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I had given up on porn before smartphones came along, and rediscovered it one night while goofing around online and shopping for panties.
Sissy Hypno & The Fascinating Return To Porn

I had been away from porn for several years. For most of my life, I have known I was different from most guys, especially from a societal standpoint. I was into girls in more ways than one, because I felt like I was one of them. Gender bending had always been a sort of taboo subject in society, and especially in the Deep South of the United States. The first time I saw a trans woman in porn was the first time I felt like I might not be the “total weirdo” I had always thought that I was. I could relate to these girls, and they truly did exist.

The only difference between a beautiful cis girl and a beautiful trans girl was that trans girls didn’t have the pussy they knew they should have had. In many instances, trans girls would actually look a lot more beautiful than cis girls. Once I discovered trans girls, I observed and admired them as often as I possibly could, which wasn’t much, considering that it wasn’t until the late 90’s that this world revealed itself to me.

This was the bygone era of print sex classified ads, where a number would be posted in an ad in the paper, and you could call and leave messages for others that were into the same kinks as you were. I would call that number and leave messages in the “gender bending” category, and that led to several amazing encounters with people over the course of a few years. I will write about those as well, but not today. I just wanted to paint the picture of where the world was from a technological standpoint to further illustrate how rare it was to encounter anything in the world regarding trans girls.

I got away from the world of porn in the mid 2000’s. I was busy with life, and had put my urges and feelings on the back burner for about a decade. Phones hadn’t quite caught up on quality video streaming when I left the porn game. I had figured long ago that I would always be alone in my feelings that I was a man who should have been a girl, and no one would ever be able to relate to me in that regard. Honestly, apart from shaving my body smooth and wearing panties 24/7, I had accepted that I probably would never feel the adrenaline rush of being treated like a woman by a man ever again.

Fast forward to 2015. After a few drinks one night, I went outside for a smoke. I was messing around on my iPhone and found myself on a porn site. I was amazed to find that not only was trans porn available, it was available in abundance! I was clicked on the “Trans” tab, and began scrolling through the categories, when I happened upon a tab labeled, “Sissy Hypno.”

I clicked on a couple of videos, and was definitely getting excited by seeing how far trans feminism had come since I was last online. There were various videos of positive and/or negative reinforcement with regard to your longing to be a girl, and becoming a submissive sissy for men. After clicking on a few and watching them, I came across a video labeled, “Sissy Delicious: The Classical” and I clicked it. There were various hot images in the video, and they were accompanied by a sexy girl whispering suggestive thoughts into your ears as they played.

A couple of minutes into the video, the words, “I know exactly what I want, and who I want to be,” flashed across the screen, and an extremely bubbly and ultra feminine voice began reciting a monologue that made my entire libido tingle wildly, and the words burned into my head as I listened. The images were of various sissies trying on lingerie, dresses, doing their makeup, and ultimately sucking cock, swallowing cum, and getting fucked. As I watched, I could feel my cock enlarge, then shrink, and my asshole began puckering out uncontrollably. I could feel my panties creeping up between my flowering ass cheeks, and a rush of uncontrollable lust and anticipation running throughout my entire body. I have transcribed it word for word for your reading pleasure. It went exactly like this:

“I am a little horny sissy slut. Say it loud and proud. Good slut! Now, you’ll need a lot of things: stockings, panties, bras, high-heels, makeup. Take your time and get it right. When you finish with the makeup, look in the mirror and say, ‘I am a horny sissy slut. I can’t wait to take to take some cock!’ Every time you masturbate, you MUST be in a girly position. Moan like a girl. Say, ‘Mmmm! Ahhhh!’ a lot.

Pout and round your lips, say girly things like, ‘fuck me harder! Your cock feels good!’ Do it just like me until you’re on the edge, but don’t cum, and you will be allowed to cum when you are penetrated by a cock shaped object. This will help you associate penetration with delicious girly orgasms. You can use any toy that a girl would to masturbate, like a vibrator, or dildo, and you can finger yourself like a girl! You must build very slowly to orgasm, just like a girl, and at the moment of cumming, cry out just like a girl would. You must sound extremely girly girl. Good girly, you almost are a real girl!

These are 3 essential parts of being a good slut. One, guzzling loads of cum, two, pleasuring a cock with your worthless mouth, and finally, having your pussy hole fucked and filled with cum! (giggles) You’re such a sissy crossdresser! Remember, for a slut, it doesn’t matter how she gets her cock. You’ll do anything for that, be prepared to do anything. Mmmm, you’re hot! You wanna take a cock, don’t you?

Repeat after me: I’m a little slut, all I can think about is getting cock between my sexy coated lips, and lick your lips. Lick your lips, sissy slut! You look so horny! Stroke that sissy clit for me, honey. Good girl! I’ll be a good little horny sissy slut! Say it louder, slut, make me believe it! That’s a good girl, you’ll really be a good whore for me!

Lick your lips and say, ‘this bloody mouth needs to have a cock in it really soon!’ Look at him right in the eye. Guys love to see the frustration and submission in your eyes. Make it faster, move faster, still looking in his eyes, cry silently, and with your other hand, stop touching your cock and push your fucking head all the way down on his dick, all the way down! Now say, ‘fuck my pussy! Oh yes! Don’t forget to moan like a girl. He’s inside your pussy and start to moan like the sissy girl you are. Mmmm, you love it! Scream for more, sissy!”

I was shivering with excitement by the time it ended.

This monologue essentially became my new mantra going forward. The narrator sounded like she was happy to be encouraging you to accept your true sexual desires, while simultaneously sort of snickering at your mental repression of feelings and sexual desperation. I felt like the girl in the video was talking directly to me. I was back into porn, and was loving the new ground it had broken since my departure.

I began watching sissy videos routinely at night. A lot of them were instructional in a sort of degrading manner, but I found that to be somewhat erotic in a way. As someone who has always quietly felt like they were a girl, I liked being told that I was a nothing more than a sissy bitch whose only joys in life are sucking cock, swallowing cum, and being fucked by men. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one out there feeling these things, seeing as how sissy hypno vids had become an entire genre unto itself, but I routinely felt like these vids were talking directly to me.

After watching them and jerking off for a few weeks, I decided to take my experimentation to a new level. One Friday after work, I had a few drinks to help me get some courage, and ventured out to an adult bookstore to see what I could find that would enhance my pleasure. I took a bath and shaved everywhere, did my body lotion regimen, put on my matching pink satin bra and panties, a cute little tank top to wear under my jacket, and some unisex black leggings. I wore a simple black hoodie jacket, and made sure that I could wear it loose on my shoulders, so that my pink bra straps could be visible if I saw someone I liked and wanted them to be. My final touch was a curly blonde wig that I had from a Halloween several years back. I looked cute! Passable? No, not really, but I was cute enough that I would definitely have eyes on me in public, and especially in a porn store.

I put the slightest hint of Britney Spears “Curious” perfume on my neck, applied a thin layer of eyeliner, and a little bit of sparkly pink lip gloss on my lips. You couldn’t tell if you just glanced at me, but if you focused on my face, you could definitely see makeup. I liked the vulnerability that came along with it. I was late to the Britney party, by the way. I didn’t pay attention to her until things went sideways for her in 2007, and became somewhat obsessed with her music and life as the years went on. As I got older, and my mind kept drifting deeper into the black hole that was my sometimes euphoric and sometimes dysphoric sexuality, Britney became my soundtrack. I made a drink for the road, grabbed my Britney Blackout CD, and headed out.

I went to a store across town, to insure that I wouldn’t see anybody, but there are no guarantees in that category. I had an experience in a Target a few months prior, where I was checking out at the register with a couple of bras, several pair of panties, and some cosmetics, when I turned around and saw a girl I knew and had messed around with walking up to get in line behind me. I turned, saw her, I think she saw me, I looked like I had seen a ghost, and I just dropped everything I had and walked out at lightning speed in mid-checkout. I can still hear the cashier going, “Sir, excuse me, sir, are you not going to buy any of these things, sir?”

Anyway, as I’m riding across town, Britney blaring, I caught a glimpse of my face in the rear view mirror, and couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re doing it, girl,” I said to myself, as I pouted and rounded my lips to blow myself a little kiss. “You’re out on the streets in makeup and girls clothes, and looking for some fun!”

I parked in the back of the store, and they buzzed me in. I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest in nervous anticipation. I wore some leopard print sunglasses so no one could really look me directly in my eyes. I calmly strutted through the “Gay” DVD section, and into the toy area. I calmly walked around, picking up a vibrator or dildo here and there. I was sizing them up, literally, and wondering whether or not I would be able to take it inside of me. I could feel eyes on me, I could hear a man breathing heavy on the other side of the dildo aisle I was in. He was peeking at me through the products on the shelves, and if my head turned in the slightest way to make him think I was looking back, he would breathe even heavier.

I picked out an 8” black dong vibrator that had a suction cup at the base of it, and made my way towards the butt plugs. I had never used a butt plug, but a few of the sissy vids I had been watching had said that a good sissy always keeps her ass plugged, so that her pussy could be ready for a cock whenever a daddy wanted to fuck her. I didn’t make up the rules, but I told myself I had to abide by them, so I settled on a black glass butt plug that was relatively short, but thick. The guy who had been admiring me through the dildos saw me moving towards the counter to check out and hurried to get in front of me in line.

“$10 in tokens for the arcade,” he said. I had no clue a video arcade was also in this store, and immediately began looking for the entry to get in there, finally finding it towards the back of the store where I had entered. The man took his tokens, turned around, smiled at me, and told me I was very pretty as he walked past me. I was totally flustered, and noticed my heart beating harder and faster as a result of his compliment.

I approached the cashier with my items, and asked for lube recommendations, as well as a bottle of the most popular poppers they had. The woman behind the counter smiled at me before turning and grabbing a bottle of poppers and a tube of lube for me. She rang up all of my stuff, then winked at me and asked,

“Would you like tokens for the arcade as well, sweetie?”

I smiled at her and nodded to let her know I would also like some tokens. She gave me $10 worth, handed my items to me, and told me to have fun and be careful. I paid for my items, then turned to leave. I saw the man who had been flirting with me standing beyond the entrance, smiling at me as I walked towards him. All the sudden, I got nervous about going into the arcade, and turned towards the exit, instead. I walked out, got in my car, and was panting uncontrollably.

After sitting there and collecting my thoughts for a minute, I decided I owed it to myself to go back inside and go to the arcade. After all, I had $10 worth of tokens that were useless anywhere else, so I pretty much had to go back in, right? I freshened up my lipstick, slammed the drink I had brought along for the ride, and headed back inside. I left all of my items in the car, except for the poppers.

My friends and I used to go buy poppers all the time, but we didn’t know what they were used for. We called it “rush” and just thought it was a quick and intense head rush, and would pass them around for kicks. Watching sissy videos reintroduced them to me, and I finally learned that they were used to lessen anxiety. People would use them to feel briefly uninhibited, as well as loosening up the body and mind in preparation for taking a cock. I hadn’t tried them in years.

I walked back into the store, and looked over to the right where the entrance to the arcade was. My admirer was standing outside of the arcade, and staring directly at me. As I walked towards the entry, he walked in ahead of me. I looked over to the clerk, who was probably 50 yards from me, and she blew me a kiss and gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen. I smiled back, and sauntered into the entry of the booths.

There were 8 booths, 4 of them were occupied, and the sound from all of the videos they were watching individually were blending into a chorus of men groaning and women shrieking. It was the perfect soundtrack for my buzzing brain to hear as I walked towards my own privacy booth. My admirer was in the booth at the very end of the room, and the door next to his booth was open as well. He motioned with his head for me to go into that booth, and I did what I was told.

I went into the booth and locked it. I took my jacket off, and was in my tank top. The straps of my bra were showing on my shoulders, and you could see the sides of the bra above the arm holes on the tank top. I sat down on the chair provided, and could see my reflection in the blank TV screen in front of me. I smiled at myself, and put all of my tokens into the slot. There were 10 different movies to choose from, and they had offerings for all lifestyles. 4 were straight vids, 2 were gay, 2 were lesbian, and 2 were trans. I chose a movie called, “Sex Pizza, Tranny Edition,” and started watching.

I think the models and actors in this film were Brazilian, and the clips had little to no dialogue, as you might imagine. The premise of each scene was a hot guy arriving at a hot trans girls house with a pizza they were delivering. After 5-10 seconds of pretending to converse, the pizza man would set the box on the table, take off his shirt, revealing his perfect body, then pull his pants down to reveal his throbbing cock, and then the smoking hot girl would either start by making out with him for a minute, then immediately dropping to her knees to begin sucking him off, or the making out was completely skipped, and the girl would drop to her knees and began thrusting her face into his cock. It wasn’t romantic, but it was stimulating.

I could hear movement in the booth next to me, which was somewhat erotic and exciting for me. Between those noises, and the video I was watching, I pulled my leggings off, took my tank top off, and sat back in my bra and panties. I began fondling my tits through the satin bra, and rubbing my cock through the silky panty fabric, and it began to stiffen. At that moment, I heard the guy next to me say, “Oh yeah, baby, stroke that clit!” I couldn’t tell if he could see me, or if he was watching a video that was turning him on equally. It ultimately didn’t matter, I was totally aroused either way.

I pulled my hard cock out from the side of my panties, spread my legs, and eased back a little bit so that both of my hands could easily reach my crotch area from any angle. My panties hiked up my ass when I did this, and it felt hot. I started stroking my cock gently with one hand, then reached between my legs with my other hand started rubbing through the panties where my pussy should have been. This area was highly sensitive, especially when draped in satin, and I began to sweetly smack at it with my open hand, occasionally dipping in with a couple of fingers, and letting them run the middle of my crotch to what would be the top of my asshole if you were standing in front of me and looking at me like you were about to fuck me.

Each little open handed pat I gave to my pussy region would make my cock jump in excitement. I was not stroking much at this time, I would just touch it here and there, because I was at the point where I was highly turned on, and any intense jerking would have immediately triggered a cum shot. I reached down to my leggings and pulled the bottle of poppers out of my back pocket.

The first scene ended, and the second one began. This was a pizza delivery to a boat, where a drop dead gorgeous trans woman was waiting all alone for her pizza. She was in a green string bikini, which was actually almost identical to my bra and panty set I was wearing. This scene wasted no time, and the delivery guy immediately stripped down, grabbed the girl, gave her one kiss, then put her on her back on a table. He pulled the strings on her bikini top, and her titties flopped out as she writhed in anticipation. He pulled the strings on her bikini bottom, and her tiny cocklet revealed itself.

In typical surprise shemale porn fashion, he acted shocked, and sort of mad for a second. He said something to her, and all she did was lay there, continuing to smile and look at him. He walked around the table, and stood over her face with is hard cock. In an effort to, “punish her,” he pulled her back on the table by her hair, to where her head was slightly hanging off the table, and rammed his cock down her throat. I was rubbing between my legs, watching my hard cock flop around, and took a whiff of the poppers.

From previous experiences I had with poppers, I remembered that the effects were stronger if you inhaled then held it for a few seconds before exhaling, so I did that. As I exhaled, I felt the most freeing feeling I had felt in a long time rush through my body. Everything was distorted in the best possible way it could be. I felt my cock jump, my crotch tingle, and my asshole started puckering out. As the waves were rolling over me, I heard the man next door start talking again.

“Oh yeah, baby, play with that pussy, you deserve to feel good baby,” he said as I writhed in pleasure, feeling myself all over my body.

I was dazed and stimulated beyond belief when I said, “Yes, daddy,” in reply.

He started making grunting noises, and I heard commotion through the wall. My eyes were closed, and I was letting the pulsating effect of the poppers take over, imagining I was the girl in the scene, running my fingers all around my cock, pulling the panties off to the side even further, and fingering my ass with the other hand.

As the effects wore off, I began to regain a little bit of composure. I opened my eyes to look around, when I heard the man in the booth next to me say, “I know you wanna suck daddy’s cock, don’t you?”

I said nothing back to him, and instead took another big pull from the poppers bottle. I took two hits this time, and held them for as long as I could. I exhaled, and the waves started rushing over me again, only this time, they were stronger. My sissy pussy was throbbing, and it felt absolutely amazing as the feelings pulsated throughout my body. I was squirming out of the chair in pleasure, when I heard him say it again, this time with more force.

“I said I know you wanna suck daddy’s cock, don’t you, sissy slut?”

I was completely engulfed in red hot waves of pleasure, and with bated breath, replied, “Yes, daddy, give me your cock.”

My eyes were out of focus, and I could hear him behind the wall, grunting and so forth, and right when I was finally was able to focus again, I see his rock hard cock sticking through the wall at full attention. I looked at it, thought about it for a nanosecond, threw my leggings down on the floor to kneel on, and slithered off of the chair and assumed the position.

I took three hits off of the poppers bottle, held it in for as long as I could, then I exhaled. As soon as I did, and before my eyes could become unfocused, I immediately rifled his cock into my wet mouth and began sucking it. He had a nice, thick cock, and he was straining as hard as he could to get it as far through the hole in the wall as he could. It was too big to take all the way down immediately. I would have to work on getting used to having a giant cock in my mouth before I could take it down my throat. I licked it, bobbed the tip in and out of my mouth, applying maximum suction to the head, and watched it swell and throb before my eyes. I was really enjoying this.

I took several more hits of poppers, and started working as hard as I could on getting it as far down my throat as I could. My head was spinning, I felt completely uninhibited, and all I wanted to do was make this throbbing cock explode in my face and down my throat. He was groaning and thrusting into the paper thin wall as I worked on it. I began tasting pre-cum. It was fucking delicious. It made me even hornier, and even more eager to please my man, if that were even possible.

I took his cock so far down my throat that tears started streaming down my face. I was drooling all down my chin and onto my chest, which made my bra wet as a result. As I was focusing on inhaling every bit of his cock that I could, and moaning in delight as I did so, He stopped thrusting, and I felt another spurt. I then heard him say,

“Here comes your meal, bitch!”

His tone was deeply serious, and I could feel his cock begin to swell and start jumping around like a fish out of water in my mouth, and then it started. Gobs and gobs of sticky, warm, salty, delicious man spunk started filling my mouth. My head was swimming in delight, partly from the poppers, and partly from the fact that I had followed through and pushed my boundaries to the point where I was being rewarded with an enormous load of yummy cum.

He was grunting on the other side of the wall, and exhaling in ecstasy as he continued pumping through the wall. His pumps were much less intense, he was almost drained. I dare not remove my lips, and as he kept spewing, I would swirl my tongue around the head of his cock, then gently take the tip into my lips, and give it a loud smooch, trying to extract every drop of seed that I could from him. Each smooch would make a fresh little puddle come out of the dick hole. I would gently and eagerly lick it right down my throat.

As I was cleaning his dick from top to bottom with my lips and tongue, I started to hear that voice from “Sissy Delicious” in my head, saying,

“I’m a little slut, all I can think about is getting cock between my sexy coated lips, and lick your lips. Lick your lips, sissy slut! You look so horny! Stroke that sissy clit for me, honey. Good girl! I’ll be a good little horny sissy slut! Say it louder, slut, make me believe it! That’s a good girl, you’ll really be a good whore for me!”

I was a good little slut. I made my man explode down my throat, and left no trace of cum anywhere. I was panting, filled with the exhilaration that goes along with being treated like the hot slut I always wanted to be. I don’t know when the video had stopped playing, but the screen was blank, and I could see my reflection in the empty screen. My eyeliner had run all down my cheeks. My lipstick was smeared all around my mouth and lips. I looked down at my body, and my skin was blood red from all of the excitement.

My cock had gone soft and was neatly tucked away in my panties. I reached down to touch it and my crotch was very wet. Apparently, I had spurted some girly cum in my panties as my man was fucking my throat. He pulled his dick back through the wall. I could still hear him heaving deeply, then heard him zip up his pants. I was still on my knees, recovering from what I had just experienced, already reflecting on how I wanted to do it again.

“I saw you bought a lot of toys, baby,” he said to me through the wall. “Do you even know how to use those things?”

“I think they’re pretty self explanatory, daddy,” I replied, and giggled like a little sissy bitch afterwards.

I could hear him snickering through the wall as well. I heard the door of his booth unlock, and as I remained on my knees, a business card fell through the hole of the booth. I picked it up and asked what it was.

“That card is me. I know you think you know how to use them, but toys are much more fun when you have someone else to help you along the way. Call me, baby. Tonight was great, but I want to fuck your sissy pussy next. I want to make you feel like a real girl.”

I smiled, stood up, pulled my leggings from the ground and started to put them on.

I thought he had left, but apparently he was still there, waiting on my reply.

“I said call me. Understand?”

I was flustered, flattered, and horny all over again! I replied with the first thing that came to mind.

“Yes, daddy.”

To Be Continued
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