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So it was at that moment that I sat up in my bed in a cold sweat and I tossed the covers off of me, and I then retch over to the night stand that was locate by my bed, I grab ahold of my cell phone and sent her a text message that read the following " Ok brat I have made my decision... If you want to find out that my decision is, than I highly suggest that your bring your ass here right now, before I change my bloody mind"
############# Writers note#############

In this Chapter of Twin Love Affair, you will notice this Chapter follows the story of Mark and Stephanie, Mark is Sally Ex Boyfriend who's sister witnessed Mac's and Sally's incestuous love affair in our last chapter. Mark video recorded a video of them engaging in incestuous relationship in a goal to used the video to blackmail mail, Sally into having sex with him. But the table were turn on him by his own sister, When She decided to give him a blow job while they watched Mac and Sally having sex. In which was also recorded on the Video. Stephanie decide to turn the table on her brother Mark by taking the video that Mark had recorded and give him an ultimatum (Blackmail) either he agree to inpreganate her or she would one upload the video to all known porn site and also she would tell her parents when they return from their vacation that they had engaged in Incest with her give her older brother a blow job, Mark only has 24 hours to make his decides whether he would give into his Younger sister demands or else

This Chapter is solely story building Chapter, So the reader get to know just who Mark and Stephanie are. Also pay very close attention latter portion of this chapter for I introduce there were unconfirmed Rumors that Stephanie heard at her last family reunion, their two families share a highly guarded and dark secret

########### End of Writer note ########

************************ Mark *****************

Later that night

I laid there alone in my bedroom, laying in utter darkness. staring upwards at the ceiling of my bedroom, As much as I wish that I could go to sleep, I Couldn't because I was wrestling with the thoughts and images of all that had transpired earlier in the evening. The Images of Sally engaging in a incestuous relationship with her own twin brother, just reliving those Images as they flashed in my head caused me to become sick to my stomach, knowing that my Ex-Girlfriend of two years, who up to a few days ago claimed that she was saving her Virginity for marriage, or the right guy to come along. " Bull Shit!" I said aloud as I flipped over to lay on my right side, which faced the very bay window that this whole bloody nightmare had began.

The only reason that I decided to record that bloody video of Mac and Sally fucking each other in the first place, was so I could use that video to blackmailing Sally into having sex with me and if she would had refused, I would have carried out on my promise to upload the whole video to as many porn site that I could, I could just imagine the amount of view it would have gotten, and knowing how those people who watch that type of porn, for had taken it as revenge porn, which in our day and time was highly popular. Posting revenge porn was a way for a person to get back at an Ex girlfriend or boyfriend, and to be honest majority of the viewers would come to believe, that I only posted the Video out pure Jealousness. (sighs) which to be completely honest with myself, I couldn't not help myself not to be just a little jealous of Mac, I mean, I had just spend the last two years of my life being patiently waiting on Sally to finally be ready to lose her virginity to me, only to give it away willing to her own twin brother, of all people.

My plans would worked if it hadn't been for my bratty younger sister Stephanie interfering, and basically turning the table on me, Don't get me wrong here, My sister knows how to give a guy a blow job, if Im going to be competely honest with myself, out of all the blow jobs that girls have giving me in the pass, even Sally had never caused me to cum that hard... But I couldn't allow myself to dwell on that, because little did I know that I also had filmed the part of Stephanie giving me a blow job, and now Stephanie my own sister was attempting to blackmail me into inpregating her.

After the conversation that I had with both Sally and Mac early in the evening, They made very clear to me that Karam was a bitch,and unless I want my mom to find out about the video there was only one way that i could solve this and that was for me to inpregate her and that was enough to make me throw up in my mouth, and to be honest the more I thought about it the more argry I got. According to Stephanie I only 24 hours to agree to her demands or she would tell mom everything. What Stephanie failed to understand that Krama works both ways because either way, our parents would find out, whether she released the video for all to see, or the moment that our parents take her to the doctors when she miss her period, and they take her to the doctors for a pregnancy test, Oh what i would give to be a fly on the wall, when her lab results came back and they find out she pregnant. Knowing my dad as I do, He will be demanding who's the Father, and mom will be yelling and cussing up the storm. The only thing that I would be worried about if she told them that I was the father of her baby and I really didn't want to think about how that coversation would go over.

It was at the moment, I deciede that I had better give in to my sister demands. If it was Stephanie desire for me to inpregate her, then so be it. But I hope she aware that Karma work both ways, and Stephanie would have to understand and be willing to take whatever repercussion(Fall out) that may come her way from me inpreganting her. So it was at that moment that I sat up in my bed in a cold sweat and I tossed the covers off of me, and I then retch over to the night stand that was locate by my bed, I grab ahold of my cell phone and sent her a text message that read the following " Ok brat I have made my decision... If you want to find out that my decision is, than I highly suggest that your bring your ass here right now, before I change my bloody mind" I let out a soft sigh as I pressed the send message on my phone. Then I settle in while I awaited to see how fast my sister would come running into my room, or not

Moment later Stephanie appear at my bedroom door with a slight smirk on her face, from what I could make out from the darkness, My sister appeared to be wearing a very prerogative and very revealing lingerie as she slowly made her way into my bedroom. The way she moved her body as she approached my bed was in a highly seductive manner. I could literally make out the her lustrous 36D breast's swaying side to side in the full moon light. It was at that moment as I watched Stephanie approaching my bed, that for the first time in my life that I realized just how fucking sexy Stephanie had become, I mean she my sister after all, I mean no normal brother would be literally getting aroused seeing his sister half naked body, I reach over and a grab ahold of a pillow laying on my bed in attempt to conceal my erection with it, But it was to late for that, becuase she had already had noticed it the very moment that I had laid eyes on her the lingerie outfit she was wearing. Moment later Stephanie took a seat on the side of my California King Size bed and then she retch up with her right hand and she flicked her stringy cherry red hair over her shoulder.

"Ok Mark I got your text message, and according to your text message it seems that you have made your decision, So What is it going to be Mark?" Stephanie said in a very sassy tone of voice while she pulled the pillow that I was using to conceal the bulge forming in my PJ from my erection. Once she removed the pillow from my crotch, Stephanie let out a soft giggle as she began to rub her hand over the my erection. "What do we have here Mark, It seem like someone is a eager beaver!"

I brush my sister hand way in a fit of angry, I reach down and push away her hand from my crotch. " Really Stephanie.. You damn well know I can't help it ( turns my head away from my sister for a moment ) I can't help it Stephanie, It naturally happens when I get sexually aroused" I say as my sister lean in closer to me and whisper slowly into my right ear " So Mark are you telling me that you lose complete control of your body functions ,when you look upon my lustrous body." Stephanie said as she pressed her breast up against my back. I tried my best to ignore her, but I lose all control the second that i felt her harden nipple make contact with my exposed fresh of my back it sent a surge of energy coursing through-out my body, In that moment I could feel myself on the on the verge of losing complete and utter control. But I had to fight that urge, after taking a few deep breath, I felt myself regaining my composure. then I swiftly turned my head back towards my sister.

"like I told you Stephanie it a natural body response that happen when we get sexually arouse.. ( I pull my body slighly away from her) enough of this shit already Stephanie... Do you want know what I have decide or are you just going to keep fucking around" I responed angrily tone of voice. I could tell that Stephanie was take back at my responds, becuase she had this deer in head light look on her face for a moment before she slid closer toward me and slide her her free hand down into my PJ that I was wearing and grab a hold of my throbbing cock in her hands sliding her hand up and down my cock.

"Oh course I do Mark, I mean that why I'm here jacking you off instead of being asleep in my nice warm bed now isn't it?" Stephanie said in highly seductive tone of voice as she freed my massive cock from my PJ, and lower her head downward to my cock. MoYment later I felt the tip of my cock slide between her lips and into her mouth. " God Damn it Stephanie your making this harder than it should be..... Oh fuck me Stephanie you really can suck start a harbor... Any ways ... ahhhh shit... I Have decide after talking to Mac, Sally that I really have no other choice than to impregnate YOOOUUUU! Oh FUCK I ABLE TO CUM!!!" I Yell out as i grab ahold of the side of her head forcing her head down farther onto my cock. Just as I erupted my massive load into her mouth, I could hear her gag slightly as another rope shot into her mouth.

Once my sister swallow's the last of my cum, she popped her mouth off my cock and she ran her tongue over the tip of my cock cleaning up any of the left over cum from it, then she raise up from my crotch with a come and get me look on her face. " Why the bloody hell would you tell them that Mark... Now they know our serect?" My sister respond to me in angry tone of voice.

I slide back on my bed and laid my head on my pillow. " Well Stephanie just think about it for a moment. If they were to rat us out, they surely know that we would exposed them in a heartbeat, So just think about this as a little insurance policy if you would" I place my Index finger to my temple.

My sister face lit up with excitement as she slid up into my bed next to me and laid her head on my chest " So does this mean that your will impregnate me Mark? Because I know for a fact that if it wasn't for the fact that I am blackmailing you with that video you won't be doing this." my sister softly sighs

I Laugh softly as I retch over with my right hand, and ran it thought my sister cherry red hair " Stephanie Yes I am agreeing to inpreganate you ok.. I mean if you really think about it, you really didn't leave me any other choice but to inpreganate you.. But just how the hell I am going inpreganate you Stephanie? If I remember correctly mom took you to the doctor early this year when you start to act out and she put you on the PILL?" I respond to my sister question

Stephanie rise up from my chest and got up off my bed and walked into the hall way where her birth control pill package was and then return to my bedroom, and toss her empty birth control Package on my chest "What Pills Mark.. Your right mom did take me to the doctor to put me on the pill. But if you notice the package is empty!" My sister said as she return to her place on my chest.

I picked up the blue cover birth control package that my sister had toss on my chest and look at the date on it, It was date for this month and it was just filled a few weeks ago and I slide out the package from the cover and look at the pill package, and it was completely empty, I look down at my sister with a shock look on my face " Where the hell are your birth control pills Stephanie?" I ask my sister with a shocked look on my face.

" I flushed them every month Mark... I didn't like how they made me feel, and mom won't listen when I told her I made the my own decides and I start to flush them in the toilet and replace them with some sugar pills that I got off some webpage, and I replace them with them.. " Stephanie said

"Stephanie you get pill off some shady web site, that the site claims to be sugar Pills.. Don't you know how easy it is for someone to mix Fentanyl in those Pills Stephanie, and only a small amount is deadly Stephanie?" I told me sister

" I am not stupid Mark, I very aware how deadly Fentanyl is.. Don't you remember that my friend Diana who nearly over dose last year on some fentanyl laced pill that she that she thought was.... ugh why can't i remember what the pills name was. But thank God her parents found her in time to get her to the hospital and they give her Narcan.. and they end up having to pump her stomach Mark." My sister says with tears starting to form in her eyes.

I retch down and wipe the tears from her eyes, " I don't understand Stephanie, If you know that this site is shady and you had one of your own friends nearly die because of some fentanyl laces pills, why the hell are you risking buying sugar pill from them? How do you know they don't have fentanyl in them?" I give Stephanie a concern look

(Sighs)" Because I designed them Mark, I know every person who make them, and I have a friend that test every pill to make sure that there clean, like I said Im not stupid." Stephanie let out grumble.

" Ok So answer me this, let just say I that do get you pregnant.. Who you going to tell them is the Father? You damn well that our Parents will straight up murder me... If they were to find out that I am the Father Stephanie!"

"Oh I pretty sure that won't be a issue Mark... If the rumors I have heard at the family reunion are true... " Stephanie says

"What rumors Stephanie?...." I asked her in a edgy tone of voice

"Again Mark they are just rumors Mark.. But if those rumors are true … Then our two families are hiddening a Dark serect of their own?

I was utterly speechless, all I could think about was the rumor my sister had just told me about, I mean she didn't tell me exactly what the rumors were, but the way she said our two family has a Dark serect. I sat there for a little bit trying to figure out, just what was our Parents hiding from us.

" Any who like you said Stephanie they just rumors, whatever they maybe.. I would highly suggest you go get you some rest, because tomorrow at noon both of us well be going over to Mac and Sally house... and while we are there Stephanie, it my plan to relieve you of your virginity once and for all, it my desire by the time we depart from their place that my incestuous seed finds its way to your fertile womb and ultimately fertilizing one of your egg, that take root and bring forward the fruit of our incestuous love....( I lend in toward her lips and our lips contact and we engaged in deep passionate kissing, Our lips part slightly and it was at that moment my sister Stephanie made her unexpected move and slid her tongue into my mouth, which caught me totally off guard, our tongues tangled in each other mouths, then moment later we broke the kiss and we both pull away) " Well I wasn't expecting that... But any way Stephanie there something you have understand, Once we cross that line, there no going back... from what I understand the from Mac and Sally for this to work, than we going to have make love every opportunity we get to Stephanie!" I Tell my sister as I look directly into her eyes and I could see the flame of passion burning bright in her eyes

" I completely understand that Mark.( Stephanie lowers her head down slightly) I'm sorry about the tongue Mark, I'm just so excited when you told me that you were going to inpreganate me,( Stephanie suddenly cocks her head to the side) There one thing that I just don't understand Mark?"

" What don't you understand Stephanie?" I say to my sister Stephanie in a curious tone of voice

Stephanie climbs onto my lap facing me " Well you just said a few moments ago Mark, that if there to be any chance of you inpregating me, than we going to have make love at every opportunity we get right?" Stephanie said seductive tone of voice as she force her breast into my face

I buried my face in between her breast flicking my tongue over her nipples, Stephanie let a loud moan as she start to grind her cunt over my crotch " Indeed I did Stephanie.. but what about it?" I say as I pull my head out from between her breast.

Stephanie give me this come and get me look " Then why the fuck do we have to wait until we go over to their house tomorrow, when we could just fuck right here and now?" Stephanie said as she grind her hips harder on my already thobbing cock.

" Well I saw how excited you got earlier this afternoon while you were watching them fucking early... They told me that they would love to watch me take your virginity Stephanie." I told my sister

Stephanie lend in and planted a passionate kiss to my lips just before lifting them away again " is that what they really said now Mark, Or are you just wanting to torment me by making me wait just that much longer to have this massive cock inside of me.. or is this just your way of tormenting me get back at me for blockmailing you into impregnate me? Uh?" Stephanie said as she tighten her legs as she grind harder on my cock.

I sat there for a moment contemplating what my sister just said to me. I thought to myself " Was I just delay the inevitable that I tomorrow I was going to have to take my very own sister virginity, and attempt to get her pregnant in the progress, or was I just making her wait to torment her for blackmailing me in the first place.

I let out a slight laugh " Well when you put that way Stephanie, Yes I am delaying the inevitable in order to torment you for blackmailing me into first place, I mean, I never knew the reason behind why you acting out in the first place, was because you were afraid of telling me how you truly felt about me. Now if you had would I have had thought you were sick in the hell and tell you that you need help … Hell yeah... But now I know the truth reason why you were acting out and it was because you were wanting to fuck me right Stephanie?" I ask my sister as she continue to grind her hip on my crotch.

" Yes Mark.. mmmmmmm... it may seem silly to you when you hear it.. But every time one of those other guys would be dumbing their nasty tasting cum in my mouth, I was really day dreaming of you pouring you loud into my mouth, The funny thing is Mark, I kind of name drop you once when one guy was pounding my ass, But luckily for me he couldn't hear it or thought I was yelling his name." Stephanie said as she was nearing her climax.

" So let me get this straight Stephanie, every time you were with another guy you were imagining that It was me fucking you? and you were saving you last cunt virginity' for me? I mean you were holding on to your virginity for me, when you really didn't know if " us" would ever happen. explain to me just what exactly you were planning on doing if this never came to fruition?" I asked my sister in a curious tone of voice

" To be really honest with you Mark, I really never thought about that … I just some how knew deep in my heart that you would sooner or later notice how I was acting around you, especially how scantily I would dress around you when our parent were around. I mean to be honest with you Mark, every morning after mom and dad would leave for work. I would creep into your room while you were still were asleep and I would take care of your morning wood." Stephanie confess

" What the fuck Stephanie, that was you giving me a blow job, damn here I always thought I was having a very intense sexual dream about Sally, I never would thought in a million of years that it was you sucking my cock!" I look at my sister with a shocked look on my face.

" Yeah I couldn't help myself Mark, seeing that massive thick cock of yours tenting you boxer, knowing how bad I really wanted it inside of me, to be honest with you the only part of the whole ordeal that pissed me off is when you would scream Sally name whole you blow your load into my mouth each morning." Stephanie said as she climb off of me as she came down from her orgasm. and she then came to lay down beside of me on my bed resting her head on my chest.

" Well you never told me what were you plans if US never happen, I mean sooner or later you would have to give up on your plans and look elsewhere Stephanie I mean, there no way in hell you would stayed a Virgin for the remainder of your life.... just holding on hope that I would come around?" I ask her curious tone of voice

"I would rather die a virgin Mark, than have some damn wanker who wasn't worthy of fucking me, to be honest with you Mark, I have always in my heart I knew we were meant to be together mark." Stephanie said as she gently kiss my chest.

" Damn you would rather die a virgin! I don't think I could live with myself if it came to light after you passed away that you were saving yourself for me. Stephanie" I said to my sister as I slide my hand into the crotch of her lingeria and inserted my index finger into her tight virgin cunt, damn she was tight, I was afraid I would hurt her tomorrow when I took her virginity.

" MMMMMMMM.... (Gash for breath) Yes Mark feed your fingers to my tight virgin pussy.... Oh God Damn Mark I can't wait until that your massive cock pushing it way into my tight virgin cunt Stretching the walls of my cunt to fit you length and signs, Yes deeper Mark... Just make sure you don't break my hymen I want to safe that for you cock you understand me Mark." My sister said as she moment out loud

" you mean this Hymen?" I said as I start to put press on her hymen

" AHHH GOD DAMNIT MARK! please withdraw your finger please... I want your cock to break it pretty please Mark." Stephanie said while begging her brother not to break her hymen.

" Ok... ok I'll stop i won't want to make your upset now would I ?" I said to my sister as I withdrew my finger from her cunt and then I brought my finger to my mouth to suck her taste from my index finger.

" So Mark was it really Sally idea to watch us fuck?" My sister ask me while she was panting heavy

" Yes it was Stephanie to be totally honest with you it was. I never in million years would have thought she would have been such a freak like that" I tell my sister

" Sounds like fun to me Mark, I really don't care if the whole world watch's .... I wonder if they going to as well... it would be so hot see them going at it as well." Stephanie said as our lips lock once more.

" I pretty sure they just won't be watching Stephanie, From what I gather from the phone call I had with them early they going to be going at it like rabbits " I Say to my sister as we slowly drift off to sleep.

"Good night Mark I love you!" My sister said as she fell to sleep on my chest

" I love you to Stephanie" I said softly

I couldn't believe I just told my own sister that I love her, and not how a brother and sister love each other, But in a two lover would say it I sigh softly and slowly drift off to sleep, and for the first time I couldn't hardly wait until I took her virginity, the hope that soon our own incestuous love would bear fruit.

To be continue
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