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Will the Robinson family rescue Will before it is too late? Yeah, probably.
Maurine sat leaning against the wheel of the Chariot, with Judy laying across her lap and suckling at her breast. She absently ran her fingers through her daughter's tuft of pubic hair as she enjoyed Judy's tongue on her nipple.

"Mom, why didn't we do this a long time ago?"

Maurine looked down at Judy and smiled. "We did do this a long time ago. Back on Earth. But we will definitely be doing it a lot more now. Penny, you, and I will definitely be having some girl time in the future."

"I'd like that. I bet Penny has a delicious cunt."

The women were jolted into their present risky situation by the alarm that the extractor had completed its cycle and the storage was full. They busied themselves breaking down the equipment and bringing the fuel to the Jupiter.


John and Penny jogged on. They were making good time, but nightfall was approaching. They pushed on, knowing that the risks of getting caught out in the frigid night air could be deadly in a matter of minutes.


"So you kidnapped me?"

June let out an indignation scoff. "Kidnap? What? No, of course not. Kidnap? I may have taken slight advantage of your unconsciousness in order to transport you elsewhere so that I could have some quality one-on-one time with you. But kidnap? No way."

"I woke up tied, I feel kind of kidnapped." Will protested.

June continued her explanation in a calm tone. "I could see how from a certain angle it could seem that way. I assure you that's not the case. You always have those sisters of yours or your mom watching over you like a mother hen. They act like your some child that needs their protection. I simply want you to have the chance to live outside of their meddling."

"So you dragged me all the way out here to this cargo container while naked?"

"No, I used a cart for most of the trip, actually." June found herself suddenly self-conscious and tried to cover her nudity with her hands. Will stood at his full height and glared down at her. "I- I- um, it's just that they see you as a boy. I see you as a man. And I'm a woman. A woman that has needs." She cowered under his gaze.

Will gripped his hard cock in one hand and the other held the hair on June's head. "Is this what you need? Is this what Will satisfy you?"

June bit her lip and nodded mutely. She offered no resistance as a gentle tug at her hair dropped her to her knees. She wanted to devour the cock in front of her, but Will held her at bay. Will's cock, all to herself, finally. June's pussy was soaking her thighs in anticipation.

"All of your schemes, cons, and tricks, to steal something you only had to ask for." Will continued chiding her. June was only half listening. A drop of precum dangled from the end of Will's cock, and June had her mouth open and tongue out, hoping to catch the sticky goo.

"If this is what you need, then perhaps something can be done about that.


Maurine and Judy arrived at the Jupiter to find Don alone with Robot finishing up the engine conversion.

"Where is everyone?" Judy asked.

Don wiped his hands with a rag. "Seems Ms Harris decided to kidnap young Will for what is probably nefarious and selfish reasons because they always are, and John and Penny are out to retrieve the wayward lad."

Maurine's face went tight with anger. "We have to go after them!"

"Hold on, now. It's too close to nightfall. You'll never catch up in time, even with the Chariot, which we need anyway to transfer the fuel to the Jupiter. Best bet is to get fueled up and fly over to them with a big warm ship. Let's get to work."


Penny was feeling the first sting of the cold air. She kept running because she knew if she stopped, the cold would overcome her and it would be the end. John ran in front of her, filling her vision with his hard muscular body.

Her mind wandered to distract her from the sting. It wandered to Will. She thought of how warm she would feel with his hard shaft deep in her ass. The thought of her back laying on Will's chest, her feet high in the air as his hips shove his meat into her bowels.

Then it wandered to John taking his place between her legs. She could almost feel it as she imagined his enormous cock pushing deep inside of her. She warmed as she imagined her cunt being stretched by her father while her brother fucks her ass.

In her mind, Don arrived and was standing over her. She opened her mouth as he filled it with his dick. She savored the attention of all three men using her body to satisfy their cravings.

She was suddenly brought out of her imagination as her dad called out, "Bridge ahead. We are almost there."


June could barely stand it. Will gripped her hair tightly,but she pulled against it. His cock loomed over her face, and her body craved it inside of her. Almost there. His grip was lessening and she drew closer to it. She was almost feral in her single mindedness.

Then the door opened.

A shock of cold air struck her as two forms emerged from the darkness and stormed in. The door slammed shut, and she found herself being glared at by an angry John and Penny.

"Now wait. I can expla-" She was cut off as she was shoved aside by Penny on her way to embrace Will.

"Oh my god, I was so worried about you!" She cried as she hugged her brother tightly. As she held him, she became keenly aware that he was naked, and that he had a very hard cock pressed against her belly.

Her attention was quickly onthe sound of crying. Everyone turned to find June Harris on the floor, sobbing.

Skeptical, Penny asked, "What are you crying about?"

Through the tears, June choked out her answer. "I just, just wanted to get fucked. I only ever have toys, while you all have flesh and blood. I just wanted some cock inside of one of my holes. Is that too much to ask?"

Penny winked at John. "No, you're right. You didn't have to scheme. You just had to ask." Penny guided June over onto her hands and knees. She stroked the woman's face and wiped her tears away as she brought June's backside high into the air. "Darling, Brace yourself. The first time can be a bit of a shock."

John planted the tip of his cock against June's puckered asshole. She yelped as he started his intrusion, but as inch after inch entered her body with no sign of stopping, the breath was pushed from her lungs.

After what seemed an eternity, she found her rump resting against John's hips. Fire coursed through her body as her flesh was stretching to take all of him.

Penny had a sense of mischief as her father's enormous cock pushed into June's unsuspecting ass, but the smile was replaced with a look of begrudging respect. June pushed back until John was forced to the ground.

June straddled John, and began slowly but built up momentum quickly. She rode the cock as a woman starved of sex for a lifetime.

Penny stood next to Will and watched the scene unfold. June lifted herself up and dropped back down again, filling herself with his his rod. John, however, found himself swelling. Without warning he gave out a grunt and spewed his cum into June.

When he didn't go soft, June began riding him harder, using his cum as a lubricant. She drove her hips down fervently. She didn't slow down as she came. Her large breasts flopped as she rode him with her entire body.

Penny realized she wad been stroking Will's cock instinctively, the scene before her taking her full attention. Nobody, not even mom, had ever taken dad's cock in the ass and walked for a few days. Here was June, not only taking it, but riding it.

Penny walked forward and put her face between June's thighs. She could already taste the cum before her tongue touched the cunt. She sucked, licked, and tasted the soaking cunt, before she began probing at it with her fingers. June's pussy tightened around her fingers every time John shoved his meat into her ass.

Penny felt a hand on her raised hips, then the familiar pressure of Will's cock stretching her pussy. Her moan was muffled by the mouthful of June's cunt.

"Oh, my! I never thought I'd be in the middle of a Robinson sandwich!" June declared.

"I never thought I'd see someone able to take John's cock in their ass."

The foursome all looked up to find Maurine, Don, and Judy standing in the entrance to the container. Don held his hard dick in his hand, while Judy had her hand down Maurine's panties.

"You were all so busy we didn't want to bother you while Robot loaded the container back on the ship." Maurine explained.

Judy chimed in, "Plus we had a bet that June wouldn't last five minutes with your cock in her ass. Looks like we lost, right, Don?"

Don could only grin. "I told you her ass could take it. You just got to have faith."

John waved Don over. "West, why don't you help me break in this cock sleeve."

Penny moved aside to give Don room, and Don plugged her sopping wet hole with his engorged cock. June's moans turned into silent cries as the two men pounded into her.

Meanwhile, Maurine found herself facing the three horny siblings, all eying her with lust. By the time the autopilot had engaged to take the Jupiter out of the atmosphere, she had Judy and Penny sucking at her cunt while her son had his cock down her throat.

Robot guided the ship through the rift. He hoped this time would lead the Robinsons home, because he was really getting horny and needed something cold and hard to fuck, soon.

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