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Janice and Wayne have a passionate night together.
Wayne had a meeting. His meeting was with Mea Jones who was the area controller for a large international organisation called the illuminati who among other activities specialised in mind controlling large numbers of people across the world.

At the meeting Wayne requested that he was given mind control of a small number of women for his pleasure. Mea agreed with Wayne's request and agreed that Wayne could control six women. Three of the women should come from Park Lane college where Wayne worked and three should not be from the college.

At the college Wayne was known as a womaniser and he had made love to over six women who currently worked there.

1) Janice -- As was currently having a affair with her and he already had some mind control powers over her (see Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 01). With full mind control he was planning on making their relationship much more exciting.

2) Ruth -- He had an affair with Ruth which when she tried to stop, Wayne had used comprising photographs of her to make her continue the affair (see Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 02) Ruth was bisexual.

3) Jane - from the college as he wanted to make love to her and she had rejected his advances

4) Laura - From outside the college Mea instructed that Wayne should control Janice's niece Laura.

5) Christine - Wayne had once made love to Christine who was Janice's sister and Laura's mother, he was looking forward to watching the three of them making love to each other.

6) Wayne did not chose the other outsider he needed time to decide.

His control over them was to last for the rest of his life when it would revert to the Organisation.

Wayne left the meeting very happy but unaware that Mea had meddled with his mind, there were things he wanted Wayne to make the women do like making them exhibit their bodies in public, attend large sex parties and prostitution. Mea's meddling with Wayne had also made him bisexual.

One other gift Mea gave Wayne was that whenever any of the women were with Wayne their families would not miss them which meant the women could spend days with him without anyone missing them. Also the women would not remember anything they had done.

It was the following Friday evening when Janice and Wayne entered the pub for a meal before retiring to Wayne's bed. Wayne was content as during the week Jane had spent two nights with him making love and the next day him and Janice would be partaking in a foursome.

Wayne looked at Janice, she was obviously looking forward to the weekend ahead, spending Friday to Sunday with Wayne. She never thought about her husband and son missing her and with the influence applied by the Organisation her husband and son did not miss her. Janice was in a plain blue dress that Wayne had bought, it ended mid-thigh, buttoned all the way up the middle and he knew she was not wearing anything under it.

Friday evening the pub was busy but they managed to secure two corner seats so that they were sat next to each other. While waiting for a waitress to collect their food order they talked about various subjects, work (briefly), Wayne's son and plans for the weekend. While they talked Wayne placed his hand on Janice's knee and ran it up her leg as far as the hem of her dress.

Janice was happy with the attention Wayne was giving her especially when his hand unfastened the bottom button of her dress. Wayne briefly removed his hand from her leg while the waitress took their order for drinks and food. As soon as the waitress had moved away Wayne's hand returned to the buttons at the bottom of Janice's dress and unfastened two more. Pulling the bottom of her dress apart Wayne could see the full length of Janice's thighs and under the table his hand caressed them.

The waitress brought their food and Wayne unfastened the next button on Janice's dress. Looking down he could see the dark hair of her pussy was now exposed. As they ate Wayne occasionally moved his hand down and rubbed Janice's pussy.

Janice was surprising herself about how much she enjoyed exposing her body in public. In the pub setting the risk of been discovered was turning her on.

Janice casually unbuttoned the top two buttons of her dress so the top of her cleavage was showing.

After the meal when they walked through the pub to leave Janice only had one button fastened on her dress so several of the customers had a good view of most of her body. They walked to the car and before entering it Janice removed her dress completely.

By the time they reached Wayne's house they were both ready for sex, Wayne knew he was about to have incredible sex. They headed to his bedroom where Janice undressed him and then laid on her back in the middle of the bed.

They kissed long and hard, Wayne playing with her breasts.

He slipped one hand down between her legs and she obediently spread them to provide him with better access. He found her pussy already wet with desire and he easily slipped his first two fingers inside of her. She moaned loudly in his ear as his fingers penetrated her pussy. She pressed her body tighter against his and pressed against his questing hand, pushing his fingers deeper inside of her. One of her arms snaked around his neck, pulling his head down, and her tongue flicked against his earlobe before she enveloped it in her mouth. He grunted as she bit down gently on the lope and he started to flick at her clit with his thumb while working his fingers inside of her. Her moans increased in volume as he found her g-spot and her hips bucked as she came, holding on to his body for dear life.

"Now me!" she requested. She leaned forward on the bed, bending down and sticking her bottom up in the air, presenting her sopping wet pussy to him. He wasted no time and slammed his cock into her waiting pussy. She moaned as his thick cock stretched out her hole. He grabbed hold of her hips and slammed his cock into her again, lifting her slightly from the bed with the force of his thrust. He thrust in and out of her tight hole, each thrust bringing them both closer to release, she urged him on, her moans and cries of passion filling the bedroom.

He slowed after a time and pulled his cock out of her. She moaned in disappointment as it left her. She opened her eyes again and looked at him questioningly. "On your back" he commanded. She rolled over on her back and he lifted her legs, keeping them closed. The thin pressed lips of her pussy peeked forth from between her closed legs and he pressed the head of his cock against them. He slid in, carefully this time, and felt the walls of her pussy grab at him. Heat rolled off of her pussy and her tightly closed legs increased the pressure. She moaned again as he forced his cock all the way inside of her. He resumed his activity, sliding his cock out slowly before slamming it home inside of her. Several times she announced that she was going to cum, at which point he would increase his speed until her eyes rolled up in her head and her body shook. Both of them were covered in a fine sheen of sweat as they worked to bring each other to climax.

Finally, he could feel that he was getting close to cumming, he was actually surprised that he had been able to last as long as he had. Although he was in relatively good shape he hadn't had a workout like this in quite awhile. He rolled her over onto her side and climbed onto the bed beside her. He pulled her body against his, one arm slipping beneath her and clasping one of her ample breasts. As they spooned he lined his cock up and slipped it again into her well fucked hole. He could feel his orgasm building and he worked at her, they were both panting heavily, and his pace was slipping as he reached exhaustion. At long last he clutched her body against his and announced that he was going to cum, she moaned back encouragement, begging him to fill her pussy with his seed. This was the last thing that he needed and he obliged her, pumping an enormous load of cum into her pussy. She moaned and convulsed as the biggest orgasm of the night rocked through her body as wave after wave of cum erupted inside of her.

Afterwards Wayne laid beside Janice thinking about how his mind control had made her a more adventurous lover and of all the things he had planned for her.
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