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“I told one of my girlfriends about the two boys from the gym you organized for my sexual pleasure. She wants to know if she can watch them pleasuring me again?,” Sarah asked me in the afterglow of a wonderful fuck.
“Which girlfriend?”

“Scarlet, you know her, the tall elegant redhead, late-thirties, we had drinks with her. Slim body with wonderful long legs.

“Tell her fine by me as long as she looks after my sexual needs.”

“You mean you expect a blow job?”

A few days later we met Scarlet for drinks. “Sarah told me you want to watch her being pleasured by two boys from the gym.”

“Yes, that would be very exciting for me. She told me you expect a blow job from me as a quid pro quo. That would be even more exciting for me. Does Sarah deep throat you? And she confirmed the rumour you have a thick, nine-inch cock when fully erect.”

A few weeks later I have organised the same two boys for Sarah and Scarlet’s sexual pleasure (and mine). I teased them by promising this time should be even more exciting than the previous visit for them. “Can you tell us what to expect?,” they asked.

“One of Sarah’s girlfriends wants to watch both of you providing her with sexual pleasure.”

“What about you, what are you going to do?”

“Watch and enjoy,” I told them with a smirk.

Tim and Tony arrived right on time. They are good looking, blond haired, well hung gym buddies in their early-twenties, with six pack bodies and gender fluid.

Sarah and I were both naked, though she had heels (always for sex), under our short, silk dressing gowns with the belts undone, our strong, mutual exhibitionist streak, enjoying flaunting our sex for the boys and each other.

“I am to pleasure and be pleasured,” Sarah told them confidently as we helped each other shrug off own gowns. “Get naked for me and worship my big ass boys,” she told them as they readily complied while she was tongue kissing me.

“Do you prefer that look boys,” she asked confidently as they watched her put on a sexy black garter belt and black stockings while ogling their erections.

Scarlet arrived ten minutes after the boys, by then Sarah had her hands on the wall for support, legs spread as the two boys were worshiping her glorious big ass, high lighted by her sexy black garter belt and black stockings.

“You wanted to meet Tim and Tony, here they are Scarlet,” Sarah smiled, pleased with herself as she looked over her shoulder.

All eyes were on Scarlet, shoulder length, straight, light red hair, elegantly dressed in heels, a long ankle length, white skirt, with a slit to the waist, a striking contrast to her tanned skin. She had the full attention of three males and a female, as she walked, with all of one wonderful, long leg exposed.

“Wow, I feel overdressed,” she smiled as she tongue kissed Sarah, then me. “You two boys are wonderful eye candy for me, just wonderful,” she told them as she ogled their larger than average erections as she motioned for me to remove her skirt. Wonderful long legs to die for, topped by a tiny black g-string.

“Did Sarah explain why I am here boys?,” Scarlet asked as Sarah led us to our sex room with two chairs facing a large wall mirror.

“Roger told us you want to watch us pleasuring Sarah.”

“Correct, I am going to watch while I give Roger a blow job,” Scarlet smiled as Sarah settled into one chair with me in the chair alongside her. We were close enough to hold hands as one of the boys knelt between Sarah’s legs, licked his way up her glorious thighs, then made contact with her cunt lips with the tip of his tongue. Simultaneously the other boy commenced licking and sucking Sarah’s nipples.

“Wonderful foreplay,” Scarlet whispered as she slid a hand along my erection. “Obviously a turn on for you watching two boys tongue fucking your lady. You have a huge, rock hard erection for me,” Scarlet whispered as Sarah watched her licking and kissing my erection.

“I am going to give your man a blow job while I watch the two boys giving you sexual pleasure,” Scarlet whispered to Sarah as they tongue kissed while the boys were licking her. “Very exciting for me, and you man is huge, I have never had a man that big.”

Sarah and I had shared similar sexual experiences to this in the past, though every new one is invariably more exciting than the last one.

“Scarlet specially asked to watch you two boys licking me like an ice cream and teasing me, you know I love being licked and teased. Don’t disappoint her, or me. While you are having my naked body I am going to watch Scarlet give my man a blow job.”

“Your cock is magnificent, I can’t wait to tell my girlfriends how big you are,” Scarlet told me as she pushed my erection against my torso and licked the underside of it. “Awesome you erection extends past your belly button.”

Wonderful sex, a new lady with a slim body, magnificent long legs. “You didn’t tell me if Sarah deep throats you when I asked,” Scarlet told me as she released my erection from between her pursed lips. “My specialty, though you are a challenge, a huge and exciting one,” she told me before she had six-inches of my erection down her throat as Sarah glanced sideways as she was sucking one of the boy’s erections as the other tongue fucked her.

“Nearly there, gunna cum, gunna cum,” I was moaning after what must have been twenty minutes, my exhibitionist streak hoping the two boys would watch me blow.

We watched each other shower in our large sit down shower room with twin shower heads with two bench seats on opposite sides. Sarah and Tim together, then Scarlet and I together, all of us enjoying flaunting our naked bodies for each other. One of the boys had excused himself, leaving four of us wet and naked on the bench seats, all with our legs spread. Scarlet was sitting opposite Sarah and Tim opposite me as Sarah and I held hands.

We obviously have unfinished business. Wonderful sexual tension as all four of us ogled each other’s naked bodies. Sarah took the initiative and teased her nipples with wet fingertips before I did the same to my nipples, my cock always reacts to my nipples being stimulated.

Sarah made the first move as she licked Scarlet’s nipples and sucked one of her fingers. Watching Scarlet returning Sarah’s tongue kisses was a bonus turn on for me. “I want to fuck you with my tongue with your gorgeous long legs over my shoulders. Say please for me?,” Sarah whispered. “Do you want the men to watch?”

“Please Sarah. Please, please, please, so good,” she replied with her legs over Sarah’s shoulders as she licked her way up her wonderful long thighs.

Just as I had hoped, Tim had more interest in me than he had in the two naked women as I teased my no longer flaccid cock with a fingertip. The thought of a blow job from a male and a female in the same session, a pretty boy not long after one from Scarlet, had me full of sexual anticipation. I wanted him to bring me off, take me over the edge, while my lady and her new lover watched and enjoyed.

Tim knows from previous experience I love having my nipples licked and sucked. A sure way to make my cock fully erect. “Yes,” I whispered as he sucked one of my fingers while he teased my nipples with his wet tongue and lips.

For the second time that afternoon my cock was fully erect. An extra buzz with Scarlet stealing glances as my lady was tongue fucking her.

“Wow, I have never watched a man giving a blow job to another man,” Scarlet exclaimed after she watched Tim licking my erection, sucking my balls, then sliding his pursed lips around my erection.

“Show Scarlet how good you are Tim, this is a first for her. Show her what she has been missing out on,” I told him as I stood in front of him as he sat alongside Scarlet.

“Use me Roger, use my lips like you would your lady’s vagina, I love it,” he told me as I complied, my erection throbbing, hands on the wall for support.

“That is so good, so exciting, I love it, all of it.” Scarlet moaned with a hand on Tim’s erection as Sarah was demonstrating her advanced cunnilingus skills to her. Licking, sucking, staying right on her clit, paying attention to other parts of her vulva. Expertly licking inside her vagina, a combination of fingering and oral. Massaging the area around her clit and putting pressure on her mons pubis.

I wanted Sarah to bring Scarlet to orgasm before I did. I was edging and teasing myself as I withdrew from Tim’s wet, pursed lips, then recommenced. Again, again, again and again. Scarlet was standing alongside me, Sarah’s arms wrapped around her thighs as she had her close to orgasm with the tip of her tongue, her body shaking.

“You are so good Sarah, so fucking good, don’t stop, fuck my cunt with your tongue. I love it while watching your man receiving a blow job. Look at the veins in his cock bulging.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Sarah, you are so good,” I’m cumming, cumming, so fucking good,” Scarlet moaned as she had a long noisy orgasm.

It seemed the most natural thing in the world to tongue kiss Scarlet, standing right alongside me, as Tim had me on the brink of a tremendous orgasm with two naked women watching. “Swallow?,” he asked.

“Yes, do it for me,” Scarlet whispered as she kissed me passionately.

“I am so glad you invited me here today Sarah,” Scarlet told her as they showered together, their hands all over each other. “That was a huge learning coupe for me. Perhaps a next time?”

“Of course," Sarah whispered as they tongue kissed.
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