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Sandra takes a year out and is determined to have as much fun as she did at university.
Sandra after University

by Vanessa Evans

Part 4

Back at the villa I dropped off Tony and Angela then saw that the gate to George’s villa was open. I guessed that George was back even though he said that he’d see me at the gym. So I got out of the Moke and walked to the door only to be confronted by what turned out to be the cleaning lady.

“Hola señorita.” The Spanish lady said.

“Hola,” I replied using up a large percentage of my Spanish, “do I take it that you are the cleaning lady?”

“Si señorita, Yes I am.”

“You speak English, good, my Spanish is poor.”

“I finished, I go.”

“Okay, see you next time.”


“Okay, Adiós.” I replied.

As I went upstairs to shower and get ready for my workout I wondered what the cleaner thought seeing me arrive totally naked. I smiled to myself and thought no more of it.

I spent more time getting my hair ready than the rest of my body then I put on another of my way too short, frilly skirts, picked up a top and my bag and went down to the Moke. I was going to drive into town wearing just the skirt and my sandals.

And that’s what I did. I saw the odd man do a double take but the other road users and pedestrians either didn’t see that I was topless, or they didn’t care. I was lucky and managed to park quite close to the gym and when I walked in I saw Catalina looking a little shocked that I arrived topless, but that shocked look soon turned to a smile and she said,

“Hola Sandra, George is out the back, I don’t think that he will be long.”

“Many customer in?” I asked.

“A few, including a couple of guys that were here last night. Probably come to watch you again Sandra. Will you be doing your workout every evening?”

“I will, will you be joining me?”

“I don’t think that I could, maybe one day.”

“Ah, that’s progress, yesterday it was a definite no, never, today it’s maybe. Tomorrow will it be yes?”


“I like you Catalina and you have a beautiful body, every man should see it.”

I saw that Catalina was blushing a little then George walked in.

“Hi Sandra, had a good day?”

“I did actually, I’ll tell you about it later. Now, have you 2 been talking about names for the place and designs for the flyers and posters?”

“We have, what do you think of the name ‘Xposed Fitness’? Sandra.

“That works for me, are you happy with it George?”

“I am, I’ve also made a few phone calls and a guy is coming to the villa in the morning with some draft layouts for the flyers and posters. Also, there is another guy who should arrive anytime soon who is going to take photographs and videos of you working out then he’s going to create a website for the gym with your images all over it.”

“As well as everything that potential customers need to know about the gym I hope? Although the idea of a porn site dedicated to me sounds great, but for now this is about the gym.”

“Agreed, we don’t even have to have your name on it if you don’t want Sandra.”

“Let’s call me Suzie for the advertising material, that’s the name that I used at university when I wanted to remain anonymous. Now George, is there somewhere that I can talk to you in private?”

“Come with my little fucktoy.”

George led me to one of the doors that he hadn’t show me what was on the other side and when we went in I was surprised to see a big, empty room, but finding out about that room wasn’t why we were there.

“This little fucktoy hasn’t been fucked since we got out of bed this morning and other than an orgasm on the beach which I will tell you about later, I need you to fuck me right now George.”

George was ahead of me and by the time I’d finished talking he’d lifted me up and was lowering me onto his hard cock. We kissed and fucked until we’d both cum then George pulled up his shorts and we headed back to the entrance where I saw a couple of guys carrying bags that didn’t look like they held workout kit.

George introduced me to Pedro and Carlos, the photographer and his assistant. Both were staring at my tits.

“Okay Pedro, you know what I want, material for posters and flyers and more explicit photos and videos for the website. Nothing is off-limits.” George said.

I noticed that Pedro’s eyes were on George but Carlos’s were still on my tits so I pretended to absent-mindedly reach up and pinch my right nipple and I saw Carlos’s eyes open a bit wider.

“Are you ready for you workout Sandra?” George asked.

“No,” I replied, “I just need to go to the rest room for a minute.”

“What I could have said was that I just needed to go and clean up George’s cum that was starting to run down the insides of my thighs.”

“Good,” Pedro replied, “we need a couple of minutes to get setup.”

“Are you coming to get ready to join me Catalina?” I asked as I walked away not expecting a positive reply.

I didn’t get one and I went into the ladies changing room and was surprised to see a girl about my age pulling on some lycra shorts. I smiled at her, said. “Hi,” as she stared at the topless me for a second then said hello back.

I went into one of the toilet cubicles and used toilet paper to clean up my thighs and pussy as best I could then went to the lockers to put my skirt, sandals and bag in one. As I exited the toilet cubicle I saw the other girl walking out and saw that she now had a sports bra and trainers on. Totally naked, I walked out and to the entrance where George and Catalina were.

“Ready?” George asked.

I nodded my head and we both walked to the workout room where I saw a few more people working out, and tripods with cameras on them, another tripod with very bright lights on and Pedro and Carlos standing waiting with cameras in their hands.

Unsurprisingly, most of the customers were not putting their everything into their workouts and were looking at the cameras and the only naked girl in there.

“Okay Sandra,” Pedro said, “just do your thing and try to ignore us, George tells me that your workout will give us all the material that we need.”

So I got started. I tried to copy what I had done the previous evening but I had to modify the routine a little bit to accommodate machines that were already in use.

Yes, Pedro got in the way a little as he moved in to get some close-ups, and yes, I did pedal myself to an orgasm on one of the exercise bikes. I also couldn’t stop myself cumming again when I was doing floor exercises with my pussy spread wide. It’s not often that I can have an orgasm without my nipples or pussy being stimulated but my brain was getting stimulated more than enough with all those people and the cameras watching me.

Again I finished with 30 Kegels with Pedro’s camera so close to my spread very wide pussy that I was sure that it would be capturing a view of my cervix.

By that time I was shattered but soo horny that I could have rubbed one out right there with everyone watching, if I’d had the energy. With me still on my back with my legs still spread wide George came over and asked me if I was okay. I nodded then George turned to Pedro and said,

“Did you get everything that you wanted Pedro, enough for the website?”

“I did, and more, it keeps it more tasteful with no actual fucking of blowjobs. I’ve got some great stills that you will be able to use on the posters and more ‘interesting’ flyers, you did say that you wanted some tame and some very explicit ones didn’t you?”

“I did, the none explicit for posters going in hotels and on the streets and the explicit ones for the flyers and places where a wet pussy isn’t out of place.”

“Okay then George, I’ll be at your place around 11 a.m. with my ideas for the posters and flyers.”

“Excellent Pedro, if you want some very X rated videos of Sandra I’m sure that she will quite happily help you out won’t you Sandra?”

I was still on my back but I was listening and when George said that last sentence he put put his hand out to help me get to my feet then I replied,

“I certainly will, I always fancied staring in a porno movie and this country is an excellent place for it, could you make one of me walking around town like this? Well without the layer of sweat?”

“Anytime Sandra. Just give me a call, I have some ideas for other locations as well. George tells me that you like getting that cute little butt of yours spanked, I know a few places that we could string you up and get your cheeks all rosy.”

“That sounds fun, but can we wait for a while, give me chance to get used to Ibiza, I’ve only been here a couple of days so far.”

“Of course we can, just ring me. Okay, we’re off, I’ve got a lot of work to do. See you at 11 George.”

Pedro and Carlos left and I looked around. About half of the guys had returned to their workouts whilst the other half were still looking at me. I smiled as I wondered how many hard cocks there were in that room.

There was another body in that room that didn’t have a cock and that was lycra girl. I’d noticed that she had been watching me quite a bit, and still was. I also noted that her sports bra obviously wasn’t lined and didn’t have a lot to hold in place.

George was still looking at my sweaty, naked body and when I looked at him he said,

“You need a shower, then I’ll take you to get some food, I’m guessing that you haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

“True, but I also need a good fucking, all that exposure to all these men makes me so horny.”

“Off you go Sandra, I’ll take care of that last bit later.”

George slapped my bare butt as I walked out and as I let got of the door into the ladies changing room lycra girl pushed it open and came in. I grabbed my soap and shampoo and went to the shower noticing that lycra girl had also got naked and was getting her shower things.

We stood next to each other with the cool water pounding down on us and after few seconds lycra girl said,

“Is this your first time here, I’ve never seen you here before.”

“Second time,” I replied, I was here last night as well.”

“You’re very supple and flexible.”

“Thanks, years of Karate and working out and swimming at university. I’m Sandra by the way.”

“Lucy, pleased to meat you Sandra, are you in Ibiza on holiday?”

“Not really, I’ve no idea how long I’ll be here, if the first couple of day are anything to go by I could be here for years.”

“That’s what I said when I came here last year. I’m working in one of the clubs here, not the big name ones, just a small one that’s a cross between a bar and a club, the pay is crap but it’s good fun.”

“That was George that I was talking to just before I came in here, he owns this place and I’m helping him boost business.”

“I think that I’ve seen George before, maybe in the club talking to the boss. So is working out naked your way of helping George boost his business Sandra?”

“One of the ways is that I’m hoping to get more girls working out naked. I’ve agreed with George that girls don’t have to pay to come here if they workout naked. Hopefully we’ll get a lot of girls which will bring in even more guys.”

“Oh yes, that sounds interesting, I’d like to workout more often but I don’t get paid enough to pay the entrance fee very often.”

“Well this might be your solution Lucy, if you are prepared to show as much as I do.”

“You showed everyone a lot more that I do at the club, it’s just topless and very short skirts, but the boss is wanting to change things, he’s even suggested putting on sex shows.”

“That sounds interesting, what’s the club called?”

“The Pink Pussy Kat.”

“Never heard of it, but there again I’ve only been here a couple of days.”

By then we had both finished showering and gone to our lockers to get dried and dressed. I kept glancing over to Lucy and noticed that she just put on a very short skirt and a tank top, no underwear. We left the changing room at about the same time and we said goodbye before she left.

“Made a new friend?” George asked.

“Maybe, she says that she’s seen you before George.”

“Can’t say that I remember her. Now, are you happy with how things have gone so far this evening?”

“Yes, apart from that last thing I said before I left the workout room.”

“I’ll take care of that later Sandra. Now, food, let’s go.”

“Not an expensive restaurant please George.”

“No problem, are you going like that?”

“What’s wrong with this outfit?”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, that’s if you can call just a skirt that doesn’t even cover your slit an outfit.”

“It works for me, you can keep your hands on my tits if you don’t thnk that people should see them and it’s dark out there so it’s unlikely that anyone will see my pussy, unfortunately.”

“That’s what I like about you, now let’s go, I’m starving and I want to hear about your day.”

We said goodbye to Catalina and set off walking down the street, me with nothing, not even George’s hands, covering my tits.

As we walked I started telling George about my day with Angela and Tony and it wasn’t long before we saw other people, and more importantly, they saw the topless me. In a way I was slightly disappointed that I got very little reaction from them. Even when we went into KFC just about everyone either ignored my exposure or stared at me for a while, but the girl who served us did have a big smile on her face.

We got a table outside and I sat in my usual way, with my knees wide open but the light wasn’t that brilliant. Again, most people walking by either ignored my very visible tits or they stared for a few seconds them moved on. One exception was a couple of drunk young men who stopped and stared. After a few seconds one of them said to the other,

“Have you ever seen a bra like that before Luke?”

“Yeah, Madonna had one but it was much bigger than that girl’s. But Madonna didn’t have her nipples showing or those things stabbed through them.”

Both George and I heard them and when that last bit was said we both had a little laugh. I turned and looked at the young men. They decided to continue their journey.

“Do you think that my tits look like they’re covered in a Madonna cone bra George?”

“Not from close up but when it’s not so bright and you’re half pissed I can see how that guy made the mistake.”

“I guess that I’ll have to stay where there’s lots of light then.”

George laughed then we continued talking but in the back of my mind I still wondered if I did look like I had a cone bra on, after all, my tits are cone shaped.

When I’d finished telling George about my day he told me I’d see more of Tony and Angela. I knew what he meant but I still said that I couldn’t see any more of them because they were both as naked as me on the beach.

George laughed then told me that a group of his neighbours had a party once a month and they rotated round each other’s villas.

“Does this have something to do with your garage George, I haven’t had a look in there yet and Tony tells me that you have a Sybian in there.”

“Yes I do, but let’s not rush things, there’s a couple of weeks before everyone comes round.”

“Does that mean that I am going to be your naked slave for the night, get spanked and be forced to ride your Sybian until I collapse?”

“Something like that Sandra but you’ve a lot more discoveries before then.”

“So I’m going to ride the Sybian with all your friends watching? Now that does sound fun.”

“All in good time Sandra, do you want to walk around before we head back to the villa for me to satisfy that need that you had earlier?

“Yes please, I want to see some reactions to me being topless around the busy part of town.”

I quickly discovered that what had happened at KFC was the norm, not seen, ignored or momentarily stared at by the vast majority and only a few, well lubricated young men saying anything, and those comments were usually favourable. Just being topless and being seen was enough to keep my arousal level up but the, often crude, comments increased the level.

After about 30 minutes with lots of fully clothed people around me I had had enough and needed George’s cock inside me PDQ so I took his hand and started leading him back towards the Moke.

I was oblivious to my surroundings as we quickly walked back but when we got to the gym George stopped me, unlocked the door and fucked me over Catalina’s desk which is in full view of anyone walking by. However, I didn’t see anyone walking by because I was facing away from the front.

George had pushed my skirt up when he grabbed my hips and when it was over I didn’t bother pushing it back down. It hadn’t covered my butt’s horizontal cracks or the front of my slit before George fucked me but when we left the gym most of my butt and my pubis was on display. The disappointing part was that it was night and the only people that I could see were quite far away.

Back at the villa George fucked me again before getting hard inside me again then both of us going to sleep.


I woke to the feeling of George’s cock sliding in and out of my hole then I rolled on top of him and rode him reverse cowboy until we both achieved the release that we needed.

In the shower I got down on my knees and used my mouth to drain his balls even more and give me my first part of breakfast. Once we were both ready for the day I asked George if I could go to the supermarket to get some fresh bread.

Wearing just a too short skirt and sandals I left the villa and walked to the supermarket. I didn’t see anyone on the way there and the girl in the shop ignored my semi nudity but on the way back I saw a youngish couple walking towards the supermarket. I smiled at them and said, “Good morning.”

They both said the same back and as I walked on I wondered if they were more of George’s friends.

I was nude sunbathing when Pedro arrived and I didn’t bother to put anything on when we went and sat at a table in the shade to go through Pedro’s ideas for the flyers and posters.

I played the perfect hostess going and getting cold drinks as we discussed the options and I was pleased that they listened to my ideas and involved me in the decision making. All the time I was still totally naked and looking at the photographs and videos of the naked me working out and it was arousing me, never mind the 2 men who were watching them with me.

Whilst we were watching the video of me doing my Kegels I realised that the fingers of my right hand were actually toying with my clit. I had to force myself to move my hand and hold my drink to stop myself from cumming and to let me contribute to the conversation about the video and if any stills were going to be extracted and where prints of them were going to be put up. We all agreed that something so explicit shouldn’t be where the general public could see it but on the walls in the men’s changing room.

We did all agree that the uncut video should be on the website.

It took nearly 3 hours for us all to agree the new signage above the entrance to the gym, the contents of the 2 types of posters and the flyers. The ‘tame’ posters could have me sat on the thigh abductor but with my legs closed. The front of my slit would be photo-shopped out. We all agreed that my tits would remain visible without any photo-shop work.

The posters for inside the gym and anywhere else where we didn’t think people would be offended would include me on the thigh abductor but with my legs wide open, me doing the yoga Happy Baby pose, me doing the standing splits and doing my Kegels. All with no photo-shop work.

As part of the text on all posters and flyers we agreed that the wording would include: -

“Join Suzie for a healthy and fun workout most evenings; and girls, if you wear the same attire as Suzie your entrance fee will be waived.”

Finally agreed on all the art work, the delivery of the posters and flyers, the website and the costs, the meeting came to an end and George asked Pedro if he’d like a swim before he left. At first he declined but when George said that he had something else to attend to and I said that it would be just Pedro and me, Pedro changed his mind.

It only took an underwater blowjob and then a side of the pool fuck for me to get Pedro to give us a discount and the promise of a free porno website build. He also gave me a couple of his ideas for movies.

When Pedro had left I went looking for George and found the door to the garage open. Going inside I gasped then said,

“Fucking hell George, do you trade in fucking machines and other dungeon equipment?”

“No, just a few things that I’ve picked up over the years, oh, and a couple of the things belong to Andy, another neighbour, he’s got a bit of a spanking bottom fetish, you often see Janice, his wife, with a red butt, I think that she enjoys receiving as much as he enjoys giving. You’ll meet Andy and Janice in a few days, I’ve invited some of the neighbours over to meet you, a sort of pre-party party.”

“George, you know that I’m not good at small talk, and besides, what about my workout at the gym?”

“Relax Sandra. The party won’t start until after you’ve got done at the gym and you don’t have to do any talking, I can put one of those ball gags on you if you want, Tony and Angela will be there and you know them.”

“So is this pre-party party just to let me meet your close neighbours?”

“Yes, just a few close friends, the big parties we have approximately once per month but this small one is mainly about you Sandra, so my friends can get to know you and also the unveiling of the posters.”

“You’re going to launch the explicit posters to your friends and neighbours first?”

“Yes, is that a problem Sandra? Will you want a new dress to wear?”

“You want me to wear a dress George?”

“Not if you don’t want to, you can come like that if you want.”

“Remind me nearer the time George, but I won’t be wanting any new clothes.”

“Now show me around your collection.”

I didn’t see anything that I hadn’t seen at the erotic equipment conventions that I used to go to with Steve but I did ask George if I could go into the garage whenever I wanted to to use the Sybian. I also asked him if I could open the big garage doors to let the light and fresh air in.

“You mean so that anyone walking by can see you riding the Sybian Sandra?”

“That as well, although that street doesn’t look as though it gets very busy.”

“True, so you may be a little disappointed on that score. I have to go to the gym now, do you want a lift there or do you want to stay here?”

“Can you give me a lift to the gym then I think that I’ll do a few hours exploring before my workout.”

“Sure, but you may want to put some clothes on, it’s one thing walking around town naked at night but during the day you may well have a problem with a few policemen.”

“Will see-through be okay George?”

“I should think so, just don’t go standing still in front of a policeman.”

“I’ll cross the road if I see one.”

I went and put on an ultra short, floaty skirt and a halter top, both of which are see-through, then we set of.

It didn’t take long and as George and I parted outside the gym he kissed me and then I waved to Catalina and went off to explore.

I somehow found myself on a slope of a road which I discovered led up to the old town with its narrow streets and ancient buildings. The whole place was built on a hill so there was a lot of walking up and down steep, narrow roads and there were thousands of steps. None of which bothered me as it gave me plenty of opportunities to sit on the steps with my knees together and my feet well apart on the step below. Needless to say I usually did this when tourists were climbing up the steps and through my sunglasses I saw quite a few people see what they weren’t expecting to see.

Up near the top there were some canons that were obviously used to defend the town centuries ago and there were quite a few tourists up there enjoying the views out to sea. That wasn’t the only view that quite a few of them saw as it was quite breezy up there and my skirt spent plenty of time above my waist but I pretended to not notice a lot of the time. One of the advantages of wearing a skirt made of such light-weight fabric.

All in all, the old town was quite impressive even though history isn’t really my thing.

I had lots of fun leaving the old town as well, I came across a lots of steps down and little walls to sit on like I had done in Magaluf. More tourist got an unexpected sight.

As I wandered around I found myself on the narrow streets near the harbour and everything was so different to what it was at night. No strangely dressed people and no drunks, just tourists. It looked like some of the shops only opened a night.

I saw little clothes shops that had price tags that were obviously aimed at the owners of some of the giant yachts that were in the harbour. In one of them I saw a woman just wearing a G-string about to put on a dress. I decided that I would put on a posh accent and try that in similar shops, but not that day. I was running out of time.

It was only when I was walking back to the gym that I realised that I had hardly seen anyone staring at me or even doing a double-take. Either my clothes weren’t as see-through as I thought even though I could clearly see the gold colour of my nipple barbells, and my clit, people were very unobservant during the day, or nearly naked girls was the norm there.

Back near the gym I followed a young couple and overheard a bit of their conversation,

“Are you sure that there will be a naked girl working out Ethan?”

“Well there was yesterday at around this time Elaine.”

“You do know that your life is going to be hell if there isn’t one today Pete?”

“Does that mean no nookie when we get back to the hotel.”

“That’s right lover.”

“You being a girl I’m surprised that you’d want to see her.”

“You’ve never complained when I brought Eva home Ethan, you enjoyed Eva as much as I did.”

“Maybe this girl has already got a friend and only wants to show-off?”

I followed them into the gym and when they went to pay Catalina, I went to talk to George. The couple went into their respective changing rooms without seeing me.

George told me that the posters and flyers would arrive the next day and so would a man to change signage.

“That was quick.” I said.

“I know a man who knows a man, but it hasn’t happened yet, this is Spain you know.”

“So Catalina and I will be out putting poster up tomorrow?”

“Some of them, I’m getting Catalina to do the hotels. I though that a Spanish girl would stand a better chance of getting Spanish people to co-operate rather than an English girl.”

“Probably true.” I replied.

“Okay exhibitionist girl, go and get ready and wow the guys, and the girls. Then I’m taking you to a great cafe.”

I went into the ladies changing room just as the girl from the street was leaving but it was a few more minutes before I was ready because I needed a shower to freshen-up before I put my everything into my workout, or maybe I should call it a show-off session.

When I walked into the workout room I saw that there were a few more customers there, male and female. The guy and his girlfriend who I’d followed were there and I saw that the guy had a big grin on his face.

Most of the other people there had stopped what they were doing and the place had gone quiet as I walked over to a vacant exercise cycle and adjusted the seat so that it was at the best height for my already dripping pussy to slide from side to side stimulating my protruding clit.

As I started pedalling I looked in the big mirrors at the faces of the people watching the naked me pedalling away. It’s such a turn on for me seeing the expressions and the rapidly increasing bulges in the guys shorts. I smiled wondering how many of those guys would suffer from blue balls later.

As I approached my first orgasm I again looked at the faces and saw a mixture of disbelief, shock and amusement, all of which took me closer to the edge.

Once over that edge I slowed my pedalling to let the shaking and jerking run their course. As I got control of my body again I sped up and again looked at the faces in the mirror. It was like I could see what some of them were thinking. I concentrated on the girl’s faces, one open mouth in disbelief that I’d cum in front of all those people, one shocked and obviously thinking that I was some sort of slut or whore, one who had obviously enjoyed what she had seen and another who looked like she was jealous.

I pedalled faster and reached another climax before getting off the bike and moving on to the next machine in my routine, the machine suddenly becoming available as I got close to it, the guy sitting on it getting up as I walked towards him.

I continued my routine until about 40 minutes later I was on my back with my legs behind my shoulders, and my whole pussy clenching and relaxing as I did my Kegels. In that 40 or so minutes and I’d managed another orgasm without anything touching my pussy. I was feeling a bit proud of myself cumming with no physical stimulation. I was starting to think that maybe I could do that in other places as well. The beach was one place that I was thinking about.

I got to my feet and walked to the water machine. As I was drinking some much needed water George came in, hugged me and kissed me before saying,

“Yuk, you’re all sweaty.”

“What do you expect benefits boy?”

“Well done Sandra, your little shows are obviously working, there’s more people in tonight than I’ve seen for a long time.”

Then, as we walked out George loudly said,

“Suzie will be back here tomorrow night at around the same time.”

I had a quick shower, not really feeling like talking to any other girls in there, then, carrying my clothes and other things I went to the entrance and talked to George and Catalina. As we talked, a few customers left, including the guy and his girlfriend that I’d followed there. The girl looked like she wanted to talk to me but I turned and asked George a question.

Business talk out of the way, Catalina said,

“Aren’t you at all embarrassed about standing out here with no clothes on, you’re in full view of people walking along the street?”

“No she isn’t,” George replied for me, “it’s the chance that she might be seen by someone who might be shocked that makes her horny and want to do more, isn’t that right Sandra?”

I started to say that I agreed but George’s right hand went to my pussy, a finger ran along my slit then came up to between all our faces and he said,

“There, isn’t that evidence enough. You should try it Catalina.”

“Maybe one day boss.” Catalina replied.

“Okay Sandra, fun over, put some clothes on, we’re off to that cafe that I told you about.”

I put on my see-through skirt and halter top and we left Catalina to lock up when everyone had left.

It wasn’t that far to the cafe and I saw that all the signage was in English. We went to an outside table and had just got sat down when a waiter started walking towards us.

“Sandra,” George said, “stand up and bend at the waist so that you could head-butt the table.”

“What?” I replied.

“Please do it Sandra, I’ll explain in a minute.”

I did as requested knowing full well that my skirt would ride up my back leaving my bare butt on display. Before I knew what was happening a hand slapped my butt and a man said,

“Perfect George, a perfect little bubble butt to spank. You’ve done good my friend.”

I stood up straight and turned to see the waiter standing to my side. I was about to ask ‘what the hell that was for’ when I realised that George obviously knew the man. Before I could think of something new to say George said,

“Sandra, this is Andy, one of our neighbours who likes making girl’s butts red. Andy, meet Sandra, the girl who has a story to tell about her getting spanked.”

“Pleased to meet you Andy.” I said putting my hand out to shake his waiting hand.

“Likewise Sandra, I can’t wait to hear your stories.” Then turning to George Andy continued,

“You picked a winner this time George, look at those tits, even through that top I can see that they are magnificent, and that butt, oh that butt, I’m really looking forward to getting more familiar with it.”

A youngish woman appeared beside Andy and he continued,

“Sandra, this is my wife Janice, she too like getting a good spanking now and again.”

“Sandra,” Janice said, “please forgive my husband, he’s got a one-track mind, but he is good at it and afterwards he works magic with his fingers.”

“Pleased to meet you Janice, it sounds like your husband is going to get to know my butt quite well.”

“Don’t worry Sandra, I’m not the jealous type. Now, what can we get you two?”

We had a great meal that was just as tasty as the one that I’d had in the posh but very busy restaurant the other night, but this one was a lot more relaxed and cheaper. When George asked Andy for the bill, Andy said that it was on the house because he had a new, amazing little butt to look forward to spanking. As we left I said to George,

“I hope that Andy knows how to give a girl a good spanking without drawing blood.”

“Oh he does, he’s had years of practise and if you are the cummer like you say you are he’ll bring you to at least one orgasm and your butt will be no more than bright red the next morning Sandra.”

“I can’t wait.” I replied.

We walked around for a while, George leading me to places where there were lots of people and I was starting to think that George liked showing-off my body as much as I did.

Then it was back to the Moke and then the villa where we repeated the previous nights fucking before going to sleep.


I woke George in the best possible way then I decided to go to the shop wearing only one of my strings only G-strings to get some fresh bread. I guess that the strings gave people the impression that it was a normal G-string and I didn’t attract much attention right until I got to the checkout where I saw the young girl’s eyes go wide open when she saw my slit with my clit poking out of it. The poor girl blushed a little but said nothing.

As I was walking back to the villa I saw a little van parked outside the gate. Getting close I saw Carlos taking packages out of the van and carrying them to the garage. I wondered if he’d been in there before and he knew what the strange looking machines in there were.

“Hola Carlos.” I said as we both approached the van.

“Good morning Sandra.” Carlos replied, “you’re looking good today.”

“Thank you Carlos,” I replied as I looked to see where his eyes were looking. “Do you like my outfit?”

“Si Señora, you look good, better than in the photos on these posters.”

“Oh, is that what they are? Can I look at them?”

“Si Señora.”

Carlos lifted a bundle of the big posters out of his van and held them up. That bundle was obviously not for the hotels as I could see every detail of my spread, wet pussy as I sat on the thigh abductor.

“Wow Carlos, you definitely used a high definition camera taking that shot, it’s come out really well.”

“Gracias Señora.”

“Here,” I said, “let me give you a hand to take them inside.”

I picked up a bundle of the flyers and Carlos followed me to the garage. I deliberately made sure that my butt moved from side to side like those on models do when they are on the catwalk.

George must have heard Carlos or us talking because he came out and opened one of the packages whilst Carlos and I carried the rest of the bundles from the van. There were also some big rectangular, wrapped items that I could only carry one at a time.

“What are these George?” I asked when I took the first one into the garage.

“Picture frames, you can help me put some of them up after breakfast.”

When everything was in the garage Carlos left. As he went out of the gate I saw him turn and have one last look at me watching him leave.

“Can I unwrap one of the picture frames and put one of the posters in it?” I asked.

“You can unwrap one but there should be photos already in them.” George replied.

“Blood hell George, where are you going to hang this one?” I asked when I saw a huge close-up of my leaking pussy with my vagina looking like a cock had pulled out of it less than a second before the photo was taken. “Is that photo on the posters and flyers?”

“No, I asked Pedro for a few specials to hang on the walls here.”

“Wow George, I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t say anything Sandra, just enjoy the photos every time that you pass them, just like I will.”

I have to admit that seeing a huge photo of my very aroused pussy was making me horny.

“Come on Sandra, breakfast, now, before I jump on you again.”

Mixed in with my nipps and clit tingling were feelings of hunger so I started walking to the kitchen knowing that George and I would be fucking again quite soon after we’d eaten. I wondered how long it would take to hang a few pictures.

Only about an hour for the first picture was the answer to my earlier question because after a long fuck George said that he wanted to start hanging some posters at his Xpose Gym and would get back to the villa framed photos later. I didn’t ask him which posters he intended to put on the walls at the gym although I did wonder if he’d put some up in the men’s changing room. The results would be a little surprise for when I went there that afternoon.

George also asked me if I’d start handing out some flyers at the beaches. When I reminded him that I’d only been to one beach so far he said that that one would be great for starters then he’d get Catalina or someone else to come with me to show me how to get to the other beaches on that side of the island.

“Wear one of those strings only G-strings the first time that you go handing out the flyers Sandra, you’ll confuse a few people and maybe not get some attention that you don’t want.”

“Okay George, but I think that I can look after myself.”

“I know, but you looked real sexy when you wore one earlier.”

“I did didn’t I, even Carlos mentioned it and the girl at the supermarket had a good look at my framed pussy.”

As we were loading the Moke I thought about what I looked like wearing just a strings only G-string, and I decided that I probably did look sexier than when I was totally naked. The strings did frame and attract attention to my pussy. I wondered if I could buy some more of them in Ibiza town.

After helping George load the Moke with what he’d need at the gym I put on another of my strings only G-strings and my sandals, and the things that I’d need at the beach. Whilst I was putting those things on I decided that it was time to start wearing a remote controlled vibrator but not wanting to be too obvious when I was walking up to people on the beach. Well the first time, I chose the egg shaped one. Only I would know that I was wearing it.

As we drove to the gym George said,

“Sandra, you really do look sexy wearing just that G-string, and all the other motorists are seeing the side strings and think that you are not naked.”

I had to agree with him about the last part after we overtook a police car in 2 lanes of traffic at a roundabout and one of the policemen looked over and saw me. He could see my tiny tits but he must have thought that I was wearing a proper G-string because they didn’t come after us. George later told me that the 2 policemen were talking about me and how skimpy bikini bottoms were these days. If only they knew.

Catalina wasn’t at the gym when we got there and I helped George unload his things then I set off for the beach. As I drove I thought more about the difference between being totally naked and wearing just a strings only G-string. I loved the idea of people seeing me and knowing that I was totally naked but I could also see times, like driving when policemen might see me, that wearing a strings only G-string did have its advantages, unless whoever saw my front and looked at my exposed pubis area. I smiled to myself when I realised that there were also times when seeing my front in one of those G-strings could shock a few people which is a reaction I like watching.

The old man at the entrance to the beach car park probably didn’t look down my body when I paid him and I soon found a parking place and got myself organised. Standing at the side of the Moke I took the G-string off then coated myself in sunblock, all the time trying to decide if I was going to put the G-string back on. In the end I did put it back on but I double-checked that it framed my vulva perfectly, not hiding even a square centimetre of my pussy. I gave my clit a little rub to make sure that it was at its best, ready to be seen, before putting everything other than my sunglasses and a handful of flyers into the lock box, but before I locked it I reached into my bag and switched the egg on and to low vibrations.

After hiding the lock box key where George had told me to, I set off walking to the beach. As I walked passed the rows of cars I decided that I’d put flyers under the windscreen wipers after I’d done the beach. As I walked I also took my first proper look at the flyers that I was about to hand out and I got a little wet rush when I discovered that they didn’t all have the same photo of me on them. On all of them I was totally naked but on only about half of them I had my legs wide open with every detail of my wet pussy visible.

By the time that my feet felt the warm sand between my toes I had gone through most of the wad of flyers and moved the ones showing every detail of my wet pussy to the back. I’d decided to give those to the cute guys who I thought would appreciate the photos more. The slightly less revealing flyers I would give to the older and less handsome and the overweight and older women.

As soon as I saw the sea I had to decide which way to turn, left to the naked people or right to the boring people. I chose left because there were less people that way and it would give me a chance to get used to squatting in front of prone people.

I can’t explain it but exposing my spread pussy to people who are already naked isn’t as much of a turn-on as doing it to clothed people although I quickly found that naked people, well the men anyway, were more confident in staring at my spread pussy than people wearing clothes. I also quickly discovered that especially some of the young men would try to engage me in conversation. Some I could tell just wanted to stare at my naked body for as long as they could, and a few wanted to know more about the gym.

I also got a few complimentary comments about my G-string and I got asked where I’d bought it from a couple of times.

Just as I had handed flyers to just about all the people in the ‘naked’ area I realised couple of things. Firstly that handing the flyers out there wasn’t as arousing as I thought it would be. Sure it was great, the freedom of being near as damn it naked out in the open surrounded by people was amazing but there was something missing. Even the vibrations from my egg weren’t pushing me towards the edge. People weren’t shocked, even surprised at seeing me, and that shock and surprise was what was the big turn-on. The second thing that I realised was that I had been subconsciously handing out the ‘tame’ flyers from the top of the pile. My subconscious had me sussed out before my conscious side had.

I quickly left that area and headed back in the direction of the clothed people. Between the naked and the clothed people was a huge area of beach occupied by a mixture of clothed and unclothed people. I interpreted them to be voyeurs who weren’t brave enough to join the unclothed, or who couldn’t make up their mind what they were. There was a few groups of young men in that area and they were my next targets, I was sure that they would appreciate the sight of a virtually naked young woman and who would probably like to watch her working out totally naked.

That sparkle returned as I walked up to the first group, 2 young men flat on their backs and another 2 sat on the sand people watching. All 4 were wearing just swimming shorts.

“Bloody hell guys, on your left.” I heard one of them say as I got close to them.

“Hi guys,” I said as I squat down with my knees wide apart so that my head was closer to theirs, and that they all had a great view of my pussy. “Can I interest any of you in gym where at least one girl works out every evening more naked than I am right now?”

As I was saying that I started handing out flyers from the bottom of my pile and the 2 guys who had been flat on their backs turned onto their sides, propped up by their elbows and staring at my pussy with my clit sticking out. The thing was that they all appeared to have lost their voices for going on for half a minute before one of them finally looked at the flyer that he had in his hand.

“Is that your photo on this flyer luv?” He asked.

“It is, yes, I’m the girl who works out naked every evening, are you going to come and watch me?”

“You really workout totally naked with loads of guys watching you?”

“Yes I do, it’s a lot less restrictive that when I wear clothes and it’s much more fun.”

“And you use machines like the one in this photo?” One of the guys asked as he held up the flyer with a photo of me on the thigh abductor with my legs spread wide.

That was the only flyer with that photograph of me on it and as he held it up for the others to see. One of them swearing when he saw it.

“And you don’t even wear that thong or a bra?” Another one asked,

“It’s not a thong, it’s a G-string, and do these tits look like they need the support of a bra?” I replied.

I’m pretty sure that that last question got them to look up from my pussy to my tits causing one of the guys to say,

“Bloody hell, those are amazing, are they as solid as they look, can I touch them?”

“You can have a quick touch here but not too long, some prudes might complain, but the gym is strictly a ‘look don’t touch’ place, it’s not a knocking shop.”

The nearest guy move one of his hands to one of my tits and had a quick grope before saying,

“I’ve never felt a tit so solid as this, are they real?”

“Of course they are real, they’ve just never developed into your average soft tits.”

“Well your nipples and that clit have certainly developed quite nicely luv.”

It was at that point that the orgasm that had been slowly building and then rapidly approached the edge when those 4 guys were staring at me and one of then touching my tit, arrived and almost exploded out of me. I was still squat down with my knees wide open and I moaned and had to put one hand down on the sand to stop me from falling over.

I vaguely saw 4 opened mouthed guys staring at me as my whole body shook and jerked.

As the body waves started to recede I heard one of the guys say,

“Did you just cum?”

And another say,

“Bloody hell, I can see her juices literally dripping out of her.”

I said nothing for at least a minute until I could think straight.

“Yes I did, sorry, I didn’t mean to lose it in front of 4 strangers.”

“That’s okay luv, we don’t mind, in fact you can do that anytime that you want, right guys?”

The other 3 all agreed but I thought that it was time that I was moving on.

“Well guys,” I said and I got to my feet, “it was nice talking to you but I need to be getting on. I’ve got all these flyers to hand out. Maybe I’ll see you at the gym.”

I heard a couple of them say that they’d be there but I couldn’t be sure that they actually would go.

The next people that I went to was a young couple around my age. The girl was wearing just a bikini bottoms but the guy was naked. The guy saw me walking towards them first and he must have said something to the girl because she too sat up and looked my way.

“Hi,” I said as I held out a flyer, “can I give you one of these please?”

The girl took it whilst the guy just stared at me as I squat in front of them both with my knees wide open.

The girl studied the flyer then looked up at me and I saw her eyes go down to my pussy then back up to my face.

“This is your photo on this right, do you really workout naked?”

“I do.”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“The freedom of it and also, I love watching the guy’s faces.” I replied.

“I was going to ask you if you get embarrassed doing it but judging by what you are wearing right now I would guess not. I hope that that gym is paying you a lot of money to be out here like you are and having to go up to people.”

“Actually, I’m not getting paid for any of it, I’m just doing it to help a friend.”

I looked at the guy who up until then hadn’t said a word but I could see that he was enjoying the view, the girl could see his boner as well. I didn’t know if he wasn’t embarrassed by his boner or if he was so engrossed at looking at me that he just didn’t realise. That is until the girl said,

“Cover that thing up John, you’ll get us thrown off the beach.”

“Well,” I said, as I got to my feet, “have to go. Maybe I’ll see you at the gym, the address is on the flyer.”

“Maybe you will,” the girl replied, “that’s if he can keep that thing under control.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” I replied, “there’s always a few of those there and we have a ‘look but don’t touch’ policy at the gym so you don’t have to worry about him losing control.”

With that I turned and walked to the next couple who were watching me approach them. They were 2 girls around my age and one was making a half-hearted attempt to rub what I assumed to be sunblock on the other’s back but both heads were turned to look at me. Both were wearing only thong style bikini bottoms.

It wasn’t that I wanted to show my tits and pussy to those girls, it was more a case of wanting to see if I could interest them in going to the gym and working out naked. That would be good for business for George.

“Hi there ladies, you look like you keep yourselves fit, how do you fancy a free workout at a gym that has lots of cute guys there?”

I handed them a flyer which they both looked at.

One of the girls started looking at the flyer whilst the other said,

“How do we know that there will be lots of cute guys there?”

“This is why,” the girl looking at the flyer replied, “look at this Mandy, she does her workouts naked, or she at least poses naked for the photos for these flyers.”

“No posing,” I replied, “that photo was taken during one of my actual workouts. I workout wearing less than I am right now.”

“Was that when the gym was open to the public or a closed session?” Mandy asked.

“The gym never has closed sessions. If the photographer hadn’t cropped the photo you’d have seen cute guys working out or just watching me. When you read the rest of the flyer you’ll see that girls can use the gym for free.”

“What’s the catch?” Mandy asked.

“Only that you have to workout wearing only the same as I do.”

“You mean naked?” The girl still holding the flyer asked.

“Yes, it’s a great way to pick-up guys, and as I said, it’s mainly the cute, fit guys that go to a gym.”

“But naked?”

“Sure, it’s no big deal.” I said, “Once you get over that initial embarrassment it’s quite good fun. The faces on the guys is priceless and their shorts quickly tell you if they are interested in you.”

“Ha,” flyer girl laughed, “I can see why they’d be interested in you.”

“Hey, I’ve only got tiny tits, I’m sure that most of the guys there would prefer to see your ‘more womanly’ tits.” I said.

“Do you think that we could actually do that Ellie?” Mandy asked, “I mean workout naked in front of loads of cute guys?”

“Maybe,” Ellie replied, “It would be an easy way to pick-up guys.”

“I’ll leave you to think about it ladies, I workout there every evening and I’m thinking of having a naked girls fitness class, with the guys watching that is. Maybe see you there ladies, remember, it’s free if you’re naked.”

With that I left the 2 girls to think about it. I thought about that last bit that I had said, I’d never thought of running a fitness class for naked girls before. I decided to talk to George about it.

I handed flyers to 2 more groups of guys before I got to the beach bar and where there weren’t any more naked sunbathers. At both the 2 groups of guys I got a similar reaction and questions, and I also got soo close to cumming again as they all stared at my spread pussy and tiny tits. I was so proud of myself for having rock hard nipples and clit that were all throbbing throughout the conversations that both included questions and comments about my little, conical tits and protruding clit. I’m 100 percent sure that if either, or both, groups of guys had asked me to go into the woods with them so that they could gang-bang me I would have gone with them.

I was with those 2 groups of guys for ages but I knew that I had a job to do so I eventually and reluctantly left them and moved on into the area of clothed people.

In a way I was disappointed, the vast majority of people there were much older than me and, although most of them looked like the only exercise they ever got was walking to the beach or the pub, I didn’t really fancy them staring at me as I did my naked workouts.

I did give out flyers to few men, those whose partner were away somewhere with their kids, and I did squat in front of them if they were laying on their towels or a sun lounger, and I was very amused by one man who was obviously shocked when he saw my spread pussy. The poor guy’s face went bright red and as he turned his head away from me he told me that he wasn’t interested in whatever it was that I was selling.

I was also a little surprised at the amount of attention that I got, or should I say didn’t get. Okay there were quite a few topless women there and I guess that the majority of the people didn’t look any further than the strings of my strings only G-string. I made a mental note to be totally naked the next time that I walked through that area.

Out the other end of the clothed people I came across some guys running some water sports. No, not the piss variety, jet-skis, parasailing, banana boat rides and pedal boats. Three of them were getting a couple setup on a jet-ski but they were a little distracted when they saw me approaching.

Once the couple were jetting off into the bay the 3 guys turned to me and I loved it as I watched all 3 pairs of eyes scanning up and down my virtually naked body. All 3 of them looked to be Spanish and a bit younger than me. Their nationality was confirmed when one of them said,

“Hola su hermosa dama.”

I was pretty sure that he had just complimented me so I smiled at them and replied,

“Hola to you too, can I give you one of these flyers por favor?” As I handed the nearest guy a flyer from the bottom of the pile.

“Si preciosa, yes, guau, is this you?” He said as he showed the flyer to both his mates.

“Yes it is, come along to the gym on an evening and you will see more of me that you are seeing right now.”

I watched all 3 as their eyes went from the flyer to scanning the whole of my front, back to the flyer then back to me. After a couple of minutes of them staring at me and me looking at the rapidly changing shape of the front of their shorts, another of them said,

“You ride on jet-ski?”

“I don’t know how to ride one?”

“We show you.”

“I have no money on me.”

“We show you for gratis.”

I thought for a couple of seconds then replied,

“Okay then, can one of you look after these flyers for me please?”

One of the guys took the flyers off me and ran over to a little wooden hut then came running back carrying a life jacket.

“You wear this.” He said handing the life jacket to me.

“Do I have to? I can swim.”

“Si, insurance.”

“We take turns showing you how.” One of the guys said as 2 of them pushed a jet-ski into deeper water.

“Climb on.” One of the guys said.

I put the life jacket on but I didn’t fasten it, I had plans. Plans that started with how I got onto the jet-ski. Two of the 3 guys were stood at the back of the jet-ski so I figured that I could stand behind it and sort of jump up and lean forwards. Once my chest was on the seat I could then manoeuvrer my legs along each side then lift my chest up and sit on the seat.

And that’s basically what I did. Very ungainly and very unladylike, but that was my intention, let the 2 guys behind me get a good look at my pussy. I lay there, body parallel to the seat with my legs either side of the seat for ages until one of the guys said,

“Are you okay señora?”

“Ah, oh, yes, sorry.” I replied as I sat up and shuffled to the front of the seat wondering if I was leaving a snail’s trail on the plastic seat, and if it would get spotted before it dried in the sun or got sat on by the guy who I was going to get to grope me first.

One of the guys jumped on behind me and shuffled up to me.

“Sod this.” I thought as I leant forwards and pulled the life jacked off then threw it towards the 2 guys stood behind the jet-ski.

“Now I’m ready,” I said, “what do I do?”

The guy sat behind me shuffled closer and I could feel his bare chest on my bare back. He then put his head over my right shoulder and explained the controls and got me to put the velcro ‘kill switch’ strap on my wrist.

“Okay, ready.” He asked.

I pressed the start button and opened the throttle, deliberately opening it wide so that the jet-ski lurched forward. As I closed the throttle I felt the guy’s arms go round my bare waist. I let go of the throttle, the jet-ski stopped then I reached for both of the guys hands. I moved his left hand up to my tits and his right hand down to my pussy. I moaned a little as his fingers touched a nipple and my clit.

“Now I’m ready.” I said as I opened the throttle about half way.

As we sped forwards I experimented by turning left then right and the guy took the not too subtle hint and started playing with my tits and pussy. I just hoped that the guy was watching where we were going because my eyes were closed most of the time as I enjoyed his manipulation of my extremities.

I’d been feeling quite horny since I first saw those 3 guys and his fingers, combined with the vibrations from the egg and the jet-ski, soon took me over the edge. Because of the noise from the jet-ski I wasn’t sure if the guy realised that I was cumming but his fingers certainly didn’t stop working and as soon as I could feel another orgasm building I turned and headed back to the shore. I wanted all 3 of the guys to take me over the edge.

As the jet-ski slowed then was stopped by the 2 waiting guys, the guy behind me took his hands off my bits and climbed off. As he dropped into the water he was talking to his mates in Spanish I saw him give them the thumbs-up sign.

“That was fun.” I said, who’s next?”

My second and third short rides on a jet-ski went very much the same as the first although I didn’t need to move any hands to my tits and pussy, the Spanish talking that I heard must have been the first guy telling the other 2 just to dive straight in. And yes, I had 2 more orgasms before I finally got off that jet-ski.

Back on dry sand I thanked the 3 guys who all thanked me, one of them saying that I should come back for another ride, adding that I might like to try the parasailing or the banana boat.

“I would like that.” I replied, but I couldn’t see how parasailing or the banana boat could be as rewarding.

All 3 of them walked with me to the little wooden hut where I collected the flyers then I reminded then that they could see more of me if they came to the gym.

From there I decided to go up the little ramp at the end of the beach and start handing out flyers to any ‘suitable’ people and sticking them under windscreen wipers. As I walked up the ramp I decided that it was time for the G-string to come off so I did, and wrapped it around my left wrist. I was now totally naked.

A young couple were the first to see me as they got off a motor bike and started walking down the ramp. Both stared at me and as soon as they were passed me I heard the guy say,

“I guess that it’s a naked beach Gemma, are you going to get naked?”

I couldn’t make out her answer but I cursed myself for not handing them a flyer.

Up on the road I quickly decided that I couldn’t stay long on the tarmac for long, it was too hot on my bare feet. I saw that there was only a couple of people waiting for the bus so I turned right and saw that the little bar was full of people. Most of them stopped talking as I handed out the last of the flyers that I’d brought with me to the mainly men who were there, all staring at me in silence.

As I left there to walk back to the Moke I was happy, people had stared at my naked body and I liked that.

I walked along the wide track then into the car park where the Moke was and after opening the lock box I took a long drink from the warm bottle of water. Then for a reason that I couldn’t explain, I squat and squeezed the egg out, catching it before it hit the dusty ground. Next I untied the G-string from my wrist and put them both in the lock box. I had decided to put the flyers on car windscreens wearing only what I was when I was born, well, part from some flip-flops and sunglasses, the car park was rocky as well as very dusty.

There were a lot of cars in the different car parks so grabbed a lot of flyers, locked the lock box, hid the key and decided where to start.

There must have been well over a hundred cars in those car parks and I wasn’t the only one putting flyers on the windscreens. Although I didn’t see anyone, most of the windscreens had flyers from a couple of nightclubs on them. I did get seen by quite a few people leaving, or returning to their cars but no one really took much notice of me even though I was totally naked from ankles to neck.

When I ran out of flyers I went back to the Moke and was just about to leave when I decided that a nice, slow, quiet (well apart from the crickets) walk through the woodlands would be very pleasant so I set off going out of the top end of the car park along the then deserted track.

I’d been walking for about 10 minutes when I saw 4 young men walking towards me. When they got closer I recognised them as one of the groups that I had handed flyers to earlier, the group that I’d orgasmed in front of. The 4 guys stopped right in front of me, forcing me to stop walking.

“Well hi there naked girl,” one of the guys said, “Suzie isn’t it? Well that was the name on one of the flyers, good to see you again, aren’t you a bit afraid walking around the woods like that?”

“No.” I replied.

“You’re not afraid that we might rape you?”

“No.” I replied.

“So can we fuck you Suzie, you’ve been begging for it all day by the looks of you.”

“No you can’t, just because a girl is naked doesn’t mean that she wants to have sex, and if you try to rape me I can guarantee that most of you will be spending at least a few hours in the emergency room, I hope that you remembered to take out holiday medical insurance?”

“Tough talk Suzie, not that you need to worry about us, but what makes you think that you could take the 4 of us on?”

“Something called a Karate Black Belt and a course in self-defence where they taught me all about men’s delicate bits.”

“Very good Suzie. Someone chose well for you.” A different one of the guys said.”

“But as my mate just said, you’re safe with us, you’re not going to get raped, you’re 100% safe, but if you do fancy a gang-bang we’re up for it aren’t we guys?”

“Well I am not.” I replied, “but I’ll do you a deal, I’ll give each of you a blowjob, here, right now, if you promise to come to the gym this evening; and, if all of you can keep up with me during my workout and do everything that I do, at least as well as I do, then I promise that you can gang-bang me, I haven’t had a good one of those for ages.”

“Seriously Suzie,” one of the guys said, “all we have to do is the same workout as you and you’ll let us all fuck you?”

“You all have to do all of the exercises that I do, and just as well as I do them.”

“That sounds easy.” One of the guys said them added,

“We don’t have to be naked like you do we?”

“No, you can hide your junk, so is it a deal?” I asked.

The 4 guys looked at each other, smiled and one of them stuck his right hand out for me to shake.

We shook hands then one of them asked about the blowjobs. I smiled as said,

“Follow me.”

I led them just off the track but still very visible from the track then turned to one of the guys who was carrying his towel over his shoulder and asked him if I could borrow it. After he handed it to me I folded it, put it on the ground, knelt on it and asked which one of them was first.

Four blowjobs later, and one young couple delaying their journey back to their car, and I had 4 loads of male cum mostly in my stomach but some of it was on my face and chest.

I got to my feet, thanked the guys and reminded them of what they could have that evening if they completed the same workout as I did. All sounded like they would definitely be at the gym.

“See you later then guys,” I said, “enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you this evening. Don’t go wanking yourself dry thinking about what is on the table for you this evening.”

With that I walked away, leaving them to think about gang-banging me.

I walked right to the derelict lighthouse then back along the shoreline and thoroughly enjoyed the walk. Of course I got seen by people and a few stared at me but no one said anything to me. I was feeling quite horny by the time I walked onto the car park.

Back at the Moke I had a drink of warm water, put my strings only G-string on and drove back to the gym.

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