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Brian continues to use Janice.
Janice was laid naked on Brian's bed her heart pounding following a particularly energetic sex session with Brian and his nephew Graham.

Janice's body had enjoyed every moment of the love making but her mind hated it. Brian controlled her body, it followed his instructions not that of her mind, he could make her do anything and he had a perverted mind.

The previous day Brian had made Janice work as a prostitute standing beside a busy main road picking up men, seven in total, and she gave the earnings to him.

Before that he had filmed her having sex with her Brian during an orgy and he had made her up load the video and several other videos of her having sex with other people including her niece and several ex colleagues from college. to a pornographic website for anyone to see.

What surprised Brian was how many people the organisation Ginger worked for had managed to mind control, there seemed to be thousands of people controlled and carrying out the organisations commands most of which seemed to be sexual.

"Open your mouth," instructed Brian.

Janice had a good idea of what was coming, Brian enjoyed using her mouth as a toilet and sure enough he started to piss in her mouth and she had to drink as much of it as she could.

Brian was enjoying his control of Janice but his time controlling her was time limited, he did not know how it worked but an acquaintance called Ginger had in exchange for information given Brian mind control powers over Janice and her lover Wayne.

Brian knew that he was only controlling her body and not her mind but that was about to change.

Brian had given Ginger some more information in exchange Ginger had given Brian a keyword so that Janice would become totally his when ever he wanted he could control her body and her mind would be his as well.

His first attempt Brian was going to make Janice lust after him

Brian and Janice walked into the woods. Janice was really excited to be with Brian he was such a wonderful person and she found just thinking about him turned her on, she was desperate to have sex with him.

Some way into the woods they stopped, Janice turned to Brian and kissed him hard pushing her tongue into his mouth. Brian responded with a deep kiss, he was enjoying the fact that his control of Janice mind and body was working.

Janice stood back from Brian and removed her blouse, at Brian's request she was not wearing a bra. Her skirt came off next leaving her totally naked as she was not wearing knickers.

Janice knew what she wanted and dropped to her knees unzipped Brian's trousers, pulled his dick out and took it into her mouth. His dick tasted better than anything she had ever had in her mouth before. She sucked on it tasting Brian's pre cum. After a few minutes of sucking Brian pulled back and stripped off.

Janice gazed at Brian's body needing it urgently, she lay on her back spread her legs wide and pulled Brian down to her and guided his cock into her, she was dripping wet with the need for him.

Brian peered back at his Janice through his own hazy lust. A few beads of sweat had formed on his forehead and his muscles were tensed as he held himself poised over Janice's body. His balls rested against her puffed out cunt lips and his cock was lodged up her hungry cunt all the way to the thick root. Her pussy lips were split widely, taking all of his big cock. They were stretched about as tightly as they could stretch without tearing the soft, tender cunt flesh. They squeezed his prick in a hot, tight, slippery vice grip that was nothing short of fantastic.

Able to remain motionless no longer, Brian carefully slid his prick back a few inches. Janice's cunt pulled his prick, milking it with its soft wetness. Then, firmly, he pumped his cock deep. He groaned as the slippery sleeve of his Janice's pussy opened and slid tightly down the length of his cock.

"Ohhhh... nnnggghhh," sighed Janice, swiveling her cunt and massaging his cock with her inner pussy muscles.

The sensations vibrating from her pussy made her body glow through and through. The pleasure doubled as Brian slowly began fucking her. Softly moaning, she hugged him to her, closing her eyes.

In her mind, she could imagine Brian's massive prick pumping back and forth as it fucked her. She could feel the hard knob gently pistoning between the slick walls of her pussy. The swollen thing slid back, almost until it slipped out. Before it did, though, she gratefully felt it digging deep once again. She sighed. Waves of lust shot to her brain as her pussy stretched all over again to take his cock deep. The loudest sighs came each time she felt his nuts press against her cunt lips as he showed his pleasure by rooting hard into her pussy hole.

Her swollen pussy lips expanded their widest to take the engorged base of his prick. She could feel the whole slippery cylinder of her cunt forced open as the full nine inches of cock dug into the hole between her fine legs.

"Oh Brian," she moaned, "fuck me!"

With her cunt lips widely separated, her clit was fully exposed, pushed out against his pistoning cock. She found that she felt sensations that could never be equaled. As Brian's prick slid in and out, it massaged her clit and before she knew what was happening, she was in ecstasy.

"Oh, Brian! Oh, it's... it's good! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, Brian! Oh, fuck me!" she cried, convulsively throwing her cunt at him. She had never cried out like that before, she was so desperate, Brian was a great lover.

She tossed her head, her breathing harder. Her body was flushed as her Brian picked up speed.

Her cunt was massaged thoroughly from the inside out as he fucked faster. Her clit was swelling and throbbing as it stroked. Her cunt lips expanded as he fucked deep, then narrowed as he pulled back. Her cunt opened, then closed, then opened again, in a steady, very satisfying rhythm. She pulled her knees closer to her tits and reached between her legs. Feeling how tightly stretched the lips of her cunt were, she pulled them open wider. She wanted Brian's cock all the way inside her and she didn't want even a millimetre left out.

She wanted him to fuck her deep every time he drove into her pussy. She wanted it all. Blissfully, she lay back with her legs and her cunt wide open, getting exactly that. Peering through slitted eyes, she saw that Brian was enjoying himself as much as she was.

Brian was now sweating a little more than before. His breathing was coming faster. His face was flushed, his mouth set in an expression of lustful determination. As he fucked Janice, he gazed at her face. He was filled with lust for her body. It excited him even more to know that she was liking it just as much as, if not more than, he was. Her cunt was good, better than he had ever imagined a cunt could be. He thought of the days and nights to cum, fucking her however he wanted.

The hole between her legs was tight and juicy, wet and slippery and very hot. The warmth of her slippery cunt heated up his swollen prick and made it feel great. The tightness of the cunt hole grabbed his cock and acted as if it never wanted to let it go. Her juices kept flowing out, smearing all over his cock and between their legs. The smell of cunt and fuck juices was in the air and his nostrils were full of it. The intoxicating smell turned him on as he fucked his Janice faster--and harder.

For a moment, Janice looked Brian in the eyes, then closed her eyes once more. The pleasure was getting to her. Her whole body was on fire and lust rushed through her veins from head to foot. Her brain was awash in desire. The steady thrusting into her cunt and pulling out again seemed like it would never stop--nor did she want it to. Her clit was swollen and throbbing, the friction her Brian was giving her constant and thrilling.

Her little clit seemed to expand as the hard fucking continued. It grew bigger and throbbed harder and Janice began shivering. A pleasure was budding up inside her and she knew she was going to cum. Howling her lust, she convulsed as a wall of pure pleasure wracked her fine body from head to toe.

"Ooohhh... ahhh... aahh, Brian! Ohhh, oooohhhh, I'm cumming... ohhh, your big cock's making me c-cum, Brian... Ooohhh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck me, Brian! Fuck me... harder... deeper... ohhh, gimme it all! Aaannngghhh... aaannghhh... mmmppphhh!" she squealed, bucking violently.

Her body stiffened and then released, beads of sweat dripping from her brow. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her lips mashed together. She spasmed mightily over and over again, her legs kicking at the air. Cum splattered from her pussy in a flood of thick, frothy tide as her cunt alternately grabbed her Brian's cock and let it go, grabbed and let go. With each powerful convulsion, her cunt clamped shut so strongly that Brian had to force his cock into her hard to keep fucking her.

Brian groaned as her cunt grabbed his cock, her body takeover by spasms. The powerful squeezing threatened to pinch his cock off but the friction was blowing his mind. Over and over again, he groaned his pleasure and rammed balls-deep into Janice's cunt, wanting the good feelings to never end.

The squeezing, clutching of her cunt made his cock throb in a way it hadn't done for years. Then, just as he felt her body relaxing under him, his own muscles began tightening. His nuts drew up as he fucked and he knew that he was going to empty them into Janice's pussy.

He closed his eyes, his breathing quickening. Mindlessly, he fucked Janice hard, fast and deep. Each time he buried his cock to the root, he dug powerfully into her softly yielding pussy-hole. After quickly swirling his prick all around and from side to side, he jerked it back. Instantly, he fucked deeply into her, groaning as his cock slammed home.

His cock swelled to rock hardness. His prick head engorged like a water balloon about to burst. His balls tightened, his legs began shaking and his breath caught in his throat. And then... and then, with a roar, the wind shot out of him.

"Aaaagggghhh! Oogghh... mmmpphhhh... mmppphhh!" he croaked, hammering into Janice's cunt again and again.

His muscles convulsed. His cock leaped. He lunged and his prick erupted in a foaming spray of cum.

Spasms swept the length of his cock. They began at the root and progressed to the knob, running over and over again. Spurt after spurt of thick, white, creamy cum shot out of his cock and into Janice's cunt.

Janice grunted each time her Brian slammed home. She pulled him into her yielding, milking cunt hole, the slick, sensitive insides of her pussy registering the huge swelling of his cock. She felt every powerful spasm as it swept the length of his cock and she felt the hot slipperiness of his slimy cum as it splashed into her pussy. The thick cream joined with her own froth and her Brian's cock slipped and slid with ease.

He howled his lust as his cock blew load after wet load into his Janice's cunt. Moaning convulsively, he dumped all of his cream into the willing receptacle between Janice's opened legs.

With the sight of her smiling face locked in his brain, Brian fucked her until he could fuck no more. As his cock began deflating, he slowed down. With a great sigh of relief, he dropped against her naked body and lay still. His mind barely registered the feel of her hands pulling him closer, but his own hands needed no conscious direction as they hugged his Janice tightly.

Janice relaxed, filled with a feeling of great satisfaction. She felt warm and alive. She felt needed, appreciated. But above all she was filled with a feeling of accomplishment. She had taken all of her Brian's cock. She had welcomed it into her pussy and then drained it dry of his cum. She was sad that they couldn't continue fucking, but she knew somehow that soon she would again receive his big prick in her cunt. It couldn't happen again too soon, she thought.

Her Brian raised his head, panting.

"Oh, yeah, Brian... I've never felt anything that good. I... I want..." she stammered.

"Yes?" Brian whispered, pulling her closer. "What is it?"

"I want us to do it often!" she blurted, blinking her innocent eyes.

"We will, honey... we will," her Brian assured her, planting a kiss on her lips. He was already planning her next fucking and he was going to make sure Wayne her ex manager and lover was there watching the two of them fuck.

But now Brian had other plans for Janice.

"Wait her Brian ordered!" He picked up Janice's clothes and walked away leaving her naked in the woods.

Janice took a deep breath as Brian removed all her mind control and all memories of what had just happened. She panicked, where was she, why was she naked without her clothes in some strange woods!

Janice was panting with shock she had no recollection of what had happened to land her in a situation like this. She spent several minutes looking for her clothes and found them behind a tree where Brian had left them. Janice was still frightened as she could not remember how she had ended up naked in strange woods.

In the nearby undergrowth Brian's nephew grinned, at his uncles request he had filmed the whole sex session and was about to upload it to a pornographic website.

Graham knew that his uncle was for the next week planning on making Janice into a desperate nymphomaniac who was desperate for sex and that she would gladly be fucking 10 to 15 men a day and they would be paying Brian for the pleasure.
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