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Two young tourist couples pick the wrong biker gang to mess with.

Ch. 11 – Rex’s Proposal


The lean, muscular Russian kept hammering into the blonde girl’s ass. She was screeching bloody murder, though I couldn’t tell if it was from how hard Dmitri was yanking on her hair, his cock reaming her ass, or both. Dmitri’s free hand now slapped the girl’s ass cheeks with a steady rhythm while the ass-rape galloped toward a memorable finish.

I saw the girl’s eyes roll upward, her body frantically gyrating on Rex’s lap even as Rex began pumping his pelvis upward to fuck her more thoroughly.

That girl wasn’t long for this world. She had to pass out soon from the cocks destroying her tight holes. All of a sudden, I saw Dmitri pull out his glistening, blood-tinted cock, then slam it back into her distended anus like a demon. He yanked her head back with his fist and she shrieked in fresh agony.


Rex’s hand had slipped free of her mouth again, and he began slapping her across the face again and again.

“Stop complaining, you worthless whore,” the gang leader shouted. “Be thankful for that cock in your ass!”

Dmitri lanced her asshole again and held himself still. His fist finally withdrew from her hair and he just clamped both hands around her waist, head thrown back in rapture as he gushed deep in her ass. He pulled out with a satisfied sigh. The Frost Demon gave the dirty blonde’s ass one affectionate smack before standing up. The nearby patrons and I could see one thing clearly: Dmitri’s cock was coated in cum, plus smears of blood and traces of something even nastier.

“Hey, can I have some napkins here?” One of the other Frost Demons handed the man what he asked for, and he proceeded to wipe off his cock as best he could before tossing the refuse on the floor.

Fresh cum dribbled out of the blonde’s ruined bottom. It was gaping even wider now. It looked obscene. The webbing of her anus looked raw and bloody.

“Get back up and keep fucking me. Worthless fuck-toys like you don’t deserve any rest. Keep moving, bitch!” Rex roared.

Barely conscious, yet somehow summoning a reserve of strength the girl probably hadn’t known she had, the busty blonde lifted herself up and continued to hump Rex’s cock with her hands still tied behind her back. I had to admire Rex – the man had stamina. I was shocked he hadn’t gushed up her snatch yet. He lay underneath her and shouted out for the next man to step up, cavalier as ever, like a business owner shouting out the number of his next customer in line.

“Let’s go. Who’s next? Get your cock over here. We gotta keep this blonde’s ass filled at all times. She craves it, don’t you bitch?”

The blonde stared straight ahead, face twisted with agony. Barely, just barely, I heard the words, broken and raw, escape from her lips.

“Y-y-yesss…I..c-crave…it,” she wheezed.

“Not good enough. Not enough enthusiasm,” Rex roared. “Someone hand me that belt.” A Frost Demon did just that. Soon he was bashing it against the blonde’s belly. Soon he had her squealing with each blow.

“Louder, cunt! I can’t hear you!”

“AYY!! I-c-crave it. I crave cock—i-in my--- my asss!!!! UUGGGHHH!!!”

“In that case, your knight in shining armor is here,” growled another Frost Demon. This one I recognized too, though he was a newer member of the gang. I think his name was Garcia. His cock was rangy, decent-sized but smaller than the previous bikers. He made himself at home, sliding his cock into her ass like the perfect sheath. He had her bent over while Rex clutched the sides of her face, forcing her gaze to his.

“Was it worth it, bitch? Hmm? Was it worth driving me off the fucking road?” Rex taunted her, savoring the pain in her eyes as that fourth cock skewered her bottom.

He didn’t last long. Soon we heard Garcia’s bellow of ecstasy. A warm load of spunk shot deep into the girl’s bowels. No sooner had he pulled out, though, then a fifth man came for her ass. Calvin was a nasty piece of work with a thick cock and only one good eye – the other lost in a knife fight several years ago. The Frost Demon thrust his cock into her ass with ease. Loud sounds of suction and wetness accompanied the latest ass-rape. The previous four loads of cum and growing traces of blood made for an overflowing cocktail. Soon all those fluids were coating Calvin’s shaft even as he plowed the girl’s butt cheeks with vicious glee.

“UH!!! UHHH!!! Fuck, your ass is a sticky-bloody mess, you whore. But you LOVE cock deep in your ass, don’t you? You love a good, hard bum-fuck, don’t you!” he growled with sadistic delight.

Meanwhile, Rex seemed to offer the girl a miraculous proposal. For the very first time, I saw the light of hope leap into her eyes. Rex was still holding her by the face, keeping it inches in front of his. “Listen up, bitch, I’ll make you a one-time offer. After Calvin comes deep in your ass, you keep riding my dick like a good cowgirl and make me CUM deep up your worthless pussy. Make me coat that pussy with my swimmers and then I’ll let you and your loved ones go. Got it?”

I saw her barely perceptible nod and that light of hope awaken in her eyes. Moments later, Calvin was nearing the precipice.

“AHHH!!! Oh fuck, you nasty little slut, your tight ass is milking my balls… ooohhh fuck!!!!!!” Calvin slapped her ass cheeks in time to a final crescendo of thrusts. I saw him grinding against her backside with a growl of animalistic triumph. He emptied his seed in her rectum. I saw his entire upper body shudder as he sprayed his ball-juice deep into the girl’s ass.

At last, it seemed over, at least for a little while. Calvin pulled out, stood up, and stumbled away. Then, to almost everyone’s surprise, the blonde rose up.

Despite the awkwardness of her wrists tied behind her back, she managed to get upright and start humping Rex’s cock with even greater zeal. She was taking Rex up on his proposal. I stared at her naked, pain-wracked figure. Traces of blood and lots of cum oozed from her anal opening even as her pussy clung to Rex’s cock and gave him the time of his life. I watched that ass moving frantically now. I stared at that pussy grinding madly atop the biker’s dick. He urged her on while her big breasts swayed in the throes of her fucking and her agony.

“Yeah, bitch, pump that pussy. Make me CUM, you worthless slut.” Rex’s hands slid to the girl’s hips. He latched onto her hips with a white-knuckled grip as she rode him. Her cunt lips massaged his shaft as she impaled herself again and again, her deep, plaintive groans filling the bar like a constant plea, as if to say, Please let this just be over. Please let this be the last rape and humiliation…

The wound on her right nipple had clotted, and the blood along her breast had dried. She might have looked almost unhurt if one stood far enough away, but of course I was close enough to see the lasting evidence of the men’s brutality. Her cheeks were red from Rex’s slaps. Her cunt lips still looked swollen from the smackdown Rex had given her pussy earlier. And her ass… the girl’s roughly used ass was a gaping, trembling hole still seeping sperm and blood.

The girl had mentioned her fiancé needing a hospital earlier. Now it was obvious that she would need one too.

“UUUUHHHHH!!!!” The blonde’s groans reached a fever-pitch. She must have sensed his cock straining inside her. She must have sensed that Rex was close to climax. Her hips moved with fervent gyrations, her pussy grinding feverishly. Her cunt smacked down with finality. Then it happened. I saw Rex’s white-knuckled grip on the blonde’s hips tighten so fiercely that his nails dug into her skin and drew blood. I heard as Rex’s bellow of ecstasy turned into a roar of triumph. I could imagine his raping seed surging up into the girl’s helpless pussy.

I looked at the beautiful girl in the driver’s license photo again. Jamie Reynolds. She looked like a completely different person – not like this broken woman now fucking on the floor of my bar. As the girl seemed to feel that last drop of ball-juice spurt up her snatch, she swayed and then collapsed forward onto the biker’s chest.

Rex gave her a pat on the head, as if she were a pet who had just performed a worthwhile trick.

“Not bad, bitch. Your cunt is a real cock-squeezing joy. You wrung out my ball-juice like a real pro. I think that deserves a reward.”

Sobbing against his shoulder, it took some time for the blonde to manage a coherent sentence. She lay there, her breasts pressed against Rex’s chest. He had resumed stroking her hair in a mockery of true intimacy. He gazed at her like a cat trying to decide how it wanted to play with the mouse it had caught. Now she craned her neck and looked up at him.

“D-does t-t-this mean you’ll l-let us GO?”

Rex paused as if he were really, seriously considering it. He looked over at his wife. Sasha was still humping the fiancé’s cock. Her hammer slammed into his belly – a belly which would soon be black and blue with bruises. He cried out pitifully, but his drug-fueled cock stayed hard inside her pussy.

“What do you think, love? This bitch wants us to let her and her dear husband-to-be go free.”

Sasha looked coldly at the woman, then down with the same icy-harsh stare at the man lying beneath her. The two men holding down Ricky’s arms had finally left, but not before tying his hands underneath him behind his back. She put the hammer aside, leaned down, and gave him a suddenly seductive stare.

“I think this boy-toy belongs to me now, that’s what I think. Tell that bitch to find another husband.”

Saying this, Sasha leaned all the way down and slid her tongue into Ricky’s mouth. She kissed the fiancé deeply. Meanwhile, her cunt bobbed up and down, re-engulfing his manhood as he groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. His bruised and broken ribs still protested with Sasha’s bouncing movements.

“P-please-y-you-gave-me-y-your-w-word,” the blonde croaked.

Rex’s eyebrow quirked upward. “I don’t remember promising you anything, bitch. I gave you an offer, and guess what? Now I feel like rescinding it.”

“Nooo!” Jamie’s pitiful cry got cut off by a screech as Rex grabbed her by the hair and hauled her to her feet. The girl squirmed with a whimper, her impressive breasts now flaunting the entire bar.

“All right, gentlemen – here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. This dumb bitch is done servicing her Frost Demon betters, so now let’s open things up to everyone. If you’ve got a cock and want to dip in one of this slut’s holes, well, then tonight is your lucky night.”

“Wait! Please, hear me out before you give me to them!!” the blonde squealed.

Rex paused. “I’m listening, bitch.”

“I’ve got $15,000 in my checking account. You can have all of it. Just let us go.”

The gang leader snorted, obviously unimpressed. “That might pay for one of you to get your freedom, cunt. If you want me to let all four of you go free, that’ll cost you… $100K.”

She looked up at him. I’d never seen so much desperation, so much imploring for mercy, in one person’s eyes.

“B-but we don’t have that k-kind of money. P-please let me go. Just me… y-you can keep the others.”

Wow, talk about self-preservation. Who knew this bitch could be so ruthlessly pragmatic? She was willing to abandon her own little sister and her fiancé to save herself. I mean, maybe she figured she could go get help and come back for them. That was the more charitable interpretation of her desperate offer, but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to believe it.

Rex rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he if might grant her request. Then he called out to the entire bar.

“Well, gentlemen, as you can see this worthless cunt is also a backstabbing piece of shit. And what do we do to backstabbing pieces of shit?”

“Fuck ‘em!” one man shouted.

“Fuck her to death,” another man called out.

“Make the bitch pay,” a third man offered. A chorus of equally brutal suggestions flew in from every section of the bar.

Rex fondled the girl’s supple cones with one hand. With his other hand, he reached between her legs and slipped his index finger into the girl’s cum-soaked pussy. He leaned in toward her with a dark whisper. She shivered at his touch.

“You heard the audience’s verdict, bitch. You’re in for a whole new world of pain.”

END of CH. 11
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