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Day 3, Our last day turns out to be very interesting, meeting with the owners of the cottage
As the sun started to rise, we both stirred at the same time. We could see the sun coming up over the hills of the moors. It was so nice and warm cuddled up under the duvet, neither of us wanted to move. We stayed there just watching the sunrise.

As the sun rose above the earth, I grabbed my camera and we quickly flicked through the pictures we took the night before. Geez, they were so hot. They were way too hardcore for a porn magazine. I left Carrie in bed while I went and made a cuppa. She carried on looking and admiring how good the pictures looked. She knew she was going to be looking at them when I was not around. I came back to the bedroom, naked, holding two mugs of tea. I got back in and we spooned.

Again, my dick hardened. Geez, I didn’t think I was going to be able to cum many times today, my poor dick was starting to ache a little bit.

We laid there and finished our tea. Carrie's pussy was also feeling a bit achy after the amount of sex we'd had this weekend. It felt damn good though.

We decided to get up and have some breakfast. I chucked a pair of boxers and a T-shirt on. Carrie put a pair of pj bottoms and a T-shirt on, neither of us put anything else on. As we got to the kitchen Carrie ordered me to sit down as she was going to make me pancakes.

While she was making them, I made us another cuppa. We finished eating and she asked me if I had any more plans for us today. I didn't really but I say yes. Secretly, I wanted to make love to her all day again.

We just sat on the rug and chatted while we finished our tea. The cottage was warm, Carrie took her top off to reveal her hardening nipples. She took my T-shirt off too. As we laid in each other's arms, she played idly with my chest hair, occasionally tweaking my nipples. She won hands down on the hardness of nipples, after I had been licking and sucking them.

After about ten minutes, we both took our bottoms off, again we're naked with each other.

I laid her on her front and started kissing her all over. This time I'm taking a lot more time, I'm making sure I caress and kiss her everywhere, my fingers touch her so softly, closely followed by the wetness of my tongue. I loved doing this to her. As I made my way around her soft skin, I bit the back of your neck, I saw and felt the goose bumps I give her when I do that. She felt me move her legs apart slightly. She felt me straddle her and felt my hard dick between her arse cheeks.

I laid on her back and whispered in her ear while giving her little bites " I want to make love to you doggy style". Carrie loved that idea, it really made you wet. I moved while she got on her knees. She felt my hands grasp her hips. She remembered how it felt to have me inside her and she wanted it there again. Carrie couldn’t quite believe how many times we had made love this weekend.

As she felt my swollen head push at her pussy lips, she felt her wetness grow. She leant down and parted her lips ready to take my full length. She started to feel me gently sliding inside her, filling her up. I gently pushed, hoping she could take my full length in this position. As I carried on pulling her hips closer and closer to me, I filled her up like nothing before. She reached between her legs and felt my balls almost touching her hot pussy. She felt like she couldn't take any more of my length inside her but she wanted my balls slapping her wet and swollen pussy.

"You are feeling big hun" she says.

"It's because you’re so damn sexy" is my reply.

Carrie said "I'm not sure if I can fit more of you in" I carry on and gently push all of my hard cock all the way in.

Her hand felt there was no more space between my balls and her swollen lips. Carrie felt like she was being stretched like nothing before. I started slowly moving in and out. Gradually speeding up. As I sped up, she felt me lean round and started playing with her clit. I pinched it slightly which made her yelp. Mmmm that made me push myself harder inside her, making her yelp more. As I pulled out I stopped with just my head inside her pussy. I slapped your arse so it stung. Carrie yelped with excitement again. As I held back with just the head of my dick in her swollen pussy lips, she wondered what I was doing. I then thrust myself so hard into her. This almost made her come immediately. I moaned, geez, that felt so damn good. I started fucking her hard from behind. We fucked for what felt like ages. Carrie felt herself beginning to cum. She moaned, that made me fuck her even harder. Carrie started to come, I pushed my dick as hard as I could inside her gorgeous body as she shuddered. Fuck, I love making her cum.

I left my dick as deep as I could inside her as she exploded over it. I could actually feel her pussy muscles twitching while she came. She wanted my hot cum deep inside her.

I wanted to see her face as she felt me explode inside pussy. We quickly turned our bodies around so she was on top. She knew it was not going to take very long before she cum again. She saw my dick covered in her tasty juice, she couldn’t help but give it a quick suck. She knew I loved the taste of both our bodies on her mouth while we fucked each other.

I laid on my back. She glimpsed and admired my huge dick before straddling it and lowered herself onto it. She wanted to feel every inch of my long shaft as it went into her sopping loose pussy. Carrie slowly slid herself onto my shaft, Carrie looked at me, straight in my eyes, she saw, deep down, how good it felt to me. This turned her on even more.

Carrie slowly started to ride me, grinding her clit against my body. She held my hands above my head which she knew I liked. I moaned. Mmmm she just knew I was going to cum big style. I couldn't stop moaning now. Fuck, I was enjoying her being in control. The thought went through my mind of when she was going to make me cum, was it going to be within a minute or ten minutes?

Carrie decided she wanted to make me fill her pussy with cum sooner rather than later. As she rode my hard cock harder and harder, she moaned as she started to cum. She knew when she moaned while fucking me hard is going to make me cum. She started to feel my dick throb, she can't remember feeling it throb so hard before. A fraction of a second later, she felt my cum hit her inside, this made her cum hard. We were both almost screaming now. She felt me throb again and again, each time she felt my cum ejecting into her, filling her up more and more. We both seemed to cum with each other for ages, I throb which made her moan which made me throb. This was love making at its best. We both remembered what we had been doing over the last 48 hours and there were still hours left before we had to set off home.

When we finally finished cumming I slid my dick out of her pussy. It gleamed with our juices. Carrie had an idea which she had never done before. She moved her head to my dick and licked it clean. It tasted so good, both our juices. When she had finished sucking me dry, she immediately came up and kissed me so I could taste the taste of our love making. Wow, it tasted fantastic. Now I was going to do something I had never done before. I went down on her, I sucked our juices out of her pussy, I kept them in my mouth while I moved to kiss her. Carrie's heart started beating faster. No one has ever done this to her either.

We started to kiss, Carrie so wanted to taste what was in my mouth. I opened my mouth to her waiting tongue. She put her tongue as deep as you could in my mouth. As our tongues wound round each other, she tasted the saltiness of my cum from my mouth. It tasted even better knowing it was in my mouth too. We repeated me licking her pussy out and kissing twice more. It felt so damn horny to us both.

We both laid there naked, recovering from our morning exercises.

After about half an hour, we got up and went to the bathroom for a shower.

As we washed each other's naked bodies, we both felt like we were the only people alive. We made sure we were clean everywhere, not missing one bit of each other. We splashed and enjoyed the warm water together.

We dried each other off, groping and kissing each other as we did.

We got dressed, Carrie put a nice blue matching bra and pants set on with tights, a jumper and skirt. I put some tight black Lycra boxers on under my blue jeans and a T-shirt. Carrie went and put the kettle on while I cleared my camera kit away.

We sat with our tea, just cuddling and snuggling on the sofa.

It was getting to the time we needed to be vacating the cottage. We put our things in the car and went back in for a last check around. I grabbed Carrie, pushed her up against the wall and kissed her passionately. I lifted her skirt so I could grab her cute arse. Wow, I really love her bum, she found out how much this weekend. Carrie started to remember where I had cum in the last few days. She couldn't wait to do it all again.

We carried on kissing, I bent over slightly to slide my hand down her tights and knickers. I reached right round her arse and slid my fingers right down between her cheeks. Carrie felt my fingers touch her arse hole. She felt my fingers carry on going round to her pussy.

We carried on kissing while Carrie felt herself getting wet again. I slide two fingers inside her. I made sure I got plenty of her wetness on them. I pulled them back out and up to our mouths, I sucked one of my fingers, Carrie sucked the other, it tasted so good. As we stood there, it felt like we were just going to do it there and then.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door. We quickly put our clothes straight and answered the door. It's the owner of the cottage who had come for the keys.

"Is everything ok?" asked the young lad at the door, he must be in his mid twenties and quite scrawny.

We both said "Yes, why?".

He explained one of the neighbours was walking their dog this morning and thought they heard screams coming from the cottage. We glanced at each other and both said that everything is fine and there's no problem.

"Oh, OK, glad we don't have to watch the CCTV we had to have installed" says the lad. "Don't worry though, we're not allowed to put it in the bedroom or bathroom".

Both our hearts started beating as we remembered what we did on the rug this morning.

He must have seen the glances between us. He smiled and said "Don't worry, it's a secure system and only me and my wife have access to it.".

We gave him the keys back and he winked and said that he hoped to see more of us in the future. We both wondered if they had access to the cameras remotely.

As we drove back towards Leeds. My phone rang. I clicked the button on the answer. A voice came through the in car audio, I say "Hello"

"Hi, it's Scott at Sunset View".

"Hi Scott, is there something wrong?".

"No, I just hope you haven't gone very far".

"Why? What's up?".

"We've found a digital SLR in the bedroom while me and Laura were cleaning today".

Shit, the camera, we must have left it there. We looked at each other and wondered if they knew how to turn it on. We'd soon find out.

"I hope you don't mind but we had a quick flick through the pictures to see if we recognised anyone on them".

"Erm..... OK, we'll be back in half an hour or so".

We looked at each other and started to giggle, wondering how many pictures they had seen. Both our hearts started beating a little harder thinking about other people seeing the pictures we had taken. Carrie actually twitched a little thinking about other people getting off on seeing pictures of us fucking each other. Carrie told me about how she felt and I agreed that it was a turn on.

Carrie looked at my crotch and could see that I was getting excited about the thought. Her nipples started to get hard knowing I'm getting excited.

I turned the car around and we headed back to the cottage. We were both excited to see what Scott and Laura said and if they’d seen all the pictures.

We pulled up at the cottage, knocked on the door, Scott answered and said "come on in". He had a little smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye. "Did you enjoy your stay?" he asked as we walked through to the living area. "Yeah, we did" as we glanced at each other.

As we got to the living area, Laura was sitting on the sofa. "Hi, I'm Laura, Scott's wife". "Yeah, Scott said". "So glad you came back".

Laura explained she is a photographer and could give me some tips on taking pictures. It's now obvious that they had looked through all the pictures on the camera. She said that some of them were good but the ones of both of us would be better if someone else took them.

Wow, me and Carrie both thought of how much of a turn on it must be to have someone else take pictures of us. Scott came in from the kitchen with a tray of mugs and a pot of tea. We all made small talk until inevitably the subject turned to sex and photos. As we talked, it came out that it had been our first time taking pictures. It then comes out it was the first weekend we had tried anal.

Scott and Laura told us they're really into sex and love trying new things.

Laura got her iPad out and started showing us glamour pictures of her and Scott. They started to get more raunchy. As Carrie was sitting on my lap looking through the pictures, she felt my bulge pushing up below her. She then realised how aroused she was getting looking at their sex pictures. I got my phone out and we compared pictures. Laura says she'll show us how to get better results.

We agreed that it would be fun. She said Scott would help too.

Wow, we were going to have sex in front of two people we had only just met. We both felt excited that we were actually going to do this.

Laura got her camera out and started taking pictures. Scott was moving around with a reflector bouncing the light from the flash guns around us.

As we started kissing, we slowly started to take each other's clothes off. We both felt a bit nervous about getting completely naked. We soon relaxed when we realized that Scott and Laura were also matching us, they were stripping too.

I was down to my boxers and Carrie was down to just her lacy panties. Scott said he'd take the lead and dropped his boxers to the floor exposing his hard dick. I said OK and dropped mine. Carrie immediately forgot we weren’t alone and reached for my dick and put it in her mouth. I looked over and saw Laura was doing the same to Scott. I laid on the floor and Carrie was above me with her legs above my head, I can smell how aroused she was.

I pulled Carrie's knickers off exposing her wet pussy. Scott did the same to Laura. All we could hear was our moans but with Scott and Laura accompanying ours. This was such a turn on. I buried my face in Carrie's pussy and started licking the juice from inside her pussy lips.

Eventually we heard Scott and Laura move towards us. We wondered what was going to happen. Scott laid next to me on one side with Laura on the other. Carrie opened her eyes and saw my huge dick with Scotts next to mine, Carrie saw Laura sucking him off and heard her moaning.

We were all on the large rug in front of the picture window with the daylight flooding in.

We moved so Carrie was on top of me in a 69 position, Carrie loved this, my hard dick in her mouth and me licking her pussy. Scott and Laura followed our lead. The room was full of the sounds of all four of us moaning.

Scott was on his back next to me, I could see him licking Laura’s pussy, it was completely bald, I could also see her arsehole, she had a small frame and a cute little arse, thin legs and pert tits.

Laura and Scott changed so they were the other way round, I could now see Laura sucking his dick, wow, she could deep throat him. His dick was large, about the same length as me but not as wide. I could just about see her pert nipples, they were hard as nails. I could hear how much Carrie was enjoying it as when she moaned, I felt her voice vibrate through my dick.

Laura stopped sucking Scott, leaned over to me and kissed me full on the lips. Wow, that made me even harder. I felt Carrie do the same to Scott. This was the first time we’d tasted other peoples juices on other peoples mouths.

After a few minutes, Laura got off Scott leaving him lying on his back with his huge dick pointing to the sky. Carrie did the same. I moved around so that both me and Scott were lying in the same direction. Both Carrie and Laura looked at each other, knelt up above our knees and started putting a show on for us.

They both started playing with their own pussies, spreading their lips and showing the inside of their lips, Both me and Scott could see both the ladies' pussies. Laura had slightly larger tits than Carrie, both their skins looked spotless. I could see Scott checking out Carrie's pussy, I wondered if Scott wanted to experience a more mature woman and if Carrie wanted to try a younger stud. I wondered what it would be like to have a younger woman. I wondered if Scott and Laura had ever had a foursome before. We were about to find out.

I saw Scott starting to wank himself off, I did the same, looking at two gorgeous women then I’m not surprised either of us wanted to do that. As we did, both Carrie and Laura knelt down in front of us, Carrie in front of me and Laura in front of Scott.

Carrie soon had my manhood deep in her mouth, Laura did the same to Scott. I had no idea how I was controlling myself. I asked Scott if they enjoyed sex, he said they loved it and they always dreamed of having a foursome. I said that we’d never done anything like this and it was so exciting.

Carrie and Laura then stopped, looked at us both and asked if we would mind if they swapped. It felt a bit weird to start with, knowing Carrie would be sucking someone else off and that Laura would be sucking my dick. I said that I didn’t have a problem as long as Carrie didn’t. We all agreed that none of us would mind and that we were all grown up and consenting to this.

Wow, Laura's mouth was so soft, she could take more of my dick in her mouth than Carrie. It felt amazing to have Laura suck me me off. Seeing Carrie suck Scotts dick was also such a turn on. Laura could definitely deep throat, I had never experienced that before and it felt amazing.

I looked down and saw Laura's deep blue eyes looking up at me as she sucked on my dick, she kept on staring deep into my eyes as she took my whole length time and time again into her warm mouth and down her throat. She obviously had fantastic control of her gag reflex. I have no idea how I didn't shoot my load into her young soft mouth.

After a few minutes, Carrie and Laura stopped, knelt up and then kissed each other. They said they could taste both of us in each other's mouths.

Scott said he had to just go do something in the bedroom, leaving me, Carrie and Laura on the rug. My mind was now working overtime, Laura put my dick back in her mouth and Carrie started sucking my balls. Carrie then totally surprised me, she put her hand between my arse cheeks and started pressing her finger against my arsehole. That made me thrust upwards, Laura gagged a little as she wasn't expecting me to thrust my dick so far down her throat.

I said I wanted my dick inside Carrie, Laura said she would love to see Carrie's pussy being pounded by my dick. I laid on the floor and Carrie took no time to straddle my hard cock, Laura grabbed the base of my dick and as Carrie gently lowered herself towards my head, she guided it into Carrie's hole. It felt amazing to have one woman's hand around my dick and Carries pussy lips parting to accept me into her. Soon my dick was deep inside Carrie's pussy, Laura was cupping my balls. Laura's finger then made its way towards my arse, As Carrie rode my hard dick, I felt Laura's finger push at my arse. What a feeling. I then felt Laura's finger slide into me. I laid there with Carrie fucking me hard from above and Laura fingering my arse. I’d never felt anything like it.

Laura was feeling a little left out, she moved herself around so her backside was in reach of my fingers. I couldn’t resist her bald pussy, I gradually started stroking her smooth lips. I could feel how wet she was. I slipped one finger in her sopping hole. I then slid a second in.

I wondered how tight her arsehole was. I removed one of my fingers from her pussy and gently pushed it against her arse. To my surprise it slipped in easily. It felt warm inside and tight inside her arse. I so wanted to taste Laura.

When I could grab my breath, I asked Carrie if I could lick Laura. Carrie said of course, Laura moved to straddle my face. She lowered her lovely lips onto my face. She squealed as my beard tickled her clit. She’s never had someone with a beard lick her out. She tasted so sweet. Laura was facing Carrie. The next thing I knew, Carrie and Laura were kissing. I had no idea how I didn’t blow my load right there and then but I knew there was more to come.

I could hear Carrie moaning, soon after, Laura joined in. I felt them both starting to quiver, my dick deep in Carrie and my tongue flicking Laura's clit and pushing in and out of her pussy. Before I knew it, I could hear them both coming. I had to stop myself from exploding.

As I lay there, I had two women coming all over me. I felt Laura's juices flowing over my beard, I tried to slurp them all up.

As they both finished, Carrie got off my dick and Laura moved her pussy from my face. Carrie came up and started kissing me, tasting Laura's juices on my beard. Laura was sucking my dick, cleaning all Carries juices from my dick.

Just then, we heard Scott giving us a round of applause from the bedroom doorway. He stood there with his rock hard dick. He said that it was one of the most horny things he’s seen in real life and how lucky I was to have had both of them on me. I said, it had been one of my dreams to have two women, one sat on my dick and one sat on my face.

We all got up and moved to the bedroom, Laura gave Scott a long kiss making sure he could taste all of our juices.

As we moved to the bedroom, Carrie and Laura were giggling together like school girls.

Laura laid on the bed, I could see Carrie looking at Laura's breasts and hard nipples. I asked Carrie if she wanted to see what a woman felt like. Carrie said she had always wondered.

I encouraged Carrie to explore Laura's body, Carrie didn’t need asking twice. Carrie started by tweaking Laura's nipples. then sucking them one by one. As she kissed her naked breasts, she looked apprehensive about doing anything else. I suggested that maybe Laura could show Carrie how it was done.

Carrie laid on the bed with her legs up. Laura gradually kissed Carrie all over, Laura's arse was stuck up in the air showing everything to me and Scott. Scott couldn’t resist and went up behind Laura and slipped his dick straight up her pussy.

I could see how much this turned Carrie on. Laura moved her head down to Carrie's pussy. Carrie moaned loudly as Laura started licking Carrie's clit. I moved so Carrie could suck my dick. Carrie was so aroused, I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to come. Carrie was so close, she eventually couldn’t hold on any more and started coming.

Scott lent over to a side cabinet, there was a concealed drawer that me and Carrie hadn't found. He opened it and took out a rabbit vibe. I said that Carrie really loved her rabbit and it really turned her on when I used it on her.

Laura heard this and while Carrie was calming down, she stopped licking Carries pussy, Scott swapped his dick for the rabbit in Laura's pussy. Laura yelped as he turn it on with the ears tickling her clit.

Laura said she has an idea. She took the rabbit and gently inserted it into Carries pussy. Carrie was already at the height of arousal. Anything which stimulated her clit of pussy would send her over the edge again.

As Laura slid the rabbit in to Carries pussy, she started to lick her clit again. My knob was so hard seeing another woman getting Carrie off.

Laura didn't stop licking Carrie as she came; she carried on licking her and playing with the rabbit inside her. It was obvious she had used one before and knew exactly where to put it and exactly how to make Carrie cum with it.

Carrie just laid there now. Arse in the air with Laura's head buried in between her legs. I had moved so Carrie could suck me, Carrie had to stop so she could concentrate on cuming. Carrie had my dick in one hand and Scott's in the other, she carried on stroking both of us while Laura made her cum again.

Now Carrie was fully warmed up Laura said it was her turn. Carrie moved and Laura knelt where she had been. Laura grabbed Scott's dick and put it deep in her mouth. Laura also grabbed my dick and stroked it while sucking Scott. Carrie started to wonder if she could return the favour to Laura, especially after she made her cum. Carrie grabbed the rabbit, moved herself under Laura's legs. Carrie started to gently part Laura's lips and started to slide the vibe all the way into her. Laura moaned as it slid in. Carrie started to smell Laura's juices and saw them on the vibe as it slid in and out. Carrie felt me move to let her get so close you could almost taste her. Carrie wondered if she should lick her, taste another woman for the first time, Carrie wondered if she tasted as good as herself.

Before Carrie got a chance to taste Laura's juice, Laura moved so she was laid spread eagle on the bed. Scott moved and straddled Laura's head and put his dick in her mouth, we could hear them both moaning. Carrie felt me next to her, I put my head next to hers between Laura's thighs, we kissed each other on the lips. I moved so I could lick Laura's wet pussy. Carrie asked me if she tastes good. I stopped licking Laura and kissed Carrie. Carrie could taste Laura on my lips. She wanted to see what I felt when I licked her. Carrie tentatively started to put her tongue on Laura's lips. She felt how soft they were and how good she tasted. She knew how she liked her clit being touched and wondered if Laura liked the same.

Carrie started to flick her tongue. Laura moaned loudly. This surprisingly turned her on. Carrie felt me move to behind her. What Carrie really wanted is her pussy to be full of dick. Carrie felt me grab her hips. I put the head of my dick between her pussy lips. I noticed how wet she was. I slide so easily inside her. As I pushed myself deeper and deeper inside her, she moaned. Just the action of me pushing deeper, forced her face harder into Laura's pussy.

All four of us were moaning, I was fucking Carrie doggy style, she was licking Laura and Laura was sucking Scott. We all heard Laura moan with one of them moans that we knew meant she was going to cum soon. That really made Carrie want to cum too. I noticed this and moved my right hand to her clit. I started playing with Carrie's clit. Carrie started to cum when Laura's body went tense. Carrie felt quite shocked she had made another woman cum. While Carrie was cumming she moved away from Laura's pussy. Laura carried on playing with herself while Carrie's head was on Laura's thigh.

Carrie was now quite intrigued about what it would be like to see my dick in Laura's pussy, close up. She asked me if I wanted to put my hard dick in Laura's wet pussy. I asked what she was going to do, she said, wait and see.

As we moved Scott got up and got ready with the camera.

Laura got on the bed, laid face up so Carrie could lick her pussy. I straddled Laura's body. I was quite nervous about putting my dick in someone that wasn’t Carrie. As I straddled Laura and she started by sucking me, she could still taste her juices on me. Carrie said she wanted to see it slide in. As my head started to part Laura's lips, Carrie started playing with herself. She moved her head up so she could lick my dick as it slid in and out of Laura's sopping wet pussy. As I moved in and out Carrie kept her tongue on my dick. She could taste the mix of her and Laura on my shaft. Carrie started rubbing herself harder.

We heard the click of the camera and saw the flash of lights. Carrie moaned and saw Scott taking pictures of her touching herself. He passed her the vibe. Carrie didn't hesitate to shove it deep in her pussy, Scott moved from the camera and took over using the vibe. As I was fucking Laura, my balls were hitting Carries face, she opened her mouth and caught them as I moved in and out. Carrie alternated between my balls, my dick and Laura's clit. Carrie could feel herself cumming again. Carrie started to scream as Scott made her cum.

When Carrie finished cumming, she was knackered. But she knew it was not finished yet.

As Carrie laid there recovering, she said she wanted to suck Laura's juices off my dick. I laid on my back and Carri put my dick in her mouth and sucked all of Laura's juices from my dick. She kissed all the way up my body until our mouths met. We kissed and our tongues tingled as we both tasted Laura on our lips. Carrie laid on top of me, she felt my hard dick pushing on her tummy, she wanted it so much inside her. Carrie got on top of me. She started to slide my hard dick in her now loose pussy. As she started slowly moving up and down on my shaft, She felt Scott's hands on her arse cheeks.

Carrie felt Scott gently pull her cheeks apart. Carrie stopped moving. She hoped Scott was going to put himself in her arse. She felt the end of his dick touch her ring. He slowly started to slide in. Wow, what a feeling, Carrie remembered having one dick in her arse and it felt good but this felt amazing. Two hot hard dicks, one in her arse and my dick buried deep in her pussy. We heard the click of the camera shutter as Laura started taking pictures. Carrie kissed me while both me and Scott fucked her. She looked right into my eyes, I could see she was gonna cum again. I start to fuck her harder. Carrie also felt Scott fucking her arse harder.

As Carrie started to cum, she looked deep in my eyes. She could see how much I loved being deep in her pussy whilst she came. Fuck, Carrie was cumming so hard all over my dick again. I could feel her pussy twitching around my hardness. I wanted to cum so bad but not yet. I wanted to wait. She heard Laura say to Scott to go to her. Carrie didn't want him to but he slid out of her arse. As he slipped all the way out leaving your arse gaping, she started to shudder with another orgasm. Fuck, Carrie knew she was close to cumming when I first slipped out of her arse and this time she did. Carrie sat up on my dick, it went a little deeper inside her filling some of the space that had been left by Scots dick.

As Carrie climbed off my dick, she collapsed by my side. We turned our heads to each other, smiled and kissed. We both felt Scott and Laura move towards us. Laura started licking your cum off my dick and Scott licked it out of your pussy.

Carrie looked down and saw Scott's hard dick. She wanted to find out how he tasted. She got up and got Scott to lay next to me. Carrie took him in her mouth and sucked. She looked across and saw Laura's mouth round my dick. She could taste Scott now, she could imagine what Laura was tasting too. Carrie reached across so she had her hand around the base of my cock. She wanted to taste my cum. After a couple of minutes Carrie felt the start of another orgasm.

There's only one thing Carrie wanted right now and that was my hard dick in her swollen pussy. She moved and slowly lowered herself on to me. Laura did the same to Scott. I was getting close to a huge orgasm. I wanted to fill Carrie with my spunk. She started grinding her groin on me. I loved it when she did that. Carrie starts to cum again. Fuck, I so loved it when Carrie came hard on my dick. I said I was going to cum, she wanted it so much. We heard Scott was going to cum too.

As Carrie ground her pelvis on mine as she came, she felt me starting to shudder, always a sign it was going to be amazing. Carrie felt my dick starting to throb deep inside her, that just made her cum harder. She felt my cum squirt out of my head and hit deep inside her. Fuck, that felt good. I seemed to cum for ages. Scott sounded like he was cumming too, him cumming inside Laura was making her cum too. All four of us are now all cumming together.

As we all laid there, me, deep inside Carrie and Scott deep inside Laura, we started to recover. As both me and Scott started to remove our dicks from both Carrie and Laura, Scott suggested Laura and Carrie should lick the cum out of each other's pussies.

Both Carrie and Laura thought it would be a good idea. As they both moved, Laura laid on top of Carrie with her dripping pussy in Carrie's face, Carrie licked and sucked the come out of Laura. Laura was slurping the come from Carrie's lips, catching any drips with her fingers and licking them.

It took a couple of minutes for them to make sure both their pussies were empty of cum.

Both me and Scotts dicks had now gone limp.

We all made our way to the bathroom.

Scott turned the shower on, Laura and Carrie went in first, taking turns to wash each other. My dick was aching as it tried to get hard once again. Watching Carrie wash another woman all over was something I never thought I’d see, especially this weekend. They made sure they cleaned each other everywhere. Me and Scott stood and watched as they put on the shower show.

Once they had finished and rinsed off, Laura said it was mine and Scotts turn. I’d never been into playing sports so I’d never really shared a shower with another man.

As me and Scott got in the shower, we made small talk about how we'd never explored another man's body. One thing was for sure, our dicks were both worn out from the sex we’d just had.

Scott commented that he'd noticed how big I was and that he felt a bit small in comparison. I said that both our hard cocks had satisfied both Carrie and Laura. I remembered how good it felt to have my dick deep inside Laura's pussy. I started to get hard again. I apologized and said which thought was turning me on. Scott commented that Carrie's pussy felt amazing for a woman who had had two kids.

I mentioned Laura had put her finger up my arse and it felt amazing. Scott said she often did that to him and they often used vibes on each other and he loved having her play with his arse. As we talked about this, my dick started to get hard again, I had no idea how. Scott's also started to show signs of him getting turned on.

Scott asked if he could touch my manhood, no other man had ever touched my dick in a sensual way. I didn't know what to say.

Laura and Carrie were watching us and they both said they'd like to see us play together. I thought for what seemed like ages, Carrie said later it had only been a couple of seconds to say ok.

Both me and Scott looked at Laura and Carrie, they started telling what they wanted to see.

First they wanted us to wank each other, oh well, this was it, my first experience with another bloke, made all the better by being told what to do by two amazingly sexy women.

I gently grasped Scott's ever growing dick. He took hold of mine too. I gently started stroking him up and down under the soapy water. As I did Scott did the same to me. As I reached full attention Laura said she wanted to see Scott suck me.

Scott knelt down in front of me and hesitantly started to put my dick in his mouth. His mouth was a little tougher than Laura's but my mind went into meltdown. It felt good..

As he knelt there, he put his hands on my arse, I felt his fingers start to part my arse cheeks. His finger gradually made its way to my arse hole as he started to give me a blow job, sliding my hard dick in and out of his mouth.

One of his fingers started pressing on my hole, with all the soap, his fingers were slippy and the end of his middle finger broke the seal of my arse and started to gently push into my arse. Wow, I never had been with a bloke. I looked across at Laura and Carrie and they were both playing with each other's pussies. I could see each of their fingers sliding in and out of each other's swollen pussy lips.

This was almost too much. Then Scott stood up. Turned me around, he pulled my right leg up, I could feel his hard dick against my arse hole, I didn't know if I wanted to do this, Laura moaned in pleasure at seeing him so close to fucking me, Carrie's eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head.

They both said it would feel great and they both had had dicks in their arses. I reluctantly said ok.

Luckily the last few hours had taken its toll on Scott's size and he wasn't as big as he had been earlier. He gradually started to push his dick into my waiting hole. It started to slide in. I must admit, it did feel good.

My cock was raging hard now, Laura stood up and even though she had just got dried, she joined us and knelt in front of me, taking my whole dick deep down her throat as I thrust in to Laura and back out, Scott's dick went further inside me. Laura made sure I was going to cum again.

I glanced across at Carrie and she was laid, legs akimbo with the rabbit shoved deep in her pussy and her own finger up her arse.

Scott eventually moved back and his dick slipped out from my arse, it was swiftly replaced with Laura's fingers.

She knelt there, my dick deep in her mouth and her fingers in my arse. I started to feel the orgasm starting. Scott knelt down next to Laura and they took it in turns to suck me off.

The next thing I heard was Carrie's voice, she was starting to moan. That made me more aroused. I was soon to give a whole lot of spunk to Laura and Scott.

Laura was sucking me so well, I could feel my orgasm starting, I started to throb, my cock exploded in Laura's mouth, she took all of my hot load, she didn't swallow. She opened her mouth and kissed Scott. They shared my cum between their mouths in a long passionate kiss. Scott then licked my dick clean.

Laura went to join Carrie and licked her pussy while spreading my cum on her lips as Carrie came over Laura's face.

Me and Scott both got washed and dried.

By the time we had finished, Laura and Carrie had almost got dressed. Both Carrie and Laura had swapped knickers, Carrie was wearing Lauras and Laura was wearing Carries. They said they wanted a little something to remember this by.

As we went back to the living area, Scott said that he had my email address and would send the pictures through. That made both mine and Carrie's hearts miss a beat.

As we made our way out, Laura kissed me on the lips and Scott kissed Carrie. They told us that if we ever wanted to use the cottage again then we were more than welcome and we would get a much better price than this weekend.

Me and Carrie got in the car and started the drive back to Leeds. We both talked about how good the sex had been, both between the two of us but also between the four of us.

We had never been into swinging or sharing but knew it wouldn’t be the last.
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