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This is a work of pure fiction. All characters are 18+ Please feel free to leave a comment
Significant changes happened over the next few days. For one thing, I caught a lot more glimpses of Alayna in various states of undress. It was weird, whenever Sasha was around Alayna was cold, pretty standoffish, and dressed either in her scrubs or fully clothed in extra modest clothing. But when it was just the two of us in the apartment, or Sasha was asleep, Alayna walked around in either just a t-shirt and panties or a flimsy little bathrobe that she only loosely tied. She had such a tight, skinny body. Her bikini panties barely covered her ass and even though her tits looked to be pretty small, seeing so much flesh was leaving me walking around with a perpetual hard-on which was impossible to hide since I mostly wore basketball shorts or sweatpants at home. More than once I thought I noticed Alayna checking me out and even giving me a knowing little smirk. Thankfully, Sasha was keeping me plenty satisfied, usually fucking me every morning and either jerking me off or giving me a blowjob every night before work.

Alayna and I also started spending more time together once I started going back to school since the campus was on her way to her hospital. She became a lot friendlier in the car, to the point of even being touchy-feely. For the most part we just shot the proverbial shit but eventually Alayna started asking more personal questions which I at first thought was just her way of getting to know me better but I was shocked one morning when she started bringing up Sasha and my sexual history.

“So, did Sasha and you fool around when you were still in the hospital or did she wait until you moved in?”

“Hey, I’m really not one to kiss and tell.”

“I’m just curious, I would never do anything to get Sasha in trouble you know. I think all nurses have fantasies. I know I have. Would be pretty hot to have my way with some hot patient all laid up in bed, at my mercy. God, the thought of it makes me all hot and bothered, you know what I mean?”

“I guess so. Everyone probably has workplace or school fantasies. Let’s just say Sasha and I became really close while I was still in the hospital.”

“Come on. You guys were all over each other the second you moved in. Throw me a bone here, it’s been months since I’ve gotten laid and a vibrator only takes me so far.”

I couldn’t believe Alayna was being so open about her sex life. I was literally speechless.

“What, you didn’t know girls masturbated? Guys don’t have a monopoly on orgasms you know. Girls need to cum too.”

Alayna sensed my discomfort so naturally she placed her hand on my leg, just below my thigh. “Am I making you uncomfortable, Danny?”

I was sure I was blushing at this point but I didn’t want to give any ground so I mustered up whatever bravado I had and responded “Just think, if my accident had been on this side of town the ambulance could have brought me to your hospital that night. Who knows what would have happened between the two of us? How are your sponge bath skills?”

“Second to none if I do say so myself. Holy shit, that’s it isn’t it? She jerked you off during a sponge bath didn’t she?”

I was grateful that we were about to pull up to my drop-off spot on campus. “My lips are sealed,” I said as I unbuckled my seatbelt and started to exit Alayna’s car. I decided to try to give her a dose of her own medicine. “If you want the full details you’ll have to give me more than just a ride to school.”

I grabbed my cane and backpack and slammed the passenger door behind me probably a little too hard. But I was getting pissed. Where did she get off talking to me like that? Especially given that she’d been so hot and cold ever since I moved in. I decided then and there I’d have to talk to Sasha about it. Clearly something was going on and I didn’t want to be the cause or get involved in the drama.

I was getting along pretty well with just my cane, making it to classes on my own. Having my lectures online made it easy for me to keep up with all my classes so even though I’d missed almost a month of school I pretty much picked things up right where I’d left off.

I don’t know if it was the fact that I was injured and had my cane, or the fact that I’d missed so much school but I definitely noticed a big increase in my popularity in all my classes. Schoolmates I’d never spoken to before offered to help carry my backpack, walking slower with me and even offering to help me catch up with all the class material I’d missed. This one girl, Samantha, who I knew from the women’s swim team, was in my English Lit class and asked if I wanted to study with her and some of her friends in the class to help catch me up. Sam, as she told me to call her, was a light skinned redhead who, if I’m being honest, I’d had a little crush on before I met Sasha. I felt kind of guilty that I really didn’t need any help so I told her to let me know when they were having their next study session and I’d try to make it. Sam asked for my phone, dialed her number and pressed ‘send’ so we’d have each other’s contact information. She let her hand graze mine when she gave me back the phone and I had a slight suspicion that she was flirting with me. My suspicion was mostly confirmed when I saw “Sam” in my contact list surrounded by two heart emojis on either side of her name.

It’s funny. I don’t know if Sam would have given me a second look before my accident. I couldn’t help but get the feeling that I had a newfound confidence about me. In the past, I only really felt myself when I was swimming, or around the pool. Maybe having Sasha in my life was making me feel well, more like myself. I had to laugh when that thought popped into my head. Having a girlfriend would make me more attractive to other girls. I’ll be damned If that wasn’t a catch-22.

Things were going great with Sasha, so great that I couldn’t help but get the feeling that something wasn’t quite right, or I would do something to mess up what we had. I honestly didn’t know how we’d continue our relationship once I moved back into the dorms. I admit, I also was nervous that ever since we met Sasha was maybe just feeling pity for me and my situation and would simply lose interest in me once she was no longer taking care of me.

I decided to push all those thoughts to the back of my head. Sasha and I were fine, and if I was giving off some vibes that made me more desirable to the pretty girls in school, I’d just have to live with that.

One of the great things about Sasha’s apartment building was that it had its own indoor heated swimming pool. The following Friday night, Sasha was off from work which meant she could get a good night’s sleep and spend some time with me before going into work on Saturday. We ended up going down to the pool and even though I couldn’t really swim, being back in the water felt great. I had on a regular red pair of swim trunks and Sasha had a sexy little black, one-piece suit with open slits cut up the sides. A physical therapist friend from the hospital had given Sasha some tips on what kind of exercises I could do in the pool but I wasn't really feeling it so I told Sasha I’d rather just enjoy being back in my happy place, this time with my girlfriend.

“Ooh, so I’m your girlfriend, huh?” Sasha smiled as she cozied up next to me in the water. “Don’t you think you should ask me if I even want to be your girlfriend before you make such a big pronouncement?”

I swear, the only thing this girl loved more than teasing me was making me cum so I guess I really couldn’t complain.

Leaning up against the wall of the pool, I pulled Sasha close so she was basically sitting on my lap. “Sasha, would you be my girlfriend?” It sounded corny coming out of my mouth but when Sasha wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a long, sweet, passionate kiss I knew her answer and it suddenly felt much more right.

“So that’s a yes?” I asked when Sasha finally let me up for some air.

Still face to face, alone in the pool Sasha’s face turned serious. “It’s a yes Danny, if you’ll have me. We need to talk about a few things though. I wasn’t sure where this thing between us was going, so I’ve been avoiding this conversation. But it’s time.” A thoughtful and maybe also a look of embarrassment came across Sasha’s face, and I could tell she was looking for the right words to say.

Uh oh. Here comes whatever I was dreading. My gut was telling me something was off and here it is.

“You can tell me anything,” I finally got out, hoping to just rip this band-aid right off and pick up the pieces wherever they may fall. I know I was mixing metaphors but I couldn’t quite think clearly at the moment.

“It’s not easy, but here goes. I want you to know that I care about you a lot. In fact, I think I love you, Danny. I know that may be weird being that we haven’t known each other for long but something about you, something about the way I feel when I’m around you. I’ve felt it since we first met. I wasn’t expecting to.”

I could see tears starting to form in her eyes. So far this didn’t sound so bad but I knew there had to be a ‘but’ coming soon. I just continued to hold her, hoping to convey my feelings that she could say anything to me.

“I’ve never been really big on labels. Best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend.” She paused. “Gay, straight,…bi.” Sasha looked up at me, pleading with her big brown eyes.

I tried to keep my face looking normal but I’m sure it showed the shock that I felt. “You and Alayna?”

She gave me a nod. “We met in college. We’ve been best friends ever since. We've lived together since the start of nursing school. I guess when it started I thought we were just fooling around but we’re basically each other’s family. Oh, Danny I should have told you sooner but I really didn’t know how and I didn’t know where we were going and I hadn’t been attracted at all to any guy for so long…”

I pulled Sasha close, letting her know she didn’t have to say anything else. There’d be time to discuss everything, right now I just wanted her to feel safe in my arms.

Alayna’s mood swings started to make some sense. She probably didn’t know what to make of me when I moved in. I thought she might have been jealous of Sasha having a boyfriend in the apartment but it turns out she was jealous of me having a relationship with her girlfriend. I’d never felt so out of place in the water.

“It’s probably not a great time to ask right now, but what does this mean for us?” I pondered aloud. “I care about you too. I can say I don’t want things to change but I think change is pretty much inevitable.”

“I don’t want anything to change either. I guess that’s really selfish of me though. I want to be honest with you. I love Alayna, but it’s not like I’m in love with her. Like we’re never going to get married. Ok, so I believe in some labels. I don’t think of myself as a lesbian. I mean, I’m not attracted to all girls. Or guys for that matter. I’m attracted to the person. I know it’s a double standard but I guess I don’t really see it as cheating on Alayna when I’m with you. The other way around is more complicated. She knows about you but you didn’t know about her.”

“What does Alayna think about it?” I almost brought up the conversations we’d had in the car of late but I thought better of it.

“We had a long talk before you moved in. I don’t think she’ll ever love the idea of me being with you but she understands me and ‘gets me’ more than I think I get myself sometimes.”

More of our conversations started making sense now. Alayna must have been testing me. Seeing what kind of guy I was, whether I was worthy of Sasha, not just as her friend but as someone she could share Sasha with.

“Alayna is a lesbian, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, sorry. Guess that takes the whole threesome thing off the table.”

We both had to laugh at that. I was grateful Sasha could bring some levity to our otherwise heavy conversation.

“What are you thinking?” Sasha asked after neither of us said a word for a long few minutes.

“I feel like an asshole.”

Sasha was laughing so hard she was literally shaking in my arms. “Oh my god, I was not expecting you to say that. Why on earth would you feel like an asshole?”

“Here I am throwing a wrench into your life. Alayna must hate me. I moved in and started sleeping with her girlfriend.”

“Technically we were fooling around before you moved in. Danny, I don’t want you to think terrible of me, but Alayna and I have each been with other girls since we’ve been together. Like I said, we’re not getting married, but we’re just..I don’t know. We’ve basically come to an agreement that we’re just always going to be in each other’s lives. Does that make sense?”

“When you say it, it makes sense but I think when I play this conversation back in my head later on I might have about a thousand more questions. I guess my first thought is that I just don’t want to be the third wheel here. I also don’t really know how I feel about sharing you.”

“I understand that. I don’t really know what to say about sharing. You wouldn’t be a third wheel, though. I mean, I can promise you that I’ll do my best to make sure you never feel like the third wheel. Honestly, I’m more worried about Alayna in that way. I want to be your girl, Danny. I know I’m not making things easy here. I can’t ask you to be ok with me having Alayna on the side, I know that’s not fair. Can we just have the rest of today without making any grand gestures or statements? Just have today to ourselves, as if nothing else in the world can hurt us?”

As unsettling as this conversation was, it made it even worse that it was happening in the pool. This was supposed to be my safe space, where nothing could hurt me. I wanted out. I looked deep into Sasha’s pleading eyes. “Of course,” I told her, forcing a smile. “Just me and you today. Now let’s get out of here before our skin starts to wrinkle.”

My mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour as we got out of the pool and wordlessly made our way back up to Sasha’s apartment. I wanted like anything to go back in time and avoid the pitfall of asking her to be my girlfriend. It would have been so much less complicated. I’d probably be moving back into the dorms shortly anyways and maybe this whole thing with Sasha was just a fling. It didn’t feel like it though. The only thing I knew for certain is that with the apartment just to ourselves, all I wanted to do was wrap her up in my arms and show her what she meant to me.

Once we were inside, without speaking, our lips met as we began the process of shedding our swimsuits, locked in each other's arms. We made our way to Sasha’s bedroom, naked and taking our time exploring each other’s bodies. For the first time, we began to make love. We had only fucked before. For the first time, there was no dirty talk. There was no rushing. It was just me and the girl I thought I was falling in love with.

I was on top of Sasha, face to face. Kissing her soft lips, staring into her beautiful brown eyes as I entered her. Feeling her tight, warm pussy engulf my cock. Rhythmically thrusting, gently rocking back and forth, bound together like we were one being, one soul. When I finally climaxed, exhausted and sore I collapsed onto her, tears in my eyes as we held each other tight.

I tried with all my might to keep Alayna out of my thoughts, to just be in the moment with this beautiful girl that had only been a source of happiness in my life up until the last hour. I wish I could say I was successful, but the thought of Sasha sharing this same bed with Alayna was never far from my mind.

After about an hour, it was time for Sasha to get ready for work so she got up, showered and kissed me goodbye, leaving me in her bed. I laid there for what felt like hours, going through in my head the events that led me here. The accident, the surgery, meeting Sasha and moving in. The conversation in the pool. I tried with all my might, but I just couldn’t understand how I was supposed to feel. Everything felt so right, right until the idea of sharing Sasha came up. At least it wasn’t with another guy. Call me sexist but I just couldn’t stomach the thought of another man touching her. Even the thought of it was making me physically ill. But Alayna? Why can’t someone love two people? God, what would Mom and Bethany think? Things were getting too complicated and my head started to hurt.

I got up and left Sasha’s room and as I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower, I realized Alayna had come home and as I walked past her room I could hear faint sobbing coming from behind her bedroom door. Clearly, Sasha had kept her up to date with today’s revelations and she was none too happy with the conversation. While I was in the shower I concluded that I should probably have a talk with her myself but by the time I got out, the sobbing was gone and so was Alayna. Her bedroom door was open, lights off and her car keys were gone. I couldn’t remember a time when I felt so alone, or confused.

I just couldn’t get my thoughts straight. I needed time to think, time alone. The only thing I knew, that while I may be in love, something just wasn’t right. I went back to my room and packed up a few things, then wrote a note for Sasha. Not quite believing I was doing it, like having an out of body experience, I called an Uber to take me back to the dorm. Before leaving, I left Sasha’s note on the kitchen table, along with my key to her apartment.

To be continued…
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