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Noah, Valia, and Elisandra get some answers.

With Aithorn assisting with alchemy and procuring materials, Noah secluded himself in his home, writing out runic equations and sketching molecular structures. The memory tea had succeeded in bringing back old formulas from his past, and now he just had to fiddle with them a bit and experiment. With each new drug he created, he would expose it to bacterial samples and observe their reaction under the microscope. These diseases were formidable adversaries, but with the combination of elvish and modern medicine, the tide of battle was turning.

After burning the morning hours looking through his microscope, he took what he had and went to see his patients. However, as he and Aithorn made the walk, they encountered three different fistfights between the citizens, and parties screaming about offenses and long-buried grudges, ruining what was supposed to be a city of quiet serenity.

“I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve never seen it this violent here. I heard that things have turned utterly chaotic while we were gone,” said Aithorn as he and Noah watched soldiers arrest the brawlers.

“Could this be the result of some sort of societal shift or social pressure? You normally see this kind of behavior during famine, economic struggles, and political polarization.”

“Things don’t change here as rapidly as they do in human societies.”

“But clearly, something has. Maybe it’s fear of the epidemic making everyone crazy.”

They reached their destination, but there were even more sick people now than the day before, all at different stages of infection.

“What is this?” Valia asked as she watched Noah mix white powder into a glass of water.

“These are called antibiotics. If this medicine doesn’t cure you, it’ll at least get the bacterial count so low that your immune system might be able to fight off whatever remains.” He handed her the cup, and she took a deep gulp, but nearly spat it out. “Yeah, I added some sugar to make it sweeter, but I imagine it still tastes pretty awful.”

“You got that right,” she said with a grimace.

“Even if I can cure this, unless we figure out the source, it’s just going to keep happening.”

“Maybe Balil isn’t the original source of this disease,” said Valia. “Maybe he caught it from someone else. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly ask him about it.”

“Either that, or the source is somehow environmental, maybe in the water, or….”

“You! Human!” Noah turned, seeing a male elf pointing to him, his face covered in lesions. “You did this to us!”

“I’m the one trying to cure you.”

“Liar!” He charged towards Noah, reminding him of Clemens, but this time, when the punch came, Noah grabbed his arm, twisted it, and brought the man to the ground. The disease had robbed him of most of his strength, but hysteria had amplified everything he had left.

“Calm down!” Noah barked, but the elf was howling profanities. Aithorn helped tie the man up and return him to his bed, but he had to be gagged to stop his screaming.

“Damn it, this city is coming apart at the seams,” said Aithorn fearfully. He then noticed a peculiar look on Noah’s face. “What is it?”

“All those people who we saw fighting before, I think they’re infected.”

“But they weren’t showing symptoms.”

“They were showing just one symptom, and the rest are sure to follow. Muscle pain and spasms, nausea, dizziness, skin lesions, and psychosis; these are all symptoms of ergot poisoning.”

“Ergot poisoning?”

“It’s the result of eating wheat and grains infected with mold. In various world histories, those suffering from ergot poisoning have believed themselves the victims of witchcraft or demonic possession. This world must have something similar, where the mold carries these bacteria. It’s possible that each symptom, each bacterial strain, is the result of different kinds of mold contamination in Sylphtoria’s bread supply. Maybe Meralda and I succeeded in curing Balil, but every time he ate contaminated bread, he just made himself sick again.”

“Is there any way to prove this?”

“Using alchemy and the bacterial samples we’ve collected, we can test the bread to see if any contamination is present.”

“You don’t understand. The wheat for our bread isn’t grown in large fields. It’s grown in gardens spread across the entire Anorvan forest. Even if you can prove its contaminated, there is no way to isolate the source.”

“But if we can find the contamination and prove the theory, then that’ll be enough for queen to order the burning of all the bread and wheat in the forest. You guys are surrounded with food and can use druidism, so this isn’t exactly going to cause a famine.”

“What do we do?”

“I’m going to back to the house and write out the formula. I need you to get some soldiers and collect bread from every home in Sylphtoria.”

Before, Aithorn would have insisted on keeping Noah under watch, but he just nodded. “I’m on it.”

Thus, they split up. Noah returned home and began working on the test, while Aithorn and several soldiers went around the city, gathering as much bread and grain as they could find. They arrived at the house with carts, wheelbarrows, and sacks full of suspected food. Noah and Aithorn spent the rest of the day testing the bread and continued their work long into the night.


The moon hung high overhead when Elisandra woke up with a start, lying in bed with her hands tied to the headboard. She could see Noah standing over her with a twisted grin and a sadistic gleam in his eye. After all of her earlier dreams, his presence should have set her ablaze with lust, but her mind felt clear, as though coming out of a haze. Now, all she felt was primal fear and anger towards Noah. Her instincts were telling her she was in danger.

She tried to activate her magic, but felt it being jammed. A metal collar was secured around her throat, enchanted to seal away the magic of whoever wore it. These were typically used on prisoners of war, criminals, and slaves with magical abilities, and now the queen was feeling the bite of the cold steel.

“Good evening, Your Majesty. I’ve come to service you again. Only this time, it’s not a dream.”

Elisandra felt her blood run cold. “What is this? What do you think you’re doing?”

“Taking my prize. All those fantasies you’ve had before, I implanted them in your mind, grooming you to be a proper toy. I taught you to crave my touch and to shamelessly offer yourself to me.” He casually slid his hands between her legs, molesting her with his slithering fingers. She tried to fight back, to keep him away, but all her efforts failed. “See? Regardless of what you may think or feel, you got wet as soon as you saw me. Your body is now my property, even if your mind doesn’t accept it. Now it’s time for me to break you in.”

“I will have you executed for this!”

“You expect your guards to execute their new king? Scream all you want, they can’t hear you. Nobody can save you from me, and that collar has sealed away your magic, so I’m free to violate you however long and perversely as I want. By dawn, I’ll be God in your eyes, and you will beg me for my touch, beg me to be defiled. Your subjects will see their slut queen submitting to their new lord. They’ll see me sitting on your throne as you ride my cock.”

He then ripped off her nightgown, exposing her naked body. Elisandra wanted to cover herself, but there was nothing she could do. Noah roughly grabbed her breasts and slapped them, making her wince. “Goddamn, look at this body. It’s like you were made to be my fuck slave.”

He began sucking on her tits voraciously, devoid of all the grace and gentleness he’d shown in her dreams. He’d bite down on her supple flesh, making her scream in agony and covering her breasts with deep teeth marks. While he chewed on her areolas, his hand was busy between her legs, violently fingering her, and filling her with rage and disgust.

She cursed him with every foul word she knew, but he seemed to enjoy it. He punished her when she tried to resist, forcing her legs apart and smacking her clitoris. The sound of his hand bruising her soft skin and her cries of pain echoed through the palace, but were heard only by them.

He raised his hand, drenched with her feminine essence, and jammed his fingers into her mouth. “You taste that? That’s your filthy whore body submitting to me.”

He then disrobed, exposing his rigid member, which pointed at her like a blade about to pierce her chest. He climbed on top of her, hefting it in front of her face. She tried to turn away and keep her mouth clenched shut, only for him to grab her chin and flash a knife in front of her eyes. “One of these is going to go in your mouth, depending on how well you behave. So, are you going to be a good pet?” She glared at him with eyes full of hatred and refused to nod, but she slowly opened her mouth. “Wonderful, you know your place.”

Noah then forced his cock into her mouth, and the taste of man, which had originally tantalized her, now made her want to retch. She didn’t pleasure him as she had in her dream, and just let her jaw and tongue go limp. Noah grabbed his head and brutally skull-fucked her at punishment, shoving his cock down her throat and making her spasm and choke.

At the moment, she could not think of a worse experience in all her life. She glared at Noah with unbridled hatred, using all her self-control to keep her gag reflex from going off. She pulled at her binds, realizing that one wrist wasn’t as tightly wrapped as the other. She put all her faith in that opening, supporting herself as Noah raped her mouth. He finally pulled out, leaving her gasping for air and crying.

“I thought that you were a kind man, but you’re just as much the monster that Leuca said you are. Death is too good for you.”

“You’ll learn to love me.”

With a scream of fury, she managed to pull one arm free and lashed out. Though she failed to scratch Noah’s face with her nails, she ripped out a handful of hair. In response, he smacked her across the face, bruising her cheek and leaving her stunned as he wrapped the ropes around her wrists even tighter than before.

“You’re going to pay for that.” He flipped Elisandra onto her stomach, taking a few moments to slap her ass raw, then once more getting on top of her. “I was going to fuck you the usual way and save this for the coronation ceremony, but you need to be thoroughly broken.”

“No! Don’t you dare!”

She screamed and thrashed, but Noah’s cock was driven into her anus like a hammered nail. Not only had the queen never been touched there, but Noah had gone in dry, and his balls-deep thrust left her screaming. Noah offered her no mercy; he began fucking her as hard and fast as possible. Elisandra had no idea that anything could hurt this much and knew that Noah was making it painful on purpose, taking pleasure in her humiliation and suffering.

She could feel every single centimeter of his cock sliding back and forth in her ass, threatening to tear her open. Each savage thrust sent ripples move through her flesh, sickening her as if every inch of her body was being simultaneously violated. She cried into her pillow, begging the spirits and gods alike to save her, but her prayers went unanswered, and Noah sodomized her mercilessly until she passed out.

When she finally woke up, Noah was gone, but what had happened before was no dream. The metal collar was still around her throat, her wrists remained bound, and Noah’s hair was clenched tightly in her fingers, tinged purple from the lack of blood flow. Her backdoor was bruised and bloody, and the bite marks on her breasts had swollen up with each tooth mark clear as day. She wept in pain and humiliation, then took a deep breath.

“GUARDS!” she screamed.


“Noah, Noah, wake up!” Aithorn shouted, shaking him awake.

Noah groaned in acknowledgment, slowly coming to and realizing how sore he was. He lifted his head, finding his face stiff from being pressed to his desk and crusted with dry ink and drool. He and Aithorn had been working late, testing bread and grain samples, and must have fallen asleep. Already suffering from a headache, his immediate sneeze felt like a punch between the eyes. As he rubbed his head, he thought he felt a bald patch.

“Huh, what’s going on?”

“I hear armor, swords, and hurried steps. A lot of soldiers are heading this way, and I doubt it’s for anything good.”

Noah rubbed his eyes and groaned. “Fuck, I hate waking up like this. Why can’t people wait until the afternoon to arrest me? I don’t know what they want, so try to get them talking, find out what’s going on. Something must have happened last night, and if they see me first, they may just kill me without giving me a chance to speak.”

Noah splashed water on his face while Aithorn stepped outside, just in time to answer over a dozen elven warriors, led by Lour, his face red with fury.

“Stand aside, Leuca! The human must die!”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on. What is it that you think he did?”

Lour spoke calmly, if only so that no other elves in the area would hear him. “He infiltrated the palace and raped the queen.”

The words hit Aithorn like a wet slap, leaving him stunned with a look of indescribable horror. “What? No, that’s impossible!”

“He tied her up, sealed her magic, and violated her. She pointed him out by name. She even ripped out some of his hair in the attack.”

“You don’t understand, Noah has been here all night with me. We were testing samples and investigating the disease.”

“All night? You mean you never slept?”

Aithorn’s heart sank. “This can’t be happening.”

“Noah told the queen he had been controlling her dreams, manipulating her emotions. When he came here, he said he possessed magic of a nature he couldn’t identify, but has refused to speculate further.”

Aithorn turned and looked into the house. “NOAH!” he roared. However, Noah was gone, as if vanishing into thin air.

“He couldn’t have gotten far! Do not let him leave the city alive!” Lour ordered.

The soldiers scattered, and the daily rhythm of Sylphtoria was twisted into a dire manhunt. Every soldier and capable warrior were recruited to track Noah down, combing the forest and searching the city from top to bottom. For the queen’s sake, the official story was that Noah had attempted to assassinate her. Lour’s first stop was to the disease ward, where Valia lay among the infected.

“I swear, I haven’t seen him.”

“Lady Valia, if you’re covering for Noah, I’ll have you executed right alongside him.”

“I don’t care what you say, there is no way he did this.”

“You know his past, his crimes. How is this not something he would do?!”

“Because it doesn’t make sense. Noah’s crimes in Uther were done out of revenge, but the rest of the time, he’s annoyingly rational. What possible reason could he have for attacking the queen, of all people? Noah cares about one thing above all else, and that’s breaking his curse, so unless you can tell me how this would benefit him in that regard, then you have the wrong man.”

“So you truly know nothing of his activities or whereabouts?”

“I swear in the name of the spirits, I don’t know where his is, and I know he is innocent.”

Lour glared at her. “I’ll leaving guards here to keep watch. If he is foolish enough to come see you, you’ll suffer the displeasure of watching him die.” He turned around and walked away, leaving two soldiers at the entrance to the house. Valia dropped her head back onto her pillow and cursed in Old Elvish.

“I didn’t do it.”

Valia nearly jumped from her bed. She couldn’t see Noah, but knew he was there. “Noah, are you crazy?! No matter how softly you talk, they’ll hear you!” she hissed.

“They won’t. I fixed my noise-cancelling tool. It’s under your bed. Just don’t let them see you moving your mouth.”

Valia rolled onto her side, towards the source of his voice. “Tell me you’re innocent. Honestly, it sounds like a fairly Noah-ish crime, and I hate even having to speak the words.”

“Of course I’m innocent. Aithorn and I were performing experiments and tests all night. Next thing I know, I’m sleeping at my desk and Aithorn is shaking me awake. You said it yourself; this crime makes no sense. Someone is trying to frame me.”

“Who would do that?”

“Since I came here, I’ve been attacked by two different human-hating elves. It’s been clear from the beginning that I’m not fully welcome here.”

“But raping the queen? No elf would do something so horrible just to pin the blame on a human.”

“Well maybe it’s not about hating humans. Maybe the queen has a stalker or an enemy, and they’re using me as a scapegoat.” Noah sighed. “Anyway, how are you feeling? I’ve never looked at any of my patients with my magic active, but all of you appear to have almost no mana at all.”

“Really? With everything else going on in my body, I guess I never noticed. I was wondering why my symptoms were gone, but I was still so exhausted. I thought it was just because of the crazy dreams I’ve been having.”

“Wait, dreams?”

“It started a few days ago. Sometimes I dream about you and me in bed together, and other times, I have horrible nightmares. There have even been dreams that made me wake up in the worst mood, just angry at everything. I thought that special relaxation medicine was causing it, but everyone else is also complaining. It must be the fever.”

Realization struck Noah, with a lightbulb above his head brighter than any paladin spell. “No, it’s not the fever.”

For the rest of the day, the elves searched Sylphtoria and the surrounding areas for Noah, leaving no stone unturned, but despite their efforts, he was never found. They assumed he had fled the city but took preventative measures to protect the queen. Guards stood throughout her bedroom, and a holy barrier shielded the palace. Finally, night fell, and the Nadoku began to sing.

So focused on detecting footsteps, the guards didn’t consider infiltration from above. An intruder soared over Sylphtoria, flying on moth-like wings biologically shaped to produce no noise for ultimate stealth. This entity wore the robes of a Nadoku, but was far from holy. It landed atop the palace and entered with ease, unhindered by the magic barrier. With the antennae sprouting from under its hood, it could detect the flow of ambient mana in the palace and count each guard. They were all awake.

The creature spread its wings and silently shook them, releasing a cloud of dust into the air. The dust filled the palace, and the guards dropped to the floor, locked in a deep sleep. The creature approached the queen’s bed, with Elisandra utterly defenseless. From within the robes, a tail extended, encased in an exoskeleton and lined with wriggling legs like a centipede. The creature hung its tail over Elisandra, and a long stinger protruded from the end.

“I’m afraid the end has come for you, Your Majesty,” a woman’s voice uttered. “But I’ll be merciful and grant you one last pleasant dream before you die.”

The end of the tail then dropped onto the bed, severed by an invisible slash and soaking the sheets in blood. The woman shrieked in agony and darted around, trying to find her attacker, only to scream again as her wings were slashed. She could do nothing to defend herself from the savage barrage of punches that came next, seemingly coming from all angles, beating her into submission. She couldn’t see, smell, or hear anyone near her, but the punches coming were all too real to be the result of magic.

Her antennae could feel shifts in the ambient mana, confirming that something was happening around her. If there really was a person here, why didn’t she detect them when she entered the palace? Even if someone could subvert her physical senses, the only way they could avoid exposure was if they had trained to relax their mana flow to match the ambient rate of the environment.

She fell to the floor, groaning and spitting up blood, and after several kicks to the ribs to erase the last possible spark of resistance, felt someone kneel on her back, someone she couldn’t see. “Who are you?” she hissed as her wrists were bound.

Noah released his invisibility and appeared on top of her, wearing a hand-made gas mask. “The good doctor, making a house call.”

Keeping the creature pinned, he conjured a magic tool from within his ring, activated it, and tossed it nearby. An explosion of wind swept through the palace, blowing away all the dust and clearing the air. He then aimed his hand out at the open sky with a spell card and began firing flashbangs outside of the palace. They exploded in the air like fireworks, lighting up the sky and alerting all of Sylphtoria with deafening thunderclaps. It took only moments for Lour, Aithorn, and a squad of soldiers to bust open the doors and swarm inside, causing the bioluminescent flowers to light up the palace.

“Noah! You bastard!” Aithorn roared.

“Easy there,” Noah said as he removed his mask and drew a knife. “Before you go trying to skewer me, maybe you should take a look at the real culprit.” Noah shredded the woman’s robes, pulled them away, then stood her up, leaving all the elves to gasp in shock at the culprit underneath. If not for her gray skin, sharp fangs, and wicked eyes, she’d be quite beautiful, especially in such an alluring outfit. She hissed in fury and struggled against Noah, but he held her still.

“She’s the one who attacked the queen?” Lour asked.

“And triggered the epidemic. Oh, hold on.” Noah reached into his pocket, drew a small pouch, and then tossed it to Aithorn. “Those are smelling salts. They should be able to wake up the queen. You know I loathe explaining things more than once.”

Aithorn first woke up the guards to ensure it was what Noah said it was, then used it to awaken the queen. “Noah!” she exclaimed in fear and shock.

“Please, Your Majesty, the one to direct your wrath to is this monster right here.”

“Drop dead, you worm!” the woman screamed.

“She is the one responsible for everything: the disease, the violent incidents, and even your attack. She’s a succubus, one of the last remnants of the Profane menace. How many of you can say you’ve seen one of these in the flesh?” His words shocked everyone in the room.

“Succubi sneak into people’s homes at night and give their prey sensual dreams,” Elisandra murmured. “Those dreams cause a powerful mana reaction that the succubus feeds on, draining them like a parasite.”

“Not just sensual dreams. She’s been giving people nightmares and flashbacks of past traumas and grudges, riling them up, making them violent.”

“But this doesn’t make sense. No succubus or unholy beast has ever managed to enter Sylphtoria. The sunlight and Nadoku’s prayers burn them like fire!” Lour exclaimed.

“That’s right, which is why no one would ever suspect one. Suffice it to say, you became complacent. But see this necklace she’s wearing? It’s the Hunter’s Moon Amulet, a powerful defense against all holy magic. It seems Valon is innocent for at least one stolen relic. Of course, that wouldn’t be enough to protect herself. To avoid detection, she needed a way to conceal the effects of her feeding.

She’s been infecting her prey with this disease so that everyone would attribute their lethargy and dreams to being sick. No one will notice their low mana when they’re struggling just to hold down breakfast. She’d dose them with a whole plethora of germs, each with a different symptom so that no single potion could cure them. That’s why all the medicines Balil took cured him only temporarily. She'd infect him as soon as he was cured, making it look like nothing could stop the disease.”

“How did you figure it out?” the succubus cursed.

“Valia told me about the dreams everyone is having, and then I noticed the dust you leave behind. Did you know it’s mentioned in legend? Parents often tell their children about succubi to scare them, saying that if they touch themselves at night, a succubus would be drawn and suck the life from them. If a boy’s room were dirty, they’d scare him into cleaning by saying it was succubus dust, and his soul was in danger of being devoured.

What better place to disperse it than a forest where everything is covered in pollen? I wasn’t exactly twiddling my thumbs while everyone was searching for me. I was studying pollen samples from all over Sylphtoria, examining your leavings with my microscope. It seems I have you to blame for my allergies.”

“You black-hearted parasite!” Elisandra swore. “How dare you twist my thoughts! But why, why am I not sick? You never drained my mana, so why did you give me those dreams? Why did you attack me?!”

The succubus laughed. “To distract you, of course. You wouldn’t focus on the plague if you were too busy fantasizing about this human here. That’s right, you all should know this. Your pure, elegant queen has been lusting for this human since she met him! The seed was there, I just had to make it grow by giving you those dreams. You men wouldn’t believe how much she enjoyed herself, imagining this stranger using her however he saw fit.”

Noah grabbed her by the throat to silence her, glaring at her with inhuman killing intent. “But when you realized how close I was to curing the disease, you decided it was time to get rid of me. You altered the queen’s dream to make her think I was attacking her, and while she was doped by your sleeping powder, you left plenty of marks and evidence to make it look like it really happened. You even ripped out a chunk of my hair and dropped it on the bed.

I found your dust on my desk this morning. You may have dosed me with that powder a few times, but I’m certain you never entered my mind or changed my dreams. Tell me, is it because you were too weak to get in, or too afraid of what you would find?”

The way she looked at him, it was evident that his accusation was correct, but still, she smirked and gave a cruel laugh. “Clever, wasn’t it? I even stopped when you were hunting down that monster, so that every dream would happen only when you were nearby, making it even easier to pin the blame on you.

It was quite difficult to resist. I loved looking into her sleeping mind, watching her dream of every climax you’d give her. Do you want to know what I sodomized her with? I’ll give you a hint: it’s an item in this room. And yet despite all the pain I inflicted on her last night, no matter how much she screamed and begged me to stop, she still managed to cum.”

Elisandra released a howl of fury as she pointed her hand at the succubus, with a green magic circle around her wrist. Roots shot up from the floor, wrapping around the succubus with bone-breaking force. They slithered up her body, tearing her flesh, snapping her limbs, and making her cough blood. The only thing keeping her from screaming in agony was her inability to breathe.

“Don’t kill her yet! I still have questions for her!” Noah yelled.

The queen tightened her hold on the succubus, and before Noah could intervene, she crushed her to death, with all her blood pouring from her mangled corpse. Everyone was silent, trying to process everything they had just seen and heard. The only exception was the queen, not even trying to conceal her anguished weeping. Noah wrapped a blanket around her and went over to Lour.

“You should take your men and leave,” he said in a low voice.

“But the queen…”

“If she needs you, she’ll summon you. Do you think she wants all these eyes on her right now?”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to make her a cup of tea and help her through this. I have experience and training you don’t. I’ve proven my innocence, and if there was ever a time for you to trust me, it’s now.”

The cold, disdainful look on Lour’s face melted away, and he spoke purely on faith. “I understand. Do whatever it takes.”

Lour and his soldiers departed, and Noah walked over to Aithorn and handed him three scrolls. “We can’t leave that mess there. Use these scrolls to break it down into dust and remove it.”

“Got it.”

Aithorn worked fast, using the scrolls to break up the hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon-based molecules within the splattered succubus. He reduced the gore to flameless ash and swept it up. The queen sat silently and watched him with hollow eyes. At the same time, Noah moved to the firepit used earlier, built up a flame, and then used it to heat a tea kettle. He returned to the queen’s side and presented her with a steaming mug.

“This will help,” he said, sitting at the edge of her bed.

“Thank you,” she whispered with her voice hoarse. She took a deep drink, sniffed from her tears, and released a gasp of relief.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Your Majesty?” Aithorn asked.

“No, Leuca, thank you. You are dismissed.”

It was clear on his face that he didn’t want to leave her, but he looked to Noah, saw him nod, and departed. Now it was just Noah and the queen. “My Lady, I am so sorry for everything that has happened. What can I do to ease your pain?”

“Can you wake me up from this nightmare? I don’t know how I can face my people now. It’s only a matter of time before the truth gets out. Imagine what they will think, the queen of Sylphtoria, violated by an inhuman monster. I’m too sullied to sit upon that throne. I should give it up, let Leuca or another family member take my place and spare this kingdom further shame.”

“You still have their love and respect, Your Majesty. Would you rather they pity you in your absence, or admire you for your resilience? If you wish to surrender the throne because that is what you want and what is best for you, then that is your choice to make and I will support you, but don’t let yourself be driven out of your own home by fear. If someone is foolish or cruel enough to look down on you for this, I and everyone who follows you will strike them down.”

“That’s easy for you to say. Once you get what you want, you’ll leave here, but I’ll be stuck with this pain hanging around my neck for eternity, surrounded by subjects who will respect me less and less with each passing day.”

“They’ll respect you, just as I do. Believe me, I know what it’s like to carry the burdens of leadership. I know what it’s like when the people you’re supposed to protect look at you in judgment. I also know what it’s like to carry pain and tragedy with you through the endless ages. I know how hard it is, how much it hurts, but as someone who has experienced the worst pains and horrors imaginable, you should also believe me when I say that it will get better. You will overcome even this, you and the people who care about you.”

The queen covered her eyes and tried to steady her breathing. “Even now, you still wish to comfort me? You speak with so much kindness and warmth, kindness I don’t deserve. Forgive me. I’m so sorry for blaming you, after everything you’ve done.”

“Don’t be. Considering the circumstances, you are above reproach. When I found this bald patch, I was honestly wondering if I had attacked you in some kind of sleepwalking fit as a result of the memory tea. But if you still want forgiveness, I’ll give it to you if you can forgive me for not catching that monster sooner.”

“What she said about my dreams was the truth. I did enjoy them. Every time I saw you, every time we spoke, it was so difficult to keep the memories at bay. Now finding out that it wasn’t real, both the good and the bad, I look at you and don’t know what I’m supposed to feel. What you must think of me….”

“I think you’re a strong, wise, elegant woman with the same needs and desires as everyone else in this world, and you were taken advantage of in a way that that no one can defend against. Those thoughts, feelings, and dreams, whether they were genuinely yours or put in your mind, could never lessen my respect and admiration for you. You are as pure and noble in my eyes as when I saw you for the first time, sitting on your throne with that crown upon your head. Anyone in this city of any value will tell you the same.”

Elisandra smiled and wiped away her last tear, then finished her tea. “Lady Valia is blessed to have you by her side.”

“I’m blessed to have her by mine, and I’m loyal to her, but if you still wish to talk, if there are things you want me and only me to hear, let me know. I’ll put on a fresh pot of tea and listen to every word without my eyes leaving yours, and I’ll never judge you, never condemn you, and never look down on you. Whatever your true feelings are, don’t let them go unspoken. They deserve to be heard.”

She sighed blissfully and put her hand on his. “Thank you, for everything. Maybe I’ll take you up on your offer, but for now, this whole mess has left me exhausted. I think I should get some rest.”

“That would be a good idea.”

“Before you go, if I might be bold enough to make a request?”

“Of course, My Lady.”

“Say my name, say it without any honorifics or titles. For once, I want to be spoken to as a woman, not as a queen.”

Noah took her hand and kissed it, then stared deep into her soul. “Goodnight, Elisandra. Sleep well.”

“Goodnight, Noah,” she whispered, gazing back at him with her eyes sparkling like the stars overhead.


With the death of the succubus and the administering of Noah’s antibiotics, everyone infected with the disease was cured. Similarly, the truth was also distributed. The details of the queen’s attack were kept secret, but Noah’s name was cleared, and his contributions were made known by all.

Just one of many saved elves, Valia walked out of the shelter with a stretch and smile. “Ah, I feel so much better! I’ll admit, I was starting to get nervous there.”

“I told you, didn’t I? I’m a doctor, it’s what I do. Do you want to know the funny thing? In every world I’ve been to, medical science has had to fight tooth and nail to convince people that disease ISN’T caused by gods and devils. For once, the source of a plague really was paranormal.”

“Still, a succubus? Really? I thought they had been hunted to extinction.”

“To think that a few had survived the Profane War and lived in hiding all this time. The war was before your time, correct?”

“Long before my time. Thousands of years after the death of Zyrga, an elf lord, Somerset, stumbled across a remnant of the devil’s power and became possessed by evil. He became the Mad Elf King, and raised a nation of death and blood. His followers, those whom he shared his power with, became the Profane, and helped him wage his unholy war on the world.

It was both a period of great despair and great hope. So terrible was the threat of evil that the races of men, elves, and dwarves came together against a common foe, but the losses, the carnage, were beyond measure. The Profane were wiped out, but for every one killed, they say a hundred elves and a thousand men and dwarves died. It seems a few avoided extermination.”

“I’m rather embarrassed that it took me so long to realize what she was doing, considering she and I have so much in common. We’re both in the biological weapon business. There is something that still concerns me, though. I don’t think that succubus came here just to feed.”

“What do you mean?”

“She induced violent dreams in countless people, but she didn’t make them sick or steal their mana. It was about messing with their minds and turning them on each other. It was the same with the queen. The succubus took the risk of infiltrating the palace several times, just to implant those dreams. Even with the amulet, coming here was incredibly dangerous. The plague, the fighting, the queen, I think these were acts of sabotage. I think she was trying to destabilize Sylphtoria, maybe even cause its destruction.”

“Could it have been an act of revenge against the elves for their role in the Profane War?”

“That may have been part of it, but not the main reason. I think she was sent here. I can’t prove it, because her body was destroyed, but that succubus had been altered. Her tail didn’t look like a natural appendage. It was attached to her back, almost fused with her, like a parasite, and apparently, Handent has been suffering from a severe parasite problem as of late. I took the severed tip of the tail and examined it last night, and it appeared to be the source of all the bacteria she had been infecting people with.”

“What in the world is going on out there?”

“I’m not sure, and I don’t want to find out.”

“Ah, there you are,” said Aithorn as he approached. The look on his face and the way he spoke was the most relaxed Noah had ever seen him. He was a completely different person from when Noah first arrived. “Lady Zodiac, I’m glad you see you pulled through.”

“I was just complaining to Noah for how long he made me wait. He couldn’t save me just a little bit faster?” she said with a laugh.

“Anyway, the queen would like to speak with you two.”

They followed Aithorn up to the palace, where now, the guards bowed their heads to Noah in gratitude. As they entered the palace, Lour came to greet them. Like Aithorn, his cold demeanor had warmed.

“The queen is expecting you, but before you speak to her, I feel I owe you an apology. I have been rude and discourteous to you since you arrived, but you have proven your worth. For saving the queen and our people, I, and all of Sylphtoria, are in your debt,” he said with a bow, which Noah returned.

“No apologies are necessary. I didn’t deserve your trust because I had not yet earned it. It’s natural you would be protective of the queen.”

“Well Her Majesty wishes to give her thanks as well. Come with me.”

Noah and Valia were brought before the queen, both getting down on one knee and repeating the elvish greeting they’d spoken when they first arrived. Sitting on her throne, she smiled warmly. “Please, friends, you need never kneel before me. Hold your heads up high.”

“You look well-rested, Your Majesty,” said Noah.

“Thanks to your words and actions, I was able to sleep quite peacefully, no longer having to worry about my people, threatened by disease. This forest has been cleansed of evil. For saving my life and the lives of countless others, I would like to present you with a gift.”

She approached Noah and Lour appeared beside her, holding a folded cloth. She received it and presented it to Noah. “This mantle is the highest honor we can bestow. It marks you as a trusted ally of the nation, and grants you the title of Lord. Under normal circumstances, only an elf, an immortal, can receive such a gift, but a being such as yourself is more than worthy. Know that there will always be a home and friends for you here.”

It was made of the finest-quality silk Noah had ever touched, soft beyond words, but with tensile strength above Kevlar. It had a beautiful green color, with the crest of Sylphtoria etched in silver. He could even feel magic woven into the thread. He put it on and bowed. “Thank you, Your Majesty. I shall wear it with both pride and humility.” Noah then turned to Aithorn. “What does this mean in regards to your orders to arrest me?”

“I take my position as a gold-ranked knight seriously, but my loyalty first and foremost is to Sylphtoria. What kind of man would I be if I raised my spear to someone who has done so much for everyone here? I’ve already sent a bird to deliver a message to Gradius, saying that I’ll take no part in your pursuit within or outside these lands. If Valon is in the Anorvan Forest, once he is found, I’ll return to Colbrand and tell the king myself.”

“Thank you, I appreciate it.”

“The mantle is not the only reward for everything you’ve done,” said the queen. “Since you have earned our trust, you now have access to elvish knowledge. Our libraries are at your disposal.”

“You honor me.”

“Much of our work is written in Old Elvish. You may come to me with any translation issues you have.”

“Don’t worry, that won’t be necessary, Your Majesty,” said Valia. “Now that I am no longer bedridden, I can resume helping him with his work.”

The atmosphere had suddenly changed, with energy filling the air between Valia and Elisandra. “Of course, Lady Valia. I know you will aid him well.”

Noah and Valia left, and it wasn’t until they were alone that Valia spoke. “I won’t share you with the queen.”

“I’m not saying anything.”

“I mean it.”

“I’m still not saying anything.”

“It’s clear she’s smitten with you. Don’t even try to pretend you haven’t noticed. Please tell me you haven’t been flirting with her.”

“Not flirting, but I have used flattery in the past, and I offered her emotional support when she needed it. I told her I was loyal to you, and once we know where Valon is, we’ll be taking off, so there is no need to be worried.”

“I just don’t want this to be like the duchess incident.”

“That was before we were in a relationship, and that was about revenge.”

“I’m not saying anything,” Valia replied.

“I guess if you really want to be sure, you’ll just have to keep me so exhausted that I don’t have the strength to pursue the queen. We haven’t had a proper night together since before I went to hunt down that creature, and I seem to recall you promising you’d cook when I got back. I suggest you make a feast tonight so great I’ll be too full to move, and then milk me like a cow until I’m a shriveled-up husk.”

Valia closed her eyes, releasing a sigh, a groan, and a laugh all mixed together. “I change my mind; the queen can have you.”

Valia brought Noah to a grand library, built around several trees, where thousands of books and scrolls were arranged on shelves warped into the trunks. They spent the rest of the day perusing the endless tomes by the light of the sun and luminescent flowers. As the queen had said, most of it was written in Old Elvish, and though Noah could read a few words, Valia had to help him with most of the translating. Little had changed in solving the epidemic; Noah was still spending hours huddled over books and paper.

With the sun setting, they left the library and returned home while gathering ingredients along the way. Back at their house, Valia began chopping up vegetables for a stew. “By the way, you never told me what the memory tea was like.”

“It was definitely intense,” said Noah, sitting at the table. “There were so many events I had forgotten, and I relived them all as if I had truly traveled back in time.”

“How far back were you able to go?”

Noah sighed. “Not far enough, not to see what I really wanted to see. And I wasn’t able to find who I was looking for.”

“Well you were still able to create those medicines. Not even the elvish potions could cure all the diseases we had. You saved plenty of lives.”

“I suppose so. Still, I thought that I had finally caught a break.”

Valia turned away from her cooking and approached him with a gentle smile. She leaned down and kissed him softly. “If there is one thing I know about you, it’s that you WILL find your answers. You’ve waited thousands of years; I’m sure you can wait a little longer. Besides, I know how to help you kill time.”

After a dinner of stew, bread, and wine, they disappeared into the bedroom, and soon, a duet of moans and grunts began to echo out of their house for everyone to hear. Up in the palace, Elisandra gazed up at the sky, with the waxing moon illuminating her flushed cheeks. Even up above the canopy, shielded by the voices of the Nadoku, her pointed ears picked up everything, and it was torture. Every sound stoked her lust, becoming an itch she couldn’t scratch. She rubbed her legs together, trying to smother her simmering arousal, whatever would free her from this anguish. She had even sent her guards away, as she didn’t want them to see her like this.

She understood her dreams were all the work of the succubus twisting her emotions to make her think things she wouldn’t. So why hadn’t her feelings for Noah settled? If anything, they’d grown even more potent. She moved to her bed, hoping that she could sleep away her troubles, but no rest came. In the darkness, her hands moved of their own volition, acting to relieve her pent-up lust.

Noah and Valia spent the next several days studying in the library, and occupied each night with dining and sex. Then, one morning, they were brought before the queen. “The day has arrived. We now have the chance to locate Valon,” she said. Both Noah and Valia felt a tightness in their chests and shivers of excitement.

“How?” he asked.

“There is a ritual we shall perform tonight at a place known as the Lunar Temple. We three must travel there and arrive before sunset.”

“Your Majesty,” said Lour, standing by her side, “you can’t really mean that only you, Lord Noah, and Lady Valia will make the journey.”

“Do you doubt their ability to keep me safe?”

“Under normal circumstances, no, but what we’ve learned about the monsters crossing our borders has me concerned. I insist you take Leuca and your guards along.”

“My powers, combined with the skill of two sword masters, is more than enough to deal with whatever rabid beasts might come after us.”

“I strongly agree with the chancellor, Your Majesty,” said Valia. “This is an unnecessary risk. Despite your powers and our skill, if this recent incident has shown us everything, it’s that the Anorvan Forest is not as impenetrable as it once was. You may be targeted again.”

“I understand your fears, but this isn’t simply a matter of safety. The presence of too many people will jeopardize the ritual. You aren’t the only ones who want to find him. As queen, I cannot allow him to run off Sylphtoria’s relics.”

Lour sighed. “Very well, Your Majesty.”

Tools and supplies were gathered, and Noah, Valia, and Elisandra departed from Sylphtoria, riding on horseback further west. Even while traveling, the queen’s dress, a beautiful green garment, seemed impossible to dirty, untouched by dust and pollen. Noah could tell she was in good spirits. How long had it been since she last left Sylphtoria?

They stopped briefly for a quick dinner, and as the sun approached the horizon, they arrived at the temple. It was an ancient pyramid that broke free of the forest and rose above the canopy. Though vegetation had tried to claim dominion over the structure, the edges of each brick were as sharp as the day they were laid, and the carved runes, elvish hieroglyphics, and Enochian effigies had lost none of their clarity over the millennia.

“Over here,” said Elisandra. She led Noah and Valia away from the pyramid to a nearby wellspring lined with stones and illuminated by glowing flowers. The water was crystal clear, without a bug or speck of moss within. “Before beginning the ritual, we must cleanse ourselves in this pool. The water is enchanted, and will remain utterly pure no matter who or what enters it. We must go one at a time, but also be quick. I shall go first. Please wait for me at the temple steps.”

Noah and Valia left the queen behind and returned to the temple. While they waited, they tended to the horses, and Valia repeatedly reached out and touched Noah, ensuring he hadn’t snuck off to spy on the queen and left his clone behind. He could tell she was also doing it to try and make him laugh. The queen soon returned, having changed out of her dress and into a white robe. Her ample cleavage was on display, with every drop of water running down her breasts seemingly placed to draw Noah’s eye.

“I’ll head up and begin the preparations. You two may proceed.”

As Elisandra went up the steps, Valia took her turn in the pool and returned wearing a similar white robe after a few minutes. Like the queen, the wet fabric clung to her body and left little to the imagination. “Your turn,” she said with a relieved smile.

As she headed up the stairs, Noah removed his clothes and entered the pool. He could feel energy permeating the water and soaking into his body. It dissolved every bit of dirt on his skin, cleaned every pore and sweat gland, and removed every dead cell.

In the past, he had experienced thorough decontamination showers and baths to clean away everything from radioactive fallout to deadly diseases, scraping every inch of his body with brushes and sponges, and none of those events left him feeling as clean as he did now. And amazingly, even after he and the elves washed off the sweat of travel, it was still ultra-pure.

Sanitized from head to toe, he put on a ritual robe and climbed the pyramid stairs to the peak. At the top stood four pillars laden with white flowers yet to bloom. A stone table was set towards the back, unnervingly reminiscent of a sacrificial altar, but now covered with a ritual cloth, several candles, incense sticks, and a bronze bowl.

As Elisandra set the finishing touches, Noah and Valia looked out across the forest, watching the sun drift behind the green horizon and listening to the birds sing their evening choir. The rising moon, dyed pink and yellow by the light passing around the planet, looked so full that it could have been plucked like a ripe peach.

“So what do we do?” Valia asked.

“Observe,” said Elisandra as she waved her hand.

The thick carpet of moss shifted to obey her will, revealing four channels carved into the floor leading from the pillars to a circular pane of glass, so clear and pure that the grains of dirt left behind looked like they were floating in midair. Beneath the glass was a sheet of polished silver, emanating a great deal of mana, with a thin layer of open space separating the two.

“You both must sit and wait on either side of the glass,” she said, standing by the table. “Once the last of the light fades and the moon reaches its prominence, the ritual will begin. Make yourselves as comfortable as you can, because every time you move, you risk disrupting it.”

Noah and Valia each sat down, Noah in the full lotus position and Valia using a form favored by swordsmen in meditation. They waited for the sun to vanish, and the sky grew ever darker. The rising moon lost its color, becoming the purest of white, and the stars cast their radiance upon the land. Basking in the light, the flowers on the pillars began to blossom, with drips of silvery glowing nectar falling from their petals.

“Moon Tears,” Noah murmured.

“That’s right. This is as fresh as they get,” said Elisandra as she lit the candles and incense.

The dripping nectar flowed down the channels in the floor and into the open space between the glass and silver. The result was a magic mirror, one so powerful that it made Noah’s spine tingle. The air had become heavy with mana, as though reality was swirling around the mirror like light around a black hole.

“Don’t look at the mirror until you can see the moon’s reflection in it. Otherwise, you may lose your mind. Once you can see the moon, do not take your eyes off it.”

Elisandra then began to slowly whisk the bronze bowl with a wooden striker, producing a clear chime that she accentuated with a chant in Old Elvish. Noah and Valia followed her instructions, directing their eyes away from the mirror, only glancing at it to check for the position of the moon. Then, suddenly, Elisandra stopped chanting.

“They’re here. They’ve gathered.”

Before Noah could ask, he saw them in the mirror, shapes of light moving around the moon’s reflection. Each had a bright core as the center, like a star, embodying ancient and powerful sentience. Their distorted appearances gained sharper distinction with time. He saw glowing silhouettes of various animals, from four-legged creatures to birds and fish. The power they exuded was more incredible than anything he had ever sensed.

“These are the spirits of nature, aren’t they?” Noah asked with a shallow breath. For thousands of years, he had explored every religion he could find and visited every holy temple and mystical place, searching for just a touch of the divine. Finally, he had found it.

“You are correct,” said Elisandra as she sat down with them. “The power of the mirror draws the spirits, for it is the only way they can see their own reflection, and the only way we can see them.”

“Beautiful,” Valia gasped with wide eyes.

“So what now?”

“If the spirits are willing, they may give answers, even grant wishes. But keep in mind, they are very fickle, and will only grant one request per person, if they even decide to grant any at all. Not even the greatest of sages can presume to know how they think or what they desire. Only those of royal blood can perform this ritual and actually communicate with them. I am more than the queen, I am the oracle, and through me, your questions will be asked and—”

She was cut off, the spirits moving through the air with greater speed, circling and swirling.

“What’s going on?” Valia asked.

“The spirits are agitated, I don’t know why. They say… they say I am distracted, that my devotion is being overshadowed. It takes decades of training to commune with the spirits, and I’ve performed this ritual before, but they say I am no longer worthy.”

“Is it because you were attacked?” Noah asked.

The queen’s cheeks reddened. “No, it’s… because of you.”

“Should I leave?”

“Your presence isn’t the problem, I am the problem. I’m supposed to be an empty vessel, to await their proclamation with a clear mind, but they tell me I’m too full of stress and conflicting emotions.”

“So you’re saying we can’t perform the ritual? What, are we going to have to wait until the next full moon and try again?”

“That won’t fix it. The spirits say they want me to prove myself, to free myself of doubt. Only when they have witnessed me overcome these feelings will they allow me to commune with them once more.”

“They’re telling you to kill me, aren’t they? Damn it, as soon as I saw that table, I knew my heart was going to get ripped out of my chest and my head sent rolling down the stairs. It’s that fucking lost Aztec tribe all over again.”

The queen could not meet his gaze, and her embarrassment reduced her voice to a shy whisper. “No, the spirits don’t want death, they want an expression of life. They… uh… they want me to consummate my feelings for you.”

An awkward silence floated over the pyramid.

“You’re doing this, aren’t you?!” Valia suddenly exclaimed while pointing at Noah.

“I’m not doing anything!”

“Liar! You’re using your magic to trick the spirits, or to impersonate them! There is no way I’ll believe the spirits want to see you fuck the queen! How long have you been planning this?”

“They want you to participate too,” Elisandra murmured.

Another awkward silence.

“Say again?”

“I’m not the only person they’re paying attention to. Your insecurities are complicating things. They want you to overcome your own feelings of animosity towards me in the same fashion, so… the three of us will have to….” She couldn’t even finish the sentence, as she was too embarrassed.

Valia turned to Noah. “Now I KNOW you’re the one behind this.”

“Valia, this isn’t my idea. I’m just as surprised as you are. Honestly, I’m starting to think the church might be right about these guys. However, if we want to track down your brother, this is what it’ll take.”

“Of course you would say that.”

At this point, Noah couldn’t resist teasing her. “Come on, do it for Valon. What kind of sister are you if you aren’t willing to suck on the queen’s tits with me?”

“Lord Noah, you aren’t making this any easier,” Elisandra whimpered.

“Valia, you’ve had lovers in the past during your travels. You mean to tell me in 700 years, you’ve never fooled around with women?”

“Well, I mean… not while sober,” she said, unable to make eye contact.

Noah held out his hand and conjured a bottle of Knight’s Ambrosia from his ring. “My last bottle. I was saving it for a special occasion, but I can’t think of an occasion more special than this.”

Valia sighed and took the bottle. “I’m definitely going to punish you for this later,” she said before pulling out the cork and beginning to drink.

“Your Majesty, do you think the spirits would mind if I requisition that blanket, or would that affect the ritual?”

Elisandra didn’t respond, too busy covering her face with her hands. Noah took that as a go-ahead and approached the table, first removing the ritual artifacts with careful reverence. Next, he pulled off the blanket and laid it out atop a bed of moss. It was no mattress, but it was suitably soft.

He turned to Valia, still drinking. “For God’s sake, now you’re just being rude to Elisandra. Are you two coming or not?”

She put down the half-empty bottle and sighed. “Just getting in the mood. Now I’m ready to enjoy myself.”

After indulging in a little liquid courage of her own, Elisandra moved onto the blanket with Valia. “You’ll have to forgive me, it’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man. I’m a little out of touch.”

“Lucky for you, I have a great deal of experience in touching.”

Noah moved over to her, lifting her chin and staring into her eyes, giving her a moment to prepare herself. Her eyes were full of desire and uncertainty, but he saw no sign of any negativity towards him. She was ready and willing, so he leaned forward and kissed her. Elisandra welcomed the tender contact, her lips immediately mimicking his movements. Such a simple act, but she felt all her tension vanish, as if Noah was sucking it out of her.

Her mind drifted back to her first dream of him, the two of them rolling in bed, their lips locked in a loving embrace just like this. Finally, her dream had become a reality. He moved closer to her, his arm wrapping around the small of her back while his other hand found her right breast. As their tongues met, Valia moved next to them like a hungry feline awaiting dinner.

Noah’s kiss with Elisandra ended, and she looked to Valia, the two of them gazing at each other with uncertainty. Valia took the initiative, sending her tongue deep into Elisandra’s mouth. Instinct took over and dispelled all hesitation, and lust flooded her like a sweet drug, robbing her of her inhibitions with the promise of pleasure. Elisandra returned the kiss, and the two became locked in a sapphic bond. Valia stroked her cheek, with her hand moving down, feeling the heat rising from her chest and eventually settling on her left breast.

Noah and Valia worked in unison, stripping away Elisandra’s robe and exposing her ample tits to the evening air. Despite his age and experience, Noah had desired to see them uncovered since they met, and their grandness befitted the elven queen. Each was like the moon overhead, gleaming white and domineering in their round fullness. But unlike the moon, pocked with craters, her skin reigned supreme in its soft smoothness. The succubus’s bite marks were long gone, as if they had never been there at all.

“My God, they’re even bigger than mine,” said Valia in shock. She began massaging the luscious orbs, her fingers sinking into them with her mouth hanging open.

“Just a little bit,” Noah said with a wink while joining her in fondling the queen.

Elisandra was panting, trying not to be overwhelmed by the feeling of hands caressing her so intimately. Her body had been craving this with indescribable desperation, and surrendered to them. Noah and Valia began to suck on her breasts, and the pleasure was more than she could endure. Elisandra lay back, letting them use her to indulge their lust. The swirling of tongues on her nipples, the massaging undulation of lips on her areolas, the sight of their faces so close to her, like she was being preyed upon by ravenous carnivores, was all too much.

After days of sexual confusion and frustration, her body was incredibly sensitive, and she felt like it was struggling to contain the pressure of her carnal desires. One tiny little pinprick was all it would take for her to pop like a balloon full of lust. The physical and the psychological, the combined forces smashed through the last bastion of resistance with frightening ease, setting off an explosion between her legs. She arched her back and moaned in euphoria, but Noah and Valia did not leave her breasts alone until they were satisfied, painting them with their tongues and leaving her erect nipples glistening in the moonlight.

Valia sat up and removed her robe, letting Elisandra look upon her magnificence. She saw her gazing in amazement and smiled. “Despite my earlier words, Your Majesty, this is a great honor for me. To taste the flesh of the Sylphtorian queen…” She held herself over Elisandra, her big brown tits hanging above her face and filling her entire field of vision. “And to have you taste me.” This was Elisandra’s first experience with a woman, but she took to it like a natural, raising her head and sucking on Valia’s breasts with lustful voracity. “That’s right. Ooh, that feels good,” Valia purred. As Elisandra used her mouth to service Valia’s breasts, Valia resumed fondling her. She couldn’t keep her hands away from those beautiful white mountains.

Down south, Noah spread Elisandra’s legs to find her womanhood wet with sinful honey. He smirked as he played with her pussy, stroking Elisandra’s labia and toying with her clitoris to gauge her reaction. She moaned softly, her face smothered by Valia’s endowment, but when he inserted his fingers, she arched her back and whimpered in happiness. His palm facing up, Noah continued sliding his fingers back and forth inside her, tickling her g-spot and making her squirm.

With her arousal dripping off his hand, Noah could only wait so long before he had to taste the queen. He lowered his head and went to town on her, with Valia’s breasts no longer able to contain Elisandra’s voice. Her moans echoed across the forest, changing in pitch with the movement of Noah’s tongue inside her. When it came to taste, elves were superior to humans, with Noah immersing himself in the queen’s sweetness like a hummingbird. He was drinking from the Holy Grail, and wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.

Elisandra said it had been a long time since she’d been with a man, but Noah saw no reason to go easy on her. He unleashed all of his oral skills as if trying to drive her mad, turning her own pleasure receptors against her. The queen’s body spasmed beyond her control, sometimes trying to pull away in some instinctive fight-or-flight reflex, but Noah would pull her back and use his tongue to punish her. Her soft white thighs gripped his head as she climaxed, with Noah drinking her up like he was about to cross a desert.

“I think she’s ready,” Noah said.

“All she’s done is receive. I’m going to get mad if you don’t make her give a little.”

“Wow, you really are jealous,” Noah teased.

Valia sat Elisandra up, almost delirious from the pleasure Noah had forced her to experience, and when she opened her eyes, she found his cock standing erect in front of her face. It pulsed with each beat of his heart, making her shiver in exhilaration. “It’s bigger than I thought it would be, bigger than in my dreams,” she murmured.

“Now what are you going to do with it?”

Elisandra grasped the muscular shaft, amazed by its heat and firmness. She thought back to her dream on the night Noah took the memory tea, remembering how ensnaring a man's taste was. She wanted to enjoy it for real. She opened her royal mouth and imbibed in his cock lusciously, drowning it in spit and lapping it off. Though he had cleansed himself in the pool, Noah’s masculine scent still filled her senses, and she loved it. Her head began bobbing back and forth, with Valia holding her golden hair back so it wouldn’t get in the way.

“That’s right, you’re doing good,” she said, getting more and more aroused as she watched.

“See how far you can take it,” Noah said, resting his hand on Elisandra’s head.

The queen obeyed, letting his cock move down her throat. Her nose met his stomach, and he could feel the convulsions running through her. Saliva was running down Elisandra’s chin, and every time she gagged, it would drip down onto her tits. Finally, she pulled away, gasping for air with tears in her eyes.

“My turn,” Valia murmured before slurping the queen’s spit off Noah’s cock.

She sucked on it with skill earned through repetition and familiarity, while Elisandra studied her technique. The queen certainly had the enthusiasm, but she lacked finesse, and now Valia showed her how it was done. She took it deeply, made a mess, and did everything she could to show off the difference between their levels. Though Noah and Valia had formed their relationship recently, the passion of their intimacy had cultivated her skill and lust.

Noah sighed in bliss as she pampered him with the softness of her cheeks and shuddered when she flicked her tongue in the slit at the tip. When it finally left her mouth, Elisandra butted in and started sucking it with the same energy, wanting to show that she had learned.

“Now you’re getting it,” Valia said. “Don’t forget the jewels.”

“Listen to her, she knows what I like.”

Valia lowered her head and began sucking on Noah’s sack, lovingly juggling his balls with her tongue. After a minute of devoted fellatio, the queen released Noah’s cock, letting Valia take another turn. She again imitated Valia, pleasuring Noah’s testes with wholehearted worship. Noah rolled his head back and grinned with the two elves competing on who could satisfy him better.

“I am so glad I came to this world.” He then tossed his robe aside. “Elisandra, I think it’s time you truly felt a man’s touch.”

In response, she lay back and shamelessly spread her legs in anticipation. “Lord Noah, I’m ready. Make love to me, the way only you can."

Noah moved on top of her, joining his body with hers, first with his lips and then with his cock. She gasped as it entered her and held him tight as he began his thrusts. Unlike his cunnilingus, he started slow and gentle, giving Elisandra the tender passion she deserved. He could feel it in the way she held him, her body and soul's desires. Even while surrounded by guards and subjects, she’d spent the centuries painfully alone, waiting for someone that would make her heart stir. He kissed her the way she wanted to be kissed, held her the way she wanted to be held, and cherished her as she had always dreamed.

“Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah,” she whimpered in his ear over and over again.

“Elisandra,” she whispered back, making her cry out in orgasmic joy.

He then raised himself up a bit to pick up speed, with her breasts rocking and jiggling with each thrust. She grabbed the blanket, gazing at Noah with a continuous moan passing her lips. Valia lay beside them, taking in the sight while she played with herself. Is this what she looked like when she and Noah had sex? Was that the expression she made? The sounds she released?

How many hours had the two spent together, with Noah’s cock driving into her womanhood deep, fast, and hard? How many nights had she moaned as her body received his powerful lust? However much it was, it wasn’t enough. She wanted more. She wanted Noah to forget about the queen and fuck her instead, with Elisandra taking the role of spectator. She craved it desperately, and the more she watched, the more her desires grew, and the faster her fingers moved, now frantically rubbing her clit while she whined in sexual madness.

Meanwhile, Noah had picked up the intensity with Elisandra. Her legs were folded back almost behind her pointed ears, and Noah was crouching over her, driving straight down, hammering her with his cock with mind-breaking depth and speed. Elisandra realized that this was no longer “making love” or “laying with a man”; she was being fucked, and she loved it more than she could describe.

The brutal force of Noah’s downward thrusts brought them exponentially close to the realm of pain, but that intensity mixed with the euphoria and left her slave to his will, her body too overwhelmed to move. She could only stare at him with a mix of adoration, love, and fear, unable to imagine him pounding her harder, but both fearing and craving it.

It wasn’t until he made her cum that he finally stopped to catch his breath. “Noah, don’t forget about me.” He turned to Valia, shaking her ass at him like an animal in heat.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”

Rather than immediately mounting her, he buried his face in her brown ass, eating her out from behind like it was his death row meal and making her melt in happiness. “Oh, you really know how to spoil me,” she moaned as he explored every nook and cranny. Her body trembled as he dined on her pussy, and she shuddered in sinful pleasure as his tongue swirled around in her back door.

Once satisfied, he grabbed her hips and drove into her, proceeding to ride her without mercy. Valia didn’t attempt to maintain an upright position. Instead, she had her face to the ground as he fucked her, feeling like his cock was rearranging her insides. Their bodies slapped together over and over, echoing like her moans.

Now it was Elisandra’s turn to watch, and her thoughts were the same as Valia’s. Is that what it looked like to receive such perverse pleasure? To be sexually conquered with every powerful thrust bending her to Noah’s will? She saw the ripples move through Valia’s ass with each slam, heard the slick wetness of suction and friction as Noah’s cock swirled in her pussy, and smelled the sweat running down his chest as he subjected Valia to his desires, with Valia taking an almost masochistic joy in receiving his brutal strength.

Valia cried out from cumming, and desire overwhelmed Elisandra; selfish, impatient desire. Bent over on all fours like Valia, she knocked her out of the way with her hips, presenting her glistening pussy to Noah, in desperate need of his cock. Elisandra, the elegant, dignified queen of Sylphtoria, was gone. In her place was Elisandra, Noah’s love slave and shameless concubine. Noah indulged her, taking her from behind like a mad beast.

Elisandra was descending into the delirium of sexual fulfillment, with her face melting into a mindless smile. She couldn’t help but imagine her subjects seeing her so lewd and depraved. However, Valia was glaring at her as though she had just insulted the entire Tsyrfil bloodline. The queen owed her pleasure, and she was going to get it. She moved in front of Elisandra and spread her legs, demanding reimbursement. Elisandra, having long since lost any hesitancy, eagerly went down on her.

Just like when she sucked on Valia’s breasts, her actions were driven by instinct and pleasure, and that was more than enough to make Valia forget her anger. Elisandra’s tongue probed the deepest depths of her pussy, making Valia roll her head back and groan in relief. After Noah’s sexual bombardment, the gentleness of Elisandra’s cunnilingus was like a decadent dessert following a gratuitous feast.

She looked across Elisandra’s back, watching her flesh ripple from Noah’s thrusts, the same way her own had shaken when she was on the receiving end. She could see these sexual waves moving through Elisandra’s body and felt the vibrations enter her. Elisandra’s face was pushed against Valia’s pussy with each impact, her tongue delving ever deeper. It was like Noah was fucking her through Elisandra, a sinfully delectable sensation.

After a while, Noah grabbed Elisandra and pulled her against him, the two upright with Noah’s driving manhood producing a bulge in her lower abdomen and his hands turning her tits into his playthings. Then everything changed with the simple act of Noah wrapping his lips around the tip of one of Elisandra’s pointed ears. Her eyes bolted open, Elisandra feeling like someone had just walked on her grave. The pleasure rushing through her was nothing short of terrifying.

“No, don’t!” she begged. Noah ignored her, continuing his deep pumps while he nibbled on her ear. “It’s too much!” she screamed as she climaxed, harder than ever in her life, releasing a spray of feminine essence from between her legs that drenched Valia.

When her orgasm finally settled, she was left in a state of shock, shivering as if hypothermic. Tears were running down her cheeks, a side effect of Noah making her squirt for the first time. He gently lowered her down to the ground, giving her the chance to rest and recover.

He then moved over to Valia, reaching out to him with a sweet smile on her face. “Come here,” she cooed. Noah embraced her, his strokes deep but slow, letting them enjoy the taste of each other’s lips.

Lying beside them, limp as a ragdoll, Elisandra watched with what little awareness she had been able to retain. How desperately she wished that she and Valia could trade lives. Maybe she could hand over the throne to Leuca, freeing her to travel with Noah and Valia, a trio of lovers, and spend every night immersing herself in this pleasure. Elisandra knew she couldn’t, the throne was everything to her. Her responsibility to her kingdom would follow her to the grave, but for now, she allowed herself to fantasize and indulge in resentment.

She inched closer and slid her arm between them, holding onto Valia and trying to absorb some of the passion and eroticism they were radiating. Noah wasn’t going to leave her out in the cold. While he continued thrusting into Valia, his lips belonged to the queen, and she wondered if she would ever again meet someone who would kiss her like this.

Noah eventually pulled out of Valia completely, and Elisandra was quick to get in between them, lovingly performing fellatio and sucking Valia’s flavor off Noah’s cock. Once she had cleaned him thoroughly, she spread her legs, and he got on top of her and intertwined their bodies. The queen held him tight, never wanting the night to end. Valia lay beside them, running her hands across her lovers’ bare forms.

Noah moved back and forth between them, his stamina never fading. He was always on top, exchanging a deep kiss in missionary or flipping them onto their bellies and taking them from behind mercilessly. While deep in one woman, he’d share his affection with the other. His mouth was always busy kissing them, sucking on their breasts, and nibbling on their ears. He dominated them thoroughly, and their submission was willing and eager, wanting to receive his lust until the end of time. The women pleasured each other just as much as he did, with the three covered in saliva and love marks.

Eventually, Noah pulled out and took a deep breath, with Valia taking her turn to savor the taste of Elisandra’s arousal on his manhood. “Ok, I’m taking a rest. It’s time for you two to put in some work.”

The women looked at each other and exchanged a girlish giggle. They crawled over to him as he lay on his back with lustful smiles. Their fingers closed around his cock, and they stroked it worshipfully while they kissed and licked his chest. They brought their faces close to his, and the trio all shared a long, sloppy kiss, with their three tongues swirling together. Valia and Elisandra then sat up, and without needing to exchange words, they got into position.

Since Elisandra had been fucked last, it was Valia’s turn. She straddled Noah’s lap and sighed happily as his cock entered her, returning to its rightful place. As she rode him, Elisandra swung her leg over Noah and sat on his face, letting him gorge on her sexual essence once more.

Valia, a dedicated sword master, had an ass sculpted through exercise, full and firm, like a volleyball player. Elisandra, on the other hand, led a much less active life. Though her diet gave her a flat belly and thin waist, her thighs and rear had the same lush shapeliness as her breasts and were softer than Valia’s.

Sitting on Noah’s face, Elisandra’s ass smothered him like an airbag, and her voice pronounced his skill as he hollowed her out with his tongue like he was going to make a Jack-o-Lantern. He switched back and forth between her pussy and asshole, with his tongue slithering so deep inside her that she’d questioned if his body was really human.

Drunk on lust, the elf maidens licked each other’s bodies with their eyes. Valia watched Noah’s chin between Elisandra’s legs, occasionally seeing his tongue when he focused on her clit. Elisandra’s gaze was focused on Valia’s heaving tits, bouncing wildly as she rode Noah’s cock.

They couldn’t resist each other, as all lines of sexuality had blurred long ago. They each leaned forward, continuing the messy kiss they had shared with Noah. While he enjoyed burying his tongue in Elisandra’s pussy and his cock inside Valia’s, they took turns sucking on each other’s breasts.

They eventually switched positions. Elisandra rode Noah in reverse cowgirl, throwing her ass back like she was trying to snap off his manhood. At the same time, Valia rode his face with her back to Elisandra. She looked down between her breasts, able to meet Noah’s gaze as he drank her nectar. Like Elisandra, her eyes were full of love, and her face suddenly took on a tender smile.

After a few minutes, Noah suddenly grabbed Valia and pushed her onto his back. Having regained his strength, he folded her legs back and fucked her with the same savagery he had used on Elisandra. The salacious queen refused to be left out of the fun. She rode Valia’s face the same way she’d ridden Noah’s, and joined her lips with his.

Soon, Noah pulled his lips away from Elisandra, and she had an idea why. She saw it on his face and sensed the way his muscles tensed. She saw him shudder as he ejaculated deep into Valia, soon pulling out with a thread of semen connecting his half-rigid member to her pussy. Once again, desire overwhelmed the queen, a fit of selfish jealousy that compelled her to act.

She grabbed Noah and pulled him on top of her. “I’m not letting you go until you finish inside me as well,” she whispered in his ear. Her voice was a lustful growl, but her expression was tender and loving.

“All you had to do was ask,” he replied.

Seeing what was going on, Valia moved behind Noah, first sucking up the last few drops of cum, then running her tongue up the underside of his shaft and showing his jewels some more love. Once she stroked him back to total rigidity, she guided him into the queen, and Noah began his thrusts. Like before, his movements were gentle, giving him time to regain his strength before picking up speed. Despite Elisandra’s wish, he held off on orgasming a second time, instead waiting for her to experience one herself so he could join her.

Through her climax's euphoria, she felt his thick human seed pouring into her body and defiling her royal womb. She felt so dirty, so sinful, and so alive. She didn’t want him to stop. She wanted him to keep emptying himself into her, to fill her to the brim like a wineglass and then to overflow in a sinful mess, to feel Noah’s hot semen melt the chains that bound her. A pillar of light then radiated from the silver mirror, interrupting the three.

“I’m guessing the spirits are satisfied,” said Noah.

“I believe you are correct,” said Elisandra, then turning to him with a smile. “Still, you’ve made Valia and I climax countless times. It would be unfair not to let you finish at least one more time.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Something from my dream I want to try.”

Noah pulled out of Elisandra, and she moved down. He expected her to give him some oral attention, but his cock disappeared between her tits rather than her mouth. “Now this is a pleasure,” said Noah with a groan of happiness.

“The pleasure is mine,” she replied, using her breasts to jack him off. The softness of her cleavage defied de***********ion, leaving Noah with nothing to do but receive the elf queen’s affection.

“Hey, I want to try that,” said Valia.

She forced her way in, her breasts smooshing against Elisandra’s and leaving Noah’s manhood enveloped. “Oh my, this is even more fun,” said Elisandra.

The two women worked together to pleasure Noah with their breasts. On one side was Valia, and on the other was Elisandra, dark elf and elf queen, ebony and ivory, silver and gold, two beauties matched only by each other. It was a level of bliss that no man, no matter how accomplished or virtuous, was worthy to experience. The softness of their tits was matched only by the weight of this sexual triumph.

By their combined efforts, they brought Noah to climax, and a geyser of semen erupted from the center of their joined cleavages, basting them with his scent. They separated, panting in shock with their faces and chests having received an even coat.

Elisandra picked up a glob of semen with her finger and licked it. “Hmm. It’s salty, bitter, and sticks unpleasantly in my throat, yet somehow, it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.” She then began massaging her breasts, rubbing Noah’s semen into her skin like sunscreen. “Thank you, Noah, Valia. There are no words that can describe what this night as meant for me, and how happy you both have made me.”

Noah pulled her close and kissed her. “Anytime.”

Elisandra and Valia licked each other clean, and the three sat naked around the mirror. Noah could see the spirits’ reflections as they swirled in the sky. The way they moved, it seemed like they were happy, in some form or fashion.

“It worked. The spirits have acknowledged my efforts and seen my true feelings. They are ready to commune. Well, well, they say they’ve taken an interest in you, Noah, and not just for your exemplary performance. They sense your true self and know you are not a simple human. They have never encountered a being like you, one who has transcended time and death as you have. They feel a certain kinship with you. Rather, they see you as something similar to themselves.”

Noah swallowed a lump in his throat, staring at the moon’s reflection and the spirits swirling around it. Now that the sex was done with, he was focused. “I’d like to make a wish.”

“Noah, remember your promise,” Valia murmured.

“Ask them to break my curse, to take away my reincarnation ability. Upon my death, I want to cease to exist in any shape or form. Please, give them my wish.”

Elisandra relayed his request, and all the spirits started moving in new directions. “They… said they can’t.”

“What?” Noah could barely squeeze out the word.

“They say your wish, just like your curse, has two aspects: your reincarnation, and your time travel. If you really desire it, they can stop your reincarnation, however, that just means you’ll lose your physical form upon your death. After transcending death so many times, your soul is powerful enough to exist without a body, but your body is what allows you to remain in one temporal location, to experience the flow of time the way we do.

If you give up your ability to reincarnate, you will become a spirit like them. In a way, it’s an invitation to a higher level of existence, but your journey through time will be even more chaotic. Right now, you jump from one body to another, leapfrogging through realities, but if you give up your body, it would be like falling through a bottomless pit for all eternity.”

“Why can’t they stop my time travel?”

“Life and death are the realm of the spirits. Magic and elements are the realm of the gods. But things like time, the primordial forces of the universe, are the realm of the titans. Though the spirits have great power, they lack the authority to overwrite a curse outside their jurisdiction.”

Noah remembered the exorcisms he had experienced at the knight academy. Every time Sir Elyot tried to call upon the power of the gods, it failed. But, if not even the gods could supersede a titan-level curse, what hope did he have?

“Can they at least tell me how to break it?”

“Living beings like you and I have less power than higher beings like the spirits and gods, but we have greater variety in the magic we can use, so even if the spirits can’t use time magic, you can. Just as you currently wield the curse, so too can you potentially wield the cure. It can’t be given, only found. However, they say they are willing to provide you with a clue.”

A ball of light struck Noah’s hand from above, and a magic circle appeared underneath him. He had never seen a single complex formula. It made summoning magic and Madam Cyrilo’s stone slab look like child’s play. Spells constantly evolved as the wielder grew more powerful, with small details of magic circles often changing every time they were cast, but here, he could see numerical values and other data shifting in real-time, faster than he could catch.

“This… this is the formula for my curse.” Noah gasped, grinning like a child on Christmas morning. Though he would never say it to the two women, finding the runic formula made him even happier than the threesome just moments earlier.

“Now, Valia, you want to know where your brother has been hiding. Hopefully, he’s in the Anorvan Forest. Otherwise, the spirits here might not be able to find him.”

She beseeched spirits, and the reflection in the mirror changed. Instead of the spirits and the night sky, the mirror showed the planet as viewed from space. The view then began to drop towards the surface, zooming in on the continent and approaching the Anorvan Forest before moving offshore and focusing on an island.

“Kisara Island. That… is problematic,” Elisandra said.

“Why, what’s wrong?” Noah asked.

Valia sighed. “Let’s just say it’s a very bad place to be.”

“Regardless, the spirits are telling me that’s where he has spent the most time, and it appears to be where all the stolen relics are being kept.”

“Well then that’s where we need to go. It’s as simple as that. We now know where Valon is, and I have a lead to finding my cure. There is only one thing left to do.”

“What’s that?” Elisandra asked.

“Enjoy the rest of our evening.”

Noah moved over to her, pulled her close, and kissed her. They no longer needed to prove themselves to the spirits, but that didn’t stop the trio from moving back onto the blanket and continuing their fun. They had sex until dawn, and the sounds of moaning and clapping flesh drowned out the cries of every animal.

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The succubus part seemed a bit rushed, the part with the pyramide is one of your best scenes. The pace, the story line, the interactions great!! keep up the good work. As always i will look forward to the next one!

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