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Day 2, our little trip to Whitby and fucking like rabbits
As the morning light started to build, I started to wake up. I had told Carrie how grumpy I usually am on a morning until I've had my tea and toast. This morning was different. I woke up with a smile on my face. I laid there and listened to her breath. Geez it was so good to be this close to her. I looked at her and thought to myself she looked younger than me. She really doesn't look her age.

As Carrie started to wake up, I played with her hair. I ran my fingers from her head, spread my fingers and ran them through it till I reached the end. I carried on doing this until she awoke.

"Morning darling" I said.

"Morning" you replied in your morning voice that I loved hearing.

I gave her a good morning hug and got up. I left her in bed to go to make a cuppa.

While I was gone Carrie remembered how I told her about waking up, spooning her and then having fantastic slow, sensual morning love making. This made her twitch a little. Carrie couldn't believe how aroused she’d been the day before.

I got back with the cups of tea. I crawled back into bed and cuddled up behind her. She told me about remembering the spooning. I told her how good it made me feel too. It felt even better to be cuddled up in real life.

As we laid there sharing the warmth of our bodies. Carrie pushed herself back into me. I held her close. The feel of her naked body touching mine started to turn me on. She felt my dick starting to get hard with her arse cheeks. As it got bigger, Carrie opened her legs so I could slide it between her legs. That felt so good.

As I got bigger, I could feel it between her thighs. I had my arms around Carrie, I started to cup her perfect little breasts and tweaked her nipples.

The head of my dick reached the bottom of her pussy. This made her instantly wet. I so want to make slow, passionate love to her. I took my hand and moved her hair from the back of her neck. I kissed and nibbled the back of her neck. This instantly made her wetter and moan involuntarily.

Carrie arched her back a little so I could slide my hard dick inside her warm pussy. It slid in so easily, it felt so natural to put it inside and it fit so well. As we laid there slowly making love, I moved my hand down to her pussy, I wanted to feel my dick slide in and out. I wanted to play with her clit. I had one hand on her breast, one on her clit and my mouth kissing the back of her neck and ear. Her hair draped over my face. She smelt gorgeous.

That was the best way to wake up. Waking up with her in my arms, making love really slow.

As we moved, both of us were just enjoying this feeling. I asked if you would like me further in, further out, up, down, left or right. Carrie had never really thought about it. She said "let's see". We moved so my dick touched her inside in different places. She found that arching her back was the best as I just caught that magic spot.

We carried on making love. We were so relaxed with each other we felt like we could do this all day. It just felt so natural.

We both felt an orgasm starting, we knew how well our brains were already connected, even when we were miles away. When we were next to each other it was even closer. As I slowly pushed myself inside her, I played with her clit, Carrie felt me getting harder as I was building up to filling her pussy with my cum again. I nibbled her ear just before I started to moan as I came. Me nibbling her ear and hearing me moan made her start to cum too. Carrie felt my cum filling her up. It felt just as good as last time. Carrie loved feeling my cock throbbing deep inside her. As we both finished cumming together we laid in each other's arms.

As we started to get out of bed Carrie realized she hadn't brought any clean clothes. I said "look in the drawers and wardrobe". She opened the drawer and there was a choice of three underwear sets. Pretty bras and lace panties. Carrie chose the dark blue set. She started to put them on and they fit perfectly. I smiled to myself as she adjusted her straps.

Carrie looked in the wardrobe and saw a couple of tops, a pair of jeans and a couple of skirts. She asked "What are we doing today?".

"We're going to have some breakfast then head in to Whitby as they've got a music festival on today and tomorrow".

Carrie chose the jeans and a light top. She also noticed there was a cardigan there for her too.

We made our way to the kitchen for breakfast.

"What do you fancy for breakfast hun" I asked as we walked through to the kitchen.

Carrrie giggled.

"Hehe, you've already had that today" I said.

"What have we got?".

"I was thinking of yoghurt and fruit, if you want, you can make us pancakes tomorrow.".

"That sounds great," she replied.

We had breakfast and talked about how amazing it was seeing the northern lights last night. We got ready to head out for the day.

We walked a few minutes to the bus stop, the bus was due in six minutes. We put our arms around each other as we sat on the bench. We kissed and cuddled until the bus arrived. As we sat on the bus we watched the scenery lit in full sunlight as we took the 10 minute ride into Whitby.

We got off the bus, the air felt warm and summery. We walked for a few minutes, we were walking next to each other, my left hand was in the back pocket of her jeans, her right hand was in my back pocket. It felt so good being finally out with each other without hiding away and being worried about being seen together.

We spotted a little cafe and decided it'd be nice to have a cuppa. We went in. Caarrie found a deserted corner on the first floor while I got the teas and a couple of bottles of water. It reminded us of the first time we had lunch in a small cafe in our hometown but this time we got to spend the rest of the day (and night) with each other. We sat with our arms around each other and decided what we were going to do during the day. It's only 10.30am so we had all day to explore. The music festival didn't start till 3pm.

We sat, kissed and cuddled each other. Wow, it felt so good.

We decided to go up to Whitby Abbey. We walked over the bridge and along the narrow streets to the bottom on the steps. As we walked up the steps we had to take our hands out of each others pockets. I tapped her sexy arse as we walked up the steps.

We got to the top and the air was lovely and fresh. We found a bit of spare ground to eat the sandwiches we bought at the cafe.

We laid in the sun holding hands. We laughed and giggled. Carrie said how dirty I had been and how much she had enjoyed the time we’d already spent together so far. She knew how dirty I could be and she knew there were more things we both wanted to try. Carrie saw the bulge in my jeans, it was quite busy at the Abbey and she knew she couldn’t do anything about it although she just wanted to unbutton my flies and suck me till I came in your mouth. Carrie knew how much I'd like that too.

We packed up our picnic and headed back down to the centre. It was getting quite busy with revelers waiting for the start of the festival. We walked as close as we could holding hands.

We followed the crowds to a large tent. We heard music playing, George Ezra, we both sang along.

We got to the tent as the first unknown band started. Carrie stood in front of me and I put my hands on her hips. Wow, she really can move them. I pulled myself close to her and we danced close to each other. The band was really good. After about an hour, the band finished and an announcement said there would be a 30 minute break before the next band. The next band wasn't as good so we went to get a drink while they were playing. We looked at who else was going to be playing and decided we should go back to the cottage so we could watch the sunset together.

We walked back to the bus stop. We had just missed one and it was an hour until the next one. There was a quiet little pub opposite the bus stop so we went for a drink. This time we both had cider. As the alcohol started to take effect, Carrie got more flirty. I played with her thighs through her jeans, she grabbed my bulge and gently squeezed. Mmmm god, that made me hard. A few minutes before the bus was due, we went to the stop and waited. I leant on a wall, Carrie leant against me. I put my arms around her. Carrie wondered if either of us would be able to wait to get back to the cottage before ripping each other's clothes off. I was thinking the same thing.

We got on the bus. Sat at the back and acted like a couple of teenagers. I don’t know how but we managed to control ourselves on the bus, just.

We got off the bus and walked back up the track to the cottage, we were just generally mucking around and having a laugh.

We got back to the cottage about 5.30. Plenty of time to get a shower before sunset.

We got into the cottage and Carrie put the kettle on. It seemed like we'd spent the whole day on our feet.

I went to the bedroom and started to take my clothes off to get a shower, Carrie came into the bedroom as I was taking my jeans off.

"Well hello there" she said.

I turned to her and said "Hi hun. You ok darling?".

"I am now" and she gave me one of those cute little smiles with a glint of mischief in her eye.

"I didn't realize we had a heated jacuzzi outside? Want to give it a go?"

Carrie didn’t need asking twice, Carrie stripped naked and was ready to go in a blink. We got in the warm water and turned the water jets on. It felt really good, the little bubbles caressing our naked bodies.

We sat there in each other's arms as the sun began to set. We always knew we wanted to see it together. As we couldn't get away abroad this year then this was definitely the best way to see it. Both of us, naked, in each other's arms in the warm water. What could be better?

As the sun set, we held each other close, the water moving over our bodies. Our hands touching each other all over. It was one of those moments that only seemed to happen in a dream.

The sky started to glow burnt orange and reds, we could now start to see the stars. We saw the occasional shooting star too.

As the sun set in the west, we started to see the northern lights again. They were not as bright as last night, yet.

Our skin is starting to go all wrinkly as we had been in the water for so long. We decided it was time to get out and have a shower.

I got out, Carrie pinched my bum as I climbed out, I jumped and fell back in with a splash. We both started laughing. I hugged and kissed her naked body. I dunked her under the water in front of me. She came back up and gave me a playful slap. I grabbed her arse while she was under the water. She had an idea, she saw I was turned on while she was under the water.

Carrie said "just stay there". I wondered what she was going to do.

Carrie put her head under the water. Grabbed my hard dick and gave me a quick suck before she had to come up for a breath. Wow, that's something new. I’ve never had a blow job under water.

"Let's go inside and try that properly" I said.

We both got out, we were both soaking wet. It was starting to get a bit chilly outside, so we both ran to the bathroom. I turned the shower on and we got in the double sized shower cubicle. It was a big shower with more than enough room for both of us.

As we stood there under the hot running water. I pressed my hard cock against her tummy.

"Are you going to put that inside me?" she asked.

"That was the plan" I said.

I gently lifted Carrie's right leg, positioned myself so I could slide my hard dick right into her waiting pussy. I couldn't believe how easy it slid in. We started to fuck hard in the shower. I was holding her right leg up making it easy for me to put my whole length all the way in.This made her yelp as the size of my dick was almost a little too big for her small frame and tight hole.

I slipped out as Carrie was so wet. I tried to put it in again, I missed and my head gently pushed at her arsehole. Carrie remembered how good the vibe felt when it was up there.

Carrie asked "do you want to put it in my arse?"

"Only if you want me to" I asked, I really wanted to try as I had never tried anal before.

Carrie's mind was going wild at the thought of my manhood being deep in her arse, it also frightened her as I was quite large. I start gently pushing the end against her ring. It needed some help. I grabbed the baby oil from the shelf in the shower, put some on my dick and rubbed some around her arse. Carrie turned around so her back was towards me.

Carrie held your cheeks apart in anticipation. It started to go in slowly. Her arse was tight, at first it hurt a little, then, once her ring had relaxed, it started to slide in easier. The sensation drove her wild, she started playing with her clit. I put my arms around her and my hand joined hers on her pussy. She guided my hand to the place where she had been touching herself. She let me take over her pleasure from there. Carrie put both her hands up on the showers tiled wall and let me fuck her arse while playing with her clit. It took no time at all for Carrie to have an amazing orgasm. She came all over my hand and fingers. As Carrie finished cumming I stopped playing with her clit but kept my dick buried deep in her arse. Carrie was still trying to recover from her first proper anal. It felt amazing and she knew this wouldn't be the last time my dick would be buried deep in her arse.

I gradually slid it out, she almost came again as it finally came all the way out.

We got some shower gel and shampoo. We washed each other all over, not missing one bit of each other's bodies. Carrie bent over and gave my dick a quick suck. She loved my hard dick in her mouth. We got dried and put the same clothes on as we did last night. Carrie in the sexy see through negligee and me in a T-shirt.

We made our way to the kitchen to get something to eat.

As I was putting the pizza in the oven, Carrie walked past me, I noticed she'd put some of the hold ups on that I'd bought for her. She looked stunning. I hadn't noticed until now but she’d managed to find a pair of crotchless knickers I'd bought for her too. That made my dick so hard again.

She noticed and couldn't help but kneel in front of me and put my hard dick in her mouth again. She could taste my pre-cum, that turned her on so much. She knew I wanted to taste myself on your tongue. I had to lean back on the kitchen counter as my legs are getting weak as it felt so good when Carrie sucked me. I was so hard again.

Carrie cupped my balls with her hand. She took my dick out of her mouth and started sucking my balls, giving them little bites. I jumped a little as she did. Carrie put one of my balls in her mouth and gently sucked it. Carrie looked up at me, saw my dick and me looking down at her with such an amazing look on my face. She loved the enjoyment she was giving me. She swapped to my other ball. She heard me moan as she sucked. It felt so good. Carrie had her hand around my shaft gently wanking me while she sucked my balls.

I said that if she didn't stop then I was going to cum. Carrie had an idea of what she wanted to do with me.

Just then the timer went to let us know the pizza was ready. We were both quite hungry so agreed we should eat.

After dinner, I said, just wait there a minute. I went into the bedroom, Carrie wondered what I was doing. After a few minutes I shouted for her to come through. I’d got my camera set up with the tripod and some flash guns. Carrie knew I had a camera but didn't realize that I had all the kit to go with it. She quickly realized that we were going to have a photo shoot.

Carrie could feel herself starting to twitch at what photos we were going to be taking. I knew I wanted to take some non porn shots of her looking so damn sexy. Carrie laid on the bed, I decided I was going to take the pictures naked so I took my T-shirt off. As I took it off, Carrie could see how excited I was about taking pictures of her.

Carrie started on the bed. I remembered the image she had sent me of a model in hold ups. Carrie lied on the bed, put her legs up on the wall. I took a couple of test shots and moved the flash guns to make sure the pictures were going to be as good as they could be. I started taking a few pictures. Carrie was getting so aroused at me taking pictures of her.

Carrie really couldn't stop herself now. She got off the bed and started kissing me on the lips. She put her hand around my cock and started stroking it, making it harder than it already was. I couldn't stop myself now. I grabbed her, pushed her up against the wall and kissed her passionately. I looked at her, she saw the look in my eyes. That look that said "I'm going to fuck your brains out".

I lifted her up a little to make it easier to let me slide myself inside her. When I was well and truly all inside her, I grabbed her legs and pulled them up around my waist. Carrie was now not touching the floor. I pushed myself onto you against the wall. As we fucked each other, her mind thought of how much she had got excited at the thought of taking pictures of us making love. She told me this and I thought it was a great idea.

We went to bed and I set the camera up with the remote control from my phone. I set it for a couple of seconds delay so I can press the shutter and then get the phone out of the way and out of the picture.

As I laid on the bed, my legs faced the bottom of the bed, where the camera is. Carrie straddled me and gently slid herself on to my hard dick. I took a couple of pictures, all I could think of was seeing her fantastic arse in the air with my dick buried deep in her pussy.

I said, I wanted her to face the camera. She turned around and you lowered herself on to me. The camera could now see your front and my balls. Isn't this reverse cowgirl? I ran a few more pictures off. Carrie leant forward to the camera. I zoomed the camera in on her pussy. I moaned as my dick went even further inside when she. Fuck, that felt so damn hot. I took a few more pictures.

Carrie then had an idea. She gently moved up so my dick was only just inside her, I took a couple more pictures. Without telling me, she moved so my dick is teasing her arsehole. She gently slid it in. Wow, I was not expecting that. She just remembered how good it felt when I was in her arse in the shower earlier. Carrie asked me to take some more pictures, I certainly did.

Carrie started to lean back, showing more of her empty gaping pussy to the camera. This turned her on so much, the pictures showed her juices leaking from her pussy. She could feel her orgasm building. Carrie carried on leaning back, seeing the preview on my phone, I clicked a couple more pictures. It was so hot. She held her pussy lips apart and, not telling me, took a few pictures of my hard dick buried in her arse while holding her pussy lips apart. This was really turning us both on now. I grabbed my phone. She thought of the surprise I was going to get when I looked at pictures later.

Carrie grabbed her handbag, she had been wondering if her pink rabbit would come in handy this weekend.

Carrie could feel my hands caressing her back and playing with her hair.

Carrie showed me her vibe, Carrie felt my dick get a little harder. She wondered what it would feel like for me to come in her arse. Where do you want my cum? I asked. Carrie told me that she was going to fill her pussy with her rabbit while I was all the way in her arse. She started to slide the toy in her swollen pussy. I clicked on the remote and took some more pictures. I started to moan as I felt the vibrations from her rabbit which is now firmly deep in her pussy. She started to feel the ears touching her clit. She started to feel what felt like the biggest orgasm ever starting to happen. Carrie moaned deeply. She heard the camera click a few more times, hearing that made it so much more intense. After I heard her moan, she heard me do the same. Carrie knew I was getting close to blowing my load. Her climax started. The feeling of pleasure of the vibe in her pussy, the ears on her clit and my hard dick deep in her arse was just too much to take. Carrie started to scream. Fuck, wow, neither of us ever thought we'd have such horny and dirty sex.

As soon as Carrie started to cum, she heard the camera click again, this only heightened the feeling. Wow, her orgasm seemed to be lasting for ages. I started to really moan now, she knew what that meant. My dick started to throb in her arse. She just knew that her arse was going to be full of my cum in about 2 seconds.

Fuck, I could feel her warmth all around my hard dick. I could feel the vibrations which were making her cum so hard. Carrie leaning back is giving so much pressure on my dick. I was now exploding in the best arse I have ever seen. Shit, my orgasm was so intense.

Carrie felt my cum hit the inside of her. I'd told you how explosive I can cum. That was the first time she had really felt it, apart from in her mouth. As she leant back further, the feeling of my dick throbbing in her arse, the vibe and now the feeling of my cum hitting deep inside her pussy gives her the most intense orgasm ever. Carrie screamed so loud, she shouted my name. Fuck, she didn't know what to do. This is the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

I just couldn’t stop cumming. I just carried on throbbing and throbbing. Fuck. Carrie heard the camera click a couple more times. Shit, she was now in a completely different place and never experienced such an orgasm before.

We finally start to come down. We took time to clear ourselves up. We then just collapsed in each other's arms. Shit, that was the best love making either of us have ever experienced.

We just laid there, cuddled up. I was on my back, Carrie had head on my chest. She could hear my heart. I just kissed the top of her head every so often.

As we laid there, Carrie could feel the warmth of my body all the way round her. I had my arms around her and our legs were tied in knots. It felt so comfy. We just closed our eyes and fell asleep in each other's arms.

All night every time Carrie stirred, she felt me there with her with my arms around her. She just squeezed me a little and drifted back off to sleep with a big smile on her pretty face.
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