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Exposure to a new level.
My best friend since I was about 14 is Viv, we were at the same school and lived close to one another. She is an extrovert which she inherited from her American mother, slim, blonde, blue eyes. We were both getting into boys about the same time.

Even though she’s married, Viv was always going to be promiscuous and Ted her husband knew that from the start, but he loved that. Soon after they got married she told me he liked to watch her with other men, I was more than shocked about that at the time; of course now I know it’s a common desire for lots of men. Of course at the time I had no idea that after my sister, Viv was my own husband’s most frequent fuck buddy.

At school Viv was in the drama club, mostly Shakespeare and more at college. Then a few years back as an interest/hobby she joined a local Amateur dramatic group. After she’d been there about 4 years she got a lead role in a farce which required a flash of her bare breasts. When she first read it, she though ‘Oh No!!’ Extravert that she is, it initially seemed too much, the director said it should be a bit like Barbra Winsor – ‘carry on’ style’ blink and they’d miss it he said. In rehearsals she left the bikini top on, even in the dress run though. It was meant to be literally a flash then her arms would cover her boobs at the end of Act 1. The first night, she told me, she felt almost sick due to her nerves, but when it got to that bit it went fine and afterwards before Act 2 she was overcome by a sexual wetness, the next evening she was wet and not nervous at all, her exposure was twice as long, but no one seemed to mind. They did 5 performances and each night the pause was longer. From a woman who is seemingly always horny, she said it sent her higher, and the last performance she would have whipped off her bikini bottom as well, had anyone asked! I knew she was bonking several members of the club by that time and in the next year’s play she went properly topless, in a couple of sections, each for minutes. That would have been in May 2012; the play in May 2013 was a whole new ball game and led to me getting a bit involved

Viv’s sent tickets to us for the play in which she did the “tittie flash” but I hadn’t been able to go, David went along with a friend. So when we next met for a coffee a week after it she told me all about it and the fact at the after show party, the show’s producer and director were suggesting next time would she consider doing a complete strip and/or full nude scene on stage, her husband and 2 sons had been at the last show and attended the party as well, I asked her if they’d heard that suggestion and she said the three of them had been standing there with her and the Director and Producer openly discussing it for 15 minutes, listing plays they could do and by the end effectively the adult males talked her into at least thinking about it.

She admitted to me that she was thinking about it and every time she thought or talked about it she got wet.

The next time we met up she told me she’d agreed to go ahead on a play (yet to be decided); I asked about the nudity, she said it hadn’t been fully worked out or agreed as yet, but she had consented to including a semi strip at one point, such as removing blouse, bra and skirt, either herself or by actor. And at some point a brief full nude - not just a flash, but a couple of seconds.

I could tell Viv was quite excited about doing it, but as it was months away I didn’t think too much about it, I did tell Dave and he liked that idea, next time I saw Viv’s husband Ted (in bed), he was very into the idea and had obviously worked on her as had the two guy’s from the theatre company.

Then 3 weeks before it was to be performed (May 2014) she sent me 4 tickets for the final evening performance, when I phoned her thank her and to ask why four, she said they were for David, me and my boys, which I must admit took me aback, before thinking I asked if her boys were going to see the play, ‘Oh yes, of course, their seats are next to yours’; which pretty much closed the conversation. David was equally pragmatic, so I just accepted it. My two were pretty unenthusiastic about going to see it; till David quietly told them that last time he went he saw Viv’s boobies, which changed things as they know her quite well and see her over at ours quite often.

Actually the play was pretty good; she’d got us seats in the front row as well. It was a comedy/farce; Viv played the part of an unfaithful wife (so well suited for her); so there was a husband; a Boyfriend; a Gardner and a Handyman. It was really funny, there were skimpy clothes and bra and panties flying off in all directors, this was just flashes, although she did remove her blouse and then bra for maybe 30 seconds and losing the skirt as she left the stage. In one scene in the final act she comes on with one of the lovers and he removes her fur coat, revealing her in just in a white suspender belt, white stockings and high heels to match; Viv was on stage and on full view for well over a minute, as she entangles with the lover.

I guess it was nothing that these lads couldn’t or wouldn’t have seen on the web; but I reminded myself two were her own sons and two were mine who knew her quite well. I didn’t think I would have been so aroused by watching my friend showing off like that in front of an audience of strangers and doing it in front of her own sons was extra hot but I didn’t realise that till it happened. I mean there she was a woman they knew, with all on full display of her charms, and if they and their friends call me a MILF, then Viv must be some kinda ‘Super-Hot Milf’.

At the drinks party afterwards, I found myself with Viv, one of the Producers; and one of the male actors, with my sons handing on every word we said and looking in awe at Viv, who they’d known all their life. I think I was saying to Viv how brave and stunning she’d been. She looked at my two and asked them if they’d enjoyed it? Obviously they got a bit tongue tied and blushed. Viv smiled at them and said ‘how about next year we get your mum up there with me for a play’. Before I could hear their response the Producer looked at me and asked if I would be up for something like that, I must have stammered, I was vaguely aware that Viv AND my youngest son saying ‘Yeah you could do it’.

I was so taken by surprise I said something along the lines I had never ever done anything like acting in my life. The Producer guy, who I knew was very casually bonking Viv for about the past 5 years, so probably through pillow talk knew a bit about me, was telling me that I ought to have a try out and so on. I got really flustered, mainly because the thought of copying what Viv had just done had made me so wet. I’d been pretty aroused by her display earlier, but this idea out of the blue was making me hotter.

The conversation went on for at least another 10 minutes from which I said I’d think about it, soon Viv drifted away as did the Producer, moments later David accompanied by Viv’s own 2 boys joined us. Like mine they were flushed which only increased when my younger son said something along the lines that I was going to do something like that with Viv in the play next year, David just said to me in a quizzical voice, so you’ve agreed to get your kit off in their next play, I could tell he and all four boys liked that idea, a lot, each had a twinkle in the eye.

I hadn’t actually said I would do it, but I hadn’t totally ruled it out as far as they were concerned. In bed that night David was very horny, in fact matched by my own.

The Company usually do their play annually in May and start all the rehearsals etc. in February; this year’s production in May 2015 was to be a play about three airline stewardess’ set in the 1960’s. I had met with the Producer and the Director together and on their own in 2014 and been to bed with each several times. Between them and Dave by the middle of November I was persuaded to give it a go, every time I thought about it before and maybe more so afterwards I was wet.

By that time I found out that Viv had been sorta ‘dared or cajoled ’ by them to let her boys go and see the show that I saw the previous year; I knew that Viv had been contemplating that anyway, that just helped her and her invitation to my boys was all her own idea. Of course it wasn’t said but was assumed by everybody (including me) that when the time came for my part my boys would be there.

There was four of us for the three stewardess parts, each understudying one another and were told we would rota, so I had the learn two parts as did the other three; we knew that if we were all fit and well we’d be doing between 6 and 8 performances each. There had been 7 performances all sell-out of the May 2014 show, they had secured, 10 days this time.

All three parts required a fair bit of being on stage in very sexy lingerie, with see-thru blouses and dresses, a few topless scenes, all costumes would be very 1960’s even the clothes were mini/micro-dress and skirts and so, I couldn’t believe how short some of the skirts were in ordinary scenes, but it was researched, my lines as were limited, the other female has a bit more, Viv had all the major scenes (no problem from me) and gets to show off the most (just like last year).

The venue for the play was our local town hall with a stage and a capacity for a seated audience of about 500 seated people. The tickets sold raise funds for a local hospice. But the hall is used for a variety of activities from Yoga classes to discos. In April 2015 the hall was being given some maintenance and somehow caught fire and was badly damaged. So out play and other activities were all cancelled. I had been very nervous about doing the play and was relieved and disappointed in equal measure. Strange because of the cancellation, I feel I missed something. With one thing and another, the hall wasn’t rebuilt and finished till 2019.

That where I thought it had all ended.

An Incident

It was a hot day a couple of months later. I had gotten into a conversation in the lounge with Rob my eldest son and four of his friends. They also were some of the ones that on several occasions I had overheard their conversations about me and others being hot MILFs. In the past it had been between me and my sister (whom they’d all met with at some point); plus another mother whose son was a friend of my younger son. Plus in the last 2 years Stella had moved into that group. I had heard Rob talk about my friend Viv but the other boys didn’t know her, but would have added her to the list if they had got to see the play as planned. These boys are all hormonal teenage boys and their talk is sometimes quite sexually heavy in tone about sex acts they’d like to experience with us MILFs. These boys are all over 18 and I’m sure they are all sexually active with girlfriends, but it was clear overhearing their talk that MILFs held a high fantasy element to them, like they thought we would do everything and anything sexual you could imagine.

Anyway that morning It had started with them commiserating me on the stage play being cancelled and how they had all been getting tickets for ‘my show’ and not just one performance but 2, and were desperately disappointed not to be able to go see it (me) I felt myself colouring up a bit as they said it.

15 minutes earlier that morning I’d finished a flash zoom call with my Boss Tim (also one of my casual lovers). Today was a morning I was wearing a suspender belt with my stockings and a nice pair of high heels, I had been up dressed like that for breakfast and gone straight to the study for the zoom chat with Tim. He’d even dared me to go make myself a coffee in the kitchen, it was 10am, so a bit chancy but I did. I’d only been back in the study five minutes later I heard movements down the stairs. It was only then that I remembered that a couple of Rob’s friends were coming over about 11am and so I told Tim I needed to wrap up by that time (literally); he tried to persuade me to stay like I was till they all arrived. I said no I couldn’t, but I said I’d stay as I was as long as I could and he was determined to keep me talking; then 2 of them arrived 20 minutes early, I looked up as they sauntered down the driveway, luckily they went into the back door and then I could hear Rob and them in the kitchen. – At this point in time I didn’t have any clothing to hand.

When I told Tim all the two boys were here he dared me to go see if there was anything they wanted (obviously as I was then). I didn’t. But I was glad they used the backdoor as coming in the front they would have passed my study window and could not have failed to see me! I did not know there was another two lads coming over as well and they turned up a few minutes later, I still hadn’t redressed, thinking I was safe.

The first two has walked down the drive to the backdoor which is the way we all go in and out 90% of the time, the other way is the garden path from the front gate diagonally crossing the lawn to the front door and crossing passed the study window. Tim must have seen my reaction to the next two boys as he asked what was up, there’s two more I hissed. They looked as if they were coming through the gate and my heart rate rose. I have a 26” PC screen monitor to shield behind, but nothing else. At the last moment they seemed to change their mind and walked to the drive pathway.

Now they were in the house and in the kitchen, I felt less panicked, Tim was pleased I was still there as I was and saying ‘go get them drinks or coffees’ and so on; Tim dared me to fully open the study door- knowing full well that anybody coming out of the kitchen into the hallway would see me directly in front of them. Even when Tim reluctantly signed off, after having given me some dares too outrageous to do. I say his dares were outrageous, but that didn’t mean I disregarded them, I mean they all centred around me walking around openly in just my heels and stockings, going to see what drinks they wanted, making them taking them in and so on. I sat there for another 4 or 5 minutes before I stood up and slowly opened the study door. The kitchen door was half open, I could hear their voices. It would take me about 6-8 seconds to get out the study and far enough up the stairs to be out of sight. I had the study door fully open and I was ‘framed’ in it before I realised what I was doing, maybe I’d been there for 4 or 5 seconds. I paused longer. If anyone were to come out of the kitchen we’d be ‘face to face, there would be no time to duck back inside. I walked across the hallway floor towards the stairs but also the kitchen, aware of the sound of my heels on the hardwood floor. Each step seemed as if I was walking in treacle, I was slow, I couldn’t move faster. Then I was on the stairs and up. In my bedroom my knees were trembling and my heart rate like I’d done a run.

I didn’t emerge again for 15 minutes having put on a short wrap over skirt and a silk blouse and straightened myself out. I went back downstairs to find all the boys were in the lounge with snacks and drinks.

So there I was and for some reason the boys talking about my show was getting me wet again; one of them, Gary was asking outright that he heard I was going to be naked on the stage. He’s one of my son’s dishy friends and often has a twinkle in his eye when I see him and that day it seemed more pronounced

When he asked I did get a gush of wetness and I blushed slightly. I had experienced a similar reaction in my body over the previous 4 weeks when friends had opened the subject, but this time it was a much stronger reaction. I didn’t have to but somehow I felt good explaining my role and that as I was also Viv’s understudy there was a possibility I would have been even more exposed, talking about it in front of them was like a gentle masturbation, my wetness was growing. The questions were –

‘Was it just a flash or proper show’?;

‘So you’d be doing full frontal?’;

‘Was I walking on exposed or stripping on the stage?’

and so on.

So I found myself explaining to them how in

a. Act 1 – I’d be topless for 30 seconds when I come out of the bathroom to answer the door to who I think is my boyfriend, Bernard. I’ve a towel around my waist and a towel on my head. I open the door to find it is Alan the boyfriend of one of the other girls in the flat. Alan kisses me before he realises it’s not Anna, and he then ‘accidently’ pulls off the towel around my waist leaving me naked for 15 seconds as he chases me around the room;

b Act 2 - Standing facing the audience with Bernard (my boyfriend) behind me, he is unzipping my dress, letting it fall, so I’m in just the black high heels, black stockings and matching bra and panties, he undoes my bra and cups my boobs.

However the producer and a couple of others had dared me to leave my bra and panties off for that scene, I hadn’t accepted the dare, I did feel a bit pressurized as the other two women all did a full frontal at points in the Act 2, but mine would be first and initially maybe the longest exposure.

I sorta agreed; that on my first two performances I’d wear a thong, but would leave it off on my performances thereafter. I’d agreed on the basis that David told me my boys and my nephews would be at the first night show.

Of course I knew that out of the 10 shows, I would be doing 6 in my role and 2 performances where I’d agreed to do Viv part (and she do mine) which was a great deal more showing off. And that was if all four of us women were fit and able to do the parts at the date, if one of us went down or whatever, they’d be just 3 of us covering all the parts for all the 10 shows. Then the producers became aware of the swap Viv and I had planned between us and suggested we do each role 5 times each. The other two women were going to do the same. Finally they asked us to do the final bow at the end of each performance in just heels and stockings, Viv agreed instantly the other two went along with it, so I was going to have to as well. The producers also knew both Viv and I were ‘shaved’ and they got the other two women to shave, in both cases for the first time ever.

Viv told me later that she’d booked off 12 seats for one of my performance doing her part, with both my sons there plus 8 of their friends (as requested by my Rob) and my nephews. Then my sister admitted she bought seats for my boys and hers, in addition to what David had already purchased, but hers were later on, then David admitted when he found out about my swapping roles with Viv, bought the same number of tickets for our boys and our nephews on the other night that I was to take her part.

‘So what naughty stuff would you have done, taking her part’ one of them asked me.

I explain that at the start of her first scenes, she wearing a see thru mini dress and heels, but at the end she does an almost traditional striptease in front of her boyfriend, walking round the flat taking a piece off at a time, slowly, he’s seated on a chair, she is working her body over his at times and kissing him, he is touching her and finally she goes down on her knees in front of him, undoing his trousers in what is obviously going to become a blow job, as the curtain comes down on that Act.

All of them were sitting down, but I was standing, all eyes were glued on me and I found quite enjoyed it. It was as I passed a mirror that I realised that my blouse was undone and whilst not showing anything, it was gapped open to my waist and my erect nipples were poking at the thin silk fabric and I felt quite flushed. I knew when I walked into the room it was done up with at least 4 buttons, but I also knew I have this habit of playing with buttons on my clothes when I get nervous, undoing and redoing them as talk. I knew I had undone those buttons whilst talking.

One of them asked a question which I barely heard as I realised my state, as I said sorry, I looked at them as if I didn’t know who had asked it, and for the first time realised hands and arms were discretely covering their crutches probably covering erections. Suddenly, I felt very powerful and sexy.

I’d heard the question repeated,

‘How do you think you will feel, with an audience watching you strip off your clothes’ he emphasized the word strip.

‘I don’t really know, my friend told me after a couple of times it feels quite sexy’ my reply was a bit feeble. ‘Anyway, it’s been cancelled, not postponed, so I won’t find out’ thinking that would put a stop to things. It didn’t!

‘You could find out here and now how it would feel’ – as his words sunk in, I realised what he was suggesting. He was challenging me, daring me! I looked around at the all, they were all challenging me! I got another surge, a tingle all up my body. Which meant as I had been walking around I had unconsciously undone all three buttons again whilst we were chatting. I looked in the mirror again, because I daren’t look down as eyes would follow me, my blouse was no longer even tucked into the waistband of my skirt at all, it was just hanging on me with a 2” to 3” gap all the way down my front, the fabric was just lying on my boobs, a slight movement and one breast or both would be exposed, or had I already done that unknowing.

I had 5 sets of eyes on me, waiting for me to do something; they had all gone quiet, watching me intently, waiting for me to slip off my blouse, it was the obvious next step having seem me unbutton it, then pull it free it from my skirt.

You could have heard the proverbial pin drop. I froze; my hands were actually holding onto the edges of my blouse, fingers on the very last button, just above my skirt top, as if I was going to pull my blouse fully open. But, I had no idea how I got to that position in the 10 minutes I’d been in the lounge.

I hurried out of the lounge, closing the door; I leant against it trying to get my heart rate under control. It wasn’t my intension to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t help it. I was shaking.

‘Oh man I thought she was going to do it’

‘Yeah, she was playing with her blouse right from the start’

‘Yeah undoing the buttons as she talked’.

‘That was close, did you see her nipples were stiff’

‘Yeh, I really thought she was about to take it off, towards the end there’

‘Yeah as she pulled it out of her skirt’

‘Yeah, she was flashing a lot of boob at that point’

This went on for several minutes all along the same lines, before turning onto why I hadn’t gone through with the unsaid dare, because consensus was I was close - too right I was.

I had been touching myself as they talked, my blouse was fully open and my skirt was now around my ankles, if any one of them got up and walked into the hallway there was no way I could cover myself or retreat without being seen.

They seemed to conclude that Rob, my son was maybe the reason I had chickened out, a fair conclusion, but it wasn’t in my mind as I left the lounge. Then I heard him tell them, that ‘I’ had bought tickets so he and his brother could see me doing the play (actually it was his dad), so I wasn’t bothered by that and he’d seen me in various states of nudity over the past years, and he knew I had known he saw me.

One of them suggested that they try it again on another day I may be more receptive.

‘She was going to do it on stage and we’d have all been there to see that, so maybe she was just not ready’

‘I think she nearly did it but then she got cold feet’

Yes, (I thought) maybe I would I was in a shock of sorts; firstly at my own body reaction and also to theirs, they were really lusting at me. By this point my blouse and skirt were on the floor, I didn’t consciously remove them. I was daring myself to stay as long as I could; based upon the words I was hearing no one was going to move, it felt really strange, kinda free and liberating and very sexy. I was as turned on as if someone had spent 10 minutes of foreplay on me. I was very aware that I was standing in my hallway beside an unlocked door, in just the way they were imagining. It briefly crossed my mind to just walk back in there – just as I was; in fact I’d be imitating a scene which Viv had to do for about 2 minutes, wearing exactly the same type of clothing as she would have done or I would have done as she and David had got me to agree to take over her role.

But no I didn’t have anywhere near the nerve to do that, not without Tim or David daring me to do so. I’d already been in the hallway maybe 6 or 7 minutes (listening to their talk), we have a coat stand beside the front door, but being summer it was bare of coats, so I put my blouse and skirt on the hooks loosely, when those lads came out they could not fail to see them. Then I walked upstairs to go into my bedroom, halfway up the stairs I remember my younger son, if Rob was downstairs his default place was his bedroom as he felt too young to mix with them. I looked up, his bedroom door was wide open, to get to my bedroom not only would have to pass his door; I’d have to walk down the hallway to my bedroom, admittedly with my back to him, there was no way, he wouldn’t see me. I was a bit jittery, I had paused there and maybe a minute passed when then I heard my phone ringtone realised it was downstairs in the study.

Without any thought I went back down the stairs and grabbed the phone it was my sister. She always ‘face-times’ me, so straight away she could see my situation but she initially thought I was still on my zoom call with my Boss.

When I explained what had gone on in the last 20 minutes, before I could finish she was ‘OMG you stripped in front of them’, I corrected her that I had ‘nearly done so’ and told her how close I had become.

She was quick to remind me that had the play gone ahead those same boys would have seen me undressing, naked a and sexy 3 or 4 times a night and on 3 or 4 occasions.

Her reminding me sent me going again. She then said ‘Go back in there as you are’

I was stunned, not from what she said, but because that thought had flashed across my mind barely 3 seconds before she said it. But I’d dismissed it before she’d said ‘go’. Her saying it sparked me again, she said it almost as a suggestion, like shall we have a coffee.

But I lamely said ‘I can’t’

‘Why not, you have admitted that had the play run they’d have seen you ‘au natural’ by now’, It was absolutely true, but it felt very different.

‘Stand up’ she commanded, I did so and told her so

‘Walk out onto hallway’ I did so and told her.

I knew exactly what she was going to ask, that feeling I’d had when I realised I had my blouse undone was coming back, I got to the middle; I knew past here I would have no chance of not being caught out. Those lads were one unlocked door away from coming out into our hallway. There was no escape from here. Thanks to Face-time she was seeing where I was.

‘Go to the kitchen’ I cringed as my high heeled stilettos clicked on the wooden floor. But the kitchen was slightly safer hallway door in and utility room out. It gave me an exit route if I heard them move out of the lounge, if they came out looking for drinks and snacks.

My sister was asking how I felt, ‘shaky and nervous’ I said. She said I looked calm and collected. My heart was pounding away, I could feel I was wet. Being told by her to do this made it so much easier.

‘Make yourself a drink’ I explained I’d just had coffee minutes before.

‘Go ask them if any of them would like a drink, you don’t have to walk into the room- unless you want to, just put your head around the door’ her words sunk in. My legs felt weak, my knees almost gave way. ‘I double dare you to walk in on them’

By now I was wondering if I could keep my nerve if one or all of them walked into the kitchen, could I act nonchalantly as if this was one of my normal states. That was a big change from maybe just 3 minutes before when I was looking to escape. My nerves had subsided.

‘No I can’t I told her, if Rob wasn’t in there, maybe I could’ I told her because we both knew where this was going. But I had now walked to the door, without realising it.

‘Okay, triple dare, and I’ll get David to give you 10 hotwife points’ just to walk in there and ask the question’

‘and that is?’ I asked knowing exactly what she’d say

‘Coffee, tea or me?’

I place my phone on the hall stand so she sees me.

It was like someone else took hold of the door handle and opened the door and I walked in, there was a pause in their chatter, then you could hear a pin drop. Eyes were on me, some grins appeared.

I tried to say something but my mouth was dry, my knees felt like water and my pussy was leaking. I walked to where I had been standing before, suddenly I felt powerful and sexy, suddenly all nerves were gone.

‘I think this is what you really wanted?’ I said. ‘This would have been almost Act 2. So you would have seen me then’ I was walking a few steps and turning around in the small space between the comfy chairs and settee.

‘Is this the part where you were going to do the blow job?’ one voice asks with a slight creak.

‘No I am like this when the curtain comes up and my boyfriend is at the door, or so I think, but it’s one of the other girl’s boyfriend. I open the door to him.

I point at the one who I think is the boldest and tell him to go to the door. He does so, I notice his bulge.

He steps out and I open the door, I pulled him to me and kiss him. There is a moment’s hesitation on his part and he pulls me in and returns my deep kiss, our tongues entwine. I can feel his erection on my thigh. He is starting to grope me, this is in fact so very close to the play. But then I break our embrace and slap him, (quite softly) and say ‘you’re not Brian’

I turn to the audience of boys and say ‘that’s the scene’ A pause, ‘so who’ll like to try out’ arms are thrown into the air.

I choose the next boy, I let him have longer, with one hand behind my back he lets the other cup my breast. His friends are cheering him on. The third and fourth boy are the same, each a bit longer, each a bit bolder. With the third boy it’s my turn to add something I reach down and feel his cock through his jeans. They all can see; he is the first to touch my pussy, feeling my wetness. At that point there is no going back. I’m totally lost. The fourth boy comes for his turn, there is no pretence of the door now, we kiss and fondle straight off, by our second kiss, my hand goes to feel his cock, but inside his jeans, my fingers close around his naked hard erection. I break our kiss.

But now there is still one who hasn’t kissed and caressed me. All eyes are now on him, he is standing already, maybe unsure if he’ll get his turn, after all he is my son. But his erection is as obvious at the others. I hold my arm out and he steps up to me, we kiss. Like the others this is our first kiss, a proper kiss, after a moment’s hesitation his tongue is in my mouth and mine in his. Following the example of his friends before he is soon kissing and fondling me and sparks are surging in me. My fingers soon find the button of his jeans

I have undone it and the zipper; I slide them off his hips, in doing so I bend my knees and slide down with them, his cock hits me in the face as I get level, but my mouth is ready. I engulf him; his cock is gorgeous, lovely. The cheering has stopped they are too entranced seeing me give their friend a blow job.

He cums off so quickly, like boys do, later admitting he had dreamt and masturbated about me doing that for over 3 years.

Soon I’m in a melee, hands reach for me, and soon a cock is in my pussy another in my mouth. I cannot keep track of who is where. Each boy cums off in me that first time, but stays almost steel erect to use again, it is only 5 minutes before they realise my arsehole is easily entered and whilst 2 fuck me I suck on the others. I climax time and time again, as do they, not making love, but using me. It is frenetic, I am now their slut. I have sucked cock straight from my arse, rimmed each arsehole of each boy, I have bathed each testicle with my saliva. And then as we catch our breath for the first time. I notice the time, when I walked back into the room it was just before midday, it’s now gone 2pm, I’m covered in sweat. Each cock has fucked and cum in my pussy at least twice. Only now can I see flaccid cocks in that room. I am a bit shaken, I have tingling in my body like I’ve a small electric current running through me. I’m leaking cum juices from my arse and pussy, and I have to acknowledge that my son has fucked me twice and his cum is in my pussy, albeit with all his friends.

I stand slip on my shoes and say ‘Thanks guys, that was… awesome, but I’ve things to do’

I’m unsteady as I leave the room.

As I showered and redressed I was thinking “what have I done”, broken a barrier.
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