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We get more comfortable with our best friend who lives next door.
It was very funny that our best friend was a boy. He lived next door, and we were all pretty young. We had been friends for three years, but this was the first time he was going to sleep over. Our parents weren't home so it was the perfect time.

First we ate something and then we went into our room. We had separate beds, really nice and soft with many pillows. I went on my bed and started taking my clothes off, for me it was no problem but I knew my sister and he were going to be a bit shy about it. Finally I took off my panties (white and lace) and I noticed he was staring at me between the legs, at my slit.

He had on shorts and I saw a small tent formed there, showing he probably really liked to see me in the nude, though I was kinda young, and my breasts weren't very big yet. They were still good and I liked them and I knew my sister had similar because I had seen her in the shower and sauna many many times. Pink nipples.

His name is Joel, my name is Heidi and my sister's name is Laura.

Next I had to encourage my sister and help her undress, because she was shy. She had on red lace panties and I took them off last. Both of us had a bit of hair over the mound, black. In the room it was warm. Our hair on the head was also black, and lots of it and it was curly. He had dark brown hair, short-cropped. Me and my sister were maybe 150 centimeters tall and he was probably 165; we were skinny and he had a bit of muscle already.

Next I made him sit on my bed and I started taking off his clothes, t-shirt first. Outside there was a bit of sun still, the day had been pretty hot.

"Are you OK?" I asked him.

"Yeah," he said, but I saw he was a bit nervous but didn't want to show it. He never showed it, and usually he was confident to the bone. Regardless I kept going, and the small tent was still there. I touched it a little "by accident" when taking his shirt off, and he took a sharp breath in. Next I began to pull down his shorts, and now I saw the bulge they had been hiding, which looked a bit uncomfortable. I got rid of the shorts and I tossed them on the floor, and then I proceeded to peel off his boxer trunks. His penis sprang free and captivated my attention.

I tossed the boxers on the floor also and then focused on his penis and balls. He had softened a little, probably because of his nervousness, but I knew all of us had secretly waited for this for a long time, and I definitely wasn't going to stop. He also had a little hair there, but very little on his balls. They looked very plump to me and the penis looked like it would get really long and nice.

I started to touch his legs and quickly went for his genitals, first with my hands, then I got closer with my face and I smelled him, and I started to kiss the penis. He got really tense and then I took it in my mouth, the head, and I pulled the foreskin and started to suck on him. I was so happy for him! Because his penis was probably very very sensitive and in my mouth it would feel really good for him. He tasted so sexy and a bit of slightly bitter liquid was oozing from the tiny hole at the tip.

"Do you want to try it?" I asked my sister, who had been looking with much interest.

"What should I do?"

"Just come and kneel here between his legs and use your mouth, but be careful so you don't scrape it with the teeth. And then when you also move your hand up and down he feels really good."

"OK," she said, smiling slyly like she always did. She came to sat in my place and I sat on the bed next to him, then I waited to see what my sister would do, and, trying to play it like it was a joke, but actually dying to try, she began to copy what I had done, and she did a pretty good job of it, slurping and bobbing up and down on him, and clearly he felt perfectly good in her mouth.

Then I started to kiss him with my love and my sister kept up her bobbing and then after just a moment he let out a muffled grunt in my mouth and I knew he started cumming.

"Don't stop now!" I commanded my sister, and pressed her head down a little so she wouldn't, and I watched what happened: his balls twitched repeatedly and I knew my sister's mouth was getting filled by Joel's tasty sperm, she coughed but obeyed and kept moving her hand and mouth up and down. I watched her throat move with the swallows and also I noticed Joel's face was like he was in Heaven. His ejaculation lasted like 15 seconds, but finally the balls stopped twitching and my sister swallowed the rest of it.

Then we went to the kitchen downstairs to get some milk, because we were hungry. I drank one glass and Laura drank one glass and Joel drank like half a litre. Then we decided to go to the sauna. I put it to warm up and we had to wait a while so we watched television. After maybe half an hour it was ready I knew, and we went there.

We all really wanted sex but me and my sister were worried about getting pregnant, so we decided to try it in the ass. I told my sister to try it first, and she sat on the edge of the benches and put her legs up so Joel could see in between them, and he sure took his sweet time staring there, at my sister's beautiful pussy and tiny asshole. I looked also because we had never done stuff like this before and I saw at the asshole there was no hair at all, and it was very very pretty and wrinkly and a bit brown but mainly pink.

I knew what I had to do so I put spit on my hand a couple of times and spread it on my sister's asshole, then also some on the head of Joel's penis until it glistened.

"Try putting it in now," I told him, and he got closer and held the penis and pressed it against my sister's asshole, and she looked a bit afraid but also curious, and after a bit more pressing it slid inside her ass. She had very cute round buttocks and a little tan. Joel's face again went like he went into heaven, and probably without thinking anything he started to move back and forth, and I watched the penis slide in the very tight hole.

"Be careful you don't come now," I warned Joel. "I want to try also and I want the sperm in me this time," I told him.

After just a while then he pulled out, and I got in the same position as my sister next to me and started to spread spit on my asshole this time. He stared again like he couldn't believe how good my places looked, and then he got closer and began to press against me. It hurt a little as he popped inside, but the feeling of spreading for him as he slid deeper was incredible, and I felt really beautiful and happy for him, because it probably felt blissful inside my ass.

I reached and pulled him from his ass to come as close to me as possible, and I felt really full, and he moved back and forth in me and then I pulled him even closer, to lay against me and I started to kiss him, and then he let out a grunt and I knew he had started cumming inside of me, in my ass, and I could feel the warm gooey liquid spurting deep into the tight, sensitive tunnel, and I also felt his balls twitching against me, and I knew it was ecstasy for him to empty his prostate in the loving squeeze of my asshole.

I kept kissing him for at least two minutes after that, and his penis oozed a bit more warm sperm inside of me, and I just held him and let him relax against my breasts, and I kind of would have wanted that he never pulls it out of me. Then he took it out and right afterwards his cum poured out of me and onto the bench, but some remained inside also and felt really really warm and nice. I was incredibly happy.

Then we showered and went to the sauna two more times, and we washed each others' bodies with good organic soap that our parents had bought, and I washed his balls with caring. Then we toweled off and went downstairs to get more milk, and again me and my sister had one glass while Joel had half a litre. Then we went upstairs and put the beds together and went under the blankets and kissed for a good time until we fell asleep really close together.
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