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Jennifer describes how she discovered her mum was cuckolding hef step father. She realises she has sexual desires she didnt know about and loses her virginity.
Episode 3

Chapter 1

Watching my mom being fucked by Troy with Pete in her ass was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. She looked incredible and was clearly having the best time. I wanted it. Badly.

Admittedly, at 16, I hadn't seen much sex yet. My friends and I had watched porn together, giggling and making fun whilst secretly growing wet in our panties. It had all looked gross to me at first but recently, in just the past few months, something had changed. My body had suddenly developed and I’d had a burning desire to touch myself between my legs. I’d discovered masturbation and how to cum and I loved it. Now I got myself off at least once a day and sometimes as many as three times, watching porn and using the handle of my hairbrush and my fingers.

I suddenly found I was getting a lot of attention from boys at my school but they were all so dumb and immature. At a recent sleep over at my friend Katie's, I did let a boy feel me up and finger me but he had no idea how to make me cum and I ended up having to do it myself in the toilet. I needed a real mature, experienced person.

I was happy when my mom had met James. He was a good looking man and very kind. Mom needed someone to look after her and keep her in line. She had had too many deadbeat guys in her life and honestly, she could have anyone she wanted, she was gorgeous. James was nice to me. My dad hadn't stuck around when he learnt my mom was pregnant with me and moms subsequent boyfriends just considered me a nuisance. James was different.

It wax shortly after they were married that I experienced my ‘sexual awakening’ and I suddenly looked at James differently. He was a man, not a boy. He had a cock, I knew he knew how to use it because I’d heard my mom cumming numerous times as he fucked behind closed doors. One day I went out but I’d forgotten something so I returned home. When I went up to my room I could hear them. I heard my mom moaning,

“Yes, yes, make me cum, make me cum”

This was followed by the unmistakable sounds of her orgasm. I found the whole thing very erotic and could feel my pussy moisten.

I started to deliberately give them time to fuck so I could listen and masturbate. I’d tell them I was going out and sneak back in after twenty minutes or I’d go to bed early and pretend to be asleep. I got braver and tiptoed close to their room, laying on the floor with my hand in my panties as I listened. It didn't sound like how I expected though. I thought I’d hear the bed bouncing as James fucked my sexy mother but I didn't hear anything like that. I heard James groan an awful lot and it sounded like he was begging. I couldn't hear exactly what was being said. Then after a while I’d hear my mom begin to moan before loudly cumming. I decided I needed to see.

One evening I told them I was going to the study with Jasmine for a couple of hours and left the house. I waited in the garage for a while and then snuck back in. The downstairs was silent and when I crept up the stairs I could hear James groaning. I moved closer, along the landing. I could see their bedroom door was pushed closed but not fully.

“Oh my goodness, you’re soooooo hard" I heard my mom say. “You must really want to fuck me.”

I felt my face glow red. It was weird to hear my mom use such sexual language. I could hear Pete grunting.

“But you know you cant don't you?” Mom continued “you'd rather watch me getting fucked by another man wouldn’t you?”

I couldn’t believe my ears! I moved closer until I was able to peak into their bedroom through the crack. James lay on his back on the bed, naked and mom, also naked, straddled his head. She faced his feet and leant forwards. In her hands she stroked and tugged on James’s erect penis as she talked dirty to him. James cock looked pretty big and was really red and angry looking. My mother looked incredible. She was so hot. Her body was seemingly unaffected by time or child birth. She was flushed and her nipples were hard as she massaged James’s dick.

“Mnmmmm , yes baby. Lick my asshole" she purred.

My hand slid inside my shorts and panties as I watched and listened. My fingers sliding up and down my wet slit. As I watched, mom suddenly released James cock which twitched violently. James groaned loudly between moms thighs.

“Ha-ha . Almost. You bad boy" Mom laughed sadistically. “I think we'd better lock you back up, don't you?”

“Lock him up?” I thought. What could that mean?

She swung her leg over and climbed off of the bed. I could see James's face was glistening with her juices. Mom stood and looked at poor James, a smile on her face. I stared at her body. It was so soft and smooth and sexy.

I had found myself wanting to kiss Jasmine lately. She was so pretty and I would have no problem making out with her if the situation arose. Mom was infinitely sexier and I found myself wanting her badly as I stroked my pussy.

I could see that both her and James were completely hairless around their genitals. I decided that I would shave myself ‘down there’ too. James’s penis softened and mom picked something up from the bedside table. She climbed back onto the bed and got between his legs, fiddling with James's dick again. I couldn’t see what she was doing but she suddenly put her hands in the air.

“Yay! Safely locked again baby!”

Throwing herself down on her back, she spread her legs wide.

“Now make me cum” she commanded.

James knelt up and I saw his chastity cage for the first time. Of course I had no idea what it was. All I could see was a pink plastic hood over his penis with his balls bulging and blue beneath. I could also see a small padlock. It was obvious that James couldn’t use his cock whilst he was ‘locked'. He dived between her legs and mom threw her head back and gripped his head with her hands. She began using filthy language again, telling him That he was only good for licking her cunt and that she knew he wanted to see her fucked by another man with a big hard cock. My pussy was awash. I lowered myself to the floor and rubbed my clit, alternately fingering myself as I watched them.

Mom and James were clearly enjoying themselves. James had moved his hand between Moms legs and was obviously using his fingers as well as his mouth. He grunted and moaned as she teased him with her words. Soon she urged him on, telling him she was about to cum. She went rigid and her mouth opened but no words came out. I could see her knuckles were white as she gripped James's head. Finally she cried out that she was cumming, I could see her whole body shake as James continued his good work. She moaned so loudly and said the crudest things imaginable. I could scarcely believe these things were coming from my moms mouth.

Suddenly my own orgasm rose and washed over me and I clamped my hand over my mouth as I came hard.

Finally James stopped and came up for air. His face was wet and was grinning broadly. Mom held out her arms and encircled him and he lay on her.

“Oh my God that was amazing" Mom whispered to him.

I crept away, downstairs and out of the door.

Chapter 2

After witnessing my mom and James in bed I researched what the device between his legs could be. I discovered it was a chastity cage. This led me to female domination and then onto hot wife. Was my mom a hot wife? From the things she was saying it certainly sounded like it. Although the things she said suggested it was all a fantasy and yet to be realised. The more I read the more I found it all incredibly erotic. I wasn't surprised they both enjoyed the kink. I found myself thinking about the two of them in a sexual way all the time. I wanted James to make me cum like he had my mom. I wanted to make out with my mom whilst James watched. His dick locked and unable to harden. I could imagine how good it would feel to kiss and lick my mom all over, feeling her soft sweet skin on mine. I knew how wrong it was but it made me so wet.

I shaved my pussy. I hadn't had much hair for very long but going back to a smooth state made me feel so sexy. I began teasing James at every opportunity I got, leaving my door open as I got changed and showering with the door open. I caught him staring more than once and even more exciting, I caught my mom looking too. I know she'd seen my hairless pussy but she said nothing.

I got a great chance to tease James when mom announced she was going out with her girlfriends and asked if I’d like to go and see a movie with James. Of course I said yes. I held his hand during dinner and wiggled my ass as we left the restaurant. I know he could see my thong through my tight leggings. At the movie I cuddled into him and put my hand on his thigh. When we left the movie theatre I put my arm around him and snuggled in close. I could tell I was getting to him and so I was annoyed when my friend Jasmine appeared and invited me to Katie’s. I couldn’t really say no but as he drove us there I held his gaze in the mirror. I knew he was seriously flustered and confused and I loved it.

I had agreed to go to Katie’s because I figured I’d done enough to James for one night. I’d sown the seed, now was the time to let it grow.

I engaged in some heavy petting with a boy at Katie’s house and although I said he could call me but I didn't have any intentions of dating him.

The next day I met Pete for the first time. I’d never seen this man before, apparently an old friend of James. He was huge but I didn't pay much attention to him. I was going to lay out in the garden and tease James some more but then this guy showed up and spoilt my fun. He seemed really friendly and said something to me about sun cream and gave me a compliment. I only interacted with him for a moment but there was something about him that I found strangely attractive.

The next time I saw Pete he brought me an amazing designer swimming costume. It was so cool of him. There was no way my mom would normally let me wear anything so revealing. I fully expected her to go nuts but she seemed almost happy and actually suggested I try it on! I raced upstairs to change into it. It was the most beautiful bikini I’d ever seen but there really wasn't much of it. The top barely covered my nipples and the bottoms were a thong with a tiny front piece that just covered my pussy. I couldn’t hand worn it if I wasn’t shaved smooth. When I got downstairs it looked like I’d interrupted something but I loved the looks the three of them gave me. I leant on the counter and pushed up my ass, looking back over my shoulder. Mom said I looked great and James stared. Pete smiled at me like we were sharing a secret. Then he announced that he had got one for mom too. I really wanted mom to go and change too. She would look so good but she wouldn't.

I didn't put two and two together straight away but over time I was suspicious of Pete and his relationship with James and mom. They seemed to spend a lot of time with him. Then I was invited to join mom and James at his house to use the pool and my suspicions were confirmed.

Pete’s house was incredible. I had never been in a house so big and modern and Pete had great taste. He had a great big dog called Bob who was really friendly and took an immediate liking to me. After I was given a quick tour I changed into my swimming costume and jumped in the pool. I felt so sexy in my bikini, I was planning on teasing and flirting all day. James was setting up the grill when I climbed out of the pool to lay in the sun for a bit. I looked to the house and saw mom at a kitchen window. I couldn’t see Pete. I lay on my front and then felt Bob nuzzle between my legs. I was about to swat him away but it felt nice. He nosed at my pussy and then licked. I couldn’t help parting my legs more and pushing my butt up to give him better access. I closed my eyes and gave in to the warmth that spread from my pussy. I gasped when Bob’s tongue got under the tiny piece of fabric and found my naked pussy, flicking and delving between the folds of my cunt. I was so turned on by the time Pete emerged from the house and Bob bounded away to him.

Mom came out in her bikini and we swam and drank beers. I was allowed one and then I drank some of Pete’s and James's. I got pretty drunk. I played with the boys and climbed all over Pete and James, making sure I squashed my boobs against them. I ‘accidentally’ felt Pete’s cock and was shocked by how big it felt. Mom pulled me away to give me a talking to and I suddenly kissed her. I was horny and drunk and I needed to kiss someone. She looked so hot in her bikini and I could smell her perfume. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and squeezed her ass. She still had a killer body. Her resistance was weak. She told me it wasn't appropriate HERE. So it was ok at home? I knew right then that she wanted me.

Around this time James told me we were staying the night and mom and Pete went to make cocktails. I teased James, making him put sun cream on me and insisted he paid a lot of attention to my ass. I could hear his breathing get laboured as his hands grazed my pussy and tits.

When mom returned she looked flushed and a little drunk. I persuaded her we should go topless and of course I needed sun cream on my boobs. Who better to do it than my mom? It felt amazing when she massaged the cream into my breasts. I felt my nipples harden and I couldn’t help moaning. She stopped and I opened my eyes and looked at James and Pete. I almost burst out laughing. Their mouths were open and they were bug eyed.

If I wasn't horny enough already, a big black, muscled Adonis called Troy arrived. Pete had invited him over. He was gorgeous. Cocktails flowed, I drank more and we all played in the pool. All three of the boys starting feeling me up. I expected Mom to go mad. She definitely knew what was going on but seemed to quite happy to see these grown men fondle her daughter. Maybe because she was getting the same. I could see Pete especially was groping her quite openly. James didn’t mind at all and I knew that my hot mum had a lover and James was their cuckold.

I was so drunk by the time we went indoors. Mom took me to bed and stripped my clothes off. I tried to get her into bed but she refused me and I passed out with Bob by the side of my bed.

I was woken by the feeling of warmth and wetness between my legs. As I came around I realised that Bob had pushed his head under my covers and with his paws on the bed was licking between my legs. I spread myself and groaned as his tongue lapped at my pussy. I reached down and rubbed my clit and was close to cumming when I heard my mom moan loudly from another room. Pushing Bob away I crept out the room, naked and found where the noises were coming from. The door was ajar and I witnessed my mom being fucked by Pete and Troy at the same time. Our eyes locked.

Chapter 2

The next morning when I woke I could hear voices from downstairs. Everything from the previous day flooded back. I closed my eyes. My head hurt a little. So this was a hangover I thought. I looked around the room. Bob wasn't there but my clothes were. I put them on and went downstairs to the source of the noise.

“Well hello" Pete said loudly, grinning when I entered the kitchen.

James and my mom looked up from their breakfasts.

“How are you feeling sweetie" James asked.

“Not too bad. Good morning mommy” I replied .

My mom blushed furiously, turning red.

“Good morning Jen" she said quietly.

I decided to tease her.

“Did you guys have fun after I went to sleep?” I asked.

“We sure did” Pete replied.

Mom reddened even more and she looked away from me. I looked at Pete and we shared a look. I understood. He knew that I knew about them.

“Where's Troy?” I asked.

“Oh, he had to leave early.” Pete replied.

Pete put a plate of eggs and bacon on the table for me and I sat down to eat. There was an awkward atmosphere around the table. We chatted about nothing in particular except mom who was silent. When I looked at her she looked away. I almost felt sorry for her but considering how much fun she had the last night, I figured a couple of hours of shame wouldn’t hurt the sexy bitch.

“When can I come back and swim again mom?” I asked “I had the best time. Didn't you?”

“Umm, I’m sure we can come back soon dear" she replied, flustered. “Its really up to Pete and we don't want to be a bother.”

“Oh it’s really no bother" Pete said “Its nice to have the pool enjoyed. I rarely use it. Honestly. Jen can use it whenever she wants.”

“Aww thanks Pete.” I said excitedly. “Summer vacation starts soon too!”

After we'd eaten and cleared away the breakfast things it was time to leave. I watched mom kiss him on the cheek to thank him for a lovely day. I could see Pete whisper into her ear and he locked eyes with me as he squeezed her ass. Mom broke away and turned, blushing furiously.

“Thank you James. It was a pleasure as always” Pete said to James, shaking his hand before he turned to me. “I hope I’ll see a lot more of you Jennifer”

I rushed to him and gave him a big hug.

“Thanks uncle Pete, I hope so too.”

My pussy felt hot and wet as I pictured his big fat cock buried in my moms ass. I wanted it so bad.

Chapter 3

The ride home was almost awful. James tried to make conversation but eventually gave up and we drove in awkward silence. I was really worried that things would never be the same with mom ever again. I wax correct of course, but not in the way I feared.

When we arrived home I went upstairs to shower. I was in my room, a towel wrapped around myself and still a little wet when mom came in and closed the door behind her. She looked at me. I wanted to hug her. She looked so sad and ashamed.

“Mom, it’s ok.” I said.

“Its not ok” she said. “I never meant for you to get involved in our.......situation. what you saw....what happened..... I......I’m sorry baby.”

She sat on the edge of my bed, deflated and lost for words. I moved and stood in front of her.

“Mom" I said forcefully “Yesterday was amazing. I had the best time. You are incredible. I’m glad I saw you with Pete and Troy. I love you more than ever. We will be closer than before. You’re a great mom. Everything is fine. Don’t worry.”

She looked up at me, searching my face for any signs of a lie. A small smile appeared on her face.

“I want us to have more than a mother daughter relationship mom" I continued “I know you do too”

I stared into her beautiful eyes, an air of sexual tension filled the room suddenly.

“I know you want this" I said and dropped my towel.

A small groan escaped my moms mouth as her eyes soaked up my naked glistening body. My nipples hardened with the cool air and the sexiness of the situation.

“Tell me you want me mom"

“I....I.....I cant Jennifer” She whispered but her eyes betrayed her.

I moved close, my pussy was level with her face.

“Tell me” I said, placing my hands gently on either side of her face. Looking into her eyes.

Her hands slowly moved from her sides to my hips.

“Oh Jennifer, please" she murmured.

“I want you mom, I know you want me too, just say it.”

I placed my hands on top of hers and guided them to my ass and then took mine away. At first hers didn't move. Then they slowly moved over my firm buttocks.

“We are going to have so much fun" I purred “I love you so much. You looked so good stuffed full of cock.”

My mom groaned at my crude use of language and her hands squeezed my ass. The internal battle she had fought was lost.

“I want you" she whispered.

With my hands I gently guided her to her feet and we kissed. It was the best kiss of my life. Our mouths opened and our tongues flicked against each others forcing themselves from one mouth to another. We both moaned as our passions were unleashed. Her hands were all over me and I grabbed the summer dress she wore and pulled it up and over her head. She was naked underneath. She pulled me onto the bed and lay me on my back, kneeling over me. She looked down at me with a look I’d never seen before.

“Ok you little slut. You win but let’s get one thing straight. I’m still in charge here ok?”

I felt myself nibble my lower lip as I looked up at her with wide eyes as I nodded my head. Any control I had had was gone.

“Now spread those legs for mommy.”

“Yes mommy" I replied meekly, so glad she had taken control.

I spread my legs wide and she knelt between them, lowering herself onto me, our breasts squashing together as our mouths joined once more. My hands found her soft ass cheeks and I squeezed them hard. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I was so horny. Mom moved down slowly, kissing and nibbling my neck. Her hands found my boobs and squeezed. I moaned as her mouth found my breast and encircled my nipple, sucking and teasing with her teeth.

“Oh my God your tits are amazing “ she breathed as she swapped to the other one.

I writhed beneath her. My pussy was on fire. My hands moved across her back , raking her with my nails. She moved down again, covering my smooth tummy with kisses until she reached my mons Venus. She softly kissed her way down one side and then slowly licked down my thigh. I groaned as she moved away from my pleasure centre and the place I most wanted her lips and tongue. She moved to my other thigh and slowly licked up and then I felt her hot breath on my pussy. She paused and I pushed my groin up at her.

“Please mommy" I hissed.

Suddenly I felt her tongue lick up my slit, making me moan. I closed my eyes and gave myself completely to the moment. Mommy lapped and licked me hungrily, her tongue darting and flicking and pushing deep into my hole. I heard her moaning softly, clearly enjoying herself as she treated me to my first proper experience of cunilingous. I wasn't disappointed, my mothers tongue felt amazing and I reached levels of pleasure I hadn't experienced before. I massaged my boobs as I groaned in pleasure, urging her on.

“Oh my God mommy, yessssssss. It feels soooooo good”

She placed her hands on the underside of my thighs and pushed my legs up and back so my butt lifted off the bed and her tongue flicked at my asshole.

“Oh wow!”

I’d never touched my butt hole in a sexual way and although watching mommy take Pete’s big dick in her ass looked amazing, I didn't really think it would feel good. Feeling her tongue flick about my tiny asshole, occasionally pushing inside, changed my mind completely. It felt soooooo good. Mommy licked and sucked my cunny and asshole until I was coated in a mix of saliva and pussy juice.

“Oh my gosh, mommy, you’re licking my asshole.” I groaned “I love it so much"

“Mnmmmm, you taste so sweet" she whispered “Hold your legs for me"

I hugged my legs for her. Exposing myself. Her hands now free , she was able to slide a finger into my wet pussy as her tongue flicked and rubbed my clitty. Suddenly without warning, my first orgasm brought on by another person hit me.

“Ohhhhhh mommy, you’re making me cuuuuuum" I moaned as my cunny flooded.

I could hear mom slurp and swallow as she drank my juices, another finger joined her first and she fucked me with them., her tongue working my clit. Before my orgasm had finished a second one rolled up and washed over me. I had never experienced this before or cum so hard.

“Oh my God mommy" I squeaked, my body shaking.

She pulled her head away and her thumb took over, rubbing my clit. She looked at me , her face slick with my cum, a smile on her lust filled face.

“Cum for mommy baby.”

Rubbing my swollen clitty hard with her thumb, two fingers deep in my cunt, she lifted her other hand and sucked her middle finger seductively, coating in saliva. Suddenly it pushed at my tight little asshole and slid in a little bit. Rubbing my clit harder she pushed the finger again and slid her slender digit inside my ass. My mouth opened but I couldn’t form any words, I stared at my mom with wide eyes as one orgasm rolled into another.

“Oh my goodness Jennifer, you’re cumming so much. Good girl.”

“Fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUUUUUCK.” I panted, wondering if I’d ever stop cumming.

Mom slid her hands from my holes and pushed her head back between my legs and lapped my pussy as my orgasm slowly receded, leaving me totally spent. Moving back up the bed she kissed me and I licked my cum off her mouth and face.

“Ooh, you naughty slut. Did you like that?”

“Oh my God mommy, that was.........AWESOME!”

I rolled her off me into her back and put my hand between her legs, she was soaked.

“Can I do you mommy?” I asked.

“I’m fine thank you baby" she giggled “There's plenty of time for you to do me.”

I placed my head on her chest and idly played with her boobs. She pulled the covers up and we napped for a little while. When we woke we talked at length about our new dynamic. She explained exactly what ‘cuckolding’ was and what James liked. He would be last in the sexual pecking order of the house. Pete would be told of course. Mom was sure he'd be very happy. I told her I had never been all the way with a boy.

“Mom, I want Troy to take my virginity and I want you there”

“Oh Jennifer, really?”

Mom knew she couldn’t stop me fucking now.

“Well, you couldn't ask for a better guy but he's so big baby"

“Well if I’m going to do it, I might as well do it properly"

“Well I guess so" Mom laughed.

“I want to be fucked like you were last night" I said, looking her square in the eye.

“Mnmmmm. It was amazing, you'd love it you little slut" she said, her handing moving between her legs.

I pushed her hand out of the way and replaced it with mine, my fingers sliding easily into her warm, wet cunt as I slid under the bedclothes.

Mom showed me how to lick pussy and ass and make her cum. I loved being between her legs and tasting her. She was so sexy and talked dirty to me as I brought her to a noisy orgasm. She told me that she was going fuck me every day and that Pete and Troy would stretch my young virgin holes with their big fat dicks.

Chapter 4

I listened intently from my bedroom as Mom talked to James downstairs. I couldn’t hear what was being said but it got a little heated. I had been told to put on a little chequered plaid skirt and a cropped halter top. Both were too small for me now but Mom said they were perfect for today. I put my hair in pigtails and waited. Finally my phone buzzed.

“Come downstairs baby" it said.

I swallowed hard. I was nervous. I walked down the stairs and heard them in the kitchen. I walked in.

James was sat at the kitchen table. He looked up at me as I walked in. He was blushing, presumably in the knowledge that I knew he was cuckold.

“There she is!” Mom said. “Look James, someone else I'm going to fuck instead of you"

Now it was my turn to blush. It was so weird to hear my mom talk like this in front of me and to my step dad too!

“Awww, don’t be embarrassed. You weren’t shy when you seduced me in your bedroom" she laughed.

I stood, my tits almost spilling out of my top, my skirt barely covering my ass. James's eyes wide as he stared at me. Mom moved to me.

“Isn't she gorgeous James"

Mom embraced me and we kissed. Gently at first but lust quickly took over and it became hungry and sexual in nature. I moaned as our tongues flicked and curled against one another's and our hands roamed over each others bodies. I glanced at James who was bug eyed. Mom pulled away.

“Oh my God you’re so hot" she hissed as I stared at her, licking my lips and panting.

I wanted her, I needed to cum again.

She grabbed my top and pulled it down roughly, hoisting my tits out, making me gasp.

“She's a real slut James. It’s such a shame you cant enjoy her with me.”

With that, she moved behind me. Her lips kissed my neck and she reached around and cupped my breasts.

“Look how big and juicy her tits are sweetie”

I groaned as my mom pinched and rolled my nipples in her fingers and squeezed and massaged my boobs in front of her husband. I reached up and held her head , closing me eyes as her hand reached down and under my skirt, rubbing my pussy.

“Mnmmmm mommy" I moaned quietly.

Suddenly I was spun around and found myself bent over the counter top. I spread my legs and pushed my ass up. I wore no panties as directed by mom and I knew my whole ass and pussy were on display for James. Mom pulled my skirt completely up around my waist and squeezed my ass.

I squealed as I was suddenly spanked.

“Look at that ass James. Its perfection.” Then to me, “Look back at me baby"

I looked back over shoulder and saw mommy was pointing her phone at me, taking pics. I smiled and put a finger to my lips and pouted.

“Hahahahahaha, perfect baby" she laughed “That’s for daddy"

She pulled James to his feet and undid his pants, pulling them down to reveal his caged dick.

“Yuck. It’s all messy. I think you are making James very horny baby. What a disgusting loser. Are you horny James?”

“Yes" croaked James, swallowing hard.

I reached under myself and rubbed my pussy, I was wet and horny again. I wanted cock badly.

“Do you want to fuck me James" I cooed, looking back at him.

“Well answer her" Mom laughed

“Yes.” James moaned “Yes I want to fuck you"

“I need cock James" I continued “I guess I’m going to have to find a real man to fuck me"

James squirmed and moaned quietly. I could see mom was pointing her phone at me.

“I might let you watch. Would you like to watch a real man with a big cock fuck me James?”

I was really enjoying myself now. My pussy was so wet. I rubbed it and dipped a finger inside.

“Yes Jennifer, I’d love to watch you fucked by a hung man" Pete groaned.

“Oh my god" Mom laughed “You really are the most pathetic excuse for a man aren’t you?”

“Yes ma'am"

Mom came behind me and slapped my ass, straightening me up.

“Right, that’s enough for now. Jennifer, James and I need to talk to daddy. Do your homework now. I’ll come and see you in a bit.”

I straightened myself up, putting my boobs back inside my top. I looked at James, I could see ropes of precum hung from his cage. I felt sorry for him but Mom had told me he loved being like this. I kissed Mom on the cheek and returned to my room.

Chapter 5

I had a week left of school before summer break, I couldn’t wait to finish and I had a feeling that this summer was going to be special. I had a few messages from my friends. I told them how amazing Pete’s house was and what a great time I’d had in the pool. Katie and Jasmine asked if they could go sometime. I smiled as I thought how much Pete would enjoy that!

As if on cue I received a message from an unrecognised number.

“Hi Jennifer, its Pete. Your mom sent me a picture and video of you. You look amazing. Save my number and name it ‘Daddy’. We are going to have so much fun together.”

I did as I was told, my heart beating fast. A moment later mom came into my room.

She told me that Pete was very excited about me and that he had known I’d be joining them as soon as he'd met me. She said that he knew Troy would be very happy to take my virginity and that he’d ensure I had the best experience possible.

“I’m going to be there when it happens” she added.

Mom told me that James was getting a treat tonight as he'd been such a good boy, letting her get fucked by both Daddy and Troy. She was going to let him cum. She suggested I join them after dinner.

It was weird trying to act normal for dinner but we all did out best. We talked about everyday shit and it was as if everything was normal. We did the dishes and then watched some TV together.

“Ok, time for bed everyone” Mom announced at about 8pm. “Jennifer has school tomorrow and I want to show her how you get rewarded James"

We headed to their room. I was excited to see James's cock uncaged. Mom told James to undress and lay on the bed. She retrieved a key and unlocked James chastity cage, gently removing it. As soon as it was free, blood pumped into his dick and it hardened. I stared as it throbbed and twitched. It was bigger than I expected. James was shaved smooth and his balls were purple and swollen, his cock, red and angry looking. Mom came to me and we kissed passionately, she undressed me and removed her own clothes. She told me that she was going to show me ‘edging'. It was important to really feel when the he was going to cum and never allow it until you wanted. J would need to learn how to do this because she wanted me to ‘help' with James. James groaned when he heard this.

I watched as Mom stroked James and talked dirty to him. I climbed into the occaisonal chair they had in the room and squeezed my tits and rubbed my pussy as James stared.

“Did you like watching Pete and Troy fuck me baby?” she whispered as she pulled down hard on his dick.

“Yessssssss" he hissed.

“Did you see them fuck my little ass? Oh my gosh they stretched me out.”

I saw James cock twitch violently and mom immediately released it. James moaned and panted.

“It felt so good to have a big fat cock in my ass”

She resumed stroking James slowly, squeezing his balls.

“I came so hard when I had one big dick in my ass and one in cunt, fucking me"

“Ohhhhhh fuck" James groaned.

“You are such a lucky boy, soon you'll get to watch little Jennifer stuffed with fat cock too"

“Oh God, oh god" James hissed as mom released him quickly.

“Show Jennifer what a good cunt licker you are. I bet you want to taste her juicy young pussy don’t you?

“Yes, yes please. So much"

I climbed onto the bed and swung my leg over his face and lowered my cunt onto his lips, facing his feet. His tongue snaked out and licked me frantically.

“Mnmmmm" I purred.

I moved myself around James's face, ensuring his tongue could get to my asshole, pussy and cliterous as I watched Mom expertly bring him close to orgasm, again and again before stopping. She grinned at me as his cock visibly swelled and throbbed.

“Oh my gosh!” I moaned as James’s tongue worked its magic on my asshole.

“He’s a good ass licker isn't he baby?”

“Fuck yeah mommy"

“Make her cum, then you can cum" she said to James.

I loved his tongue deep in my ass, flicking around. Mom came up to my side and kissed me, her hand squeezing my tits and then moving down over my tummy to my pussy.

“I can't keep my hands off you" she breathed as her fingers slid into me.

I slowly reached for James’s cock then pulled away. Mom saw me and took my arm and guided it to his throbbing member.

“Go on, stroke him, just be careful. He mustn’t cum yet.”

I grasped him. It was so incredibly hard and hot. It pulsed in my little hand. I had never felt a boys dick before. The skin felt velvety as I moved my hand slowly up and down like mom had.

“Our little girl is stroking your cock now cucky. Make her cum bitch.” Mom said moving her hand to my clit and rubbing it. James moaned into my ass and licked harder and I ground down onto his tongue. I pulled down hard on his dick and he thrust up and swelled in my hand. I quickly let go and watched it swing back and forth as James groaned loudly.

“ I’m cumming mommy!" I squealed as my orgasm erupted.

I shook as Mommy's fingers and James’s tongue made me climax hard. My tongue deep in my mothers mouth, stifling my loud moans.

Mom was true to her word and allowed James to cum she told me she was going to ‘ruin it’. I must have looked confused because she giggled and explained that she would take James just past the point of no return and then release him. He'd cum but get none of the orgasmic satisfaction from it. He’d be just as horny as if he hadn't cum at all. James groaned as she explained herself to me.

“Oh be quiet James.” She scolded “you got to lick my daughters pussy and asshole tonight. You are a very lucky boy.”

I watched mom pump his cock a few times and James began groaning louder. His head went back and his eyes closed and he thrust upwards. Mom released him James groaned loudly in frustration. His cock swung back and forth violently and then cum oozed out of the tip.

“Oh FUUUUUUUUUUCK” James groaned as his cock swung again and more cum was pumped out.

By the time James stopped thrusting, so much cum was running down his softening cock and pooling beneath him.

“Such a dirty little man. I’m taking Jennifer to bed. Go shower and change the bedding, I’ll be back to lock you up and then you can make me cum”

Mom climbed into bed with me for a cuddle. I told her how much I enjoyed having my asshole tongued.

“I like it as much as having my pussy licked" I giggled.

“You dirty bitch" Mom laughed. “I love you so much baby"

Chapter 6

Pete turned up on Wednesday evening. Mom and I had spent two days teasing James every moment we could. Mom would kiss me and grope me, exposing my boobs and ass before we all left in the morning, ensuring we all horny all day. In the evenings she continued. On Monday she showed me her sex toys and gave me a blow job lesson with her 7” dildo. James had to watch of course.

On Tuesday, James watched us fuck. We 69’d and then took turns between each others legs using our tongues on each others assholes and pussies. Mom gave my asshole special attention, fucking me with two fingers and making me cum. I fucked her with her big 10” dildo. She said she wouldn’t fuck me with a dildo until I’d been with a man.

I was so excited when Pete messaged us all to say he was coming round. I was told to keep my uniform on. Mom rolled my chequered, plaid skirt up at the waist, turning it into a miniskirt. She undid the top two buttons of my shirt and I put on over the knee woollen socks. Mom did my hair in side pigtails and then put on sexy lingerie and a little dress herself.

“Hi daddy!” We said in unison when Pete came in.

“Hello girls" Pete laughed

Mom went to him and embraced him, they kissed using plenty of tongue. Although I’d seen them fuck a little it was still weird to see them together in front of James. His hand lifted her dress and he squeezed and slapped her ass making her squeal. He turned his attention to me.

“Come and give daddy a kiss"

I went to him and his big arms enveloped me, he hugged me tightly and I squeezed him back. He was so huge and powerful. I looked up at him and he lowered his head to mine to kiss me. It was a very gentle loving kiss to start with but I couldn’t help myself. I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue out and pushed it between his lips. His mouth opened and I pushed it into his mouth. His hands reached down and squeezed my ass and I found myself moaning softly. We broke away.

“Your Moms told me you’ve been a naughty girl? Spying on us at the weekend?”

I looked to mom. She smiled at me reassuringly and nodded her head.

“Umm, yes daddy" I said, using my best little girl voice. “sorry daddy”

Pete moved to the table where James was sat and pulled out a chair and sat on it.

“Come and lay across my knees young lady"

I glanced at mom who was still smiling. I moved to Pete and lay down across his large legs. Pete lifted my skirt and gently caressed my butt making me shudder. One of Pete’s hands completely covered one of my butt cheeks it was so big.

“I’m going to teach you not to spy on people” he said, tugging my white cotton panties down to my knees.

With that he brought his hand down on my ass with a slap.

“Ow!” I squealed

It was a playful slap but I still felt my cheek grow hot. I found that I liked it. Pete caressed my ass gently again. Squeezing and stroking.

“You’ve got an incredible ass young lady"

“Thank you daddy" I said and wiggled it.


He spanked my other butt cheek and I squealed again. Once more he gently stroked my glowing butt cheeks with his big hands.

“What did you see when you snooped on us Jennifer?” He asked as his hand moved gently over my ass.

Mom moved into my vision and sat on James’s lap, putting her arm around him. I looked up at them, smiling at me.

“I saw you fucking Mommy"


“Just me?”

“N, n, no daddy. You and Troy"

“Good girl"

Pete reached down and pulled my panties down further, I moved my legs about so he could manoeuvre them over my shoes. He resumed stroking me and his hand moved between my butt cheeks. I moved my legs apart and his hand moved over my pussy. I shuddered again and then his hand was gone.


“How were we fucking mommy?”

My ass stung and felt hot but I found myself liking the sensation. I’d never been spanked before in any capacity, I could see why some people liked it. Pete’s hand stroked me lovingly and moved down to my pussy, cupping it. I looked up at mom and James as I replied.

“Troy was fucking mommy’s pussy and you were in her ass"

Pete slid a finger along my pussy and momentarily dipped the tip inside, making me gasp. Mom stared at me, her eyes conveyed how turned on she was. She ran her tongue over her lips.

“You’re wet you naughty little girl" Pete said.


“Ungnnn" I groaned.

“You liked watching mommy didn't you?”

“Yes daddy. I touched myself"

Pete’s hand tickled my clitty as he chuckled.

“and now you want that too?” he continued.

“Mnmmmm yessssssss daddy.”

Moms dress was pulled up and her hand moved underneath, clearly in her panties.


I winced and groaned again, I was so turned on. I remembered how big Pete’s cock looked in moms ass I wanted it desperately. Pete’s fat finger slid into my pussy and I moaned loudly and pushed my ass up. He began sliding it in and out, finger fucking me.

“You want a big fat cock in you're tight little pussy don’t you?”

“Yessss daddy"


“Tell me what you want!”

“I want a big fat cock in my little pussy daddy" I panted “Oh my godddddddddd”

Pete pumped his finger faster. Mom and I stared at each other lustily.

“You want Troy to fuck you don't you?”

“Yes....yes daddy. I want Troy to fuck me with his big black cock"

“You ARE a little slut aren't you?

“Yes daddy, I’m a little slut daddy. Ooh, ungnnn, Ohhh.”

“Troy is away on a trip for daddy at the moment, but he can't wait to get back and see you. He’s going to fuck you for daddy.”

“Oh my godddddddddd”

“He's going to stretch your little cunt with his big black cock"


“He’s going to fuck you soooooo good"

“I’m gonna cum daddy, I’m gonna cum"

“Good girl, cum for daddy" Pete said, pumping his finger harder and faster.

“Oh FUUUUUUUUUUCK” I wailed as my pussy flooded and spasmed on his finger as I came.

Pete pushed his finger deep into me and held it there as I gritted my teeth, my body shaking. When I stopped cumming Pete slid his finger out. He brought it to my face and I sucked it clean , tasting myself. I expected to be told to get up but Pete wasn’t done yet. The finger, wet with my saliva rubbed my anus.

“Mommy says you like your ass licked. Is that true?

“Yes daddy"

“Mommy, could you come here please?” Pete said.

Mom climbed off James’s lap.

“Get her ass nice and wet please?” Pete asked mom.

I felt Moms hands spread my ass cheeks and then I felt her tongue, flicking and probing.

“Oh yessss mommy" I purred.

Soon my asshole was wet with her spit and it was relaxed enough for her to push her tongue deep inside.

“Okay, thank you baby girl” Pete said and she was gone.

I felt something push at my asshole and I assumed it was Pete’s finger.

“Do you want cock in your ass like mommy's my little slut?”

“Yes daddy" I panted.

“Well we need to train your ass first"

I realised the object sliding into me was very cold. It stretched me open, more and more as Pete pushed it slowly into me.

“Oooooh" I moaned as suddenly it popped inside and my ass closed around it.

“Awwww, nice" Mom said “you got a cute little butt plug baby"

Daddy slapped my ass.

“Ok” he said lifting me to my feet. “I want you to wear that as much as possible. Even at school if mom says its ok. On Saturday you girls are going shopping. I’ll treat you both to new things but Jennifer is getting spoilt most.”

I squealed in delight. Mom grinned at me.

“Okay Jen. I’m taking my boys to bed now. My turn to cum. Do your schoolwork.” Mom said to me, kissing me on my forehead and leading Pete and James away by their hands.

Chapter 7

Saturday couldn’t come quickly enough for me. After Mom had taken James and Pete upstairs I went to my room. I loved feeling the plug moving inside me as I walked. As soon as I got to my room I got on all fours in front of my full length mirror and looked back, over my shoulder. I could see the round base of the plug. It was jewelled and looked so cute between my rosy red ass cheeks.

I tried to concentrate on my schoolwork but I kept squirming on my plug as I sat at my desk. Soon the sounds of Pete fucking my mom filled the house. I gave up on schoolwork and lay on my bed and played with my new toy, pulling it until it stretched my asshole and then releasing it and letting my body suck it back in as I listened to my moms loud moans of pleasure. I couldn’t help myself and masturbated, getting myself off as I listened to them.

Finally Saturday arrived. James declined the opportunity to join us. He said that he had had quite enough torture off of the two of us during the week without the addition of shopping! We were to go to Pete’s house first and then he would take us shopping from there. Mom and I got ready together. It was so cool to be so open with her and share this together, doing our hair and makeup and choosing outfits. Mom said that Pete would want us to look our best and that I could borrow some of her things today.

“Daddy, like all men, loves lingerie" I was told

Mom dressed me in white sheer stockings with lace tops, white lacy garter belt and gorgeous white lacy panties. The matching bra was too small for me though.

“With your perky young tits you don't need a bra anyway” she added with a fake huff, making me giggle.

I had never worn stockings before and I loved how sexy I felt, especially with the garter belt. Mom gave me a really cute red summer mini-dress with white polka dots. It was a strappy dress and had a cute red bow on the back. She also had a pair of red 4” stilettos for me. She tied my blonde hair up with a red bow and helped me do my makeup with red lipstick. She gave me her white gold hooped earrings and a silver necklace to finish my look.

Mom went for black seemed stockings with garter belt, matching black bra and thong. She had a sexy black bodycon mini-dress that finished displayed her cleavage wonderfully. She put her blonde hair in a ponytail that finished halfway down her back.

“Oh my goodness girls. You looking incredible" James said “let me get some good pics of you both”

James grabbed his digital SLR camera and took lots of pictures of mom and I posing as if we were glamour models.

“Honestly, with Jen looking older and you looking younger Kerry. You really could be sisters. And damned beautiful ones at that.”

“Awww James, that’s really nice of you darling" mom replied “you’re still not fucking me" she winked, kissing him on the cheek.

“Have a fun day girls" he laughed as we headed out of the door.

When Pete saw us he whistled. We twirled for him on the driveway. I felt so grown up and stylish.

He showed us in, taking mom by the hand. He looked very handsome, he wore nice pants and a tailored shirt with very smart Italian shoes. An expensive watch adorned his wrist and he smelt amazing.

“Where's Bob?” I asked, wondering where my friend was.

“He's with my secretary, Rebecca sweetie" Pete replied.

He led us into the living area. Through the French doors I could see the pool boy cleaning the pool. He wore shorts and flip flops. He was in his early twenties at a guess and his tanned muscles rippled as moved the net through the water. He looked over at us through his sunglasses and grinned. I blushed and looked away. An older guy was pruning a tree and he looked over and waved at Pete. Pete waved back.

“I have something for you both" Pete said, pointing to the coffee table.

Four small boxes in two piles were on the table. Lovense was printed on the boxes. Mom and I went to the boxes and looked at them.

“Oh my goodness, I’ve heard of these!” Mom said.

“What are they Mom?”

Mom opened the first box , a pink egg shaped rubber thing with a small pink antenna was inside.

“This is a remote controlled vibrator honey. It can be controlled from long distances.”

She opened the other box and took out a black egg shaped device with a neck and base. It was a butt plug.

“Is that a vibrator too?” I asked.

“I think it is baby"

“Yes it is” Pete said. “You two are going to wear the lush today when we go out. I think it'll be a fun day. Now, there’s some lube right there. Please put them in.”

The Lush was the pink pussy vibrator. Mom and I went to the bathroom and put the vibrators in. It was surprisingly comfortable, even with my plug that I had in. We returned to Pete. He took out two phones and swiped the screens.

“Ooooh shit" Mom exclaimed and grabbed me.

I was about ask what the problem was when the vibrator sprung into life inside me.

“OOOOOOOOH!” I squealed clutching moms hand and squeezing.

“Just testing” Pete laughed.

Pete drove us into the city and parked the car downtown in a mall with designer outlets. I had been here once before but only to gawp at the unobtainable items.

Pete took mom to one side and spoke to her. Whatever he said made her smile. She kissed his cheek and held her hand out to me.

“Come on baby. Daddy will join us soon. Let’s shop!”

“Bye daddy" I said, taking Moms hand.

We hadn’t walked far when my Lush began to vibrate gently. I squeezed moms hand.

“It's vibrating mom" I panted.

“Mine too baby"

We looked at each and laughed. It felt so nice. I used my pussy muscles to squeeze it. I had to concentrate on walking normally. The vibration suddenly increased in intensity.

“Geez” I groaned quietly and then it stopped.

We got a lot of attention as we moved through the Mall. Guys stared at us and I was feeling very proud and grown up. We entered a shop and begun browsing through the pretty clothes. The vibrations started again.

“Hi, I’m Linda, how can I help you ladies?” An assistant asked.

She was young, with bleached blonde, short spiky hair. Tattoos adorned her arms. She was extremely pretty. The vibrations in my pussy intensified and begun rising and falling in waves. I clamped my legs together as I smiled at her through gritted teeth.

“We are looking for a complete new wardrobe for my friend here" Mom said “Some things to show off her gorgeous body" she added and squeezed my ass.

“She certainly does have an amazing figure” the assistant said, clearly looking at moms hand on my ass. “Let me pick out some things in her size for you”

“Oh my god" I moaned when she was out of earshot.

The vibrations felt so good and I was incredibly horny. Mom squeezed my ass again.

“Fuck it’s so nice isn't it baby?” She whispered.

We followed Linda and said yes or no to the various garments she ***********ed. She held things up against me and commented how this would match my beautiful eyes or that this would accentuate my gorgeous breasts. When she held a mini skirt up against me, I felt her hand on my ass. It seemed to linger longer than necessary. All the while, the vibrations in my pussy varied in intensity or stopped altogether so I never knew what to expect. Once we had enough clothes, Linda showed us to the changing rooms. She smiled at me sweetly.

“I’ll be right out here if you need me" she said.

“I think she likes you" Mom said when entered the cubicle.

“Don't be silly mommy” I replied, secretly hoping it was true.

The vibrations intensified as we removed our dresses making me groan loudly. I grabbed mom and kissed her hard, my arms around her neck.

“Our make up baby" she said, worrying we'd smudge it, and then said “oh fuck it"

She kissed me back passionately and grabbed my boobs, moaning into my mouth, presumably as Pete increased the intensity of her vibe.

“I’m so horny" I groaned “I need to cum"

Our hands were all over each other, grabbing and squeezing.

“Oh my God, your panties are soaking” Mom said when she slid her hand inside them.

She was right. They really were soaking. I pulled them off, over my heels and put them to one side. I was about to spread my legs and rub myself off when suddenly the vibrations stopped and our phones buzzed. We looked at each other and reached into our clutch bags for our phones. It was a message from Pete.

“Don't get carried away in there. Choose your things. I’m waiting in the store, ready to pay. Daddy xx"

Mom and I looked at each other guiltily and giggled.

Pete stopped using the Vibes and Mom I enjoyed trying on the clothes. They were gorgeous, really sexy things. I loved them. When we came out Linda was waiting for us.

“So, everything okay ladies?” she said

“Fabulous thank you Linda" Mom said “Jennifer will go with you to the checkout while I get the payment for you"

“Fabulous!” Linda said beaming at me “follow me"

Linda scanned and folded the clothes.

“You are going to look amazing in these clothes Jennifer" she said, smiling at me.

“Awww, thank you Linda"

I looked around for mom and Pete and spotted them, smiling at me from across the store. Pete winked at me and suddenly the vibrator burst into life at high power. My legs buckled and I leant heavily on the counter with my elbows as I clamped my legs together.

“So do you have any fun plans for the weekend" Linda continued, looking at me quizzically.

“Ummm, I’m not really sure.” I managed to say as the vibrations turned my pussy to jelly.

“My girlfriends and I are going to Chimes, up on 23rd and 5th tonight. It’s really good on a Saturday night. You should come.”

I chewed my bottom lip as I hovered on the point of orgasm. I wanted to relax and let it wash over me but choked it back so I could speak.

“Well I live out of the city so.......”

“Oh, where do you live?”

Linda's eyes bored into mine and I knew mom was right, she was definitely hitting on me. I told her where we lived and she looked a little disappointed at first but then brightened.

“Hey, if you ever want to come and party in the city, you can stay with me!” She said, blushing a little.

I blushed too and then I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I came.

“Thank you" I gasped “Oooooooh thank you”

I was leaning heavily on the counter now, my ass pushed up and moving in small circles as I tried desperately not to moan. Linda looked confused but I’m sure my lust filled face must have given her all kinds of green lights.

All of a sudden Linda looked away and fussed with the clothes bagging them up. The vibrations stopped and I felt a hand on my ass.

“How’s it going over here?” Mom said, making a show of squeezing my ass.

I straightened up and Mom kissed me wetly. Linda blushed furiously and I felt a little sorry for her.

“Great thanks. Linda was telling me about a club in the city.”

Mom gave Linda Pete’s credit card.

“That’s perfect thank you" she said, then directly at me, she said “your receipt is in the bag”.

“Thank you Linda" Mom said, grabbing the bag and my hand and heading away.

I smiled at Linda, she was very cute. I’d never even considered my sexuality, always assuming I was straight. Mom had changed that and I now realised that boys AND girls were equally attractive to me. Linda mouthed “bye" at me and I returned it. We joined Pete outside the store.

“See, what did I tell you? She was so into you" Mom gushed.

“Yeah, you were right. Oh my God, I came just then" I laughed.

“We could see" Pete said, chuckling.

“Thank you so much for the clothes daddy" I said, planting a kiss on his cheek. “and the orgasm"

“That’s okay darling, we are just getting started.”

Pete was true to his word and we spent the next few hours going from shop to shop buying clothes and shoes. Pete continued to tease us mercilessly with our vibes and now with no panties on, I could feel my juices on my upper thighs. We continued to get loads of attention and we played up to it, kissing with tongues and feeling each other up whilst eyes almost popped out of the men gawping at us.

Luckily for Pete , mom and I were the same size in everything except our busts so when he spent over $300 on thigh high black leather boots for us, he didn’t have to buy two pairs. Still he was spending an extravagant amount of money on us.

When we got to Victoria’s Secret we went a bit nuts. Pete wanted me to have plenty of lingerie and I loved it all! We bought lingerie sets, corsets, stockings, bras and panties, the sales girls couldn’t believe how much we bought. I was very aware that Pete had spent thousands of dollars. We couldn’t carry any more bags and I couldn’t wait to make it up to him.

“Right, I think it’s time for lunch" Pete said. “Back to the car.”

Chapter 8

Pete drove us to an underground parking lot. We exited the car and he led us through an unmarked doorway. Inside was an elevator with a keypad. Pete held a card up to the keypad and then punched in a series of numbers. A few seconds later the elevator door opened and we went inside. There was only one button to push which Pete did. It was very nice in the elevator. There was a bench with red velvet lining and the walls were smoked mirror. The elevator took us up and then the doors opened and we stepped out into a very upmarket foyer.

“Welcome back Mr Abignale" A man in an expensive suit said. “I believe you have a lunch reservation for three?”

“That’s right Raymond. We've had a very busy morning shopping and the girls are in in need of refreshment.” Pete said.

“If you’d like to see Clarice, she'll show you to your table sir" Raymond said holding his hand out to guide our way. “Welcome to the Concord club ladies" he added.

“Thank you Raymond" Pete said pushing some folded notes into his hand.

“Thank you" Mom and I mumbled meekly.

“Wow, this place is amazing" Mom said as we stared at our opulent surroundings.

The floors were marble in the foyer with Marble columns, there was a bar through some glass doors. Dark wood and red velvet were predominant themes. We walked to a lady, presumably Clarice, who was stood behind a lectern in front of another set of glass doors.

“Let me show you to your table Mr Abignale” she said and ushered through the doors before striding off with the three of us following.

The restaurant was beautiful, white linen and silverware. One side of the restaurant was entirely window and it looked out over a lovely garden area with a pool. We were shown to a table near the window. Pete pulled out the chair for mom and Clarice tended to Mine. Napkins were placed in our laps and menus handed out to us before Clarice left us.

“Oh my goodness, what is this place daddy?” Mom whispered.

“This is my club" Pete chuckled. “do you like it?”

“Its very swanky"

“Don’t worry, you can be yourself here. There is no pretentiousness. Honestly.”

I looked around the restaurant. It was only about half full. Everyone looked glamorous and I was so glad I was dressed nicely. There were various age groups represented but I couldn’t help noticing that very attractive and sexy young girls were sat with older men on quite a few tables as well as young men with older gentlemen. I looked out of the window. We were about three floors above ground. I could see tennis courts as well as the pool. I looked closer and saw that a few ladies by the pool were topless. I nudged mom and pointed with my eyes.

“I can see why you like it here daddy” she said.

“I like it because its 100% discrete and people can indulge certain pleasures here without fear of being judged. It has a great bar, restaurant and gym. There’s a pool as you can see, as well as other rooms. Champagne ladies?” he asked.

“Yes please!” we sang.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and I was buzzing nicely when we left.

“Okay, one more stop before we head home” Pete said.

After about 20 minutes he stopped the car down a narrow street. We were right outside a shop called “The power of Love".

“Jennifer, I want you to go inside and get the things on this list and anything else you want okay? We'll be waiting right here"

Pete handed me a piece of paper. I read the list of things he had on it. My eyes widened.

“Really daddy? I have to?” I asked

“No, you don’t have to. I’d like you to though"

“Jennifer. Hasn’t daddy been kind to us today? I think it’s the very least you can do" Mom said.

I suddenly felt really guilty. Buoyed by the champagne I stepped out of the car and headed toward the sex shop. As soon as I put my hand on the door handle my vibrator sprang into life. I pushed open the door and stepped inside.

Having never been inside a sex shop I didn't really know what to expect. A guy behind the counter looked up when I walked in. He looked me up and down and smiled warmly.

“Anything I can help you with Miss? “ he asked.

I considered showing him my list but decided to look around.

“I’ll look around I think " I replied, trying to sound confident.

“Well you holler if you need me" he said going back to his magazine.

I spotted a stack of baskets on the floor and picked one off the top.

The first few racks were filled with adult magazines and DVDs. I glanced at them looking at the covers and titles before moving to the next racks. I stopped in front of the dildos and vibrators. I checked my list again. I stifled a groan and put my hand between my legs and clamped them shut as the vibrations got harder.

“Ohhhhhh godddddd" I groaned, unable to contain myself.

I looked around. The guy at the counter couldn’t see me here and there was no one else in the store. I rubbed at my clitty through my dress as I stared at the large array of rubber cocks on display. I took them off the racks and looked at them, getting hornier and hornier as I imagined how they’d feel inside me. I stared in amazement at the size of some of them. They even had one that replicated a horse cock! The vibrations increased again and then began a cycle of rising and falling. It was driving me crazy. I looked around again and couldn’t see any cameras. I bent over and put one hand up the front of my dress and reached back with the other to grab the base of my butt plug. I gripped it and tugged it gently, feeling the bulb stretch open my little asshole as I thumbed my clitty. I teased my asshole, staring at the rubber cocks in front of me, wondering which would feel best inside my ass. My dress rode up around my waist allowing me to part my legs wider, my naked ass exposed to the world.

““Ooooooooooh" I groaned, loving how naughty I was.

I hoisted my tits out of my dress. My nipples were hard like bullets. It now felt I was almost naked. A 16 year old girl, in a downtown sex shop, naked save for her stockings, garters and high heels. Teasing herself with a butt plug, trying to decide which dildos to buy as her mom and daddy controlled the vibrator in her cunny. I felt the familiar surge, rising in my tummy and then I came.

“Oh jeeeeeez" I groaned, my legs shaking.

I closed my eyes and wiggled my ass, working the plug in my bottom and the vibe in my pussy as the wonderful warm sensations washed over me. Finally the Lush stopped vibrating and I was back to reality. I quickly smoothed down my dress and tucked in my boobs and resumed my perusal of fake dicks. Eventually I chose a white one which was 8” long and a black 10” one that was thick too. I moved on to the anal toys. I looked at all the butt plugs and saw that some were enormous! I found a pump up plug that was on my list but I didn't know what the next things were. Then I saw them. Black rubber balls about the size of ping pong balls were joined together on a long cord. I added them to my basket. I found a douche and the lube and that was everything on my shopping list. I browsed a bit more, pretty amazed at some of the things people enjoyed before I grabbed something else for myself. I steeled myself, went the checkout and put my basket on the counter.

I felt myself redden as the man took the items out, scanned them and put them in a plain brown paper bag. I noticed a screen behind him, under the counter. It was a security feed and showed the area of the shop he couldn’t see from the counter. There in clear view was the dildo rack. I would have been clearly visible! I felt my face burn with embarrassment. The man turned to me with the total and saw me looking at the screen.

“You are welcome back anytime you like young lady. I’ll give you a discount next time.” He chuckled as I handed him Pete’s credit card.

Chapter 9

As I walked back to the car I couldn’t see mom but climbing into the back I could see why. She was leant over with Pete’s fat cock in her mouth.

“Did you get everything?” Pete asked.

“Yes daddy" I replied “you made me cum too"

“Excellent. Good job Jennifer. I’m proud of you.”

I beamed in the back seat.

“Here" he said, handing me a phone “you can control your moms Lush on the way home.”

It was so much fun. I positioned myself so I could watch her suck on his cock as he drove. The controls were pretty simple and I altered the power of the vibrations and watched the results.

“Yeah baby girl. Suck daddies cock" Pete said “I’m going to fuck you so good when we get home"

Hearing this I pushed the intensity all the way up and listened to mom groaning as she forced his fat dick into her mouth.

By the time we got home she could barely speak. I hadn't let her cum and she was going crazy, slobbering on his cock and saying filthy things to him.

“Fuck me now daddy" she begged as he stopped the car in the driveway.

“Oh I think you can wait baby girl" Pete chuckled. “I like it when you are desperate"

Mom calmed down as we carried the multitude of bags into the house.

“How about we order food in later daddy? Jen and I could put on a fashion show for you. We'd love to show you where your money went today.” She said putting her arms around Pete’s neck and looked up adoringly. “We are soooo grateful daddy” her hand rubbed at his crotch “you’re amazing"

“Sure baby girl. That sounds great. I think we should invite James over too okay?”

“Of course" Mom replied excitedly, clearly glad the day would continue into the evening.

“How about you go and pick James up and then we’ll order food when you’re back?”

It was agreed. Mom called James and he said she would be over soon and she left. I showed Pete the things I’d bought in the sex shop. He was very pleased. He said he'd discuss with mom how he wanted me trained at home so I’d be ready for Troy when he returned. He wanted me to able to please his friend like a proper slut.

He saw the additional thing I’d bought that wasn’t on his list.

“Really?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“I thought it looked fun" I replied, blushing furiously.

“Oh I’m sure it'll be fun sweetie. Don't show your mom though, let’s keep that between us for now.”

We took all the toys out of their packaging. The dildos felt so heavy. Pete told me that I wasn’t allowed to use the dildos until after Troy had ‘broken me in'. I thought that made me sound like some kind of animal and that really turned me on. The exception to that rule was oral. Pete wanted mom to show me how to suck cock and I was allowed to use the dildos for that.

I went upstairs to the bedroom and laid out all the clothes on the bed or hung them up in the closet. When I took out the clothes from the first store, the receipt fell out and I could see writing on the back. I picked it up.

“I think you are so hot. Please call me. You wont regret it. Linda. xxx"

I felt my nipples harden as I thought of the sexy sales assistant. I sat on the bed. It was all impossible. She lived in the city and wouldn’t want anything to do with me when she knew I was only 16. It was so flattering that she wanted me though. My pussy moistened at the thought of us fucking. Mom and I had removed our vibrators and put them on charge and my butt was having a rest from being plugged. Pete came upstairs with more bags and I showed him the message from Linda.

“Awww, that’s so adorable. Do you like her?” he asked

“I guess. She was super cute”

“Yes she was" he agreed.

I explained that it wasn't worth pursuing because of my age and the distance.

“Hmnnn, you may be right but let me talk to James and your mom sweetie. See what we can figure out”

With that he left me to go through my new things.

It wasn’t too long before Mom and James turned up. I shouted Hi to James, mom came up to see me. She looked at all the clothes and shoes.

“Wow, you are soooooo lucky. We must show him how much we appreciate him later.”

The look we shared after that comment left me in no doubt of what was going to happen later.

We ordered food and when it arrived we sat around the dining table and enjoyed a lovely meal with wine. We told James about our shopping trip the Concorde Club and Pete promised James he would take him sometime.

“Right then" Mom said after dinner “you boys go and put your feet up and have another drink, Jen and I will do the dishes and then show you what we got today.”

After clearing up, Mom and I put on one outfit after another and showed the boys, posing as if we were catwalk models, making sure we flashed them plenty of tits and ass, moving seductively to the music Pete had put on. The boys played their parts, whistling and encouraging us.

“Now the part you’ve been waiting for" Mom said when we'd run out of outfits “the lingerie section"

I was really excited to try on my new lingerie. I chose a pink set comprising of pink stockings with white tops , garters with a belt, push up bra and thong panties, all had cute little white bows. I put on white 5” stilettos and quickly removed my lipstick and applied pink lipstick and blusher. I put a cute pink bow in my hair.

Mom came in and I gasped. She was wearing the black lingerie she had on all day but now she had on the thigh high leather boots. I’d totally forgotten about them. She looked so fucking hot. In her hand she had a collar and leash, presumably one of Bob’s.

When mom led me into the lounge area on my hands and knees by the leash, the boys eyes were on stalks. They didn't know what to say. She led me in a circle, right past Pete and James so they could view us from all sides. I loved it. I felt so submissive. Once we'd done a lap, mom pulled me to my feet by the collar. She spun me firmly round so I was facing the boys with her behind me. Her arms enveloped me, squeezing my tits through my bra and sliding inside my panties to rub my pussy. She nibbled and kissed my neck as her hands roamed all over my body. She undid my bra and let it fall to the floor and her hands squeezed my boobs.

“Holy fuck baby, your body is amazing" she breathed into my ear. “Mommy wants you so bad"

“Fuck me mommy" I replied

Pete unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and begun slowly stroking it. I moaned as mom pinched my nipples pulled on them , she was being rough with me and I liked it. HHr hand moved inside my panties again and her finger entered my wet hole.

“Are you mommy’s slut?” she asked.

“Yesssssss" I hissed.

“Get down you little bitch"

Mom pushed me roughly to my knees and she sat on the coffee table which was right in front of the boys. She used the leash to pull me between her legs which she spread. My ass was pointing at the Pete and James so I pushed it up and parted my knees as mom pulled my head to her pussy.

“Lick mommy’s cunt like a good slut" mom said to me.

“Fucking hell James. Look at that sweet teenage ass” Pete said. “You’d love to fuck that wouldn’t you?”

James nodded

“Say it!” Pete insisted when he got no reply.

“Yes. I’d love to fuck Jennifer in the ass" James groaned.

Hearing James say that made me groan and I moved moms thong to one side and began to lick her pussy.

“Once Troy has broken her in, daddy will enjoy using both your girls as his fuck toys.” Pete continued, making mom and I moan in unison. “See how they want a real man James"

Mom leant back giving me better access and I licked and slurped her cunt.

“Oooh yes baby, lick mommy's pussy. Good little girl. Make mommy cum.”

I flicked my tongue as fast and hard as I could on her clit.

“Oh fuuuuck” Mommy groaned, throwing her head back.

I began fucking her with my fingers and worked her clit hard with my tongue. I knew how to make her cum now.

“Yes, yes, I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop, don't stop.” She panted

I fucked her harder and faster until she squeaked that she was cumming, eventually pushing my head away from her swollen clit. I pulled out my fingers and put then in my mouth, cleaning them of her sticky cum juice.

Mom stood and with the heel of her boot, pushed my head down onto the floor. She moved behind me again and her hands began to massage my ass and rub my pussy through my panties. She spanked me hard suddenly, making me cry out.

“You can't wait for Troy to get back can you, you dirty little bitch?”

She spanked me again. My ass cheeks were on fire.

“No mommy, I cant wait"

“My little virgin girl needs that big black cock inside her doesn't she?

“Yes mommy" I panted as she rubbed my pussy “I need Troy’s big black dick in my pussy and my ass.”

I was spanked again twice.

“You dirty little slut” she said, tugging my panties down roughly.

I closed my legs so mommy could manoeuvre my panties down and over my heels and then a moved my legs apart and pushed up my ass. I felt moms hot breath and then her tongue between my ass cheeks.

“Oh goshhhhhhhh" I moaned as her tongue flicked at my asshole and then pushed inside.

Her hand played with pussy as she tongue fucked my asshole. I felt so dirty and horny. I wanted James and Pete to know.

“Oh mommy, your tongue feels so good in my little asshole.” I said in my cutesy voice.

Mom grabbed my lube from the table and I shuddered as she drizzled it all over my ass. I could feel my ass cheeks were oily and slick as she massaged the lube all over and then fed a finger inside my ass. After working the lube into me with one finger she pushed in another. I pushed back onto them and moaned.

“Look at my dirty girl. She needs cock so bad daddy.”

“Yes she does" Pete agreed. “she'll be so ready for Troy.”

I closed my eyes and pictured Troy’s cock and imagined how good it would feel in my ass.

“I need his black cock in my ass" I moaned

“She's such an anal slut" mom said fucking me deep with her fingers as she used her other hand on my pussy.

“Oh my godddddddddd” I groaned.

I was so horny. Moms touch felt so good. My ass felt slick and so ready to be fucked. I felt so dirty and slutty. Pete appeared in my view. I could see his big hard dick sticking out below his hairy belly. I wanted it so bad. He stepped out of his pants and removed his shirt before sitting down again, disappearing out view.

Mom stopped what she was doing and I looked back. James was naked now too, his eyes revealed just how turned on he was when they met mine. Mom was holding the inflatable plug. She pumped it to give it some shape and then I felt it between my cheeks. I pushed my head down again as she pushed it into my lubed up back passage.

“Let’s see how greedy that ass is" mom said, giving the plug 5 quick pumps.

I groaned deeply as the plug went from normal sized to big, filling my ass.

I felt something pushed between my pussy lips and realised she had put the Lush back in.

It sprung into life, vibrating gently. I heard mom pump the plug twice more.


“Is your ass nice and full?”

“Yes mommy" I panted

She pumped it again, then again.


I felt so incredibly full. Mom pumped it again twice more. It felt enormous now.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck" I panted

“I think you can take a little more for mommy” Mom laughed giving it three quick pumps.

It hurt in such a good way. The feeling was intense. I blew air out of my mouth like I was giving birth.

Mom pulled it and I felt my asshole stretching, wider and wider. I began to whimper as the inflated plug began to push its way out of me. Suddenly it was expelled from my body. I could feel my asshole open and close.

“Oh my God, look at my little girl gape!” mom exclaimed “I’m gonna be fisting you soon young lady”

“Mnmm yessssssss " I hissed, suddenly thinking about moms arm in my ass up to the elbow.

“Oh my god" mom giggled “we've created a monster”

I pushed my ass up and wiggled it, revelling in how sloppy and open my ass felt. I didn’t have long to wait before mom squirted more lube onto my me slid the deflated plug back inside me, repeating the inflation process as the lush vibrated inside me.

The anal beads were the next thing introduced to my hungry hole, mom fed them to me one by one. Each one stretching my ass lips open before being sucked inside me. They felt really nice, filling me up and moving about inside me. The vibrations in my pussy increased and began oscillating and I was already moaning and moving my hips in circles when mom began tugging gently on the beads and her dirty talk that sent me over the edge.

“I cant wait until Troy’s back baby” she purred “I cant wait to see him fuck you with his big black cock.”


“I want to see him slide that big dick into your tight virgin hole and fuck you like he fucked me"


“Mommy and daddy are going to watch you take all that dick and then listen to you beg him to fuck you in the ass”


Mom pulled harder on the beads and the first one stretched my hole as it emerged and I came.

“Cuuuuuuummmmming mommy" I moaned.

“Yes baby, good girl. You'll cum on that big fat cock too”

I whimpered as the steady extraction of the beads heightened the sensations of my orgasm like nothing I’d experienced.

“Feels soooo gooooood" I groaned.

I collapsed forwards when the last bead popped out, shuddering as my orgasm subsided. Mom spanked my buttocks as I lay panting and then something was pushed between them and into my well used ass. My ass lips closed around the hard rubber object and I realised it was the Lovense hush butt plug.

“Now its mommy’s turn baby"

I rolled over onto my side and watched mom kneel between Pete’s legs and take his hard cock in her hands.

“Did you enjoy the show daddy?” she asked

“Fuck yeah. We loved it, didn't we James?”

“Yes, it was awesome.”

I watched mom lower head and begin to lick and suck his dick. Pete looked at me and smiled, I could see his phone in his hand. The toys in my ass and pussy began to vibrate gently. Mom looked incredible between Pete’s legs with that monster cock in her mouth. She was still in all her lingerie and those sexy thigh high boots. I wanted to join her and share it. I knew that was only a couple of weeks away from happening and I couldn’t wait. I wanted to feel daddy’s fat dick stretching my asshole. I knelt up and squeezed my tits as I watched. I looked over at James, he was watching his wife intently as she gave Pete a world class blow job.

“Oh my God I love your cock daddy" Mom said breathlessly, coming up for air.

Pete played with his phone and the vibrators began a random pattern, each one working independently. Rising and lowering in intensity.

“James, get your wife ready to be fucked please. Take off her panties and bra" Pete ordered.

James stood, I could see precum was hanging between his thighs and his cage. He moved to mom and unclipped her bra as she carried on slurping on Pete’s dick.

Next he pulled her panties down and over her boots.

“Come on hold my cock cucky. Get it in position for her to ride.”

James moved next to Pete. Mom stopped sucking his cock and sat back. We all watched as James gingerly reached out and finally grasped Pete’s throbbing dick.

“Stroke it" Mom commanded.

“Kerry" James pleaded.

I could see mom mouth the word “please" and nod at James. She clearly found it arousing. James slowly moved his hand up and down.

“I think he likes it daddy" Mom chortled, standing and throwing her leg over Pete. Placing her feet on either side of him and squatting over his cock.

“Feed that big cock into your wife” Mom whispered as she lowered herself down, her hands on Pete’s shoulders, supporting herself.

James guided Pete into his wife's wet pussy as she took the head of his dick and paused. She sank down and James removed his hand.

“OH FUUUUUUUUUUCK” she groaned as her cunt was stretched and filled with 8” of thick dick.

I massaged my tits as I watched mom bounce up and down on Pete’s dick, gradually sinking lower and lower until she was taking him balls deep.

“It feels so good on daddy’s dick baby" she said to James. “He's soooooo big"

I thought she was the sexiest woman alive. I was so lucky to have her as a mom and a mistress and a lover. My vibes buzzed inside me and I felt so good right then.

Pete turned mom around so she was in reverse cowgirl. She sunk down again, looking me in the eyes. Pete reached around and squeezed her boobs hard. I licked my lips, I was desperate to go and join them.

“Watch that big cock stretch my cunt James" mom hissed “get close"

James got between Pete’s legs on the floor and put his head between his thighs. He stared at Pete’s fat schlong, stretching her pussy and disappearing inside as she bounced up and down.

“Lick my clit honey. Make me cum"

James pushed his head forwards, and began licking , I could see his tongue licked, not only her clit, but her whole pussy and Pete’s shaft too.

“Yes baby" Mom moaned “I’m close. Don't stop, don't stop.”

Mom lifted herself high before sinking down hard, faster and faster, her pussy squelching, her face crimson as she chewed her lower lip.

“Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, I'm cumming!” she cried and sank down hard, rocking gently as Pete continued to thrust into her.

James moved away as Pete lifted her like she weighed nothing and put her on her back on the edge of the couch. He pinned her legs back and pushed himself into her again, fucking her in a steady rhythm.

“It feels so good daddy. Fuck me, fuck your little slut, oh my god"

I was so jealous, I desperately wanted to be fucked, why did I have to say I wanted Troy to be my first? If I’d chosen daddy I’d be full of cock right now.

I watched Pete fuck my mom so good, building up the pace until he was pounding steadily. She couldn’t talk anymore, her mouth was open and a little drool hung out. It was then that Pete pulled out and got James on his back in the floor. He placed mom over him in 69 position and drizzled lube over her ass.

“Stick it in my ass daddy" she said, pushing her ass up

James licked at her pussy as Pete pushed his dick at her tight asshole. I moved to get a closer look. Pete pushed hard and the tip of his cock prised open her asshole.

“Owwwwww daddy. It’s so big” she panted

Pete thrust forwards gently and pulled mom back by her hips, his cock pushing past her resisting sphincter. Mom whimpered groaned deeply. Pete backed off and then thrust again, inching his fat prick into her ass. It was incredible to watch. Pete noticed me and reached over to his cell phone. Suddenly the two vibes in my fuck holes vibrated violently making me collapse onto the floor.

“Holy shit!” I cried as the intense vibrations in both my holes turned my insides to jelly.

I didn't know what to do with myself, I clamped my hands between my legs. I tried laying on my back and then I tried laying on my front, pushing my ass up, then crawling forwards towards Pete. He looked over at me, grinning and I stared at him open mouthed. I felt my eyes roll back and my tongue hang out as my most sensitive erogenous zones were simultaneously stimulated, hard.

I could mom moaning and telling Pete how good his cock felt deep in her ass when my orgasm erupted within.

“Cuuuuuuummmmming!” I squeaked.

The vibrators were relentless, Pete left them on full power and I couldn’t stop cumming. Wave after wave of beautiful orgasm washed over me. I rolled onto my side, in the foetal position, shaking and whimpering.

“Daddy" I managed to utter.

Pete took pity on me and stopped the vibrations. I looked up and he beckoned me. I managed to crawl to them. He had me place my hands on moms butt cheeks spreading them for him and I put my head on the small of her back looking up at Pete. He looked down at me as he fucked her ass.

“Unghhhhhh!” he grunted.

Pete pulled out his cock and stroked it a few times and then shot several huge globs of cum over moms ass and my face. I opened my mouth and stuck put my tongue as Pete groaned and squirted more ropes of sticky semen over us. His cock slipped out of view and I could hear it being licked and sucked as I began lapping at the cum spread over my mothers ass. Experiencing the salty, bitter taste of semen for the first time.

Chapter 10

Finally Troy was back! Two weeks after our shopping trip mom told me we were going to spend the night at Pete’s this Saturday night. She was just as excited as I was! Pete had joined Troy, working away as his project came to an end and he was there to make sure it was finished to the clients total satisfaction. Luckily we had the remote controlled vibes and Pete made good use of them while he was away.

Summer vacation was here and I spent time with my friends but I now looked at them very differently. I realised just how hot they were. The boys weren’t on my radar at all. They seemed so immature and stupid to me now, but my girlfriends , that was another story. I really wanted to share my recent experiences with them, especially as I was going to lose my virginity which was such a big deal. It was difficult to keep it from them, especially Jasmine.

Mom had taken my training very seriously. She wanted me to give Troy the best sex of his life and she knew he was no stranger to a good fuck. She gave me tips and made me practise blowjobs every day with my dildos until my jaw ached. She was very proud of me when I eventually managed to take the 8” rubber dick into my throat without gagging. She said I was a natural.

I had messaged Linda, the girl from the city. She was very pleased to hear from me. She told me she had found my wet panties in the changing room and had kept them. She sniffed them all the time! She wanted me to go and spend the weekend with her. I told her I was really busy at the moment but really wanted to. The messages got flirtier and naughtier. She sent me a pic of herself in her underwear. She looked gorgeous. I showed mom who told me send one back which I did. We agreed to meet up soon.

I was so excited when I woke up on Saturday, I was wet when I woke and I spent the entire day like that. Mom had us booked in for a beauty treatment. She made James take us. She insisted he pay to make his girls look beautiful for their big cocked lovers. We had our hair done, bikini and leg wax, nails and makeup. James sat dutifully and listened as we discussed our ‘ special night’ with the stylists. We told them our boyfriends were back after working away and we were going to show them how much we missed them. The girls could see my moms wedding band and looked at James with pity before giggling with us. Mom and James both said later that it was so exciting knowing that other people knew.

Mom and I both dressed in our sexiest lingerie sets and most revealing cocktail dresses. We looked like high class hookers.

Pete and Troy had both made an effort. They looked so smart and handsome in their slacks and shirts. They met us at the car, opening the doors and helping us out. I blushed as Troy kissed my cheek.

“You look amazing" he said.

Bob leapt about, excited, pushing his head between our legs until Pete calmed him down with a stern word. Pete and Troy led us into the house, James following. The lighting was low and there was dance music playing. Bottles of champagne were chilling in buckets and food was laid out. It had the feeling of a party. I stole looks at my ‘date’. He looked so handsome and strong. I could see his muscles bulging through his thin shirt. He handed me a glass of bubbly and the five of us toasted to a fun evening.

I relaxed after the first glass of champagne, we talked and laughed. It seemed that the project Troy had been working on had gone well. I felt tipsy and horny as more champagne was drunk. Mom pulled me to my feet and we danced together, giggling. We kissed and mom pulled my dress up and spanked my ass. That was enough for the boys who rose to their feet and joined us dancing. I copied mom, pushing my ass into Troy’s crotch. His hands moved all over my body, up my legs, lifting my dress and just like that the mood of the evening changed. Pete pressed a button on a remote and porn began to play on the TV. Troy kissed me deeply and I kissed him back passionately, my tongue deep in his mouth, a small moan escaping as his strong hands squeezed my ass. I moved my hands over his back, his body was so hard and muscled. He reached down and grabbed the bottom of my dress and pulled it up. I lifted my arms in the air so he could he remove it and discard it. He looked at me in my new lingerie. I blushed as his eyes devoured me.

“Wow. You are so fucking sexy" he said.

I saw mom and Pete go to the couch. I glanced over. Mom was smiling. Proud of her little girl.

Troy kissed me again and I put my hands up and began unbuttoning his shirt. My hands slid inside to feel his smooth hard pecs. It was different to moms soft body but equally attractive. I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and peeled it off.

“Gosh. You’re body is amazing too" I gushed as I looked at his big biceps and ripped stomach.

I kissed his chest and, as mom had taught me, lowered myself slowly to my knees, kissing my way down his hard torso. I pulled at his belt and got his pants undone and pulled them open. I was breathing heavy now. I was going to suck my first real cock.

I tugged his pants down and his cock got caught in them so there was tension on it as I continued pulling them down until it popped out and swung in front of my face. It looked huge.

“Oh my god" I murmured, literally drooling.

I reached out and held it in my hands, I moved it about, examining it, feeling its weight and power. It throbbed in my hands. It was really hard but the skin over the hard core was soft and velvety. It was a nice looking dick, circumcised and veiny. I stroked him a couple of times, feeling the skin move easily over the rigid pipe.

Mom had told me that eye contact was very important when sucking dick. I looked up, Troy was looking down, smiling at me. I opened my mouth wide and closed my lips around the head, working my tongue all over the underside, apparently a very sensitive part of the penis. It tasted slightly salty. I worked his cock with my mouth as I’d been practising and watched Troy’s reactions, working out what he liked. I pushed my head forwards and back, my hands massaging his heavy balls as I scored more and more dick into my mouth. Troy groaned as his cock entered my throat and my lips touched his groin.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuck"

“Yes baby. Good girl.” Mommy said “suck that big black cock".

I pulled my head off it, gagging a little, saliva spilling from my mouth. I used both hands to jerk him, twisting as I did so. I gave my jaws a little rest and glanced around the room. James was standing, pointing his phone at Troy and I. He was under orders to capture my first fuck in its entirety. Moms dress was gone and she had pulled Pete’s cock out and was stroking it. She looked at me, I could see she was really horny, chewing her lower lip.

I ran my tongue over my lips slowly as I looked at her and then went back to work on my lovers big dick.

I must have been taught well because Troy began moaning, he put his head back and closed his eyes as I worked his big black rod. I saw Pete get up and push the coffee table out of the way and move the big footstool into the centre of the room. It was about 3ft square, perfect for me to be fucked on /over.

I had been fantasizing about this moment and I wasn’t disappointed. Being on my knees in front of Troy, with his big hard dick in my mouth felt amazing. I couldn’t wait to feel it inside me.

No sooner had that thought crossed my mind when Troy took my head gently in his hands and pulled me up to my feet. He kicked off his pants and picked me up in his arms as if I were fine china and lay me carefully on my back on the footstool. Mom looked up from slurping on Pete’s cock and then went back to it. Troy knelt on the floor between my legs and pulled my panties down, over my stockinged legs and high heels and tossed them to one side. I parted my legs for him and he pushed them back, pinning them in place. He stared at my smooth virgin teenage pussy.

“Oh my god" he sighed

I grinned up at him, so happy he liked what he saw.

Putting his head between my legs he slowly licked and kissed my inner thighs before turning his attention to my pussy. I lay my head back and closed my eyes as Troy ran his tongue up my slit, licking up the folds of my cunny. Gradually he grew more hungry and his tongue pushed further inside me, lapping, tasting my sweet nectar. Finding my swollen clit, his tongue concentrated there, flicking it hard. I groaned and reached down to hold my legs, hugging them, exposing myself to my lover. Now Troy’s hands were free, I felt a finger probe my pussy as his tongue drummed my clit.

“Ohhhhhh" I groaned as a large finger slid deep into my wet twat.

I could hear moms muffled moans as she slurped on Pete’s cock and now I joined her, moaning as Troy finger fucked me and licked my clitty. I felt an orgasm rise from deep within just as Troy pushed another finger into my tight fuck hole sending me over the edge.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don't stop”

Troy finger banged me and licked my swollen button hard as and then pushed his fingers in deep and held them as my cunt flooded and spasmed on his digits. My mouth opened but I could only squeak as a beautiful orgasm washed over me, followed by another as Troy continued working my clit.

“Okay baby?” he asked me, lifting his head.

I looked at him, his lower face slick with my juices.

“Oh my God yes, that was so nice"

I reached up and unclipped my bra, freeing my tits and lay back again.

“Fuck me" I purred.

Troy moved forwards and guided his cock to the entrance to my virgin fuck hole.

“Your sure about this?” he asked, genuinely concerned.

I look around the room, everyone had stopped what they were doing to watch. I looked directly into the phone James held.

“Yes I’m sure, please fuck me.”

Troy pushed my legs back again and I reached up to squeeze my tits as he pushed the tip of his cock into me.

This was it. I was about to lose my virginity.

Troy gradually fed his big black dick into me and I fucking loved it! It felt better than I had expected and I knew I wanted this all the time from now on. He fucked me in long slow deep strokes as I moaned like a whore.

“Oh my God it feels so good!” I cried

“Fuck me with your big black cock!”

Mom was riding Pete’s cock now, bouncing up and down as she watched her daughter taking a big dick for the first time.

“Fuck her Troy, fuck my little girl good"

Troy fucked me harder, balls deep as I pinched my sensitive nipples, looking up at him, wanting to cum again. It felt so amazing and incredible, I wanted it to go on forever. Suddenly Troy pulled out of me and flipped me over. I was draped over the footstool and I squealed in delight as Troy playfully spanked me. I felt his cock bump between my legs and then slip between my pussy lips. Holding my hips he thrust forwards, burying himself inside me.


Troy fucked me so good, his thigh slapping against my buttocks wetly as he drove his gorgeous cock into me, over and over again in a blissful pounding.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming again” I groaned as he expertly brought me to my second orgasm.

I stared into my moms eyes as I came. She looked so happy for me as she rode Pete’s huge fat prick.

Troy slowed down and gently fucked me until my moans of joy turned into quiet contented murmurs. He pulled out with a squishing noise and slapped my ass again.

“You’re so wet baby” he whispered “come and sit on my cock"

I rose to my feet and Troy sat on the footstool. Straddling him, I lowered myself onto that amazing fuck pole. We kissed and he held me close as I began to slowly ride him, revelling in how it felt, sliding into me. I moved faster and was soon bouncing up and down. He felt so deep inside me like this. Troy grabbed my ass and squeezed it hard and his finger slid between my butt cheeks and rubbed at my asshole.

“Yes baby" I breathed in his ear, giving him the green light to go further.

Troy offered his finger to my mouth and I sucked it like it was a juicy cock, making it nice and wet. Troy worked his finger into my asshole as I rode his big dick until it was buried in me to the knuckle. I moved up and down in circular movements, working his cock and finger, getting closer to another orgasm. I wanted him in my ass.

“Fuck me in the ass" I hissed through gritted teeth.

Troy didn't need to be asked twice. He lifted me off him and placed me over the stool again. Mom was still on Pete’s lap, but all eyes were on me. It was my night.

I felt the coldness of lube, drizzling over and between my soft but firm butt cheeks, running over my rosebud and pussy.


Feeling Troy kneel behind me, I spread my knees and pushed up my ass. I felt his cock lay between my cheeks and move back and forth, teasing me.

“What do you want?” he asked

Mom was staring at me with lust filled eyes, she chewed her lower lip and her hand was between her legs, moving.

“Your big black cock in my tight little ass" I cooed.

Troy guided his cock with his hand, pushing the tip so it parted my ass lips. My eyes widened and my mouth opened as his cock head opened me up and slipped inside. Troy held it there , letting my body get used to it and then began rocking back and forth before finally getting past my protesting sphincter.

“Oh my!” I groaned an inch of hard cock slid into me.

He held it there again as I panted before he pulled back and pushed forwards again adding another inch of pipe into me, making me groan loudly again. It was in this fashion that he slowly inched that wonderful dick into me until he was happy and, holding my hips, began to slowly fuck me.

“Oh my God mommy, he’s fucking me in the ass" I moaned.

Now I loved how it felt, having a cock in my pussy but it was nothing to how this felt. I don’t know what it is but anal sex just feels so much better to me. I was in heaven, totally lost in lust as he ploughed me with his 9” dick.

“You like it in the ass don't you, you little slut?” he said, his thighs touching my buttocks as he bottomed out inside me.

“Yes, yes. I love it in my ass! Fuck me, fuck my ass!”

Troy spanked me as he fucked me and I squealed my appreciation as my orgasm rose up inside me.

“Don't stop, don't stop. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” I panted

Troy continued fucking me, driving 9” of beautiful black cock into me as he slapped my ass, bringing me to the nose explosive orgasm I’d ever had. A full on, mind melting anal orgasm. My eyes rolled back into my head and my tongue flopped out my mouth, drool hanging off it. A noise I’d never made before came from deep inside me. It felt like I was cumming in my ass and my pussy at the same time and it made my body shake. Troy kept going moving faster as my ass gripped him, bringing him to his own orgasm.

I whimpered and saw stars as he fucked me hard and then finally grabbed my hips and heaved into me, groaning as he flooded my ass with his seed.

When I’d milked his balls of their cum he collapsed onto me and kissed my neck, laughing.

“Oh my fucking god" he said. “that was so fucking good”

I couldn’t talk. I could only smile, one very happy, content girl.
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