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I bang Jen's pussy hard and cum on her sisters toes.
I had this fantastic sex dream about a day or two after seeing Ashley and her sister Jen. If you’ve read my other stories you know how Ashley is set up. 6 foot tall, reddish brown hair, milky white skin. Firm “C” cup titties with little pink rock hard nipples. Long shapely muscular legs. A nice round firm ass. One of the most beautiful pussies I’ve seen in a while. With the cutest pubic mound and landing strip to top it off. Plus a suckable taint and asshole that I’ve been driving my cock into now for a while. But this story was before we got to where we are now.

It was the night of the costume party that Jen invited me to at her house. When she opened the door, my jaw nearly hit the floor. Jen stands about 5’8” but with the 5” heels she had on, she was a solid 6 foot. Her bright red peep toe heels caught my eye right away. I could see her cute little toes painted in a mauve color. It made them stand out from the bright color of the heels. Her feet looked sexy as hell in them. Her high arches sticking up out of the sides. You could see the tightness in her feet flexing when she moved. All I could think about was dropping a load of cum right onto the tops of her feet. I worked my eyes up her body. Her legs long and toned, you could see the strength in them through her skin tight leggings. Her labia was puffed up so much, that her camel toe was poking outward enough that you could see the shape of her slit. Her stomach somewhat flat under her tight shirt that exposed just enough to see her belly button and some skin. Her big beautiful “D” tits spilling out of the top. You could see the lace of her bra sticking up through all of her cleavage. A beautiful seductive smile with big brown eyes. Her long brown hair falling down to the middle of her back. “Hi guy” she hollered out. “Great costume, I like the heels.” I tell her as I walk in the door. “Yeah I don’t get to wear these ones much so I’m trying to put them to good use tonight.” She giggled as we worked our way into the house.

The party lasted for a couple hours as it was winding down people started dispersing into different parts of the house. Some downstairs, some into the garage. Jen was walking around making my cock hard with the clicking of her heels. Watching her legs and feet flex with power every time she walked by. I was sitting on the couch with Ashley and some how or another the three of us ended up talking. They were talking about which shoes looked best with certain outfits and what not, when I mentioned to Jen. “Yeah what else you got in your collection.” She gave a little chuckle “Ohh I got lots.”

She walked out and up the stairs. I looked to her sister. “See what he thinks about the black ones.” She yelled out to her sister. “I told her you like heels, she has some that she hasn’t gotten to wear yet so she wants to see if they look good on her.” Ashley said with a little smirk. “Plus I know it’s going to turn you on.” As she patted my leg. “Yeah I’m sure it will.” I said with smile across my face.

I hear Jen coming back down the stairs. I see peak around the corner as she put about 6 boxes of shoes on the floor. “Hey no peaking mister.” As she caught me looking. “Just sit down and watch.” As I turn an go to sit. I see Ashley had already taken her shoes off and slipped her costume off and was just in some boy shorts and a tank top. I sit down on the couch as she climbed up onto the back of it behind me. Her legs draped down my at my sides.

I hear clicking coming down towards me, as I turn I see Jen walking in. Strutting like she’s on a runway fashion show. Her hips gyrating wildly. Her legs sending all their power down to the floor. The muscles in her feet flexing. She had on a pair of black patent leather open toe stilettoes about 6” high. Her feet arched upwards from the height of them. Her toes sticking out showing the rest of her sexy feet off. The insides had small cut aways, showing her entire arch off. The rest of her costume gone away leaving just a skin tight shirt and leggings. With her bra gone I can see her rock hard nipples pushing through the shirt and the round fullness of her “D” tits as they swayed back and forth. For being that big they hardly didn’t sag. She did a couple turns and turned to the side when she finished showing me her firm round ass. “Well do you like them?” She asked me. “Ooh yeah, they look sexy on you. Damn your feet look gorgeous.” I say to her.

As I continue to watch Jen walk around. I feel Ashley take her legs and drape them down over me, her feet landing on my crotch. She rubs her feet around till she found my cock. Already hard from watching the little show. “Mmmm yeah I think someone really likes them.” Ashley seductively says. “You should feel how hard his cock is.” She keeps rubbing her foot across my cock. I turn my face into her thighs and start kissing on them. Jen turns towards me. “Well let’s see what happens with the other ones.” She struts off to change to a different pair. The show continued on for about ten minutes. Showing off her heels to me. Strappy sandals, pointy toe, peep toes. She had a pair of blue/green glittery heels that I loved. They had a little platform on them which helped her walk with the 7” heel on them. They made her legs look even longer and lifted her ass up even tighter. She had some toe cleavage which was turning me on so much that my cock started to throb. “Mmmm yeah I love feeling your cock throb. I wanna feel you throbbing inside me.” Ashley says into my ear. Jen comes back in with the last pair. Black satin peep toes with 5” heels and side cut outs on both sides.”These are my power pumps. I wear them everywhere.”Jen says showing them off. They made her feet look so sexy. I could feel my cock stretch even more.

I couldn’t help it anymore. I unsnap my pants and slide them all the way down to my ankles. Ashley’s feet find my cock and she starts rubbing them up and down my cock. “Mmmm yeah you were right, his cock is really hard.” I hear Jen say, as I watch Ashley’s feet stroke my throbbing cock. Jen sits down in a chair across from me. She slips off her heels and peels off her leggings. Her blue satin thong barely covering her swollen labia. I can see a wet spot forming on the front of them. Slipping her heels back on, sliding the chair towards me. Her feet landing right in front me. “Uhhh fuck his cock is so hard. You should feel it.” Ashley telling Jen. “Looks like he’s enjoying your foot job Ash.” As Jen starts rubbing her foot up my leg.

Ashley pulls her legs back away as Jen starts rubbing her heels around my crotch. Sticking her toes up under my balls, flicking her toes off my sack. She sticks the 5” heels into my groin as she grasps my shaft with the toes of her heels. The slippery satin sliding up and down my cock. She squeezes hard on my cock making the blood rush to my tip making it turn purple and swollen. Soon my cock starts leaking precum. The clear sticky fluid starts sliding down onto my shaft. Ashley leans over me and wipes up some of it with her finger. Sucking her finger clean in her mouth “Mmmm he tastes good, you should try it.” Telling her sister.

Jen continued to stroke my throbbing cock with her feet, my precum leaking even more. I can see it rolling down and landing on the sides of her heels every time she stroked up towards my tip. “I think he wants to cum on my feet, don’t you. Hmm, yeah you like that don’t you.” Jen says seductively. “UH UH UH yeah fuck. Don’t stop. Fuck. yess yess. Ahh Ahh Ahh.” I groan out. Jen starts stroking faster and faster. I can feel my balls tightening and the build up in the base of my shaft. “Yeah that’s it cum on my feet, give it to me.” Jen says to me. Almost on command my cock explodes. “UHH UHH UHH yesss FUCK UHH UHH.” I moan out as I spew rope after rope of cum. The first blast shoots out and lands up her leg. Cum pouring out of me and landing on her heels. Another orgasm comes through my shaft, cum shooting straight up and landing on the tops of her feet. I watch it run down into her toes. Jen releases my throbbing cumming cock. Ashley reaches over the top of me and starts jerking the rest of the cum out of me with her hand. I feel the last of the pressure in the base of my shaft as the last two orgasms spew out of me. Cum coating her hand.

Jen pushes back the chair and kicks her heels off. Rubbing her feet together, spreading my cum all over her toes and feet. She starts rubbing on her swollen pussy, her thong soaked now. Ashley slides down from behind me, licking the cum from her hand. “Mmmm that was fun to watch.” She says sitting next to me. I grab her head and push it into my crotch. She takes my semi hard cock into her mouth sucking the cum off it. My head rolls back as she swallows me whole gagging as she bottoms out on my shaft. When I pick my head up I see Jen stand up and slide her thong down her toned legs. Picking up pieces of cum still stuck to her legs and licking them off of her fingers. She sits back down and pulls her feet to her mouth and licks what cum she can off her toes. “Wow I didn’t realize how flexible you were.” I told her. “Yeah all those years of dance helped.” She said back to me with a smile. As she cleaned her feet off. “I have other parts that are flexible on my body too.” She said seductively. “Mmmm I bet you do sexy.” I say back to her. Ashley lifts her head. My cock almost hard again and soaked in spit. As she jerks on my shaft. “Mmmm I wanna ride your cock babe.” She tells me.

I move to the floor, Jen still sitting in the chair rubbing her soaked pussy. Ashley strips down naked and climbs on top of me, she squats down grabbing me by the base of my shaft. She flicks my tip off her clit a couple times, then puts me inside of her. She pushes down twice, taking all of me inside of her. She shifts around to her knees. Sitting on top of me I can feel her pussy opening up taking the rest of my shaft. “Mmmm yeah Ohh FUCK UHH UHH.” She moans out as I feel her pubic mound dig into me as she grinds on top of me. “Uhh fuck his cock feels so good Mmm.” She grinded and moaned away. She leaned forward a little lifting her ass up and sliding back down on my cock a few times. “Ohh FUCK yesss yesss.” She cried out as she thrusted on me.

I look up and signal to Jen to come over. She gets up and stands above me. She starts rubbing her foot on my chest working her way to my face. Her feet were silky smooth and sexy. I could feel the strength in her toes when she pressed them downward. I grab her foot and stick her toes into my mouth. Sucking on them hard. Licking them one by one. “Mmmm that feels so good keep going.” She moaned to me as she started to rub her pussy again. I suck on her toes some more and switch to her other foot and copy what I did on the other. I can see her juices leaking from her pussy running down the inside of her thigh. I take her foot from my mouth. “Sit on my face baby, let me suck on that beautiful pussy of yours.” I tell her as she turns and squats down on my face. I grab her ass and aim her taint right for my mouth. I lick her gash and flick her clit with my tongue. “Ohh yeah that feels good stud.” She tells me. She rocks back and forth on my face. I bury my tongue inside of her folds a few times making her gasp a little. Then I suck on her beautiful little pussy lips. Pulling them into my mouth and rolling my tongue over them. Grabbing her clit in my mouth, I suck on it wildly, pulling it away from its hood. “Mmmm yeah that’s it, Oohh Oohh.” She moans. I feel her push down more on my face, grinding her clit into my mouth. “Ahh Ahh yess baby Mmmmm yeah ahh fuckk.” Jen moans out.

Ashley moaning away while riding my cock calls out. “Mmmm yeah UH UH UH suck her pussy. I could tell it was turning her on as she watched her sister grid her pussy onto my face.I could feel her wetness leaking out and down onto my balls. Her thrusts get longer riding all the way up and down my shaft as I feel her bottom out on me. I released Jen’s clit and shift to her taint. Licking and sucking around it. My tongue popping inside her asshole every so often which made her call out “AHHH” every time I penetrated her hole. I suck hard on her taint pulling it into my mouth. “Ohh FUCK UHH UHH UHH yesss FUCK UHH yesss yesss yesss.” Jen screams out in ecstasy. Grinding her holes into my face, I suck at her juices flowing from her. “Uhh fuck I want your cock now.” She tells me as she stands up.

Ashley rolls to side off my cock. Straddling me to the one side. Jen moves around to the other side. “Mmmm you are going to love his cock it feels so good inside.” Ashley tells Jen as she grabs my rock hard cock and slides forward rubbing her pussy up against it. “Come feel how hard it is with me.” Jen sliding forward, intertwining her legs with Ashley’s. My cock sandwiched in between both their wet pussies. They start scissoring with each other using my cock as a barrier.”UH UH Mmm yeah do you feel how hard it is.” Ashley asking her sister. “Mm Mm Mm, it’s making me so wet.” Jen moans out. I watch my cock get coated in both of their pussies cum. “Mmmm I want his cock inside of me Uh Uh Uh.” Jen says to Ashley through their panting moans. They scissor for a couple more times then slide away. “Jen’s only had one other cock, so go easy on her.” Ashley tells me. “Well I’ll let her go at her own pace till she loosens up.” I tell her. Jen moves around and strips her shirt off as her big voluptuous tits pop out and sway around as she gets ready to sit down on my cock. Ashley kneeling next to me holding the base of my cock waiting for her sisters pussy to slide on to it. “I hope I can take all of it.” Jen says out loudly.

Jen squats down onto the tip of my cock. I can feel her tightness squeezing my tip. She slides up and down a few times taking small amounts of my cock into her tight pussy. I can feel her gripping me. “Damn girl you are tight. We’ll have to work on loosening you up a bit.” I say to her with a moan in my voice. “ Just don’t, Ahh Ahh, break me.” She moaned out through her panting with a little smirk and a seductive look. She kept taking small amounts of my shaft into her. She made it about three quarters of the way down on me when she stopped and just sat there. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock, her folds trying to loosen up to let me inside of her deeper. “Uhhhh Fuck Ahhh.” She grunted out as I can feel her slowly sliding the rest of the way down. “UHHHH Yes Yes UHHH OH FUCK is that big.” She screamed out as she bottomed out on me. I could feel Jen’s cervix touching the tip of my cock, her pubic mound pushing into me. “UHH Fuck yess, damn you feel so good Mmmm.” I say to her. As she sits on top of me catching her breathe. She starts to rock back and forth a little. Her breasts smacking off each other and her body. Her nipples rock hard and standing erect. I reach out and grab them. Her breasts firm in my hands as I rub them, gripping her pink hard nipples with my fingers. Her wetness trapped inside, I feel my cock sliding around. She slowly starts thrusting up and down on me. Her ass cheeks smacking off my thighs. “Uhh fuck it feels like you’re trying to break my cock.” I say to her grunting. “Mmm yeah you like that, Uhh your cock feels so good inside me. Ahh Ahh your so deep in me.”

As Jen slides up and down on my cock, I hear clicking from heels. I see Ashley walking down towards us. She has on a pair of blue, thin two strap sandals on. I’ve seen her wear those before but, not when she was completely naked like she was now. “Damn you look so sexy Uh Uh Uh.” I say in a grunting voice as I feel Jen’s pussy gripping on my shaft and her breasts smacking off my chin as she rides me hard. “Yeah I thought you would like them... I think you’ll like this too.” She said to me swinging a little velvet bag around. “What’s in the bag?” I ask. She opens up the bag and pulls out a shiny jeweled chrome metal butt plug. “There’s supposed to be two of them, this one is for Jen.” she tells me. “Well where’s yours at?” I ask. She walks up to me, puts her heel on my chest and squats down in front of my face. “Right here... Do you see it?” She asks me as her heel sinks in. My eyes stare at amazement of the plug sticking from her asshole. The jeweled head glistening in the light. Her pussy still wet from grinding on my cock with her sister. “Mmmm damn that looks amazing.. can’t wait to pull it out and stick my cock in there.” I tell her.

I turn to look at Jen, her face flushed, beads of sweat starting to appear on her brow. Her breasts glowing with sweat as they rub against my chest. Her breathing heavy with passion. “Time to see how flexible you are you naughty girl.” I say to her as I grab her hips and push her over on to her back. I put her legs up on my shoulders. I grab my cock and slide it in her wet slit, till I bottom out. “AHHHHHH Ohh FUCK... UH UH UH oh god yes.” She yells out. I start my thrusts long and slow, I can feel my cock hit her back wall every time I bottom out on her. “Damn your pussy feels good.” I tell her. As I start to pick up my pace. “Ohh FUCK Yeah Yeah pound my pussy Yeah UH UH UH Ohhhh.” Jen moans and yells to me. I keep driving into her hard, my pelvis smacking off her thighs making a loud clapping sound. “Yeah keep going Ohh FUCK UHH UHH yesss... fuck me harder.. yeah that’s it Oohh... Ahhh Ahhh.. don’t stop UH UH UH.” she moans out. I can feel her climax building. Her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Her legs start to shake, her pussy clamping down on my throbbing cock. My balls tightening, I could feel the pressure build in the base of my shaft. “Uhh fuck I wanna cum all over Ashley’s feet.” I tell her. “What’s wrong with mine?” Jen asks me grunting. “I already cummed on yours... plus her feet look really sexy with those heels.” I grunt back to her. I keep pounding her soaked pussy, her breathing getting heavier and her legs shaking more. I grab her ankles and hold her legs apart and slide long slow and deep into her a couple times. “Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh.” She screams out. I put her feet onto my chest. “Oh my God Uhh Uhh Fuck yess that's it keep hitting that spot.. you’re going to make me cum Uhhhh.” I grab her one ankle and put her foot to my face and stick a couple toes in my mouth and suck down hard on them. “UHHHH UHHHH yesss yesss yesss FUCK.. Ahhhh.. I’m Cumming I’m Cumming.. Ahhhh Ahhhh Ohhhh Ffuucckk. She screams with pleasure. Her legs shake wildly, I can feel her pussy flexing around my cock as her pussy creams on my shaft. I keep pumping into her a few more times, I can feel my precum leaking as she continues to orgasm “UHH UHH Fuck yess.” I moan as I pull out.

Gripping my cock hard I stand up and turn around to Ashley sitting on a chair behind me. She already has her feet raised up in the air. I aim my cock for her toes and release my shaft, I feel the pressure climbing through my cock and explode out my tip. “Uhh Uhh Uhh Uhh FUCK Yeah.” I grunt as I throw my head back. Rope after rope after rope of cum shoots out of me and all over Ashley’s feet. I lean in and rub my cock on her toes and feet. The last bits of my cum leaking out of my shaft. My body shakes from the last orgasm pulsing through my balls. “FUCK, UHH.. UHH.. Damn that was good.” I let out as I try to catch my breath. “I would say so.. mmmm yeah, look at all that cum on my feet. God that’s so hot” Ashley says to me as she rubs her feet together smearing the cum all over. Some drips down to floor. Her feet glistening with my fluids. I smack my cock off her feet rubbing my cum around. “Damn that’s so sexy watching you do that.” I tell her as she quickly grips the tip of my shaft squeezing out the last drops of cum. “Mmmm I love watching you cum... I wanna feel you cum in my ass next.” She tells me looking at me seductively as she wipes some cum from her foot with her finger and sticks it into her mouth sucking it clean. I watch her lick cum from her feet and toes a few more times. “Speaking of anal.. where’s that plug of your sister’s” I ask Ashley as she picks it up from the other chair. “Right here.” Gasping she asks “Are you going to put it in her?.. ohh I wanna watch this.”

I turn back to Jen, she’s still laying on her back breathing heavy. I see her rubbing her breasts and twisting her nipples. Her fingers finding her soaked gash every so often and then taking her fingers back to her mouth for a small taste of herself. I move towards her head. My cock pulsing and still half erect swinging near her face. I call out to her as she opens her eyes seeing my cock right in front of her. I hold her head still as I lunge my shaft all the way into her mouth. She gags on it a little as my pelvis touches her nose. I can feel her roll her tongue around. The tip touching the base of my shaft and balls. Slowly she starts rubbing on my balls. Twisting and pulling gently. I can feel my taint flexing. She pushes me out of her mouth and lifts my half erect cock up. Pulling me forward to her she opens her mouth and slowly sucks in one my balls. Rolling it around in her mouth. She switches to the other one and picks up on the sucking action. She stops and uses her finger to push both balls in her mouth. She sucks harder and harder. Pulling them down all the way down into her mouth. Still holding my cock in her hand she slowly starts jerking me off. I feel my balls tightening up but I know I’m spent. I feel my cock and balls flex. “Ohh FUCK UHH yesss.” I cry out trying to catch my breath. Some fluid escapes my tip and on to her hand. She pops my balls from her mouth. “Mmmm I knew you still had something left in you.” Jen says seductively as she licks her hand clean.

“My turn... Ass up sexy.” I say to Jen as I lightly tap the butt plug off her the side of her mouth. She rolls over flat on her stomach and slowly slides upwards on to all fours. I get behind her and push her head down to the floor making her ass rise up more. I grab her ass cheeks and spread her ass open and shove my tongue inside her soaked pussy getting a taste. “Mmmm” I moan out. “Yeah you like that pussy. Mmmm yeah, suck on me more stud” she calls out her breathing picking up. “Uhhh Uhhh, yeah I can feel your tongue in me, Mmmm.” I feel her wetness on my tongue and take a small ball of it on the tip of my tongue and slide up towards her tight asshole. I rim her asshole while I rub on her clit. I start to gape her ass with my tongue, driving my tongue inside Jen starts to rock her hips and moan “Ahh yess baby Mmmmm yeah lick my ass.” I can feel the tightness of her sphincter around my tongue. The plug was a decent size and I was wondering if it would even fit in her. I soak her hole as much as I could. I take the plug and role it around her hole, stabbing it in to her hole every so often. “Mmmm yeah, put it in me stud, stretch my ass out.” I take the the plug and start pushing it into her tight asshole, slowly pushing it in giving her ass time to stretch open. “Yess yess, Uh Uh Uh ohh FUCK yesss.” Jen screams out in ecstasy. I push down on the plug driving it in to her tight hole.” Uhh Uhh yeah put it in me, yess yess push it in Ahh Ahh FUCK yesss.” I watch as her ass swallows it whole. Her ass flexing around it, she comes up to all fours as she flexes her hips back and forth. I see her asshole trying to push it back out. I push down on the jeweled head and hold it inside of her. “ Mmmm yeah it feels so good inside of me, I told you I was flexible.” Jen looks back at me seductively. “Damn that was so sexy watching you take that. I can’t wait to watch my cock slide in there.”

“OMG What The Hell Is Going On In Here?!”... I turn and see Jackie standing above me and Jen. Jackie... Me and Jen’s cute and cubby friend that went to school with us. Jackie had a dyed red Pickie haircut, she was originally a curly blonde growing up. A cute cubby face, pretty eyes. Small “C” cup boobs. A little round soft tummy. A big round ass, thick thighs, muscular calves. Her small cubby feet with cute little toes made her a very fuckable package. She was the type of girl who could take a pounding and I later found out liked getting fucked hard.

“Mmmm oh Hi Jackie, just having some fun.. you should join us.” Jen says to her as she gets to her feet. “Hi Jackie.. cute shoes.” I say to her. She was wearing a pair of flats that showed a good amount of toe cleavage and made her chubby little feet look gorgeous. As I stand up, my cock hanging out in front of me. I can see her eyes fall down to it. I watch as she covers her mouth with her hand as she gasped “ohh my.” She looks back up to me. I smirk at her as I turn to Ashley and Jen. “I’m going upstairs to clean up and rest. You girls come up when you’re ready. I turn back to Jackie. “You can come watch more or join if you want.” I say to her as I watch her blush. I give her a little smack on her ass as I walk by her, she let out a little “Ooh”.

I walk upstairs thinking about what a fun night it was so far and hoping it would continue...

Story continues in- Plug Party
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