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In a hot summer during the 1990s, I found myself with my neighbour, exploring my desires which turned out to be hers too.
Part 2

We lay next to each other in the field. The sun warmed us for an hour or longer. We didn’t speak. There was the comfortable silence between two people completely at ease with each other. Naked, relaxed and laid next to each other.

‘Mmm’ said Andrea eventually ‘I’m so comfortable here but I sooo need to pee.’

She sighed and started to get up. I turned to look at her. What a morning it had been, fucking with Andrea, something I wouldn’t have believed a week before and yet it felt so right. I looked at her again. She was slim, smooth, toned. Her almost flat chest with those huge nipples was as sexy as hell. Her pussy lips were prominent but not huge, the gold ring through her clit hood shone in the sun. That tattoo, so erotic.

There were plenty of trees nearby, I expected her to disappear behind the nearest one. But after she had walked about 15 steps across the short grass Andrea turned her head and looked back at me, raising an eyebrow. She turned to face me, keeping eye contact all the time. She smiled that mischievous, sexy smile and squatted, facing me. Her piss started to flow, and she sighed with relief. My cock started to stir, that tingling feeling of being aroused again and my hand automatically started to move up and down my cock. ‘You like what you see?’ she said. ‘Fuck yes, that’s so sexy’ I replied. ‘Noted’ she said ‘noted for later…. this is good news indeed!’ She was still pissing and opened her pussy lips with two fingers, moving the flow gently from side to side until it slowed. This was hot. She obviously loved what I loved. And it was still only Monday.

She stood up and walked back over to me. ‘I was just wondering something while I was peeing, and it made my pussy tingle.’ She stood over me, one leg either side of my chest, facing me. ‘I was wondering if it was too early in the week to ask for you to clean me? Please?’ She smiled and put on an innocent look as she said please. As she asked, she started to squat, her pussy moving down towards my face. ‘God, no’ I said ‘it would be my pleasure’. ‘Ooh, I hoped you would say that’ she squealed and her pussy met my mouth ‘although I didn’t doubt you of course.’ I moaned approval as I licked her pussy, my tongue cleaning the last few salty drops from her ‘but if I’d known just how open you are I might have saved more for you’ she sighed ‘maybe tomorrow…’ and stood back up. ‘That was amazing. Thank you. You must be needing to pee too?’ That mischievous smile again. ‘I’d be happy to watch, you know, and lend a hand.’

I got up. Yes of course I needed to empty myself, the fullness of my bladder had been holding back my cock, stopping it from hardening fully until now, when the prospect of being ‘helped’ overcame the fullness. Andrea wrapped her hand around my cock and led me across the grass. We stopped, she moved her hand up and down my shaft slowly, just twice. I concentrated and let it come. There’s always something about pissing when I’m hard that turns me on. Andrea moaned approval and moved my cock from side to side as I pissed. Then just as the flow was easing she pressed my cock upagainst my belly. My piss hit my skin and flowed up towards my chest, then back down and dripped off my balls. ‘Woops’ she said, ‘Let me clean that up for you.’ We walked back to the towels and she pointed for me to lie down. All this time her hand had been wrapped around my cock, and she didn’t let go now. I was still super hard. She leant over me and took the head of my cock into her mouth then licked around it with a circular motion. ‘Fuck that’s good’ I said. ‘But I spilled more’ she said ‘allow me’. She quickly licked my belly then moved to my balls. For the second time that day she took them into her mouth, this time without my cock. She sucked gently and rolled them around her tongue. The feeling of wanting to cum was rising through my groin, I was so close, felt so good, so very good. She stopped just before the point of no return. Luck, or judgement? I sighed, Andrea grinned and lay down next to me again, reached for another drink and passed one to me.

‘That was so hot’ she said ‘can I ask you?’

‘Yes of course’

‘Can I ask if you have ever done that before?’

‘Played with piss?’


‘Alone, yes, much more than that, but not with anyone’

‘Not with Julie?’

‘Hell no! She was very vanilla don’t you know!’

‘Really? I thought you two were always at it, didn’t vanilla get boring over 2 years? You must have persuaded her to do something kinky?’

‘Haha, depends what you mean. It took me six months to persuade her to let me trim her bush and another six to let me shave around her pussy. That was as wild as it got! She loved straightforward fucking, usually missionary, and always came hard, I think she got off on the fact she was cheating on her fiancé. She was happy but I wanted more’.

‘Sounds like me with Tom. You know I’m open minded but he was definitely not! I love that I can talk with you about being kinky, it turns me on. I want to do things this week that make me feel hot, make me feel alive again.’ She giggled. ‘We’ve had a good start!’

I rolled over to face her and took her nearest nipple between my tongue and top teeth, moving my tongue from side to side and squeezing to make Andrea start to moan again. At the same time my hand was rolling her other nipple, then pulling it gently, letting it go.

‘I love your talking’ I said ‘and you being loud when you’re turned on, it’s horny’

‘Really? Fuck, that’s me toned down, trying not to talk dirty because nobody seems to like it!’

‘I love it, it’s hot, dirty and hot.’

I went back to her nipples with my mouth and hand. She moaned ‘Fuuuck, really? Really? You want me let go and talk dirty, fuck I’m almost coming just from knowing that!’

I moved my mouth to her other nipple, replacing it with my left hand and leaving my right hand able to move to her pussy. I ran my second finger up and down and in between her pussy lips, feeling her soft wetness. I used my wet finger to circle her clit, playing with her ring, keeping up the nipple attention all the time.

‘Fuck, yes, fuck, yes, my nips and clit together, yes!

Oh my God you’re good, fuck, yes, I want you to bite my nips! Harder, fuck! YES!

My clit, my clit, rub it! Rub my fucking clit! Make me fucking come! Rub my fucking clit! God I’m horny! YES!

Shit, shit I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m fucking coming! FUCK!

I want to piss all over you! FUCK I do! And drink your hot piss! YES! SHIT! And have you fuck me wet with piss, I’m coming! NOW! YES!’

She screamed ‘Yes, yes, fuck, yes!’ as I kept up the pressure on her clit and her nips, she bucked and wriggled, still coming hard. This was fucking amazing. I love making people come, the harder the better, and this was one of the best. My hands and mouth slowed to a stop.

My cock was rock hard again and I pressed it against her leg as she came down from her orgasm, out of breath, her whole body flushed and glistening with sweat, my cock moving against her leg with the slipperiness of the sweat, the sun still hot on our naked bodies.

She panted ‘Shit that was good. Really fucking good. I need you. In me. Now. I need you to make me come with your cock, I need you to fuck me’

I grinned. ‘I think that can be arranged’ I said, slipping my finger into her pussy, then pulling it out and licking it as suggestively as I could ‘How shall I fuck this amazing pussy?’

She flipped over onto her knees, rested on her elbows and presented me with her pussy.

‘Doggy style coming up!’ I laughed.

‘Fuck me. Fuck my cunt. I want to come again, fuck me!’

I moved into position on my knees behind her, held my cock with my hand and rubbed it up and down her pussy, teasing her a little. Her fit, tanned body was now dripping in sweat. Her back, beautiful and toned with her tattoo glistening in the sunlight. I put my hands on her arse, slid them up to her shoulders, then leant forward and moved them around so I could play with a slippery nipple with each hand. All the time keeping my cock just at her warm, wet entrance.

‘Fuck my pussy! Please, please, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt!’

I slid my cock into her, buried it as far as it would go, and held it there, our smooth shaven, sweaty bodies tight against each other again, pinching her huge, hard nipples at the same time.

‘Shit that’s good. Fucking good. You feel huge. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard, like you mean it, like you really fucking mean it. Yes, yes, like that. Harder yes. I love your cock deep. Fill me up like the dirty slut I am.’

I started to fuck her. Hard but slowly, deep and hard. I moved my hands to her hips to pull her in more as I pushed my cock inside her. She pushed her body back, I was as deep as I could possibly be but wanting more.

‘Fuuuck! Yes’ with every thrust ‘Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes….’

I increased the speed gradually with each push and got a rhythm going so I almost pulled out of her pussy completely each time, just leaving the head of my cock between her wet pussy lips. Then back in again, hard, each time slightly faster than before. My hands still controlling her hips I wanted her to know that I was in charge of this fuck, I was fucking her and make no mistake about it.

‘fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes’

Faster, even harder.

‘fuck yes, fuck yes… I want your cum…Fuck yes, fuck yes…inside me again…. Fuck yes, fuck yes…Fill me!...Fuck yes…..Fill my pussy! Fuck! I’m dirty! Fuck! Fill my fucking cunt with cum! Yes, Yes, Fuck! YES!’

As she came the feeling of her pussy on my cock built to the point of no return. Faster, harder, faster, harder, I could feel my cum rising. That amazing feeling in my groin, knowing that I was about to cum, to fill Andrea with my cum. Hard and fast, my cock pumped into her, both of us coming at the same time, both of us loudly, fucking in the sunshine, open for anyone to see if they had wanted to.

As we stopped Andrea moved forward to lie on the towel, I followed suit and spooned her from behind. Out of breath, panting and hot, I leant forward and we kissed like we had fucked, hard and fast, our tongues searching into each other. My hands found her nipples, and her smooth flat belly. Our sweaty bodies were slippery and sensitive still. We moved to feel each other's bodies, every inch of body, hands sliding over backs and arses, legs, nipples, faces, bellies, our mouths still tight together. I felt for her pussy, soft and wet and puffy, she felt for my arse and slid a finger in to my hole, there was nowhere off limits. I returned the favour and slid my middle finger into her arse, wet with sweat, cum and pussy juice, in deep, and moved it around in a circle to relax her grip.

Our mouths parted and she looked at me, as my finger opened up her arse and said ‘That’s definitely on the menu for tomorrow I think, don’t you?’ I agreed ‘Definitely, and both ways too’ She agreed ‘Mmmm yes’ and slid a finger back into me to confirm we both understood each other.

We laid out on the towels again, still slightly out of breath, hot, wet and slippery still. The gentle breeze cooled us a little and we drank again.

‘The sun is gone by 4’ said Andrea ‘we’ll have to pack up soon’

‘That’s a shame, I was hoping for a third time’ I said with a grin.

‘Well we’ll have to arrive earlier tomorrow, the sun is on this patch from early in the morning. I’ve got things I want you to do to me tomorrow, I think you know.’

‘Oh yes, I’ve got the idea’ I said ‘and we’re definitely in tune with each other. Not vanilla, not shy and not quiet!’

She giggled ‘I don’t know what you mean…. Are you referring to me?’ as she raised an eyebrow and put a finger to her lips.

‘But now I need to pee again. I was going to wait until tomorrow for this, but, well, you’re hot and sweaty and lying there, so I’m afraid I’m just going to piss all over you now, don’t you know?’

I grinned and laid on my back ‘Well if you insist’

She jumped up and stood with one foot either side of my hips, facing me. Like earlier she spread her pussy lips with her hand, two finger on either side, making them look even puffier and bigger than they were. A look of concentration on her face changed to satisfaction ‘Here it comes! I’m going to piss all over you and you’re going to love it. Just like the kinky, dirty fuckers we are!’ She hit my chest with her flow to start with, then stepped back and washed over my cock and balls. ‘Fuck this is so good’ she said ‘So good. I’ve wanted to piss on someone like this for so long. And on their face too…’ she looked at me for approval. My grin must have said it all because she didn’t ask again, moving the jet to my face. I closed my eyes, she wet my hair, my nose and moved down to my mouth. I opened it wide to show I wanted what she wanted, and she filled my mouth with piss. Hot and slightly salty my mouth was full in a couple of seconds. I’ll quite happily drink mild piss, so swallowed and opened my mouth again ‘Shit, really?’ she said almost with disbelief and moved to fill my mouth again ‘that is so sexy, knowing that you have drunk my piss.’ I swallowed a second mouthful, her bladder was almost empty now. ‘thank you’ she said ‘thank you for understanding a kinky, dirty person like me!’

‘I need to pee too’ I said ‘Any requests?’

‘Ooh let me see…. Well… I would actually love you to piss on my face, and my hair too. Not just wet, I want you to soak my hair. Dripping wet is what I want.’

I loved the matter of fact, straight talking. It turns me on, always.

I stood up and Andrea knelt in front of me grinning. She put her head back slightly and closed her eyes. ‘Ready. I want your piss. Give it to me, soak me’ I aimed and did exactly what she had said. I started on her forehead then down over her face. She kept her mouth closed but stuck her tongue out for me to soak. Then to her hair, top of her head first, soaking her curls, then I moved around her and made sure I pissed everywhere. She was unusually quiet until she said ‘can I try to drink some? That would be hot I think’. I moved around to face her again, not much left in my bladder, but enough to give her a taste into her open mouth. Quietly she closed her mouth and swallowed. ‘Fuck me that really was hot. I loved that!’

The sun was behind the trees now and it was starting to get cooler. What a first day it had been. We gathered up our towels and dried each other off, then flip flops on, back to the car, both as naked as we had been all day. Dressed, back in the car on the way home we talked some more.

‘So I still want you to fuck me after pissing on me’ Andrea mentioned ‘and anal play too. I want to see how dirty things get. My ass, your ass, sunshine, piss, two dirty people, what more do we need?’

‘An early start?’

‘Oh yes’ she said as we walked back to our houses ‘an early start. See you at 8!’
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