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It was late on a warm summers’ afternoon.

Popeye’s boat is in harbour, alongside one of the quays and he is lounging in the sunshine in his shorts, fantasising about Princess Leia
A call of, “Hello sailor,” suddenly brings him back to his senses. It is Jessica Rabbit, and she is wearing THAT dress!

“May I cum aboard Captain?” she asks.

“Why of course Miss,” says Popeye going to meet her at the gangplank., wondering why on earth she has that dress on.

“Can I get you a drink Miss?”

“Yes Pops, carrot juice please!”

“Really?” asks Popeye.

“No, you idiot! Get me a cold glass of wine.”

As Popeye returns with the wine, he asks “Why are you wearing that dress? It looks like it has been sprayed on!”

“I told Roger I had a matinee performance so I could sneak out to see you!”

Why do you want to see me?”

Well, I have been hearing things about you Pops.”

“Oh, and I have been hearing things about you too Miss.”

“What have you heard?” asks Jess.

“That you fuck like a rabbit!”

“Ha ha, very funny! Well, I have heard that when you are on the spinach, you have a cock that can make a girl’s eyes pop. I have even heard that it is equine in size. I’m just hoping that it is as big as they say, and you fuck like a rabbit too! So, is the size thing true?”

“It might be!”

“Well, would you like to show me then? I have brought the spinach.”

“What do I get if I do?”

“I am sure I will think of something once I see it.”

“Maybe we should take this below deck!” suggest Popeye.

“Good idea!” she remarks. Then, “Is Olive around?”

“No, she is out with the girls for evening.”

“What would she say if she found out about our little escapade?”

“Well, she won’t find out, but if she did she would be ok as long as I told all the details and then fucked her.”

“Sounds like my kinda girl.” Jess remarks as they make their way down.


Once below deck Pops is heading for the bedroom but Jess catches her reflection in a full-length mirror in the lounge area and stops to admire herself.

“What do you think?” she asks.

“Very sexy!” Popeye replies, “But you would look even better without the dress on.”

“Well, you had better help me out of it then,” Jess suggests. “It is not sprayed on; it peels on and peels off. Would you like to help me take it off?”.”

“You bet!”

“So, come behind me and hook your thumbs in the neckline either side of my boobs.” Jess advises, so Popeye moves up really close so that she can feel his erection pressing up against her tight ass. Jess reaches around her back and grabs hold of it through his shorts. “My, it feels a decent size already.” Jess remarks.

“That’s not the half of it yet!” says Popeye, who’s eyes are glued to her reflection in the mirror. He can see that her nipples are hard and pushing up under the tight material as he hooks his thumbs into the neckline as told.

“Now ease the material out and down and that should overcome the biggest obstacles to getting off,” she says, still rubbing his pole through his shorts.

Slowly he eases the material down over her stunning orbs until they bounce out, released from the prison. “Now you should be able to peel it down for me.”

Now that’s as maybe, but Popeye has other ideas! Both hands go to fondle his newfound treasures and tweak her huge nipples, watching in the mirror as he does so.

Jess lets out a soft moan and throws her head back.

“You like that?” Popeye whispers in her ear.

“Oh yes, I like it.”

After a minute or so of teasing her nipples, he returns to the job of skinning off the dress until it finally slides to the floor. Immediately his left-hand returns to fondling her gorgeous breasts whilst his right-hand dives down between her thighs to rub her clean-shaven pussy. As his hand slides up and down over her mound, he can feel that her clit is hard and erect.

“Oh, yes, that feels so good.” Jess moans as she continues to fondle his cock.

“That is a very cute little slit,” he whispers to her.

”Thank you,” Says Jess “And it is eager for that big cock of your.”

“I am not sure it will fit.” Popeye remarks.

“It should do! It just about manages to cope with the big horse-cock dildo Wilma loaned me.”

“What, Wilma Flintstone?”

“Yes, the Flintstones are neighbours of our and she is a bit of a girl!” Jess explains.

“It sounds like it!” he remarks, astonished.

“In fact, she is a bit of nympho. It wouldn’t surprise me if she into that big hound of theirs, if you know what I mean!”

“You are kidding?” he says, surprised that someone who looks so innocent could be up to such things. “She is into sex with their dog?”

“Well, I have my suspicions!” Jess replies. “Any way, getting me wet will help. Maybe you should concentrate on my clit?”

“Good idea, but first I thought you might like this,” he says, thrusting his two longest fingers into her slit.

“Fuck yes, I do like that! Give me those fucking fingers,” she groans as he starts to frig her with them.

She is already rather juicy so the noise it makes as his fingers pump in and out is fucking awesome!

She is well juicy now so Popeye now attacks her clit to bring her off, so he can then fuck her. He runs his first finger around the edge of her nub. She moans.

Then he rubs his fingers up and down over it and then from side to side. From her expressions in the mirror, he reckons this last effort is likely to have the most effect, so he sticks with it and starts to rub her love button vigorously.

It is not long before he has writhing under his touch and soon her whole body is trebling. She throws her head back and he can see in the mirror she is biting her lower lip, groaning as she does so.

As his rubbing becomes ever more intense, it is not long before she goes over the edge and her whole-body shudders uncontrollably as her orgasm hits. She is so unstable on her feet; Popeye has to hold her up.


After a minute or so she seems to have regained her composure and her balance, so Popeye lets her go and takes a step back.

“So, you wanted to see my cock before I take the spinach, so here you go’” he says, stepping back and then skinning down his shorts so his erection springs out. “What do you think?” He asks as he takes cock in hand and begins stroking it.

“WOW! That is not bad for your normal cock. Looks like the cartoonist was kind to both your personalities. I wish he had been so kind to Roger too.”

“Why thank you Miss,” says Popeye, wrapping a hand around the swollen shaft and slowly pumping it. Forgetting the plan to get her ready for some ‘spinach cock’, Popeye then says, “I tell you what, I would really like to see is you getting yourself off before I fuck you. I would love to see how you make yourself cum.””

“Ok,” says Jess. Get me something to kneel on and you’re on.”

“Right,” he says, “I will go and get a duvet from the bedroom,” he says, shooting off through the bedroom door.

He is back in no time with the duvet and a couple of pillows, and she spreads out the duvet in front of the mirror.

Jess moves forward to kneel on the duvet as Popeye moves back and perches on the edge of a table behind him, pulling his rock-hard erection as he watches Jess intently.

First, she puts the first and index finger of her right hand to her mouth and licks them sexily to get them wet. Then she moves them down to her erect clit which is pushing out from underneath its hood.

“I bet you’d like to lick this wouldn’t you?” she asks, rubbing her middle two fingers over her clit.

“I might do!” Popeye teases, pulling his 8-inch erection.

She alternates between rubbing her fingers over her clit in a circular motion, slipping her middle two fingers into her slit and frigging herself and sometimes rubbing those two fingers from side to side over swollen button.

“I’ve had some big cocks in here,” she announces, slipping her fingers into her slit once again.

“Have you now,” says Popeye. “Which fictional characters have you fucked then?”

“Well, I gave Scooby Doo the come on, but he is just a stupid mut,” she says rubbing away. “Did you know that Darth Vader was played by a black guy in one film? Now he did have a big cock, it was at least 10 inches long and so thick.”

“How did that feel?’

“Fucking awesome! He can fuck, that guy!”

“Who would you like to fuck, if you get the chance?”

“Well, I have heard that Chewbacca has got a really big cock, and then there is the Incredible Hulk; I have never had a green cock! For now though, I am looking forward to you fucking me.”

Popeye had heard that Jess was a game girl but had never expected her to be such a horny bint.

“Why don’t you bring that ordinary cock of yours over here and let me suck it whilst you are waiting to see me cum?”

“No, I would rather stay just here and watch. You can suck it next.”

“Spoil sport!” Jess grunts, as she now really concentrates on the job in hand.

She stares at Popeye as she works on her quim ever more vigorously. On the occasions she finger-fucks herself, she is so wet, the squelching noise it so hot.

“After I cum I want you to fuck me with that ordinary cock of yours and shoot a load up my pussy to get me lubed up for that really big cock of yours.”

“Your wish is my command, Miss!”

The scene in front of him is so hot that Popeye has to stop pulling his cock or he is going to shoot his load there and then and that would be a waste.

Jessica is now solely focused on bringing herself off. Eyes closed and her mouth half open, she moans and groans as she enjoys the sensations her hand are causing between her legs

Suddenly she goes stiff. Then, as her breathing stops, her lags begin to treble and then her whole-body shudders and shakes as she orgasms for the first time that afternoon.


“Well, did you enjoy watching me do that as much as you hoped you would?

Oh yes, and then some,” I had to stop tugging my meat otherwise I would have shot my load.”

“And we wouldn’t want that just yet would we. I want every drop in my pussy!” she says, and then ask, “What other characters have you had?” as she stands up and walks over to stand in front of him.

“With swap with Micky and Minnie, wailing banshee!” he says as she takes hold of his shaft in her hand and pumps it and he repays the favour by slipping a hand between her legs to stroke her dripping wet pussy.

“Alice in WL – looks all prim and proper but she loves her cock too! She couldn’t get enough spinach cock and took it up the Ass. Heard she had a DP session with Batman and Robin.

“Tell me who else you would like to bone, whilst I have a suck on this,” she says, bending forward to take hold of the long shaft with both hands whilst taking the big swollen cockhead in her cute little mouth. As Popeye answers, her hands start pumping his meat and sucking it, her head bobbing up and down on the first couple of his pole.

“I have heard Princess Fiona from Shrek films goes like a train and she should be used to an oversized cock. And then there is Princess Leia! I have seen a porn clip of her on XXNX rubbing her pussy and then sucking on Darth’s huge black cock until he squirts his load over her cute little face.” Popeye has to stop for a second to catch his breath as she works expertly on his member.

Occasionally, as she sucks hard on him, Jess pulls her head off his cock, and it makes a loud popping sound which is very erotic.

“She doesn’t have great tits like you, they are a deal smaller, but she has long nipples and large dark areolae that contrast sexily against her pale skin.”

“I have seen that clip too,” says Jess, taking his cock out of her mouth for a second but still pumping it with both hands, “And that is the Darth Vader I fucked. It is some cock he has on him. I reckon it is a good inch or two long than this one and a bit thicker too!” she adds, taking his helmet back in her mouth to continue sucking on it.

After another minute or so of her working on him, he takes hold of her head and lifts her off, “Come on girl, if you carry on with this for much longer you are going to be gagging on my jizz. It’s time we introduced my cock to your pussy.”

“Oh yes, lets do that. Where do you want me?”

“Well, I have had this fantasy about getting you bent over a table so shall we try that first?’

“Why not,” she says, as she moves to rest her hands on the table Popeye has been sitting on and he manoeuvres into position behind her, get a great view of her ass and her tight little quim.

In this position his cock is on exactly the same level as his tart get, so he takes hold off the base of his weapon with the thump and two fingers of his right hand and places the tip on her slit so that, a short thrust of his hips parts the labia and pushes the head inside.

“Ohh, Ooo, that feels thick,” she moans, and Popeye pulls it back out before pushing it back in again. “Oh yes, I think I am going to like this,” she tells him, turning her head back to look at him, as he repeats the manoeuvre again.

“Well, make the most of it for now as it is not likely to last too long this time,” he warns, as now, with the head of his pole in he can feel that she is really juiced up so he takes hold of her hips with both hands and pulls her back onto his full length. She slides on to his length with ease.

“Oh, fuck,” she groans, it’s thick and it is quite long,” she remarks, as he holds it deep for a second or two and then pulls out about half the length, which is covered in white juices, before ramming it back in up to the hilt,

“Oh fuck, yes! I like that,” she moans as he pulls out to ram it back in again. “I love your cock Pops,” she tells him as he now starts fuck her with long, deep lengths with his groin slapping against her tight little ass each time he rams it back in.

“I am not going to last much longer girl,” he warns her “So if you want to come you had best get rubbing that clit again. So, she does, just about managing to support herself over the table with one hand.

As he fucks, he notices out of the corner of his eye that he can see their reflection in the mirror Jess had been drawn to earlier.

“I love to see tits swinging like that!” he grunts, drawing her attention to mirror. They both watch as her big tits hang down and swing back and forth to his rhythm.

“I’m getting there,” he announces as his strokes pick up speed.

“Me too.” Jess her breathing becomes ever more ragged.

A minute or so later, “Oh fuck, I am going to fill you full!” Popeye threatens, slamming his cock home ever faster.

“Yes daddy, that’s it fill my pussy full.”

“Here you go then” he says as he rams it home and squirts for the first time up against her cervix. He holds for a second or so, then pulls back to thrust home and shoot into her again.

He holds her hips as she also orgasms, shaking and trebling under him as he thrusts his load deep into another four or five times until he is spent.

After a while, he pulls his cock out of her and watches as his cream oozes out of her slit.

“Let me know when you want to fuck my alter ego and we can go again.” Says Popeye.

“There is no time like the present!” says Jess.

“Right then, where did you put that spinach!”


In Part 2 some unexpected visitors drop in and catch Popeye and Jess at it.
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