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Final Recap: With James' plan now complete, Angella is left to grapple with what has happened, and her future
Final Recap: James had spent the night pleasing Angella, any way she wanted, including letting her piss in his mouth twice. However, he had known her habits so he came prepared. Shortly after she turned out the lights he loosened the handcuffs and waited for the perfect moment to turn the tables.

When she ground on his cock he took control, handcuffed her to the bed, removed the condom and came inside of her, offering little fanfair or tenderness as he satiated his need.

Having finally cum. James brings up the fact that Angella is both ovulating and against abortion. Furious, she threatens to ruin him, but he remains unphased by her threats. In response to her outrage he places a piece of paper from his wallet next to her and then leaves, without setting her free.




Angella laid in bed, stunned, bewildered and pissed off, her blood running hot as the last few minutes raced through her mind again and again. She began to thrash on the bed once more, hoping to somehow get free, but it was no use. However, during her struggles the paper James laid next to her had moved. With nothing else to do, she sat up and twisted as much as she could in hopes of making out what other evidence he'd left behind to incriminate himself.

Once she was able to get a good look at the paper, she realized it wasn't a piece of paper at all, it was a picture. It took Angella a minute to process what she saw but suddenly she remembered.

The picture he'd left was of her and an old boyfriend, back when she was in college. She recalled that he had begged her to let him take "just one picture". Reluctantly she finally agreed to the one, and only, picture of her during her pregnancy. A few weeks after that picture was taken she had told her boyfriend that having a baby would derail the plans she had for her life. Then she argued that the pregnancy was entirely his fault because he didn't pull out or wear a condom like he promised, so she couldn't be expected to suffer for his willful and premeditated malicious decision.

Hoping she’d change her mind in time he agreed to raise their son, Michael, by himself. However, that wasn’t enough for her. With her future potentially at risk,she decided to twist the knife further. Getting into his face she told him, in very legal terms, how she would make sure he was convicted of rape if he ever decided to tell their son who she was. With that threat he knew that he’d lost her forever, and the once ambitious man was broken.

Angella felt sick as realization swept over her. Suddenly she understood that she'd been attracted to James so quickly because he strongly resembled the only man she'd ever loved. And as she thought back to James' speech at dinner, it suddenly took on a brand new meaning. While she looked at him in the eyes, he had told her that ever since her last period he had planned to fuck her tonight, the very night she started ovulating. He'd also made it clear that he'd chosen to get to know her before fucking her, and that he wanted her desperation to fuck him to burn their every lustful deed into her memory forever. He had laid his entire plan out for her, but she hadn’t noticed..

Replaying the events of the night over in her mind once more, her pussy began to throb at the memories, and she found herself aching for his mouth, his tongue and his cock once more. Becoming swept away in those thoughts, for a moment she wished her hands were free so she could touch herself. She longed to use the memory of how he made her feel, of all they'd done and of all the things she still wanted to do with him, as fuel for her fantasies and her never ending need.

Even though she couldn’t touch herself, those memories were enough to cause her love canal to tighten. Having finally experienced his cock, her pussy now felt empty with him gone. Her nipples begged to be touched as her pussy throbbed. Closing her eyes she imagined riding his face once more which only made the orgasm building within her stronger. Biting her lip she moaned, unable to back away from the orgasmic cliff she was speeding towards, but then the reality of who he was, and what he'd left inside of her, came rushing back.

Turning her head, she threw up.




Michael James Lewis got into his car preparing to drive off as the sun slowly rose in the morning sky. He took one last look at his mother's house and a part of him ached over the realization he'd never see her again. On some level she had filled a void he'd always had, which is why he probably fought so hard to please her. He also knew most people would call what he did incest and rape, but that's not how he viewed it. He'd never known his mother. He'd spent his entire life believing she was dead, only to discover she'd abandoned him, forcing his dad to give up on his dreams while he raised the son she didn't want.

No, what James had done wasn't incest, his mom was dead. Nor was it rape for all he'd done was provide a selfish woman the chance to re-live the mistakes of her past and chose a different path. This time she’d have no one to blackmail into raising her child for her because she could never risk anyone discovering who the father really was. For that same shameful reason, she'd never make good on any of the threats she had screamed at him as he stripped control away from her.

Unless Angella was prepared to be forever branded as the woman who handcuffed her son to the bed and fucked him, she would be forced to live with whatever happened next. It wouldn’t matter how many interviews she gave or how often she explained that she was the victim, most people would believe that “should have known”, or worse, she had known.

No. No matter how badly she wanted to punish James, she would never be able to admit, to anyone, what had actually occurred during these last 12 hours.

James pulled out his phone and looked at the updated picture he had of his mom. This was how he wanted to remember her....helpless, alone and used. He felt good knowing that, in some small way, his dad would receive vindication for all he’d given up over the years. Angella had made it clear, years ago, that her career was all that mattered, but James had just seen to it that her dreams of being made partner would vanish the moment her stomach grew.

James put the car in gear just as he finished typing her address into a text message along with the note, "Don’t call, just come over. The door is open''. Hitting send he pulled out onto the street, knowing his dad wouldn't be awake yet, but that was ok, their reunion had waited this long, what was another few hours?




James' father had forgotten to charge his phone the night before so it was nearly 3pm before he saw his son's cryptic message. His father reluctantly went inside the strange house and was about to leave, having not seen anyone home, when he heard a noise.

Following the sound he walked down the hall and slowly opened the door. Instantly he recognized the woman handcuffed to the bed, but he still questioned, "Angella?"

Angella's voice had gone hoarse as she had been screaming for help for hours, but she still managed to croak out, "The key" as she nodded towards the open drawer.

Obediently, James' dad stepped towards the woman he once believed he'd grow old with. Getting closer he found himself unable to look away from the hair between her legs, wondering why she'd gone from waxing bare to 1950's vintage bush. While he questioned that change he noticed the crusty mess in her pubic hair and on the sheets below . Realizing what the white stain had to be he was about to ask her what had happened, but then he saw the photo next to her.

Reaching down he picked it up and just stared. He hadn’t seen this picture in years. Regardless of how betrayed he had been by Angella, he’d been unable to throw it out. Eventually he shoved the photo in an old shoebox because he had to leave Angella’s memory behind and put his son first. It hadn’t been easy to move on, but he’d done it, and the first step had been to start calling his son James, instead of Michael, like she had wanted.

He had to put his son first.

…his son…

He looked up from the picture and back to the dried cum on Angella’s pussy. A smile touched his lips and he couldn't keep the laugh from his voice as he said, 'Like father, like son"




Angella sat alone in her apartment, once more pondering the decisions in her life. Her daughter was due any day now, and once she was born, she'd have to resume her job search.

Just as James had hoped, her law firm dug up a single accounting irregularity and used that as justification to let her go. However, once they claimed she falsified her time an ethics investigation was opened up against her by the legal board. Once that was launched, the law firms she applied to stopped returning her calls.

The one thing James hadn't counted on was Angella's willingness to remain in control.

During the hours she had been handcuffed to the bed, she had grown increasingly sick by the idea she could be pregnant by her own son. When her ex walked in the room she saw a solution.

After he set her free she asked if he’d wait for her to take a shower, because they needed to talk. Fifteen minutes later she joined him in the den, still completely naked. Sitting next to him on the couch she took a deep breath and said, “I need you to fuck me. Now”..

He couldn't believe his ears, but Angella was insistent. She even drew up a very quick contract and signed it, removing him from all parental and financial responsibilities should their actions create any lasting consequences.

She knew this was a dangerous gamble because there was no guarantee she was even pregnant. However, she found herself begging him to fuck her, without protection, for the rest of the weekend. She knew that if he did that, she'd almost certainly end up with a baby inside of her, but it also meant she could tell herself that James wasn't the dad. Since the two men looked similar and shared DNA it would be nearly impossible for her to ever say, for certain, who fathered the child, and given the circumstances, doubt was her best option.

A tingling in her pussy brought Angella out of the thoughts she'd be lost in. Pregnancy hormones had made hornier than ever, so for the seventh time today, she slid her hand between her legs. She knew the relief wouldn't last, but that was ok, her orgasms had become quicker, and more intense, the closer she came to her due date.

Her need exponentially grew and she bit her lip while looking at the picture on top of her nightstand. Having decided there was no reason to run from her past any longer, she had framed the picture James left her.

Staring at the young man in the picture she moaned, longing for his touch and cock once more. As her orgasm was about to peak she closed her eyes. She pictured his face in her mind as she started to cum, and in the fog of her own ecstasy, she wasn't sure if the face she imagined belonged to her college boyfriend or the student in the coffee shop.
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