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Recap: Still handcuffed to the bed, James has been pleasing Angella for hours. During her moments of rest he's contemplatied his future with her, all too aware that she plans on turning him into a completely submissive boy-toy.
Recap: Still handcuffed to the bed, James has been pleasing Angella for hours. During her moments of rest he's contemplatied his future with her, all too aware that she plans on turning him into a completely submissive boy-toy.




Angella's body was covered in a sheen of sweat, virtually from head to toe after the near endless waves of orgasms she'd experienced that night. She hadn't cum that hard, or so many times, in a very long time, and yet somehow, she still wanted more. James had proven to be worth the wait, and now that they had crossed the sexual line, she was plotting to do things with him she hadn't felt her other toys were ready for. His immediate acceptance of everything she'd done told her that the levels of depravity she'd strived for in her toys were only weeks, not months, away.

James' cock had remained hard through most of the night, which she verified by touching it periodically. However, when she reached down this time it was only semi-hard. She felt the familiar slickness of pre-cum which now coated her hand, and she knew he'd soon grow to love the feeling of unfulfilled need.

For the first time since he'd been handcuffed to the bed, she began to grip and stroke his cock. When he recognized her touch as more than just a quick arousal check, his cock quickly re-stiffened. desperate for more.

She couldn't help but smile as she heard him groan and then gasp at her touch. No matter how he felt now, in the coming weeks she’d teach him what true desire felt like. Toying with his cock she bit her lip deviously and her mind wandered down the list of things she wanted to do with him, once he signed her contract..

Her pussy throbbed once more as she stroked him, her own body reminding her that the need rising up within her needed to be taken care of. Answering her need’s call she moved her hand from his cock to her own swollen clit. As her body jumped at the touch, she began to contemplate, if perhaps, he had finally earned a true reward for his devoted, eager and very thorough attention to her body.

She placed her hand back around his cock, combining the juices from her pussy with his pre-cum to create the only lube nature had ever intended.

Feeling her wet hand, and knowing that she was rubbing herself on him, James' cock dribbled pre-cum yet again. By this point James was so lost in his own need that he couldn't have lost his erection if his life had depended on it.

James was almost embarrassed by the fact he could neither control how aroused he was nor limit his growing need to please her. Even this simple touch from her hand felt like ecstasy, and as much as he wanted to blow his load so he could show her how much he loved her touch, her hand was not the part of her body he wanted surrounding him..

James felt Angella's grip tighten around his cock as she squeezed him harder and she could hear him trying to control his breathing.

"Does my good little boy want to cum?" she teased.

"Yes, but not yet" he said through ragged breaths.

Angella gripped him tighter and pumped his cock harder, "Not yet? Why not? Have I not teased you enough?"

James groaned as she stroked him and he finally said, "You have, and I desperately need to cum, but I've not pleased you enough to earn my orgasm"

Angella's hand stopped momentarily. "Oh? Dear boy, tell me more"

Angella's hand resumed stroking him and she could imagine the strained look on his face as he fought to hold back what she knew was a long overdue orgasm. Truthfully, she hadn't planned on making him wait this long to cum, but everything he did felt so good that she hadn't been willing to stop just so could experience relief.

James tried to center his thoughts as he said "You came to bed and immediately ground yourself on my cock. You left my cock wet, I felt it, so I know you must want that and more. You've let me please you so many times already, but I've yet to make you cum the way you first sought. Let me fix that mistake, let me fulfill your every need. Please...."

Angella almost laughed "My boy thinks he's clever. You want to fuck me, but you're trying to convince me you're only thinking of me and my need?" She lowered her face down to him as she said, "I'm not that easily fooled. But I tell you what, I will offer you a compromise"

James felt her get off the bed and then return a moment later. There was a slight tearing sound and then he felt something cool around his cock as she gripped it. Angella ran her hand down and around his cock and almost immediately his cock felt different.

Moving back on the bed, Angella straddled his hips. James felt her pussy press against his cock, but it didn't feel as intense as he knew it should. Whispering in his ear she said, "I am going to let you please me with your cock, because you're right, I do want it. But you won't be fucking me, I'm only going to grind on you. And since you tried to manipulate me, you’ll be wearing a condom lined with desensitizing gel while I use you to cum. Just so you know, I was prepared to let you enjoy your orgasm, but not anymore. I hope this small punishment will help you remember...your pleasure is found by pleasing me"

Angella began to move her hips more furiously against his cock, and despite the thick condom and numbing gel, he still felt like this could make him cum. Angella began breathing harder and she pressed her body against him, her breasts now flat against his chest. Once more she groaned, and in his ear she whispered, "My boy really does want me, doesn't he? I can feel your cock swelling and those are the groans of someone close to orgasm. Now, let me make this clear….”. Her voice intensified as she said, “Do not cum. I forbid it. If you disobey and cum, without my permission, you will regret it, that’s a promise."

Angella was breathing harder as she worked her pussy against his tortured cock. She moved in ways she hoped would make him cum because the thought of him being punished for disobedience turned her on even more. She ground herself down on him, the head of his cock pressing against her opening, nearly slipping into her wet abyss before she’d slide along his shaft, not stopping until his balls pressed against her sensitive clit.

The truth was, she wanted him inside her and having him so close was driving her insane. She was quickly becoming lost in her own body's reaction as she felt the next orgasmic wave building. As much as she loved his tongue, she could tell that this next release would take her to an even higher level. While she anticipated that release, Angella silently prayed that orgasming on him would push him over the edge too because, in that moment, she couldn't imagine anything sweeter than being given a reason to subject him to his first true punishment.
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