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Cultivating a target takes patience and planning. But with a tall, fit MILF like Sandi in my sights, it was worth the effort.
Cultivating a target takes time. Months of planning, surveillance, endless details. They say the hunt is better than the catch, they haven’t seen my catches.

My current target was Sandi, the first test of a revised approach to my little hobby. She’s a little older – mid 50s – which brought significant advantages. No kids coming home from school, no soccer practices to attend and a decent sized house with plenty of distance from the neighbors. It just made sense.

Then there were Sandi’s specific attributes. She was 5’10” tall with the long, lithe body of a lifelong athlete. She worked part-time as a personal trainer and was as fit as any 25-year-old at the gym. Tall, blonde and a slamming body. I couldn’t wait to tear her apart.

Another thing making my life easier was that Sandi had a schedule and stuck to it like clockwork. Workouts and running sessions six days a week. Private personal training sessions with her clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I knew her schedule better than she did. Her husband was a regular business traveler, usually gone the third week of the month.

This was coming together nicely.

A date was ***********ed and I made my usual preparations. Some rope, a little chain, a few basic hardware pieces. I liked to keep things simple, besides that fancy S&M gear was way too easy to trace.

For this targeting I was going to need a partner, so I promised Jimmy (or was it Timmy?) ten grand cash plus an afternoon of the craziest sex he would ever be involved in. One look at the bag full of cash and he was in.

I rented a white van with a black market credit card and went to go pick up Timmy. (Or maybe it was Larry, I should have paid closer attention.) We pulled on blue coveralls and a slapped a magnetic sign on the side reading AAA-1 PLUMBING AND GARAGE DOOR. It was game time.

Wednesday was a regular workout day for Sandi. She’d leave the house by 8:30 and be back before 10. We were parked at the coffee shop down the street when she rolled by at 8:32. Punctuality is so sexy.

Parked the van between Sandi’s and the neighbor’s so the busybodies wouldn’t know exactly which house had the plumbing and/or garage door issue. We grabbed our gear and popped open the garage with a digital scanner. Easy peasy.

We were on the clock so we got right to work. Stacking up the living room furniture and shoving it to one side gave us a nice, big play space. Installed a few eyebolts here, a couple of pulleys there, a few pre-tied lengths of rope, even cameras around the room so I could enjoy the show over a couple of cold ones later. We rehearsed our plan three times. Nothing left to chance.

Time for a little rest. It was going to be a long afternoon of fun (for me) and humiliating bondage (for Sandi).

At 9:57 the garage door opened. Good ol’ Sandi, right on time. I heard her walk into the house and immediately kick off her sneakers. Pity. One less thing for me to take off. Undressing the targets piece by piece was one of my favorite parts.

Time to get this party started. Step one, attract the victim into the spider’s web. I flicked on the TV and turned it up loud. Sandi came in to investigate. My partner (Ernie? Carl?) sprung out and put a loop of rope around her left hand. Sandi reacted exactly the way she should, pulling away hard, tightening the loop around her wrist. My partner pulled on the rope threaded through a pulley in the ceiling. Sandi was surprised, disoriented and being pulled up on her tip toes. It was a beautiful thing, but it was about to get better.

Sandi was confused and starting to panic. I knew I had about 1.5 seconds before she began screaming, time for step two. I dropped a loop of rope around her neck and pulled it through another pulley in the ceiling cinching the noose tight enough to shut her up, but not enough to stop her breathing.

Now the show could begin and what a show. Sandi’s strength and athleticism was on full display. She jumped and leaped and spun, you could see the muscles flexing through her super tight workout clothes. Her scream came out as a strained squawk. It was a beautiful sound.

Step three was to wear Sandi out. Just like we rehearsed, we loosened the neck rope and tightened the arm rope then vice versa keeping her off balance, but letting her feel like she had a fighting chance. Back and forth, back and forth. The adrenaline was starting to run out, but she was still fighting.

Sandi’s right arm was left free in order to give her some hope. False hope. My favorite kind.

“Okay,” I said, “on three. One, two, three.” We pulled both ropes and strung Sandi up for a few seconds. She kicked her legs in the air and flailed with her one free arm. Pure magic. After the fourth time we pulled her up, I could tell she was running out of gas.

After tying off the ceiling ropes, I put a loop around one of her ankles and pulled it through an eye bolt in the floor. I did the same with the other ankle. By now Sandi was covered in sweat and breathing hard. She was watching me as I held the two ropes now connected to her ankles.

“Hello Sandi,” I said. She was surprised I knew her name. “I’m going to need you to spread your legs for me.” Her eyes widened and she shook her head. “It’s okay, I’ll help you.” I slowly started pulling on the ropes and Sandi’s legs began to part. She tried to hold her ground, but inch by inch I spread those toned legs wider and wider. You could see the defeat in her face. It only made her more beautiful.

I grabbed Sandi’s right arm and strung it up through another ceiling pulley. Her last hope gone. Now it was time to examine the goods.

Starting from the top I squeezed her muscular arms, her shoulders, breasts, the flat tummy, the firm ass, the strong legs from all that time in the gym. Couldn’t get enough of those legs. I kissed my way up the inside of her thigh until I got to her pussy. Even through the yoga pants I could feel and smell that magnificent cunt. I gave it a little smooch.

“I found this in your nightstand,” I said, producing a cute little lipstick vibrator. “Since you don’t have a free hand, I’ll help you out.” Sandi shook her head fiercely and whimpered as I went to work. It took a little while, but I kept at it until a damp spot appeared through the fabric. I stood up and looked her straight in the eye as I slipped my hand inside her pants and a finger inside her pussy producing a little wince. “Wow, that’s soaking wet. Your body is turning on you Sandi.” I slid my finger out, licked it clean, then produced a pair of scissors. “Now let’s get you out of these wet clothes.”

I slowly cut away her tight workout shirt. Sandi’s face was a mix of anger and frustration as she fought against the ropes. The next cuts removed the sports bra exposing her breasts. I slid the scissors neatly up one side of her yoga pants and down the other leaving her in a pair of light blue panties. Snip, snip and they were gone, too.

I dove into that pussy and ate it until her juices were running down my chin and chest. Sandi’s body continued to betray her as she got closer and closer to an orgasm she didn’t want. That just made me work harder until she exploded on my face.

Seconds later I was out of my coveralls with my dick standing straight out. I slipped it into her soaked vagina and got to work. All the research and preparation and anticipation was pushed deep into Sandi’s pussy. I powered through, enjoying every push until I gushed inside her. When I pulled out, a stream of cum poured down her thighs. Teddy or whatever my partner’s name was took his turn. Who knew he had nine inches of dick to work with? Sandi tugged at the ropes when she saw it which only made whatshisname fuck her even harder lifting her pretty pedicured feet off the ground with every thrust. I sat back and admired his handiwork as Sandi shuddered from her second unwanted orgasm.

When he finally came, I decided to have another go and it was just as good the second time. Not to be outdone, Henry (maybe?) drilled her again, too. Sandi was done. I loosened Sandi’s neck rope and she sagged as she struggled stay conscious. I let her hang from her wrists for a few seconds, it was a great shot.

I lifted her up and as she passed out, I whispered in her ear, “let’s get you somewhere more comfortable.”

We zip tied her ankles to the legs of her dining room table and bent her over the table top. A small chain was fastened around her wrists with standard padlocks and threaded through an eye hook we’d drilled through the table earlier. She had probably spent hours picking out this particular piece of furniture, never knowing how perfect it would be for what I had in mind. A tourniquet was tied around her neck just in case I needed a little extra control. I broke open some smelling salts and waved them under her nose. She immediately began thrashing against her bonds. Sandi was the gift that kept on giving.

“Welcome back,” I said cheerily. “Time for round two.”

I poured a good helping of baby oil on Sandi’s back and started to spread it all over. I pulled her head up by her hair and smeared oil all over her face. The oil was smoothed up and down her legs and then a good filling of liquid inside her pussy. I poured another helping down between her butt cheeks. With my finger I worked the oil around her anus. She bucked when I pushed my finger deep inside.

From her long, painted nails down to her pretty pedicured toes, Sandi was glistening and ready. My dick slipped inside her well-oiled pussy with an audible squish. I fucked her for a little bit and then moved on to the next course. As I pushed the head of my dick into her anus, she began to protest. I gave the tourniquet a twist which quieted things down so I could drive it home. Sandi released a purely animal noise that stiffened my cock even more.

I worked that ass hard as Sandi groaned her displeasure. It felt amazing. But I had one more trick up my sleeve. I pulled out of her ass, walked around the front of the table, picked her head up by the hair and said, “open wide, Sandi.” By then we had fucked most of the fight out of her and I forced my dick into her mouth just as I blew my load. She didn’t seem very happy about it. But when you’re chained to your dining room table you don’t call the shots.

Alexander (was that his name?) was already working her pussy into an oily foam. Would he try to stick that monster cock in her ass? As he pushed the head past her opening she started to scream. I choked that off right away with a short twist of the tourniquet. Tears were streaming down her face as he pumped and pumped and came in her ass. His dick came out with a pop and semen poured out. I was seriously thinking about remembering this guy’s name.

I leaned down to Sandi’s ear. “I hope you had as much fun as we did, but we have to go now. I have a little gift for you.” It was an ice cube on a string. Frozen into the ice was a key to the padlock. I gently placed the string around her neck. “The ice will melt in a couple of hours and you can unlock yourself. See, I’m not such a bad guy.” I gave her a little peck on the top of the head and gently ran my hand down her back on my way out. I gave her a playful pat on the ass and then stopped dead in my tracks. Those legs, that pussy. I had to hit it one more time, hard. As I got close to my own orgasm, I pulled out and went to the head of the table to finish. I wanted Sandi to enjoy my semen drying to a crust on her face while she waited for the ice to melt.

As a squeezed the last drops of my cum on Sandi’s face, she was already rocking back and forth as Larry (I think that was his name) was pounding her again. This guy always had to get in the last fuck.

We grabbed our tools, calmly walked out to the van and drove away.

A few minutes later we arrived at the abandoned warehouse where we planned to ditch the van. Leroy (that was it, Leroy) spoke up. “That was awesome, I can’t wait to sink my dick into the next one.” I pulled a .22 revolver out of my pocket and put a bullet in his forehead, then another in the back of the head for good measure. I poured gas all over him, tossed in a match and walked away.

I had planning to do.
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