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A man his wife and two beautiful daughters. It was heavenly. But about to get a whole lot better.
A lot of these stories start by explaining that a father was left to bring up his young daughter(s) after his wife had left him / divorced him / had affair or died in a horrible crash. Not so in my case. I had a very loving wife. Not just loving but attractive and very sexually demanding. She had been instrumental in bringing up our two daughters and raising them in a very moral way. They were bright, well-educated, well spoken and charming young ladies. Very pretty too. They had their mothers good features and looked after themselves. They ate well, dressed stylishly and fashionably and smelled impeccably. All of this and a good sense of fun. They got that from me though, of course.


Julia sat next to me at the breakfast table. She was engrossed in reading the latest salacious novel by her favourite author. My wife was an avid reader and loved a bit of filth. She had this habit of licking her lips as she turned each page, no doubt anticipating something scandalous on the next page. It was quite a turn on. I was less entertained as I sat with my tablet dredging through a backlog of tedious technical work emails. Our concentrations were momentarily interrupted as Emily, our younger daughter, wandered passed us in her dressing gown yawning a ‘good morning’ as she did so. It was Saturday and 9.45am was early for Emily. She did love her bed. In contrast, Ava was always up at the crack of dawn. Up, showered, dressed and done with breakfast quite a while ago, she busily followed her sister passed us and went to the fridge to get herself am isotonic drink and energy bar. She was in her tennis outfit ready for her lesson. A pristine white top, figure hugging to show off her sports bra underneath, one of her many pairs of Nike shoes and a short skirt. Her top and shirt had a peach trim and matched closely the colour of the ‘tick’ on her shoes. Always co-ordinated. As the fridge door opened she bent down to collect her drink from the bottom of the door. I glanced over. She was facing away from me and as she bent down so her ass shot up in the air. Her short skirt raised up and revealed her cotton panties. Frilly cotton panties. It was a lovely ass. Ava was athletic with well toned legs, a trim torso and a perfectly rounded ass. My eyes widened for a second as I took in the lovely sight. Julia lowered her glasses and looked at me. I looked back guiltily but Julia just smiled and continued reading.

“I’m off now parents.” Ava declared and kissed me on the cheek. I put my arm around her waist as she stood by me.

“What time will you be back?” Her mother asked.

“Oh, right after the lesson. I’ve got homework to finish up.” As she finished speaking a horn sounded outside. It was Jenny, her tennis coach, coming to collect her. Ava grabbed her bag, yelled goodbye and scampered out the door. Emily looked up briefly from her chocolate orientated cereal.

“And what do you have planned for today?” Julia enquired.

“Nothing much. Going for a run this afternoon. Then chill.” She replied staccato fashion inbetween mouthfuls. She finished up breakfast and disappeared back to her bedroom.

Julia looked across at me again.

“I saw you checking our Ava. Just now.” I blushed. Just a very little. I was about to protest my innocence but Julia shut me down. “It’s ok. She has a wonderful ass.” My guilt was assuaged. For now anyway.

Julia and I spent the afternoon at home together. A rare thing for a Saturday. We chatted and read. We watched Ava return from Tennis. We watched Emily leave for a run. We discussed the weather as we watched the clouds darken and the heavy rain fall. Then we saw Emily return from her run. She was quite the athlete but in a much different way to Ava. Em was slender, almost wiry. Still perfectly proportioned but not as strong or as toned. She did like to run though. Judging by the time she had been gone I guess she had completed about five miles. Her normal route was around the block, through the park, over the bridge and then back along the edge of town. Her phone recorded her details. Not just the distance she ran but her heart rate and a whole bunch of other stuff. She was soaking wet when she appeared back in the house. Not just sweaty but soaked from the heavy rain. Em was not happy.

“Good run?” She looked at me with a deep frown.

“No. I’m soaked. Look at me.” I did look. Water was running down her slim legs into her running shoes. Her mousey hair was frazzled and sticking to the side of her face. But none of that drew much attention from me. My eyes were glued to her top. It had been a warm, humid day and Em had gone out in just a tight running vest. She rarely wore a bra when she ran and the wet vest clung to her now like a second skin. The outline of her small puffy breasts could be clearly seen and her nipples stood sharply to attention. It was almost mesmerizing.

“Aw, sweetie. Go get a shower and dry off.” I urged. She trudged upstairs.

I looked across at Julia as she rolled her eyes at me. Caught ogling my daughters twice in one day.

I sensed I was going to be in trouble.

Not surprisingly the subject did come up later but not in the way I had expected. Julia and I lay in bed watching the end titles of the late movie and as I reached for the remote so she reached for my dick. We kiss passionately and I grabbed a handful of her size E breasts. She squirmed as I played roughly with a nipple. Her long dark hair cascaded across the pillow and her full red lips were slightly parted in an inviting way.

“I want your big stiff cock inside me.”

“Yes. Oh yes”.

“And I want you to fuck me hard. Hard and deep. I want it rough. I want you to slap me and spit on me like I’m your whore.”

“Yes. God yes.” My cock was like an iron bar by now as she tugged away at it. She lay on her back and began guiding it towards her pussy. Then stopped. She looked me directly in the eyes with intense passion.

“But first….I want to know which one of our daughters you would rather fuck?” I paused.


“You heard me. Ava or Emily? If you could fuck either of them, who would it be?”

“This is nonsense. I don’t want to fuck either one.”

“Yes you do. I know you do. But if you had a choice which one would it be?”. She held my dick tight, squeezing and tugging erotically. I groaned with pleasure. “If you got to put your big, hard dick into one of them and fuck them like a good daddy, which one? Ava? With her perfect body and that full, rounded ass? She’d love to have you from behind. Pounding her and squeezing her breasts. Or Emily? Would you like to play with those small titties and bite those nipples? Or maybe suck on her tight, hairless pussy?” As she stared into my eyes I could feel her hot breath and realised that whilst she tugged away on that cock with one hand so she was rubbing her clit with the other. She was so turned on. But waited for an answer.

“Ava then.” I relented. “It would be Ava.” Julia released her grip on my cock and slid into her dripping cunt.

I felt ready to burst right away. I penetrated her as deep as I could and just stayed there for a while to gain composure. I slapped her breast and placed my hand on her throat.

“Do you want to see what I would do to Ava?” I played along with Julia’s fantasy.

“Yes babe. Show me what you would do to her.”

“I’d grab a handful of her bleached blonde hair and fuck her virgin pussy til she bled.” I began thrusting firmly as I grabbed some of Julia’s hair and tugged at it. “I’d make her cry. Scream for more.” This continued in a similar vein for a while.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I’m coming.” She yelled as her body shook.

“I’m coming too. I’m so close. I’d fill my baby girl with my cream. Just like this. Aargh!” I exploded inside her. It was the best sex we had for a while. It was always good but this was extra special.

We collapsed in a sweaty mass.

“That was hot. That was a good idea to get us horny like that.”

“Idea? What idea?” She replied quizzically. I laughed.

“You know. About me wanting to fuck Ava. Maybe tomorrow we can pretend it’s Emily.”

She shook her head.

“It’s not an idea. It’s a plan.”
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