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Fuel has been found, and soon the Robinsons will be free to search space for home once again.
Maurine was excited. She had found that not only had the ship already scanned for the Derivium they needed to fuel the engines, but there was a modular deployable extractor (MDE) unit in the hold. All she had to do was search the logs for the scan data and she would be in business. She felt a little guilty that the guys' and Judy's task was so hard.


"Wow, Don. This is so hard." Judy pumped her hands along his shaft before popping the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it.

"Fuck, Judy. You are just the absolute best mouth on this or any other planet." Don closed his eyes and sat back, enjoying the magic of the young lips, tongue, and throat that were inflicting pleasure on his cock.

Judy was momentarily distracted as she felt a prodding of her exposed anus. She popped the cock from her mouth to protest. "Daddy! Last time you fucked my ass I couldn't walk for three days. You can fuck my pussy." The prodding stopped, and she resumed her tender affection on the dick in front of her.

"It was worth a shot," John shrugged as he lowered his aim. Judy groaned around Don's dick as he slowly pushed into her tight cunt. He did love the feel of her lovely pussy wrapped around his dick, and her mouth was a work of art, but he just wanted another feel of that tight asshole gripping him again.

Judy felt her father push into her, the swelling warmth filling her belly until the fullness reached into her womb. She tried to control her breathing while she took Don into her throat, but the overwhelming sensation of the two cocks made it difficult. Her mother was good with two or even three cocks at once, but Judy was best when she had one cock to focus on completely.

After taking the full length of her father's cock, she felt her body relax. Soon he was able to slowly withdraw and begin fucking her. She felt him push into her until her rump met his hips, then he would push her away gently. Don sighed as her tongue licked his ball sack and his cock was deep in her throat. The pulled away, stroking the slick shaft and catching her breath, before taking him back in her mouth again.

John probed at his daughter's anus with his thumb, and after a moment, it opened up for his intruding digit. At first he gently rubbed at her rim, then as she relaxed, he inserted first one, then another finger.

Judy felt her father's thick fingers gently fingerings her ass while every cell in her pussy was being stimulated by his enormous cock. She felt pressure building up in her body.

She frantically pumped Don's hard shaft as she pushed back to her father's penetrations. Don jerked in his seat, bathing her mouth and throat in his spunk. The dam broke and Judy's body gave in to the mounting orgasm, as her flesh gripped John's cock and fingers tightly. The spastic cunt pushed him over the edge, and he joined Don in coating his daughter's insides with a thick layer of seed.


John lay with his head resting on Judy's ass, her head in Don's lap, and Don's dick resting on her face, when Maurine found them. John opened his eyes to see his wife standing over them, hands on hips.

"Hey, honey. Did you find the fuel?"

"I did, actually. Did you get the engine disassembled?"

"We did, yes. It's loaded on the Chariot now."

"Good, but you're going to need to unload it. The engines need to get to the Jupiter, and I'll need the Chariot to get the fuel."

Don and John listened as Maurine outlined the plan. The engines would be loaded on makeshift sleds, and the men would drag them back to the Jupiter. The reduced gravity would make an impossible task into merely a difficult one.

Meanwhile, Maurine and Judy would take the Chariot and the MDE to the scan site and retrieve the fuel. They would bring the fuel back and by then everything should be installed and ready for take-off.


Maurine and Judy admired the lean figures jogging away from them. Maurine squeezed her daughter's butt firmly. "Alright, baby girl. Time for us to go mining."

As they traveled to the coordinates, Maurine kept stealing glances at Judy, admiring her petite body in New ways. Her own body warmed at the anticipation of another taste of her daughter. She hoped her daughter would be interested in tasting her in return. She had never had another woman between her legs, and the idea was intriguing.

Judy monitored the navigation unit, and pretended not to notice her mother's attention. She delighted in stoking the embers, as she found reason to squeeze her small breasts, or rub her soft inner thigh while her mom watched.

Maurine picked up speed, her lust edging out caution. The Chariot careened along, its trailer bouncing and bumping dangerously behind, until Maurine locked up the brakes, which sent up a cloud of dust and debris as the transport came to a sudden halt.

"We've arrived!" Maurine shouted enthusiastically. She and Judy set up the MDE and it cranked to life, boring deep into the soil and rock to extract the much needed Derivium.

Maurine stood triumphantly, hands on hips, and surveyed her work. She gasped as she felt hands push up the legs of her shorts and pulled her cheeks apart. She slipped forward and caught herself on the door of the Chariot.

"Mmm, nice." Judy purred behind her as she pulled the shorts down and dropped them to the ground. Maurine felt her daughter's face press between her cheeks, then her entire body tingled as Judy lightly licked at her asshole.

"Oh, my god!" Maurine cried out as her back when rigid. She felt the warm wet tongue probe deeper. She savored the lovely sensation, and focused on relaxing her body. Soon she gave herself over and arched her back to give Judy full access.

Judy lapped at her mother's cunt and ass delightfully. She gripped Maurine's plump butt cheeks and pulled her face in as deeply as she could. She breathed in her mother's musky scent as her tongue probed for new flavors and textures.

She could hear her mother cry out. She fingered her mom's ass while sucking at her clit. With her nose buried in her mother's pussy, she experienced her mother's orgasm completely as it exploded in her face.

Maurine gripped the door of the Chariot as her daughter had her cumming harder than she had in several days. When she finally regained her voice she gasped out, "Oh my god, Judy. That was amazing! I need to lie down."

"That was the idea, mom." Judy smiled as she lay her mom down on the floor of the transport. "This spot here looks comfortable."

Maurine watched her daughter slowly lowering her snatch to sit on her mother's face. Finally facing the object of her desire, she dove in for her second taste of the juicy pussy of her first born.

At first she tasted the familiar flavor of John's cum, but the more she licked and sucked, the more the taste gave way to Judy's own unique flavor.

As she licked and lapped at her daughter, she felt Judy begin to probe into her cunt, first with a few fingers, soon her whole hand. She squeezed Judy down harder onto her face, her own moans muffled by her daughter's body as Judy fisted her cunt with intensity.

Judy buried her arm nearly to the elbow into the sopping cunt. She smirked at the thought that this was the second deepest she had ever been inside Maurine's pussy. She revelled at the thought of fucking the very pussy she had been born from.

"No wonder Will is always fucking her," Judy thought to herself. "After being adrift for so long, it's like coming home."

Maurine was unaware of her daughter's philosophical revelation. Her attention was on the fist churning her insides into a warm sticky soup. She bit down on Judy's thigh as another orgasm ripped through her. Her body clenched, and the waves of bliss pulled Judy's trapped arm deeper into her.

Judy could only lie there helplessly as her trapped arm was drawn in further. The thrilling sensations pushed her over the edge, and she bathed her mother's face with her own cum as the two women depleted each other completely.


The men approached the crashed Jupiter, winded from their trek, but otherwise in good spirits. The improvised sleds had held up well, and the scavenged engines in good shape.

The good spirits were dashed when they found Penny at the open bay door looking worried.

"What's going on, Pen? Where's Will?" John asked.

Penny's voice cracked as she responded, her voice hoarse from shouting. "I- I- I don't know. We were cleaning up, and we took a break. I must have drifted off to sleep, and when I woke up, he was gone. I've been looking for him since."

"He might have gone off exploring. You know how he is." Don suggested.

"Robot is still here," John noted. "Robot wouldn't have let him get far alone."

John looked around, pondering, while Don tried to comfort Penny. "Where is Harris?"


"Gonna get me some dick. Gonna get my titties sucked. Gonna get me some dick! Gonna get my pussy fucked!" June Harris sing song hummed her little made up song.

She touched her sticky slit, warm and wet at finally having no interruptions. She was going to ride that cock until her legs gave out. Then she was going to let that cock ride her until-

"Mmff. Mmrrmph." The muffled cries told her that her captive- or rather, her less than willing companion, was finally awake.

"Hey there, honey. Oh, don't mind those. I'll get those off of you in just a moment. I didn't want you waking up and freaking out or anything."

Will watched as June untied him. He yanked the gag from his mouth. "What the fuck, Ms Harris? What is going on?"

"Oh nothing." Her voice was drippingly sweet. "I just wanted us to be alone is all. Small ship, cramped up together all of the time, and sometimes you just have to get away from it all."

"So why did you bring me if you want to be alone?" Will asked, massaging feeling back into his hands and feet.

"It's always best to be alone with someone else. You never know when you might need someone to talk to…" She leaned in close to his ear. "Or need someone to fuck."


"There aren't a lot of places they could be. Nightfall is soon, and they'll need some place warm. There's the Jupiter, which has been searched, the derelict, which they would have had to pass us to get to, and the jettisoned container." John, ever the military man, was in strategy mode.

Penny perked up. "Then let's go get them!"

"Whoa. We also need to get the engines installed. I'll go and find Will, while you guys that done." John said.

Penny was not hearing any of it. "He is my little brother. He's my responsibility, and I lost him. I'm going with you, and that's final."

Her determination was so strong that John was silenced. Don softly spoke up. "I can handle the engines. I'll just have Robot help me."

Outnumbered and outgunned, John relented. Penny dressed in her running gear and set off with her dad to track down her brother, while Don began the process of fitting the ship with engines from the future.
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