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Recap: James has become obsessed with an older woman named Angella, who preys upon younger males, eager to meet her sexual needs. Unbeknownst to her, he has stalked her online and knows all about her kinks, yet he still pursues her. Having decided he was ready for more, James publically professes his desire for her, and his willingness to do anything just so he can fuck her.
Recap: James has become obsessed with an older woman named Angella, who preys upon younger males, eager to meet her sexual needs. Unbeknownst to her, he has stalked her online and knows all about her kinks, yet he still pursues her. Having decided he was ready for more, James publically professes his desire for her, and his willingness to do anything just so he can fuck her.




Back at her place, Angella didn't wait for him to make the first move, as she normally did when she was with a guy for the first time. James had declared his intentions and desires verbally, in a public place where multiple people had heard him. He had actually done her a favor by letting others hear what he wanted. Even without a contract It would now be virtually impossible for him to take her to court, no matter what she suggested or did to him in the coming weeks or months. Witnesses could recount his absolute claims of how far he'd go and the complete immunity he'd given her to do whatever she wanted. He had been stupid to expose himself like that in public, but that was the dangers of youth. Those that were young acted on impulse, without the careful planning and eye on the future as she possessed. Due to his mistake, she now owned him.

As much as she wanted to dive into her true desires, she'd go easy on him tonight and reward him for waiving any chance he had in court, should he decide her kinks weren't for him. Yes, she'd go easy on him tonight, but after this one night things would drastically change. He'd soon see her as his goddess and he'd worship her for every dirty, forbidden and immoral thing she'd do to, and with him. If he ever hesitated, she'd explain what his signature on that contract really meant, and that realization would provide the extra leverage she'd need to make him compliant.

The instant the front door shut her hands were on him. She began undoing his shirt and dropping it to the floor. She wanted to see his body, his toned, young and very resilient body.

As she watched his chest become exposed she bit her lip in approval. She was growing more excited and aroused, but not because he had obviously taken good care of himself and worked out. Oh, it was true that he was a very fine specimen of male species, but what had her anxious were the thoughts of how she would soon push his body to its limits, and how soon he'd be decorated with the permanent marks and scars signaling his devotion to her.

James' lips found hers and he began to kiss her passionately. She could feel how much he wanted this in the intensity of his kiss and roaming hands.

Despite having decided that James would be rewarded tonight, Angella knew the importance of setting the tone. She would let him enjoy himself, but he also needed to understand her needs always came first. Furthermore, when she decided she wanted sexual satisfaction he had to learn that he shouldn't waste her time by slowly working up to touching her more intimately. She wasn't some school aged girl with dreams of finding her prince. She was a confident woman, comfortable with who she was and what she wanted. From this day forward, when her body wanted pleasure, he had only one job.

Angella reached down and took one of his misguided hands. He'd been busy touching her side and back in a way some would consider affectionate. She firmly moved his hand down to her leg, under her skirt and then directly onto her very wet panties. She pressed his hand against her as she began to direct him in the way she expected to be touched.

Following her lead, James used his other hand to reach under her blouse and began rubbing her breasts through her bra. Out of nowhere James heard a sharp noise coupled by pain across his cheek. He looked up at her suddenly realizing he'd just been slapped.

Before he could ask why she'd done that he felt her hand in hair as she pushed and directed his head lower. Her free hand tore open her blouse and liberated her left breast from her bra. An instant later his face was being pressed against her exposed breast as her hard nipple poked at his lips. Holding him there like that almost felt like an invitation to breastfeed.

"Consider this your audition. Show me what your mouth can do and maybe I'll occasionally lay back so you eat my pussy instead of always being under me as I ride that handsome face of yours. Show me you possess some form of natural ability and you'll have earned your first freedom" she said.

James knew how much he wanted tonight, but upon hearing her talk and treat him like that, it made him want it more. He hadn't expected to, but there was a part of him that really wanted to gain her approval. He wanted to hear her say "good boy", as she praised him. He longed to be told he'd done a good job and that she was proud of him. He hadn't come back to her place tonight with that being a goal, but something deep inside him was challenging his carefully constructed plans.

James took her breast into his mouth as she reached down and pressed his hand back between her legs. He had stopped rubbing her when she slapped him so now she was offering him a simple reminder that she had needs he was expected to meet.

Angella didn't know if it was the two month build-up to this night, James' eagerness or his natural talent, but she had to admit her body was responding to everything he did in an unprecedented fashion. Simply sucking and biting her nipple had nearly caused her to cum twice already, and the throbbing between her legs was becoming unbearable as he touched her.

Angella wasn't willing to let James think he could make her cum on his own that easily, so she put a hand to James' chest and pushed him away. James was perplexed as he'd heard the lust fueled breathing and moans just seconds before, but he didn't say a word.

After a moment's consideration Angella took an aggressive step towards him, causing their bodies to be pressed together once more. He didn't fight as she pushed him to the ground and onto his back, her face never smiling or betraying the need he knew she felt.

Angella had intentionally neither touched James sexually nor taken his pants off, and she had no plans of rectifying either of those things at this moment. Instead, she stepped over him and placed a foot on his chest. With her other foot just above his head, James had little choice but to stare up into her skirt. Slowly and deliberately, Angella reached down and began lowering her panties..

Within moments James was given a very unique view of what the blogs had told him and what his fingers had already confirmed. Staring up at her, he couldn’t see Angella's pussy, as it was hidden behind a very full and dark bush. Despite having this prior knowledge, he discovered he was unable to look away.

Angella had expected more of a reaction from him upon seeing what her panties could barely hide. She always enjoyed the reaction guys had when they realized her bush was so thick that her pussy vanished within that forest. Yet, the fact he didn't openly react pleased her because it signaled he wanted her, no matter what..

Angella stepped out of her wet panties and dropped them on his face and over his mouth. Like a good boy he didn't attempt to remove them, and once more, that pleased her. She smiled as she asked, "Do you like what you see?"

James nodded and said, "I do", and he meant it.

Angella had heard the lie before. She knew what guys wanted so she tested him. "Why?"

James already knew the correct answer. Every guy that spoke about his time with Queen Angella said the same thing, which meant their "opinion" had been force fed to them. If he wanted to score points with her now his response needed to be, "because it's yours and it's what you want"; however, as he stared at the unkempt patch between her legs, another thought entered his mind.

Taking a risk James replied, "Little girls can't grow hair. Most women are crippled by the notion that guys only want young girls, so they pose and dress themselves up like one in hopes some guy will be fooled by the false fantasy they’re perpetuating. But you're not a girl. You're a woman. When I look at you, every part of you, especially your pussy, I want to know I’m looking at a woman. When your pussy is on my face, I don't want to be thinking about a girl, I want to know I'm eating a real woman's pussy. Most of all, I like that your pussy isn't like every other woman's, because you're not like any woman I’ve ever met."

Angella was taken aback. Since the day she first met James he had been surprising her and she'd been uncharacteristically drawn to him. He seemed almost too perfect. Initially she had thought he was attempting to play her to get her into bed, but when he never made a move, she was forced to reconsider his motives. But now, hearing that answer, she knew that she'd found someone unique. She didn't just like his answer, she loved it.

His reply deserved praise so she gave him a little smile and said "Good Boy". She had learned a long time ago that praise was only an effective tool when given out in very small amounts. She had witnessed time and time again how the scarcity of praise increased its value, thus allowing her to leverage its power better.

Her pussy continued to throb as her mind began to contemplate all the things she'd soon do with him as a willing and devoted toy. Not wanting to delay her own relief any longer she said "if it's a woman's pussy you crave, then you're about to get your wish"

On the way home Angella had decided she’d ride his face right by the front door and then send him home to masturbate once she’d cum. Sending him home was punishment for making her wait over two months for sex; however, his public declaration had earned him the right to engage in self-gratification. The thing was, that last reply made her question that plan as he once more proved himself to be a mysterious treat too delicious to go without.

Angella’s need ached inside her and it seemed foolish to deprive herself of pleasure any longer. Being the one in charge she could choose to punish him later, but she saw no reason to teach him a lesson about withholding sex by delaying it further.

Sliding her foot off his chest she pointed down the hall. In a tone which reflected the control they both knew she possessed she said, "Last door on the right."

James sat up and looked to where she was pointing as she added, "By the time I reach the doorway you will be on the bed, laying on your back…completely naked. Prove to me that you can be a good-boy and I may grant you the gift of knowing what it's like to be inside a real woman." She offered him a smile as she said, "Go....don't disappoint me"
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