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Mind controlled Janice meets Matt and Linda on the allotment for passionate sex.
My name is Matt, I am a widower from Somerset and have a distinctive West Country accent. An ex professional gardener, I retired from professional gardening last year at the age of 62. The first major step after retirement was to move North to Yorkshire, Leeds to be exact so that I was living near my daughter.

I had spent my whole life gardening so my next step was to rent an allotment plot, the plot was overgrown with weeds, but a few weeks of hard graft cleared them so that I could start planning and planting my plot.

Most of my fellow gardeners were very friendly, they were mainly men but there were a few women as well. It was the women I was interested in, I was always a randy bugger, and had not had sex for a year.

I tried my chats on Linda who was supposedly the allotment boss but I received a quick put down from that lass. She would have done for me blonde, skinny aged in her early 60s I guessed.

A few plots away from me was Emma a lovely looking lass, she was tall, slim, blonde with a golden look to her skin. She talked very slowly and clearly pronouncing each word as though it was a pleasure to say it. As a professional gardener I was really struck by the condition of her allotment plot, it was weed free, all her vegetables planted in neat rows and growing well. She seemed to be present on her plot everyday. She spent most of each day chatting to other plot holders who seemed to call on her for advice or for a gossip over a cup of tea that was brewed on a small camping stove. I rapidly came to the conclusion that Emma was running the allotment not the woman Linda or other committee members.

There was one bully on the allotment called Nick Holmes and he seemed scared of Emma.

I rapidly became friends with Emma she had an aura around her that made everyone feel at ease in her presence. The only time that changed was the one time I was there when Nick Holmes called on her, it was like cold wind suddenly enveloped her I could feel it in the air between them. What ever it was the Holmes man had come to say he did not say it that icy aura drove him away sudden like. Emma with her aura was unlike anyone else I had ever met, she had a power around her.

I would arrive at my plot 8am sharp whatever the weather and Emma would already be there before me and we would spend half an hour gossiping over a cup of tea or coffee.

Sometimes when we were talking I felt as though she was inside my head guiding my thoughts and our conversation, it was an unusual sensation.

One day she had a new greenhouse delivered and I offered to help her erect it and glaze it. The day was hot, however we soon had the frame bolted together. It was hot work made easier by Emma’s strength, she was only thin but lifting the pieces of framework seemed like no effort to her. We spent the best part of the day assembling the greenhouse and moving some trestle tables into it.

The next day Emma came over to my plot and nodded towards a plump woman probably in her mid 50s who was walking towards her plot.

“She will do you,” Emma commented to me.

“What?” I asked.

“You are feeling horny and need women to shag, well she will do whatever you want,”

“Ow do you know that?”

“Because I will tell her to, my brother Mea has made most of the people his mind control puppets and I have the power to command them, it is the power we have over people, she will think having sex with you is perfectly normal, enjoyable and it will not cause any problems as she will not remember anything afterwards.”

At my age I had become sceptical of people making wild promises but I could feel in my mind that she could do it.

“I know Linda Lee turned you down, well as a thank you for helping with the greenhouse tomorrow Linda and Janice will come to your shed wearing whatever you want and you can shag them both!”

The next day Janice turned up at my plot wearing shorts and a white round neck t-shirt, no bra, just as I had requested.

“Why don’t yer take yer top off lass, let the sun get at yer titties? She looked towards me and smiled,

“What ever you want Matt,” she peeled her top off and stood topless in the middle of my plot.

”Come and sit down on my lap lass” I called sitting on a chair outside my shed.

“Oooh, Matt,” she said, before sitting sideways on my lap.

Janice felt his arm go round her bare waist and enjoyed how he was staring at her bare breasts.

“Must say lass, its nice having a wench on me lap again, its bin a long time, “ and put his other hand on her thigh. His hand was soon disappearing up the leg of her shorts. Now his fingers had reached her pussy and were trying to find their way in, he wasn’t wasting anytime.

“Yer pussy’s all wet. Open yer legs! This man didn’t ‘ask’ it was an order. Janice for some strange reason, found that being ‘told’ what to do, a turn on, she did not know it was her mind control. She had a quick look round the allotments there was still no one else in sight. So she slipped her one leg off his lap and gave him room to reach his target. His finger went straight in, it made her gasp out loud.

“Whooo! Yer got a nice wet cunt here lass,” he said, as he started finger fuckin her. “Yer want it bad, don’t yer?” She didn’t answer him; she just stared straight ahead with a glazed expression on her face. He withdrew his now sopping wet finger, and started to rub her clit with it. “ANSWER ME LASS! Yer want it bad, don’t yer?”

“ Y,yes!”


“ YES SIR! “ I want it bad. He withdrew his hand from inside her shorts and took his arm from around her waist.

“STAND UP!” He ordered. She did as she was told and got a not too gentle smack across her arse.

“GO IN THE SHED!” He knew she was like a bitch on heat. He followed her into his shed, and while he was locking the door from the inside, she stood up next to the window with her back to the wall. Janice stared up at the inside of the shed roof while he gave her tits a good going over, in fact, the ‘full’ treatment. They were mauled, kissed, licked and sucked, and her nipples were squeezed, pinched and rolled between his finger and thumb. She felt pleasure between her thighs, her pussy was aching for attention. He must have read her mind, when he’d finished mauling her breasts; his hand went straight down inside the front of her shorts.

“Open yer legs again lass!” Again she did as she was told; she could feel her juice’s trickling down her inner thighs. He soon found her hole again. “God! Yer dripping wet lass.” She knew he was right, she wanted it, NOW! And he knew that. He grabbed her upper arm and dragged her away from the shed side towards his workbench, then stood facing her.

“Get yer shorts off!” He ordered. She looked into his lustful eyes as she started to undo the buttons, then just let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. She stood facing him, Naked, apart from her trainers. He gave her a good look up and down, and then a faint smile crossed his face as he said- “Its bin a long time for me lass, are yer ready for a Fuckin?” She blushed and looked down at the floor as she replied rather meekly.


“Yes what?”

“ Yes Sir! I’m ready for a Fucking.”

“That’s better!” Then he took a large cushion from the chair by the door and placed it at the front of the bench in the centre. “Stand with yer front up against the cushion!”

“Yes Sir!”

“Now bend right forward over cushion, grab far side of bench with both hands, then spread yer legs…cushion

When in position, she could feel the heat of the sun on the backs of her legs and her arse as it streamed through the window. Strangely, her thoughts at this moment were that no one walked passed the shed and looked through the window, to see her like this. Then her mind quickly returned to what was happening ‘inside’ the shed. She felt both his hands, gently stroking her inner thighs, at the top of the stroke just brushing her pussy. Surprisingly, his touch was so light and gentle it sent electric waves through the whole of her nervous system. By the angle of his hands, she suspected he was kneeling down behind her. Then equally gently, he caressed her bottom with both hands. Although his hands felt quite rough in texture, that just seemed to add to the erotic sensation that she felt. This arse of yours lass, he said, has been playing havoc with my cock. Then he pulled her buttocks apart, and she felt his face pressing hard against her, as his tongue licked at her moist pussy lips. As she lay there, bent over the bench, she focused her eyes on the calendar hanging up a few feet in front of her, on which was a photo of a nude female. She murmured softly as his tongue gently explored every part of her genitalia. Then, after a good minute, she felt his face leave her. His finger then took over from his tongue; she felt it stroking her wet lips. Her eyes opened wide then, as it pushed between her lips and entered her. And without stopping, it continued up inside her, as far as it would go.

“Oh yes!” She cried, as his finger slid up and down. Then he removed his sopping wet digit and used it to rub her clit.

“Are yer ready for it now lass?”


She heard him stand up and undo the buckle on his belt. She wanted to turn her head to see what his ‘equipment’ was like, but she didn’t. She would know soon enough. She felt the swollen end of his cock stroking her lips as he covered it in her juice ready for penetration. It felt nice. Then she felt it pushing against her, gently at first, and then harder, but it wasn’t going in. And ‘she’ desperately wanted it in. He must have a very large cock she thought to herself. She opened her legs as wide as she could and stuck her bottom up towards him as far as she possible could. She was unashamedly demanding to be fucked! At last, she felt it slip inside her after stretching her lips, and it continued to stretch her as it made its way up, she didn’t know yet, how long it was, but she’d never had one this ‘thick’ before. It was a good job that she was very wet; otherwise this would have been extremely painful for her. She bit her lip hard, as she felt herself being penetrated, she guessed she had taken at least six or seven inches so far, how much more had he got? She didn’t think she could take much more. Then she felt his testicles touch her, so she knew there couldn’t be much more, but he still managed another inch. She sighed with relief as he started to withdraw, Then the pumping action started, slowly at first.

“Hang on tight lass,” he said. She gripped the far side of the table as hard as she could, as his speed increased. Thank goodness the cushion was overhanging the bench a few inches; she was being banged up against it time after time, as he pummelled her relentlessly. She could feel herself getting close now; her orgasm was building up fast.

“Are yer nearly there yet lass?” Said the voice behind her. “Y,YES SIR, YES SIR!” She shouted back at him. Then it happened, her back arched and she screamed out as wave after wave of her orgasm took over her whole body. Finally she collapsed across the bench, gasping for breath, heart pounding in her chest, sweat running down her brow. She’d ‘never’ had an orgasm like that before; she was drained of all her strength. He’s good, she thought.

Matt remained inside her, but gently stroked and caressed her back while she recovered. What a nice touch he’d got, she thought, and how thoughtful for a man to take such loving care after the event. But then she realised that ‘he’ hadn’t relieved himself yet. She then felt him slowly withdrawing from her, but he had to pull a bit harder to get his cock out, it must be a big one, but finally she felt it plop out of her.

“Stay put lass, he said. I ain’t done with yer yet!” Before Janice could take in what he’d just said, he started to caress her whole body, back, sides, legs, thighs, and bottom. In short, an all over massage. This really ‘was’ nice. She couldn’t believe that this course speaking old country man could be so thoughtful and attentive. Then her more intimate parts were taken care of, he finger massaged her pussy lips, clit and anus, using plenty of his saliva to make sure he didn’t make her sore. Then, while she was purring with pleasure at his attention to detail, it occurred to her that she was getting very aroused ‘again’. Then Janice felt Matt standing behind her again, holding her bottom with both hands and his still very stiff cock, pressing along the valley between her buttocks.

“Are yer ready for another ‘Fuckin’ lass?”

“ Yes!” She replied. She was, so there was no point denying it.

“Yes what?”

“ YES SIR! I’m ready for another ‘Fucking. Matt was really enjoying himself, her mind control had turned her into hot bitch responding to his every whim.

It felt a lot easier this time when he entered her, she’d already been stretched once. She felt it sliding up easier as well, he soon had it all in, and started pumping straight away. Hang on again lass! Janice gripped the far side of the bench firmly again as she was being screwed for a second time. Her second orgasm came quickly, not quite as strong as the first, but nevertheless, very satisfying. Again Matt stayed inside her and gently caressed her back while she recovered, which didn’t take so long this time.

“Are yer ok lass?”

“Yes Sir! Thank you Sir!”

“Right!” Announced Matt, “It’s time for yer spunkin now, just stay put while I empty me self inter yer.” Although she assumed he was already right in, he somehow managed another inch before doing a few pumps, and then he gripped her hips firmly to lock her to him while he deposited his seed deep inside her. His cock was that thick, that she could feel the spurts of spunk coming along his shaft. She just closed her eyes and concentrated on feeling her belly being filled up by his warm fluid. When he’d finished, he again lay across her back while ‘he’ recovered this time, he planted some gentle kisses between her shoulder blades. “How yer feeling lass?” Janice had had time to regain her composure by now, and replied-

“Wonderful, Sir!”

“Aye lass, that’s what I call a ‘proper job’.

He opened the door I could see Linda Lee was sat on the seat outside the door.

“Undress lass, let’s see you in the nudie,”

Linda stood in the middle of his plot and stripped off all her clothes.

Matt admired her, he liked skinny ladies.

“Right ladies time for you to entertain me, give each other a good doing.”

I had only just finished undressing it took me a minute to realise the meaning behind what he had said, but before I could respond Janice swiftly stepped forward, raised herself up on her tiptoes, and kissed me quickly on the lips, I felt shivers of excitement coursing up my spine, and shock waves ran through my whole body down to my toes. My nipples tingled, becoming even harder. I don’t remember deciding to do what I did next, but I somehow moved to her and bent my head down and returned the kiss. It was the softest, sweetest, most tender kiss I had ever experienced. At first it was just our lips gently touching, but Janice slowly opened her mouth, and I felt the tip of her tongue gently trying to make its way into my mouth. It was like no other kiss I had ever had. My whole body trembled, and I wanted to kiss her so very much.

I breathed the words “you will be the first woman I have been with, I do not know why but I am desperate for you!”

Matt was delighted the mind control of Janice and Linda was making them do whatever he wanted and giving him some very dirty thoughts.

I surrendered and opened my mouth for Janice and soon our tongues were twisting and dancing together, and I lifted my hands to cradle her head gently. She reached up and cupped one of my breasts in her hand, whilst letting her other stray to the back of my neck. Her hands dropped abruptly, grabbing at my waist, pulling us closer together. Our bodies touched, our curves moulding together. We held each other, kissing passionately, for several moments, before she let go, breaking the kiss. She backed away a few steps and led me into the shed and hoisted herself up onto the workbench. She sat there facing me, a wide smile on her face as she stared into my eyes.

I swiftly stepped forward towards her, making up the ground between us, and as she parted her knees wide allowing me to stand between her thighs, we kissed again. She lifted her legs, wrapping them around me, trapping me, digging her heels into my backside. I felt her fingers on my naked chest, she broke our kiss and, without pausing for a second, trailed her tongue down across my neck, before lowering her lips to my breasts. She slowly and delicately licked and sucked on each of my hard nipples, finally settling on my left, which she gently tongued and nibbled between her teeth, while her hands worked on both breasts. I quivered at each light touch she made, a warm glow starting to build deep inside my body. I could not remember ever being as excited as I was at that moment. Looking down, it just turned me on even more that it was another woman doing this to me, and not another man. My breathing was now reduced to long, deep, shuddering pants. I arched my back and moaned, and she enjoyed this.

Her hands slowly skimmed down my sides, delicately sliding over my skin, and across my hips I felt her fingers brush through my pubic hair, and to the top cleft of my pussy. She moved lower, her fingers sinking into my slit. The sheer amount of wetness she found there must have been incredible. I was turned on in a way I had never ever experienced before. I felt a shiver going up and down my spine as my most private feminine place was being explored and caressed by Janice

Janice began to move her fingers up and down my through the folds of my pussy and over my clitoris, before eventually pushing two fingers inside me, making me groan out loud. She moved her fingers in and out, making a wet, squishy sound in my wetness. I pushed my hips against her hand. She pushed the full length of her fingers into me and sucked a little harder on my nipple. The combination of stimulations; her mouth on my breast, her fingers buried deep in me, her heels pulling against my bottom; was overwhelming. I was whimpering at this point, and it only took three or four more strokes of her fingers in my pussy, before I began moaning and clinging onto her for dear life. I came so hard and so suddenly that I nearly dragged us both crashing to floor.

She held on to me as I tried to catch my breath and regain my composure. I leaned against her and the workbench on which she was still sitting, and we looked deeply into each other’s eyes. We kissed gently and laughed. I could hardly believe what had just happened to me. I felt drained, but at the same time filled with an intense feeling of excitement and desire. I knew I had to make her feel just as wonderful as she had just made me feel.

We continued to kiss, and my excitement kept growing and growing. Each kiss became deeper and more sensual, and my hands began to roam around her body; over her back, trailing my fingers down her spine to squeeze and caress her bottom. I moved up to her front, finding her breasts and gently squeezed and fondled them

With trembling fingers I reached out and touched the flesh of another woman’s breasts for the first time in my life. They were soft and warm. Her skin was so velvety. I pinched and pulled and twisted at her nipples gently, and she let out a little moan. I hoped that she was enjoying this as much as I was. We kissed again, long and deep, while I continued to knead her breasts. Slowly I traced my tongue down over her neck to her chest and into the valley between her breasts. I gently rubbed my face between those breasts, feeling her sweat cover my cheeks, before I slowly kissed my way to her right nipple. At first I only flicked across the tip with my tongue, but was soon overcome by the urge to suck it into my mouth. I loved the feel and texture of the tiny goose bumps and wrinkles. I sucked and nibbled like I was a child, and her nipple was my favourite kind of sweet.

Janice was breathing hard and her body was squirming around. I could have easily passed out as her wet pussy seemed to thrust up in my direction.

Her whole body was so beautiful, and I wanted to run my hands all over it. I slowly slid my fingers across her belly until I reached her pussy. It was hot and slick with her juice. I moved my finger back and forward over its plump lips. I slowly got down on my knees to get a better look at her, and she spread her legs for me and shuffled forward so her bottom rested near the edge of the workbench. My face got closer, and I could see every wonderful detail of her. The skin around the puffy lips was slightly darker than the rest. Her labia where swollen and full, and they seemed to almost pout out at me, soaked with the dew of lubrication. She was very wet indeed.

If I had any doubts about myself and my ability to do what came next, they were quickly erased as I inhaled her scent. I had never smelled another woman’s pussy before, and it was an intoxicating mixture of perspiration and musk. There was nothing artificial. No perfume, no cologne or powder; just the raw, natural, sweet aroma of her lust. I leaned in closer and inhaled deeply. The odour filled my head and made me dizzy with desire. I had to have her. The urge to lean over and taste her was overpowering.

I bent forward, touching her pussy with my mouth, and slid my tongue between its dewy folds. I was tentative at first, but the slippery, salty taste made me press on. I stretched out my tongue as far as it would go and licked her glistening slit from the bottom to the very top, not neglecting to tickle her little clit. Janice giggled and moaned and squirmed as I got my first taste of another woman. She was sweet and tangy, not unlike my own juices, which I have tasted a few times. But there were subtle differences that I couldn’t quite put a finger on. But this wasn’t a wine tasting, and I didn’t waste any more time trying to compare flavours.

I slid my tongue back inside her, wriggling it around while my teeth lightly nibbled at her wet pussy lips and clit. She started to make little animal sounds. It made me feel incredibly sexy to think that I was getting this woman so excited. Her sounds urged me on and made me feel more aggressive. I started sucking on her clit while driving my tongue deep into her.

I could feel her shifting her body around, and I looked up to see what she was doing. One by one, she had lifted both feet up, placing them flat on the worktop next to her, opening herself up to me further. She reached down under her bent legs and gently spread her lips apart with her fingers, holding her pussy wide open for me, exposing her inner depths. Here I was; an ordinary woman, on my knees in front of another woman with my face buried in her wet pussy. I was aware Matt had his phone out filming us.

I returned my full attention to Janice’s pussy, slurping and licking at it for all I was worth. All my inhibitions were being forced out of me and I displayed all of my passions. I slid my tongue over her fingers, and she began moving them, rubbing herself. I licked away at her fingers and pussy as we both slid up and down her open slit. Dropping lower I tongued her hole again. In and out I went, wiggling my tongue as I lapped at the insides. I was at the heart of her femininity and she had nothing left to hide. She began oscillating and grinding her hips against my face, in rhythm with my tongue, her breath raging and uncontrolled. She watched as I sucked all of her juices and God did I love them! I was out of control, and began drooling saliva out of the sides of my mouth, as my tongue stimulated her sensitive pussy.

I was really worked up myself by now, and I slowly slid my hand down to the folds of my pussy my fingers finding my own slit throbbing and soaking wet. I plunged two fingers inside myself and started to hump against my hand as I intensified the pleasure my mouth was giving her.

I had just about fingered myself to a second intense orgasm when she started to squeal and thrash about. She was getting red faced, and her eyes seemed glazed.

“My God,” I thought. “I’m making her cum!”

That just about did it for me, and I came all over my hand, rocking and squeezing on my clit. Seconds later, her sweet juices splashed all over my lips as she orgasmed. Shuddering, she moaned loudly, closing her thighs, squeezing them onto my cheeks. She bucked her hips, pushing forward against my face, her whole body shaking. I glanced up at her, seeing her face puckered in the pleasures of satisfaction.

As her soft moans died down and her hips finally stopped bouncing up and down, I looked up at her again, this time letting my gaze travel across her entire body. Her pussy glistened and her tummy quivered and heaved as she panted. Her mouth was slightly open and beads of sweat had formed on her upper lip. She looked down at me and smiled contently.

I helped her hop down from the workbench and she collapsed to the floor beside me. We were both wasted, and we sat, wrapped in each others arms, gently stroking each others skin.

“Well you really did a good job on each other,” said Matt smiling. “Emma says you will soon forget fucking each other but I am ordering the two of you to have regular sex together, film it, send me the videos and forget about it!”

“Now Linda it is time for me to give you a good fucking I want my spunk inside you!”

With his right hand, he cupped my left breast, I just laid there staring out of the window, my breast was fondled and squeezed, and my now hard nipple was pinched and rolled between his finger and thumb. I put my head back. Then my right breast and nipple received the same attention. My breathing started to get heavier.

Matt’s head went down to my breasts, he licked and kissed, sucked and slurped all over them alternately, till they were both wet, and glistening with his saliva. All that escaped from my lips was the occasional, M,mmm, or Whooo, Then he diverted his attention to my legs I opened them feeling his fingers sink deep into my pussy

“Get yerself bent over, right over.”

Matt moved so his legs were between mine. My rump was sticking well up in the air.

“Make yerself comfortable lass, he said, you might be there for a little while

Matt then sat back and admired the view in front of him Linda’s naked ass sticking up in he air, her wet pussy on show.

“That sure is a sight for sore eyes,” he said, gazing appreciatively at my rump

His eyes went from the 'cheeky' pouting lips of her vagina, to the lovely little pink rose bud of her anus, and those twin, gorgeous, firm, well rounded and perfectly sculptured buttocks, that were spread open wide for him. He found himself stroking his fast swelling cock as he gazed at this veritable feast in front of him. I lay there bent right over legs wide apart, offering myself to him, not knowing where he would touch me first.

Janice knelt beside me and one of her hands moved to cup my left breast and I turned my face to her and she leaned in and kissed me on my lips.

As I continued to kiss Janice I felt his hands on my outer thighs, sliding sensually up and down, from my knees to my hips. Then they slid round to my inner thighs, where his light touch gently caressed me from her knees to the very top, barely skimming the tops of the hairs of my skin, slowly up and down, up… and down, up……. and down, ever slower. Now he concentrated his hands on the very tops of my inner thighs.

God! He knows how to turn me on, I thought to myself. I could feel my vaginal lips swelling, and knew that Matt, would have a good view of them. He did! With one hand either side of her hips, he pulled himself forward and placed the tip of his tongue on the one swollen lip, and then he teased her by slowly running the tip of his tongue around both lips in a clockwise direction, round and round, always slowly, wetting my pussy lips as it went. Now I could feel my juices starting to trickle down my leg

Janice’s hand was playing with my nipple as Matt then used his tongue to lap at my juices. Then, using an index finger from each hand, he pulled my now wet, swollen lips wide apart. felt his tongue enter me licking at my pussy.

He must have continued doing this for a good half a minute, I thought, before he withdrew his tongue. What now? I thought, what's he going to do to me next? As I lay there motionless, waiting, I found that the anticipation of what he 'might' do, where he 'might' touch me, both exciting and frustrating at the same time. It seemed like ages before I felt no contact from him, what's he doing? is he just 'looking'? is he getting his cock out, and maybe 'playing' with it? Will 'that' be the next thing that I feel touching me? But the next thing I felt, were his hands on my buttocks, where they gently fondled, squeezed, and kneaded them. I purred contentedly as his hands lovingly massaged my rear. And then I felt several gentle kisses being planted on each cheek in turn. But then, although my cheeks were already well spread apart from my position bent over and legs being wide open, I felt them being pulled even further apart. I felt the tip of his tongue touch me.

His tongue slowly circled my anus, an experience I had enjoyed with several other lovers.

“I'm going to do the same thing with my finger now, ok?” ,yes, ok Sir. His right index finger gently started to encircle my anus, in a clockwise direction. Then his finger touched me again using a slow circular motion. I lay there looking forward to the next bit. Then I felt his finger touch my hole and start to push.

He saw her anal muscle swell and start to bulge out, and then, using the least pressure that was needed to gently prise her muscle open, he pushed the end of his finger in an inch or so, just up to the first knuckle.

I could feel his finger sliding up, deeper and deeper into my rectum. I was enjoying it more and more by the second, the feeling of his warm finger gently sliding up and down inside my bottom.

After a couple of minutes, I felt him starting to carefully withdraw his finger, and as it slipped out I felt my anal muscle close up tight again.

Since I had my first sex at the age of eighteen I have had sex with over thirty different men and now in my early sixties I had experienced and enjoyed my first lesbian sex and now Matt was turning me on more than those thirty plus men ever had.

What's next, I thought, full anal sex maybe, over the years I had many times enjoyed having a dick up my anal passage, it was a completely different sensation to vaginal sex.

I was getting desperate now for that 'final' release, I could feel my juices starting to leak out of me even faster. I hoped he was going to 'finish me off' soon.

Then, with his right hand stroking his erection, he leant forward and stroked between my pussy lips with his index finger. His finger slid easily up and down inside me I was now desperate to cum. Then, after a short while, he withdrew his finger from me and rubbed my spot my reaction was immediate, my hips started to buck.

“Fuck me Sir! p,pleeaase Fuck me. I bucked even faster against his finger he stopped rubbing my clit and slapped my arse. Ouch!

I felt him raise himself, he placed his large, purple, swollen knob between my dripping lips and pushed, with very little effort it slipped inside me easily, heaven! I thought. His cock slid up deeper inside me. At last, I thought, 'this' is what I've been waiting as I felt it sliding up, stretching me as it went, I let out a sigh of contentment.

Matt started to work his dick in and out of me causing me to scream out as a wave of pure joy overwhelmed me. His hips were banging into me hard. The moment came as my muscles contracted against his dick, my juices ran faster my whole body seemed to quiver as I climaxed.

Matt kept pumping into me, this was some of the best sex I had ever experienced. Finally with a grunt his dick for a moment grew even bigger and he released his sperm deep inside me.

I collapsed on to the floor panting.

“You are alright lass!” Matt smiled at me as he dressed.

“Right your orders from me, you do as I say and afterwards you forget what you have done.

“I want both of you to meet up at least three times for lesbian sex, record it and send the recordings to me! I want you both here in my shed at the same time next week so I can fuck you!”

Matt turned to me, “Linda you are going to be my regular fuck, I want you back here tomorrow!”

I smiled at him, “yes sir!” I responded already looking forward to seeing him again.

He turned to Janice, “you are going to earn me some money whoring yourself to any man on this allotment site that wants you! He continued, “I understand you and Nick Holmes hate each other, and that he is a bully that likes hurting women! Well he is going to enjoy this I want you to three times give yourself to him, let him do what ever he wants to you!”

“Yes sir!” responded Janice, “I will let him do whatever he wants!”

I thought about Nick Holmes, I knew his wife had left him twice because of his sexual violence to her, she had returned to him each time. I thought of the winter evening he had approached me on the allotment as it was getting dark and I was about to leave. With no warning he hit me in the stomach, knocking me to the ground. As I lay on the ground he jumped on top of me, pushed a ball of material into my mouth which acted as a gag. He forced himself on me, he had some rope which he bound my hands together with. I struggled as much as I could. When I felt Nick unzipping my jeans I knew what he intended and struggled harder but with my wrists bound together I could not stop him removing my jeans. He leered at me as he grabbed my knickers and pulled them down and off. Next he ripped my blouse open and unclasped my bra exposing my breasts. I struggled hard. I thought I was as lucky that Roger came along and disturbed Nick. I was surprised at Roger he did not say anything thing. He then said to Nick, “She will be the fourth one you have raped, and I will have to wipe her mind of the memory. Roger then walked off leaving me tied. Nick smiled at me and slapped my face and then each of my breasts. He undressed and however hard I struggled I could not free my hands and gagge I could not scream as he started to torture me and rape me. Three times he filled my vagina with his cum and my anus once.

An odd thought crossed my mind, I may have enjoyed Nick raping me and now I would not know and now Janice was going to experience him.

“I want you both to go back to your allotment plots naked, that will give anyone that see you a thrill,” ordered Matt. “and I will see you tomorrow he continued.”

In the middle of his plot I turned to Janice, kissed her lips and held her naked body against mine, “my place on Friday,” I whispered in her ear, “come and spend the day with me.”
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