entirely turned on and it is hidden near the top of the folds of that make up her pussy lips. Now if I direct a stronger puff of air right about here" he hit the target and Laura arched her back and stood on her toes.

“See how she reacted to when I blow there?” He pointed to the top of her pussy lips. “See how her pussy lips are starting to get bigger and damp too? That means I am doing things right.” Everyone had gotten out of their seats and were crowding around Todd and trying to get a better look at what he was doing.

Jennifer said, “That is so hot. I know how it feels when I am playing with myself. If I get just the right spot, it feels like I am going to explode. I’m going to teach whoever is with me that trick. Ms. Burk, How does that feel?”

“Oh God, please stop.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it feels good. Too damn good that is the problem. I can’t get turned on like this in front of all of you. It isn’t right. I’m your teacher, this just is not right!”

“Relax Ms. B. You are just the subject of an impromptu mini class that I am giving. I had a few people ask more about my demonstration with a straw yesterday, so that is what I am doing, a more detailed demonstration. Just go with it. Okay, back to what I was talking about. Notice how the skin dents in when I blow like this. It is the same as if I were running a finger across her skin but different. My mom really gets off on it when I tease her like this. Sometimes I can get her all hot and horny and then I just stop. If I do that repeatedly, she starts to beg me to let her cum. Megan, my older sister is even worse. She will actually start dripping from her pussy. Chrissy, my younger sister, takes a little longer to get there but when she does, she almost passes out.”

There were a few “Wows” around the room as he talked about his family experience. “Now getting back to Ms. B. Each female is a little different. I don’t have time to tease her like I would like, but I am willing to bet we can still get multiple cums from her.” He blew air from the straw up and down her lips. “There we go, see her clit is starting to poke out now. She has one almost as big as my Mom. See how I use the air to stroke up and down and very my attack. Variety is what it is all about. You have to read the signs. Notice how she trembles when I do this. But If I keep doing it, she stops. She gets used to it, so you must mix it up a little bit. I want some of you to take your straws and start blowing on different parts of her body. Her top is not as transparent as the one yesterday, but it is still pretty sheer. Notice how her nipples are getting erect.” He stood up and started blowing on and around the nipples that were standing up though the clinging top. “When I blow on her nipples, they are getting harder and are now poking though the material. I was right, it is sheer enough that it probably feels like she is not wearing anything at all on her tits.”

“Now I want each of you to pick a spot and start blowing on her.” It felt like there were dozens of fingers running up and down her body. Her underarm, her sides, her pussy, her asshole, the insides of her thighs. Soon the fireworks started going off in her head and she started to cum. Her hips rocked and she barely kept her balance as she stood there.

“Great, that was cum number one. Everyone change places and keep going. If we don’t let her cool down too much, the next one will be sooner and harder.” He was right, Soon orgasm number two hit harder than the first. Her whole body shook, and she lifted a foot for a few moments off of the pad. The period timer continued but the podium timer stopped counting for a few seconds.

“OK switch again. Let’s keep this going.” Todd said to the enthused crowd. Orgasms three and four almost ran together. Again, she lifted a foot involuntarily as her body was racked with convulsions. This time when she got her foot on the pad there was only a five second difference between the period time and the podium time. Another mishap and she would start adding more time to her sentence.

“Switch one more time.”

“Oh God, Enough. Please, no more. I can’t take it.” But no one paid any attention to her pleading. Soon Orgasm five hit. It was a big one. She could not take it anymore and stepped completely off her foot pads and walked to her desk. She put both hands on the edge and locked her arms to keep herself from falling. She was breathing hard, and it felt like she was running like a river between her legs. It seemed to take forever for the fireworks in her head to stop going off. Eventually she felt reality coming back to her. God, what was she doing. She ran back to the podium and put her feet back on the pads. She looked at the timers and saw that there was now an additional 3 hours and 20 minutes added to her finish time. She could now not get dressed until almost 4:30 Wednesday evening.

There was still 5 minutes left in the period. Thankfully, Todd took his seat and indicated that the others should do the same, and they did. Laura took a deep swig from her water bottle. She may not be able to finish the entire bottle in the last five minutes, but at least the water drinking requirement was not the same as the standing timer. She just needed to finish all seven bottles by the last bell, not one bottle per period.

Todd was talking to the others. “That is easier to do if your subject is completely restrained. If you know what you are doing you can play your subject like a finely tuned instrument. I am not going to go into details, but if you do it right, it can be worth your while. Now I will say that being able to touch adds a whole different level to the experience,

“How do you know this?”

“Like I said, I am not going to go into details. I just know.”

“I don’t believe you man.”

“I’ll tell you that each of you can even get experience too.

There were a chorus of “no way” and similar.

“Okay, Okay, so you all know about public blues. They get put out and anybody can do almost anything they want to them. Some take their frustration or anger out on them, and some just use them for their own pleasure. Think about how the Blue feels.”

“Who cares how a Blue Feels. They fucked up and are paying the price.”

“Okay, I will give you that, but what if you are nice to them? If everyone else is treating them like dirt, and then someone comes along that is nice, they would immediately feel gratitude to you. I tell you; you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. You don’t even need to be all that nice, you can be just as mean or meaner by being nice. You heard how Ms. B. begged me to stop it but at the same time she really enjoyed what we did. All we did was make her feel really good. I made sure we violated absolutely no rules, and it was fun.”

“Okey, but how did you learn to do that to Ms. B?”

“Okey, I’ll tell you this much. For those of you that were here yesterday, you heard that in my house discipline is taken very seriously. I have even had to run around in the house in only my underwear as an in-house white, but my sisters and my mother tend to get into more trouble, fairly often. Dad tried the underwear white level punishment numerous times until he had to go to full Yellow. Then Yellow became not enough so he added a blue modifier.” This was followed by more than a few “No Way!”

“Yah, it has become a running joke, ‘who is going to be the evening’s blue.’ It is not every day, but it happens often enough. As a Yellow with blue, they may also have a restraining level added so that they are not permitted to hide in their room. So, you see, I have had three females to practice a few things on.”

“No Fucking way!” someone said.


“Have you had sex with your sisters and mom?”

“Whoa there! I did not say anything about having sex with any family members. They are only Yellow with a blue modifier when I do things with them. Everyone in the family is required to help discipline the one being punished.”

“OK but what if they were solid Blue and become NoNa’s?”

“What is a NoNa?” someone asked.

“A NoNa is someone that has temporarily had their name and family status taken away. Everything is allowed then. Since they have No Name, hence the NoNa, there is nothing wrong with any action. Does your dad ever make them NoNa’s?” someone else answered.

“On that note I decline to continue this conversation. You can imagine what you want but I will never say. I don’t think anyone who has been a NoNa will talk about it either. Mainly because as a NoNa is not them. A NoNa has very few rights, other than you should not permanently harm them. If you are talking to someone with a name, they have rights. And you can get in trouble if you violate those rights. If your violation is severe enough, you run the risk of becoming a NoNa yourself. “

“So, you are saying that if they were NoNa’s you could have sex with them but they would not be your family members at the time so you would not be fucking your sisters or mother but a NoNa?

“As I said I am done talking about that. If you want to learn anything else from me, you will drop the subject now.”

“Come on man, what else have you done with them.”

“Nope, I am done. I said no more, and I meant it. If any ladies want more knowledge about this, let it be known, they are free to contact to me for one-on-one consultations.” With that he folded his arms, sat back, and refused to respond to anyone. He simply looked at Ms. Burk and smiled.

Laura had been listening to this as she stood on her pedestal. Todd was smart, far too smart, and smug, for his age. She did not talk as he was talking but only tried to drink her water. She only drank about half a bottle this period, but fortunately she only had to drink twelve liters by the end of the day, not one bottle per period. Despite only having drunk part of a bottle, Laura’s bladder started indicating that she would need to pee again soon. She realized the carafe was across the room again next to the pee bucket. She did not remember leaving it there. Someone must have moved it when she was distracted. As she was considering what to do the bell rang. Now she would have to wait for at least another 5 minutes, because she was not allowed to pee during the passing time. She was not sure what the consequences would be if she violated that requirement, but she was unwilling to find out. She already had far too much penalty time added to her sentence.


When the passing bell rang, she jumped off the podium stand. She quickly walked over to the water cart and grabbed the next bottle. She poured another flavor packet into the bottle and set it on the podium for her to have access. She hated looking at the water because she had to pee so badly. She bounced around doing the pee-pee dance. She walked back and forth trying to take her mind off her bladder. She even rubbed the edge of the carafe against her pussy trying to relieve the need to pee. It was only partly successful. While it helped only a little, for the need to pee, it had the unintended consequence of increasing her hornyness. The more she rubbed, the hornier she got, the hornier she got the more she was distracted about her full bladder.

As she was rubbing her pussy, the class filled in soon all twenty-five students were in their seats. “Ms. Burk are you going to masturbate in front of us again?” someone asked.

“Yah, that was cool when you did that yesterday.”

“When I told my friends, they did not believe me. I had to take them to the video room and sign in and pull up the video of you masturbating at your desk. You really have big pussy lips.”

“You really pulled on them when you were masturbating. Are you going to do that again? What is with that jar, are you going to use it like some big dildo or something?”

“What? NO! I am not going to masturbate in front of you again.”

“Then why are you rubbing you pussy so much. It looks like you are masturbating now.” Andy asked.

“No! I have to pee really, really bad, and I am not allowed to do so during the passing time.”

“Why?” someone said.

“it is just part of the rules. I don’t know why. Please just give me a moment.” She was hopping around and pressing the edge of the carafe into her pussy in the attempt to prevent from peeing on the floor. After what seemed like an eternity. The second bell rang. She jumped on the foot pads, positioned the carafe, and let loose. It felt so damn good to finally pee! It was almost as good as the orgasms she had had during the lunch period. Well not quite as good, but damn close, she admitted. God this was an intense pee. She did not know if there was a penalty for peeing on the floor. Knowing how everything was stacked against her, there probably was some sort of penalty if she had done so.

After what felt like an eternity, the stream slowed down and eventually stopped. She continued to rub her pussy with the edge of the carafe, however. It just felt so damn good. Her mind wandered back to the previous period. God, it just felt so good to rub her pussy. The world revolved around the point of contact of the carafe and her pussy. The pee sloshed around in the carafe making it jiggle on its own, augmenting her motion. Just a little more, she thought. There was talking in the background, but she did not care. All that mattered was the pleasure she felt between her legs. Yes, YEs. YES! She finally got the release she needed, for now at least.

As she came down from her orgasm high, she started looking around the room.

Almost everyone had a look of surprise on their faces. Andy said, “I thought you said that you were not going to masturbate in front of us again. That looked like it was quite an orgasm, the way you were bouncing around and all.”

“I’m so sorry class. I don’t know what came over me. I just had to pee so bad. When the bell rang, I had to let it all out and it felt soooo good. I just lost myself. I am so ashamed. That is not something that any student should have to see. Their teacher masturbating in front of a full class.”

Several students said that it was Okay.

“I don’t understand why I am acting like this.”

“Hey, look on the bright side. You at least did not do it at your desk where it would have been broadcast to all the smart boards and the front office.”

“Yes, thanks for small miracles. Okay, now that I can think a little clearer, I owe you an explanation about the water and the peeing. You see I must drink twelve liters of water by the end of last period, or any undrunk water will add to the time that I have stay a Green. This is in addition to the time I have to spend standing on these foot pads on the podium. Because twelve liters is a lot of water, I need to pee a lot. However, as punishment for leaving the class to pee like I did Wednesday, I have to remain in the room to pee. They gave me this carafe to pee into and then I have to dump the pee into this clear bucket.” She walked over to the bucket and poured the pee into it. She still had half a bottle at the podium. She chugged the partial and set the empty bottle back onto the water cart. She made sure the carafe was on the cart next to her. She did not want to have the possibility of losing any time if she had to walk across the room to retrieve it again.

“If it weren’t for the flavoring, I don’t think I could do it. I don’t drink enough water normally because I don’t like the flavor of simple water. With some flavoring it is at least tolerable. Well enough of this silliness and what I have to do as Green. You all have a math test today. Are there any questions?” There were none from this class. Most of the students in this class were getting easy A’s, and the few that were not, were only missing an A due to unturned in Homework. They tested at A level but just did not always complete the other assignments that made up part of the grade.

As soon as the tests were handed out. She gathered some of the previous classes’ tests and walked back to the podium, put her feet on the pads, and started the count down timer. She had plenty of spart time in case anything came up. She started grading papers and made sure she was drinking her water. She could feel her stomach sloshing as it was so full of water, but better that, than adding time to her sentence.

The period was only a little more than half over when her bladder indicated that she needed to pee again. She reached down and took the carafe and carefully positioned it and let loose. It was not so intense this time. Holding it in when she had to pee had been terrible. More than a few students watched her closely when she was done to see if she would masturbate again. She rubbed the carafe a few times on her pussy, but she was not about to have a repeat of the start of class. It felt so good to run the cool edge of the carafe across her lower lips, but she maintained herself this time.

When she was done, she looked around the room and shook her head side to side to indicate that there would be no repeat masturbation performance. One girl gave her a thumbs up and she smiled at the support. This really was the best class! She stepped off the pads to walk over to the bucket to pour the pee in. Her timer for the podium was not quite done but she had some spare time. With as much water as she was drinking at the moment, she did not want to run out of room in the carafe. She quickly walked back and resumed grading. When the podium timer ran out, she remained at the podium this time. She was getting used to standing with her legs spread apart. She could move them in together, but she could only hold that for a little while until gravity forced her to spread again.

When the period was almost over, she considered if she needed to pee a third time or if she could hold it until the next period. She decided that she could hold it. She had learned, it felt better if there was a little pressure built up before she took a piss. By her calculations she had drunk 2.5 liters this period. She was almost caught up from her lunch period mishap. She still had a little under two liters to go but by God she would not leave any water in the bottles to add more time to her sentence. A few minutes later the bell rang.


As she was waiting for the last period to start. She began to reconsider her decision to wait to pee. The recently drunk 2.5 liters was passing through her kidneys faster than she had expected. There was still at least 4 minutes to go before she could empty her bladder. With the way her day was going, she was not thinking clearly. She should have peed when she had a chance last period. But it felt so good when she really had to go. The buildup of pressure caused her pussy to tingle. She had never felt like this before today. It all started when Allen and Adam used those damn vibrating balls on her. It was like they had turned on a switch that she could not turn off. Her pussy tingled so bad. The pressure on her bladder was getting worse and as it did so, the itching intensified. Why had she not peed at the end of the last period?

She had the carafe in her hand and rubbed the cool hard edge on her pussy lips help distract her from the pressure of her bladder. Unfortunately, that action increased the tingling. Was she going to be able to stop before she went too far? Did she care? She had already masturbated in front of her class last period. Did it really matter if she did so in another period? Oh God, why won’t that period bell ring so that she could pee!

When the bell finally rang, she started peeing before the bell ended. It felt so wonderful to pee! She never remembered peeing feeling so good. As before, she heard people talking, but the words had no meaning. They were only sounds in the background. All that mattered in the world was between her legs. She never had a large bladder. Having drunk more than ten liters so far was making her bladder do double time. Ten liters was like drinking five large soda bottles of water!

When the pee stopped, after a short eternity, she rubbed the edge of the carafe against her pussy to get any last drops. It felt so good. She had to make sure she got it all so that it would not drip down her legs. Just a little more rubbing… almost there now… YES! That is the spot. It felt so good, and she felt as if she was peeing again. She got all the liquid into the carafe. It was not as clear as just pee. Some of it must be pussy juice. Well at least she got it into the container so that it would not run down her legs.

Slowly, reality forced its way back into her mind. She looked up and saw another stunned class of students. This was the second class to enter the room to be greeted by her peeing and then masturbating. “I’m sorry class. This is not the way that you should be greeted to your classroom.”

“That is OK Ms. Burk. It was kind of awesome to see. You seemed to really enjoy what you were doing. After all, we missed your demonstration yesterday. It is only fair that you did it for us, like you did for your sixth period class yesterday.” Arbenita said.

“I heard she did it again today too.” Tammy said.

“You did!?” Alberta asked.

“Oh God, I hate to admit it, but yes, I did.”

“Cool, are you going to do that for every class now.” Alberta asked.

“What! Oh No. No. No. No. It’s not going to happen again.”

As she looked around, she noticed that both Albert and Tony were still not wearing pants. Both had had hard-ons that were poking through the fly hole of their underwear. It looked like neither of them seemed to be aware of this fact.

“Okay, let’s get back on track. Albert, Tony, it looks like you may need to release. Do you?”

“What, what do you mean?” Tony asked.

“Um, you both are kind of on display there.”

“Oh, God, I didn’t mean to do that.” Albert said as he tried to cover his had cock with his hands.

“It’s OK. You two are not the first ones that I, and probably most others, have seen today, I can assure you. If you need relief, You can ask for it. As individuals serving a sentence it is allowed. You can ask for volunteers, or you can take care of it yourselves. It is up to you.”

“We can ask for volunteers?” Albert asked. “We didn’t know that! That might make this a little more bearable.”

“Um, there is one catch though. It has to be in front of the class only.”

“You mean we would have to stand in front of the class and… well… you know?”


“Oh man, that sounds almost as embarrassing as running around school in our underwear!”

“Well, What’s it going to be. We only have a few minutes and then we’ve got to start the test.”

“Well, if anyone is interested, I guess I could go for it.” Tony said. “Me to,” Albert said.

At that, Pam, a girl that hardly ever speaks in class, walked over to Tony, and took his hand and led him to the front of the room. Everyone was shocked that she would do that. She was painfully shy.

To Alberts surprise, Arbenita walked to the front of the class and said, “What the hell, Albert, get your ass up here. I’ve always thought you were kind of a cool guy but seeing your cock sticking out like that has gotten me kind of worked up myself. And if Pam can do it. I guess so can I.”

“Wow,” was all Albert could say.

“Please forgive me if I’m not very good. I have only done this a few times before. The thought of giving a BJ in front of our class, however, is kind of a real turn on.” Arbenita said.

Tony looked down at Pam. She was kneeling in front of him and pulled his underwear down so that she had free access to his cock. “I’ve never done this before, have you done this before?”

Pam looked up at him, and smiled a shy smile, and shook her head, no.

“Do you want me to warn you when I am about to cum so that you can pull back, so you don’t have to swallow?”

“Warn me, but I am not going to pull back. I want to taste it, and swallow it, if that is OK with you.”

“Hell yes, that is OK with me. I just have one question, why are you doing this?”

“You have always been nice to me. Even when no one seemed to notice me, you were nice. You have held doors for me. You are always polite and let me or others go in front of you. You are a nice guy and I like that. I just want to be nice to you.”

“Damn, I never even though anyone noticed when I did those things,” He said.

“I did,” she said.

With that she kissed the end of his cock and opened her mouth and started sucking. She had seen porn on her computer, and she had read about it, so she knew what to do in theory, and she had dreamt of this moment for a very long time, but this was even hotter than any dream. She was doing it in front of, she wanted to say friends, but she was too shy to have any real friends. In front of her classmates. She was amazed at how his cock felt in her hand. It was hard, but it had a thin outer skin that seemed to move as she stroked it with her hand. She could feel it pulsing with his heartbeat. She was even too shy to shake hands with a boy normally, but now she had a cock in her mouth. This moment was going to be etched in her mind forever!

Tony was in heaven. He had never had a BJ to compare it to, but whatever Pam was doing felt great. He had always thought Pam was very cute, but he had no idea she was attracted to him at all. She was always a wall flower. She never seemed to make herself stand out. She seldom talked to anyone unless they spoke first. Now she was doing an amazing job on his cock, in front of a whole class, no less.

She was bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Occasionally she would go too far and gag a little bit, but she never once pulled off all the way. He felt her moving her tongue as she bobbed. God, it felt good. The fact that it was in front of a class made it all the more erotic. All too soon, he felt the pressure building in his loins. He tapped Pam on the head, and she looked up at him with her eyes, “Pam, I’m getting close.” She nodded and redoubled her efforts. Soon spurt after spurt started shooting into her mouth. She started humming when the first shot hit her tongue. He did not think it could get any better and then it did. His knees were about to buckle so he put his hands on her shoulders for support. Eventually he felt his cock starting to soften, but Pam kept her mouth on it and lazily sucked every so often. She wanted every last drop he could give her.

She looked up at him and smiled. “Was that, Okay? I’ve never done that before.”

As he helped her to her feet he said, “That was absolutely incredible. If you ever want to practice, You can practice on me any time.”

“I would like that. I have overheard other girls talk and some say they don’t like the taste, and some say they do. I am in the second group. It was very yummy.”

“Pam, if there is any way I could return a favor like you gave me, please let me know how!”

“Maybe… maybe, I could think of a way. If you would be interested in it that is.” She turned beet red when she said that.

“Anything. Just let me … Oh!” Then he turned beet red when he finally realized what she was talking about. “I think I might like that a lot if you want to.” They held hands as they walked back to their desks.

Arbenita was not an oral virgin, but she could count the number of times on her hands. Both hands but barely. She had been on a few dates where her date asked her to go down on them. She had obliged but they never seemed to want to return the favor, so she never went out with them again. Albert seemed like a nice guy, maybe he would be different.

Albert was shocked when Arbenita offered to help relieve him. He had always had a small crush on her, but he felt she was way out of his league. She usually went out with the jocks, and he was more of a nurd. Now here he was on his second and last day without pants. It was the last class of the day. He thought this nightmare was almost over but suddenly it was becoming a dream.

“Come on you slowpoke. We don’t have all day. Get those underpants down so I can get to you properly.” He rushed up to the front of the class where she was kneeling facing away from Pam and fought to pull the front of his underwear down. It was not easy to do because while watching Ms. Burk Masturbate, his hard-on had poked through the fly hole. After some fumbling, and with Arbenita’s help, he succeeded in his task.

Arbenita had seen bigger cocks in pictures but none of the guys she had dated had a cock the size of Albert’s. It must be at least seven inches. God, what had she gotten herself into? Well, no backing out now. She licked the head with her tongue, and he arched his back reflexively forcing a couple of inches into her mouth. “Sorry about that. I know you were going to touch me, but I wasn’t ready for the actual feeling,” Albert said. This surprised her. Don’t all guys just push their cocks into a mouth that is about to give a blow job?

“That’s okay. Just let me do the work. Have you ever had a BJ before?”

“No, Never. No one has ever touched me there especially like that.”

So, he is a virgin, she thought. Well, technically she was too, just not orally.

Albert heard Tony ask Pam if she wanted to swallow so he realized he should too. “Do you want me to warn you when I am about to cum so you can pull back, so I don’t do it in your mouth?”

She pulled back and said, “No, I will be able to tell, and I don’t mind the teste.” As expected, he did not take long. He came more than she had expected but was able to keep most of it in her mouth. A small dribble escaped the corner of her mouth, and she used a finger to push it in and licked it clean. She was surprised when she saw Albert offering her a hand to stand up. She took it. They then started to head back to their seats.

“Um, Arbenita, um I would like to ask, um, would you ever want to go to dinner with me sometime?

“You want a repeat?”

“Um no, I never… I mean it was great and all. The best, and I would love a repeat, but that is not what I really want… I, I would, …”

“Yes? Spit it out.”

“I would really like the opportunity to, umm, return the favor, … If you want that is.”

Arbenita stopped and Albert almost ran into her. She turned to him and asked, “You what?”

“Well, I was just wondering, that is if you would like, umm..”

“You would like to do to me what I did for you?”

‘More than anything. I have always wanted to do that, but I’ve… well never known anyone that, well you know.”

“That would give you a BJ?”

“What! No, no, I just didn’t think anyone would like me enough… or let me do to them…”

“Kiss me.”


“Kiss me now, and I will go out with you.”

“I don’t know how to kiss. I’m afraid I’ll mess it up.”

“Kiss me now and let me worry about if you know how to or not.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Just Kiss me.”

He kissed her.

It was the worst kiss she had ever had. His jaw was ridged, he had no idea what to do with his tongue, if he could mess it up, he did. Yet she thought she would always remember it. He did not hesitate to kiss her. She had just given him a BJ, and he did not hesitate. No guy ever wanted to do anything with her after she had given them a BJ. And then he even claimed he wanted to return the favor. “We will talk after class.” She got to her seat and sat down.

Albert looked over at Tony and saw him looking back with a big grin.

“Okay class, the shows are over. Any questions about the test? No, Here you go.” She handed the tests out, took a bunch from pervious classes and the last of the water and stepped up to her podium. As expected, because she had been drinking so much the last couple of periods she had to go again midway through the class.

She knew she would probably have to go again before the end of the class because she knew she would need to stand out at the pickup line, and she did not want to have to go there if possible.

About 10 minutes before the end of class, just before she was about to use the carafe, Mr. Owens showed up. He walked over to the watercart, looked at the bottles and saw that the six on the cart were empty and then looked at the last one on the seventh was in her hand. She purposely drank the last little bit as he looked on. He faked clapped to not disturb the class and gave her a thumbs up sign. He took the last bottle from her hand and walked it back to the cart then walked back to her. He quietly whispered, “You should go to the pickup area now. I will watch the last few minutes of your class.”

“But I need to pee before I go.”

“No that is OK. I see that you’ve stood at your podium long enough to for this period, so there is no reason to stay here now. I am here so you can go now. You may want to take your carafe, however. No telling if you may need it. No stopping along the way now.”


“No, it’s really okay, you can leave the class now. I am here to monitor them. You won’t be penalized for leaving the room. Go on now. Straight to the pickup area. No stopping along the way.”

She picked up the carafe and headed out the door. What the hell just happened? It was all so fast. She wished she could have peed one last time first.

As she stood in the hall outside her room, the speakers came on. “All individuals currently serving a sentence, there are five minutes left in the last period. Please leave your classes now and head directly to the pickup area. You are to leave any personal items where they are. All personal items will be delivered to the pickup area once you are there. Any delay in arriving at the pickup area could result in extending your sentence. That is all.”

So, there it is.
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