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Two young tourist couples pick the wrong biker gang to mess with.

Ch. 10 – Holes to be Filled


The overweight biker had waved Dmitri off, and now he had both arms around the girl’s torso, holding her flush against his body while the ass-rape continued. He squeezed her brutalized left breast hard, so hard she let out another cry and whimper of pain.

“UUUUGHHH!!! Pleeease th-that h-h-urts!” she sobbed. “M-my breasts are s-s-sensitive,” she moaned. Of course, that was yet another mistake on her part. That only encouraged him, and now he cupped both of her tits from behind, pinching and twisting both nipples while he used them as leverage and pounded her from behind.

“EEEEE!!!!” Her tea-kettle shriek showed off some impressive lung capacity.

And soon I had a good idea how much pain Slasher was causing her too. When he released her tits briefly, re-positioning his hands at her shoulders to hold her in place while continuing the brutal ass-rape, that’s when I saw it. Her right nipple had been split open from the blow of the belt buckle. A thin trail of blood seeped down the curve of her breast.

“Yeah, keep squeezing my cock, bitch. You’re a real pro at this,” Rex grunted beneath her. The girl’s well-trimmed pubic thatch was just barely visible above her grinding sex. She humped him like a robot set to the hardest-working mode, just trying to please her captor. I found my sated cock re-stiffening at the sight. Sasha had sucked me off just a short time earlier, yet my cock still yearned to find itself embedded in the soft warmth of a tight pussy.

As I watched Slasher lick the side of the girl’s neck while he kept ass-fucking her, my own primal desires began to surge…

I had never before participated in the depraved debauchery of Rex’s Frost Demons before, at least not directly. So why was I so ready to consider it now? It wouldn’t go without risk. These girls and their boyfriend and fiancé were almost sure to report what happened to them to the authorities. And yet, for reasons I couldn’t explain, I wasn’t worried about that. It was as if I knew, long before the night had run its course… that Rex wouldn’t just pay for any damage he and his people caused at my bar that night… they would ‘take care of’ whatever needed taking care of… do whatever needed doing so that we could satisfy whatever desires we wanted, free of consequences.

And somehow, part of me got sucked into the rhythm and primal urges of the crowd around me – like a bystander sucked into the actions of a mob.

“UHHH! Fuck!” I heard Slasher’s groan of euphoria, joined by the sight of his twitching figure. He cupped her breasts, squeezed them ruthlessly, and used them as handholds as he drove his cock into her ass like a jackhammer and held himself deep inside her for the onrushing climax. It was no mystery what was happening, his sperm shooting into the guts of his helpless female victim. I watched the look on the blonde’s face turn from horror to relief, her pitiable expression seeming to cry out It’s over! At least it’s over!

But of course, it wasn’t. Her ordeal had hardly begun.

The beautiful blonde shivered as Slasher pulled out of her and stood up. I looked down and saw cum and blood seeping from the girl’s wide-open rectum. The blood-tinted jizz slid down the crack of the girl’s ass and formed a tidy little pool on the floor. With her wrists still bound behind her back, the girl was still just humping Rex’s cock. Her voluptuous figure kept grinding, her sexy ass cheeks bouncing in rhythm to her fucking.

“Yeah, keep fucking me, bitch. Show everyone what a natural whore you are,” Rex said viciously. “All right, who wants her ass next? Don’t be shy, gentlemen. Step right up.”

Dmitri decided it was his turn. He shrugged out of his biker vest, jeans, and boots. Soon he was naked. His savage-looking beast of a cock sprang upward, stiff as a baseball bat above a pair of impressive, almost billiard ball-sized testicles. He now proceeded to bend the girl over and slather his shaft up and down with saliva for lube. Even bent over, with Rex once more clutching her to his chest, the girl kept up her humping. I could see the seal of her cunt lips sliding just barely up and down, up and down, to grip the cock of her rapist. She had an awareness she hadn’t had before – a sense of self-preservation. She had finally seemed to realize how important a role obedience would play if she wanted to survive her ordeal. So the girl fucked her rapist and provided a show for all of us to watch.

Rex now inserted the fingers of one hand into her mouth, gripping her lower jaw and forcing her to look him in the eye.

“Keep your eyes open, bitch. I want to see the look in your eyes while this next cock rapes your ass,” he growled. She stared at him in horror, but her gaze never left his while Dmitri positioned his raging hard-on between her butt cheeks.

I could tell this was only going to get much worse for the blonde too. Dmitri was both thicker and longer than Slasher. If Slasher had torn the lining of her ass, well, Dmitri was going to absolutely destroy it.

I watched, like a man morbidly fascinated by an unfolding train wreck, as Dmitri slowly prodded his thick, ten-inch cock at the girl’s widened asshole. He got the first few inches in with no trouble, but after that it became much more difficult. I watched as that vein-engorged cock slowly but relentlessly burrowed between the girl’s smooth ass cheeks.

“UUUUGHHHH!!! UUUUUUUU!!!! PLLLLLSSS!” The blonde’s rising groans and pleas were muffled by Rex’s fingers in her mouth. Her muffled wail suddenly filled the bar as Dmitri continued to deepen the penetration of her ass. Finally, he slammed in those last few inches and I saw the girl’s entire body tremble with the force of that fuck. Her resulting shriek had to be loud enough to impress an opera singer.

“Make that ass bleed! Make that ass bleed!! Make that ass bleed!!!”

Some of my patrons in the audience had started a chant. Soon others had picked it up. Now it filled the bar like a resounding roar. I almost felt like I was at some sadistic sporting event. Dmitri pulled out and punched his cock back into her with teeth-rattling force. The blonde’s muffled wail returned with every savage thrust.


“Make that ass bleed! Make that ass bleed!! Make that ass bleed!!!”

Dmitri didn’t stop each time until his balls were flush against the smooth skin of those sexy ass cheeks. Meanwhile, the contorted face of the girl was like something etched permanently from nightmares. The blonde stared at Rex, his fingers gripping her jaw, tears and even snot now streaming down her face. The girl looked truly destroyed, truly broken.

And that was when I realized – this was what Rex had had in mind all along. Not simply punishment or retribution. No, he wanted to outright destroy these two couples for what they had done to him – for daring to make him appear weak, driving him off the road. It was a dangerous thing, to anger someone like Rex… someone whose need for power and dominance as a gang leader overruled all other considerations. To Rex, these two young couples had committed the ultimate sin. And now, I wondered, not for the first time, just how far he would be willing to go to make them pay.

“UUUUUUU!!!!!” The blonde’s body trembled again as Dmitri’s bloody cock plunged toward her intestines. Her muffled wails grew more frequent as the cock raping her ass tore more tissue, claiming her broken body. Dmitri reached out one long arm and clutched a clump of the girl’s hair in his fist, yanking her head back as his cock pierced her sore asshole like a spear.

This dislodged Rex’s fingers from between her lips. She had a few seconds in which to speak, and she tried to make the most of it.

“PLEASE STOP! IT HURTS!! YOU’RE KILLING ME!!!” she wailed. But moments later, Rex reinserted his fingers into her mouth.

“Shut up and take cock, whore. Whether you live or die doesn’t matter – what matters is that your holes get filled. You’re just a collection of fuck-holes. Fulfill your purpose, bitch – you’re a cock-sleeve and nothing more. Now start acting like it. Move those hips faster and fuck me.”

END of CH. 10
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