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This story contains themes of nonconsent and reluctance as a married man surrenders to his need for cock. In this chapter he experiences his first taste of black cock. If any of these themes disturb you pleas find another story. If you read on please enjoy.

I woke up around 9:00AM and did the routine of cleaning inside and out and hair removal. I put on some red panties, and turned on the TV and ate some breakfast bars I brought from home.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Startled, I jumped up and rushed to the door to prevent another scene in the hallway. I opened the door quickly but only partially and was glad I did when I saw the maintenance man.

"Hi...everything is ok here," I said peeking out the door.

"I'm not here for maintenance. I'm here for cocksucker service," he said softly.

I hesitated for a few seconds, shocked, and confused. I looked him up and down. He was around 6 ft. tall in fairly decent shape, black and looked to be about mid 30's. He was clean shaven and had about a 3-inch-long afro. He still wore the tool belt, and I definitely remembered his nice round ass from yesterday. He wore a badge that said, "Hello, my name is Jim."

My cock was already stiffening at the thought of sucking my first black dick. His pants were beginning to tent, as I opened the door, exposing myself wearing nothing but black panties.

"Please come in," I said politely. "Exactly how may I be of service today?"

"That's exactly what I was wondering," he replied with a sheepish grin, stepping into the room.

"Have a seat," I said pointing to the sofa. I sat in a chair facing him.

"So I own you now and you will do whatever I want, correct?" he asked tentatively.

I needed to think before I answered that one..."Within reason, that is true."

"I gotta say a black man "owning" a rich white guy has an irony to it and brings a lot of thoughts to mind. If I told you to drop to your knees and beg me to cum in your mouth, you would do it?" he asked grinning.

I slid off the chair and dropped to my knees...

"Got it, please get up, you'll have your chance soon enough. My wife hasn't sucked my cock in 5 years so there's a lot of catching up to do between now and Saturday. (Clearly, he knew how long the room was booked). I'll be by every day for you to beg me to fuck your white ass. And I think it will be fun to have the rich white guy lick my sweaty black asshole..."

"Hold on a minute," I interrupted. "Do you know Danny? I have to clear this with him..."

"Ok give me a minute," he said typing into his phone.

"In the meantime, why don't you crawl overhear and introduce your mouth to your new best friend?" he said leaning back on the sofa and spreading his legs.

I was confused and turned on at the same time..."Ding!"

"You might want to check that," he said knowingly.

It was a text from Danny.


My cock already giving me away, I put down the phone, dropped to my hands and knees and crawled toward the sofa.

He looked at me smiling and stood up waiting for me. He removed the tool belt and set it aside.

When I stopped in front of him and looked up, he looked at me and grinned.

"What do you want?" he asked, bouncing his eyebrows up and down.

"Please let me suck your cock until you cum in my mouth," I said pathetically. "I want you to fill my mouth with your hard dick."

"Start with getting my boots off...Fuck Toy, is it?" he asked.

"Yes, please make me your fuck toy," I said, picturing him bending me over the sofa and filling my ass. All I cared about was serving his cock.

I raised his pant leg and untied his boot. I pulled it off and got a whiff of feet, that nocked the stirring in my cock down a level. I repeated the process for the second boot.

"Ok, time to unwrap your prize Cocksucker," he said untucking his shirt and pushing forward offering his belt buckle.

Thankful to be back on target, I reached up and unbuckled his belt. I unzipped and pealed back the front of this pants, revealing a pair of black boxers. After working them down to the floor, he stepped out of the pants, leaving his dark hairy legs contrasting with his white socks.

Moving back to his underwear, I accidentally brushed his cock on the way to his waist band. I could feel the heat radiating from his hunk of manhood. My cock tingled and mouth watered as I began to peel back the curtain to my prize.

As I pulled them down, I revealed a treasure trail of black curly hair leading to a thick black bush of hair. The musky scent sent a rush through my balls as my own cock wanted to escape from the silk panties that gripped it tight.

Peeling them further down, I saw a semi soft 7-inch hunk of steaming meat, clinging to a low hanging nut sack. He stepped out of the boxers, and I reached for his dark thick cock. Gripping his shaft I pulled it forward watching the skin cling to his sack from the perspiration between them.

"Diving right in, I like that Cocksucker," he said taking a deep breath as my tongue tickled his sweaty nuts.

The weight and girth of his cock was impressive, as I raised it up giving access to my tongue to lick his warm salty balls. His taste sent waved through my cock.

"Oh hell yeah, lick my sweaty balls white boy!" he said grabbing the back of my head and pressing my tongue against him.

The salty taste flooded my taste, buds and I wanted to taste every inch of him.

Suddenly he released me and backed away.

"Let's get a little more comfortable so you can get the full experience," he said setting on the sofa with his ass on the edge.

He laid back and spread his legs. His balls hung down giving me full access, and his cock lay off to the side resting on his thigh.

I crawled closer and reached out again.

"Hold up man, you need to beg for it bitch," he said, putting a hand over his cock and balls. "Tell me how much you want my sweaty black dick!"

He did not have to ask me twice. My cock was stiff, and his taste lingered in my mouth. I needed more!

"Please let me taste your sweaty balls. I want to lick every bit of that beautiful sweaty cock. It's so big and warm and I need it my mouth. I want to suck you hard and taste your hot cum filling my mouth. I want to serve your black cock...Please," I said panting.

"I'm gonna need service all week cocksucker. Do you think you can handle it?" he asked looking down at me.

"Yes, please feed me that incredible tool. I want to service you every day." I pleaded, as my cock throbbed in my panties.

"All right come get it, Cocksucker. You need to swallow my load so I can finish work. I'll be back later for more. But take your time I still have 30 minutes for lunch break, and I expect to be properly serviced."

"Can I please lick your balls clean now?" I asked staring at his sizable nuts.

"Go for it," he said sliding a little lower and spreading his legs a little wider.

Again, I gripped his thick tool in my left hand and began to lick his dark tasty sack. As I pressed my tongue flat against his scrotum, I could feel the wiry hairs and tasted his manliness. He hummed his approval, and I felt his smooth warm cock expanding in my hand.

I placed my tongue under his balls, lifting and licking up his saltiness.

"Suck my balls, Cocksucker, worship, my fuckin dick," he moaned.

I opened wide and sucked in his right nut, swirling my tongue as I sucked. I pulled gently maintaining my suction with the intent of letting his nut pop out before it hurt. Suddenly he slapped the side of my head.

"Easy cock sucker! Not so hard!" he said pressing my head back down against his body, relieving the pressure on his balls. I released him and immediately began to kiss it.

"Better, now suck them gently," he commanded.

I engulfed his right one again teasing it with my tongue.

"There you go. Much better! You take instruction a lot better than my wife.," he said laying his head back and enjoying the service.

I worked his left nut and licked his balls all over, while I looked up at him. He opened his eyes and looked into mine.

"That's it Cocksucker, work my balls like you love them," he said seeing the pleasure on my face.

His cock was stiffening rapidly as I gently stroked him in my left hand. Keeping eye contact, I stuck my tongue out completely and licked his shaft from his balls, slowly toward the tip. His eyes widened as I hit his sensitive spot.

His eyes closed as I circled my tongue on his sweet spot.

"Oh yeah, that's it Cocksucker, damn!" he groaned.

He was hard enough now I released his cock from my grip and placed a forearm on each of his thighs. I rocked back placing my tongue on his balls and licking firmly up his shaft like a giant hot popsicle.

"God damn, that feels good!" he sighed.

I maintained eye contact as I repeatedly licked his length on the top and sides and even curled my tongue around his cock tasting the back side as I licked. He raised his hips to increase the contact with each pass.

"You really love black dick white boy," he said smiling and rolling his eyes back with pleasure.

"Yes! I love your black sweaty dick; I want your fucking cum in my mouth!" I panted, rocking back and forth licking his throbbing black pole.

I lifted my head and gripped his hard shaft pointing it toward the ceiling. His perfect shaped dick head glistened with oozing pre-cum. I squeezed and slid my hand up his length watching the glob of precum grow as I milked his impressive tool.

"Please let me taste your sweet cum," I pleaded. "Can I please suck it off your cock now?"

"Who owns you Fuck Toy? " he said pushing me head away from his warm nectar.

"You do Jim! Please let me taste it!" I begged, looking pathetically up at him. "I need your black cock in my mouth. Feed me your load...Please!"

He guided my mouth toward his oozing dick head, and I extended my tongue, lapping up his warm sweet nectar. I looked at him as I pressed his head into my mouth sucking in his juice.

"You like that taste don't you white boy? (I nodded and sucked) You ever taste black cock before? (I shook my head). I'm your first? (I nodded). You want is all don't you? (I nodded). Suck my fucking dick and swallow my fucking cum, Cocksucker!" he said leaning back on the sofa and closing his eyes again.

I pressed his hot cock into my mouth slowly and steadily opening my throat as best I could. He had expanded to more than 10 inches as he hardened in my mouth. The mixture of salt and sweet pre-cum made me crazy as I pressed him as far as I could missing his pubes by a little more than and inch. I slowly pulled off working my tongue nonstop as I sucked.

"Wow you can go deep Cocksucker! Take my fucking cock and do not stop!" he moaned.

My cock was throbbing, and I needed his cum, so I began to pump my head up and down as fast as I could, keeping contact with my tongue and lips over my teeth. I could feel the saliva sloshing and could hear the wet suction sounds as I fucked his dick with my mouth. He laid still and let me do the work.

"Damn, work that dick white boy! Never had a woman love my dick like that. Fuck I am gonna unload in you hot fucking mouth!" he grunted.

I moaned in anticipation of his hot jizz, bouncing on his hard-on.

"Oh fuck that's good, suck my black fuckin dick! Oh yes take it white boy!" he whined, losing control.

I was nearly touching his pubes on the down stroke and tasting more pre-cum as his climax built. I cupped his balls gently and felt them contract as he moaned louder and grunted incoherently.

"Oh Ah! Oh Ah! Oh Ah! Oh Ah! Oh Ah!" he screamed as his balls contracted flooding my throat with a powerful jet of hot cream.

His body quaked and he grunted as I kept bobbing, swallowing his load as quickly as I could. Another shot flooded my tongue, and I glanced up to see him looking down at me, mouth open grunting and jerking as he released.

"Oh fu,u,uck!" he stuttered, as his body shook, filling my mouth.

"You fucking ate it all cocksucker. Damn you really love my cum, don't you?" he panted.

"MMM HHH," I nodded, milking his dick dry.

He stroked my head as I slowly sucked him dry. "That was awesome. No one ever sucked my cock like that before. Am I really your first black cock?"

Without releasing his dick I looked up at him and nodded.

"I have to go back to work right now but I will get off at 9:00 PM tonight. Would you like me to come back?" (I nodded). You really don't want to spit that out do you? (I shook my head) It's like my cock belongs in your mouth. (I nodded). Later I will let you take it in your ass, Ok? (I nodded, sucking a little harder). Take a breath, would you?" he said pulling my head off his warm dick.

"Stand up a minute," he said leaning back on the couch. (I did as commanded). "Wow you look like you are ready to pop, do you need some relief?"

"Yes please," I said excitedly.

"Ok, take off those panties and lie on the bed," he commanded, standing up.

I did as commanded, laying on my back with my hard-on exposed.

"Good," he said. "Now touch yourself...Go on grab it. (I did as he ordered). I want you to jack off and tell me how much you love my black cock while I get dressed."

I laid there in disbelief with my dick in my hand.

"Do it now or I won't be back!" he threatened.

Looking at his still swollen cock I started to stroke myself. My pre-cum had oozed so much it was lubing my hole shaft after a couple strokes.

"There you go Fuck Toy. Talk to me," he snickered putting on his pants.

"I can still taste you creamy hot cum, in my mouth," I panted and moaned. "Your cock is so hard and salty sweet; I can't resist taking it in my mouth. I feel the power as you shoot your hot cum in my...mmm,outh! Oh fuck I'm cumming!"

My eyes were closed as I stroked my dick feeling a jet of cum shoot onto my stomach.

"You make me so hard, I can't fucking take it, I'm cumming for your hot black cock. I want your hot dick in me please! Feed me your sweet cum! I need..."

"That was fuckin awesome cocksucker," he chuckled. "I gotta go, but I'll see you at 9:10. Order a pepperoni pizza from Louie's on the info card in the desk and get a 12 pack of Michelob light. I expect a new pair of panties when I get here."

"Thanks for the best blow job ever, I needed to relieve a little pressure. Now I can really come through later, after we eat, and you beg me to fuck you in the ass," he said walking out the door.

Once again, reality hit hard as I laid on the bed pondering what just happened. I jumped up and went quickly to the bathroom to clean myself up. How many showers in one week I wondered, as I rinsed off in the shower. After that I brushed my teeth and got dressed in jeans and a polo shirt.

The clock said 2:00 PM and I needed to get out of the room, so I texted Danny.



I went home and changed out some clothes, checked the mail and touched based at work. All was well, so I made lunch and relaxed for a while. I took some vitamins and had a nap in my own bed. It was about 7:00 when I decided better to drink a Red Bull to help keep me going. I took the rest with me when I headed back to the hotel.

I checked with Louie's about 8:00P and they were running about 30 minutes on delivery time. They told me I could order and request a delivery time. So I told them before 9 (so I could get the pizza before I put on the panties). I drank another Red Bull and flipped on basketball. It was Golden State vs. OKC, a headline matchup.

9:00 PM arrived and no pizza man yet. I called to make sure it was still coming, and they said it was on its way. At 9:05 I had decided I better get in uniform, hoping I could get the pizza without being seen.

Just as I got into a pink thong panty, I heard a knock. I grabbed my wallet and peeked out the door. It was the pizza delivery guy. It was a young kid in his early 20's with mid length dark hair with the messed up look I could never figure out. Just as I was about to speak Jim's voice erupted from the hall.

"Hey Cocksucker, look who I ran into in the elevator," said Jim whipping the door open. "Don't be rude let him come in."

I was wearing only the pink thong panty with my half hard cock tenting out. He looked as uncomfortable as I did when Jim pushed him in the room.

"I told him if the pizza was good, and it always is from Louie's, you would tip him later by being his fuck toy. He seems a little shy, though. Don't be rude, pay the man," he said.

I was holding $40 cash for a $22 pizza and wanting the awkwardness to end, I handed him the money.

"Thanks and keep the change," I said, my face beet red.

"Turn around and let him get a good look Cocksucker," said Jim, loving it.

"That's ok, I gotta get moving," said the delivery guy, also red faced as he backed out.

I did as ordered and spun around. The pizza guy could not help but chuckle when he noticed the thong.

"You guys have a good night," he said slinking out the door.

"Oh I will!" said Jim, eyeing my ass.

"Good job Cocksucker," said Jim looking at the TV. I told my wife I would be watching the game with the guys, so we can watch the end of the game while we eat and have some beers. Then you can beg me to fuck you before I leave. Come take these boots off for me and then get me a beer."

I did as requesedt and kept him supplied with Pizza and beer. He watched from the bed, and I sat in the chair, I could not help but think of his hot hard cock in my ass. That combined with the blue pill I took earlier meant my hard-on never went away. As the midpoint in the 4th quarter approached and he had consumed at least 6 beers himself, he began to toy with me.

"Look at you Cocksucker, can't stop thinking about my black dick in your ass, can you? You’re soaking through your panties!" He said grinning.

I noticed his pants starting to tent. I just looked at the TV, red faced but totally oblivious to the game.

"Tell me what you’re thinking about Fuck Toy," He said firmly.

Looking at the floor, I said, "I am thinking about riding your hard cock and jacking off until I cum with your hot dick pounding my prostate. I want to cum with your big cock in my ass...please!"

"Wow, sounds good to me Fuck Toy. You really like a dick in your ass?" he asked, intrigued.

"Oh God yes, I never knew what it was like before Danny gave me the most intense orgasm I ever had. Please let me cum with your dick in my ass!" I pleaded with my dick throbbing in anticipation. "Your cock would fill me up even more!"

"Stay calm Cocksucker, games almost over. Tell you what, the warriors are coming back, they are down by 4 now. If they win you beg to lick my sweaty black asshole before I bend you over that chair and fuck you, if they lose I will fuck you anyway you like and you can cum with my fat dick in you rich white ass," he said arrogantly.

"Deal," I replied suddenly interested in the game.

Almost instantly Steph Curry popped a 3 and got them within one with 2:39 left in the game. Westbrook popped a 2 for OKC. Next Durant hit the lay up for Golden State. Back within one.

Jim jumped up, "Bam!"

From then on Golden state went cold and Westbrook scored 4 more to win by 5.

"Yes!" I yelled, looking at Jim. "Just like I said, I want to cum with that big fucking dick in my ass!"

I grabbed a pillow and put it on the corner of the bed. I would place my cock in the pillow and bend over for him to fuck me. With any luck I would come in the pillow without having to jack off. That would make it even more intense...

"Get these pants off and perform your cocksucker duties first!" he ordered.

I dropped to my knees and worked his zipper down. I could feel the heat radiating from his hard cock through his work pants. As I uncovered his full hard-on, I could see his pre-cum glistening and oozing from his head. I wanted to taste him again and pulled his pants and underwear to the floor.

His dick was at about 45 degrees, and I could smell his musky scent as I tossed his clothes. He stood before me and spread his feet wide apart. I caressed his balls with my right hand and gripped his steaming hot cock with my left pointing him toward my mouth.

"Can I please lick that off?" I asked staring at his oozing cock head.

"You sure can Cocksucker, gonna be filling your ass with a lot more," he said pushing his pelvis toward me.

I pressed my lips against his thick round head, lapping his pre-cum with my tongue. We both moaned, as my tongue swirled. I pressed my lips forward engulfing his head and tasting his salty sweat covered dick, mixed with his sweet pre-cum creaminess.

I forced his hard fat tool slowly deeper as his tasty meat filled my mouth. I slid my right hand between his legs and past his balls, gripping his firm round ass. He sighed while my hand slid from his upper back down his ass, and my middle finger worked into his warm sweaty ass crack. It continued its path over his balls and upper thigh. As my hand worked toward his wiry pubes, I brought the middle finger to my nose and smelled his musky scent, fully.

My cock stirred and I was not sure, but I thought he had tilted back opening his cheeks to my finger, so I needed to test him.

Slowly working my right hand back between his legs, I stopped to caress his nuts. As I rubbed his balls, I reached around his body with my left hand, gripped his right cheek and pulled him closer, forcing his cock into my relaxed throat.

"Damn white boy, you can deep throat with the best of 'em." He began to pump as I worked my finger back into his crack, gently touching his tight wrinkled ass hole. "Mmmm," he sighed pumping faster.

I wiggled my finger circling his hole, and he just shoved himself onto my finger. I continued to suck his cock as my finger was in to the hilt.

"Fuck yeah Cocksucker, suck my fucking dick!" he grunted.

I worked in my pointer finger into his ass also, and soon had two fingers to the hilt. He really seemed to like the anal stimulation, so I made a change of plans to really test his interest. I pulled off his dick and spoke.

"Please let me taste your sweaty asshole!" I begged, guiding him toward the bed., "please, lean on the bed and give me access," I asked positioning him at the foot of the bed, still on my knees.

He did so and stuck his firm dark ass out for me to pleasure. I moved in behind him, reaching up with both hands and gripping his black firm buns. They were speckled with dark curly hairs but pressed together blocking the view of his asshole.

I kissed his right cheek as I spread his cheeks apart with my hands, giving me my first look at his dark stretched asshole.

"Please spread your legs for me so I can get my tongue in there. I need to taste you," I said longingly.

"Damn you're a sick fucking white boy, that's for sure," he said spreading his feet wide, and bringing his tight hole to perfect level.

I brushed my thumb across his stretched asshole. It protruded just a bit. (An outie, I thought to myself). He moaned as I touched him there. His hefty ball sack hung down tempting my tongue. I dove in starting at the bottom of his nut sack and pressing my tongue against his warm balls and working up toward his taint.

He rocked and moaned as my nose pressed against his asshole breathing deep to capture his scent. My own balls pulsed with excitement as my cock strained against the panties. I stopped with my tongue against his taint causing him to tense up.

"Don't stop now...huh!" he gasped as I pulled my tongue off and went back down to his balls, starting my path over again.

His glutes tensed as I moved up again, squeezing and spreading him. He reached back pressing my nose into his ass, making sure I did not miss my target this time. As my tongue made contact, he sighed loudly.

"Oh fuck lick that asshole, who owns the rich white boy?" he asked pressing my tongue against his tight sphincter.

"Mou mo," I mumbled into his asshole.

I wiggled my tongue as he groaned with delight. He released my head and braced himself with both hands on the bed and I continued to tongue his tight hole, pressing the tip in, and spreading him slowly.

"Damn, that feels good Fuck Toy!" he panted shaking his butt cheeks.

My face firmly planted, I reached under and grabbed his throbbing dick with my right hand and began to stroke his length. I smeared his pre-cum on this shaft lubing him up, stoking him with my tongue stiffened, probing his asshole.

"Oh yes! tongue my ass Cocksucker! Oh God that's good!" he moaned with his head extended like a wolf howling at the moon.

With my left hand I slid a finger in while tonging him and he only moaned louder. So I began to lick his balls while I inserted finger number 2 and began to finger fuck his ass. He continued to lean forward closer to the bed, so I released his dick and pulled the pillow under him.

I grabbed his cock again and brushed it against the soft pillow. He quickly got the hint and began to rub himself on the pillow moaning his pleasure. I now had a third finger in and continued to tease his balls with my tongue. It was getting harder to keep my tongue in contact as he was actively fucking my fingers and the pillow.

I slowly backed my tongue out and he kept humping and moaning. He was sprawled out spread eagle writhing and grunting and rocking on my fingers. I was just holding them steady as he fucked my fingers with his perfect round ass.

Slowly I stood up and pulled my cock out of my panties with my right hand, moved into position, pulled my fingers out and pressed my cock against him. He pushed on to my straining cock slowly taking me all the way to the hilt.

"Fuck yeah eat my ass cocksucker!" he yelled.

I braced against him as he continued to rock wildly fucking my cock so hard it was making a slapping noise as he plunged against my pelvis.

"Fuck my ass with that tongue fuck toy!" he shouted again.

His firm tight ass gripped me, and I was fighting the urge to cum too quick. I thought I would give him a dose of reality and try to turn the tables.

"You know that's my cock your riding bitch...your gonna make yourself cum with my white cock in your black asshole aren't you’re my little bitch aren't you, Jim!" I shouted gritting my teeth trying not to unload. (But he kept fucking me and the pillow).

"Fuck you white boy!" he grunted.

"Yes, you are!" I panted and pulled it completely out. (He gasped and pressed his ass in the air).

"Don't stop!" he yelled.

"Tell me what you want!" I taunted rubbing my hard-on his ass cheek.

"Fuck my ass!" he barked. pushing himself against me. "Make me cum with your dick in my ass!"

I pressed him back into the pillow, slid into his warm ass and he began to rock and grind on my dick as I lunged into his thrusts. Watching my dick disappear into his round firm ass was unreal. I could see his sphincter cling to my pole as I pulled out, and his buns fold in squeezing my shaft as I pushed back in.

"Fuck I'm cumming!" he cried out. "Ah! Ah! Ah! FFFeels so fffuckin good!" he grunted.

He screamed in pleasure as I pounded his ass. Feeling my balls contracting as his tight buns meant my thrusts. I felt his whole body jerking as my cock released a jet of cum in his ass.

"MMM Fuck I'm cumming," I yelled.

He jerked like he was being taized grunting each time his head jerked back in ecstasy. "AH! AH! AH! Oh fuck. I, I'm, coming. Fuck my ass! I'm fucking coming hard!"

I felt my balls contracting as a jet of cum released in his ass. "MMM, fuck I'm cumming in your ass!"

"Oh fuuuucccck!" he squealed as he convulsed wildly shooting his hot cum into the pillow. "Feels so good! Ah, fuck I'm cumming!"

He milked me dry as I shuttered, releasing my last bit of jizz inside of his powerful ass.

He collapsed totally on the bed as I slowly pumped his ass easing myself out of him. As my cock slid free. I could see my cum oozing from his distended asshole and running down his balls. I was still in disbelief that he had not only let me fuck him in the ass but actually did the fucking for me.

He raised up, tossed the pillow to the floor, and rolled over on his back, revealing his semi hard black tool covered with his own cum. I could not resist.

"Please let me clean that up for you," I said nodding toward his glistening cock.

His dazed and confused look became more confident. "Go for it Cocksucker, do your job."

He leaned back on his elbows and spread his legs with his ass near the edge of the bed. I dropped to my knees again and moved in licking his big thick cock from balls to the tip, tasting his still warm creaminess as it coated my tongue. When I reached the tip, I opened and pressed his hot meat back into my drooling mouth.

He moaned his approval as his slightly softened cock filled my mouth and throat. I was able to fit him in until my lips reached his pubes, since he was not fully hard. I pulled back sucking and stretching his dick, swallowing his creamy jizz. After cleaning his rod thoroughly, I dropped down and worked my tongue under his balls cleaning my cum of the back side of his nuts and his cum off the front side.

Returning to his shaft, I plunged him into my mouth hoping to induce another load directly in my mouth. But he quickly pulled me off.

"Easy Cocksucker, I gotta get home. The woman will be expecting her man this evening." he said rolling off the bed.

His semi hard dick silhouetted before me made me jealous at the thought of someone else getting to partake.

He quickly put on his pants and underwear and moved toward his boots.

"It won't be the same now that you came with my dick in your ass. She'll never be able to match that," I said arrogantly.

"Fuck you Cocksucker! You took the edge off so I can fuck the shit out of her tonight. Thanks for cleaning me up!" Maybe I'll come back tomorrow and fuck that white ass while you beg for my superior black dick!"

"I think you'll be the one begging me to fuck you in the ass, so you can cum like that again...Bitch," I said sounding like a spoiled school kid. "Tonight when you can't please your wife, you'll realize your my Bitch! See you tomorrow, Bitch!"

He slammed the door, and I could hear him stomp off down the hall.

I sat down on the chair, adrenalin pumping, cock stiffening thinking about my cock in that incredible ass and the way his body shook as he unloaded into that pillow. It had to be the best orgasm of his life and I made it happen!

It was after 11:00 and I was pretty well spent, so once again, I showered, applied my hair remover, and threw on my sweats. I saw the pillow and decided I better do something to clean up the pillowcase before the housekeeper found it. I took off the pillowcase and washed it as best I could in the sink, and hung it up on the shower curtain rod to dry.

To Be Continued.
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