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Ever since HB 2469 passed, or the H-Bill as it was often called, Humiliation is the approved form of discipline. Laura, a high school teacher, breaks a rule and finds herself having to deal with ever increasing humiliation. She now must teach while on display in front of her class. She, along with other sentenced individuals, have been punished all day long. Will they find any relief?
When the last bell rang, Laura followed the large group of students to the central courtyard. There were five A-Frames that had been erected. Within each was one of her students. They were all completely naked with hands above their heads attached to a pully at the top of the frame. At their hips was a belt that was tied to rings halfway down on the side of the frames. Their legs were then stretched out toward the lower corners. It was an obscene display Laura thought. To make the situation worse, they had collars round their necks and other equipment in contact with their crotches, bright tails stuck out of the girls, and rings circled their cocks for the boys.

Laura noticed a sign that had been posted in front of the display. It had been off camera. “Note: No touching sentenced individuals while in frames. After released, they may grant additional privileges.” What was that all about, additional privileges?

Mark and Jack were starting to remove the equipment at the crotch level when Laura arrived. Soon there was no obstruction from view as the two boys’ cocks were completely erect and all three girls’ pussies were wide open. Their inner pussy lips were literally dripping with pussy juices. Next off came the collars.

When a clock that had been set up switched to 2:45, Magnetic clamps that had held their hands in place were released and all five immediately started playing with themselves. They had been kept aroused but prevented from climaxing all day long. They were desperate to finally have the release they had been craving.

Thomas was on the football team as a tackle. He had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was about 6’ 2” and in great shape. His body was nicely muscled, and he had a six-inch cock that was that was slightly wider than most. It stood straight out from his groin and moved with each pulse of his heart.

Hector was a little on the pudgy side and stood about 5’ 10”. He was of Hispanic descent. His skin looked like he had a permanent all over tan. The striking feature about him was his cock was about nine inches and even thicker than Thomas’s, and it curved up from his groin out of a thick thatch of dark hair. Marian, and several other girls, had their eyes glued to his cock.

Maria was also Hispanic and stood about 5’ 4”. She had dark tan skin, but she also had prominent tan lines. She apparently used what would be a revealing bikini while tanning. Her large breasts were highlighted with lighter skin in the shapes of triangles. She had a flat stomach that led to wide hips. At hip level there were triangle shapes to show that she normally wore a small bottom that just covered her pussy and ass crack. Even Laura was distracted by Maria’s exposed body. At school she wore loose clothes that allowed her to be attractive but not overly expose her true assets. She had always been popular, but being exposed as she was now, she would be more popular, whether she wanted it or not.

Heather was tall with long dark red hair and very fair skin. It was obvious that she was a natural red head as the hair on her pussy closely matched the hair on her head. She too was dripping from her pussy and there was a wet spot on the ground below her. She had small breasts that were topped with pale nipples. She was about 5’ 8” with long arms and legs. She had the least curves of the girls on display, but her pale skin and dark red hair contrasted nicely. She was slender, but not skinny.

Melanie was of Jamaican descent. She had very dark skin with even darker nipples. She had full impressive breasts topped with areolas of very dark circles about an inch and a half across with erect prominent nipples that looked like long eraser heads standing up in the center. Laura had no idea that Melanie had such large breasts. She must bind her breasts when she runs, or even around school in general for that matter. She was the tallest of the girls, standing about 5’ 11” and was all muscle. She was on the track team and excelled in running and jumping events. She was one of the top-rated track runners in the state. She had a smooth shaved pussy, but her pussy lips were distended and full. They too were darker than the surrounding skin. Like the other girls, there was a wet spot on the ground where Melanie had been dripping all day long.

Thomas was the first to climax. He let out a loud yell as he climaxed. Cum must have shot five feet from him. Not only did it go far but there was a lot of it. Had Laura not been a witness, she would not have believed it possible. There were at least six major spurts followed by a dribble that appeared as if he we slowly peeing at the end.

Heather was next. The fingers on her left hand were deep into her pussy pumping in and out while her right was furiously rubbing her clit. It looked like she was pissing when she came. She tried to rase her feet, but they were still tied to the frame. The only thing that prevented her from falling to the ground was the strap around her waist. Her head flew back and forth causing her long straight hair to fly around looking like a red halo.

Melanie started climaxing only moments after Heather started. She too screamed out with her release. She had her right hand furiously jamming fingers in and out of her pussy. Her left hand was pinching her already hard nipples. She jerked her feet up and down as if she were running, only the restraints on the base of the frame prevented her from pulling her legs all the way up to her torso. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as she came. It was a series of climaxes before she finally slumped in her remaining restraints.

Hector had been pumping his cock with his right and using his left to play with his balls. He was closely watching both Heather and Melanie and the extreme contrasts between them. It was an incredible turn on to see two such different girls coming so hard. They were different in almost every way. He could only imagine what it would be like to play with their bodies. Soon his cock grew and extra half inch and then he too was cumming. He did not cum as far or a much as Thomas. Hector however alternated the aimed of his cock at both Heather and Melanie between spirts that landed near their feet. He was quiet when he came.

Maria was the last to climax. She was playing with her pussy and nipples. She had watched each of the others climax and watched the girls as much as the boys. She would enjoy playing with the bodies of any one of the others. She licked her lips wondering how each of the others tasted. She had started drooling when she saw Thomas shoot off. And then there was Heather and her gushing! She wanted to just drink it all in. She reached into her own pussy coating her fingers with her wetness and brought her fingers to her mouth as she liked them clean. She did this over and over. Finally, it was too much, and she came. She gathered as much of the fluid leaking from her pussy into her cupped hands and brought them to her mouth as she licked them clean. She was quiet as she came and closed her eyes. She savored every moment and was lost in the flavor as she licked her hands clean.

Finally, the last bell of the day rang, and the remaining restraints clicked open. They were all free! An announcement came through the speakers: “All individuals under any level of sentence are to report to the front office as soon as possible.”


Laura helped Thomas and Melanie walk toward the front office. Their legs were still very shaky after their orgasms. Jen, still topless, got between Maria and Heather and helped them. Mika came forward and helped Hector. On the way Albert and Tony joined the group. They were joined by three others. A girl that was wearing only panties and a wrist band that was half Red and half Green and white. Another blonde boy that was completely nude wearing a Yellow band. And another girl with large breasts wearing only a bra and wearing a half Green and half Red and White band.

She was shocked when she saw Mr. Ames, the history teacher naked and wearing a Blue and Yellow band walk up to the group headed to the front of the school. She had no idea another teacher had a sentence.

As soon as they reached the office all Thirteen were escorted to the front pickup line. Circle decals had been placed on the sidewalk in equal distances. Stools were placed on five of the circles. The five that had been standing in the courtyard were guided to the stools and the others were told to choose a location. As soon as everyone was in position. Mark Owens stepped forward and told the ones that were standing to place their hands on their heads and lock fingers. All of the sentenced were to place their feet at the edges of the circles. Once all had complied, he said, “This is how all sentenced individuals are to be for end of the day pickup. If you have been provided a stool, you are free to move your hands as you choose. Any individuals that do not have a stool, are to keep their hands on their heads. Any violations will result in additional discipline that may include extended sentence time or upgrade to a higher level. When a sentenced individuals’ ride arrives, they may then break their position, gather their things, and get into their vehicle.”

Each of the sentenced had to stand or sit nude or seminude, completely exposed to all the parents and students as they were picked up from the school. As Laura stood there, completely exposed, she felt she was never going to understand how new forms of humiliation could be forced upon her and the others. Just as she thought it could not get any worse it did.

Laura looked over at the five seated students. Each was playing with themselves. After being stimulated all day long but prevented from climaxing had left them hyper horny. They wanted as many orgasms as they could get. Each was surrounded by friends or admirers.

Thomas had Jessie stroking his cock in front of everyone. She had been hot and bothered watching him on the video feed and now she was playing with his cock. She had a big smile on her face. When some pre-cum appeared on the end of this cock, she bent over and licked it off. Thomas was obviously surprised by the sensation of her tongue and his hips bucked forward causing the whole head to enter her lips. Technically that level of interaction was not allowed with a Yellow, but unless Thomas complained none of the administrators felt the need to stop it.

Jessie pulled her head back and with one hand continued to stoke his cock and with the other hand ran her fingers through the thick pubic hair and up to his flat stomach, then back down to his leg and around to his balls. This caused his hips to start bouncing. When his cock started to increase in size Jessie opened her mouth wide and soon Thomas was shooting another big load, but this time it was caught in Jessie’s mouth. When Thomas was done Cuming, Jessie turned her head to show everyone that her mouth was full of Thomas’s cum. She then closed her mouth and a moment later opened it to show everyone it was now empty. When she felt a small dribble running down from the corner of her mouth, she took a finger and gathered it on the tip of her finger. She then took her finger and inserted it as far as it would go into her mouth, closed her lips, and slowly pulled a clean finger out. There were several people clapping at the performance.

Someone had given Melanie a hot pink smooth Dildo that she was using with gusto. Several of her track friends were holding her shoulders so that she would not fall off the stool, a boy on one side and a girl on the other. She leaned back into their abdomens for support. As Laura looked closer, she realized that not only was the dildo hot pink it was glowing. It must have an LED surface that made it glow so bright. It was mesmerizing how it contrasted with her dark skin. Anyone that even glanced in her direction would see the bright light as it appeared and disappeared into her pussy repeatedly. As she was using the dildo to have repeated orgasms the one of the boy’s hands had reached down and were playing with her nipples. Melanie had her eyes closed and her muscular legs were quivering with repeated orgasms.

Heather was also playing with herself with a dildo, but hers was a big Dark Blue one in the shape of a cock, balls included. She too was leaning back onto some friends that were supporting her. The dark blue clashed with the red hair on her pussy. It was as if the two girls had been given toys that would be most visible as they used them. The more Laura thought about it she thought that was exactly what they had done. Heather’s legs were also quivering with repeated orgasms. After one particularly strong orgasm, her hands fell to her sides and the dildo slowly started sliding out. Before it could fall, A boy that was standing next to her grabbed it. He sniffed it and smiled. Fluid was dropping off the end and he ran a finger up the side of it, and then he licked his finger. His smile got bigger.

Maria was closest to Laura. She too was playing with her pussy trying to climax as much as possible, but she was using her fingers. Every few moments she would switch hands and dip into her pussy with two or three fingers and pump away and then switch hands. The hand that was not in her pussy was being licked clean in her mouth. As she was doing this, her eyes switched to each of the sentenced individuals in the lineup. It did not seem to matter if it was a male or female that she was looking at. Her hands would only pause every so often as a wave of orgasm overtook her. She was talking to the two friends that were supporting her, a boy, and a girl. Both were playing with her nipples and tweaking them. It was obvious that Marie liked both boys and girls.

Marian was kneeling in front of Hector. She saw what Jessie had done with Thomas and she was not going to be out done. While Hector was much larger than Thomas, Marian was repeatedly touching her nose to his pubic hair. Laura was amazed at the skill it must have taken to deep throat him. He was at least nine inches long, but Marian was having no trouble. Laura could hardly handle Allen, her husband, and he was only about seven inches long. Soon Marian pushed her face into Hectors crotch hard and Hector started to convulse. Had he not had a couple of girls holding him upright, he probably would have fallen off the stool. When Marian finally pulled back, she revealed a much smaller softer cock. Laura heard her say to the girls holding Hector. “And that, bitches, is how it is done. Damn he tastes good.” One of the other girls reached around and gathered some of the cum that was still leaking from Hectors deflating cock and gathered some globs and brought it to her mouth. “You are right Marian; He does taste good. We are going to have to set up a schedule to share this new toy.” Laura wondered how Hector felt about this. The smile on his face and the relaxed pose he had indicated that he was happy, but only time would tell if he could survive those vultures.

Eventually the student population in front of the school started to dwindle. The completely nude students, for some reason, seemed to be some of the last ones to be picked up. Laura wondered if some message had been sent out to indicate that their rides should not be hurried.

As a teacher Laura had no one to pick her up. She and Mr. Ames were still standing at attention when the last students were picked up. Many of the parents honked and waved at them as they drove past. She knew most of them and had known some of them for years. She could not believe how humiliating it was to be exposed to everyone she knew. It would be better if she were exposed in a major city on a busy street corner. At least there she would just be a mostly nude anonymous lady, Not the mostly nude Ms. Burk, teacher of students.

Finally, it was over, there may be a couple of pickups left, but they were students that had after school activity clubs and so on. Now it was off the staff meeting. Those were bad enough in the best of times. She had no idea how it would go this time.

As she and Mr. Ames walked into the meeting room, they were greeted by all the other teachers and education staff. They were the last ones to arrive due to having to stand in front of the school for the pickup line. They had obviously been talking about them and all conversation stopped as they appeared in the door. Everyone, unanimously, stood up and gave them a round of applause. She was not sure how to take it. Sue, the cross disciplines teacher, came over to her and gave her a hug. Sue was a good friend and they had known each other for at least twenty years. Sue said, “You can do this. You only have three more school days to go. You survived the first day and I hear that the first day is the worst.”

“Thank you, Sue. That means a lot.”

As everyone found a seat, Mark stood up again and said, “Well, we have had an eventful day today. In the past we have had a few students with Red or Green designations, but they had a White modifier indicating that they were to wear underwear. This week we had our first Yellow and Blue” a nod to Tim Ames, “a Green” He waved to Laura, “a Red, and a six full Yellows, in addition to the other modified individuals. Some of the individuals will only be a color until this Sunday, and will return to school on Monday as normal, assuming no additional penalties have been levied onto them. Mr. Ames will remain Yellow and Blue for six more days as his sentence is for a full week. The infamous Five, in addition to today’s, shall we say, rather frustrating day for them, will have an additional punishment placed on them by the H-Department as they will be yellow with blue for the remainder of their sentence. This will only come into play during free time such as before school, during class passing, lunch, and after school. Since we are not without compassion for them, we will allow them an additional 5 minutes of passing time between classes as they may be delayed in route. During class teaching they are to follow all the rules. If additional free time is allowed during class, the blue modifier will come into play again. I don’t think we will have any issues of cheating on tests for a while.” There were numerous agreements around the room.

“Laura, How are you holding up? You are the first staff member to have a sentence imposed on you from the school. I have had good feedback from your students that you have handled yourself in a very professional, if unorthodox at times, manner. I will say that I was a bit surprised that you used the ‘pussy cam’ as I hear it has been called a couple of times.”

“I, I, I forgot that the camera also projected to the office,” Laura stuttered. “You said there another time? I only know about the one-time during 6th period.”

“Yes, it came on near the beginning of 3rd period. From what I could put together from the other cameras in the room, you were doing a search on your computer at the time. You did however start to rub your pussy lips. Here let me show you.” The large monitor in the conference room came to life and Suddenly Laura’s pussy was on full display. It was clear by the fullness of her pussy lips and the dampness that was leaking out that she was clearly aroused at the time. Suddenly her right hand appeared on the screen, and all could see that she was rubbing her clit and even inserted a finger up to the second knuckle for a moment between her wet pussy lips. Then she suddenly pushed back from the desk and the monitor went blank.

“I’m sorry about that. This is so humiliating. You have no idea how hard it is to have your pussy on display all day long. Many of the students have said things to me today that would have gotten the instant detention for language or rudeness, but this damn sentence allows for all those remarks.”

“Why were you playing with yourself at your desk that second time?”

“I had no idea the camera came on. No one in the class said anything. I was looking up some wording about the sentencing process. Specifically, if individuals could volunteer to upgrade to the next level up temporarily.”

“Why were you looking that up?”

“It had come up during class discussion and I was not sure of the rules. Before anything was done in the class, I wanted to verify what was or was not allowed.”

“I see, Thank you for your diligence in following the rules. Why would anyone voluntarily upgrade?”

“Some of the students expressed how being sentenced caused them to be constantly horny and this was a distraction for their learning. They wondered if they could relieve themselves and then, some of the other students asked if they could help. Is there a school policy for this situation?”

“That is an interesting question. If we have students that are sentenced to some level of exposure, and that exposure causes them to become so horny that they are so distracted that it impacts their learning, should we allow them to have a release? If so, how often and where? Any release would consist of a voluntary upgrade to a higher level of humiliation, so how do we need to manage this?”

“Per the new H-Department handbook. Any sentenced individual in a work or classroom setting may use a few minutes to “relieve” themselves, or with the assistance of willing volunteer, so that they may return to a normal attentive and productive state.” Sue said as she had just looked up from her computer.

“The actions of the infamous five and their helpers, after their release, technically followed the rules of this relief clause. At the time we felt it would be excessively cruel to further restrict their actions. Evidently, our inaction was the appropriate action,” said Paul Mitchel, the principal.

“I see,” Mr. Owens said. “Thank you for the update, Sue. I agree with you Paul. It is settled then, any student that needs release, unless under sentencing specifically prohibiting release, shall be allowed to do so once per class period. I assume this would apply to teachers too. So, Laura and Tim, you are allowed once per period to relieve yourself, if you see fit. That is if you have not already done so on your own initiative as may the case Tim.”

“Tim, please tell everyone here, just how you got a Yellow and blue sentencing. It was nothing at school, as was the case with Laura, so many in this room may not know,” Mr. Mitchel said.

“I am ashamed to say that I was driving my car, which does not have an auto pilot, and I violated the speed limit in front of a school near my home. I could choose between a month of yellow or a week of Yellow and blue. I thought a week would be easier than a month, so I chose the shorter time. Little did I realize what seemed like every girl in school, and even a few boys, wanted to take advantage of that. I am not allowed to say no to any touching if it is during free time. I have also had to lick, God knows how many, pussies today. Lunch period was hell! Evidently touching my tongue with a pussy is allowed. I’ve even had to lick a few cocks, but thank god they were not allowed to force their way inside my mouth and cum. I am straight and don’t care for cocks personally, and while I do like pussy, being forced to like one, when I have no ability to say no, is no more fun than being forced to lick a cock.”

“I thought I had it bad, I am sorry to hear about how your day has been Tim.” Laura said.

“Tim, thanks for reminding me, I was supposed to offer Tim to any of the Staff during this meeting. Any takers?” Tim looked stricken at the announcement. It looked like a few women and a couple of men considered it, but non took the offer up.

Eventually the meeting was over, and Laura and Tim were allowed to leave.

Laura went to the courtyard, where Adam had been studying, and told him that it was time to go home. He asked her how her day had gone, and she shared some of the highlights and low points of the day. On the way home, she called Allen to let him know they were leaving school. He was also on the way home. He suggested that they first meet at the H-Store, so that Laura could get another top and anything else she might need for the next few days.
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