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Every character in this story is 18+. Though the main character would argue otherwise, be warned that it contains scenes of rape on unconscious victims.
“It's getting worse,” Rebecca sobbed, smearing her heavy make-up onto Karly's bosom. “I can't keep going on like this. I'm always so afraid to be alone, even for a second.”

The two girls were like day and night and neither would have guessed that after years of actively avoiding each other, they would share a deep, tortured bond. The aloof metal-head had secretly despised the preppy blonde cheerleader and would have never imagined one day feeling safest between the gigantic breasts she so envied her for.

Karly was able to stay strong for her friend of circumstance but couldn't stop her hands from trembling. Her days were also plagued with blackouts that left her feeling tainted and violated. She had to dig deep for a nugget of unrefined hope: “I talked to Coleen yesterday and she admitted to getting blackout sometimes too, just not as often. She said she'd think about joining our secret meeting next Friday; maybe she'll share something that will help us make sense of it all.”

“It's not going to matter. It never does. I know you're still looking for some rational explanation but one day you'll have to accept the only possibility; some demon or something is raping us, Karly. He's raping us and he will never stop!”

Ethan had heard enough. The girls did not notice the door opening and the boy casually intruding on their secret meeting. They just stared vacantly, drooling. He wasn't a fan of the R-word; it made him sound like a bad guy instead of a hero-in-training just having a little fun. It's not really rape without the traumatizing experience and memories, right? Just a bad taste in their mouth and a slight sting in their butt next time they sit down. He closed the door behind him.

Ethan wanted to use his powers strictly for good one day, but surely being a hero could wait one more weekend. He knew the ass of every girl in school intimately, their shape, their firmness, the way his cock felt deep inside, and Rebecca Delgado and Karly Black had the two cutest, plumpest, snuggest ones of them all. He was unaware until today that his favorite sex dolls hid in a classroom on Friday afternoons to meet in secret. He had played with them individually hundreds of times but never together.

A few years ago, Ethan's teacher was yelling at him for reasons he had since forgotten. He remembered wishing she would shut up. And then she did. Everyone in his class slouched in their chairs with vacant eyes. That was the first display of his power, a sort of neurological EMP that disables everyone in a small radius. He was worried he had accidentally killed the entire class but when the bell rang, everyone woke up and acted like they had just nodded off. Something about about the tone or frequency of that ringiing... he was not sure yet. He was just happy to be able to use his powers at school without causing any permanent damage. Of course, harmless pranks like looking under skirts and stealing panties got boring after a while.

Ethan ran his hands up Karly's back to unhook her bra. He juggled the large breasts under her shirt then squeezed them so hard, any conscious girl would have squealed in pain. God, that girl was the total package. He freed his erection and let it lift Karly's skirt as he continued leaving red fingermarks on the squishy melons.

Normally, it was too much of a chore to completely strip a girl given how unwieldy it was to put clothes back on a comatose body. Skirts-up or pants-down quickies were his modus operandi, but next bell was... 64 hours away. That was worth the rare treat of getting the full experience. And so he liberated the bouncing stress bags from their tight shirt. Karly's limp arms offered no resistance. Her panties and skirt were on the floor seconds later and the athletic young blonde was toppled tits-up over the closest desk.

Rebecca's breasts were small but the nipples were puffy and fun to pinch. He got them bright red before flopping her ass-up on the same desk next to Karly. He pondered the best long-term position for a few moments then pulled Karly's body over Rebecca's so that they lied on top of each other, back to back, Karly's head resting comfortably in Rebecca's buttcrack. Now his busy fingers had access to big tits no matter which side he was on or whose ass he was fucking, and a nearby mouth for cleaning, lubrication, and ejaculation purposes. It was always better to cum down a throat and let the evidence of his presence dissolve in stomach acid.

Ethan's hands refused to stop playing with Karly's breasts while he blindly poked Rebecca's perfectly round ass through cascading blonde hair for the right hole. Though he often 'accidentally' stuffed the pink (often enough that no girl in school was still a virgin, Rebecca included), he always made a conscious effort to resist the urge. An accidental pregnancy would be terrible news for him and therefore the world.

He dug his nails into soft breast flesh when his cock found the warmth of the bottom goth girl's puckered hole. Rebecca's ass welcomed him home; behind her back, they had become intimate friends over the years. She would never appreciate how much her ass enjoyed getting fucked. He alternated hard pounding using Karly's tits as handlebars with letting himself get milked by involuntary spasms. Ethan allowed himself to stay longer and deeper as he bubbled close to the edge. After all, his cum receptacle was closer at hand than ever before.

The empty classroom was filled with the sound of his crotch leaving a red imprint on Rebecca's ass and his balls slapping against her pussy. Ethan pulled out at the very last second with a plop of tightness and made his dirty ass-tainted dick disappear down the open mouth of the upside-down cheerleader with the wet sound of a throat deprived of a gag reflex. He came so much in there that his yogurt overflowed out of the unresponsive girl's nostrils. Though the blonde silky veil caught most of his nasty stuff, some droplets found their way to the gaping asshole between the bleached strands. Plenty of time to clean up later; it was time to try the other side.

The two girls truly were polar opposite in every way. Karly's ass was like a wild mare he had to break over and over again. Even with daily use, the beauty queen subconsciously clenched her firm cheeks at the touch of his tip. Once breached, though, it was as much of a joy to destroy her anal cavity as the first time he caught her alone in the girl's bathroom. The strong rectal grip on his dick made her prolapse if he wasn't careful, and he was rarely careful. With Rebecca's face suffocating only an inch bellow between her friend's buttcheeks, her nose was the landing pad for Ethan's ballsack whenever he visited Karly's deepest depths.

“Shit, shit...” Ethan was spraying Karly's colon while still balls-deep, breaking one of his rules. He couldn't make himself pull out now, not when it felt so good. He was happy to see most of his DNA evidence flow out of the destroyed cavity and into Rebecca's pierced nostrils.

Other than going out for lunch and taking a few naps with Karly's chest as a pillow, Ethan spent the entire weekend enjoying himself at the girls' expense. Even as oozing, gaping, red pits, the two assholes continued to provide entertainment until the third morning when the serenity of an abandoned school was broken by the loud motors of incoming buses.

Ethan quickened his pace to finish into Rebecca's mouth one last time, then took a step back to evaluate his mess. His heart was beating out of his chest while he grabbed the schoolgirls' discarded clothes to wipe puddles his jizz. He shoved the soiled cum-rags into his schoolbag and left the scene to blend in with the arriving students.

When the bell rang, Ethan joined the gleeful crowd filming the two disoriented, naked girls crying huddled in a corner of the classroom. Though he pointed and laughed with them, he solemnly vowed to never use his powers for sex again.

The End

Oh wait, it's spring break next week, isn't it? I can probably catch one of them before they leave. Maybe being a hero can wait a little longer.



2023-06-02 21:34:44
Great idea, but I think it´s a bit short. More detail in the backstory of his powers would have been interesting.
It kinda reminds me of this story I saw somewhere else recently:


2023-05-27 15:19:05
Great story! Thanks.

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