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At the allotment Nick Holmes takes control of Janice's mind and body.
This was a day I had long dreamed of the bitch Janice Goodall was going to be mine to control.

Roger had passed me a message from Emma offering me a chance to dominate Janice. I was sceptical at first how could one person control the mind of another person. Roger implied that it was not the only Janice on the allotment site that was controlled but most of the female tenants and some of the men.

Roger pointed me to two pornographic sites where I viewed videos of both Janice, Julie and Louise. The videos both convinced me and turned me on.

There was one catch. Roger wanted me! I was very reluctant and did not have any idea that Roger was interested in men!

I agreed as my need to dominate Janice outweighed my revulsion of the price I was going to have to pay.

Roger led me into a shed. I am a big man, tall broad with a slight beer belly and use my size to intimidate people. I am much taller than Roger but for the day he was going to be dominating me. He locked the shed door behind him.

“Shirt off,” he instructed I complied pulling my blue T-Shirt off over my head. My shoes and socks came off next.

“Trousers off,” I obeyed with some hesitancy. Roger silently circled round me viewing my body.

“Underpants off,” with even more lack of enthusiasm I pulled my pants off and stepped out of them.

“Big man, eh,” was all Roger said circling me again.

With no warning he swung a punch that hit me in the groin, I doubled up in agony.

Roger picked up a piece of rope wrapped it around my wrists and tied them tightly together.

“I hate you for all the misery you have brought to this allotment site, all your bullying of tenants and forcing them off their plots.”

Roger forced me to bend over a bench and tied my hands to the far side off it.

“Anything you do to me Janice is going to get it and far worse,” I declared through gritted teeth.

“That’s her problem,” retorted Roger. It would be I thought.

Roger stepped to one sider of me and thwack the palm of his hand came down hard on my buttocks.

Worse was to come, I heard him undress and his prick was against my buttocks lining up with my arsehole. I thought he would slowly slide himself into me but I was mistaken he pulled me back and in one hard stroke that made me cry out he drove the full length of his prick into my arse, with no lubricant and no easing into me it brought tears to my eyes. Another experience that I would enact on Janice!

Roger was driving himself in and out of my arsehole his thighs slapping against my butt cheeks, it went on for an age, I felt violated and humiliated. Man on man sex was never for me and never would be. With a grunt Roger finished fucking me his cum shooting into my arse.

I thought that would be the end but no, bent over the bench with my wrists tied to it I could not end Roger’s abuse of me. He took a gardening trowel from a rack and inserted the handle up my arsehole and spent several minutes fucking me with it.

Roger stood beside me with a metal clamp in his hand from which hung a piece of wire with a heavy weight hanging from the wire. I was puzzled at first thought soon realised his intention. Roger knelt under the bench opened the clamp and fastened it to my prick. The metal teeth bit into my prick and I heard myself groan at the pain, that pain though was nothing to the searing agony as he let go of the weight that was fastened to the clamp. It felt like my whole prick was pulling from my body! Roger left it hanging there, I was seeing stars in front of my eyes the pain was so intense.

Roger moved behind me and a blindfold covered my eyes. I heard the shed door open and the whispers of two more male voices, the voices were so low I could not identify who they belonged to. A body moved behind me and another prick was inserted hard into my arsehole. Each time he rammed his dick into me my body moved causing the weight fastened to my prick to swing. The agony of my stretched prick was almost unbearable. What helped me to bear the pain was a picture in my head of me fastening metal clamps to Janice’s nipples and fastening heavy weights to them stretching her nipples and imagining the pain it would cause her.

The man behind me filled my butt with his cum and another prick took its place up my arsehole fucking me for several long minutes before cumming inside me.

The men’s cum was flowing out of my arsehole and down the back of my legs.

A pair of hands unfastened the clamp from my prick easing the pain. I heard the shed door open and close. Roger removed the blindfold from my eyes. I was in the shed by myself with him. Roger gave my buttocks a hard slap and left the shed locking the door behind him.

I was alone tied over the bench for what seemed like several hours but was probably a lot less. I spent the time imagining what would be happening to Janice, I knew I would be fucking her several times both in her vagina and anus, I imagined her sucking my dick. There were at least two plot holders on the site that would enjoy fucking her, and I was a scout leader I knew a few scouts that would enjoy her body. Roger had left me alone in the shed, I was going to drive steaks into the ground and leave her tied spreadeagled to them in the middle of an empty plot so that everyone could see her and enjoy her body if they wanted to.

Roger returned untied me then walked off with my clothes,

“They will be by your car,” he said. Had to walk naked to my car with several plot holders seeing me, something else Janice would have to do!

Janice looked down at her wrist, the metal hoop from a pair of handcuffs was securely fastened around it, the other hoop hung down loose. Janice knew that if she let Nick fasten it around her other wrist she would not be able to move her hands more than about an inch and would be helpless and Nick would be in total control of her.

Janice was confused, she hated Nick she wanted to stab and hit, have him removed from the allotment site, he had caused her so much upset and anger, he had tried to have her evicted from the allotment site and had spread so many untrue stories about her. But also she felt a sense of nervousness that was hard to explain as well as hating him she was wondering what it would be like to be totally dominated by him, she did not know it but through her mind control a thought had been implemented that was triggering her feeling, of maybe it would be exciting to be dominated by Nick.

She had taken several steps down the road towards letting him dominate her. She had written a note stating that provided Nick did not mark her face she was willing to allow him to do whatever he wanted to her. She had signed and dated the note, Janice did not understand why Roger was there until he witnessed the note stating that Janice had written it of her own free will. Roger had then left the shed they were in. Janice had held out her wrist and let Nick put the metal hoop around her wrist.

She could not explain it she felt aroused at the thought of his domination and wondered what he would do to her. Janice looked at Nick nodded and still wondering if she was doing the right thing brought her wrist up and let Nick fasten the metal hoop around it. She knew now it was too late to go back, she was committed. Nick reach into a bag he had with him and took out a ball gag and pushed it into her mouth and fastened it behind her head.

I took three days to recover from Roger’s use of me.

Despite the videos I was still not a hundred percent certain that Roger was telling me the truth. In hope and preparation, I found four strong wooden stakes and drove them into the ground several yards apart ready for me tying her naked and spreadeagled to them in the middle of the plot. I had three other plot holders who were wanting to fuck her and four of my scouts, already to come at my call. I also had a bag full of rope, chains, handcuffs, a butt plug, large vibrator, nipple clamps with heavy weights for them and a few other toys and the video camera was set up in the corner of the shed.

When Janice arrived silently at the shed I was relived and excited. I dictated a note for her to write, her giving me permission to abuse her. I wondered if Janice realised there was no end date to the note, I could use her whenever I wanted. Roger witnessed the note and left me with her. She willing let me fasten one hoop of the handcuffs around her left wrist, before I could fasten her right wrist she stepped back, I could see the confusion and conflict on her face, she stood back for about a minute fighting her thoughts and emotions (I now knew I would win because of her mind control) at last she decided and brought her right wrist up and I fastened it, knowing I had won over the bitch Goodall, she was mine.

I stood looking at Janice my cock swelling in my pants because of the feeling of power over her.

I knelt in front of her and removed her trainers and white socks. My hands moved up her jeans to the zipper which I pulled down, then I unfastened the button pulled her jeans down and off and had a good view of her knickers.

Standing up I had already planned the next part. With her wrists cuffed together I could not simply pull her t-shirt off. Instead I took my gardening knife and slit her shirt down the back and with a few more cuts her t-shirt was cut off her. I cut the t-shirt up into small pieces so it was unwearable.

Roger had told me three commands for Janice; one would totally remove her mind control, one would put her fully under my control and one would let me separate her mind from her body so that her body would do my bidding against the will of her mind.

Emma had also visited me and had also told me me how I could give Janice three commands of my own that she would always obey.

I stood back ready to enjoy the show and gave her the command that switched her mind control off completely.

The shock in her eyes and the jolt that ran through her body was worth everything that Roger had done to me. She tied to shout but the gag muffled all her cries, she struggled with the handcuffs but there was no way she could dislodge them. Panic set in as she stared at me and down at her half naked body. She made dash for the shed door I easily could have pushed her back but instead I hit her in the stomach, not too hard (that would come later) but hard enough to stop her trying to escape.

Janice stood panting and her eyes open wide as I took my toys out of the bag and placed them on the bench.

I told her she was mind controlled and would forget everything that I did and said to her and then I told her the three commands of my own I was going to give her and that they would be in her mind for ever and she nearly fainted and I could hear her retching in her throat at what I had planned for her.

I gave her the commands and she burst into tears shaking her head. I grinned at her knowing that I had really won the battle with her, the bitch Goodall was mine to command, and that she would not remember I had given her commands but that I could activate each of them with a simple phrase and they were in her mind for ever.

She started to cry as I removed my shirt and trousers, her eyes stared at the large bulge in my underpants.

I swung Janice round so that her back was to me, I could feel her trembling. My knife cut through the strap of her bra near the clasp and then through the shoulder straps, I removed her bra. I pulled her round so she was facing me. Her eyes were full of anger and fear. I squeezed her naked tits.

As I tried to remove her knickers she struggled frantically so I held her tightly and slashed through each side of her knickers with my knife they then pulled away easily.

I stood back admiring her naked body taking in her pussy and naked breasts which she was unsuccessfully trying to cover with her arms.

I enjoyed rubbing my hand over the rough hair of her pussy, she stepped back against the wall of the shed trying to get away from me.

As I rubbed her pussy I leant forward and whispered in her ear, “you are mind controlled and your husband and son are influenced if you do not go home they will not notice, it could be for two weeks and they would still not notice, but I am going to be good to you I am going to keep you and control you for two whole days and nights!” it sounded like she was nearly sick behind her gag.

“It says anything I want!” I said carefully picking up her note and folding it into a pocket of my bag, “forever!”.

“For the first twenty-four hours you are going to be terrified of me, you will be fucked by me and several plot holders. The second twenty-four hours you will be changed so that you enjoy every minute with me and will do whatever I want and enjoy that, imagine kissing my ass and sucking my dick and enjoying it”

I swung her round admiring her buttocks and gave them three hard smacks.

Her eyes went even wider, and she shook even more as I removed my underpants and my erection pointed at her. I moved forward, held her struggling body tight and rubbed my prick against her pubic hair.

I picked Janice up and dumped her on her back on the shed floor. I was too strong for her, she tried to keep her legs together but I easily held her ankles and spread her legs. There were bolts I had screwed into each side of the shed each with a thick piece of chain and a shackle attached. I spread her legs wide enough so I could attach each ankle to shackle. I pulled her cuffed wrists up above her head and chained them to another. I stood and looked at her spread body, totally defenceless.

“Your forty eight hours, no lets make it sixty hours, start now!” I smiled at her as I knelt between her spread legs aiming by dick at her open cunt..
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