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Sharon is teaching me how to be a better lover,older women seem to be good at that.
Sharon gave me lessons that changed my life

Chapter 2

Sharon just gave me two of the best blowjobs I have ever had, not that I had more than one , but she taught me how good it could be. She also taught me what a woman likes and I gave her two orgasms before we laid down beside each other to rest.

It felt so nice having her laying with her back against me whispering how good she feels . “You learned well for a young man” she softly said as she leaned her body tighter against me. “You cannot tell anyone about us though”she said “I would not want your mother finding out”. She turned her head and sighed “I still have more to teach you,so lets get some rest”.

I pulled the sheet up over us and kissed her cheek “I want to know more”I whispered and held her lovingly..Her eyes were closed yet I could see a smile of content on her face, giving me hope that there will be more. All while I held her against me I was thinking about what we just did, and then my cock began to grow.

Sharon chuckled and said“gee we have been having sex for over three hours ,you can’t be ready again” . She then looked up at me “I guess you are by what I am feeling against me “ then took a deep breath .”That is why I like you young males”she said “are you always really for more”? When my hard cock found its way between her thighs she closed her eyes and pushed back.

I propped myself up on one arm and cupped her breast with the other.”Why would your husband leave such a beautiful woman like you “I said to her,but she said nothing and just sighed.I could feel her wet pussy on my shaft but didn’t try to put it inside her.Instead I just moved it back and forth between her moist lips.

When my hand moved slowly lower she rolled over facing me with a smile still letting my hand continue to her pussy.” I want you to date girls your age , take my lessons with you and you will make someone very happy.While telling me what she expected from me ,she moved a leg over mine.She grabbed my cock and slowly started rubbing it against her pussy .”Boy you have such a nice cock”she said .

“Remember you never have intercourse without a condom unless you want to be a father” . Meanwhile, she was rubbing my cock against her lips which were getting wetter. “Make sure the girl is clean and free of diseases too,that's where fondling her first can help. Some times oral sex will be all the sex you need ,condoms or the pill may never keep you safe.

She then rolled over on me ,kissed me deep while she put my cock inside her warm pussy. “Except for when you're me,I can’t get pregnant” she said slowly moving back and forth on my cock while holding her chest up off of mine. I think she purposely held her chest up so I could practice rubbing her hanging breasts and protruding nipples. Her pussy was not tight but let her warm juices seep down keeping my cock lubricated.She would sit back up from time to time telling me how nice it feels inside her.

We fucked in that position for another thirty minutes feeling her orgasm several times ,but her loose pussy did nothing for me. Finally Sharon laid down on me and asked if I was ready to cum , still riding my cock slowly. I told her I was close,then asked her if she would suck me off again.

“Oh sweetheart I love sucking cocks”she said then slowly moved down “you never have to ask me twice.I will suck the cum out off you anytime you want”she said then licked her juices from my groin.She lick up and around my shaft before moving her mouth slowly down on my cock holding my balls in her hand.

This time I slowly placed my hands on her head moving her hair from her face .I said to her ”I don’t think I will ever find anyone better than you” ..

I closed my eyes as she continued bobbing her head up and down on my cock but eventually she stopped. She then lick around on the head, while jerking me off slowly until I told her I was close.What she did next made me sit up and grab her shoulders.I was so surprised when she pushed a finger deep in my ass , I immediately started cumming .This time she didn’t swallow my cum she took my load in her mouth keeping her finger deep in my ass.

When she was sure she had collected all of my cum she closed her mouth and started moving up . That had me a little worried ,was she going to make me drink my own cum,but she stopped and swallowed. ”Did I scare you “she said then chuckled “I would never make you eat your own cum. I will want you to kiss me though and then we started kissing.I thought little about how long we kissed or even the odd taste on her tongue. I thought only how wonderful this night had been and all the things she taught me.How she changed me to think that I shouldn’t be selfish just try to first please the girl I was dating.

I finally told her how wonderful she was and how much she has changed me when she sat back on the bed .Sharon then got off the bed and gathered my clothes “you are also a wonderful young man”she said .She tossed me my clothes and said”now there are still more lessons for you to learn”.

She helped me dress and gave me a kiss and hug “we will do this again”she said. She then said “right now you need to go home and shower and I need a long warm bath .She rubbed her belly and said “four and half hours of sex was a little too much”.

As she walked me to her door she kissed me again and said” remember tell no one about this night.I hope you understand we can't do this all the time either, you need a girlfriend too”.She then asked before shutting the door”when will your parents be home”, then “great” when I said “Sunday night” .

I have to admit four and a half hours really was too much because Sharon sure wore me out. I had all I could do to stagger into my house . I had to hold onto the walls to get to the bathroom and step into the shower. I stood in the shower thinking how great the night was as the warm water flowed over my body.

I fell asleep naked on the sofa covered with a blanket thinking about Sharon and what she had taught me. I woke up in the morning feeling someone sitting down beside me”are you sure they won't be home until tomorrow”?I quickly sat up and looked at the sofa then when there was no one there I looked at the clock.”Ten o'clock ,damn “I got up and got dressed , I then looked out the window “shit it snowed” .Just then dad called me asking how much snow we had then said they were staying another night.

I quickly put my winter clothes on and grabbed the shovel and went about clearing both driveways and the walks. When I was brushing the snow off Sharon’s car she called out at me “thank you” she said ,then “come in when you're finished”.

Sharon must have been watching because when i finished she opened the door before I knocked on it. “Good morning sweetheart” she said in her sweet voice and ushered me in.”Thank you again for clearing my driveway”she said “but I don’t plan on going anywhere”.

Seeing that she was still in her pj’s and a robe I figured she wasn’t and led me to the kitchen .She sat me down for breakfast ” and in the conversation the topic of girls came up again. “Do you remember my niece Angel?” she asked “she is just a year younger than you”

I did, but hesitated saying yes because she was one of the girls had sex with.”I knew a girl in school, Angelia Pe****e “ said, hoping that she wasn’t the one because she was a one time fuck.I had to think fast when yes so I said “yes I liked her,but she always had other boys around her.She was very pretty and friendly and we did go out to the movies once”.

“ She is pretty too but she wishes that the boys wouldn’t hover around her so much.She will come by often to get my help understanding boys who just want sex but never call her back if she says no”.

“I would have called her again” I said”she was a lot of fun to be around”then Sharon asked me why I didn’t. “One boy said he would beat me up if he found out I was dating her” I said “I am a lover not a fighter”.

“I know that she had one boyfriend that was very controlling,”Sharon said ,“we talked about him.He wanted to have intercourse with her but not use condoms ,I told her to dump him. She did but he must have told other boys bad things about her because it is hard for her to find a date now”.

Sharon took my hand and said“I think that you and her would get along well, will you give her a call.Apparently she is not a virgin because she has disused having sex with boys several times”

Sharon smiled when I said I would , then gave me her number “I guess we need to practice then I want it to be enjoyable for her”.

We finished our breakfast and she stood up to take the dishes so I followed . At the sink I put my arms around her and whispered in her ear”I am still hungry can I eat you”. Surprisingly Sharon set the dishes down and led me back to the table where she sat down on it . She gave me a deep kiss and then told me to sit, pointing to the chair in front of her.

Sharon then began to tell me that it will take a lot of kissing first before I was to get in any young girls pants.”Young girls with little experience need to feel comfortable just being with you. They have to find something about you that they like and are relaxed enough to open up.That may mean several dates before you make it to first base ,but even when you get there it may still be a while to get farther.

Little did Sharon know that I have already run the bases ,but I am sure the second time it won't be as easy.” I suggest a drive-in would be a good place to start,”Sharon said it is better than the movies”.

Several times Sharon had to move my face up because I couldn't help looking at the camel-toe that was in front of me. Finally she chuckled and took my hand “well you might as well pull my pj’s off”she said. She quickly grabbed my arms when I started pulling them off a little faster than she thought.

“Slow down there tiger ,remember you will be dealing with an inexperienced young girl .Even getting her shirt off will take assurance that you will not hurt her. She then took her hands away and let me begin to pull her pants away . Remember while doing anything to her you continue to tell her how pretty she is and compliment her anyway you can .

I looked up at Sharon as I had been slowly pulling her pants off exposing her pussy to me. “You are a beautiful woman “ I said to her “I am very thankful that you are letting me do this.Then I looked as she widened her legs “oh honey I like this” I said when I saw that Sharon had shaved her pubes. I would have loved to just dive right in and start eating her but I didn't.

Sharon surprised me when she took a hold of both my arms pulling me to my feet and said “fuck me”.Even though fucking her sloppy loose pussy wasn’t that enjoyable I unzipped my pants letting them fall to the floor.

My cock easily slid inside her and we began fucking slowly and kissing until she grabbed my ass cheeks and said “faster”. Being that she was not tight it made it easier ,when she said “faster again” she began pushing her hips up, you could hear how sloppy wet she was. “Let's make this a quickie”she said moaning through what had to be the quickest fuck I have ever done .

Less than ten minutes later I told her I was going expecting her to tell me to pull out,but she didn’t. I warned her again and this time she told me to cum,so I did and could feel our cum covering my balls.In a way it was a good feeling her warm sperm soaking our groins, my only fear was she would want me to eat her.

Thankfully she didn't and when my semi-soft cock dropped out of her she pushed me back and dropped to her knees. She began licking and sucking up my cum and when she had got it all she stood up and smiled. “My sister is coming over with Angel so go home now and come back later”she said pulling my pants up then leading me to the door.

I did come back later while Angelia and her mom were there and it was nice to see her again..


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thank you for your comment I am working on chapter three


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Again well written and very good story line. Keep it going

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