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The innocent and religious Lina falls deeper to her hidden desires, giving up more of herself as she once more meets Martin, this time in a church as her father - the pastor - holds his sermon.
Lina twisted the fabric between her thumb and forefinger. She could still see the stains from the juices that stained the crotch. She closed her eyes and brought the garment closer to her face, to her nose. The scents were still discernible. Vague, yet recognizable. She resisted the impulse to press the lingerie to her nose and inhale deeply. Instead, she put the dirty panties back in the dresser and turned back to the mirror.

She looked like a poster girl for any Pentecostal informational brochure. Dark blond hair that falls over the shoulders, a smooth and sweet face, typically Swedish in everything from the round shape and light skin tone. A light tank top with a thin cardigan over it, to finish with a cute skirt that ended just below the knees. No one could have guessed that the innocent girl in front of the mirror also had a picture of herself, naked and covered in a strange man's semen, as the background image on her mobile phone.

Lina glanced at the mobile phone. The only thing staring back at the screen was her own cum-soaked face, smiling like a girl who had just received the best present of her life. But no new texts, no messages from...

It had been two weeks since Martin had taken her. After he broke in during the night, tied her up and did what he wanted, through Lina's resistance and howling. Two weeks since he turned her into his… his toy. Made her understand that there were feelings within her that simply could not be ignored. Martin had, through coercion, mild violence and humiliation, lit a fire in Lina that could not be extinguished. And she had tried. With fingers and whatever else she had at home. Oblong fruits, pillows and the shower head pressed tightly between her pinching thighs. But nothing could satisfy the hunger awakened in her. The only thing that emerged was an internal image of the man who had broken into her house at night and taken both her virginity and dignity with a single thrust of his hip. And the shame-filled longing to be taken again. Hard, without regard for her own pleasure or will.

Why hadn't he written to her? Should she write herself? Several times she had stopped herself from sending some obviously desperate texts, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to resist the impulses. Every day the fire between her legs grew, causing her to occasionally struggle for air. Sometimes she thought she saw him in town from the periphery, glimpsed his face in the crowd, but every time he was gone when she glanced over.

“What has he done to you girl!” Lina moaned in frustration at the image of her cum covered face. "Stop now! You don't need that damn man. You got along fine without him for twenty years, you'll get along fine without him for another sixty years.” She pretended not to notice how her stomach twisted at the mere thought of not seeing Martin again and left the apartment, striding firmly towards the mission house for Sunday prayer.

An hour later, she sat on a hard wooden bench and daydreamed while her father - the congregation's pastor - led the devotional. Lina had grown up with his preaching, both as his daughter and as a member of the congregation, and by now she knew them more or less by heart. So it was enough to listen to a few words here and there for her to follow along. The rest of the time she spent thinking about her own life and the turns she wanted to take.

“Of course you have already heard the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. You recognize the common points. They were sinners - homosexuals, pedophiles, etc. - and the Lord punished them with His wrath. But of course the Bible never mentions homosexuality, it never defines the sins of these cities. Nor is this necessary, as there are plenty of texts that thoroughly cover each of man's sins. No, the story is not meant to teach us what sin is, but what happens to those who leave the Lord's way. Those who refuse to be saved when salvation is so simple, so close. In the story, Abraham is searching for someone from these cities worth saving, to show the Lord that not all are evil. But Abraham does not find more than one family worthy of being spared from the fires of wrath.”

It vibrated from Lina's handbag. Her heart immediately started racing and she couldn't keep her fingers from fishing the phone out of her bag.

Martin: Is it your father who speaks so eloquently?

Lina's pulse galloped. She turned her gaze in all directions, trying to find him in the devout crowd.

“Lot and his family are given the opportunity to leave, but apart from them, every single inhabitant of the two cities is burned to ashes as the Lord's wrath reaches them. I have always found this story thought-provoking. Is it meant to be a message against homosexuality, as so many use it as? It is a rather narrow and boring interpretation for my taste. Is it meant to show examples of the Lord's wrath and power? Possible, but this too is covered in many other passages. No, I believe that the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah should point to something much more mundane. How is it that only one family, out of thousands, could prove themselves worthy before God? How could sin have reached almost every grown man, woman, and child in these cities?”

Lina's father let the silence stretch with his crooked smile pasted over his clean-shaven face. “There is an answer that explains so much, not only about these two cities but also the world we live in today. Sin… is a disease. Sin is a virus. It does not remain in the person who gave birth to it, but reproduces in its environment as viruses do. A man's sin will never be his own, but it will spread to his neighbor. Which in turn infects its neighbor. And the neighbor after that. And so on."

Martin: I like what he says. He seems to be a very wise man, your dear father.

Lina: Where are you?

For long seconds she waited with her eyes glued to the screen.

“We can see the evidence of this virus in society today. See how our surroundings have changed when the infection has been allowed to run wild. How much the world, our values, our morals, have been tainted in just a few decades.”

Lina's father took a pause and leafed through the leather-bound notebook he always had in his hand when he preached. “I received an email the other day. The sender was anonymous but I'm guessing it was from one of you. The sender most humbly asked to hear my thoughts on sexual promiscuity and 'non-normative' orientations. And it was these questions that led me to today's topic, as I cannot find a more fitting analogy to the Bible's Sodom and Gomorrah. Because the bitter truth is that we all live in a Bible story. But the infection is no longer isolated to two cities far away in the Middle East. The Internet is our Sodom and Gomorrah. A world-reaching city built of ones and zeros, free to spread the contagion of sin to every wretch who owns a cell phone.”

Martin: Look back and up.

Lina's neck ached as she violently twisted around and looked up, towards the balcony along the back wall of the church hall. There he stood, leaning against the railing and with a whimsical smile on his face. He winked as their eyes met and Lina felt her heart pound harder. She made an effort to get up, but something kept her in the chair. An instinct that she was about to make a mistake.

Lina: May I come up to you?

Martin: What are you?

She swallowed and angled the screen a little, making it harder for anyone around her to see what she was typing.

Lina: I'm a slut who loves to be punished. I'm a slut who loves your cock. I'm a slut who loves to be fucked.

Martin: Welcome up, my little slut.

Lina's legs trembled as she stood up a little tentatively, stepped sideways past the surrounding knees and mumbled apologies to slightly irritated parishioners. It felt like every eye in the hall was on her as she hunched over and darted backwards toward the stairs that would lead her to Martin.

Her father, however, had not lost his posure. His voice bounced off the walls throughout Lina's journey up the stairs.

“Compare our world today to the time before we were all connected. You'll have to excuse me because I'm going to be a little blunt now. Some may find it uncomfortable, but sin does not yield to discomfort. It spreads without regard for neatness. I will ask some questions: answer as honestly as you feel comfortable with.”

Lina finally reached Martin, who stood relaxed while patting the railing next to him, showing her where to stand. He was seemingly totally lost in the pastor's sermon.

“How many people in here have ever come across pornographic material on the internet? It doesn't have to be that you consciously sought it out, just that it showed up on your screen in one way or another." To prove his point, Lina's father himself raised a hand with a pointed look.

After a few hesitant seconds of glancing at their neighbors, hands began to go up in the crowd. Martin had been one of the first to raise his and when he glanced at her with a raised eyebrow, Lina also followed, her cheeks red and her gaze lowered.

"How many people in here have, in some form or another, seen a man and woman have full penetrative sex?" Again the pastor raised his hand, closely followed by Martin and a few other brave onlookers. Lina dared not do anything but raise her arm.

"How many people have seen a man shove his penis in a poor girl's mouth?"

Now whispers began to spread, but Lina's father raised his hand and waited until the murmurs died down. “God is listening, folks. Hands up or down, the Lord sees the truth. You might as well be honest from the start.”

A hand belonging to a blushing girl with brown curls shot up from the crowd, soon followed by more, including Linas and Martins.

"So…" Martin said as his hands began to drop again. “You think you're the biggest whore in the room?”

"I-" Lina cleared her throat. "Yes. I think so."

Martin glanced at her with his whimsical smile, as if he was holding back a secret. "I do not think so." He nodded down at the curly-haired girl again when her hand shot up - first again - to another sinful question that Lina had missed. "I think little Astrid is a bigger whore than you."

"Astrid is just-" Lina frowned. "How do you know her name?"

Martin locked his eyes on hers and she felt herself flinch. But her inner thighs started to get wet.

"Astrid is not a bigger whore than me," Lina whispered hoarsely with lowered eyes. “She's just a girl.”

“Eighteen years old, about to finish second year of high school. And apparently a dedicated porn connoisseur.”

“I don't understand, how do you know-”

“How often do you watch porn, whore?”

"Not so much," answered Lina honestly, but with burning cheeks. It felt like she couldn't answer correctly no matter what. “Only sometimes… when I've been drinking wine and I'm…”

“And you’re…?”

"Horny," she whispered.

"When you're a horny whore," Martin nodded. “Like now then?”

She looked down at the floor and nodded. She found herself glancing shyly up under her bangs at him, watching for his reaction.

"When was the last time you orgasmed, horny whore?"

“I don't know…”

“Are you lying to me now?”

Lina swallowed. It felt like a spotlight was on her as she nodded. “Two weeks ago. When you took me.”

“And you've been trying every day since, haven't you? Touching that wet, desperate pussy. Rubbing against pillows and furniture. Stuff everything you can between your legs and pretend it is a hard cock fucking you.”

"Yes," she admitted hoarsely as the heat between her legs spread further through her body. A single trickle had already managed to slide down her thigh and past the hem of her skirt. How could that intense stare be enough for her to shiver from pleasure…? She already felt herself on the verge of coming and involuntarily clenched her legs in spasmodic movements.

“But it wasn't enough, was it? No matter what you do, you know deep down that there is only one thing that can free you.”

Lina nodded. A sob escaped her.

"What do you need?"

"You," she whispered. “I-I need you.” She closed her eyes as she completely gave in to the desperation and lust. "Sir."

"You need me and my cock," Martin confirmed and she saw a satisfied smile peck at the corners of his mouth. The small sign of affirmation sent a warm sensation vibrating behind her chest.

“Yes, sir. I need your cock.” So this is where she had ended up? So fast?

Martin nodded contentedly again and turned back to the railing, looking down at the podium where Lina's father was preaching his sermon. "Down on your knees, slut."

Her body went into overdrive as his authoritative voice was directed at her. Shame and embarrassment washed over her, but the terrible itch between her legs forced her to obey. So before the conscious part of her had time to register any movements, she had sunk down behind the railing, to her knees with her eyes level with Martin's zipper.

"Lick." His voice was monotone, indifferent, and he was still leaning forward over the railing with his attention directed down at the congregation. Lina nestled between his legs and the railing, warm juices dripping between her legs, and stuck out her tongue. She lapped over the crotch of his jeans, felt the rough fabric and the contours of his balls and member. Something snapped in her and she pressed her face between his thighs, licking and sucking through the cloth, enjoying the warmth and the little twitches she felt as his cock reacted to her tongue.

“Unzip me.”

Lina eagerly raised her hands.

"No. With your mouth. Keep your hands behind your back.”

Sobbing with suppressed lust, she dug her teeth into the narrow zipper. She could feel his sex against her cheeks as she twisted and turned her head, trying to create a space for her teeth to close around the thin loop. Finally, with half-choked sobs and her dad's voice in the background, she managed to open Martin's fly.

She gasped when she saw that his cock was naked inside his pants. No underwear, just veiny, naked skin. She sobbed and pressed her mouth inside the fly. Her lips closed around the foreskin and she sucked the limp member into her mouth.

Almost immediately she felt a hand grab her hair. The fingers dug deep, making it sting from the roots, but a jolt went through Lina's body - a forewarning of the orgasm that was already building. It tickled between her legs and she moved her hips in soft, circular motions as Martin's cock grew and crawled deeper over her tongue, towards her throat.

The hand pulled her face harder against him, forcing her nose into his trimmed bush and holding her still as his cock grew inside her mouth. Lina wailed quietly, but with relief and lust, from her throbbing pussy and the inescapable, painful pleasure of his hands hard grip of her hair.

"I really hit the nail on the head when I read you," Martin said above. “You are an incurable whore. A bitch made to serve.”

"Yes sir", Lina cooed through the cock in her mouth. "I'm just a little horny whore who has to serve my master and his dick."

The swollen member left her mouth and she was pushed down, against his hairy scrotum. “Lick, whore. Lick your master's balls. Like a dog licking its master's face.”

She frantically lapped the rough skin with her tongue. The curly hair was wet with her saliva, but she licked every millimeter of her owner's balls, enjoying the aroma and the feeling of being his good girl.

It had been two weeks since she last felt… alive. Fourteen days of frustration, emptiness and a terrible, constant horniness.

And now finally, with her owner's cocks and balls pressed against her face, Lina felt all the stress drain from her. Like a poison being sucked out of her body. She could breathe again! Mentally at least - the cock that once again forced itself between Lina's lips blocked off all airways as it burrowed past the roof of her mouth and towards her throat.

She started gagging almost immediately, but Martin held her with both hands tightly wrapped around her blonde hair. Lina realized how idiotic she had been, not taking the time to train her throat for Martin's cock during the two weeks he had been silent. She could have spent every morning, afternoon and evening preparing her body for him. Taking things deep down her throat, googling blowing techniques and tips, training her pussy with pinching exercises... She had been a stupid and useless slut. A selfish whore who only thought of herself when she should have been thinking of her owner's needs.

And as Martin's cock made its way down her throat, forcing her to take the shaft through coughs and sobs, she was punished for her selfishness.

It didn't take long before the slow, deep strokes turned into a straight-up facefuck. Lina knew she should worry about her gagging sobs being heard as Martin pushed past her throat's defenses, drilling deep into her with each thrust, but she just couldn't muster the willpower to care. Her pussy sent signals of pleasure in long, intense thrusts and Lina wondered if she was about to cum just from being throat fucked... Had she really fallen that far? Had she already become such a desperate whore that a cock in her mouth was enough to make her cum?

While her owner rammed his cock into her throat, forcing out strings of saliva that dripped down her chin and onto the floor, Lina heard her father's sermon in the background.

“Sin spreads without regard to age, gender or even national borders. Gomorrah and Sodom were two cities of sin, and the Lord could purge them from His creation with the fire of His wrath. But the world we live in today is different. Sin is not isolated behind any city walls. It is everywhere. Through invisible waves in the air. Behind endless URL:s on the net. We cannot lock ourselves in or run away from it. And the Lord has stopped sending His fire upon the earth. He has left us to fight this sin ourselves, as He knows that this is the only way we can progress.


Lina 's chin was sticky with saliva, head locked in a static position between Martin's hands as he thrust his hip hard and mercilessly into her open mouth.


“This is His final test. So many times the Lord has saved us from sin. With fire. With tidal waves. With His Son, who sacrificed Himself on the cross for our sins. Now it's our turn. A parent must finally find the courage to let go of their children and let them learn for themselves. Give them the opportunity to grow. That is what the Lord is doing for us now. Giving us the opportunity to grow.”


Lina came almost immediately when Martin's palm hit her cheek in a burning slap. Her eyes rolled upward, baring the whites of her eyes as another wave of euphoria swept through her at the next slap. At the same time, she felt something pressing up between her legs. Unable to control herself, she closed her hands around the foreign object and pressed it against her desperate pussy. Somewhere in the back of her mind she realized that it was Martin's shoe-clad foot she was rubbing against like a bitch in heat, but with his cock deep in her throat, the slaps against her cheeks and the smooth leather between her thighs, she simply couldn't find space to be ashamed .

"Don't you dare cum, little cunt," Martin hissed down at her between thrusts. “Not until you have my jizz in your mouth. Sluts like you aren’t allowed to cum before their master. And don't swallow until I give you permission either.” He slapped her again, harder than before. Lina almost burst into tears of frustration. The orgasm was there! Not even an arm's length away! It took all her strength - all the depth of her willpower - not to cum while humping his shoe and leg. She saw herself from the outside, where she sat hunched with the hem of her skirt pulled up to her waist and her hips jerking in lightning-quick micro-movements against Martin's shoe, which she held against her with both arms in mindless desperation. At the same time, Martin's cock was thrusting in and out of her mouth, penetrating her throat with each thrust, making gagging noises and causing saliva and tears to drip onto the floor as Lina struggled not to give in to the specks of light and stars dancing across her vision.

"Now. Now I'm cumming, little cuntface. Take my seed in your mouth and hold it. Do not swallow until I give you permission. Ah… ah… ah…” He thrust into her throat with each whispered word. “Ah… ah… ah… theeeere! Take my jizz, little cumslut!”

The cock pulled back, settling against the tip of the tongue as it began to twitch and pulse.

She climaxed with the first spray.

The moment the first ejaculate hit her palate, spasms began to shoot through her body. She rubbed her clit harder against the shoe and when the next batch hit the inside of her cheeks, her vision flickered. Just a second, but enough. Fireworks exploded from her cunt and spread in all directions. Down through her toes, up through her arms and fingers. Over her stomach and stiff nipples. Over her face and eyes. She was a spasming orgasm machine with cum squirting into her mouth while her pussy was fucked soar by her master's leather shoe. And it was the best, most pleasurable moment in Lina's life.

“Open wide for the camera, cuntface. Show what a cumslut you are, with your mouth full of jizz.”

Lina wobbled, but knelt submissively with her hands over her thighs and parted her lips so that Martin's mobile got a good angle into her mouth, and the sperm that lay over her tongue. She sat still, obedient and euphoric, while he took picture after picture with her father's sermon echoing in the background. She saw how he switched to video. “Now swallow and smile for the camera. Don't forget to say thank you for being allowed to take your master's cum in your mouth.”

Lina felt the saltiness as she swallowed the whole batch in one gulp, not without effort. He had filled her mouth as if he himself hadn't cum in weeks! She smiled straight into the camera, her cheeks red, her forehead shiny with sweat and her hair disheveled. “Thank you sir, for letting me take your wonderful cum in my mouth and swallow it all. I love swallowing my master's warm sperm.”

Martin stepped forward and dragged his semi-hard, sticky cock over her cheeks, smearing the saliva and jizz over her reddened skin. “Does my whore want to be fucked? Feel my cock in her pussy? Taken hard like the stupid, worthless whore you are?”

Lina moaned and nodded passionately. “Yes, please sir!”

“Then you have to earn it.” With a brutal step back, he put away the cock and pulled up the fly.

"How?" quipped Lina, who already felt how her pussy began to yearn for more, how the promise of his cock made it hard to think.

“Find another whore like you. Bring her to me and watch me fuck her. Then, after I see you lick my cum out of her oozing pussy, I'll take you again.”

Lina swallowed. “But… where will I find it? How? I don't know anyone who-”

Like me?

“That's your problem, whore. But I trust you will work it out. If I were you, I would look in your immediate vicinity. As I mentioned earlier, you are not the only whore in this congregation.”

Astrid? Was that who he meant?

In the background, Lina's father was still preaching. "And God's trials are created out of love, but His Judgment is just and severe..."
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