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Bethany starts a business making and selling clothing for the More Adventurous Young Ladies.
Young Ladies Fashion Emporium

by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

When the mannequins arrived at the shop Bethany dressed some of them in some of her more revealing and loud creations and put them in the shop windows, Lucas commenting on the visible plastic nipples and pubic areas on most of them. When their first delivery of ‘off the shelf’ garments arrived Zack and Tim, and later Ashley, helped Lucas setup the racks and in-store displays, all under Bethany’s supervision. As the guys were loading the racks they marvelled at the brevity of most of the clothes, both guys saying that they would love to see Bethany and other girls dressed in just about any of the clothes.

“You’ll have to come back when the shop is open guys,” Bethany replied, “What better way to sell clothes than if you are wearing them.”

“Like a live mannequin.” Lucas said.

“Exactly.” Bethany replied, “Although I do need to modify all the Tutu and similar skirts, cut out the built-in knickers and shorts. An adventurous girl won’t be wanting to wear anything under them.”

“Don’t Tutu skirts just stick out parallel to the floor?” Tim asked.

“They do.” Bethany replied.

“I want to follow a girl wearing one of those up some stairs.” Zack said.

“I’ll take a Tutu home and you can follow me up the stairs Zack.”

“Nice as that would be Bethany, you’re taken. I mean an available girl.” Zack replied.

“What would you say to hit on some other girl wearing a Tutu Zack? Bethany asked, “Hey, I can see your bare pussy under your skirt, can we go somewhere and fuck?”

“Would that work Bethany?” Zack asked.

“Not with me but it might with some girls. Anyway, you might be able to see more in these crochet skirts and dresses or the grass or string skirts, as you can see most of what I’m going to sell is see-through to one degree or another. It’s intended for girls who like to have deliberate, ‘accidental’ wardrobe malfunctions.”

“Is that what you have been doing with us these last couple of years Bethany?” Tim asked, “was every time that we saw your tits or pussy a deliberate wardrobe malfunction just to tease us? And today, I’ve seen your girly bits so many times that I’ve lost count.”

“No Tim, well not most of the time but I will admit that I do some times have deliberate wardrobe malfunctions, not complaining are you?”

“Hell no, I could look at your tits and pussy for hours every day and the last sighting will be always be just as good as the first time.”

“Aw, thanks Tim.”

“Bethany does have a lot of deliberate wardrobe malfunctions guys,” Lucas said, “you should have seen her on holiday last summer. I wanted to jump her bones every minute of every day.”

“So aren’t you going to sell any lingerie, bras or knickers?” Zack asked, “or is your market only commando girls?”

“My market is adventurous girls, those who like to show a lot of skin, especially the bits that men lust after.”

“So no bras or knickers then.” Zack asked.

“Only these.” Bethany said as she opened a box containing stings only G-strings.

“Well they won’t hide anything.” Time replied.

“That’s the idea mate.” Bethany replied.

“Can you get the names and numbers of all girls that you sell those to please Bethany?” Zack asked.

“I might but I’m not passing them to you. Maybe you could come and visit me here sometimes, you might just meet a girl that you like and if you’re lucky you’ll see her trying on one of these.”

“Yeah, about that,” Tim said, “I can’t see any changing rooms?”

“Nope, girls can either try things on out here or go round the back to the storage area.”

“Won’t that put some girls off buying things here?” Tim asked.

“What did Ashley paint on the bottom line of the big sign outside?” Bethany asked.

“for the more adventurous young lady.” Tim replied.

“Exactly,” Bethany replied. “Adventurous girls aren’t too worried about changing their clothes when it’s mainly other girls around them.”

“I think that I’ll be visiting you a lot Bethany.” Tim replied.

The whole gang got on with the jobs that Bethany asked them to do which included putting price tags on all the items that they had both bought and what Bethany had made herself. She was in a bit of a quandary as to what price she should sell the items that she had made but after a conversation with Lucas she priced her hand-made items at a much higher price than those bought-in.

Bethany cursed herself for not doing some research on pricing her creations and she swore that she’d do that in the times that the shop wasn’t busy. She was under no illusions about how popular her shop would be, certainly until word spread around, and she knew that there would be lots of time when she had no customers and she didn’t intent to spend all that time making garments but she did have a relatively urgent task to complete, cutting out the built-in knickers and shorts that some of the skirts that she had bought-in to sell. She had promised herself that she would never sell any garment that had fabric touching the wearer’s vulva.

Bethany got to work with her scissors whilst also directing her little army of helpers.

When they started to get hungry Lucas invited everyone to go for a meal on him and Bethany.

“Can you put one of those crochet dresses on for us Bethany?” Tim asked.

“Sure, it will be an example of what I’ll be selling when we hand out the flyers.”

“Yeah, and everyone will be able to see your tits, slit and ass.” Tim added.

Bethany got changed right there in the middle of the shop with all the guys watching her, then she picked up her bag and said,

“Let’s go.”

Their first stop was a Chinese restaurant and on the way there the guys handed flyers to every girl who looked like she was ‘up for it’ as Tim called them.

No one took any notice of Bethany in the restaurant, possibly because the lighting wasn’t very good, but as soon as they left and headed for the first pub Bethany started getting some ‘interesting’ comments from pub goers who were wandering the streets. It was dark by then but the street lights and shop fronts were providing enough light for anyone who cared to give her more than a quick glance to realise that they could see through the holes in the crochet dress and know that she was naked underneath it.

Of course Bethany had been subject to comments like that ever since she left school and it was like the proverbial ‘water off a duck’s back’. Anyway, she had 5 young men to look after her if there was any trouble, not that that was likely, just about everyone going round the pubs were students who were celebrating the end of their exams.

Even when they went into pubs Bethany felt safe as she handed out the flyers but most of the pubs were so crowded that the most anyone would see would be her tits, and the cleavage that some of the huge chested girls was a lot more skin than Bethany had on all of her tits. Even when they stopped to have a drink in one of the less crowded pubs Bethany got no hassle, only a couple of very complimentary comments about her dress, and those were from girls who got handed a flyer in return.

As the night wore on, lots of the celebrating students were heading for the clubs and there was plenty of queueing would be patrons to hand flyers to. Bethany let the guys hand out the flyers because she wanted to study what the girls were wearing so that she could get ideas as to what she should sell.

Bethany and Lucas had never been fans of clubs and they didn’t go in to any of them, they had other plans for what they were going to do, but the other guys ***********ed one club and went in armed with a wad of flyers. Bethany and Lucas headed for home with Lucas’ hands all over Bethany, inside and outside of the dress.


Bethany and Lucas were up early the next morning, it was a Friday and the first day that Bethany’s shop would be open to the public, not that she was expecting a queue of girls waiting outside for her to open-up, she was very realistic about the number of customers she expected even though the shop was on the walking route from the main part of town to the shopping centre.

After a quick breakfast Bethany and Lucas started the 10 minute walk to the shop, both of them carrying Bethany’s sowing equipment and some of the fabrics that she had accumulated over that last couple of years. All 4 arms were aching when they arrived at the shop.

There was still a lot that Bethany wanted doing to the shop so they got on with the jobs and both of them were a little surprised when a girl around Bethany’s age walked in and started browsing.

“Let me know if there’s anything that I can help you with.” Bethany said to the girl after a few minutes.

The girl smiled and continued browsing. After another couple of minutes the girl went over to Bethany and said,

“Excuse me, is there somewhere that I can try this on? I’m going to a party tonight and I think that my boyfriend will like me to wear something like this.”

Bethany looked at what the girl was holding and saw that it was an outfit like the one that she wore a lot on holiday, especially when they led the coach tours that stopped at the monument on the hill. Bethany couldn’t imagine that the party that the girl said she wanted an outfit for would be anything like as windy as it had been on that hill but she was sure that the girl would have lots of wardrobe malfunctions wearing it and her boyfriend would have very easy access to her goodies.

“We don’t have any designated changing rooms, customers can either change out here in the main part of the shop or go round the back of those racks. It’s our storage and work area but it’s quite private.”

“Oh, okay.” The girl replied as she looked around and out of the front windows.

“Don’t mind him,” Bethany said as she pointed to Lucas, “He’s my boyfriend and I’ll tell him to get lost for a few minutes if you like.”

“That won’t be necessary, if he’s your boyfriend he’s not likely to try to perv or hit on me. My Mas, err boyfriend doesn’t mind men looking at me but he draws the line at hitting on me.”

“He is and he won’t, you’re perfectly safe here.”

The girl went back to the rack with similar outfits and started to take her clothes off. She was only wearing a very short skirt and a vest and she was naked and putting the potential new outfit on within a minute.

Being a healthy man, Lucas had turned his head and was watching the girl who had been facing him when she stripped. When she had got the outfit on she walked over to where Bethany had leant a full length mirror against a wall. She then proceeded to look at herself from all angles, including bending over a bit.

Of course Bethany and Lucas were watching her and they both got numerous good looks at the girl’s tits, pussy and butt.

“Is it okay if I try on some more like this?” The girl asked as she turned to look at Bethany.

“Of course it is, as many as you like, there is no rush whatsoever. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.”

Bethany and Lucas were treated to a little fashion show as the girl tried on 3 more similar outfits. The only time that the girl said anything was to say,

“You know that this is the only shop in town that you can buy outfits like this don’t you?”

“Yes we do,” Bethany replied, “we saw a gap in the market and went for it.”

“And Bethany here likes wearing clothes like that, she wore one nearly every day when we were on holiday.” Lucas added.

The girl smiled then replied,

“My M, boyfriend likes me wearing clothes like this all the time.”

“I can see why,” Lucas said, “you look amazing in them.”

The girl continued stripping and trying on more similar outfits.

She finally chose one then put her own clothes on and walked over to Bethany at the sales counter. As Bethany was putting the outfit in a bag then processing the card that the girl had handed over, Bethany said,

“I’m Bethany by the way, I hope that you have enjoyed your shopping experience here and that you’ll return soon. Please tell all your friend about us.”

“I’m April,” the girl replied, “and yes, I probably will come here again.”

After the girl had left Bethany looked at Lucas and he looked back at her. Neither needed to say anything as they went to the rear of the shop, Bethany unfastening her dress as she walked.

Their lovemaking lasted for nearly 30 minutes before they heard the doorbell ring and Bethany quickly put her dress on and went see who had arrived.

It was 2 teenage girls who looked like they had skipped school. They browsed around the shop, taking garments off the racks, holding them up against themselves and talking about the clothes. What their boyfriends would think if they wore that garment, what their mother’s would think, and what they couldn’t wear under them. At one point Bethany said,

“You can try them on if you want.”

“Oh no, we have to get back to school.” One of the girls replied.

“But we might come back in the school holidays.” The other added.

Bethany left them to it but when one of the girls held one of the dress’ against herself in front of the full length mirror that was leant against the wall Bethany smiled when she realised that she could see up the girl’s skirt in the mirror and see her bare, bald, pussy.

When the 2 girls left Lucas went over to Bethany and asked,

“Did you see the butt on that first girl that came in?”

“All red, I guess that she’d been spanked.”

“Yes, and I’m sure that she started to call her boyfriend ‘Master’.”

“Do you think that she’s some blokes slave?”

”Maybe, I didn’t know that this place had a big BDSM scene?”

”Neither did I, but it does open-up a market for you, how do you fancy selling whips and paddles and cuffs, I can just imagine you tied down over that counter and me spanking your bare butt Beth.”

”You wouldn’t dare.”

Bethany looked at Lucas and saw that he wasn’t joking so she turned and ran to the other side of the shop with Lucas hot on her heels. A game of cat and mouse followed with Bethany somehow losing her dress along the way.

Lucas finally got a good grip on one of Bethany’s wrists and he dragged her over to the sales counter.

“No Lucas, you can’t, not here.”

“Oh, so you WOULD like me to spank your cute little butt? I never thought of doing that before.”

Lucas pressed on Bethany’s upper back and she had no choice other than to bend over the counter.

“No Lucas, you can’t, not here.”

But Lucas was taking no notice of her and his right hand landed on Bethany’s right butt cheek with a loud crack.

“Ouch, that hurt.”

Lucas landed another swat on Bethany’s left butt cheek and this time and she moaned.

“You do like it don’t you Beth?” He lifted his left hand off Bethany’s back but she stayed put.

“We’ll continue this later my love. I can see that we’ve found a new form of foreplay. I think that maybe you should put something on, we might get another customer.”

As Bethany found and put on her dress she too was thinking about the new form of foreplay. She also made a mental note to research the possibility of her selling some Fetish clothing and equipment. She got very wet between her legs thinking about being tied, spread eagle somewhere public and being spanked and then fucked by Lucas.

The shop only got one more customer that day and she too was looking for something to wear to a party. She tried on, then purchased a skirt that was so short that Bethany could see part of her butt cheeks when she had it on. Lucas was at the back of the store when the girl came in so he stayed there until she’d left. If he had been at the front he would have seen the girl wearing just a thong as she got changed.

During the day Lucas went back to the house a couple of times to collect more things that Bethany wanted in her shop and by the time that they closed-up everything was as Bethany wanted it to be.

As they walked back to the house Lucas asked Bethany what she really thought about him spanking her and he was pleasantly surprised when she told him that she’d enjoyed the bit of a spanking that he’d given her earlier.

“So you wouldn’t be upset if I were to do it again Bethany?”

“I guess not, just so long as it’s not too hard and you fuck my brains out afterwards.”

“What about other people spanking you?”

“Same answer I guess. Are you thinking that we should join some sort of spanking club?”

“Maybe, something to think about sometime Beth. Shall we look on the internet to explore the possibility of you selling some Bondage and Spanking stuff, that first girl this morning was obviously in to it and that wasn’t her credit card that she was using to pay for what she bought.”

“Yeah, we’ll do that.”

Later that evening Bethany was sat on Lucas’ lap with her laptop on her lap, in the lounge and they were browsing some bondage sites they came across a website selling paint for Body Painting. Lucas turned to look at the other guys who were playing an XBox game and said,

“Hey Ashley, have you done any body painting?”

“A little, why, do you want me to paint you Lucas?”

“Don’t be a prat, I mean Bethany.”

“I could do that.” Ashley replied.

“Don’t I get any say in this?” Bethany asked,

“Of course you do Beth.” Lucas said. “So what do you think Beth? Ashley could go to your shop every Saturday morning and paint a bikini or something on you and you could serve the customers all day wearing just the paint.”

“Or you could take her for a walk around the shopping centre.” Tim added.

“Or we could all go to the pub on the Saturday night with you just wearing paint Bethany.” Blake added.

“I don’t know guys,” Bethany said, “I guess it would depend how good the paint job was.”

“Let me get some paints, it’s special stuff, not the sort you put on the walls or doors, and next Saturday we’ll give it a go, how’s that?” Ashley replied, “I may be able to get some from the uni.”

“Awesome.” Lucas said.

In principle, Bethany liked the idea but it would depend on the quality of the paint job, so she said,

“You’ll have to make it look very realistic Ashley.”

“Have I ever let you down?” Ashley asked,

“He did make an amazing job of the signage Beth.” Lucas said.

“Yes you did Ashley, thank you. While you’re in a helpful mood Ash, could you make me a sign for inside the shop? I want one that will give the shy girls a bit of confidence when getting changed at the back of the shop.”

“I could do that for you Bethany. What do you want it to say?”

“Something like ‘No Penises or Testicles Beyond this Point.”

There was a bit of laughter but no one could come up with a better wording so that’s what they settled on.

The 4 guys were about to go back to their Xbox game when Lucas said,

“Hey guys, Bethany has decided that she wants to get spanked, do you fancy watching me spank her then maybe you guys have a go as well?”

“Lucas,” Bethany said, “that’s not what I said.”

“Not exactly but I’m sure that you’d rather be spanked by these guys than by 4 complete strangers. These guys will stop if you tell them, strangers might not.”

“Well I suppose ……..” Bethany replied. Lucas didn’t wait for Bethany to finish the sentence, and she got to her feet and said,

“Do you want me to take my dress off?”

“Aren’t girls supposed to be naked when they get spanked?” Tim asked.

“I heard that as well.” Blake added.

Bethany unfastened her dress and stepped out of it leaving her naked. Whilst she was doing that the guys got off the sofa and indicated to Lucas that he should move to it.

“So how are we going to do this guys?” Bethany asked.

“You move to the middle of the sofa Lucas,” Blake said, “then Bethany, you lay over his lap. It’s supposed to be best if you spread you legs Bethany.”

“Are you an expert in spanking naked girls mate?” Tim asked.

“No, I’ve just watched a couple of videos online.”

Meanwhile, Lucas was shuffling on the sofa and Bethany was laying across his lap.

“Spread those legs Bethany.” Zack said.

“You’ll see my pussy.”

“It isn’t as if it’s the first time is it?” Tim stated.

Bethany smiled to herself and Lucas’s right hand went to Bethany’s butt and he started slowly rubbing all over it, including letting his hand go down between her thighs, easily sliding a finger inside her as he did so.

“Hey,” Bethany said, “you’re supposed to be spanking me not fingering me.”

“I can do both can’t I?” Lucas replied.

He removed his finger, raised his hand then brought it down on Bethany’s right butt cheek.


Lucas spanked Bethany 9 more times, alternating butt cheeks, then he stopped and gently rubbed her cheeks as he asked.

“Are you okay Bethany?”

“Hmm, yes, that was nice.”

“You didn’t do it very hard.” Blake said.

“Didn’t want to hurt her. Just send a few shock-waves round her body. Who wants a go next?”

Well, there was no way that any of the 4 other guys were going to miss a chance like that, even if Bethany was one of their friends. Tim was nearest and as Bethany got up he replaced Lucas and Bethany lay down again. As she was doing so she couldn’t help feeling Tim’s hard cock pressing onto her stomach through his jeans. She smiled to herself and thought,

“Feels good Tim, are you going to finger me as well?”

“Not too hard Tim just enough to send shock-waves through her body.” Lucas said, “and just 10 swats.”

“You mean send shock-waves to her clit and nipples.” Zack said.

“Yeah, get her all worked-up so that she and Lucas can have a real good fucking session later.” Tim said.

“Yeah,” Blake added, “I’ve read that spanking can make girls have an orgasm, I must read up on that sometime, find out how it works.”

“Tim,” Bethany said, take your finger out of my hole and start spanking. I’ll go off the boil if you wait much longer.”

Tim started spanking Bethany and Lucas was pleased to see that he was doing it with a similar force to what he had, he didn’t want to see Bethany get hurt, just incredibly horny.”

Ashley was the next to spank Bethany and as soon as she was in place his right hand started rubbing her butt.

“Go on Ash, finger me.” Beth said. “You’re the only one here who hasn’t had your finger inside me and I do owe you for the signs.”

As Ashley was slowly fingering Bethany he asked,

“So when did Zack and Blake finger you Bethany?”

“Well Zack demonstrated full body massages that included happy endings and Blake gave me full Gynecologic examinations, 3 of them wasn’t it Blake?”

“Yeah, stupid professor can’t count and a couple of us kept saying that we hadn’t practised the procedure yet, most of us made you cum didn’t we Bethany?”

“Yeah you did, you bastards, you wore me out. Do you think that they’ll want me to model for them next year. I can shut the shop for a few half days?”

“I’ll remember that.” Blake said as Ashley’s hand landed his first swat.

“Ouch.” Bethany said as it landed, and she wondered if the swat was a bit harder than Lucas’ and Tim’s were because he’d missed out of making her cum in the past.

Fortunately, the rest of Ashley’s swats weren’t as hard as the first one and by the tenth one Bethany was starting to get aroused again. As Bethany was getting up ready to lay over the next lap she said,

“Thanks Ashley, that was nice, all of it.”

Ashley wondered if the ‘all of it’ included the fingering.

Blake was next and he too fingered Bethany before his swats started. When he was fingering her Bethany felt his fingers go straight to her G-spot causing her to moan before he even started spanking her.

“A bit of female anatomy knowledge goes a long way.” Bethany thought just before the first swat landed.

Blake’s swats landed a bit lower than the previous guy’s had and his fingers briefly touched her pussy lips every other swat. That extra contact did what maybe Blake had wanted it to and just as Blake’s tenth swat landed Bethany said,

“Oh shit, I’m cumm ….. “

All the guys watched as Bethany’s orgasm hit her causing her body to shake and jerk. When it became just a memory Bethany got to her feet, turned to Lucas and whispered,

“Sorry lover, I was hoping to hold that until we went to the bedroom.”

“That’s okay Beth, I love watching you cum, even if you are over another man’s lap at the time.” Lucas whispered back.

Last but not least it was Zack’s turn and as she lay on his lap he looked at Lucas and asked,

“Do you want her to have another one mate?”

“Sure, the more the merrier, she’ll still be able to cum again when I fuck her later.”

Bethany knew that he was right although Zack’s ‘happy endings’ to his massages really were happy, the last time Bethany had been giggling and shaking minutes after he had removed his hands from her.

Zack’s spankings were more slaps followed by rubbing the affected area, plus sliding down between her cheeks and rubbing her slit down to, and including, her clit. Each time that Zack’s hand descended from above his head Bethany’s arousal increased and she only managed to last until the eighth swat landed before another orgasm exploded from her.

Again, all 5 guys just stared at her, possibly being jealous of the pleasure that she was experiencing.

When she was able to, Bethany got to her feet and went to Lucas, wrapped her arms around him and lay her head on his chest. Lucas put his arms around her and pulled her more firmly against him, feeling her bullet hard nipples pressing against his thin T-shirt.

After a minute or so Lucas dropped his arms and Bethany did likewise, then Lucas said,

“I guess that we can look for Bondage and spanking equipment tomorrow, although I did see one bikini or bra and knickers set, if that’s what you call it, it was made out of just narrow leather straps with no fabric at all. It framed the models bare tits, pussy and butt quite well, maybe we could get one for you Beth?”

“We’ll look at that tomorrow lover, right now I need your cock inside me, come on, up to our room.”

They were in such a rush that the bedroom door never got closed but they didn’t care as they tried to fuck each other’s brains out.


The next morning they rushed to the shop carrying Bethany’s laptop and a few other items that needed to go there. Bethany changed into a couple of her own creations, a very short, floaty skirt that has a hem that goes up to the waistband at one side allowing her to slide it round so that she could expose part, or all of her pussy, and a top that starts out at her waist being quite tight but flares out as it goes up and is way too big for her around her tits. It has a deep, scoop top, front and back and has a tendency to fall off one of her shoulders and as it does it goes lower than the tit on one side of her.

She just knew that whenever she moved around, even bagging a purchase, one side would slide off her shoulder and expose a tit.

Sometimes when they had customers throughout the day Lucas would hang around in the main part of the shop and sometimes he’d go into the back although if he was in the back and a girl came to try something on he’d go into the front. He was surprised by the number of girls who were happy to try something on in the front of the shop, them not caring if other customers, Bethany or Lucas, and even people passing by outside could see them in their underwear or less. And a couple of girl customer brought their boyfriends with them.

At one point in the day Lucas decided to get Bethany a remote controlled egg vibrator so that he could tease her whilst she was serving or answering customers questions. He was starting a job in a few weeks and he smiled as he thought about him being able to control Bethany from his desk at work miles away.

They did have a couple of quiet periods where they went online and Bethany decided to order a small number of Bondage clothes, including the leather strap bikini that Lucas had said that he liked. Bethany wondered what she would look like when she wore one of those out in public, how close people would have to be to realise exactly what she was wearing.

Bethany also ordered some ankle and wrist cuffs and a ***********ion of colourful collars, Lucas telling her that she’d make an amazing slave girl wearing those. The thing was, Bethany didn’t object to Lucas’ suggestion which made him think about some of the fun that they could have. He imagined them going out in public somewhere with him leading her around on a leash and her wrists cuffed together behind her.

By the end of the day Bethany was quite pleased with her sales and she told Lucas that she’d have to purchase some more stock but he reminded her that she shouldn’t order too much just in case she didn’t get any return customer or the market wasn’t as big at they thought.

That evening, all 6 of the housemates went out round the town handing out more flyers. Lucas asked Bethany to wear the same outfit that she’d worn for most of the day and all 5 guys, and a lot of the public were treated to Bethany having lots of wardrobe malfunctions. At one point during the evening they had to run a few metres away from a fight that had broken out and everyone around was treated to Bethany’s top sliding down both her arms and both her tits getting exposed and bouncing about a little.


It may have been a Sunday but the shops were open and so was Bethany’s shop. Business was better than she expected and she had her first repeat customer. It was Bethany’s first customer, April, but this time she was with a man who looked at least 10 years older than she did. Meanwhile Lucas had left her to it and gone to do some shopping of his own.

“Good morning sir, madam, is there anything that I can help you with?” Bethany said.

“The girl here told me that you have some very revealing clothes so I thought that I’d come and have a look for myself.” The man said.

By that time Bethany had worked out that the girl definitely was the man’s submissive.

“Certainly sir, feel free to tell her to try on anything that you like. Just shout if you need any help.”

“Strip.” The man said to the girl, and she did.

She was still stood just inside the mainly glass door but the risk of her being seen by anyone walking by wasn’t an issue and within seconds she was totally naked and waiting for her next order while the man wandered around the shop.

He stopped at one rack and lifted a dress off it then loudly said.

“Come over here April,” and the naked April quickly walked over to him.

“Try that on.”

April did and she was told to do a 360. Back facing the man he said,

“Take it off and assume the position.”

After she put the dress back on the hanger April dropped to her spread knees and leant back putting her hands on the floor behind her.

Bethany had never seen a girl do that before and she was surprised that she’d been told to do it in a shop.

This happened 2 more times before the man told April to go and get the first and third garments that she’d tried on. With them over one of her arms she joined her Master at the till where she saw the man looking Bethany up and down.

When Bethany had arrived at the shop she’d got changed into one of her own creations. It was a sleeveless micro dress with spaghetti straps. It was made of black micro mesh which was see-through apart from a small flowers that were printed on it. Lucas liked it because there were no flowers covering her tits of pussy.

As Bethany was scanning the 2 items the man said to Bethany,

“I like that dress that you are wearing, take it of and let April try it on,”

Bethany was a little shocked as she’d never expected anything like that but she stopped what she was doing and took the dress off. Standing there she watched April put the dress on and Bethany thought that she looked good in it. The man obviously agreed because he said,

“I’ll take that as well.”

Then he changed the subject and said,

“If you ever fancy being my sub give me a call.”

Bethany was about to say something but she bit her tongue and added the cost to the bill which the man paid using the same credit card that April had used.

“Don’t take that dress off,” the man said, “put your old clothes in the bag.”

The couple left, April in the see-through dress and carrying their purchases.

Bethany was still a little shocked and she just stood there, still totally naked. That is until another couple of girls walked in and stared at Bethany.

“Good morning ladies, is there anything that I can help you with?” Bethany said.

“Err, not at the moment thank you.”one of the girls replied.

Bethany went and got a top and skirt off the racks and put them on, the 2 girls watching her. When she was finished she looked at the 2 girls and said,

“It’s always better if you can see what something looks like on someone.”

Shortly after that another girl on her own came in with a bit of an unusual story. By the time that she left Bethany had felt a little affinity to her. When Lucas got back Bethany told him about her,

“She’s called Emma and she’s going on holiday to a the same resort that we spent a couple of seasons at, and she is going there on her own and was here looking some clothes that would show-off her body to the thousands of young men there. We spent going on for a couple of hours with her trying on lots of items whilst we talked.

I don’t know if I was happy for her or sorry for her because she told me that she has a masturbation addiction.”

“What,” Lucas replied, “she can’t stop jilling? I didn’t even know that that was a thing. Lucky girl.”

“Apparently so, she even rubbed one out at the back of the shop whilst I served a different customer. She told me that her addiction has turned her into an exhibitionist and that when men see her naked she just has to rub one out to make her feel satisfied.”

“Wow,” Lucas said, “It sound to me like she is just an exhibitionist who likes jilling.”

“Maybe, but she spent nearly £500 in the shop so I’m not complaining, and she said that she’d be back in a couple of weeks when she gets paid again.”

“You know Beth, you’re a bit like her, you’re an exhibitionist and you like jilling, maybe you’re a Masturbation Addict as well.”

“No I’m not, okay, I like showing my body but I don’t play with my pussy all the time like that girl did.”

“She was playing with her pussy while she was looking around and trying clothes on?”

“Yes she was, she told me that all her skirts have pockets and slits so that she can get her hand to her pussy whenever she gets the urge.”

“Wow, our housemates would like to meet her. I’m guessing that she bought skirts where she can easily get to her pussy.”

“She did, but with the ones that she bought she doesn’t need pockets, they either had slits up the sides or front and back and they were so short on her that her slit was on display most of the time anyway.”

“I like it when you wear skirts like that Bethany.”

“I know you do Lucas but you like me like this (naked) better don’t you?” Bethany replied as she quickly got naked then put her clothes back on.

That evening whist the housemates were eating Tim announced that he’d made some progress on setting up 2 websites for Bethany and of course, everyone wanted to see them. After the dishes had been done they all sat around the big TV screen whilst Tim cast his laptop display to the TV.

Tim started with the website to promote Bethany’s shop and they all discussed what Tim had got but everyone agreed that to sell clothing over the internet you need photographs of the garment being worn. Everyone knew that it meant Bethany modelling each of her creations and most of the bought-in items as well, and that each item would be worn on its own. That is to say the web photo of a skirt would show Bethany topless and If she was modelling a top then she would be bottomless.

“Topless or bottomless in every photo?” Bethany asked.

“Is that a problem for you Bethany?” Lucas asked.

“No, I guess not.” Bethany replied, “but I must have over a hundred different items in the shop, that means over a hundred photographs. That will take ages.”

“Thought of that.” Tim replied. “We can paint that wall at the back of your shop green and with a camera on a tripod you or Lucas can use the remote control to take the photos when you have a quiet moment. Then when I get the .jpg files I can impose them on backgrounds from all over the world.”

“Tropical beaches please.” Bethany asked.

“I can do that. When you give me the .jpg files can you give me a brief de***********ion, the price of each item, and what sizes you have them in?”


“Sounds like a plan then,” Tim said. “Now your other website, this is what I’ve got so far, can we go through each photo that I have and can you tell me if you want it on the site?”

Tim quickly setup a slide-show of all the photos that he had of Bethany and Bethany gave her verdict on each one. Some of them were quite explicit and Tim, and all the other guys, were pleased that Bethany accepted them for publication.

Slide-show over, Tim asked about videos saying that he only had the one video and that was from the photo shoot at the pub.

“Can you play it on the TV now please?” Bethany asked.

There was deadly silence as the video played and all the guys were pleased when Bethany didn’t ask for any of it to be cut out, even the bits where the camera zoomed-in on her very wet pussy and showing her doing some Kegel exercises.

When the video ended Bethany said,

“Okay, put that on the site but you’ll need more than just a few photos and one video.”

“You’re right.” Tim replied, “we’ll need some videos of you modelling clothes and more explicit ones. When you’re taking photographs for your sales site can you take some videos as well, you know, catwalk type of thing that progresses to more sexy scenes.”

“You mean Jilling and fucking?” Bethany asked.

“Yes,” Tim replied, “If you want to make money you have to remember that sex sells.”

“I know, that’s why girls come to my shop, to get outfits that make their guy want to fuck them. You’d fuck me on camera wouldn’t you Lucas?”

“I’ll fuck you on the Wembley pitch at half-time on cup final day if you want Beth?”

“Hmm, that sound like fun.” Bethany replied.

“How about gang-bangs Bethany?” Tim asked.

“What do you think Lucas?” Bethany asked.

“It’s your body Beth, if you want to be gang-banged it’s okay with me but where are you going to find a load of guys to bang you and where could you do it? I don’t think that your shop is a good place for that.”

Lucas was looking at Bethany when he said the last bit, if he’d looked around he would have seen 4 eager male faces.

“Err Lucas, look around you, would you object if these guys gang-banged me?”

Lucas looked around then it dawned on him.

“Of course, I guess not, that’s if they don’t mind fucking your worn-out cunt.”

“Cheeky bastard, my cunt is still in prime condition, nice and tight thank you.”

“I know it is, you use it to squeeze every drop out of me every time we fuck. I was just joking. So where and when?”

“Does it have to be just the once?” Bethany asked.

“As many times as you want you little nymphomaniac.” Lucas replied

Bethany giggled a little then said,

“How about the first time here and now?”

“I’m up for that,” Lucas said, “what about everyone else?”

“Wouldn’t this be better outside where there’s more light?” Bethany asked.

“Nice one Bethany.” Tim replied, “someone bring the coffee table.”

Minutes later Bethany was on her back on the table with her legs high in the air and spread wide. Blake’s cock pumping her pussy and she was wanking Ashley’s and Zack’s cocks near her face.

As one of the guys unloaded either into her or on her he would be replaced by another and sometimes that was the guy holding Tim’s video camera. Thirty minutes or so later all the guys were done, Bethany had cum 3 times and was ready for a shower and an early bed.

“That was fun guys, why haven’t we done that before? Will that do for the website Tim?” Bethany said as she got to her feet.

“Superb Bethany, that will earn you some money. Next time we need to do it somewhere a bit more public, daring, where there’s a good chance that some strangers will see us.”

“Do the neighbours count as strangers?” Bethany asked, “because I saw a couple of faces looking at us from an upstairs window.”

“I wish that I’d known, I could have panned round and got their faces on the video.” Tim said.

“You can get some of your mates to come and watch us if you like Tim, all of you if you want, maybe we could aim for double numbers banging me.”

“You want a gang-banging party Bethany?” Blake said.

“You are a nymphomaniac Bethany.” Lucas said.

“I’d far rather just have you fucking me over and over lover.” Bethany replied. “Can you get some of that Viagra so that you can stay hard for hours Lucas?”

“That’s a great idea Bethany, I might just look for some.”

The light was starting to go and it was starting to cool down so they all went inside. Lucas followed Bethany up to the bathroom where they shared the shower, Bethany using the shower hose to flush out her pussy ready for their going to bed to fuck with Lucas.


After they were both sated they just lay there cuddling and after a couple of minutes silence Bethany said,

“Are you going to wake me up in the morning by sticking that weapon of yours in me?”

“Don’t I always do that if I wake up first?”

“Yes you do but I just wanted to make sure that you do it tomorrow.”

“I will, hey, just had an idea, how about you ask that Emma customer girl if she’s up for a bit of modelling, she could model some of your clothes and she could star in a masturbation video.”

“Nice idea Lucas but I don’t know if she’ll ever come back to the shop, and I’d have to give her a discount on what she buys.”

“But if she does it will be worth a few quid off her bill?”

“Yes I’ll ask her, IF she comes back.”

“Hey, did I hear Ashley saying something about having got some body paint?”

“Yes you did Bethany, I was going to mention it later but I got distracted. He says that he’s ready to have a go at painting you next Saturday morning.”

“Good. I fancy serving customers all day just wearing a thin layer of paint.”

“And I’ll be there to watch him painting you and serving your customers. If the paint job is still good we could all go out on the evening, a walk of maybe to a pub.”

“And video me, it will look good on my website.”

And that’s what happened. Ashley, went to the shop with Lucas and Bethany on the Saturday morning, the 2 guys carrying what Ashley needed, and as soon as they got there Bethany stripped naked in the back of the shop and Ashley got to work whilst Lucas split his time between watching and videoing them and watching the shop.

It took much longer than either Bethany or Lucas imagined but the end results pleased everyone. Ashley had asked Bethany if she wanted all of her pussy painting or just what was visible when she was just standing still. Bethany opted for the complete job and when she waked into the front of the shop she felt great.

Looking at herself in the full length mirror, she was really pleased with the denim shorts and short-sleeved football shirt that she saw. Yes, the paint moulded to her areolae, nipples and slit perfectly and anyone who looked at her for more than a second would realise that it was a paint job but she felt great.

“Ashley,” Lucas said, “you really have come up trumps mate, it’s amazing. I owe you a pint, or two or three for that job. Have you considered setting up a body painting business?”

“Maybe as a side-line business but I don’t think that I’d get enough customers to make it a full-time business.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right in this country, the weather is too crap for girls to be wandering the streets with just paint on them, but I will definitely be one of your customers. Well not me, Bethany.”

Some of the customers just gave her strange looks but a couple asked her if she wearing some sort of latex body suit. Some told her that she looked amazing and one girl asked her who painted her. No one was derogatory in any way and whenever anyone stared at her, and she saw them staring, her pussy started to tingle.

Lucas had gone off with Ashley when the paint job was finished but Bethany so wanted Lucas to fuck her but when he came back in the middle of the afternoon he told her that he didn’t want any actual contact with the paint just in case it started to rub off.

When they closed the shop Lucas asked her if she was going to walk home like that. Bethany hadn’t given that much thought but when asked she said,

“If you are coming with me, and are carrying a dress that I can easily slip on, then yes, there aren’t as many people walking around at this time of day so I think that I’ll be okay.”

Ten minutes later, Lucas and a nervous Bethany locked-up the shop and headed for home.

The journey went just about as they expected, ninety-eight percent of people not even giving Bethany a second glance, one point five percent staring and wondering if it was paint or some very thin latex or lycra, and the point five percent making some complimentary comments.

When they got home the other guys checked her out and all of them praised Ashley on a job well done.

Lucas was so proud of Bethany that he ordered a pizza delivery and guess who he sent to the door to take delivery of them. The poor delivery guy just couldn’t work out what Bethany was wearing and he left, a very confused young, and not so bright, young man.

Pizzas consumed Bethany told Lucas that she needed to see him in their bedroom and she pounced on him as soon as they were there with Lucas protesting that the paint job might get damaged and that he wanted them to go for an evening stroll in the park.

They did both, the paint job only suffering minor damage around Bethany’s pussy.

The stroll in the park didn’t attract any real attention although a policeman on a push bike did stare at her but he was pedalling like mad, obviously in a rush to get somewhere.

Back home they used some special soap that Ashley had got for them to get Bethany clean but they did agree that they were going to employ Ashley quite a few times of the summer.

And so things went on, Bethany’s shop got busier, they did start selling Bondage and Spanking implements and clothing, and Bethany started getting orders for Bespoke articles of clothing. The online business took off as well and Bethany started spending more and more time packing clothes to be despatched around the country, so much so that all Lucas’ spare time was taken up with packing and despatching clothes.

That Emma girl who went on holiday to the same resort that Bethany and Lucas had spent 2 summers, did go back before she went on holiday and she did buy some more clothes. Bethany got her to promise to go back to the shop after her holiday to tell her all about it.

She did, and Bethany used the opportunity to recruit her for some part-time modelling work, and, after a bit more persuasion, to help Bethany make videos for Bethany’s other website.

But those details are another story which I may write about sometime.
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