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Sandra takes a year out and is determined to have as much fun as she did at university.
Sandra after University

by Vanessa Evans

Part 6

Fifteen minutes later we were walking into the gym, George standing up and welcoming us back and asking us how it went.

“Good, very good.” I replied, “Catalina here is thinking of joining me for my workout.”

“Good,” George said, “but no pressure Catalina, If you don’t want to it’s okay, your job is safe, in fact I’ve been so pleased with you recently and takings are up so I was thinking of giving you a pay rise.”

“Thank you boss, can I go and have a shower please?”

“Sure,” George replied, the evening rush hasn’t started yet.”

Catalina went off to the ladies changing room and I said,

“I think that she’s going to shave her pubic hair off.”

“You managed to to get to see that she has a bush?”

“Got her totally naked, she’s got a big black bush and surprise, surprise, she likes being naked outdoors, even got her walking to the car park and putting flyers on cars whilst naked.”

“Wow, didn’t my little benefits girl do well?”

“Thanks, but I’m not sure that she’s ready for a workout with me yet, may have to work on that one some more.”

“I think that I’ll have to invite her to my next party, that should loosen her up a bit more.”

“Are you going to start fucking her George?”

“Not when your tight little cunt is around, that’s for sure. Why, would you get jealous Sandra?”

“No, not at all. Do you get jealous when other men fuck me?”

“No, but I do wish that it was my cock ramming into that tight little pussy of yours.”

George put his hand on my pussy and bent a finger inside me. Pulling it out and holding it between our faces he said,

“Does your pussy ever get dry Sandra?”

“Nope. Complaining?”

“Hell no.”

George and I talked for a while then Catalina reappeared and said,

“It feels so good being all shaved, I don’t know why I didn’t try it before”

“It helps that you haven’t got any underwear on Catalina.” I said and I watched George’s eyebrows go up and a smile appear on his face. “You should try it with a much shorter skirt on, one like mine, you can borrow some of mine if you like.”

“Maybe, I have some swimsuit cover-ups that I might try.”

“You’ll feel good in them Catalina,” I replied the continued, “I’m off for a shower then it will be about time for my workout. Many guys here George?”

“Quite a few.”

“Good.” I replied as I went off to the ladies changing room.

As I was showering Lucy came into the changing room and when I saw her I said,

“Hi Lucy, going to be a regular visitor here then?”

“Hi Sandra, yes I am, it’s free and I like looking at the front of the guys shorts, it’s pity that George won’t let guys in for free if they workout naked.”

“I thing that a load of boners swinging around might put some of the other customers off.”

“Probably true.” Lucy replied then added, “So when are you coming to the The Pink Pussy Kat? Maybe Tony will give you a job, one that pays actual money?”

“Funny that you should say that Lucy, George was telling me that after my workout tonight he’ll take me there. Tony and Angela invited me there the other night.”

Before we could talk any more, 2 more girls walked in and I saw that it was the 2 that I’d talked to on the beach at Ses Salines, Ellie and Mandy.

“Oh, thank gawd,” Ellie said, “for a minute I thought that we might be the only 2 girls here and that we’d be out there naked on our own.”

“Relax ladies, the 4 of us will cause quite a stir out there.” I said.

I quickly introduced everyone as I dried myself the said,

“Okay ladies, time to get naked then we’ll go and give the guys some eye candy for them to wank to later, but remember, there’s to be no sexual contact in the workout room, we don’t want to put George’s licence at risk. If you see a guy that you fancy just tell him to meet you outside afterwards.”

As the 3 of them got naked I explained how we’d work on the machines then do some mat work together.

“Sandra has a great routine on the mats,” Lucy said, “last time I just followed her lead and I have never enjoyed myself so much.”

“Sounds good.” Mandy replied.

None of the other 3 had been wearing more than a dress or skirt and top, and shoes, and within seconds we were heading to the workout room. As we exited the changing room I saw, and waved to Catalina. My wave was more of a ‘come on’ wave but she didn’t move.

The workout room quickly went deadly quiet as the 4 totally naked girls walked in. I noticed that Mandy and Ellie both looked a little nervous so I said,

“You’ll be fine ladies, just relax and concentrate on your workout. Four machines each then meet on the mats, okay?”

Lucy turned to Ellie and Mandy and quietly said,

“Watch Sandra on the exercise bike.”

Yes, I started on one of the exercise bikes and Lucy on another one. We both altered the height of the seats and before long our pussies were sliding from side to side on the saddles. As I pedalled I looked around the room in the big mirrors and saw that there were around 20 clothed people, mostly guys, nearly all of them just standing around watching the 4 naked girls. Mandy was on a rowing machine and Ellie on a steps machine.

As my orgasm started to build I saw that Catalina had come into the room and I was very pleased to see that she too was completely naked and I could see her completely bald pubis. I was proud of her but I couldn’t tell her that because, not only was my orgasm about to hit me, but also she quickly went to another of the steps machines and started using it.

I also noticed that both Ellie and Mandy kept looking over to me with smiles on their faces. I guessed that they had realised that the effect of Lucy and I raising the saddles would have and that they were waiting to see the inevitable.

“Oh yeeeeessssss.” I said, probably loud enough for half the room to hear, as my first orgasm of the evening hit me. Even though my body was shaking and jerking I kept pedalling until my body exploded again. Somewhere along my second journey to utopia I vaguely heard Lucy going over her own cliff edge but my number one priority at that time was getting my second orgasm of the evening.

“That’s the best possible way to start a workout.” I quietly said to Ellie as I walked passed her to the thigh abductor.

I adjusted the resistance and sat on the abductor, with my legs closed, ready to start and I just sat there for a few seconds looking around. I smiled to myself as I looked at the faces and the bulging shorts of the audience. Although not all eyes were on me I has still happy, there was certainly going to be some blue balls leaving that gym later that evening.

I also watched some of the naked girls change machines and was pleased to see both Ellie and Mandy climb on exercise cycles.

Then I took a deep breath and forced my thighs apart as wide as the machine would let them go. I hadn’t set the resistance too high because I wanted to keep my legs spread for a long time. As I was straining I decided that I’d always use those settings and count the seconds that I could keep my legs spread wide and only increase the resistance when I could manage 60 seconds.

“That should give the guys a really good look at my pussy.” I thought.

Having done that exercise 5 times I reversed the resistance so that the machine was trying to force my legs closed. I decided that is was the best way to do it as I knew that my legs would tire and that they’d spend more time spread wide as I summoned the strength to do one more rep.

I did 2 more machines before going to the mats. None of the 2 were as revealing as the abductor but whilst I was on those 2 machines I watched Lucy, Ellie and Mandy use the abductor, much to the delight of our audience. I noted that Catalina stayed away from the abductor but I wasn’t unhappy about that, after all, she’d changed one hell of a lot in just that one day and I wondered how long she’d been thinking about having some of the fun that I obviously was.

I had to wait a few minutes for the other 4 girls to finish then they came over to me on the mats and any of the audience who hadn’t followed me over came and circled the mats.

I explained to the newbies that it would be like a yoga class where one person leads and the others follow, the leader helping out when anyone was struggling. Because I saw that Catalina was still looking a bit nervous I went over to her and quietly said.

“I know that you know what is coming, if it helps just ignore the audience and think about the fun that you had at the beach this afternoon.”

As I’ve mentioned before, all my exercises are ones that involve spreading my legs to one extent or another and I was pleased to see that all the girls participated quite well, the only exercise that all of them struggled to a varied extent was the standing splits. After demonstrating it I went and helped Ellie, Mandy and Catalina. All 3 were very close to doing it properly and I encouraged them saying that they just needed some practice.

Catalina was losing her nervousness and did the best out of the 3 newbies, she quite literally ‘opened up’.

Then came the grand finale where I put my calves behind my shoulders and do 30 Kegel exercises only this time I only did 10 Kegels before getting up and checking on the other girls. I was pleased to see that they all knew what Kegels were although I did see that Catalina was blushing as she did them.

I quickly got back into position right in front of a couple of guys who watched my pussy doing the remaining 20.

“That’s it girls,” I said, “I hope to see you all tomorrow evening.”

Most of the audience started moving away and I went over to Ellie and Mandy.

“That was fucking awesome Suzie.” Mandy said, “PE lessons at school were never like that.”

“And you do that every evening?” Ellie asked.

“Yes I do.” I replied.

“I wish that I’d know about it when we first arrived in Ibiza,” Mandy said, “We have to go home in 3 days.”

“Well that’s 3 more evenings fun for you.” I replied.

“Gotta go,” Ellie said, “we’re meeting some guys outside.”

“Going to administer some treatment for blue balls are you?” I asked.

“Something like that.” Mandy replied as they headed off to the changing room.

“Another awesome session, thank you Sandra” Lucy said. “Maybe see you later.”

“I hope so,” I replied, “I fancy standing next to some seated, horny guys in a dark club.”

“Well if Tony or Angela will let you I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy it.”

Lucy left too and I turned to Catalina.

“How was that Catalina?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, it was so much fun but so embarrassing and I know that I shouldn’t have done it, what would my parents or friends say, but I just know that I’m going to do it again.”

“And get naked on the beach?” I asked.

“And get naked on the beach.” Catalina replied and giggled a little.

“Come on.” I said taking Catalina’s hand and leading her out of the room and towards the reception area.

“Wait, I can’t go there like this.” Catalina protested.

But she didn’t stop walking and within seconds 2 naked girls were stood in front of George.

“Good workout ladies?” George asked as he gave Catalina a quick look up and down then turned his eyes towards me. I could tell that he wanted to have a good look at the naked Catalina but didn’t want to embarrass her.

“Yes thanks George.” I replied, “and Catalina did well, she enjoyed it as well didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Catalina quietly replied

“So I’m going to be stuck out here every evening from now on am I?” George asked.

“Maybe.” Catalina replied.

“Maybe I could get someone else to cover reception on an evening so that you can have more fun Catalina? Do you know any other girls who could do a few hours on an evening and maybe the odd full day when you want some time off Catalina, a friend or maybe a sister?”

Catalina blushed at, I presumed, the thought of one of her friends or her sister seeing her do the naked workout so I said,

“Hey, a few days ago Catalina you never imagined that you could do what you have just done and I’m sure that your friend or sister would be the same. Have you got a sister?”

“Yes, Mila, she’s a couple of years younger than me.”

“There you go then, talk to her, invite her along one evening, you don’t have to tell her what you’ll be doing, well not to start off with.” I said.

“Mila might enjoy it more than me, she’s already got into trouble for inviting boys to her bedroom a couple of times.”

“She sounds perfect to me.” George said, “leave it with you Catalina.”

“Okay, can I go and get dressed now?”

“Of course you can Catalina, you can wear as much or as little as you want when you are here, well apart from when you are working out with Sandra.”

“You go and get dressed too Sandra, we’ll go to Andy and Janice’s cafe to get something to eat then on to the Pink Pussy Kat, Tony has a proposition for you.”

“That sounds intriguing.” I replied.

Andy greeted me by telling me to bend over a table so that he could spank my bare butt. Then after he’d given me 5 swats he told me to stand up and he hugged me and welcomed me. I was definitely liking George’s friends, not only do they like having fun like I do but they were easy to talk to.

We had a great, free, meal where George and I talked about all sorts of things, Catalina being one of them. George was well pleased with my progress with persuading her to get naked and join the workouts. He told me that he thought that he’d seen Catalina with her sister Mila sometime and Catalina had talked about her often. George said that he’d got the impression that Mila was less conservative and religious than Catalina was so getting her to join the naked workouts could well be easier.

We also talked about the gym’s customers and how the guys were mainly holidaymakers. We both agreed to think of ideas to target locals and ExPats who would be around all through the winter months as well.

I asked George if he’d heard anything from Pedro about the website or any movie making.

“Funny that you should say that Sandra,” George said, “Pedro will be round to see us in a couple of days to show you what he’s got for the website so far.”

“Good.” I replied, “I can’t wait to get started with the movie making, do you think that we could sell them?”

“I think that that’s one of the things that Pedro wants to talk about.” George replied.

We got to the Pink Pussy Kat and the bouncer on the door smiled at George and said hello as he looked me up and down then opened the door to let us in. The topless young girl collecting entrance fees waved us straight in saying,

“Hi George, fancy a lap dance later?”

As we kept walking she might just have heard George replying,


The place looked okay, not too dark, not up to the standards that I’d expect from the big named clubs on the island, but never the less it looked smart and clean. There is a small stage with dancing poles at either end and at that time there was one girl, wearing just a thong and heels, hanging upside down with her legs spread wide, on one of the poles.

George led me to the bar and I looked around as he got us both a drink. Topless girls were taking trays of drinks to tables and I spotted Lucy stood between 2 seated me. She was wearing just heals and a very short (not as short as mine) skirt with her feet about shoulder width apart. I could see one of the men’s hands up the back of her skirt. She looked to be happily talking to the other men on the table while being fingered.

I also saw a topless girl leading a middle-aged man through a door and guessed that she was about to give him a lap dance.

Just as George handed me my drink Tony appeared in front of me and said,

“Well hello there gorgeous I was wondering how long it would be before you honoured us with your presence. Hi there George, Sandra, you’ve got your tits covered, as you can see girls in here don’t need to cover them.”

“But I’m not staff.” I replied.

“Do you want to be, we could do with a pair of tits like yours in here.”

I looked at George and he said,

“Hey Sandra, our deal is for you to workout naked at the gym, that’s all, what you do during the rest of your time is up to you.”

“What would my hours be Tony?” I asked.

“What would you want them to be Sandra? No, seriously Sandra, I’ll pay you the same hourly rate as the other girls and you can work whenever you want. Since we are neighbours I’ll even throw in a free ride home at the end of the night.”

My answer was to take my top off, hand it to George and start walking towards Lucy.

“Whoa there my little exhibitionist friend.” Tony said, “you can start work later and I’ll pair you with Lucy to start off with, she tells me that she’s joined your naked workout club, but first we have some talking to do, some plans to make. Pedro is here somewhere and we have some ideas that you may be interested in.”

“You will be wearing skirts that short when you come to work won’t you Sandra?” Tony asked.

“I’ll come stark naked if you want me to Tony?”

“Keep that for the private rooms or on the stage Sandra, in the main area the girls have to wear a skirt, licence rules. Happily, the rules don’t say how long nor that there has to be anything under the skirt.”

“You said ‘on the stage’ Tony?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m assuming that you want to enter the wet T-shirt competitions and I can get someone to teach you how to pole dance.”

“Brilliant Tony, thank you.”

By then we’d spotted Pedro and Tony led us to the quietest part of the room where we sat down and were immediately approached by a girl wearing just a micro skirt and heels. She stood next to Tony whilst she took our drinks orders and I noticed that she’s stood with her feet about shoulder width apart and that Tony had a hand up her skirt.

I felt my pussy get a wet rush at the thought of me doing the same as that girl.

Anyway, as soon as she was gone Tony said,

“I’m assuming that you still want a website Sandra and that you want it to have lots of photographs and videos of you naked in public places and having sex in as many public places as possible. I’m also assuming that you like it rough and will be happy to have sex on video with multiple guys, is that right?”

“What? Oh, err, yes, but you didn’t mention spanking?”

“How could I have missed that out, you look amazing getting spanked in the stocks Sandra, yes spanking, in and out of the stocks and getting tied up are included, as are you being fucked by all the machines that George has in his garage. What about bestiality, do you fancy trying that Sandra?”

“I’m game for any and every thing, bring it on guys.”

“No blood drawing.” George said, “I don’t want her dripping blood all over my gym, nor having scabs all over her body when she’s working out. A red butt is okay, but no blood.”

I was pleased that Gorge had said that and I verbally agreed with him, making it clear that I didn’t want to lose any blood.

“Also, I need people around who can whisk me away if it looks like the cops are going to intervene.”

“Agreed,” Tony said, “now that we have the ground rules established, lets talk through some ideas, let’s start with the tame ones first.”

“Before we all get excited about Sandra having fun in public,” Pedro said, “can we quickly talk about the website. I’m assuming that you want to make some money out of it.”

“It’s not my number one priority.” I replied, “but yes, I’ve got to find a way of paying you guys for all your time.”

“Good,” Pedro replied, “can I suggest a few teaser clips on the front page then the punters have to pay to see the full videos? I’ll check other similar sites and see what they are charging.” Pedro said.

“What about live feeds and camgirl sessions?” I asked.

“I can set that up but before each session we’d have to get permission from other nude girls at the gym.” Pedro replied.

“I can do that, and if they aren’t happy I can promise to pixilate faces out, Can you do that Pedro?”

“Of course,” Pedro replied, “and on a similar vein, George, are you happy for your villa to be in the videos?”

“I am.” George replied.

“Now, onto the ideas.”Pedro said.

“Hang on a minute,” Tony said, “Sandra looks like she’s a little distracted, how about us guys produce a list of ideas and discuss the practicalities of each one whilst Sandra goes and starts work.”

Whilst he was doing that I felt one of Tony’s hands go between my legs and one of the fingers enter me. Then he continued,

“Her mind appears to be on getting finger fucked so Sandra, SANDRA, we’ll produce a list then we’ll go through it with you, is that okay?”

“Yes, you do that guys, unless you 3 want to make me cum right here.”

“Go Sandra, tell Lucy that I said she has to teach you the ropes.” Tony said.

I quickly got to me feet and went over to Lucy who took me to the bar to get another tray of drinks and whist we waited she quickly explained how things worked, adding,

“Keep your skirt on and stay on your feet. Any hassle and you stick your arm in the air. A bouncer will be with you in seconds.”

“You grab that tray of drinks and I’ll walk with you to the table.”

I went between 2 guys and bent forwards as I put the tray on the table and said,

“Now guys, who wants what?”

They all shouted the name of their drink to which I replied,

“One at a time please guys, I can’t cope with all of you at once, well not here in the club.”

By then I’d felt hands sliding up both my inner thighs, one being faster than the other and getting to my dripping pussy first. I looked to the guy to my left, me being pretty sure that it was his fingers that were inside me, and said,

“What was your drink sir?”

“A pint of pussy juice please luv.”

“Sorry sir,” I replied, I didn’t see that name on any of the pumps, does it only come in bottles?”

“Neither did I,” the man said, “but if you stay there for much longer it might come in handfuls.”

He was right, and I was feeling like he might just get a handful quite soon. I took a pint of beer off the tray and put it in front of him then I picked up the tray and backed away, forcing the hands to unattach themselves from me.

I moved around the table a bit and repeated my actions only to have one of the guys say,

“That’s one hell of a pair of tits that you’ve got there girly, the last time I saw little pointy tits like that was on young girls, are you old enough to be working here?”

“I am sir.” I replied, and then immediately gasped as a hand shot up my inner thighs and the finger invaded my pussy quite hard.

I looked behind me and saw Lucy grinning. Turning back I bent over a little to hand out some drinks knowing that both Lucy and the guys on the table behind me could see my butt and pussy. I was really enjoying the job.

And so it went on, more finger fucking and comments about my tiny, pointed tits, until I had handed out all the drinks. I backed away and went to Lucy who said,

“Fun isn’t it, did any of them make you cum?”

“No, each time I got close I backed away.” I replied.

“Don’t worry about cumming, just so long as you don’t scream your head off. If you do a bounce may run over to find out if you are getting assaulted.”

“Well I was but I sure as hell wasn’t complaining.” I replied.

“Okay, you cracked that part just fine, that table over there looks like they are ready to order some more drinks. Grab a pad and pen from the bar and go and ask them what you can do for them.”

“Did you mean to say ‘do for them’ Lucy?”

“Sorry Sandra, we’re supposed to say ‘get for you’ but I keep forgetting and say ‘do for you.’ Some notice and ask me to do things for them like rub one out for them or suck their cocks but I just ignore them.”

“You just like the dirty talk don’t you Lucy?”

“Guilty, but I bet that will be the same.”


I went over to the table, stood between 2 of the guys with my feet well apart and asked the guy on my right if there was anything that I could do for him. He turned and looked at me, his eyes being so close to my tits and as his left hand slid up my inner thigh he replied,

“Wow, very impressive, what’s your name?”

“Suzie sir,” I replied. “can I get you anything?”

“Breakfast, tomorrow morning in my hotel room, right after we’ve spent the night making passionate love.”

“Inviting though it is sir, I was referring to drinks.”

“Your pussy feels like it needs someone to drink it dry Suzie.”

“You’re not supposed to be touching me sir. Would you like me to get you another drink sir?”

The guy gave me his order, then instead of looking at one of the other guys and asking them if I could get them a drink, I stepped back and moved to the other side of the guy on my left and stood the same way before asking him if I could get him another drink.

His left hand slid up my inner thigh and the fingers quickly filled the gap left by the previous guy.

And so it went on until I had a drinks order from each guys. I turned and headed back to the bar only for Lucy to say,

“Well that’s one way of getting their orders.”

“And the fingers of each guy.” I added.

“True, but if we’re busy you need to do it a bit quicker than that.”

“Quality not quantity then?”

“Only when we’re busy.” Lucy replied then added. “You don’t need any more lessons Sandra, I’ll be around if you need to ask me anything.”

I enjoyed myself getting fingered by lots of guys for what seemed like 30 minutes or so but when George came over and told that I’d been at it for over 3 hours I was quite surprised.

“Leave that Sandra,” George said, “come over to the guys, we’ve got a list of movies for you to review.”

I went over to the table and sat between George and Pablo who had his laptop open.

“Right Sandra, we’ve sorted the ideas into ‘tame’ down to true porn. We don’t have to do all these in this order but we should do the first couple first just to get into the swing of it, okay?”

“Sure, sounds sensible. What’s the first one?!

“I’ll read them out then we’ll all expand on the idea.” Pablo said.

“Body painting.” Pablo said.

Tony then told me that he had a friend who is a tattoo artist but is also brilliant at air brush body painting. He’d seen some of his work before and he was 100 percent sure that he could paint a top and some shorts on you that would look very realistic until you got to a metre or so from you. They’d be in some sort of thin paint that I’m told you can’t feel and it would stay on you for a couple of days.”

“So I could walk around the centre of Ibiza town in the middle of the day totally naked?” I asked.

“Exactly, and we’d have a camera crew following you.”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied, “how often can he paint me?”

“Let’s do it once and the other things on the list then go back for a second visits.” George said.

“Naked Shopping.” Pablo said.

In John and Mary’s department store. They’ve already agreed to it, it’s just a case of picking a date and time.

“Two winners.” I replied.

“Naked Shop Sales Assistant.” Pablo said.

Again in John and Mary’s department store. They’ve already agreed to this as well, it’s just a case of picking a date and time. Mary will keep you hidden and *********** the ‘victims’ then push you out to serve them.

“Walking around remote village.” Pablo said.

There are a number of villages on the island that the tourists seem to like wandering around and during the heat of the day the locals tend to stay in their houses so we thought you could wander around giving the tourists a pleasant surprise Sandra.

“I like that, it always makes my pussy tingle when I surprise someone like that. That’s 4 winners so far, keep going.”

“A Bus ride.” Pablo said.

“The local buses because the express buses are coaches and the seats are much bigger.”

“Yes,” Tony said, “there’s quite a few options here, from you getting a sarong caught on something as you move down the aisle of the bus leaving you naked and ‘shocked’, to sitting near the front with one of those amazing tits out, to standing on a crowded bus and letting the people sat either side of you see your assets. We’d have small hidden cameras on the bus with our people recording you.”

“How many winners is that so far?” I asked.

“Five.” Tony replied.

“Nipple jewellery.” Pedro said,

“George tells me that you saw some nipple jewellery that you liked in a little shop when you were wandering around one night. We’d like to video you dropping your dress and trying some jewellery with people wandering by.”

“Good.” I said, “I want some new jewellery for my piercings, but not little bells, maybe chains, my tits don’t bounce around enough for bells.”

“I’m sure that you’ll find something that you like.” George added,

“Wet T-shirt competitions.” Pedro said,

“With a body like yours Sandra, we’re sure that you’d win anyway but we’d like you to finish your turn on your spread knees rubbing one out for the audience. Tony here says that you can get away with doing it occasionally, just not every night and not more than once per night. What do you think Sandra?”

“Yeah, I’m up for that.”

“We could include clips of the other competitors to make you look even better.” Pedro added.

“She can’t look ‘even better’ than perfect,” Tony said. “Technically we’d need written permission from the other competitors to video them but I’m sure that we can ignore that law occasionally.”

“Nude pole dancing.” Pedro said,

“Hang on a minute.” I interrupted, “I don’t know how to pole dance.”

“But you can learn Sandra,” Tony said, “I get a teacher in occasionally to teach the new girls, and you are now one of my new girls.”

“Will I have to wear something to learn?” I asked.

“No,” Tony replied, “she’s a woman of the world and the thongs that the girls wear often disappear between their pussy lips so it won’t be a problem.”

“Ten Pin Bowling.” Pedro said,

“I know the owner of one of the bowling alleys and I just know that he’d love to have a beautiful, naked girl like you playing in one of his lanes. The place isn’t very big but you’d certainly increase his takings if you were to play there occasionally.

“Jeez, I haven’t been ten pin bowling since I was at school,” I said, “and I wasn’t very good at it.”

“That doesn’t matter Sandra,” George said, “you wouldn’t be there to score strikes but you may want to score with some of the other players.”

“George, are you saying that I’m an easy lay?”

“Not at all Sandra, but you certainly are a pleasurable lay. What’s next on the list Pedro?”

“Videoing your gym workouts.” Pedro said,

“You’ve videoed one already.” I interrupted.

“True,” George replied, “but that was a ‘hands off’ workout, we are thinking more of a joint workout with your toys getting a workout as well.”

“I like that idea but what about your licence George?”

“We can do it on a usually quiet afternoon with a few ***********ed customers there.”

“Ones that I can fuck?”

“If you want.”

“You do realise that after that workout every one after it will seem tame.” I said.

“True, but think about the memories that you’ll have each time that you do an exercise and remember doing it with a dildo sticking out of your cunt.”

“True, in fact those thoughts will probably give me a few orgasms while the customers watch me and the girls.”

“Medical examination.” Pedro said,

“I know a doctor who works at a clinic where they help women who find it difficult to orgasm.”

“Poor things.” I interrupted.

“Quite,” Pedro continued, “if I were to arrange an appointment for you Sandra, and he wants to physically examine you, could you deny yourself the pleasure so that he gives you the medication that will help you cum?”

“Wow, that’s asking a lot but I’m sure that George could help me practice. Hang on a minute, this medication, if it’s taken by a woman who already cums a lot will it make her cum easier and even more often?”

“I believe so.” Pedro replied.

“Well my benefits friend,” I said to George, “it looks like you and I have a lot of practising to do, fix it up please Pedro.”

“Fiestas and Festivals.” Pedro said,

“Now I know that it’s the wrong time of the year for most of these, especially in Ibiza town but there is one coming up in a village where they celebrate the youth of the day. The teenagers put on all sorts of fancy dress and parade through the village. I’m sure that we could come up with some outfit that showed-off your assets Sandra.”

“You mean like a headdress?” I replied.

“Something like that.” George said.

“Then when the Fiesta season really starts next spring we can look at each one and decide if we can get you on display somehow, maybe in the stocks on the back of a lorry or something.” Pedro said.

“Would Andy be able to spank me as the lorry drove along the route?” I asked.

“I’m sure that there will be places along the route where he, or anyone else could do that.” Pedro said.

“That would be cool, strangers coming and spanking my bare butt or playing with my tits.”

“Hey,” George said, “just had another idea, a Medieval punishment display. We could rent an empty shop or something, put a few torture machines in there and run demonstrations with Sandra as the ‘victim’.“

“I hope that you’re not planning on torturing me mate!”

“No, no, we call it a Medieval Torture Chamber but it’s really a BDSM display with you getting strung up and spanked or fucked by machines Sandra, how’s your acting skills? Could you pretend to be an innocent medieval witch? You’d make a great one that gets stripped and tortured. We could include some of the machines that I have in my garage, I knew that I’d find a use for them sometime.”

“This is sounding really good,” I said, “what do you think Tony, Pedro?”

“Great idea for a movie.” Pedro replied.

“I like it.” Tony said, “what about that big room that’s at the back of your gym George?”

“Idiot,” George said, “no not you lot, me, why didn’t I think of that room, it would be ideal. We could keep it all under the radar inviting gym customers and friends. That way we’d be invisible to the authorities.”

“I’ve added it to the list. Moving on to the more, err, ‘interesting’ scenarios,” Pedro said,

“Schoolgirl spanking.”

“I have a friend who runs a small school. It’s out in the hills but I’m sure that he’d let us use it on a weekend, You could be a naughty schoolgirl who has to attend school naked and then gets spanked and fucked by the teacher in front of the other pupils.”

“You’d need some other boys and girls in the class, where can you get them from?” I asked.

“My younger brother goes to college and I’m sure that he could get some of his mates to be the extras.”

“Could some of those ‘extras’ fuck me as well, a gang-bang at break time or something?”

“A gang-bang in the playground?” Tony said, “I like that, if this school has any climbing frames or other play equipment we could maybe make use of that, have to have a look first.”

“You’re getting me all wet just thinking about it.” I said. “I never got spanked at home nor at school so I’m really looking forward to it, especially if I can get spanked laying on my back on a school desk with my legs up in the air, and with unknown guys and girls watching.”

“I’ll see what we can arrange, I wonder how good Andy will be at acting the role of a teacher?”

“Late home from school.” Pedro said. “Another spanking one.”

“We were thinking of you dressed as an innocent schoolgirl again Sandra, and going home to a cottage up in the hills where you live with your grandfather and he makes you strip then spanks you.”

“I like it, but where are you getting the old man and the cottage from?”

“Don’t you worry your sweet little pussy about that Sandra, I’m sure that I can find a dozen old farmers living on their own out in the countryside who would be only too willing to help.”

“Good, I can’t wait.” I replied. “Will he finger me and fuck me as well?”

“I’m sure that we can arrange that for you.”

“Tied up in a barn.” Pedro said.

“You mean like hanging from rafters by my wrists or ankles?” I asked.

“That as well,” Pedro replied. “If we can find the right old farmer for the spanking he’ll have a barn that we can use to string you up then get a dominant looking man to spank and sexually abuse you. Make it look like a Master is training his Sub.”

“You could get him to lead me around by a collar and leash on my hands and knees outside as well.” I suggested.

“Yes,” George said, “and I’m sure that we can think of a few more things before we actually do it.”

“Hitch hiking after you car breaks-down.” Pedro said.

“You get picked-up by a van driver and taken to some deserted place, stripped, fucked then dumped in the middle of nowhere.”

“Another pretend rape scenario.” I said.

“Yes, and we have a few more of those,” George added.

“Sunbathing on a deserted beach.” Pedro said,

“I know of a few, small, difficult to get to beaches that we could use. You’d be there sunbathing on your own and 2 or 3 young men would arrive and use and abuse your body Sandra.”

“I love these so called rape scenarios. Make it 4 guys and they can really gang-bang me.”

“Tied spread eagle to trees alongside a popular walking trail.” Pedro said.

“There are lots of hiking trails on Ibiza and you’d be surprised how well they get used.”

“Lots of amazing views as well.” George added.

“We’d tie you spread eagle and hang a card round your neck inviting walkers fuck you. You’d have a blindfold on so you wouldn’t be able to see who does what to you.” Tony said.

“You would leave a box of condoms at my feet and the card would tell whoever to use them wouldn’t you?”

“Of course,” Pedro said, “we can’t have our little movie star catching anything nasty, that would spoil our fun as well as yours. I also know one suitable path that is near a college and quite a few students use it as a shortcut. We’d have to wait until the end of September when the kids go back to college.”

“That’s not going to be a problem with everything that you’ve told me so far.” I replied.

The next thing is on a similar theme,” Pedro said,

“Unconscious fucking.”

“George told us about you making lots of money doing this whilst you were at university so we thought that we could recreate that for you. We wouldn’t be able to get you lots of money although we do know a few dignitaries here on the island who may wish to avail themselves of an attractive, naked rag doll. If you are happy for us to make enquiries we’ll start asking around?”

“Hell yes, I’m assuming that you wouldn’t video the dignitaries, well not openly. I have to tell you that I’m not into blackmailing anyone and if you do video any of them I’m assuming that none of you would try to blackmail them?”

“Don’t worry Sandra, if we can get anyone to pay upfront to fuck you that would be the end of the money side of things, we’re honest people too.”

“Good, I wouldn’t want to be involved in anything seedy.” I replied

George giggled a little the Pedro continued,

“And finally, until we think of more scenarios,”


There’s quite an active BDSM scene here on the island, if you know how to find it, and I know someone who does know. Apparently there’s a rich farmer out on the hills who holds regular meets, if that’s what you call them, sometimes days long. If you want Sandra I can make enquiries to see if I can get you invited. Could you pretend to be her Master George?”

“think that I could pull that off.” George replied.

“Would you be able to video everything that happens to me?” I asked.

“I don’t know, that would have to be part of the enquiries, but are you interested Sandra?”

“Hell yes, the usual ‘no blood’ or permanent damage, rules apply, but yes, that sounds like great fun. Do they take girls to cafes or bars and humiliate them in front of lots of strangers?” I asked.

“Not sure,” Pedro replied, “but I have heard rumours.”

“Wow,” George said, “I haven’t heard any such rumours.”

“I did once,” Tony added, “but when I tried to find out more I got nowhere. I guess that I don’t have the same contacts as you do Pedro.”

“The advantage of growing up on the island I guess.” Pedro replied.

“Well Sandra.” George said, “that’s all the ideas that we’ve got so far and if we can organise even half of them it will be enough to put on your website and they should make you a lot of money.”

“Make US a lot of money guys, you’re doing all the work organising things so we split the money equally right?”

The 3 of them agreed then I asked,

“What about my naked workouts, I can’t let the punters down?”

“We’ll work on that,” George said, “maybe approach Lucy.”

“I’m sure that she could handle that, and enjoy it.” Tony said.

“There’s Catalina and her little sister Mila as well,” George continued, “it sounds like Mila will be stripping off quite soon and she may have some friends that would like free workouts.”

“If they are lookers send them to me as well mate.” Tony said. “The punters here like a variety of pussies to get their fingers in to.”

“Wow guys,” I said, “I’m amazed that you would do all this for me, I guess that I’m not going to find the time to write about my life for quite a while.
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