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Ever since HB 2469 passed, or the H-Bill as it was often called, Humiliation is the approved form of discipline. Laura, a high school teacher, breaks a rule and finds herself having to deal with ever increasing humiliation. She thought the humiliation of day one was bad, but day two adds a whole new set of challenges.
Friday morning Laura woke when the alarm went off at 5:30. She had had an exhausting day on Thursday and Laura had slept soundly through the night. She had slept nude last night as she felt little need to wear one of her tops to bed. She was more relaxed this morning as she thought she knew what to expect now. She hated that she still had five more days of being bottomless, but she knew she would survive.

Laura took a quick shower and as she stepped out, she saw that Allen had set out one of the tops for her. It was one of the form fitting ones. It was bright green and not a color she would ever pick out for herself, but it was at least opaque. Since she only had to put on a little makeup and one item of clothing, she made sure Adam was up and getting ready and she started getting breakfast and lunch together. It was amazing how much time she saved when she did not have to try things on to choose what to wear for the day.

Allen and Adam showed up for breakfast earlier than ever and they all sat and had a pleasant meal. It was only when Laura looked at the clock and saw that they still had an hour before they had to leave, when she realized why Allen and Adam had such big grins on their faces. “It is another beautiful morning. Let’s go for a walk.”

“Oh Allen, do we really need to do that again? We did it yesterday to try to get used to being bottomless. I really don’t see a need to do it again today. Especially after everything that happened yesterday.”

“I think that after everything you did yesterday, you should have no problem doing it again. It looks like Adam is OK today, so we don’t need to do that part again. So, a simple walk should be no problem.”

“I agree with dad.”

“There is just one thing. Come into the front room.”

“Laura was confused. “But I thought you said that I did not have to do that again with Adam. Why do we need to go to the front room?”

“You will see. Adam, here you go, just do it like we talked about.”

“OK dad. I think Mom will like it, don’t you?”

“I hope so. OK, just like yesterday. Adam you there on the sofa, Laura you sit on the coffee table.”

“You are scaring me. Please what are you going to do?” Even as she complained she stepped over Adam’s legs and sat on the coffee table. Adam moved his knees apart causing Laura’s pussy to be fully exposed. Allen handed Adam something small.

As Adam leaned forward, Laura saw what he had in his hand. It was a couple of golf ball sized balls. One was silver and one gold. As Adam moved his hand Laura heard a ringing sound that was barely audible. They were attached to each other, with a short string and the gold one had a bright green tail with a ring at the end. The tail color matched her top.

“OK, these are Ben Wa balls Mom. Let me explain how these things work. The salesperson explained it to us last night while you were wandering around…”

“I know how Ben Wa balls work! Allen, why is Adam doing this? If it is anyone it should be you.”

“Adam got another set for Summer, and he wanted to practice before he gives them to her. I agreed to allow him to practice on you.”

“As I was saying, Mom, this one, that makes a little chiming sound, has an internal mechanism that bounces around as it is moved.” He shook it and it made a chiming sound. “This one is different. It weighs a little more, it also has an internal mechanism, but it runs on an app. Dad, show her.”

Allen touched the screen on his phone and the small gold ball started humming. It vibrated the silver ball, and it started chiming. Allen touched his screen again and the vibrating and chiming increased. Another touch and increased it once again, and a fourth touch caused them to go silent.

Adam took the silver ball and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. It was cool to the touch and cause her to shiver. He pushed, and it popped into her.

“Remember, the salesperson said to push it in as far as you can to insure a good fit.” Allen said.

Adam used two fingers to push the ball deep into his mother’s pussy. When he could not push it in anymore, he grabbed the gold one and repeated the process. He technically probably did not need to use his fingers to push it all the way in, because it had a built-in tail, but he used his fingers anyway. “How does that feel mom? I want you to tell me all about them so that I know what Summer will feel.”

“OK, I guess, I hardly notice them.”

“Good job, Adam. Now I want you to pull them out and do it four more times. I am going to turn the remote up one level each time. We will see if that makes it easier or harder to get them in.” Adam pulled them out with a slight sucking sound.

“Allen, please stop this. It’s not right. Adam should not be sticking his fingers up my … you know… I mean this is humiliating to have him stick those things up inside me. Can I at lease do it myself?”

“No Laura, as parents it is our duty to help him learn. He got a set for Summer, and we both think she will like them but, he wants to make sure he can give them to her right. I know you would rather have me do it, but I don’t trust myself. I might get carried away with you and we might not leave the house. At least with Adam, there is a bit of a dampening effect on all of us because he is our son, and you are his mother. Adam wants some practice, so this is the best scenario. It is not perfect, but it is the best we could come up with, given the situation. After all we are his parents, and we should teach him the best we can. It is a new world out there, just try to go with the flow.”

“You make this sound so normal. It doesn’t feel normal. Not by a long shot. Don’t I have any say in this?”


“Okay, damn it, go ahead with the next time.”

“OK, here is the first one. It should be the same as the last time.” As he started putting the first ball into her pussy, he laid the now vibrating gold ball directly onto her clit. Laura jumped when it touched her.

“OH, please be careful where you put that other vibrating ball before you put it in me!”

“Oops. Sorry about that Mom. That is why I wanted to practice before I do this for Summer. Thanks for the feedback. OK, I’m inserting the second ball now. How does this feel?”

“It feels nice. I feel it but it is enough that I notice it, but not so much that it is completely distracting. It is more of a pleasant warm feeling. It tingles a little bit. There is more sensation than I would have expected. I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“There is an electrical charge in the gold ball. The instructions say that it is very low current and cannot typically be felt by your fingers but in a tight damp environment with sensitive nerve endings it can be felt. It is designed to enhance the vibration. Okay, Turn it off Dad.” When the sound stopped, he said, “Okay, Mom, Out they come.” Adam grabbed the bright green ring and with a quick pull, pulled both balls out of Laura’s pussy and they made a sloshing sound as the came out.

“Whoa, Don’t pull them out so fast. That was a bit much. I didn’t like that.”

“Sorry Mom. What didn’t you like about that?”

“It felt that I was being pulled inside out suddenly. It was uncomfortable. It did not hurt, but the speed that you pulled them out was not pleasant.”

“Thanks for the feedback, Mom. I wouldn’t want to do that with Summer, would I? OK Dad turn it on to level two and I’ll do it again.”

Laura suddenly jumped and said, “Oh God! You set the vibrating one right on my clit again! It was a shock last time you did that, now it is much more. Please move it!”

“Oops, Sorry Mom. Sorry about that. OK, Here is the first one.” He waited for a moment after pushing the first one in. Then he touched the second vibrating one to her pussy and slowly started to push it in. “Here is the second one.”

“OH my! I feel that. I’m sorry Adam. That is strong. Ok, that is enough. We all know how this level feels.” Laura was rocking her hips and did not even realize it. “That charge thing is intense. Are you sure you don’t feel that when you hold them?”

“I promise, I don’t feel a thing other than the mid vibration. It is very low and is designed to enhance the vibration. It can only be felt inside your pussy, where it is all wet and all. Does it hurt?”

“No… it, it just greatly amplifies the vibration. I can feel the vibration and I have dildos that vibrate more than these things do but the sensation is more with these than with those. Oh God. I just talked about using dildos to my son. Please turn the damn thing off. It is messing with my brain.”

“It is Okay dear. Adam is not surprised that his Mom plays with dildoes. I told him about your collection, last night at the H-store, when we were talking to the salesperson. It was their idea that we use these instead of dildos. Dildos tend to fall out, unless they are strapped in. We didn’t want any straps that would hold in a dildo in your pussy also violate your bottomless condition. The salesperson said that the more comfortable to wear dildo restraints have wide straps and tend to push the allowed bottomless rule. The smaller, narrower straps are Okay, but they are less comfortable. We were going for comfort.”

“You didn’t have to get anything!”

“Mom, I wanted a surprise gift for Summer. You just get to experience them first. OK Dad, Turn it off and I will pull them out and we can try the next level.” Allen pressed the display on his phone and the buzzing stopped. This time Adam gently pulled on the bright green ring and gently pulled the gold and silver balls out of his mother’s pussy. He noticed that this time they were much wetter than they had been the previous time he had held them. This time he kept them in his hand as he said. “OK Dad. Let’s go for level three.” The Gold ball started buzzing louder than the previous times. “Here we go Mom. Here is the first ball… And now the Gold one.” Laura gasped when the gold ball touched her pussy lips and then Adam pushed it in as far as he could with his fingers.

“Oh God, Oh God. That is intense.” Laura’s hips were rocking, and she started breathing irregularly. “Ok, enough! Please, that is enough! Any longer and I am going to lose control. Please stop!”

“Ok Dad, I think we know enough about this level.” A moment later the vibrations stopped, and Laura hips stopped moving. She was breathing fast and hard, but as Adam gently pulled the two balls out of her, her breathing began to approach normal.

“As the vibration goes up, I think the current goes up too. Are you sure you are not getting shocked by them in your hand? It didn’t really hurt, but God, I could feel it pulsing in me.”

“Mom, I promise I cannot feel any electricity in my fingers. The charge is just too small to feel. Even with damp fingers I don’t feel anything. The skin on my fingers must be too thick to feel it.”

Adam purposely placed the two balls directly on top of her clit and held them there with his open hand. He looked up at his Dad and smiled. Allen saw what he had done and quietly chuckled, nodded and smiled back. “OK Dad, This time we are going to try it at full strength, right?”

“Yep. Ok, Laura, get ready. Remember to let Adam know how this feels. Remember it is for Summer. Ready Adam?” When Adam nodded, Allen touched the level four button on his screen. It was a good thing that Allen was ready for her reaction, because Laura’s arms shot out from where she had been leaning back on them, and they flailed about uselessly. Had Allen not caught her shoulders, she would have fallen back and hurt herself. Adam used both hands to keep her hips down as he held the two balls directly on her clit.


Adam held the balls firmly on top of her clit as her hips bucked up and down. When she stopped saying words and just made an incoherent noise and her eyes went unfocused Adam finally cupped the two balls in his palm as he lifted his hand. She continued to moan for almost a minute. Allen tuned off the vibrator when Adam removed the balls from contacting her. Eventually, Laura was able to look at Adam and say, “Please don’t do that to my clit again. It is far too sensitive. That was beyond stimulating to the point of painful.”

“Sorry Mom. I didn’t realize it would be so intense. I didn’t know they would be that hard on you if I held them there. I still want to see how you react if I put them inside of you, however. From your past reactions, it should not be as bad as what I just did. I am really sorry it hurt. Please, let me make it up by putting them inside, where they belong. I promise I will keep them away from your clit. I’m learning and am sorry I did that to you. I will make sure I don’t do that to Summer. Ok, Dad. Turn them on again and I am going to insert them directly into her pussy.”

“Adam, do we have to? I’m already extremely sensitive. I’m afraid that if you put them inside of me, I am going to Climax. I don’t want to do that in front of you Adam. You’re my son and it is not right. Do you really need to put them in me again? This is just so humiliating.”

“I need you to tell me how these feel inside of you. That way I know what to do for Summer.”

“Oh God, if you have to. Go ahead. Let’s get this over with!”

Adam looked at his dad and nodded. The gold ball started humming again and the silver ball started chiming as it encountered the gold one. “OK Mom, here is the Silver one,” as he slipped in the first ball. Laura had no reaction to the first ball other than biting her lower lip in anticipation of what was coming next. “Here is the next one.” Adam slowly touched the wildly vibrating ball to her sopping wet pussy lips. Laura’s leg muscles tightened and then he slowly pushed it in. He used his index and middle finger to push it in as far as he could. He could feel, and hear, when the gold ball touched the silver ball. There was a quiet humming and chiming coming from Laura’s pussy.

Laura’s hips started rocking as soon as the gold ball touched her. As it went deeper, she started moaning. Had Allen not been sporting her shoulders, she would have collapsed. It was not as bad as when the two balls had been held on her clit, but only a fraction less. Her hips started bouncing off the coffee table as she started Cuming. Juices started flowing from her pussy onto the table pooling. Laura started drooling and her eyes rolled back as multiple orgasms racked her body.

After a minute of unintelligible moaning and delirious sounds, Allen cut the power to the gold ball. The result was almost instantaneous. Laura collapsed on the coffee table and stopped moving. A full minute later she opened her eyes and said, “Oh my God. That was intense. I don’t want to experience that again soon. I had no control over my body. The sensations in my pussy controlled everything. No, it WAS everything. I couldn’t stop Cuming! Oh God, I need to catch my breath.”

When her breathing started to slow, Adam said, “Tell me about it, Mom. It did not hurt you did it. I really did not want to hurt you. It looked like you were enjoying it, were you?”

“I was already aroused before the last time, so from the time you touched me with that damn vibrating one to the time you turned it off I don’t really remember much. It was like my brain was overloaded and the world around just went away, and I was left with a bright light that I couldn’t get away from, but at the same time I didn’t want to get away. It was like everything went away and all I had was wave after wave of orgasm coming from my pussy. It really was too much. I won’t say it was pain, but it wasn’t not that. There really are no words that I know in the English language to accurately describe it. If you use that setting on Summer, don’t overdo it. A woman can only take so much.”

“Thanks Mom. That helps a lot.”

“How are you doing Laura? Can you stand and walk?” Allen asked.

“Yah, I am OK now. I think I can walk.”

“Good, I was a little worried that we over did it for you.”

“That was wild. Like I said I’m not sure I want to do that again for a while. Help me stand up.”

Allen helped her and Adam untangle their legs so that she could stand. She walked around the living room to unwind. “Walking seems to help.” Laura said.

“Good, because we still have enough time for a walk around the block before we go.”

“Allen, do we really need to?”

“Yes, it will help you recover from this morning’s adventure. I want you to keep the two Ben Wa balls in as we walk. Before you say anything,” Allen saw the look of panic in her eyes, “I promise that I will not turn them on as we walk. I just want to see if it is feasible for you to leave them in. I don’t mean at school. I mean for other times.”

As his parents were talking, Adam took the opportunity to run his finger through the puddle of juices on the coffee table left from his mother’s pussy and then put it in his mouth to suck on. It was a little different than Summer’s, but still a taste that he would not mind having more of. He was starting to think that he may have an oral fetish when it came to woman. From what he had heard at school, that might not be a terrible thing when it came to girls.

“Come on Adam. Grab the house key and let’s go for a walk.” His father said.

Laura still felt strange being outside in her neighborhood bottomless but not as much as yesterday. She felt a little more clothed this morning because her top was solid green and not transparent. There were a few more neighbors out this morning, however. They had gone to the far end of the block before she realized why. Word must have spread that she was sentenced Green. Some of the neighbors gave her a thumbs up sign as she walked past.

A block from their house they saw a scene that they never expected. There was a man in the front yard nude. But he was leashed to one of those portable dog leash anchors in the middle of the yard. He had his hands handcuffed behind his back. The wildest thing was the leash did not go around his neck like a normal dog leash, it was at the base of his balls! There was a sign near the sidewalk that said. “48 hours of display for a very poor job review”.

As they walked past Laura heard, “Nick, stop your complaining. Just be glad that you still have your job. It is only 48 hours. By Sunday afternoon you can put your clothes back on. If you hadn’t agreed to this, you would have had to spend 14 days full nude and next week is our cruise. You don’t want family pictures with you being naked, do you?”

“Of course not. I just don’t understand why our daughter gets to have a sleep over tonight with ten of her friends and they chose me to be the entertainment. What are they going to do to me?”

“I don’t know. She wouldn’t tell me. The only thing she would say was that since you already sentenced, she just asked that I declare you a “NoNa” for the duration of her party, she said it stands for No Name. I’m curious to see what she has planned so I readily agreed. She and her friends can do anything they want with a NoNa, within limits of course. Oh, and she assured me no permanent damage.”

“You could stop her.”

“Of course, I could, but I won’t. And, when your 48 hours are up, you may out rank her again in our house, and then you could put HER in HER place. That is, if she messes up.”

“May?! What the hell do you mean by ‘may’?”

“She has asked for a house vote next week. She wants to be number 2 and make you number 3.”

“But you would have to agree with her to override my vote.”

“Yes, I would. Let’s just see how you behave with her friends. Be good and I may side with you.”

“But you …” and then the Burks were out of earshot.

“What were they talking about?” Allen asked, “Have either of you heard of a NoNa?”

“As they said it stands for No Name. It is for higher levels of discipline, usually assigned by government issued punishment but can be applied in limited applications within household hierarchies. A household hierarchy needs to be established first, and registered, to establish who has the highest authority to the lowest. It is voted upon by all household members. After the hierarchy is set, a list of punishment levels for infractions per pre-established rules is developed. The system is used to establish a level of normality.” Adam said. “I did some research on it last night.”

“I think it is too much. I don’t like this new H-Punishment crap. It is all very confusing, all the different color combinations and classifications and all.” Laura Said.

“I think your judgement may be tainted by your current sentence.” Adam laughed.

“Ya think?” Laura said sarcastically.

“Well, I think we should formalize a system for our house too. Tonight, we can work on it.” He gave Adam a wink, who smiled back and nodded. “By the way, how is your toy doing as we walk?”

“They are distracting. Even with the remote turned off, I can feel the two bouncing around in me and the mechanical one keeps vibrating due to the internal chime. It is starting to get a little uncomfortable.”

“Well, we are almost home. You can take them out soon. I won’t make you go to school with them in you. They would probably be too much of a distraction for you to teach with them.”

“I totally agree. Yesterday was bad enough when I had to stand on that damn podium exercise thing in front of my students. I don’t want to have to deal with these balls too. Besides, it is embarrassing having a bright green thing sticking out of my private parts. It is bad enough I am exposed like this; I don’t need to draw attention to it too!”

“Hey look, the Benson’s are out again today.”

“Hay Laura, looking good. I like your top. But what is that down below? Looks like you grew a tail to match your top.”

Laura blushed deeply. “Is it that obvious?”

“We saw it when you were still two houses away.”

“Oh God. This is so embarrassing. It is a toy that Allen made me wear. It is the tail to a couple of Ben Wa balls. I didn’t realize that the tail would be so visible to others. I can barely see it from my point of view.”

“Ben Wa balls! That’s cool. Robin, should I get you some like Laura is using?”

“But wait, there is more. Adam, please support your mother so that she doesn’t fall.”

“Allen, Please! You said that you would not turn them on while we were walking.

“But we are not walking. We are just standing in front of our neighbor’s house. Here, Look at this app on my phone.” Allen said to the Benson’s. “One of the balls is purely mechanical but one has a built in Bluetooth capability. As I move this little marker, I can make it vibrate more or less.”

As Adam move behind his mother, he reached around her to give her a bear-hug from behind. He used this opportunity to reach around and fully grab her breasts, one in each hand. They were similar to, but slightly different, than Summer’s. He knew that he would have gotten in trouble if he had grabbed her like this outright, but with everyone’s attention lower down, he thought he could get away with it this time. He enjoyed how they were firm and warm in his hands but soft at the same time. He knew from listening to his parents at night that his father liked playing with them too.

Adam leaned back but kept one leg forward. This forced Laura to spread her legs to each side for balance, forcing her hips forward.

Soon Laura started to moan, and her hips began to quiver. “See, as I move this little marker higher and lower her hips rock in time.” Allen moved the marker up and down on his screen but never more than a quarter of the way. Laura’s hips moved in the same rhythm as his finger. Soon he started moving the maker higher and not moving it down all the way. “The higher I go, the greater the sensation. The remote one also emits an extremely low current that adds to the stimulation. This is for Adam’s girlfriend, but he wanted to test it out first and since Laura is already in a situation to test it on, she was the obvious test subject.” Laura’s whole body started to quiver as Allen approached the upper quarter of the screen with the marker. “Now see as I get into the upper quarter of the range how she has little control of her body? If Adam were not holding her up, I don’t think she could stand on her own. Well enough of the lower settings here it is on high.” With that he moved the marker to the top of the screen and left it there.

The effect on Laura was instant. She lost all control of her body and started spasming in Adams arms. If he had not had a tight grip on her breasts, she would have fallen. Within moments she began gushing from her pussy. Allen had never seen her gush before and did not even know she could. The mornings’ activities had set her up for one of the most massive orgasms she had ever had in her life. When she went limp Allen turned off the device and Adam gently laid her on the grass of the Benson’s front yard. She was breathing deeply but other than that seemed OK. “Adam, show the Benson’s what caused this display.” Adam moved her legs wide open so that he had access to her pussy. He could have just pulled on the bright green tab but opted to reach in as far as he could with his fingers to retrieve the first ball. He wanted to feel how her pussy was still quivering after her orgasm. His fingers were dripping as he pulled it ball out and then the second slipped out.

“This is what cause Mom to have that massive orgasm. This little toy. I got one for Summer last night at the H-Store and she is coming over tonight and I wanted to give it to her, but I wanted to see how they worked before I gave them to her. Dad agreed to let me try it out on Mom first this morning. “

“Wow.” Robin said. “May I see them?”

“Sure.” Adam handed the balls to her. She took them and felt how slippery they were from Laura’s Pussy juices, and she held them up to her nose and inhaled deeply. She then licked the balls and said, “Allen your wife smells and, dare I say it, Tastes wonderful.”

“Robin?” Allen asked.

“Hey, I like to have fun too. Pat is not the only one that gets to taste things like this.” She said with a smile.

“Yah, we play from time to time. By the way, your family has inspired us to register in the H Program for our household. I would be number 1, Robin number 2 and Brad and Jen would be 3 and 4.”

“We were talking about setting one up in our house too.” Allen asked.

“You don’t have one already? I am surprised.”

“This Green sentence came on too fast. We are just trying to catch up. We are going to talk about how to set things up in our house tonight. We got talking because a block over, there was a man chained by his balls, to a dog leash anchor in the front yard. We herd his wife say she was going to make him a NoNa and that he would have no say over what happened to him.”

“Wow, I knew NoNa was a possible category for home punishment, but that is drastic. Robin how would you like to be a NoNa chained in the Front Yard?”

“You would not dare! Anyone could do anything to me. The only restrictions anyone would have is what you happen to think of and explicitly state that they could not do. There are highly creative people out there that could do things you may not even think of. It would be horrible!”

“Well, you know how you get off on not being in control. And think of the things we could learn. I think it would be fun. We could even invite the Burks over if you like.” The last was directed toward Allen.

“That could be interesting.” Allen said with a smile.

Laura had recovered a bit, at this point, and closed her legs but remained lying on the grass, and just listened.

“Can’t you just have an open marriage? Isn’t a sentence a little extreme?”

“That is true, and yes, we have already played with others a few times, but a NoNa status is special. Only the authority that has declared the individual a NoNa has any say in what does or does not happen. Even Brad or Jen could play with Robin and there would be no guilt because she would not technically be their mother while she is declared a NoNa.”

Laura was feeling strong enough that she started to get up, and Adan helped her up.

“Welcome back to the living Laura.” Robin Said.

“Thanks, that was the most intense orgasm of my life. I didn’t have any control. Adam, If you use those damn things in Summer, PLEASE use some restraint. You really can have far too much of a good thing.”

“Who is this Summer that we have heard about?” Pat asked.

“She is a girl that has a Yellow sentence. She was sentenced for a year but if she serves a specific number of hours at an H-Store as a display, she could cut her time in half. I got to play with her and kind of got to know her, while we were there getting some things for Mom. She said that if she gave me control over her band, She would not have to serve at the store anymore, and I would have complete control over her body.”

“That is quite a responsibility! I’m amazed she gave that to you. I know you are a good kid and all, but I’m still shocked that someone did that after just meeting you.”

“You might get to meet her this evening. She is coming over to formally meet Mom and Dad. They met last night, but the circumstances at the time, shall we say, was not conductive to actually talking to them much.”

“She seemed like a lovely, if bound and naked at the time, girl. I am skeptical about her motives but what is done is done, and we will see how things go.” Laura said.

“I talked to her briefly last night, and she seemed like a nice girl. We will see, I guess. Hay, maybe we can compare the household rules sometime this weekend.”

“That sounds good. Maybe we can talk at your …” Allen who was standing behind Laura suddenly brought his finger up to his lips in a quiet sign and shook his head from side to side in a no sign. “your convenience.” Allen nodded and mouthed the word “Thank you.”

“That would be great. Well, we all have to get to work or school now, so we will continue this discussion later,” Allen said.

“See you then, and we look forward to meeting Summer and getting input from her too.”

Allen hung back a little as Laura and Adam started walking across the street to their house. He quickly said in a soft voice to the Bensons, “I’m sure Laura doesn’t remember the party is this weekend and there is no need to remind her now and cause her to fret about it today.”

“OK, Sorry I almost blew it for you.”

“No harm to fowl, If we don’t see you tonight, we will see you tomorrow.”

As the Burk’s walked across the street to their house Allen said “OK Adam, you behave and respect your mother today. It may be a little easier on day two, but it still won’t be easy for your mother.”

“Yes sir.”

Allen unlocked the front door. They all went in and gathered their things and headed out. Allen got into his car, and Laura and Adam got into her car.

When they got to school, Laura pulled into her normal parking place and stopped. She just sat in the car for a full minute and then said, “Let’s do this.”


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