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Daddy daughter pretends to be loving young lovers
it’s my fantasy.


All characters are over 18

She's so pretty, bouncing along the deck before diving into the swimming pool, her suit pulled up into her buttock cleft showing me the smooth globular bottoms of her round ass. She glides through the water, her long slender legs propelling her forward, her butt swaying in the water. As she reaches the other side I help her out, glancing down the top of her swimsuit to look longingly at her small hard nipples and pink chest. She sits on my lap, her firm buttocks pressing against my cock as we talk, me hugging her younger body to me, my hand caressing her bare shoulder.

We dry off, change, order a pizza and wine for supper. I watch her cute face as she eats, her blond hair falling over her forehead. Wine was too much for her and made her tipsy and sleepy. She changes for bed, wearing only her panties and a T-shirt. We watch TV, she sitting in my lap again. She watches TV, I gaze at her smooth thighs, her pussy slit outlined by her panties. She falls asleep on my lap. Unknown to her I caress her smooth thighs, my cock growing hard in my shorts. My hand wanders between her legs, feeling her puffy cunny lips. I slip a finger under her panties, feeling her cunt flesh, caressing her slit. She stirs in my arms. I remove my hand, not wanting to waken her. As she drifts into sleep again my hand moves under her T-shirt, up to her budding chest. I touch her pink nipples, a shock running up my arm at the contact. She has large round areolae, nicely silky, hard nubbins in the center. I lift her shirt gently to see her body, wonder at the pinkness of her beautiful tits. As I look at them I slip my hand under her panties to again feel her peach fuzz covered slit. My tongue licks one nipple as my cock throbs, wanting her.

My hand leaves her sex, pulls my zipper down, releasing my stiff rod. I rub it against her thigh flesh, kiss her nipple again as she sleeps. My other arm around her drops to feel her soft thigh as I stroke my cock slowly, imagining it up inside her twat. In moments my cum explodes out of my pee hole, splattering on her slim legs. I reach for a tissue, wipe her legs dry.

I pick up her limp nubile body, carry her to her bed. I lie her down gently, strip naked. My cock grows hard again looking at her. I lift her shirt up exposing her hard nipples, bend to kiss each. I kiss her chest, her flat tummy as I stroke my cock again. I lick down her supple thighs, kiss her pussy through her panties. I kiss down her legs, her curved calves, to her feet. I lick each of her toes, sucking them into my mouth. I lick the soles of her feet, kiss the tops, then back up her legs to her cunny.

Gently I pull her panties down, seeing her soft pussy for the first

time. I spread her legs for a more detailed look. I stare at her bare pussy lips, her slit. My fingers separate her lips, showing me her delicate inner lips, the lower portion of her pink virgin vagina. I see her precious cherry, so thin and glistening. I kiss her cunny lips, plunge my tongue into her hole, lick her cherry. She groans in her sleep. I slurped her pussy and coaxed her clitoral but out of the hood. She shivered and moaned her juice stayed flowing copiously.

I get up, kneel over her, rub my cock head against her cunny as my hand massages her pink nipples. I stroke my cock, its head against her opening, until I cum again, some of my sperm spurting into her body, the rest soaking her cunt. I use my jockeys to wipe my spilled cum off. I sit back to look at her semi nude little body. Cute Eileen, my young niece.

I cautiously roll her over, her soft rounded butt before me. I caress it, spread her cheeks to see her puckered brown asshole. I bend to kiss and lick it, she moaning in her sleep again. I kiss her sweet cheeks, lick her cleft. She stirs. I stop until she's deep in sleep again.

I turn her over again, spread her legs wide. I sit and just look at her pouty cunny lips for a good five minutes, then bend down to kiss them again, touching her large girl nipples. I have to stop before I lose control and fuck her. I pull her panties back up, her shirt down, cover her and tuck her in. In bed I jack off, dreaming of her.

The next morning she wakes me jumping into my bed. We cuddle together, her leg over mine. I caress her back over her shirt as we talk. She suddenly lifts up, removes her shirt. She lowers her chest to me. "Kiss me there," she says, pointing at her nipple, "like you did last night."

"Wha... what?" I stammer.

"You thought I was asleep, but I wasn't. I liked it when you licked my pussy. Will you do that again? Please?"

"Unh, Eileen..."

"Please?" she repeats, kneeling and removing her panties. She kneels with her legs spread. "It felt so good."

"Ohhhhh God Eileen," I moan, reaching my hand between her slender legs to touch her cunny again. My fingertip slips between her lips, finds her soft clit. "you feel so nice," I tell her. "Ummmmm..." she moans as I fondle her.

I help her move over to straddle me, look up into her open cunt. I lick her cherry again, then her clit. Her teen pussy juices flow into my mouth as I suck at her sex. I grasp her soft ass, licking her cunny as she moves above me, holding onto the headboard, pressing her cunt to my mouth. I feel her thighs tense as she bellows, her body shuddering as she cums. I lap up her pussy juice, so warm and sweet as she sits on my mouth.

I lead her down beside me, lick and nurse at her hard nipples. My hand massages her wet cunny as I suckle her, her nipples swelling in my mouth. I move her under me, my cock pressed to her cunt. "Oh honey..." I whimper, guiding my prick to her virgin hole. I dive into her, she screaming as I

bust her cherry. I fuck her slowly, her vagina sucking me in as she calms down, the sudden pain of her lost virginity gone. I kiss her, my tongue entwined with hers as my cock repeatedly pierces her body. "OOOOOHHHHHMMMMM..." she screams, her climax running through her, her cunt squeezing my cock. Her hips are moving up to meet my thrusts. Her muscles milk my cock, my cum finally flowing into to her, against her cervix, wiggling into her uterus.

I picture her younger body developing, her breasts growing, her nipples getting even bigger, her cunt growing hair as I lie over her, kissing my new young lover passionately. She groans as my cock slips out of her cunny.


2022-11-26 16:38:26
Question: is she your daughter or niece?

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