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These aren't your typical nurses! Expect heavy, non-consensual themes with some needle play/piercing and other means of medical 'torture'. The events described are fantasy only, and should not be condoned in real life unless all parties consent. Enjoy!
Part 0 – Prelude

Sarah sat down clumsily onto the couch. She’d only had a drink or two, but her head was spinning, people around her continued to chat and laugh amiably, yet she was struggling to make out the words. Her focus was slipping, and she slumped forward groggily, resting her head in her hands as her vision started to blur. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking up, a girl with a concerned expression seemed to be asking her something. Sarah dimly remembered meeting her earlier in the party, Jessie or Jessica perhaps. A senior year Med. Student, probably recognized the symptoms. Her words were indistinct, but Jessica seemed to be asking if she needed any help. Nodding gratefully, Sarah leaned on her for support and let herself be led outside, inwardly thanking her for the assistance. If her drink had been spiked God knows what could have happened tonight. The last thing she remembered, as her head swam and vision darkened, was climbing into a cab hoping to sleep it off.

A slight shiver of cold woke her up. Her head was pounding, but she seemed to be in bed at least. Someone’s bed. It felt strange and unfamiliar. Still half-asleep, too sluggish to move, nevertheless blinking wearily she forced herself to look around the room, trying to work out where she was. Maybe Jessica hadn’t known which dorm she lived in, so she’d let her crash at her place? The room was dimly lit with only a small pair of windows near the ceiling for ambient light. Perhaps a basement? It was clean though, immaculate even, with a faint chemical smell still lingering in the air. Surprisingly warm too, although there was a slight breeze, probably AC or ventilation. The chilled air occasionally washing over her causing a flurry of goosebumps. Her mind then snapped awake, she was completely naked! Looking around she couldn’t see her clothes, where they in the wash, had she thrown up? Feeling increasingly self-conscious she leaned over to find the covers but met with resistance. Her limbs were tied!

Panic rising, Sarah tested her movement but there seemed to be tight restraints around her wrists and ankles, with a further band running just below her breasts. Arms pinned near her sides, she couldn’t even cover herself for modesty. The bed seemed unnatural too. Fairly narrow at waist height, with smooth, white sheets that were slightly slick. Rubber of some sort? She’d clearly been tied a while as her sweat had made the surface slippery and warm. Her mind reeling she thought about calling for help, but then her captors had prepared this room well. She was hesitant to let them know she’d awoken, at least until she’d formed a plan. If she could slip even one hand out she’d stand a much better chance of escaping – or of defending herself… Ignoring the pain, she pulled as hard as she could against the binds, feeling the leather edges dig into her skin. They were soft and padded, even comfortable, but unyielding. Sarah cried out in frustration but then froze. Her voice was amplified by the still quiet of the room – and it hadn’t gone unnoticed. Footsteps from above. Heart racing, she realized she was about to meet her captors.

Part 1 – Examination

At first, she was relieved when Jessica came down the stairs, but her plea for help caught in her throat as three other girls joined her. Noting her hesitance, Jessica stepped forwards to properly introduce herself. “Good morning Sarah, I hope your head has recovered from last night’s… events”. Her tone was pleasant, but formal. “I think we’d already met briefly, but I’m in medical school and we have upcoming exams. As I’m sure you know, the best way to pass exams is to practice, and what better way to practice than on real human patients. I hope you can understand the need to refine our skills, but then I suppose we didn’t give you much choice in the matter. You can cry for help if you like, but the room is soundproof. I suggest you save your voice, you may need it later.”

Sarah didn’t know how to respond. She was scared, of course she was, but also indignant that someone would have the audacity to restrain her, hold her against her will, simply to pass an exam?! Trying to muster a forceful voice, “will you let me the fuck out of here,” she demanded. Her efforts doing nothing for her still-aching head. Sadly the dramatic effect was dampened slightly be the chest restraint holding her firmly in place, and the vulnerability of her position. She was glad though to let anger assuage her nerves, even if momentarily.

Jessica however merely smiled, clearly expecting an outburst but paying it no heed. From her confidence, Sarah suspected this wasn’t the first time they’d had live practice subjects. Continuing, Jessica introduced the other members; Ashley, Erica, and Kim. Whereas Jessica had a slightly clinical appearance – light build, pale skin but dark raven hair and steel-blue eyes, Ashley looked a little less conventional. Plump but not heavy, she had tattoos going up her arms and a tinge of colour in her auburn hair suggested it had recently been dyed. As she was introduced, Ashley placed a warm hand on Sarah’s inner thigh, causing her to involuntarily recoil. She suddenly felt very aware of just how exposed she was. Next Erica, European perhaps. She had olive skin with her hair in a tight plait, she wore close-fitting, diminutive clothing to show off an athletic frame, evidently confident in her appearance. Last was Kim, an Asian girl with long dark hair and delicate features. She merely nodded slightly as Jessica mentioned her name, busying herself preparing trays of some sort by the side of the room.

With introductions over, the atmosphere in the room seemed to change. The four girls ignored Sarah as they stripped down to their underwear, changing into disposable medical attire. Each donned a surgical mask and Sarah started to feel truly afraid. Whereas before the casual clothing belied the jeopardy of her situation, now the girls looked serious. They looked threatening. As Jessica walked back over she met her eyes, but saw no trace of sympathy there. She was a test subject and nothing more. With a last flourish, the girls snapped on tight latex gloves, and moved to surround her.

Evidently in charge, Jessica was closest standing immediately to her left. “We’ll be performing a number of procedures today. We’ve all been trained of course, so you should trust that you’re in safe hands. It’ll be easier for everyone if you don’t try to fight or struggle. We wouldn’t want any mishaps. Normally we’d be performing these procedures under anaesthetic, local or general, but sadly as students our resources are more limited. Today, we’ll have Kim acting as your ‘anaesthesiologist’.”

With that, Kim moved behind Sarah and climbed up onto the bed, shuffling forwards and lifting Sarah’s head onto her lap. It was almost comfortable, warm, firm thighs supporting her and the rhythmic sound of Kim’s breathing relaxing her slightly. Abruptly though a gloved pair of hands clamped over her mouth and nose, sealing her airways. She tried to fight, but Kim just tightened her grip, cool hands keeping her head pressed down and locked in place. Wrist and ankle restraints holding taught against her efforts. As if to highlight Sarah’s helplessness, Jessica lightly stroked her forehead whilst she struggled, making soft, soothing shushing sounds. “We need silence to work. If you protest or yell we’ll have to put you under for a short while. As we can’t do that chemically, we have to resort to the next best thing – unconsciousness. Understand?” Jessica then nodded to Kim, who shifted her hands slightly, releasing her obstruction on Sarah’s nose. Chest heaving, Sarah tried to catch her breath as best she could. She wanted desperately to open her mouth, take in huge lungfuls of air, but she remained forcefully gagged by Kim’s gloved hands. It was slowly dawning on her that she had little choice but to endure whatever Jessica and the others had planned.

The next 40 minutes were more humiliating than terrifying. Kim kept Sarah firmly muzzled whilst probing hands explored her body, a medical check-up of sorts. Some parts were slightly uncomfortable, Erica performed a stimulus test pushing sharp pins into various areas of her body, to gauge feeling and reaction. Ashley seemed to be enjoying things a little too much, at one point pushing two lubricated fingers deeply into Sarah’s pussy and gleefully watching her evident discomfort. Sarah looked to the others for help as the invasive probing continued, but if they thought it inappropriate they didn’t show it. They just continued with their own examinations. Jessica painfully squeezing and kneading Sarah’s breasts as she claimed to check for lumps.

Part 2 – Ashley

That ordeal over, Jessica moved back to Sarah’s side as Ashley went off to collect something from a tray. Fearing the worst, she tried to close her legs out of some futile attempt at protection, but the restraints offered no give. Jessica’s assertive voice snapped her back into focus. “We’ve performed an external check, but next we want to conduct some common internal procedures. We’ll first be examining your stomach for any issues with a small camera. It may be a little uncomfortable initially, but compliance will make things go smoothly. As we’ll be working in your mouth you may be tempted to bite us. Do remember that you’re restrained, and we have some very painful implements at our disposal.”

Sarah then felt Kim release her grip and so quickly tried to protest, but immediately felt gloved fingers probing her mouth. She tried to keep her mouth shut, but Jessica lightly pinched her nose, rapidly leaving her desperate for breath. Relenting, she gasped in air and without hesitation Kim pushed her fingers inside, one hand holding the roof of her mouth, the other pulling her jaw down painfully. She was trapped and could only watch as Ashley joined her on the bed. She climbed onto Sarah’s chest, her weight pinning her further, relishing the frightened, desperate look in her eyes.

Placing one hand on Sarah’s forehead, Ashley then pushed two fingers into her mouth to depress her tongue. They felt slightly wet and with horror Sarah realized she hadn’t changed gloves since the earlier examination – she was tasting herself as she was violated. Thankfully that didn’t last long, but then some kind of tube was pushed into her mouth and against the back of her throat. She felt like she was choking, panicked eyes darted around, but again Jessica just started shushing her and started lightly massaging her neck. Kim’s relentless grip kept her secure but with an aching jaw, and she could only watch with tears in her eyes as her throat convulsed against the intruder. Growing frustrated, Ashley leaned in close until she was inches away, lowering the mask. Like a rabbit in headlights, Sarah froze caught in her gaze. She didn’t know what to expect, but it definitely wasn’t what happened next. Ashley spat a large drop of saliva directly into her mouth and with revulsion she felt it slowly trickle down towards her throat, eyes wide with shock. That caused her to involuntarily swallow and finally the camera slid down.

Immediately, her throat tried to close up again but met with this new foreign object. Gag reflex, flaring, all thought went out of Sarah’s mind as panic truly set in. A slight look of consternation flashed across Jessica’s face, and she glanced at Erica – “go help our patient relax”. Sarah was barely aware when Erica left her side, she was too focused on her struggles, tears now flowing freely. Even in the midst of panic however she couldn’t help but register a pair of fingers softly pushing inside her. Whereas Ashley had been crude and invasive, these felt gentle as they lazily massaged the roof of her pussy. Despite herself, she felt a growing wetness as Erica’s thumb now rested on her clit, applying slight pressure as she stroked. It might have been the adrenaline, but the delicate, measured touches quickly heightened her arousal. She found herself wishing they’d move faster, give her some release, but Erica kept up the same leisurely pace.

Sarah suddenly realized Ashley was watching her intently and awareness flooded back. As did the shame and discomfort. She could feel a slight damp patch against the back of her head, where it rested against Kim’s crotch, and felt Ashley’s weight shifting as she unconsciously rocked her hips. They were all getting off on her torture. Glancing over, Jessica seemed to be the only one maintaining composure, but then she noticed her breathing was shallower and one hand was resting inside her pants. Jessica was masturbating watching Sarah struggle. Embarrassment crashed over her but at that moment, Erica finally gave her the relief she’d been craving. She tried to arch her back, but Ashley’s weight kept her pinned, and the tube invading her throat suppressed pleasured cries. Apparently though that was the cue they were waiting for as she then felt the camera being pulled back out, and Kim’s grip relaxed. As she closed her mouth Erica pushed her two gloved fingers inside. “Lick”. Too tired to resist, Sarah cleaned her own juices off the gloves, just grateful for the chance to relax her painful jaw.

Enjoying the moment’s respite, despite her captivity, Sarah tried to steady her ragged breathing. Jessica’s hand started stroking her forehead, glove still slightly wet from playing with herself earlier. “I suppose the pretence is up, this isn’t entirely exam prep. They say you should study what you enjoy, well we all really enjoy medical care.” Ashley gave a short laugh at this. “Now I’m afraid the next procedure will require a slightly different position, but we don’t want you trying to escape now – so we’ll have to put you under for a short while. Count backwards from 10 for me…” Confused and still slightly dazed from the previous procedure, Sarah looked quizzically at Jessica, but then Kim’s hands shifted sealing off her airways. Realization struck. Despite her exhaustion she tried to scream, to fight, but as ever the bonds were too strong, and her efforts were futile. Ashley was now brazenly masturbating as she sat on her chest, getting off on her desperation. Chest aching she met Jessica’s eyes, but she just shushed her. “It’ll be over soon.” A flood of wet warmth let her know she’d lost bladder control, but she was past caring. Her vision closed into darkness as she slipped into unconsciousness, praying for this ordeal to end.

Part 3 – Erica

Sarah woke in darkness, blindfolded, and immediately coughed. Her throat felt raw from its earlier violation. Still naked, it seemed someone had cleaned her down at least. She was now resting on her knees, feet dangling over the end of the bed with restraints around her ankles. Her arms though had been pulled tight so that she was facing down, ass in the air exposed. She didn’t like what that suggested. A rustle behind her caused a sudden jolt. She’d thought she was alone. A sharp bare-handed smack across her ass caused her to cry out, more out of surprise than pain. It continued though, and she felt her skin growing hot and red under the relentless beating. They toyed with her, sometimes a soft stroke would cause her to flinch, other times a slap would leave her burning. Then lips. For a second she enjoyed the soft warmth as a tongue danced across her reddened skin, until teeth started to bite causing Sarah to cry out from pain. Whoever her assaulter was though, they stayed quiet and anonymous. Just slowly working over their helpless victim.

This seemed to last an eternity, each bite so forceful Sarah thought it must be drawing blood. She could only sob into her blindfold. However, as it went on the bites slowly shifted to soft kisses. Starting at her feet, a gentle mouth sucked on each toe, tongue circling, then slowly moving up her legs until she felt warm breath against her asshole. She clenched involuntarily as the tongue started to probe, pushing slightly against her ass. At first, she resisted, but her assailant was patient. She just lazily circled before returning to push once more, a little more firmly each time, until Sarah finally yielded. More than that, she started pushing her ass against the women’s face, it felt too good. After the onslaught of pain, a pleasurable touch proved irresistible. The tongue was then replaced by two probing fingers that started stretching her. It initially felt tight, but she slowly relaxed into it as they worked their way inside. Soon joined by a third finger, Sarah realized she was being prepared for something, but at that moment she couldn’t care. She found herself wanting more. Her pussy left untouched was slick with juices as she visibly responded to the touch, wanting her ass stretched and filled circumstances be damned. The fingers retreated causing a moment's disappointment, but then something cold and solid pressed against her. A metal plug? It was notably larger than anything she’d previously experienced but with a slight twinge of shame, she realized she wanted it. Whoever was working her ass had done their job well. The pressure against her asshole increased as it was pushed against her, but finally her ass relented and it slipped inside. It felt incredible as it nestled into her, a reassuring heft asserting its presence and keeping her stretched. With that, the unknown assailant left the room.

A few moments later the whole group returned, and the blindfold was lifted. Sarah tried to work out who she’d been left with but whoever it was, they were giving nothing away. Her previous enjoyment shifted to shame, as she felt someone’s gloved finger mockingly run along her soaked pussy. Jessica again moved into view, and Sarah strained her neck to meet her gaze. “For the next procedure, we want to test pain thresholds.” Sarah paled at this. “Normally we’d ask you to simply tell us when your threshold is breached, but I suspect you might yield too soon. As such, we’ll be testing you against an aversive stimulus. Ashley, if you’ll do the honours.” To Sarah’s horror, Kim passed a clear glass bowl to Ashley as she dropped her pants, and then proceeded to fill it with a straw-yellow stream of piss. It was then placed directly in front of her.

Jessica barely reacted as this was carried out, remaining as dispassionate as ever. To Sarah’s incredulity, she then asked, “will you drink it?” “Will I fuck” was the incredulous reply, but before Sarah could protest further she felt an uncomfortable throb inside her ass. With her usual clinical demeanour, Jessica started to explain… “The plug in your ass is wired up electrically. Erica here will be controlling the strength. Don’t worry, however it may feel it won’t be doing permanent damage, but I assure you that it won’t be enjoyable. We’ll be slowly ramping up the intensity as we go along, but there’s an easy way to stop it. Drink the contents of that bowl. As soon as you do so, we’ll know your threshold has been reached and the procedure will stop. Understand?”

Before Sarah could reply the stimulation started. She couldn’t believe she’d welcomed this plug earlier as it started to grow warm, throbbing inside her. A sudden impulse caused her ass to cramp painfully around the plug, which now felt impossibly large. A few seconds later another impulse, then another. As they slowly become more frequent, the plug seemed to be getting hotter, burning even. Desperately she tried clenching or relaxing muscles, trying to force it out, but it remained resolutely embedded inside her ass. Looking around, she realized they were barely paying attention. Erica was tweaking dials and jotting down measurements. Jessica flicking through a paper of some sort whilst Ashley played with her phone. Only Kim watched her, but if she felt any sympathy it wasn’t showing in her eyes. The intensity was relentless now. It had blurred into a rhythmic sensation as if she was being pounded in the ass by some inhuman machine. Tears dripping down her face once more, she took a tentative sip of the pale liquid. Immediately, the intensity dropped. Still agonizing, but even that small moment of relief was palpable. As the sensations started to resume, Sarah steeled herself and began drinking from the bowl. It was still warm, and the smell was off-putting, but it didn’t taste as bad as she feared. Drinking with increasing eagerness as the stimulation slowed, she was almost lapping it up by the time it stopped entirely. Just wanting it to be over.

As Erica pulled the plug out, Sarah was astounded at how… normal her ass felt. A little stretched, but a few moments earlier she could have sworn it was roasting. It made the previous sensations feel unreal, had they really been so bad? Sarah now looked at the empty bowl with revulsion, appalled at what she’d done. Sensing her distaste, Ashley wandered over and started stroking her back, telling her what a good girl she was. It should have been humiliating, but she welcomed the touch. Craved it. It felt strangely reassuring, comforting even after the cold indifference they’d all previously shown. However, before she could relax Kim stepped forward and placed a firm hand on the back of her head, the other over her mouth. This procedure was over, time for the next one. This time Sarah didn’t even have the strength to struggle. Her chest strained for breath, she couldn’t help that, but she just tried to focus on the soft stroking across her back. It didn’t seem to help much, but mercifully she soon found herself growing faint as unconsciousness beckoned once more.

Part 4 – Kim

This time, it was a delicate touch that roused Sarah to awareness. She found herself tied spread-eagle, limbs taught and already feeling a little strained. Feeling a soft kiss just above her elbow, she craned her neck to look up and realized she was alone with Kim. Noticing the movement, the slim Asian girl moved back to Sarah’s side. Her medical garbs were discarded on the floor, and she now only wore a matching pair of light pink cotton underwear, almost innocent in appearance, although the latex gloves remained. A subtle damp spot between Kim’s legs suggested she’d been enjoying Sarah’s predicament a little more than her quiet disposition let on – this was definitely not just ‘exam prep’! Placing a cool hand on Sarah’s forehead, she pushed gently holding her head down, using the other, she quickly placed some kind of mask over Sarah’s mouth and secured it tightly. At first quizzical, Sarah was about to ask what the hell she was doing, but her breath caught in her throat. Starting to hyperventilate, she noticed the mask was connected to some kind of tube and breathing bag. Try as she might, she could only draw a narrow stream of air. Her heart rate increased rapidly, exploding in her chest, she looked desperately to Kim, but she remained a silent observer. She’d placed her hand lightly on Sarah’s chest, apparently monitoring her heartbeat as Sarah strained for air. Realizing there would be no respite, Sarah frantically tried to control her breathing, fighting the most basic of survival instincts. Slowly it steadied, the panic subsided and relief washed over her as she found a rhythmic pace. Each breath a little less than she’d like, but sufficient at least to keep her from asphyxiating.

Apparently satisfied, Kim resumed her soft kisses. Starting at Sarah’s wrists, she slowly worked down her body. Each time, her lips rested gently for a moment, there was perhaps a soft fluttering tongue or slight nibble, but never to the point of pain, and then she moved on. The slight wetness where her mouth had lingered felt cool against the air, leaving traces across Sarah’s body. It was if territory was being marked, she was a treat for Kim to sample and enjoy. As the kisses went lower, Sarah found herself yearning for that warm mouth to meet her aching pussy. Despite herself, she tried pushing her body, her hips towards Kim’s lingering lips, but each time Kim deftly avoided the temptation, instead savouring the warmth of Sarah’s inner thighs. Skirting but never meeting the one area Sarah craved most. Her breathing growing heavier, Sarah noticed waves of lightheadedness as the breathing tube fought her laboured breaths. A quick glance from Kim suggested this was the desired effect. A final, taunting kiss directly over Sarah’s clit caused a burst of pleasure, but that fleeting touch was not enough. A grunt of disappointment conveyed Sarah’s frustration. She felt betrayed by her body, it’s need for that release, but craved it nonetheless.

As Sarah regulated her breathing, trying to ignore the yearning below, she caught Kim donning her surgical mask once more. A nervous shudder washed over her. Kim returned with something that glinted in the limited light, something sharp. Sarah watched with mounting horror as Kim’s delicate gloved fingers started massaging her breasts, her nipples, until they responded growing firm. She tried to recoil, to pull her body away in direct contrast to earlier movements, but the bonds remained tight. Leaning in, Kim pushed a thick-gauge needle directly through Sarah’s exposed nipple. She moved slowly, deliberately, as if to savour the sensations it elicited. In response, Sarah tried to draw in a sharp-intake of breath, but was met with the usual resistance. Coherent thoughts escaped her, and she could only clench her eyes shut as if to block out the pain. After the needle penetrated, Kim quickly inserted a ring into Sarah’s raw, exquisitely sensitive nipple. A quick tug yielded a pained response, the expected reaction, so Kim moved over to the other nipple. Despite knowing what to expect, the pain was just as exquisite as it was the first time. Sarah caught no sympathy in Kim’s eyes though, just a look of intense concentration. Her sole focus this white-hot moment of pain.

Once both rings were in Kim could no longer restrain herself. She left Sarah to her quiet suffering and quickly pushed gloved fingers inside her own soaked pussy, masturbating furiously. She climaxed in a matter of moments. Then indelicately wiping off her wet gloved hand on Sarah’s stomach, she finally removed the breathing apparatus, so Sarah could regain a brief moment of composure. Moving off to the side, Kim swapped over her gloves and put the medical attire back on, restoring an air of professionalism. She then started collecting something from one of the trays. Between ragged breaths, Sarah heard the light clinking of something metal. This might not be over.

At that moment, whether timed or coincidental, the others returned. Ashley caught the glistening damp sheen on Sarah’s pussy and smirked slightly. If Jessica noticed though, she paid it no attention. “Good you’re awake. Kim here needed to practice needle insertion, although it seems as though she may have started in our absence. I hope you found it enjoyable as there’s plenty more to come. You don’t need to be awake for this, but it’ll be more entertaining if you are.” Sarah nervously glanced across and saw Kim still silently sorting something, presumably needles. “We won’t be drawing blood, deliberately at least, so you don’t have to worry about that, but it can be a little painful.” With a light flick on one of Sarah’s new nipple rings, Jessica continued – “well, I suppose you’ve just found that out. As Kim was supposed to be our anaesthesiologist today, Erica has kindly volunteered to step in while she’s working. She hasn’t had the opportunity to enjoy herself yet.”

Taking her cue, Erica walked over and Sarah started breathing in deeply, expecting the worst. However, it seemed Erica had a different idea for keeping her quiet. Dropping her pants, she hopped onto the table and quickly locked Sarah’s head between her athletic thighs. Sarah’s surprised expression was almost comical, she suddenly found her mouth pressed deeply into Erica’s pussy. This was not standard medical practice! Breathing was difficult though she could just about get air in through her nose, but that forced her to inhale the warm musk of Erica’s arousal. She was almost thankful for her earlier practice with the breathing tube; the thought of smothering underneath someone’s pussy left her aghast. A sudden sharp stab in her arm suggested Kim had resumed her task, inserting another needle, but Sarah’s cry of pain was lost, reverberating into Erica’s pussy. Erica in turn clearly relished the feeling as she tightened her thighs, grabbed the back of Sarah’s head and started grinding roughly, spreading her juices over Sarah’s mouth and nose. At first the friction was painful, with slight stubble from Erica’s shaved pussy irritating her face. Each jab though caused another cry, and another burst of arousal, and soon her face was well lubricated. It was humiliating, but she had no choice but to endure. As Erica reached climax, she bent forwards accidentally cutting off Sarah’s air. A warm squirt of liquid suddenly filled her mouth and she found herself choking as Erica rode out her orgasm. Even the sharp pangs of pain couldn’t distract her from the distress. Thankfully, as Erica’s waves of pleasure subsided she stepped off, and cool air hit Sarah’s face as she took deep, gasping breaths. Her relief was short-lived, however, as Ashley walked over next.

At first Sarah was confused when Ashley removed her mask, and cowered slightly as she leaned in close, her face inches away. Then she started licking. Tongue exploring freely, Ashley shamelessly cleaned up the juices Erica had left smeared over Sarah’s face. It seemed as though she was deliberately trying to cause discomfort; Sarah had to quickly shut her eyes as Ashley’s tongue probed indiscriminately over her eyelids. It felt violating, objectifying. If she tried to look away, Ashley wordlessly grabbed her head to keep her in place without pausing her efforts. For the finale, she gently traced Sarah’s outer ear and briefly probed inside, returning with a quick nibble on her earlobe. Job complete, Ashley then climbed up onto the table as Erica had done, this time though sitting facing forwards. Sarah found her vision obstructed by Ashley’s expectant ass. With horror, it dawned on her who had been working her earlier, and what might be required next. Sure enough, Ashley simply said, “you know what to do” as she relaxed her stance, crushing Sarah’s face between her cheeks, resting her asshole against Sarah’s mouth.

Initially, Sarah tried to refuse, but in response Ashley gave her newfound nipple rings a playful tug. The pain was intense. Hesitantly then, she started running her tongue around Ashley’s rim. She could taste her sweat as she licked but apparently even this wasn’t enough, Ashley pulled harder on the rings and paling, Sarah worried they might even rip out. Reluctantly, she pushed her tongue into Ashley’s asshole itself. Immediately, the pain subsided; Ashley was right, she knew what she had to do. Sarah had never rimmed anyone before, let alone a woman, she found Ashley’s asshole surprisingly firm and her tongue quickly grew tired. Ashley though gave her no choice. The slightest pause and the tug on her nipples resumed, and with it, the agony. All the while, she could feel Kim working mercilessly over her body, each time a soft pair of fingers would delicately push down followed by eye-watering pain. She’d grown to resent Kim’s cool touch. Sarah’s protests though were of course muffled by the warm ass enveloping her face. This went on for a great deal longer than Sarah anticipated as Ashley wasn’t trying to get off, she was just enjoying the sensations. It wasn’t until Kim had pierced every limb of her body, in multiple, painfully inventive ways, that the torment ended. Then Ashley reluctantly climbed off, letting Sarah gasp in the cool, fresh air as she recovered. Sadly though, there was one last ordeal to go.

Part 5 – Jessica

Kim discarded her gloves, now flecked with faint traces of blood from the piercings, and took her place on the bed as before – nestling right up to Sarah’s head, so it could rest in her lap. Sarah noticed Kim’s face was slightly flushed – she definitely enjoyed that particular role. Taking a deep breath in anticipation, Sarah tensed, but for now Kim’s hands just covered her mouth leaving her free to breathe. Her soft skin almost felt nice in comparison to the gloves, warm but a little damp from perspiration. She was muffled all the same though. Warily, Sarah watched as this time Jessica climbed onto the bed, sitting just below her stomach. “One last procedure, and then it’s all over. You’ve been such a good patient. Now unlike the other girls, I’m hoping for a surgical residency, so unfortunately for you, I really must practice my stitching. Perhaps it’ll make for a nice little memento for you though.”

With that, Ashley and Erica both came forwards and pressed their hands down on Sarah’s shoulders. She could barely move before, but now she was virtually immobile. Kim tightened her grip almost painfully, Sarah was going nowhere. They clearly knew what was about to happen, and that it would be unpleasant.

Sarah could only watch with frightened eyes as Jessica threaded some kind of needle. Then she held it right up to her face, in front of her eyes. For a second, Sarah even contemplated that she was about to be blinded, but thankfully it was simply an intimidation tactic. It worked though. She tensed as Jessica trailed the sharp point of the needle back down her skin, leaving a faint red line in response. Done toying with her, Jessica gently brushed some invisible specs off Sarah’s stomach, the warm gloved thumb eliciting a slight flinch. She tightened her thighs around Sarah’s waist as if about to ride some squirming beast. Then she pushed the needle into Sarah’s skin.

The reaction was immediate. Kim’s needles had been bad, but they were infrequent and sharp, intended to pierce. This one was thicker, intended to sew. It moved in a relentless pattern across the sensitive skin on her stomach. Darting eyes met Ashley and Erica, but they just pushed down harder on her shoulders, painfully now, the unnatural posture straining her muscles. She looked up at Kim who’s soft, slender hands were gagging her pained cries, but in response Kim just brushed her thumb lightly across Sarah’s nose – as if in warning that her air supply was not guaranteed. Last, she dared glance at Jessica, whose brow was furrowed in intense concentration. The ‘medical procedures’ she’d been subjected to previously were questionable at best, but this task at least was being taken seriously. A source of little comfort for Sarah who could only respond in muffled pained whimpers.

The stitching was immaculate, with just millimetres between each insertion. That made for a lot of insertions. Occasionally a frown would cross Jessica’s face, and she’d stop to unpick a loop or two, either oblivious to the discomfort this caused, or indifferent to it. The process seemed to take hours, with constant jabbing pains as the needle weaved in an out, leaving a trail of black surgical thread in its wake. Each tight dark coil contrasted brilliantly against Sarah’s pale skin, flanked by hints of red irritation. Eventually though, she finished, and ran a playful finger along the newly traced message emblazoned across Sarah’s inflamed stomach. ‘Patient #027’. A nonde*********** ID to mark her out as just one more victim.

Looking satisfied with her work, Jessica climbed forwards letting her full weight rest on Sarah’s body, the shifting pressure causing the stitching to ache painfully and her recently acquired nipple rings to throb. Now the worst was over, Ashley and Erica released their holds and Sarah’s shoulders cried in relief. Instinctively she tried to draw in and stretch, but the remaining restraints had little give. As if to help though, the girls started gently massaging her arms, with controlled, practised movements. Kim lowered her hands from Sarah’s mouth allowing her to finally breathe freely. Such a small glimpse of freedom now felt divine.

It was a strange moment. Sarah averted her eyes from Jessica’s gaze, who was watching her intently, mask now discarded. Pinned under Jessica’s slight weight, she couldn’t help but feel the steady movements of her breathing, and unconsciously found herself matching it. As tension left, the exhaustion finally hit her, and she let her muscles relax. Her head sank slightly into Kim’s lap, and she yielded to the warmth and comfort it offered. Her fight was gone. Sensing this, Jessica leaned in for a deep kiss and Sarah knew better than to resist. Couldn’t resist. She caught faint traces of a pleasant perfume underneath the dominant tones of antiseptic and latex. At first, she just endured it, she’d never been into women, but as it went on her distaste weakened. The warmth of Jessica’s breath, her soft lips, tongue tentatively exploring her mouth… the sensations overwhelmed her. Closing her eyes, she relented. Her tongue sought out Jessica’s and danced with it, tasting her, submitting to her. She could feel Jessica’s hips pressing into her as she gave in to arousal and for the first time Sarah wanted to respond to the advances. Her head was swimming, perhaps simply endorphins from the pain, but in that brief moment she would have given up everything. And then it was over.

Jessica pulled back smiling faintly, leaving a faint string of saliva clinging between them. Sarah found herself licking her lips unconsciously, as if searching for her taste. As the room drifted back into focus, Erica passed a drink over and Jessica pressed it lightly to Sarah’s lips. Unthinking, she swallowed it down. Whatever was in it, it worked quickly – in a few minutes she felt herself growing heavy, drowsy. There was a brief moment of panic as she wondered what she’d just taken, but it melted as Jessica started stroking her head. Her gaze now softer compared to the cold, clinical demeanour she’d presented previously. As Sarah drifted off, she heard an affectionate “goodnight sweetie” from Jessica, as gentle sponges started cleaning her down. It was over.

Part 6 – Epilogue

Waking up a few hours later, this time in warmth, in her own bed, she almost wondered if it had all been some surreal dream. A sharp twinge from the stitching below reminded her of the sordid truth. Looking across to her monitor she flushed as a looping cropped video apparently showed her straining eagerly to eat out Ashley’s ass, a note pinned underneath:

I do hate to do this but as I’m sure you’ll think of going to the police about this incident, we have multiple copies of the video now playing and will happily send them to friends and family. The choice is yours. The stitching will dissolve in a few days, but I hope you enjoy it until then. A memento from our fateful encounter. You were a delightful patient to work with – please get in touch if you’d like to volunteer for any future procedures xx

Sarah shivered, conflicted. Rubbing her wrists where the restraints had held she coiled up. As she tried to drift into a restless sleep her thoughts couldn’t help but linger on that last, sensuous kiss.
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