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My next Steps in BDSM training
Ben (my neighbour) and semi master of nearly 3 years was always telling me that my submissions needed constant progression, each time a bit further and asked if I was ready to let him pierce my nipples during a session with needles. It wasn’t totally out of the blue, but I declined at the time, although the idea did have an appeal to me. It was coming up to Christmas and I was on the verge of saying he could do it as a special over Christmas, but other things go in the way.

In the past year I had taken my fist dog with him and his friend and had now was regularly doing dog with him and his friends nearly once a week and had done so with 4 different dogs to date. Although he wasn’t my first, I’d accepted scat play in the middle of the year again from him and his mates in our mini orgies where he’d invite 2 or 3 of them over and I’d engaged as a scat slave with eight of his friends (not all at the same time), during those games, which again were almost weekly occurrences by then. Of course in both scat and dog by that time I was a totally willing slut for them.

Then as we moved into the New Year out of nowhere a conversation arose; in our house over dinner one Saturday evening; there was David and me, plus our 2 boys, Rob and Mike and Rob’s girlfriend Rosie; somehow the subject came around about ‘piercings’. Rob and Rosie are both 18 and have been in a sexual relationship for at least 6 months; she will be staying over tonight in his room.

I was going in and out of the dining room, clearing the main course and bring in the desserts; so I missed the opening of the conversation. What they had started talking about was Rosie was considering having her belly button pierced; now I know a lot of younger generation have all sorts of piercings – lips, tongue etc. but anyway, I was totally off track with them because I instantly thought of BDSM piercings.

My half hearing about piercings had me going through the above scenes. Not knowing she was talking about her navel being pierced, I came across all motherly saying ‘oh surely you’re not going to do that’. I was then challenged as to whether I had any piercings other than my ears. I was able to say No, but I felt myself blushing uncontrollably and I got very wet all of a sudden and felt my nipples harden, I didn’t need to look down to know they’d be poking out the thin fabric of my blouse; my reason being was that I was on the verge of telling Ben I’d let him do it.

However, to my sons and Rosie my reaction made them think I was lying. David was smirking enjoying my discomfort knowing part of the reason. Rosie was saying OMG you’ve had a sexy bit pierced? Now we’d had consumed two bottles of wine at this point, so we were all getting loose tonged. Rob then says I don’t think she has, but my aunt Anita has been pierced I think. The conversation drifted a bit then Rosie said a girl at college had loads of piercings including her nipples.

That drifted the chat it to how painful that would be, but I said surely they’d give her a local anaesthetic. Rosie looked at me and said ‘so they’d stick a pin in her so they could stick another pin in her?’ I did feel a bit stupid.

Meanwhile Rob chimed in with an ‘I’d like to watch that (a nipple being pierced)’. Rosie said she wasn’t ready for that, I think she meant watching it, but she might have meant trying it.

‘Why and whereabouts do you think my sister has been pierced’ I asked of Rob.

‘I don’t know’ he admitted, ‘just think she would’ but he blushed as he said it. She might have told him, or he might have seen marks on her nipples, either way he knew and he’d also know it wasn’t from an idea of body adornment, otherwise there’d be a piece of jewellery in situ.

I don’t know if Rosie realised the same instant as me, it seemed to me she had.

‘So you’d like to watch her (Anita) get her nipple pierced?’ she asked of him

‘No, No’ he said quickly, ‘I was just saying…. I would like to see it’

‘On her in particular or any woman?’

‘Yes on her, but any woman with a decent rack and obviously willing to have it done’ he said defensively. ‘I think some women get a sexual kick out of it’

I was still musing on that thought so I half missed her say.

‘So do you think your mum would do it and let you watch?’

I was suddenly aware of 4 sets of eyes looking at me, for an answer, and Rob’s eyes met mine. I was being challenged.

‘No!’ I said very unconvincingly even as I said it. I looked at David, he was very aware of Anita’s confession to me and Ben’s Christmas wish, at that time even offered up “5 hotwife points” if I agreed to it from Ben – which is quite a good number. With the lockdowns I hadn’t clocked up many ‘hotwife’ points and was in deficit. David looked straight at me and said ‘Ten’ quite quietly but I knew exactly what he meant.

‘Maybe’ I found myself saying. Rosie looked astonished, Rob’s eyes were gleaming. ‘I don’t know, maybe I could’.

Wanting to change the subject, I suggested they go in the lounge and I’d clear up and make coffee for everyone. Out in the kitchen I was very flustered, I had also noticed, because I couldn’t fail to see it, when Rob stood up he had a hard on in his jeans, as did Mike and David. I was standing thinking David’s just offered me 10 points to let our son witness me have my nipples pierced.

As I stood in my kitchen waiting on the coffee to percolate, I realised I was a bit shaken. I had put off Ben’s Christmas present and told him I would think about it and he hadn’t pushed. But now I was very aware of my hardened nipples and wet pussy cause by the discussion with the others, I realised in fact the concept of having it done to me was now a turn on, even without any masturbatory action. Because in my masturbatory fantasy when I start, it’s like a session with Ben, slowly warming up with almost foreplay, before the piercing was the climatic point. But now without touching, just some talk, I was wet.

I was flustered in the kitchen and my efforts to make a jug of coffee were taking ages when David came to find me, almost ready. I had calmed down a bit, but not completely. He had one of his grins on his face.

‘So you’ll open to try it then’ I knew what he was talking about.

‘Yes, but I’m not so sure about Rob watching me taking it’ I said, ‘You, yes, but it would be part of a whole BDSM session leading up to that; you’ve seen Suz and Anita take pins in those type of sessions and for me it would have to be a lead up to accepting it, just like they would’

‘So you’re saying that you will try it out, but not with Rob watching’

‘I guess that is what I’m saying’ I was acutely aware that I was highly aroused at this point and David knew it, but he was also in a similar position.

I was also voicing what I had decided to do in my own mind a week or so ago, but not had the courage to tell my husband, Ben or Anita that I was up for it. In light of what she’d said before I was going to go to her Master and try it and if all was well I’d give Ben the go ahead. But this evening and David’s challenge put a whole new dimension on things.

‘So you’re up for trying it, so how many points do I have to give you to let Rob watch?’

‘No, I can’t do a submission session with him watching’

‘Look Rob knows you go over to Ben’s and now he knows exactly what goes on over there as he is going with over both Anita and Stella and he is doing that stuff on them with Ben just supervising him, so he knows exactly the games you are letting happen to you and you go willingly’.

David was right in a way, but I just couldn’t agree. So I said I would give it some thought, but I would go and visit Anita’s guy who she recommended and if I let him do it, depending on how it went, I would let Ben do it later. He knew who Anita’s guy was and said okay.

The following day I phoned my sister, before I lost my nerve and asked her to make me a date with her guy, I could practically hear her getting wet over the phone, or was that me?. She called me back about an hour later and said it was set up for the coming Friday evening at his place. She asked me who I wanted to go with me, I immediately thought he’d already talked with Rob, but no; she asked because Fridays are the nights she and I swap bedrooms at each other’s house; we’ve stopped being discrete and now often have dinner and breakfast at the other house. We used to do it late night after 10:30pm and very early retreat in the morning, but now it’s almost a dare to see who will dress the slutiest.

Anyway, I hadn’t thought of a witness to this first try, but she obviously had. I couldn’t take David as that would leave her alone with both Rob and Mike! Her Paul needed to stay where he was with their sons, Liam was away; Toby hasn’t been here since he got more involved with his girlfriend. In the end I invited Stella’s hubby Ian.

So Friday evening Ian drives me, he knows what is planned and seems excited, saying this is something he’s wanted to watch happen for ages. He hopes once I’ve done it Stella will try it out. We arrive at the address about 9pm where the door is opened by a man I’ve known for maybe 12 years or more, a friend of my sister’s; who I’ve met with his wife at parties and barbeques at her place many times. I had no idea he was into the scene. In the background are his wife and children; she welcomes me as if I’ve popped over for a glass of wine and indeed a glass appears in my hand as the thought crosses my mind. Their kids are about the same age as my sister’s a boy and girl just into their early and mid-teens respectively, I feel the boy’s eyes penetrate my slutty clothing; there is a slight knowing smile on his face – is he in on this?.

After a rather nervous start on my part it is clear she knows exactly why I’m here. My sister has advised me what to wear, a black leather mini skirt which doesn’t reach the tops of my black stockings held by a suspender belt; high heeled court shoes and a black fairly sheer top.

Marie is a bobbed golden hair blonde about my sister’s age (34), is very attractive with a full figure is in tight red leather trouser pants with very high red heeled court shoes and on top a leather matching waist coat held by a single clasp, clearly she’s naked beneath it.

Marie is sensing my confusion and explains that Colin’s been into domination for some time; he doesn’t dominate her these days and she is happy to see other women submit to him, especially those like my sister who can ‘take a bit’ as she put it. I can see her reaction to my submission is a turn on for her. Our conversation is in the open plan kitchen/lounge of their house and I’m 100% certain their 2 kids sitting in the lounge section can hear what is said even with the TV on. It’s a little bit disconcerting.

After maybe 15 minutes and enough time to down the wine, Colin reappears and says everything is ready and leads me and Ian into the attached garage which is in fact converted to a small workshop and now converted into a dungeon. The first thing I notice is a large “X” frame with straps on the end to spread-eagle the subject, then a ***********ion of floggers and whips and assorted stuff. He has subdued the lighting with a red tinge. This is quite a step up from Ben’s outfit.

Marie helps me off with my skirt and top and first ties me upright in the X cross. She runs a finger into my pussy and smiles at how wet I am. Ian is given a chair and Marie sits down. It seems my sister has given Colin a resume of my levels and we all know what the finale of the evening will be. Colin has now stripped down to what can only be described as leather chaps (as in horse riding); He is semi stiff, Ian is invited to strip off as well, as Marie loses her waistcoat revealing a nice pair of breasts with erect nipples and unzips her pvc trouser, leaving her pussy and that area open. I am well aware that there is just an unlocked door between us and their kids.

The first hour goes pretty much as expected, except Marie is as active on me as Colin, Ian is there only as an extra cock to be used on me from time to time in addition to Colin. I am moved around the small den as different things are done, moving from spanking to whips and floggers, my arse, pussy and mouth used by Colin and Ian and Marie uses a double strap on. I’ve sucked both cocks and licked out Marie’s pussy; on their second cum of the evening Colin and Ian give me a joint facial telling me to keep my eyes open as they shoot their jism across my face, whilst Marie is fucking my arse with her strap on and running an electric dildo around my pussy and clit. In addition to sucking I’ve done arse to mouth on the cocks and the strap on at least twice by then and given Colin and Marie a rimming whilst the other fucked me. Each has pissed directly into my mouth at least once during that time.

Marie is proving to be a master of the floggers and whips, better than her husband and almost as good as Tony. It is around about an hour in (according to Ian) that I have a breast pump place upon each boobs and feel the unique effects of feeling them swell up as the vacuum increases; maybe after 5 or 6 minutes when she considers they won’t get bigger, Marie ties the base of each boob rally tight with thick cord, and removes the pumps. The pumps have taken them from my 34c to a 36d at least, my nipples almost double in size, I’ve not felt that big since I was pregnant. The figure of 8 loops Marie has tied keep them inflated and within minutes the white skin is turning red and then purple. She and Colin use a whip and flogger on them, they are more sensitive now and I realise I am thrusting myself into each strike.

But the time has come, I’m sat bound on a chair and Marie approaches with a packet of needles. I know they are sterile medical needles, and these are the smallest (thinnest) gauge. She starts with my boob flesh and inside a minute she was pushed in maybe a dozen needles and left them in situ, they are thin and I barely feel them. My nipples are standing out hard and erect, almost as hard and erect as Ian and Colin’s cocks as they watch. Almost before I realise she’d done it, Marie has pushed a needle through my left breast’s nipple, I feel that and shudder, it’s not pain but it is, Another pin goes through, then 2 more I have a cross of pins through my nipple, each and in and out, like a clock face, the 5th one she takes hold of the very teat and pushed it down through my teat. That hurts, but not to the extent I thought it would. Ian says I gasped at that insertion. Marie leans back and grins, she points to the leather seat of my chair, it’s pooled in juice from me. I look at the pins in my boobs, I had expected some blood, not nothing, just a tiny drop on my nipple.

I’m feeling a bit disappointed (I think) in my masturbatory ecstasy I have always cum off in a shattering climax; whilst I am certainly aroused and very, very wet, I can only compare it to having built up sex with a man only for him to cum just that bit too soon, not quite taking me to the peak. These needles were too easy for me.

Marie is reading my mind, ‘You coped very well’ she says.

Colin comes over and looks at my left breast, ‘I think another gauge for the right one’ he says, looking at me in the eye ‘how about it? do you feel up for a heavier gauge?

I nod my agreement ‘What does my sister take these days’ I ask almost regretting it as soon as I say it.

‘That depends on her mood at the time, some days she’ll want the feel of the thicker needles and pins and of course she takes them down here as well’ he says running his finger into my wet pussy.

I can’t withhold a shudder at those words, I had kinda guessed she might, after all I know Suz has had her labia and clit abused that way, so Anita I suspected must have, but Colin has confirmed it. He brings a tray over on it are an assortment of needles, the white ones Marie has used on me are maybe ½” long and very, very thin compared to all the other which are maybe up to 3” long and very thick, almost like a knitting needle size. On there are also an assortment of safety pins from small ½inch long to large diaper ones maybe 5” plus and comparatively thicker. He sees me looking at those, ‘Ah those we can hang weights off, once applied’ he explains.

‘Your sister has moved along and over the years taken thicker sizing, but everything on this tray she has taken’.

I feel myself wetten again at the sight of these, they are much greater than I ever imagined. I also feel like I’ve just driven a kiddie’s go kart to 10 Mph and then been told others drive sports cars beyond 100 Mph.

I look at the tray again, the ones I’ve already experienced have white tops, there are about 10 colours of needles indicating the gauge thickness, he has laid them increasing in gauge left to right.

‘Red’ I say it’s about 6th along the line, looks much thicker and is about 1½” long. I feel a twinge as I say it.

Colin smiles and Marie is grinning. ‘Much better’ he says.

It’s Colin’s turn now on my right breast, I notice his cock; flaccid for the past 20 minutes is now almost erect again. He takes hold of a brand new packet of needles and I notice as he opens it there are 24 items in there. Like Marie he starts on my breast area, but he pushed the needle right in up to the plastic coloured cap not an in and out like Marie has done on my left tit. I am really feeling each one as it punctures my skin, each one is akin to a lover’s thrust; this is more like my masturbatory fantasy. He works slower than Marie, to my surprise I am savouring each one, too soon I realise he has used all 24 on my right boob. Colin’s cock is now ramrod hard. I hadn’t noticed before but Ian is now slowly humping Marie, doggie style slightly behind me, both their eyes are glued to my boobs, Ian’s remarks in the drive over make me think Stella will be on a visit here soon.

Colin has turned away to the tray for more needles. It is the turn of my right nipple, Marie’s head is near him and she says ‘Purple’ He shakes his head ‘No, too much’. I look at the tray, the purple are the biggest and longest needles on the tray at position 10. I can’t speak - if I could I’d agree with him. He *********** green ones (position 8) still thicker than the red and longer. Marie picks up an electric vibrator and puts it right on my upper pussy nearly on my clit, it hums slightly, I lean into it; it feels so good. Colin pushes home the first Green needle at the North position on my nipple. ‘Oh Yeah that hurts’ 20 seconds later he does the South, then East and West. Each one takes me a bit higher, just like a lover. Now he takes the teat of my nipple, I feel the bit as it pricks the skin on the way in and feel its length pushed into me. I shudder with a climax, helped by Marie’s vibrator, but this is close to what my masturbatory thoughts were. I feel a splash on my thigh, and see Colin has climaxed. Marie has groaned and I think Ian has just cum off inside her. I look down at my right boob, in the very teat is a ‘Purple’ needle surrounded by four green ones.

As my breath comes back, I realise I have climaxed quite heavily, as much as when I masturbated about this happening to me and on a par with some of Tony’s flogging of me. I also feel elated and exhausted at the same time.

Once I am untied from the bench, Marie unbinds my breasts and starts to pluck the needles from my boobs. The needles are discarded into a bin, and the feeling flood back to my breast as the circulation returns, it’s almost as painful as the insertions. Small spots of blood appear which she mops up with sterile wipes. Whilst I’m still basically naked, she leads Ian and me back into the house and into the lounge. Having served as a urinal I am desperate to relieve my bladder and do so – David will have to wait for the next lot. It’s now nearly midnight, the teenagers are no longer around, but I don’t know how she would have known that they’d gone to bed. On a Friday night at my place I’d possibly still be chasing mine up to their bedrooms.

Colin has put everything in the garage back in place, presumably so anyone looking in won’t see its dual purpose.

We have another drink. I sense Colin and Marie are looking for feedback from me, but their semi casual questions. I’m still running on adrenaline.

‘Was it good for me?: - Yes

‘Was it as I imagined it would be ’; - more or less, I admit I wasn’t expecting Marie’s involvement but that was good.

‘Was it the right level?’: Absolutely, for my first time I am sure that was the right approach. I explain my ‘go-kart verses sports car analogy, and that Colin’s attention to my right boob took me up to a family saloon.

‘So you’re up for it again sometime?’ Yes.

‘And to move on further?’ Oh yes.

‘So next time we can start with the heavier pins on your breasts’ I nod

‘How do you feel about having your labia and clit tortured?’

‘After tonight I think I’d be happy to let you try that’ – at that moment I actually mean that.

‘Do you know, or are you aware of how far things like that can be taken?’ I don’t want to appear naïve, and say I know from Steve my brother-in-law about some of the stuff Suz (his wife) has taken. And of course my sister has hinted she has taken stuff.

‘Would you be willing to be dominated just by Me, just one on one, say one evening?’ asked by Marie. I look across at Marie, our eyes meet; I instinctively know she’ll be much crueller and harsher than Colin – I am wondering why, when she goes on ‘Colin and I have wanted to dominate you since we first saw you may years ago, you seemed to be the reserved cool older sister, I was already dominating your sister, but I knew that somehow you’d be submitting too. Was this really your first time for nipple torture?’

I nod ‘Yes of actually having my nipple pierced, but other things have been done’. I explained about the clamps and clothes pegs and things.

‘Lovely’ she says ‘You took 8’s, 9’s and a 10 tonight, her first try was 6,7 & 8’.

I look at her expectant eyes and tell her, I would submit solo to her. At that moment I mean it. In my masturbatory fantasy I have always been dominated by a man, but now this attractive woman’s offer does appeal to me.

‘And Colin, what do you think’ I ask.

‘I think some submissions to my wife, would tune you up nicely for me to take things even further, as she said we both have eyed you up for some time’ The way he says it, I realise I am just starting out, he is the type of Dom that Suz and Steve would seek out. I am also aware how wet I am still.

After that the conversation drifted and then Ian and I dressed and departed for home, I left him saying that he would get Stella over there soon.

Back home I creep into a house of darkness, it’s gone 1am and so I take the spare room and crash out, I am still slightly euphoric and when I do fall asleep, my dreams are startling, I’m taking strong BDSM tortures, but I can’t determine who my tormentors are because there are several. Just after 6 am, I wake in a state of arousal and sweaty and thirsty. I try to return to sleep but I can’t so I get up, I have only the clothes from last evening in that room so I don’t bother, naked I go to the kitchen and make coffee. While it’s brewing I look over my body, yes there are a few marks, but none you’d comment on; my breasts are still swollen from the pumps. I take my coffee into the lounge, recline my chair and reflect on last night. After a few sips of coffee, I must have fallen asleep again.

I dream again, it feels nice, I feel I’m being caressed very softly by hands on my breasts, but I’m want it to be rougher, squeeze and pull them. I not sure if I say that in my sleep. I feel another hand, rather fingers on my pussy, I sense how wet I still am from the events of last evening. I need a wee. This is what brings me out of my sleep, a pressure on my bladder. I look down I’m reclined on the chair legs well parted, half asleep I try to stand up, realising I’m totally naked, but need the downstairs loo. It nearly 9am, too near to bursting I stagger into the hallway and into the cubicle. I finish up, of course everybody is up and about and I’ve no clothing at all.

As I come out of the toilet about to creep upstairs, there in front of me is David, my 2 boys and my sister all looking at me. I’m trying to brazen out, but I notice my sister is wearing one of David’s shirts but it’s not done up at all, just covering her breasts, open all down the front and it barely covers her hips; and a pair of black heels; she’s looking good, obviously done her hair and make-up. I feel I am a total mess. David and my two boys are still in their pyjama shorts. They have an expectant look.

I was almost saved by the doorbell which took everyone’s attention away from me and I almost ran up the stairs. At the turn of the stairs, I glance back and I see my sister has opened the front door to our postman; He cannot fail to see me unless he was stunned by the opening of Anita’s shirt. For some illogical reason I turn and look, he looks up at me our eyes met, I am fully on view to him. He smiles. I automatically smile back at him.

“It’s a ‘signed for’ for you” he says; holding out a package.

I take a step back down; then another; then I’m right in front of him signing the paper. I’m taking my time deliberately so is he. The others have all moved away, watching what I’m doing. I’m wishing I had my make-up and hair done, that I was wearing a pair of high heels.

‘Rough night?’ He asks

‘You could say’

He has put his book away; we’re making small talk as he looks over my body particularly my breasts. My sexual wetness is upon me again, my nipples are hardening. I am actually doing one of David’s ’hotwife dares’ – open door naked to delivery man. He is in his late 40’s I guess and a slight smile on his face.

‘I wasn’t expecting ‘this’ to happen to-day’ he says.

Before I can stop myself, I ask ‘what day were you expecting this, then’. I’m continuing the small talk. This is my first time totally naked in front of an almost stranger (I don’t know his name, but we’ve seen each other a couple of times a week for years); I’m aroused by my exposure. I‘m flirting, smiling at him.

‘Well, no, I mean,’ he stammered ‘In my job you always hope to see something like this’.

‘Next time, I’ll try to look better; not as in dragged through a hedge backwards look that I must have now’

‘That I would look forward to, but you look pretty good now’.

I smile, ‘Oh I can look much better’. I’m relaxed and enjoying myself now, I only wish my family weren’t within ear shot, then I could maybe take matters further.

‘High heels? Stockings? I ask

‘Oh yes please’ he says.

I am thinking of things to say to continue our situation, ‘Am I your first naked housewife, then’

‘I’ve seen some sights, some I’d rather forget, some have been good, but you’re the first to be... so open when fully naked, and the most attractive. Others cower behind their doors, or garb some clothing’.

He runs out of things to say and I’m now aware of my family and I guess so is he, we’ve had 4 or 5 minutes.

Reluctantly he turns and walks away; he looks back and smiles when he sees I am still standing in the doorway till he turns out of the driveway. OMG I’m totally turned on by my first real exposure to a near stranger.


I closed the door, the others had gone back to the kitchen, so I resume my heading upstairs, in my bedroom it looks like a bomb has done off. Clothes all over the place and the smell of sex. There are too many clothes rumpled on the floor.

A slow comprehension comes over me. A look in both my son’s bedroom confirms my thoughts, beds not slept in. My sister had three sexual companions last night! I’m not annoyed, just accepting that it would happen at some point and maybe last night wasn’t the first time. Had she been trying to tell me that months back? I take a shower and do my makeup and hair as normal, pull on a summer dress no underwear and strappy heeled sandals and feeling a lot better go downstairs. My dreams and exposure have left me feeling sexually edgy, coupled with the action from last night.

As I sort myself out I’m thinking that David told me when things were starting to come out between us, that that quite early on in our relationship he masturbated about watching me having sex with another man or men, especially guys he knew and over time it grew into kinky sex. I’d asked him which friends he’d imagined me with, he had about 6, but not one at that time had I shagged with.

For my part I never did similar at the time of him having sex with other women, not until I knew, once I knew he was shagging my sister I did masturbate on that quite often. However out of the 6 he named, I had masturbated about 4 of them fucking me, from time to time in my early married days. One of his earliest dares was for me to go seduce each of those guys, which I did but David really wanted to watch, in time 3 of them had a threesome with David and I.

Of course once things were in the open, I had sex with my sister and together we took either Paul (her hubby) or David in a threesome. Then I found that sisters in bed in a threesome was a huge turn on for lots of guys and every man I’d known sexually and the same for her it seemed wanted us in a threesome. I must say that whilst it was fun; sexually it wasn’t as satisfying with one man trying to satisfy us both. As I look at the mess in my bedroom, I have flashes of my two boys and my sister last night, It is so similar to when I knew David was shagging her.

Back in the kitchen, David, Anita and my boys were just finishing breakfast, I was handed a coffee and everyone wanted to know how I got on last night. I started out basically going through what went down, I wasn’t looking at them, but I could tell both boys were hanging on every word, so I was looking at my sister and husband as I talked and as I did so I became wetter as I got into the details with my sister asking just a couple of questions at times. I see she is getting aroused a bit as I talk as is David, I cannot turn to look at my boys, but David’s pyjama shorts are ‘tenting’ and Anita’s nipples are poking at David’s still quite open shirt, which seems more open than before with no part of it covering her vaginal region. My eyes are drawn to her labia lips which I see have become swollen and inflamed from arousal over the past few minutes. It crosses my mind that everyone one in the room except her has sucked and licked upon her pussy.

As I finish my sister asks if Freddy (the teenage son) watched or even helped, I say no. Then I remember, she and Marie have been friends for years and she has subbed to Marie, by her own admission and Marie’s words last night. Somehow I know if I ask that same question to her the answer would be yes.

David steps in before it goes further saying he was impressed by my reaction to the postman, a real ‘hotwife dare’. I point out I wasn’t dared and I was a mess. Ah but you did do it and you lingered there, letting him see you, that’s what counts.

Anita joins in saying she has only done “fully nude to a delivery guy” 4 times; yes many more in just a bikini bottom or just an undone shirt like this morning. I am thinking that all hers had all been deliberate and planned, whereas mine, was just ‘caught’.

Changing the subject again and why I did I’m not sure, but I asked if they all had a good time last night, saying I’d seen the state of my bedroom. My sister doesn’t blush easily, but she coloured a bit, but the giveaway was my younger son; he went bright red. Suddenly I felt a bit guilty. Turning to face him I said it’s okay, better to learn from her than anybody else. That broke the ice completely, when they realised I wasn’t upset or mad, everyone relaxed and we moved on.


After that things have become easier at home, rather like when David and I got our ‘affairs’ out in the open. So yes Anita has been playing with both boys since last Christmas and the onus is now on me to reciprocate with her boys, “when I’m ready” they both say.

David seemed as turned on by me spending maybe 5 minutes stark naked in front of the postman standing in my front door; as he was by my evening of piercing, although he was aroused by that. He asked me how I felt standing naked in the hallway in front of our sons, adding that he was pleased at how calm I was. The answer was that I was quite calm and it did feel a little strange, but as you know they have ‘seen me’ before and seen me in better light, I certainly didn’t feel sexy, especially with my sister standing there near naked and looking so much sexier.
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