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A small content creator is looking for something to film in Tokyo. She finds an older man, a ramen chef who gives her an experience more satisfying than just a bowl of noodles.
The Travel Vlogger

Gretchen was already regretting her outfit choice. It was her signature look, something her followers expected from her. However, the Tokyo summer was not forgiving, and humidity did not go well with denim. Her snugly fit jeans were becoming uncomfortable, but she would have to endure, at least until after she'd found something to film.

She wasn't even sure what precinct she was in. She had chosen it randomly at the station, looking for a new adventure to share with her subscribers. She must have been quite an image for the many locals walking past. Being slightly above average height back home, she felt a bit oversized here in Japan. Most men here were just below her height, and it was not uncommon for people to stare as they walked past.

Most of her light brown hair was hidden beneath a cap that read Alberta, a reminder of home. Her light European skin tones already made her stand out as a foreigner, as well as her casual outfit of a T-shirt and jeans. Most of the local women were more fashion conscious than she had ever been, even in high school. In one hand was a small tripod that she had attached to her phone. A messenger bag rested across her body, holding anything else she might need for the day.

Realising that the heat wasn't going away any time soon she decided to start walking. Maybe she could find somewhere cool to have lunch. After walking for about twenty minutes she noticed a small ramen shop, the kind of place that was just a hole in the side of a building. In front of it were five stools, three of which were being used by some older Japanese men, chatting calmly, but loudly slurping their noodles.

She walked up and smiled politely at the man serving. He appeared to be in his fifties, with a receding hairline of black and grey. However, beneath his apron and white T-shirt she could see that he was in good shape. He smiled cheerfully and greeted her in Japanese. She must have looked confused because he tried again "American?"

"Canadian" she stated, wondering how much English he knew.

"Ah" he replied confidently "maple syrup and hockey?" He struggled with the word maple, but otherwise his pronunciation was flawless. She found his accent to be quite charming too.

"Yeah, that's the place" she looked around to the three older men "do any of you speak English?"

Two of them looked confused, but the third managed to say "just a little, my darling" and then winked at her.

"Oh" she wasn't expecting that "would any of you mind if I film? I have a small YouTube channel."

He conferred with his friends for a minute before saying "no problemo" and gave her a cute, but slightly awkward, thumbs up. She then turned to look at the shop keeper.

"That's fine with me, it might attract more customers."

"Thank you so much" she said sincerely "and allow me to complement you on your English, it really is good."

"Don't mention it" he replied "as a young man I once bicycled across America, it was good practice."

"It certainly seems that way" she sat down as she spoke and began setting up her tripod "I'm Gretchen by the way, what's your name?"


"That's a nice name" she replied, then switched on her camera "hello internet and welcome back to my channel. As I mentioned in my last video, I am currently exploring the great metropolis that is Tokyo. Today we're taking a break from the big tourist spots to sit down and try a local ramen place. How local is it? Well, if I pan my camera around you can see these silver foxes slurping down noodles like they've been sitting here for decades."

"Hey" the same man responded "are you saying we old?"

"No no" she quickly recovered "I'm telling my viewers that you are experienced, cultured men who know where to find good food. Also, silver fox means you are very handsome."

"Oh" he sat up a little straighter and looked into the camera "hello America people, I am very happy to show you my country. Please come visit me here at my noodle shop." She could hear Minato laughing in the background. It was only her professionalism that stopped her from laughing out loud with him.

Turning the camera around she continued "and this buff piece of meat is called Minato, he will be feeding me today, but don't get jealous girls, you can come visit him too. I'll add the location in the de***********ion below."

"You are very kind" Minato began "but perhaps you should try some ramen first, so you can give an honest review."

"What's your speciality?"

"It's simple, just a basic pork ramen" he started to turn around "I'll have one one ready for you in no time."

"Thanks" she replied, turning her camera back around "while he gets that ready make sure to smash that like button, and subscribe if you haven't already. Also, let me give a shout out to Ibrahim from Colorado who just joined my patreon team. If you wanna join too the link is in the de***********ion and it comes with all sorts of extras, like that bikini photo shoot from Okinawa.

"And don't worry boys, I keep my hat on for every photo, they don't call me the Alberta travel thot for nothing. Actually, that name hasn't really caught on yet, so please spread it around or I'll lose faith in my own ideas, and I'm sure none of you want that." At this point she stopped talking and began pouting at the camera.

"Maybe I should subscribe" Minato said jokingly as he placed a steaming bowl down in front of her.

"Just give me your email" she placed the camera carefully to her left, making sure that both she and Minato were in frame "if these noodles are as good as they smell I will send you the photos for free."

As she lifted a piece of pork to her mouth she could feel him checking out her body. Between the humidity and her tight jeans she already felt uncomfortable. Now, with him staring at her like that, she wished she could take everything off and feel his skin against hers. You're still on camera, she reminded herself, there will be time for that later.

"If you're still watching, first of all thank you. I'm surprised you didn't get bored, since that was just five minutes of me eating ramen. However, that should be enough of an endorsement of Minato, if you find yourself in this part of Tokyo make sure to stop here." At this point she picked up a napkin and began gently wiping around her mouth, all the while maintaining eye contact with the camera. "I'm gonna stop filming now so I can find a way to thank Minato for his patience and elite cooking skills. Thanks again for watching, I'll see you next time. Alberta Girl 96, signing out."

After a few second she switched off her camera and started packing up her tripod.

"Thanks again Minato, I think my viewers will enjoy that once I get it through the editing process."

"No problem" he replied "it was nice to get such attention from a beautiful girl, even if it was just for a video."

"That wasn't just for the video" she smiled "I'll come back at closing time, that is, if you want me?"

"Um" he looked confused (she enjoyed watching him look confused and leaned in to get a better look) "yes, I mean, of course I do. Please come back tonight."

All four men were looking at her as she climbed off the stool. "See you later Minato, bye silver foxes, thanks for a great experience."

It was early evening before she returned to the small shop. It looked like Minato had closed up early and was just finishing off some dishes. They chatted for a while as he finished closing up for the night and it wasn't long before they were riding the elevator up to his small apartment on the sixteenth floor.

Growing up in a suburb in Western Canada, it had taken her some time to get used to the tiny apartments that were common in larger cities. Minato's was no exception and consisted of one large room with a small bathroom being the only space outside of that. Looking around she could see a kitchen area, a small breakfast nook, a double bed mattress on the floor, a built in wardrobe and a computer desk that overlooked the city below. It was currently dusk and she could see lights starting to come on across the city.

"Do you mind if I shower first?" he asked politely.

"Do you mind if I watch?"

He didn't speak, just stripped his shirt off and began walking towards the bathroom. Taking her shoes and socks off, she began to follow.

The bathroom was small, but modern and very clean. She hopped up on the counter and allowed her bare feet to hover over the cool tiles. He was already naked as he stepped into the glass shower. She could feel herself getting wet at the sight of his semi-hard cock.

With cold water pouring over his lean form, she could already see the tension leaving his body. She then hopped off the counter and decided to give him a show. First, she slowly took off her cap and placed it delicately on the nearby tap. Then, she lifted up her shirt to reveal her small breasts.

"No bra" he commented, reaching down and touching himself.

She peeled the rest of her T-shirt off and dropped it lazily to the floor. "I like to keep things simple."

"No strings attached" he joked. She smiled as he began to slowly stroke himself.

Now for the jeans, she thought to herself, once again realising how humid it was today. Button first, then lower the zip to reveal a pair of green panties with yellow flowers on them. After that she began the slow process of peeling denim from her legs. He stood patient while she awkwardly released herself from a day of discomfort. Such a gentlemen. She made a show of folding up her jeans, turning from him and bending right over the place them on the floor. Without unbending she managed to take of her underwear, giving him a full view of everything.

"Do you mind if I shower first?" she asked, repeating his question from earlier. He gently pushed on the glass door. There wasn't much room in the shower, but they both managed to squeeze in beneath the cold water. It was at this moment she noticed she was slightly taller and decided to stand behind him with her head on his shoulder.

Carefully she removed the hand that had been stroking his cock. "Allow me" she whispered seductively into his ear. Taking some shower soap onto her palm she began moving up and down his shaft. Her soapy fingers moved easily and he felt so hard in her hand now. He didn't say much, but his breathing was becoming heavier, more frantic.

"How long has it been since someone else has touched this?" she asked.

"Almost ten years" he replied between breaths.

"That's far too long, a body like yours should be used daily, or at least weekly." She was stroking faster now and suspected he might be close when he started making exclamations in Japanese. Biting down gently on his ear, she kept on stroking until her hand was covered in semen. Minato had cum with such vigour that he was now barely holding himself up and had to push out on the shower wall to maintain balance.

"Thanks babe, after feeling sticky all day, at least now it's for a good reason" she held her hand up so that he could see how much he had released. They didn't say much after that, they didn't need to. She could tell he was grateful and he was saving energy to return the favour. They spent another twenty minutes in there, soaping each other down and washing off the day's sweat.

The sun had gone down, but the night was still warm. Instead of drying off Gretchen grabbed hold of Minato's member and led him towards the desk.

"Would you bend me over the table while I take in the lights of Tokyo?"

"Anything for you" as she positioned herself he reached into a draw and took out a small box of condoms. While he sheathed himself she made a quick check of the date and was pleased to see they had been purchased recently. "I like to be prepared" he said from behind her.

She lifted her head up and focused on the view. What an amazing city, she thought to herself as he entered her body. She held steady on the desk as he began thrusting in and out of her. "Oh babe" she moaned loudly "don't be gentle, I can take it, throw me around like that pork in your shop."

He felt so good inside of her and she was already starting to sweat again. However, it had been a long day of work for him and she could feel him starting to slow. It wasn't long before he pulled out and she could hear him panting like he'd just run a marathon.

She placed one hand under his arm to steady him and the other over his heart. "Poor baby" she purred, feeling his elevated pulse "let's get you on the bed" his nodded his agreement. She carefully laid him down onto the bed. He was still rock hard so she started lining up his penis with her vagina. He looked up at her with admiration and desire as she began to move her hips back and forth.

"Mm, sexy cowgirl" he said after a few minutes.

"No horse required" she laughed, quickening her pace. She could feel her own orgasm getting close and was reaching a point of no return. "Grab my ass babe, grab it hard" she screamed, not slowing as he reached forward and claimed two handfuls of flesh. This moment was pure ecstasy, although later she would wonder how many of his neighbours might have heard her. For now she just let the waves of pleasure move through her body.

Anyone looking in at that moment would have seen her glistening body, bouncing up and down, her head thrown back blissfully as her ass cheeks were gripped by the skilled hands of a naked ramen chef. Her body was spent and she soon collapsed on top of her lover.

Rolling off of him and onto her back she let out a long sigh "fuck me, that was amazing."

"Thank you" Minato smiled pleasantly as he shifted an arm underneath her.

She moved closer to him and rested her head against his chest "seriously babe, you don't know how much I needed that."

"As much as what I need before?"

"Mm, that's true. Most guys don't cum that much just from a hand job."

Minato was soon asleep after that. Gretchen lay comfortably in his arm as he gently snored in his sleep. What a night, she thought, here she was in Tokyo with a man she'd just met, a man who had satisfied her with both culinary and sexual healing. It would be perfect if she didn't have a sudden urge to pee.

After using the toilet and washing her hands she was back in the main room of the apartment. Her lover was sleeping peacefully on the floor and the city lights shined through the glass. The air was still warm enough that she could stand naked before the window. Looking out at the other buildings she wondered if anyone else was doing this too.
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