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Ever since HB 2469 passed, or the H-Bill as it was often called, Humiliation is the approved form of discipline. Laura, a high school teacher, breaks a rule and finds herself having to deal with ever increasing humiliation. She thought the humiliation of day one was bad, but day two adds a whole new set of challenges.
Like the day before, Mark met Laura as she walked in. “Laura, I am so glad I caught you. I have some good news and some bad news for you. Which would you like to hear first?”

“What do you mean good and bad news. Did I do something wrong again?”

“No, no, you did nothing wrong. Which would you like first the good or bad?”

“God, after everything that happened yesterday, I really could use some good news. Please tell me something good.”

“The good news is that you are not going to be held responsible for any violations of terms of your sentence that you were never informed about for your sentence yesterday.”

“It seems that in addition to the use of the spreader podium there are additional requirements. Don’t worry there is no additional time on the podium required. Just an additional component that the H-Department had neglected to tell us in time to put in place yesterday. Rather than unfairly subject you to the completion of the terms that you would have probably not been able to fulfill due to the fact that we did not learn of them until almost the end of the day, we argued for you that we would implement the conditions today and that you should not be held responsible for not fulfilling them yesterday.”

“What, there is more that I must do! Yesterday was almost impossible. What more do I need to do to fulfill this damn sentence?” As they were talking, they were about to pass the restroom when she stopped and said, “Can I pop in here for just a moment? I don’t want a repeat of what started this whole thing, and if I empty my bladder now and don’t drink too much during my classes, I should be OK.” She was about to head into the men’s restroom. The signs were still up stating that any one sentenced must use the opposite sex restroom.

“Ah, About that. Before you go to the restroom, I need you to come to your classroom first. Not using the restroom is actually part of those additional requirements. It is really just a small modification after all.”

“What are you talking about, a ‘Small modification’?”

“Well, it is better to show you than tell you. The equipment was delivered yesterday, during the last period of the day. Jack is placing it in your room now.”

At that moment, Jack, the maintenance man, came walking out of her classroom. He paused when he saw them. He too did a slow scan down and up her body. His eyes lingered longest at her breasts. Obviously, a tit man, Laura thought. This was so embarrassing. She had known Jack for years. They had been to each other’s houses on holidays. For him to see her like this… God how she hated being Green!

“It’s all set up. The instructions from the H-Department are on the cart with the water.” Jack said to Mark.

As the three of them walked into the room, she immediately saw what Jack had set up. There was a cart with some water bottles and a clear bucket on it. Her “Podium” with the sideway foot slides was still there in the middle of the room. Laura had a very bad feeling about this.

Jack said, “Per the instructions, in addition to the required 24 minutes on your podium, you are to drink these bottles by the end of the day. There are seven periods and there are seven bottles. Each bottle is about one-and-three-quarter liters. The total is twelve liters, or just over three gallons.”

“I can’t drink that much. I will have to run to the restroom all day long. That is what got me into this mess in the first place!” exclaimed Laura.

“That is what this carafe is for. There is no need to go to the restroom when you have this. You are to pee into this when you feel the need to do so. You then pour your pee into this large clear bucket,” Jack explained.

“What! You want me to pee into that carafe and then pour it into the bucket. I don’t understand. You’re not making sense. Am I supposed to just turn around and go in the corner of the room and pee into that, that … jar and then pour it into that bucket”?

“OK, let’s slow down. I will explain it as it was explained to me by the H-Department when I talked to them yesterday. If and when you need to pee, you are not to go into the corner. You are to do it in front of the class. You are to stand on your podium. When you pee, you are to hold this carafe under you so that you have something to pee into. When you are done, then you may get off the podium and pour what you did into the bucket. I am told that you may choose to stand or squat when you do your peeing. That much choice is left to you. One other thing, you may only use the podium during class time or lunch. Not during the five-minute pass times. Your students must be able to watch you, if they choose,” Mark said.

“I just won’t drink any water. If I don’t, I won’t need to pee, then I don’t need to use that damn podium and pee in front of anyone. I don’t even let my husband see me pee. That is just gross.”

“That is your choice. Just know that when the last bell rings, any undrunk water will be measured and for each one hundred cc’s one additional hour is to be added to your Green sentence. There are 12,000 CCs of water on that cart, so that is equal to 120 hours or five days. Also, you are not allowed to pour out any water without drinking it. If you are found doing so intentionally, or not, i.e., spilling it, an extra bottle will be added to your daily allotment,” Mark explained. “If you are curious, each bottle contains 1714 cc of water or just over 17 hours of extended time.”

“But I can’t Pee in front of anyone. I especially, my students. It’s just not right. It’s too embarrassing. I just can’t do it.”

“That’s your choice, Laura. Just know that there are consequences to your actions. You do realize a Green sentence is designed to embarrass. It has been proven that embarrassment is one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of correction and rehabilitation. The H-Department made this modification to match your original offense,” Mark said.

“Laura, if it is of any help, there were flavoring packets included with the equipment. The setup instructions said it is strongly suggested that you add one packet to each bottle. It is supposed to make drinking twelve liters a bit more palatable.” Jack said.

“Thank you, Jack.” She said dryly.

“If I were you, I would start drinking the water as soon as possible. You should drink at least one bottle per period. If you delay, you will never be able to drink all the remaining water by the last bell, and then you would just have extra time added to your sentence. Your Green sentence could become a permanent sentence you know. As it is,” Mark looked at the timers on the podium top, “you have already added 3 hours 42 minutes to your total time as a Green, If you do not drink the water, you could add an additional 5 days, and if you do not stand on the podium at all, you would add another 7 days. That is potentially 12 days added to your time each day you refuse to comply with the requirements. Multiple 12-day increments could quickly extend your sentence well into the next school year or more. If you do not comply for about 30 days, it would be one full calendar year. I was curious, so I did the math for you.” Mark said with a smile.

Laura realized that she was once again beaten. She had no choice.

“So, is everything OK here? Do we have an understanding of what is expected?”

“Yes, I will comply. What choice do I have? If I don’t comply, I will just make things worse for me.”

Laura rolled her personal cart over to her desk, pulled her computer out and started organizing her graded papers. She looked at the water cart and shuddered. She got up, walked to the cart, picked up a bottle and looked at it. How was she going to drink over a liter of water every period of the day? Normally she barely drank four liters of water in a whole day. At least she had flavors that should make it a little more palatable. She opened a packet and poured it into the first bottle, shook it up, and took a sip. Not bad, she thought, and took a much larger drink, downing about a third of the bottle.


Things ran a little smoother on the second day. No one was shocked that she was bottomless today. They did a short review of a few last-minute questions about the test and then she handed the papers out. Once she had done that, she took the partial bottle and stepped onto the foot pads of the podium. The timer showed that there was still about 30 minutes in the class, and she was already counting down the 24 minutes she needed to stand on the foot pads. There were a full 6 minutes to spare. She downed the last third of the bottle and set the empty bottle on the edge of the podium display surface.

The class was quiet, and everyone was working hard on the test. It was good to not be the center of attention for once Laura thought. When the pedestal time showed 10 minutes remaining, her bladder started signaling that it was full. It was much sooner than she had expected, but then she realized it was because Mark had prevented her going before school started. She stepped off the platform and walked across the room to the cart. She took the carafe off the cart and walked back to the podium. She stopped and went back to the cart and pushed it next to the podium, she had started the day with a semi full bladder. She stepped back onto the foot pads. She still had 9 minutes to stand at the podium with only 3 additional minutes to spare.

She looked around and no one was looking at her. She discreetly took the carafe and placed it between her legs and tried to pee. Nothing happened. How the hell was she expected to pee in front of a class full of students. Her bladder was starting to cramp but her shyness still prevented her from peeing. Eventually the pain overtook the shame and her bladder started to contract. To her horror, the sound of her peeing into the carafe echoed very loudly in the silent room. All eyes jerked up from the tests to watch her.

Jake said very loudly, “WOW Ms. Burk, Why are you peeing like that? In front of all of us!”

Aaron said, “I thought you showing your hairy pussy with your lips on display was cool. Now seeing you pee like that is even cooler. What are you going to do for our next class?”

“Class, please finish your test. When everyone is done, I will explain.” There were a few grumbles, but the class got quiet for a few more minutes. Soon it was obvious that everyone was done. There were still 5 minutes left in the class period. Laura wished she could step off the damn podium foot pads but there were still 2 more minutes on her timer.

“Now that everyone is done, I can explain why I did what I did. As you remember from yesterday, I must stand on the footpads for the podium for at least 24 minutes each period, same as yesterday. Today, however, I also must drink water all day long. Since I am not allowed to leave the room, as a punishment for doing so. Since my bladder is of limited size, I must pee while in the room into this carafe while standing at the podium. At the end of the period, I can empty it into that clear bucket.”

“Wow Ms. Burk, How much do you need to drink?”

“The total I was given is 12 liters of water. That is just over 3 gallons of water. I don’t need to drink a bottle each period like I have to stand on these foot pads for 24 minutes each period, but I do need to drink it all by the end of the day. If I don’t, any undrunk water will add time to my Green sentence. If I don’t drink throughout the day, I will never finish all the water. They put 7 bottles on this cart to help me meter my intake.”

“That is crazy Ms. Burk.”

“I agree, and I hate having to pee in front of you, but I really do not have much of a choice. It is gross and embarrassing.”

“I don’t think it is gross.” Aaron said. “I think it is hot as hell. I love looking at your pussy and would love to see you pee again closer next time.”

“Aaron, Please behave. This is not for your personal enjoyment. It is just something that we all have to get through and move on with our lives.” Laura saw, out of the corner of her eye the podium time reach 0:00, there was a little time on the class timer, but she could at least rest her legs and stand up straight on solid ground. “How would you feel having to do what I am doing?”

“I wouldn’t like it, but it would not be a big deal. I would just point my dick into the bottle and do my thing.”

“Okay, so maybe it would not be so big for you, but I hate having to do it. If I obey all the rules, by midmorning next Wednesday, I can get dressed again.”

“What? Not until midmorning?”

“I missed some time on my pedestal yesterday and added a few hours to my sentence. I will attempt to be more diligent today with the time and by God, I am not going to let undrunk water add even more time.”

Then the bell rang, and class was over.


“Ms. Burk! I still love your hairy pussy, and your tits, you got nice big tits. Wish they were not as covered as they are today. Yesterday was better.” Chris said.

Chris was a precocious punk, Laura thought.

“Chris, Please watch your language.”

“We talked about this; remember I can talk about anything I want about a person’s who is sentenced. I can talk about your pussy, tits, and asshole all I want, and I cannot get into trouble. If I were to talk about those things about someone else in our class, then I can get into trouble but not when I am talking about you.”

“Still, Please don’t talk like that.”

“It is only words. I wish you were Yellow with Blue stripes on your band, and we could not only see everything, but we could also touch you. But since you’re only a green, all I can do is look and talk.”

“That is quite enough.” While she was trying to ignore what he was saying, she was still embarrassed to have such language directed at her. Chris was being a shit, and he knew it. He was even worse today than yesterday. She dreaded the time when she would have to use the carafe during this class period. How would he react to seeing her pee? Then she thought he had a reputation for pushing the limits and it was only a matter of time before he slipped up and would have to pay the consequences for his actions.

“It would be so cool if your band was at least Green with Blue stripes. I know most of the guys, and some of the girls, would love to play with your ass and pussy. Would you like Ms. Burk? Would you like to be finger fucked in front of the whole class? I know I would like to play with your pussy. I would be willing to do it in front of the entire class.” She knew she could not do anything about what he said to her, but it was still hard to listen to.

As Chris was talking Jen walked in. She was still topless. She was wearing a Red wrist band. “Hey, knockers,” Chris said.

Jen’s blush ran from to her breasts to the top of her face.

“My offer still stands to help you with your English class. I wouldn’t even ask for any monetary pay. All we would have to do is have your parents upgrade you to Red with Blue and I would tutor you for free. What do you say to that.”

“No thank you Chris. I already have a tutor lined up and there is no upgrade involved.” She said with a sneer.

“Hey, I am just asking if you would be interested. I know I would enjoy spending some time with you. I know I could teach you a more than a few things for English, if you catch my drift.” He then snickered at what he perceived as his own humor.

“Chris, May you be sentenced to full on Yellow and then everyone will get to laugh at your tiny pencil.”

“Hay, I am not sentenced, You can’t talk to me like that. I can talk about your big tits and point out that you have hard nipples all I want, but you can’t talk about me. Ms. Burk, Tell her that she can get in trouble talking like that.”

“Chris, she did not say anything wrong. She said nothing about any part of your body, as you so like to do to Jen and me. All she talked about was that she thought you had a tiny pencil. Now if you are projecting yourself, in any way, into that de***********ion, that would be your problem.”

Several students snickered at that. Chris turned red but realized that she was right. Nothing had been said about him physically and any denial or other statement would just make him look worse.

The second bell rang, and class officially started. Laura asked if there were any last-minute questions about the quiz and there were a few. She then handed out the test papers, got another bottle of water, put a flavor in it, and went to stand at her podium. She had a little more buffer time this time than last class, and she did not have to get off the stand to get anything she needed. The water cart with the dreaded carafe was in easy reach.

She had some of the papers from last class on her podium that she started grading as she stood there. She took several large gulps of water as she did so. The thought came to her that it was amazing how she was settling into being a Green, standing with legs spread and knowing she was going to be peeing soon in front of a class full of students. She still hated it but was going to do what she needed to do to get through this. The flavoring helped. It was not a strong flavor, but a mild fruit flavor. Refreshing actually.

It was only 40 minutes into the class period, and she was done with the second bottle. She had already drunk almost three and a half liters out of the twelve and was over a quarter of the way done. She felt that familiar pressure in her bladder. A part of her wondered if she could postpone the inevitable until the beginning of the next class period. It was a Study Hall and she really had little to do in the period other than monitor the students.

All too soon though, she started rocking from foot to foot. Her full blader was not going to wait until the next period. Once again, she tried to position the carafe in such a way that she would not make any sound. Once again, when she tried to pee, nothing happened. She had to think of waterfalls and rain. Then the damn broke and a full stream went rushing into the bottle. As before, the sound was louder than she had expected. She tried to adjust the angle, but it did not seem to make any difference, it was simply loud in the quiet room. Laura did not know it, but the carafe was made of special material and shaped in such a way as to maximize the sound of anything poured into it.

Heads shot up around the room. Most of the class was done with the test and they were simply going over the answers to make sure they had them right as they had been taught to do. The force of her pee surprised her. It felt so good to let loose. The sensation was as good as a small orgasm. Unknown to Laura, in addition to the material and shape of the carafe, the flavored powder that she added was a mild diuretic that caused an increased need to pee. It also changed the Ph of her pee so that it caused pleasure during the act of peeing. The stimulation would increase each time she peed.

As expected, Chris was the first to comment, “WOW Ms. Burk, you sure have a lot of pee in you! That is so fucking hot that you are standing there with your legs spread out and you a peeing in front of all of us. You must be really getting into this nude thing!”

Laura was lost in the sensation she was feeling. She could not remember peeing feeling so good. She thought it must be because she had held it in as long as she could. It always felt better when she really had to go and then finally did. Eventually the torrent relented and only a small trickle remained.

When she was done, she rubbed the edge of the carafe against her pussy and got the last few drops. It felt good. After rubbing the edge against her pussy several times, she came to her senses and stopped. Many of the students were looking at her in silence. She noticed that the pedestal time had reached 0:00 but there were still several minutes in the period. She walked over to the clear bucket, Tipped it slightly and poured the contents of the carafe into the bucket as quietly as she could by pouring onto the side of the bucket. When she was done, she placed the carafe back onto the water car and looked around the room. Everyone was done and was trying to appear as if they were reviewing their answers, but really, they were just trying to not look like they were not looking at her.

Even Chris was at a loss for words. Laura smiled a little smile to herself when she realized he was more talk than even he wanted to admit. Then she frowned, what the fuck was happening to her? Less than a day and a half ago the thought of having to become a Green caused her to panic, now she was rubbing her spread pussy after peeing in front of a classroom of her students.

As she was contemplating the implications of what was happening, the bell rang. All the students placed their test in the basket by the door as they filed out of the room.


The next class was a study hall again. Yesterday it had not been too bad. All she needed to do was watch the students to make sure they were not disrupting the other students. She grabbed a packet of flavor and added it to the next bottle of water then grabbed the stack of tests that had just been turned in and stepped onto the podium footpads.

As the seats were filling in Tim asked, “Ms. Burk, is it true that not only do you have to stand on that podium displaying yourself, but you have to pee into a bottle too?”

“Yes, Tim it is true. They added the requirement that I drink all the water on this cart by the end of the day, If I don’t, any undrunk water will be measured, and time will be added to my sentence.”

April said, “I heard that you already have time added to your sentence. The story is that you will be naked three more days than the original sentence.”

“No, no, that is a wild exaggeration, I did not spend enough time on these footpads yesterday and had a little over three hours have been added, that is all. Not three days. I do not intend to add any more time today, so I am going to start out the period at my podium drinking my water, so I don’t mess up again and add any more time.”

“I think you’re being very brave Ms. Burk. I can’t imagine if I had to display my, um, lower parts, like you do.” April added.

“Yes, I hate it, but I have already learned that it is not the end of the world. Now everyone, settle down. I am going to do some grading and you all should be studying. When I am done with my 24 minutes at the podium I will step off and if you need any help with anything, raise your hand and I will see what I can do for you. Any questions? No, Okay then, please don’t mind the semi-naked teacher at the front of the room. It is all a figment of your imagination.” There were a few snickers at that, but soon everyone was doing what they should be doing.

Laura knew that if she drank the water quickly there would be little chance of messing up so that is what she did. At 25 minutes into the 55-minute period she was able to step off the podium pads. 35 minutes into the period, she was done drinking the water. Around the 45-minute point, the familiar feeling in her bladder made itself known, so she once again grabbed the carafe and stepped onto the podium. She realized as she did so, she was adding to her time at the podium but unfortunately, she was not using up any of the required time. That was reset each period and she could not bank the time.

As previously, no matter how she tried to position the carafe, the sound of her peeing echoed around the quiet room. All eyes were on her. She made sure that she only used the edge of the carafe to gather the last few drops of pee but not rub herself like she had last period. It was a challenge because it felt so damn good but with an iron will she made the minimum contact to do the job. When she poured the contents into the bucket, many of the students went back to studying, but there were a few that seemed to have their eyes glued to her bare pussy. There was nothing she could do about it but by God, she was not going to add to their fantasies this class period.

Soon, the bell rang, and the period was over. The next one was the class that started it all. The five students would be in the class, and they were going to be Yellow with blue. It would be an interesting period.


The next class was the class that started it all. It was the class that she had left alone so that she could pee. Now she would be peeing in front of everyone.

Liam was the first into the classroom. “Hay Ms. Burk, you get to have company this period with sentenced individuals. There is going to be a bunch of pussy on display, not just yours. I had Jen in my sixth period class yesterday, and she looked hot too. I do feel sorry for her though. She has no idea how long she is going to be Red and if she doesn’t do better in English, she may be upgraded to a full Yellow.”

“I know, she is in my 2nd period class.”

“And my friend Eddie, is already a full Yellow as of yesterday.”

“Is he the blonde?”

“Yes, he was in the lineup after school yesterday.”

“What happened to him? I have not heard his story.”

“He got in trouble for shoplifting. He went into a convenience store and tried to sneak a couple of bottles of beer out, in his cargo pants. He thought he was outside the camera range, but it was all on camera. He went up to the register and paid for several items. There was a door with a short foyer and another door. As soon as he made it thought the first door, an alarm went off, and both doors locked. There was a monitor in the foyer and his case went to trial right then and there.

Because there was beer in his cargo pants pockets and there was video of him placing it there, a sentence was imposed while he was in that locked area. Two weeks Yellow for shoplifting and three weeks for each bottle of beer because he was underage for alcohol. They even had a band dispenser in there and he had to put one on right there. He said that he was given an option to appeal his case or volunteer to accept the eight-week sentence. If he tried to appeal, he could get off with a simple fine or he could receive up to an eight MONTH sentence or anything in-between.

He said he knew he couldn’t mount much of an argument, but he thought it was worth a try. Really, all he had to do was push a button on the monitor to appeal. It was like a slot machine with three wheels. One wheel was for a color, anything from Gray, Nothing, to Yellow, full nude, with even Blue modifiers for each level. The next two wheels would indicate time for shoplifting. And finally for possession of alcohol while under the legal age of drinking. He pushed the button, and the first wheel went to Yellow with Blue, The second was one month, and the third was four months. He had upped his Yellow eight-week sentence to a Yellow-Blue sentence for 5 months! He said he lost it. It was several minutes before he settled down enough to notice a blinking second Appeal button. Evidently, because it was his first offence, he could appeal an increased sentence to his original sentence. He pushed the button, and this time it came up Yellow and a total of three weeks. He was extremely relieved. So that is what he is, and why he is happy about it.”

“Okay then! That is quite a story. Oh, look here come the five.”

Thomas was being led into the room by Jessie holding his cock. She had a big smile on her face, and he looked embarrassed. Laura knew, as a Yellow-Blue he could not say no to her touching him, but to lead him around the school by his cock, seemed a bit much. “Jessie, do you really have to lead him around like that?”

“Don’t worry, I will let him go as soon as he sits down. Then I will do my thing and calm him down so that he can take his test.”

“What do you mean “Your thing”?”

“You’ll see, I’ve already done it two times for him this morning. Don’t worry, it is all perfectly legal. You can look it up if you want, but calming a sentenced student down at the beginning of a class period is allowed and even encouraged. It has proven to be a motivator, even. Isn’t it Thomas.?”

“Yes, it has helped a lot.”

“What does Ming say about all this?” Laura asked. Ming had been his girlfriend for the last few months.

“Ming broke up with me as soon as I was sentenced. She won’t even talk to me anymore. Jessie has been incredibly supportive, and I really appreciate her encouragement.” As he sat down, Jessie let go of his cock with her hand but immediately replaced it with her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down, she made slurping noises. Within moments his hips started rocking and he grabbed her hair and held her head in place as a look of ecstasy came across his face. His hips jerked a few times and then he relaxed. Jessie looked up and licked her lips as she let his cock slide out of her mouth.

“God, I think you get better tasting every time.”

“Yea, Okay then… um, Jessie could you please take your seat?” Laura said.

As this little scene was taking place the other four nude students walked in. Marian was holding Hector’s hand. “Do you need any relief, Hector?” Marian asked.

“No, I am OK for now.”

Maria, Heather, and Melanie all walked in as a group, but followed closely by Liam, with a very tented pair of pants.

“Are you three ok or do any of you need relief?”

They all said they were Okay, but Liam spoke up, “’They’ can ask for relief, but I’m the one feeling very distracted. What do I get? A big fat nothing! I would love for one of them to give me relief.”

“It doesn’t work that way you perv. ONLY if you are sentenced, do you deserve relief.” Hector said.

“Says the one who got an awesome BJ by Marian yesterday and maybe already today again.” Liam said sullenly.

“Hey, if you are willing to go through that Hell yesterday and then all the groping by anyone that wants to today, be my guest. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.” Hector said.

“Well, I still think it’s not fair.”

Melanie, the dark-skinned girl with a killer figure said, “Liam, that is a true statement, it is not fair. Just because we cheated on a stupid little test a couple of days ago, we all have to endure this humiliation. Even Ms. Burk is suffering from a poor choice. Get over it. I have to go to a track meet after school with everything on display. Thank God I get to wear this top that is H-Compliant.”

“What do you mean, H-Compliant.”

“The top I’m currently wearing is a Yellow compliant top,” She said.

“No, you’re not wearing a top. Your tits are bare.” Liam protested.

“No, they only appear so. I am wearing a fine mesh top, which is almost invisible. But when I push this little button battery here.” She pushed a little button on her side and suddenly her breasts looked like they were being smashed into her chest. “It is a tiny battery pack that energizes the mesh making it contract and act like a sports bra, it only stays on for a couple minutes before it turns off again, but it allows me to run a race without these things flopping all around. Like this.” She pressed the button again and her tits went back to their original natural shape. “I found out how bad it was to run completely naked last night when I got home and tried to do a short sprint for practice. My parents took me to an H-Store, and it turned out that I was not the first one with this problem. I got a variance that stays true to the intent of the law but does not unduly punish me beyond the formality of the ruling. I am being punished by being nude, but that is not to interfere with being able to fairly perform in competitions that may affect my sports career.”

Laura found the conversation interesting, but it was time to take command of the class again. “OK class lets settle down. We have a test to take. Are there any questions about the test? … No. OK Here you go.” She handed out the tests. She walked around the room for a bit observing how the five nude students appeared to be adjusting to the new normal. She was amazed that the show that Jessie and Thomas had put on had not made a bigger commotion than it did. Only Liam seemed to have any problems with the current norm. She casually walked over to the water cart and took a bottle and added a flavor pouch to it and took a sip.

She was still contemplating how the world adjusted to new standards when she realized she needed to stand at her podium. She looked at the timer and saw that there was only 20:50 left in the period. She immediately jumped onto the foot pads, but the damage had been done. She had added at least 3 hours and 10 minutes to her sentence time! She would not be able to put pants on until almost 1:00 in the afternoon. She wanted to cry. How could she have been so careless? She wanted to turn back time but knew that was impossible. She took a swig of water. That was at least one thing she could still control. Soon she felt the need to pee again, but another careless action came to her attention. She had left the pee carafe next to the pee bucket. For a moment she thought that maybe she could hold it. A minute later she knew that was going to be impossible. She still had almost 15 minutes until the end of the period, and then she would not be allowed to pee until the next period started. Her next opportunity was over 20 minutes away. If she peed on the floor that would cause all sorts of other problems. She needed that carafe.

She looked around the room to see if she could motion for any of the students to get it for her, but none were looking at her. What a time for them to be into their test! She should be happy that they were being model students but was anything but happy at the moment. She would just have to take the hit and get it herself. She stepped off the pads, quickly walked across the room, grabbed the damn carafe, and almost ran back to the podium. When she got in position, she saw that she had lost another 15 seconds. The total penalty for this period was 3:25. That meant 3 hours and 25 minutes added to the time from yesterday. The cumulative count up timer showed 7 hours and 7 minutes had been added to her sentence time. It would now be well into the afternoon before she could get dressed.

With a sigh, she reached between her spread legs and positioned the carafe so that she could pee into it. As with the other periods all eyes looked up when they heard the sound, but there was little she could do about it. She simply said “This is an additional thing they have added for today. They said that they should have done it yesterday but because it was the school’s responsibility to set this up and they didn’t, they were not going to penalize me further. Small miracle.” No one said anything but the five looked at her and nodded that they understood.

Eventually, the period was over, and everyone turned in their test in the basket by the door as they filed out. Thomas was being led out of the room by Jessie holding his cock. Marian, not to be outdone, was holding Hector’s cock as they walked out. Several of the male and a few female students were walking closely to Maria, Heather, and Melanie. All were touching their naked bodies somewhere, but they were in effect making a shield that kept Liam, with his tented pants, at a distance. Laura chuckled quietly when she saw how the circling students occasionally glanced at Liam. They knew what they were doing and did not approve of Liam’s attitude any more than she did.

Now it was lunch time.


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This is quickly becoming a favorite series. I can't wait for the next chapter.

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