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I meet Danielle and her cousin Ronda at the club. After some laughs and conversation and a lot of flirting and touching, I am led to an out of the way backroom. Things don't go as I expect.
This is the first chapter of a multi-part story spanning years, detailing how an unexpected encounter completely changed the coarse of my life.

Up until meeting Danielle, my sex life had been pretty pedestrian. It wasn’t that I didn’t land my fair share of girls before her, I had a reasonably active dating and sex life, it was just that it was all so, well, normal.

I am a fairly average guy, just shy of 6’ tall and while not particularly muscular, I am reasonably fit. I have brown eyes and brown hair which I keep cut fairly short, and am a decent-looking fellow. As part of a party game one time, my female friends all discussed it, and gave me a consensus rating of 7, which I think is pretty generous.

I am average below the belt as well, measuring in at about 6”. I have been told by past girlfriends and hook-ups that my cock’s girth and big head more than make up for any deficiency in length. I am easy-going, and I tend to not let stuff bother me. I have a really good job that pays a ton working as a software engineer. A bit nerdy maybe, but girls like a guy with money. I think I am a pretty good catch, if I do say so myself.

Before Danielle, I would meet girls, date or hook-up, and while the girls I pulled where attractive, and the sex was mostly good, there was no real excitement to it. I don’t know if excitement is really the word, it certainly was exciting to get laid. But I had no crazy stories to tell with which I could draw a roar of laughter or make the listener’s jaws drop in shock or disbelief. I had no fucking in public, no blowjobs in inappropriate places, no getting caught stories, or any of the other funny/crazy tales that you tell others at parties, the bar, or during games.

Danielle changed all that, and not because she was some wild, out-of-control nympho who wanted to do it everywhere we went, though she was definitely the most adventurous girl I had been with. The occasional blowjob in the movie theater, sex in the fitting room, road head while driving; all these and more suddenly spiced up my sex life. She emboldened me to do some of the things I may have thought about or wanted to do in the past.

It was like she was a catalyst to change my path forever, and for the rest of my life, whether she was an active participant in it at the time or not, every decision, every relationship, everything that made me the man I am, all traced back to that fateful moment in that club so many years ago.

For better… or for worse.

Meeting Danielle

November, 1999

I met Danielle on a Friday night in November at the local 18+ club. It wasn’t a place my group of friends and I normally frequented. The other dance club in town had to shut down temporarily to repair fairly serious roof and flooding damage, and because girls love to dance, our female friends insisted on coming here instead. The place was super crowded, as apparently we weren’t the only ones looking for a substitute to our usual hangout.

It was your typical dance club, with flashing lights and strobes, and ear-crushing music. I had hung around with my friends in the thick of it for as long as I could stand before excusing myself and heading to one of the side rooms where it was a bit quieter, though not by much. I was lucky and was able to quickly snag a small round table from a couple that were just getting up to leave.

I sank down into the L-shaped plush bench jammed behind the table in the corner of the room and waited for a couple minutes until an attractive young woman in leggings and a tank top which highlighted her tits came over. I checked out her generous cleavage, though trying not to be obvious about it, as she leaned over and picked up the cash and empty glasses the table’s previous tenants had left. I ordered a beer and leaned back to relax, admiring her shapely rear as she walked away.

A minute later she returned with my drink and I gave her a $10 for the beer and tip. I melted back into the cushions of the bench, and found myself watching the serving girl as she stopped a few tables away and bent over to wipe up a spill. She squatted down to pick up a fallen glass, and her leggings rode down and the crease of her ass was briefly visible. It didn’t look like she was wearing any underwear. I smiled to myself as I watched the show.

“Real subtle!” a girl’s voice laughed, and I blinked and came out of my daze. I looked away from the waitress I had been staring at and saw two young ladies standing by my table, watching me. I reddened slightly at being caught staring as the girl who had spoken turned her head to look at the waitress, while the other girl covered her mouth with a hand and tried to stifle a giggle. They both looked really young, and I glanced down at the back of their hands to see the large black X’s drawn in marker to denote a patron who isn’t old enough to drink.

“Sorry, you caught me, didn’t mean to offend,” I said.

“We’re not offended, she has a great ass!” second girl blurted and they both laughed.

“Can we sit down with you? Our feet are killing us, and the rest of this place is packed,” first girl asked.

I looked at the spot on the opposite side of the table from me where someone had stolen the matching chair. “Looks like someone stole the chair that goes with the table, the couple here before me were sitting on this bench together.”

Before I could say anything else, first girl replied, “That’s ok, we don’t mind sitting with you.” They both moved around the table and sat down on opposite sides of me, as I shuffled into the center of the L-shaped bench. There was room for all three of us, but not a lot of extra breathing space.

I put my arms on the back of the bench on either side of me so I didn’t have to hunch forward and keep my arms in front of me in an awkward position to make room for them. This didn’t seem to bother them, even though it put me within inches of having my arms around both of their shoulders. Due to the shape of the bench, they were both turned towards me, facing each other across my body. They both wore super short shorts, and their hips and bare legs pressed against me.

“I’m Danielle, that’s my cousin Ronda,” first girl told me, and the two of them broke into a fit of giggling.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Tim,” I replied and quickly sized them up.

Both young women had wavy brown hair that fell about halfway down their backs. Danielle’s seemed thicker, but both of them looked great and it was obvious they had spent a lot of time on their hair before heading out tonight. They both had subtle makeup on, and I immediately loved that about them. I find natural looking makeup so much more attractive than some of the heavy, overdone stuff that a lot of girls seem to like.

Each girl had sexy brown eyes accentuated by cat’s eye liner with black wings sweeping out the far sides. Both girls were very pretty, and I could see a slight resemblance between them, in the shape of their mouths and the angle of their noses, which made sense since they were apparently cousins.

While neither of them were drop dead gorgeous, there wasn’t a man on earth who wouldn’t agree that they were extremely attractive, both exuding some intangible appeal that was suddenly causing my heart to beat faster and my groin to take notice.

Their bodies were where the biggest differences between them lay. Ronda wore a loose sleeveless t-shirt tucked into her shorts, with large arm holes on each side open almost to her waist. She wore a black lacy corset-style bra that was easily visible through the arm slits.

Her breasts were small, though seemed nicely shaped, and suited her 5’1” frame. Her legs were thin but hot, and looked smooth to the touch. From my vantage point, I couldn’t get a read on her ass, but I assumed it was small and tight. Her lips were full and glistened with what looked like a gloss, one perhaps with the subtlest hint of pink in it to accentuate the natural color.

Danielle had a crop top t-shirt on that would probably have hung to her belly button if her tits weren’t so large, but instead hung to only a few inches below her boobs, exposing a lot of skin down to her shorts. Her breasts were full, probably D’s, and her bra pushed them together to maximum effect, providing a view of gorgeous cleavage through the low cut v-neck of her shirt.

Where Ronda’s body was attractive yet thin, Danielle’s was full and curvy. She had a thin waist that flared slightly at the hips, in perfect proportion, and her silky bare legs had more obvious curves. Her ass wasn’t in view either, but from the rest of her I guessed it was a nice full one.

“If you’re done checking us out…” Danielle smirked and I started, realizing my eyes had been looking down her shirt. “You do like to stare at the ladies, don’t you?”

I blushed furiously and started to stammer out a reply. “Stop messing with him, Danielle,” Ronda giggled, reaching across me and slapping Danielle’s arm playfully.

Danielle laughed. “I’m just fucking with you, Tim, you’re fine. I stare at these babies all the time, and all I have to do is look down.” She smiled at me, hefting and squeezing her tits in her hands suggestively. Involuntarily I stared at her chest, and it wasn’t until an amused clearing of the throat did I realize just how damn long my eyes had been glued to her exposed, jiggling cleavage.

My face burned as I forceably tore my gaze away and back to her face, her mouth twitching and eyebrows raised in amusement.

I felt it was safer to try to move away from this topic, so I asked unsteadily, “You two here with friends?”

“No, just us, Danielle turned 18 on Tuesday, and we’re here celebrating the first time one of us can get in without a fake,” Ronda chimed in.

I looked at her. “You aren’t 18 yet?” Not that that surprised me; other than the somewhat slutty way they were dressed, neither of them looked 18, Ronda especially.

Ronda blushed, and Danielle said, “Real smart, bitch, you don’t even know this guy and you’re announcing you’re here illegally, that you have a fake, and that you’re only 16. Better hope he’s not some perv who likes them young!”

They laughed together and Ronda asked me in mock seriousness, “Are you a perv?”

My face reddened, and I tried to buy some time to think of a response by taking the last pull from my beer.

“That isn’t a no!” Danielle said wickedly, and they both burst into more laughter.

I smiled weakly and tried to steer the conversation again away from dangerous waters. “Sooo, your birthday was Tuesday, huh? That’s cool, mine is this Monday.”

Danielle beamed. “That’s awesome, how old will you be?” She leaned in as she said it, and I felt a boob brush against my arm before she leaned back again.

“Um, uh,” I cleared my throat and I tried to remember what she had just said to me. “Um, 23! I’ll be 23,” I said in a rush.

“Old man!” they both squealed at the same time and broke into fits of laughter.

I grinned and nodded. “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, just because you two are still playing with My Little Pony doesn’t make me old, it just makes you young.”

“And we already established that you’re a perv who likes them young!” Danielle teased and Ronda burst into a fresh bout of laughter.

“We did no such thing!” I said with feigned indignation. “I swear, I’m a perv who likes them over the legal age!”

They both broke into more laughter, and I suddenly felt Danielle’s hand on my thigh. “Oh my god, I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe!” she wheezed.

“I think I peed a little!” Ronda blurted and the gales of laughter erupted all over again. Danielle’s hand moved a couple inches and was now firmly on my inner thigh, dangerously close to my suddenly awakening manhood. The two of them gasped and tried to catch their breath, laughing still.

The waitress appeared by the table, and I ordered another beer, and the girls ordered margaritas. The young woman picked up my empty and, eyeing the X’s on the girl’s hands, and said, “Be right back with your beer and two virgin margaritas.”

Danielle stuck her tongue out at her retreating back and jokingly said, “That’s right, bitch, you better walk away!” I watched her glistening pink tongue slide across her lips and back into her mouth, and the dirty thoughts going through my head caused a further stiffening in my pants.

Her hand still hadn’t moved from its place on my inner thigh.

Clearing my throat, I said to Ronda, “So I take it you have a fake ID?”

“Whatever are you talking about?” she asked innocently.

I snorted and she smiled and said, “I’ll show it to you after the waitress comes back, would be kind of suspicious if she caught you closely examining my ID.”

“I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an actual fake ID before, does it really look real?”

“There’s a girl at school whose older brother makes them. Mine says I am 19,” she said sheepishly, “No one would believe I am 21, and I can go dancing in this club, and my big brother buys us all the alcohol we ask for… so I just said make me 19,” she finished lamely.

“And I guess you don’t need a fake anymore, you can just use your real ID,” I said to Danielle.

“Is that your subtle way of saying you wanna see mine too, to make sure I really am 18? Apparently you like them young, will you be disappointed if I really am?” She smirked suggestively and I felt her hand gently squeeze and release my thigh. I groaned inwardly as my cock swelled in response.

“I, er, I mean, nothing…” I started to protest, but I was saved by the return of the waitress with our drinks. She placed the beer and two margaritas on the table, and watched as I leaned back and stretched my legs out a bit to make it easier to get my money clip out of my pocket. This had the effect of making the placement of Danielle’s hand obvious to anyone who looked, as she kept it firmly in place, moving it in sync with the movement of my legs and hips.

Ronda giggled, and covered her grin with a hand, and the waitress looked at us with raised eyebrows. I blushed furiously, and peeled off a $50 and mumbled, “Keep the change.” The waitress smiled and turned with a flare of her hips and ass and sauntered away.

Danielle watched appreciatively as I replaced the clip in my pocket and settled back, her hand never leaving its spot so close to my crotch. She leaned forward to pick up her glass, and just happened to give me a perfect view down the front of her shirt, the smooth flesh of her round tits glowing in the club’s illumination.

“Thanks for the drinks, perv,” she purred, and I felt her hand slowly rub a circle around my thigh, brushing against the uncomfortable bulge of my hard-on trapped in my pants. Another gentle squeeze and her hand was gone, and I sighed in both relief and disappointment.

We enjoyed our drinks and the girls chatted animatedly with me for a while. Danielle never missed an opportunity to touch me, playfully swatting my arm, or putting her hand my leg, or brushing her breasts against me whenever she adjusted her posture.

I told them I had just graduated college the year before and had been hired as a software engineer at a small start-up right out of school. They seemed impressed, though I think it was more at the money I hinted I was making, and the fat money clip I pulled out when we ordered another round of drinks. I described my apartment in town, and told some stories from school and college.

In turn, the girls confirmed they still attended the local high school, and told some stories of their own about slutty cheerleaders, the popular football player who was rumored to have a micro-penis, and other shenanigans. They gossiped and argued about boys, music and which classmate was most likely to end up stripping.

After a while, Danielle grabbed my hand and entwined her fingers with mine and said, “Come on, I wanna dance!” Ronda hopped up, and I groaned as Danielle stood and pulled my arm, trying to get me out of my seat. I slowly and reluctantly stood, giving a feeble protest that I don’t really dance, and they would be embarrassed to be seen on the dance floor with me and my moves.

“Don’t worry, just stand and sway your hips and we’ll just dance and grind on you!” Ronda beamed at me devilishly.

“First I gotta pee,” Danielle announced, and dragged me towards the hall where the nearest restrooms were located, Ronda trailing close behind. As expected, there was a line for the ladies room.

Danielle looked annoyed, then a a devilish grin spread across her face and she whispered a single word, “Reconnaissance,” and quickly stepped to the end of the hall and peered around the corner, back into the employee recesses of the club.

She disappeared around the corner for a few long moments, before bouncing back to us and whispering conspiratorially into Ronda’s ear. Ronda blushed slightly, and put a hand to her mouth to hide a smile and nodded.

She and Danielle slowly and with feigned casualness sauntered towards the back hallway, pulling me along, and when it seemed like no one was paying attention, quickly pushed me around the bend and into a dark hallway, out of view of anyone. The hall ended with what appeared to be a fire door to outside, and there was another door marked storage.

I was immediately shoved up against a wall, and I felt Danielle’s lips on mine. She pressed herself to me, and it only took a moment of surprise before I eagerly kissed her back, and I felt her body melt into me. She had her hands in my hair, locking her lips to my mouth, her soft tongue exploring my lips and playfully entwining with mine.

It was a glorious, mind-melting kiss, and I can’t say I’ve ever experienced better. We stood frozen in that moment, our mouths interlocked, our tongues wrestling, our bodies molded to each other. She lifted a leg up high to my waist, and I reached down and ran a hand up its silky length before grabbing it under her bare thigh, reveling in the smooth flesh, as she wrapped it around me, grinding herself on my leg.

My other hand fell from her back and found a handful of ass and I gripped it tightly, groping her. Danielle ground her shorts-clad crotch against my leg, and moaned against my mouth as we kissed. I felt my cock harden in response, and apparently so did she, because she moaned again and dropped one hand from my head and pushed it between our entangled bodies. She quickly found the bulge and pressed her hand hard against it, rubbing in circles and squeezing my hard-on through my pants.

It was my turn to moan, as pleasure washed through my body, coming in waves from the way she worked my cock through my pants. I forced my hand down the back of her tight shorts, getting another handful of her, this time of bare ass flesh.

We kissed and grinded against each other for several moments, and I was getting a bit lightheaded as all my blood left my brain and headed straight to my raging hard-on.

“Jeez, get a room you two,” Ronda giggled, and I suddenly came back to reality. I had forgotten where I was and that Ronda was standing right there, watching Danielle and I grope each other.

“We will,” Danielle purred devilishly, and pulled me away from the wall, and pushed open a door a couple feet further down the dark hall. “You’ll watch?” she asked Ronda, who giggled and nodded, nervously peaking back around the corner towards the restrooms and the busy club beyond them.

“Be quick,” she warned with a smile, and Danielle dragged me through the now open doorway.

I found myself in what must have been an unused office/storage area. There were old, dusty light fixtures strewn about, some beat up speakers and wiring piled haphazardly around the room, and various discarded items in here. There was a dust-covered desk against the left wall, with a few scattered flyers across its surface.

Danielle turned back to me as I pushed the door closed behind us, and her lips were attacking me again. Her hands gripped the sides of my face, locking our mouths together as she forced her tongue into me. I put my hands on the bare flesh just above her waist and then ran them up and under her short crop top, pawing at her bra-covered breasts. I got a good handle on each of them and squeezed and groped her.

She lips vibrated against mine as she moaned, sending thrills through my body and down the engorged length of my dick. I pushed her bra up and suddenly had her bare breast-meat in my hands. Her tits were magnificent, firm and yet supple and exquisitely shaped. They were large with perfect, quarter-sized nipples at their tips.

I could feel her nipples harden in my palms, and she kissed me harder as her hands fell to my belt, undoing the buckle. With the belt undone, she reached a hand down the waist of my pants, and her fingers came in direct contact with my cock. It was like a shock of electricity sparked between us, and the current worked its way through both our bodies.

She gripped my rod inside my pants with her soft hand, and started stroking gently up and down, working it expertly. My cock responded by getting even harder. With her hand clasped around my shaft, she slowly but firmly kept stroking. My body twitched and shuddered in response, and her lips curved in a smile as we kissed.

I was getting lightheaded again, and we stumbled towards the desk, catching ourselves before we fell.

I sat myself right on the edge of the desk, and spun her around, gripping her hips and pulling her back against my crotch. She inhaled sharply, feeling my raging cock press into her ass even through the layers of fabric still between them.

I ran my hands up her sides and over her chest, finding her heaving tits again. She moaned and arched backwards, pressing herself against my chest and leaning her head back onto my shoulder. She made small circular grinding movements with her hips, rubbing her ass against my cock. She wiggled some, and my rock-hard shaft shifted and wedged in the crease of her butt, and she moaned appreciatively.

I kneaded her bare tits, pinching and pulling at her nipples. She reached over her head with her hands, running them through my hair and over my face, turning her head to the side, searching for my lips with her tongue. Our mouths met again, and her tongue urgently entwined with mine.

I slid both hands off her marvelous orbs and down her bare stomach and abdomen, finding the waist of her shorts. I quickly undid the button and pulled the short zipper down. She moaned into my mouth in anticipation, grinding harder into my groin.

I slid both hands back up the expanse of her front, groping her tits again before getting a firm grip on one boob with my left hand and easing my right hand back down towards the treasure between her legs. I slowly traced my finger tips over her flesh, then placed my hand flat on her tummy.

Her hips and tongue grew more insistent as my fingers found their way under the waistline of her exposed pink panties. I slowly inched them lower, wondering what her grooming habits were. I found nothing but bare flesh and slight stubble as I worked my way down over her mound.

She gasped as my fingers made contact with her wet slit, biting my lip and breathing heavy. I switched the grasp of my left hand to her other tit, and pressed my right further down, digging my fingers gently into the hot, dripping folds of her sex. She bucked against me, and I pulled her body tightly against mine, penetrating her slowly with my digits.

I pulled my fingers out and she hissed, but I was soon exploring the burning flesh of her soaking pussy again, until I located her swollen clit. I teased it gently with my finger tips and she shuddered and bit my lip again. I worked my way down her slit, rubbing gently and spreading her with my fingers, before moving back to caressing her aching bean. I flicked it, maybe a bit harder than I intended, and she gasped and froze. Then she moaned loudly as my finger tips teased it again and she resumed the assault on my tongue with hers.

I pushed my hand lower and eased two fingers into her sopping pussy, working her clit with my thumb. Her hips bucked and ground into me in a new frenzy, and her hands fell from my face to her crotch and she held my hand and fingers in place inside her, forcefully pushing and grinding them into her. She leaned forward and breathed heavy as I finally withdrew my hand from her between her legs, and her hands found her exposed tits and she squeezed and kneaded her fleshy orbs.

I stood up, my front side still molded to her backside, and spun us to face the desk. I worked one hand into her thick, luxurious hair and entwined it through my fingers, getting a solid grip. Then I pushed her down face-first onto the desk, her ass pointed back at me, my crotch still pressed hard against it.

She stretched her arms across the desk, gripping the opposite edge, and I pulled her hair hard, forcing her to gasp and arch her neck up. I stepped back slightly and with my other hand gripped the waist of her shorts and panties and roughly pulled them down to her thighs. She moaned as I rubbed my hand over her exposed sex, her lips glistening with moisture in the dim light.

Her pussy was already dripping, her juices running down her taut thighs. I ran my hand over her puffy lips and tickled her clit briefly, before penetrating her hole again with a couple fingers. I pushed them in gently, exploring her interior, feeling her pussy walls throb and contract.

I moved them in and around slowly, paying attention to Danielle’s reactions and the mewling noises she was now making. When she reacted particularly strongly to a caress of a spot, I paused and gave it some extra attention. I had her shuddering and moaning loudly.

Danielle groaned in disappointment as I removed my fingers, glistening with her fluids, from her tight slit. “Don’t st…” she started to protest and I gave a short hard yank to the fistful of hair I still had a grip on. She gasped and looked back at me over her shoulder.

“Taste yourself,” I breathed as I took the fingers that had just vacated her soaking snatch and brushed them against her trembling lips. Her mouth opened slightly and her soft pink tongue snuck out and ran over my index finger. Her eyes rolled up in her head as her lips wrapped around my fingers, enveloping them to the second joint. One of her hands found mine, and she used it to guide my hand, turning it this way and that, applying a steady sucking action as my fingers moved in and out of her mouth.

When she had gotten all her juices cleaned off my fingers, and they glistened now from her saliva instead, she looked back at me and purred, “My pussy tastes so good. You should try it.”

In answer, I quickly penetrated her again, working my digits in and out and around as she squirmed in ecstasy. Her eyes rolled back and her head drooped to rest on the desk. I gave another twist to her hair and she yelped and I pulled her head back up, straining her neck as I pushed ever deeper into her chasm.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she breathed as I slowly withdrew from her. I ran my fingers over her swollen lips again, and teased them lightly over her clean, puckered butthole. I applied a light pressure, just as a tease, not actually trying to penetrate her ass, and her breath caught. “Mmmm, dirty perv…” she whispered and then mewed as my slippery fingers slid south and vigorously invaded her cunt again.

I twisted my wrist again, pulling her hair and forcing her to look back at me. I held my dripping fingers in front of my face and made an obvious show of inhaling Danielle’s fragrance. Not that I needed to do that, Ronda could probably smell her sex out in the hall through a closed door. It saturated the whole room. It was soft and pleasant and hinted at a tanginess I was dying to taste.

As she watched I ran my tongue up the sides of my fingers, and dipped them into my mouth. The taste was exquisite, clean and sultry at the same time, not exactly bitter but with a tangy acidic bite.

“You taste wonderful, but I want it direct from the source,” I told her and she moaned in response, closing her eyes.

I eased my grip on her hair, pulled her back upright, and turned her to face me. I lifted her easily and sat her with her cute, shapely ass on the desk, and pulled her shorts and panties the rest of the way off. I knelt in front of her and moved my face close, making another show of drinking in her aroma. I softly grazed her puffy lips and used my fingers to spread her wide open, exposing her lush pink insides.

It glistened with moisture, and I gently touched her with my finger tips. I could hear her breathing heavily, and I imagined the sight of her beautiful tits heaving in pleasure, but I didn’t want to tear my gaze from the treasure before me. I used a finger to massage her exposed clit, swollen and protruding from its normal hiding spot. She shuddered again, and moaned, “Oh my god, Tim, yes, yes…”

I released my hold on her lower lips, and they slid back into place, trying unsuccessfully to hide her most intimate place. I touched her hot folds again, rolling and parting them with my fingers, brushing her clit and occasionally dipping a finger teasingly into her depths. “UUHHHHhh, god, I need it! Stop teasing me and lick my pussy already, I wanna feel your tongue in my cunt!” Danielle practically shouted.

I leaned closer and I felt her tense in anticipation. I stopped just short and tilted my head up slightly to look her in the eyes. I exhaled heavily, letting my hot breath tickle her exposed womanhood. She shuddered and broke eye contact for a moment, before locking back onto my gaze.

She put her hands on her bare thighs and slowly trailed her finger tips up over her waist and all the way to her breasts. She cupped her bare titties in her hands and kneaded them briefly, ending with a long pull on each of her nipples that caused her to inhale sharply. One hand dropped to her sex right in front of my face and she started gently rubbing herself.

“Please,” she said softly, “I need it so bad, I need it, please, please. I wanna feel your tongue on my clit, I want you to taste me and tell me how good it is. Fuck, Tim, I can’t believe how badly I want you to eat my pussy!”

She closed her eyes and shuddered slightly as her fingers stimulated her bean, and I dove in. “Oh god, yes!” she cried out, throwing her head back and gripping the edge of the desk with both hands to keep from collapsing as I began my slow, deliberate oral assault on her throbbing sex. I immediately tasted that tangy acidity on my tongue and reveled in it.

I hefted her legs up over my shoulders and reached up and around them to grope at her beautiful boobs. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, getting a good taste of her juices. I sucked the flesh of her labia into my mouth, rolling it between my lips. She was panting and moaning heavily now, squirming with pleasure. I explored her folds, rooting around with my tongue, searching for her hidden button.

I felt my probing tongue graze its hardness and she flinched and cried out. Running my tongue in gentle circles around it, I dropped a hand to her pussy and spread it, exposing her clit to the light again. I delicately ran my tongue over her sweet spot and was rewarded with a gasp of approval. Dropping my mouth lower, I dipped my tongue into her wet hole. The taste was amazing, and I swirled my tongue around inside her.

Her moan’s were getting more frantic, and one of her hands gripped and pulled my hair, pushing my face deeper into the paradise between her legs. I alternated between teasing her clit with soft flicks of my tongue, occasionally sucking it and rolling it between my lips, and diving back into her silky chasm. Danielle became more and more animated, arching her hips off the desk and grinding her cunt into my face, moaning ever and ever louder.

I ran my hands over her bare legs, still hanging over my shoulders, enjoying the smoothness. I kissed her thighs and around her opening, then licked her mound, feeling the slight stubble of recently, but not too recently, shaven pubes. I dove back into her soaking pussy, working my tongue into her while simultaneously teasing her clit with my thumb, applying building pressure to match the building intensity of her quivering body.

Her fluids sloshed and had became even creamier than before and I could tell she was getting close.

“Yes, yes, yes, just like that, right there!” she guided me. “Holy shit, holy shit, I’m gonna fucking cum!” Her frantic moans egged me on and her arching hips ground her slit even harder into my face. “Use that tongue on my clit, please, please, lick my clit, I need it, I need it! Ohhh. Mmmyyy. Gggoddd. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, Tim, yes! Yes, Tim! Holy shit, Tim, I’m fucking cccuuuummmmiiiinnngggg!” she howled as her body was wracked with convulsions and she collapsed back onto the desk.

I continued to run my tongue over her hard little bean, gripping her thighs tightly on either side of my head to keep my mouth in contact with her bucking body. “I’m cumming, fuck, I’m cumming so fucking hard!” she cried as I felt a release of fluid and my face was dripping with her juice.

I slowed the pace of my clitoral stimulation and once again started to alternate being teasing her button and penetrating her with my tongue. The quivering of her body slowly subsided as she panted. I licked my way down each thigh, showering those lovely stems with kisses as she lay back, shuddering and twitching still.

One of her hands moved to her slit, and she tentatively touched her swollen sex and jerked her hand away, letting out a quick moan as another spasm twisted her body.

I heard Ronda call from the other side of the door, “Holy fuck, that sounded hot, but shit, dudes, keep it down!”

Danielle’s breathing had slowed some, but she was still panting. “That,” she said, pausing, “Was fucking ah-mazing. I came so freaking hard. Holy shit, I’m a hot, wet mess down there.” She looked at her fluids coating my face and giggled. “Usually it’s the guy who cums on the girl’s face. Here, let me.”

She dropped down and scooped up her cute pink panties, then stepped right up to me and ran her tongue up my neck, over my chin and to my mouth, sucking up the juices as she went. She traced my lips with her tongue and kissed me deeply, as one hand found its way back to the bulge in my pants, slowly rubbing and squeezing. She raised her panties to my face and wiped the rest of it clean with them, then kissed me again.

Then I watched in surprise as she pulled her bra down, shaking her boobs into place in the cups and bent over and quickly pulled her shorts back on, sans panties, buttoning them and stuffing her wadded up panties into one of the pockets. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face to hers and drove her tongue into my mouth, dropping her other hand to give my raging hard-on a quick rub through my pants and a teasing squeeze.

“Thanks for that, Tim, I haven’t cum that good in a long time! Maybe if you’re lucky, someday I’ll return the favor! Catch ya later, perv!”

She laughed as she bounced through the door, grabbing Ronda by the arm and dragging her away as her cousin looked back over her shoulder at me in surprise.

I stood there dumbfounded for the longest minute of my life, my aching member still confined to my pants, and no release in sight. I stared in a daze at nothing, wondering what had just happened, when I heard a distinct and deliberate clearing of someone’s throat.

I snapped out of it and saw our waitress from earlier with a bag of garbage she was obviously on the way to dispose of. Danielle had left the door wide open, and she stood there, stopped in her tracks as she eyed me in the unused, abandoned room.

“Are you lost?” she asked, before stealing a glance at my crotch and returning her gaze quickly back to my face. I looked down and saw my belt hanging unbuckled, my pants unbuttoned and my obvious erection. I blushed furiously and turned away, which only gave her a profile view of the tent in my pants.

“I’m sorry, sorry,” I croaked, fumbling with my belt buckle and stepping dizzily through the door. She took a step back, giving me plenty of space to pass by her and wrinkling her nose at the heavy odor of Danielle’s sex on me.

I practically ran the entire way to my car.
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