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Summary: With prom over, the group gets back to the hotel for the real party, the orgy. The girls start by coming out in their sexy bra and panty sets provided by Mr. Michaels, before the action really gets started. The fucking goes on long into the night with the boys all submitting to be pegged before getting treated like kings to any sexual desire they want. Sarah controls all of the action and flexes more dominance over Natalie.
This is a 28 chapter long form story. If you are finding this for the first time, I would encourage you to go back and read from Chapter 1 to get the most enjoyment from the overall story. Enjoy!

As the prom started to wind down and people started to filter out, Sarah rounded up her group and they went out to find their limo waiting for them. Getting plenty of comments from others while they got in, they acted like the rock stars they felt like. Once back in the limo, Sarah handed out more drinks. For the boys, with each drink she handed them, she popped a small blue pill into their mouths and kissed them after they swallowed. Mr. Michaels had given her Viagra for the boys to make sure they would be able to go all night.

Jenny passed around a vape with a THC cartridge to let everyone get a little high on the way back to the hotel. Despite warning everyone to walk in quietly to attract as little attention as possible, the weed and alcohol made everyone a little louder than they should have been. The group got a couple of looks from the manager, but they got into the elevator and up to the room without any real incident.

After Sarah opened the door to let her friends in, they all went silent as they looked around with utter astonishment. The room and all of the adornments left no question as to the activities to come. Sarah handed out another round of drinks while everyone else looked around, picking up the random toys to examine, and testing the softness of the mat.

“Ok, everyone sit down. I want to go over the rules for the night before we get started.” Settling down on the couches and chairs, they looked at Sarah expectantly, making the butterflies in her stomach flutter around as she took center stage. Realizing she was performing as much for Mr. Michaels as the group in front of her, surprisingly calmed her. “So you can see we are all set up for what will be a unique experience. I’m sure one that none of us will ever forget. There are no relationships tonight. No jealousy allowed. No exclusivity. We are all here for every other person.” She waited until she got confirming nods.

“And this is safe sex only. Condoms required for any entry. No exceptions. I want to hear all of the boys say out loud that they understand.” She waited for each boy to agree to her condition. “Ok good.”

Sarah walked over to the counter and retrieved one of the cameras. “Throughout the night, Jenny and I will be taking videos of the action. This is to protect all of us. The videos will never be seen as long as nobody ever talks about this night. Tonight is only for this group. The videos are only insurance to make sure you stay quiet. If you talk, if you share with anyone and we find out, then you will have to deal with being exposed for your part. And I promise, it will embarrass you and not the rest of us. Understood?”

Again, she waited for everyone to say they understood. “But I already know this group knows how to keep quiet, right Conner? Jimmie? Terrance? This isn’t our first special party, is it?” She chuckled. “Nothing is off limits tonight, except no anal sex for Natalie. The rest of us are open for business. That is, as long as you all do as you promised to do and let one of us peg you first. That was the agreement to get four willing sluts ready to do anything you ask. And it’s not like this will be new for all of you, right?” She looked from Conner to Jimmie. They reluctantly nodded, but Sarah had figured that by seeing that the other two had already submitted would make Terrance and Joe more open to trying.

“Ok. We all understand each other. And I plan to make everyone in the room cum tonight. So let’s get this party really going. The girls will go get ready and give you boys a little show to get us started. Then I have a special request.” Sarah took a deep breath. She couldn’t believe what she was about to say. “I’ve already told the girls. I have a special fantasy I want to experience tonight. It’s from one of my favorite pornos. I want to have all the boys give me a bukkake. I want you all to cum on my face at one time. I want to be covered in your cum.”

She waited for that to sink in. Conner recovered first and shook his head. “You really are the craziest slut I’ve ever met.” The boys all laughed and Sarah joined in.

“Yes I am. And you all are going to help me with this. The girls have agreed to help blow you until you get close, then I want you to all jerk off on my face at the same time. Or at least as close to the same time as you can manage.” Joe looked a little unsure at first, but the other boy’s enthusiasm soon had him talking about wanting to bust his nut on her face.

Sarah took another deep breath, feeling the weight of nervous anticipation lift. “Okay. Girls let’s get these boys another drink and go get ready. I think they have earned a little treat, don’t you?” While the other girls got up and grabbed beers for them and drinks for themselves, Sarah put some music on the portable speakers that had been delivered with all of the other gear. Leaning down, she gave Conner a deep kiss. Then moved over to Terrance and kissed him. The other girls took the cue and also moved around from boy to boy, kissing them and rubbing their growing erections. After visiting each boy, Sarah headed to the bathroom followed closely by the other girls.

Sarah handed out the lingerie and the girls started to take off their dresses. In no hurry, they took their time having fun primping to get ready. Sarah, Jenny, and Ali all took turns prepping for anal sex in the separate toilet stall. As they finished the final touches, Sarah got them all to stand in front of the big mirror to admire how hot they all looked together, snapping a couple of quick selfies. Then Sarah took another minute to kiss each girl and thank her for helping her with her fantasy.

“Okay girls. Let’s go blow these boys minds. Make them feel just how lucky they are.” Sarah led the girls out into the room. The boys had taken off their tux coats and bow ties and loosened their shirts. They all hooted as the girls walked out. Sarah heard comments like ‘fucking hot’ and ‘holy shit’, even ‘look at those tits!’ as they lined up in front of the boys sitting on the couches.

“You like what you see? And we are ready to do anything you want. We want to make all of your fantasies come true tonight.” With that, Sarah grabbed Natalie and started kissing her. Not to be outdone, Jenny grabbed Ali and kissed her. Letting her hands roam and squeeze Natalie’s body, Sarah soon found her giant tits through the nearly non-existent top. Before long, Natalie broke out of her passive acceptance of the groping and started running her hands over Sarah’s body with the same fervor.

Sarah saw Natalie sneak a tentative glance at Joe, but the look of lust on his face proved neither girl had anything to worry about. Switching partners, the groping continued between the new couplings. Then Sarah moved over to Terrance to dance in front of him. The other girls each took up a position in front of a boy and swayed seductively to the music. Sarah switched places with Jenny, stuck a finger in Jimmie’s mouth getting it wet, and began rubbing her exposed nipple between the two thin ribbons covering her tit. She ground her hips just above his leg.

Using similar enticing moves, each girl teased the boy in front of them. They shifted again and Joe got a lap dance with Sarah rubbing her ass against the lump in his pants. On Conner’s turn, he got to bury his face between her tits before she held her lips inches from his. He tried to lean forward, but she held him back and licked her lips. Between the Viagra and the teasing, Sarah could see hard-ons tenting each boy’s pants.

Sarah took Jenny’s hand and led her a few feet back. Kissing down her body, she slowly lowered her thong until Jenny could step out of it. She ran her tongue up Jenny’s pussy, receiving a small squeal of excitement. Then the two pulled Ali over and they worked together to take off her bra before each sucking and biting a nipple. The three girls then pulled Natalie to the center and worked together to roll her stockings down and off before pulling the top off slowly, inching it up while catching the hem on the underside of her tits, lifting them up before letting them flop down in a boob drop. The underwear followed and Natalie became the first naked person in the room. Jenny went after her pussy while the other two each massaged and sucked on a breast.

The shedding of clothes and gentle teasing continued until all four girls laid naked on the mat in front of the boys. Kissing and licking each other’s pussies while they writhed against each other and sat on each other’s faces, all while looking at the boys and taunting them further. Sarah intentionally stopped short of making any girl climax and moved from one to another.

Fully aroused, she moved over to Jimmie, kneeled in front of him, and started undoing his shirt. Each girl moved to a boy at random and did the same. They stood the boys up and undid their belts and lowered their pants. She rubbed his hard cock through his underwear before pulling it down and letting his boner pop free. Once he had stepped free of his garments, she grabbed his dick with both hands. She kissed the head and licked across it making him groan while she took him into her warm inviting mouth.

She swirled the flat of her tongue on the underside of his shaft and gently massaged his balls. After a couple of minutes of play, she stood and stroked his dick while kissing him. She moved over and kneeled next to Natalie in front of Conner. Having been focused on bobbing her head on his prick, she didn’t notice Sarah immediately, but with a soft push to direct her, Sarah positioned Natalie on the other side of his cock and the two started sliding their mouths on either side of the shaft in unison, working from the base out to the tip several times.

Moving directly in front of Joe next, Sarah swallowed his cock deep into her mouth. Natalie watched the first several strokes before getting up and moving over to Terrance. The girls moved from one to another, getting each boy more and more excited, but careful to move before anyone got too far gone.

“Just teasing remember girls. Don’t let them cum too early,” she reminded them. By the time she had made another circuit and had Joe in front of her again, she told the girls to get them ready to pop. Looking into Joe’s eyes, she slowed her attack on his manhood worried that he would lose control. He continued to grind his hips while she sucked his balls and clenched under the head until she heard Jenny say, “Jimmie is ready for you Sarah.”

Ali followed a few seconds later, “I think Terrance is too, right honey?” Terrance groaned in response.

Sarah gave Joe three or four deep strokes before standing and leading him by the cock to the center of the mat. Kneeling down, she went back to jerking him with her hand. “Okay boys, come stand around me. Remember, right on my face and try to do it together.” The guys moved over to Sarah with two on either side of her. Sarah stroked Joe and Jimmie herself. Jenny came back with the camera and started recording. Moving behind Conner and Terrance, the other two girls reached from behind their boy to jerk their meat.

Conner started first exclaiming, “Fuck, I’m ready.” Grabbing his dick, he started jerking it himself letting out a long continual groan. Sarah leaned her head back and opened her mouth. Jimmie grunted and rubbed his dick hard and fast inches from his friend. Joe followed their lead. Sarah moved her hands to Jimmie and Joe’s balls to massage them while she waited for their milky deposit.

“I’m gonna cum,” Terrance stated loudly as his hand became a blur on his dick. Natalie reached between his legs and lightly cupped his balls.

Conner still released first with a huge load blowing out of his dick and all over Sarah’s upturned face. It fell from her scalp to her chin and continued to spurt out of his dick. Terrance being barely two seconds behind him moaned and threw his head back as his nut covered Sarah’s eyelid and dropped into her open mouth. Just as he started to finish, Joe released his pent up shot to mix with the cum of his football buddies all over Sarah’s nose and cheeks. Jimmie ended up cumming last, but probably with the biggest volume. Thick heavy spurts of jizz flowed out of his throbbing member coating Sarah’s other eye and landing heavily into her mouth and on her chin.

The feel of the hot loads from four different boys all over her face made her feel naughty and deviant. Completing her transformation as a slut to another level. While she kept her eyes closed to avoid making them sting, she swallowed everything that had collected in her mouth and ran her tongue over her lips collecting more.

Feeling someone kneel next to her on the right side, surprised to feel a tongue lick over her chin, she soon felt another tongue run up her cheek on the other side. Her arms moved until she found bodies and she put her arms around the girl on either side of her. Without having to look, she knew she had Jenny on her right and Ali on her left. She shouldn’t have been surprised to know her girls would come to her rescue to help clean her up.

Then she heard Natalie in front of her. “Here Sarah. I got a wet towel for you,” she whispered. The towel pressed into her outstretched hand. The other two pulled back to let her clean off the remainder from her face, but more importantly to wipe her eyes.

She laughed, “Perfect job boys! Perfect. I knew you could do it, but that was better than I hoped for,” she complimented. She finished wiping her eyes and kissed both of her friends again with a quick thank you under her breath.

Conner held the camera he had obviously taken from Jenny to finish the recording. “I’ll have to admit, that was fuckin’ hot. I’ve seen it online, but never thought I would part of something like that.” Telling the boys to sit back down, Sarah retrieved more beers for her studs with a big smile on her face. Conner took a sip and asked, “So when did you get the tattoos? The three of you.”

Looking at Jenny and Ali quickly, thinking deftly on her feet, she responded, “Earlier this week. We did it together. We thought it would be fun to do before we all left for college.” She stood in front of him and gave him a closer look. “You like it?”

“Yeah, it’s really cute. And I like where you put it. Sexy.” He nodded and took another big gulp of his beer.

Sarah went over to the counter and got one of the strap-ons, making a show of putting it on inserting one end into her vagina. “Let’s give you boys a little break. You watch while we get a little more excited for you.” With that, she grabbed Natalie’s arm and pulled her to the center of the mat. She ordered the newbie to get on her hands and knees.

Indicating for Ali to lay down in front of Natalie, she did so and pulled Natalie’s head down into her pussy while Sarah started to fuck her from behind. Jenny got down on Natalie’s side and reached under to squeeze and play with her tits and pinch her nipples. Sarah forced the dildo fully into her submissive recipient and started fucking harder, grabbing her hips and grinding against her.

“I’m gonna make this slut cum for you boys. Joe, have you ever seen girls fuck with a strap-on before?”

“No, definitely not!” he exclaimed enthusiastically with a smirk.

“Pretty awesome, huh?!” she asked while thrusting extra hard into Natalie, giving her a swat on her plump behind. Ali moaned at Natalie’s tongue dancing over her clit.

“Oh fuck yeah! Really fucking awesome!”

“Well don’t worry sweetheart, you’ll get your chance to get fucked by a girl with a strap-on too.” She replied. Joe’s big smile faltered. “But you have to wait your turn. Conner wants to be my little slut first, right Conner? You want me to fuck you in the ass again, don’t you baby?”

Conner also lost his smile. He took a big sip of his beer before letting out a terse, “Yes.”

“Go sit on Ali’s face Jenny. I want to watch you cum on her face while I make this one cum on this cock.” Letting go of Natalie’s giant fun bags, she moved quickly to straddle Ali’s face. Ali spread Jenny’s pussy lips wide and attacked her bald pussy with zeal. Sarah felt totally comfortable in the role of orchestrating all of the action. She picked up her tempo of fucking Natalie’s yielding vagina and gave her another harder slap on the ass. “I want to hear you say it Conner. Tell me you want me to fuck your ass with the strap-on. Tell me you want to be my little slut boy.”

Conner had a look of distaste. “Come on Sarah. What the fuck?”

“You want to fuck my ass, don’t you? Do anything you want with all four of us all night long? You know if you do this for me Conner, I’ll do anything you tell me to do. You want a willing sexual slave, don’t you? Or you could leave. Your choice.”

Conner stared at her for a long minute. “I want you to fuck me in the ass. I want to be…your slut.”

Sarah smiled. “Now you Joe, let me hear you say it.”

Joe shifted in his chair and rolled his eyes. But he knew as much as everyone else that his fate had been sealed the moment he walked in the room. “I want to be your slut and have you fuck me in the ass.”

“Good boy. You know it will be worth it.” She turned her gaze to Terrance. “Terrance?”

Terrance nodded his head after hearing the other two. “Sarah, I want you to fuck me in the ass and make me cum. I’ll be your slut.”

Jimmie didn’t wait, “You can fuck me in the ass too. I’ll be your slut.”

“Again Jimmie. You want to be my slut AGAIN. You know I’ve already fucked that tight butthole. But I want you to say ‘want’, not just that I can.” Sarah felt her pussy get even wetter exerting her control over the boys. She felt her own orgasm rising.

“I WANT you to fuck my ass Sarah. Again. Okay?” Jimmie responded without any enthusiasm.

Sarah stopped caring about the boys and ground her pussy hard into Natalie making the dildo rub her clit. She threw her head back and let out a long loud moan as her orgasm rocked her body. Barely loosing her rhythm, she went back into pounding as hard as she could into Natalie until she finally felt the girl shudder from her own climax. Spanking Natalie’s ass as soon as she finished, she chastised the girl for not getting Ali off yet. Natalie refocused her attention on the pussy in front of her and soon brought Ali to a release.

“Your turn Jenny. Look right into my eyes and cum for me sweetie. I want you to cum right now.” Jenny stared at her friend. Whether brought on by the tongue on her clit or Sarah’s strong gaze waiting expectantly, Jenny ground her pussy back and forth over Ali’s mouth and let out a wail as she let her orgasm go.

Sarah got up and went over to Conner. She got down between his legs. “I’ll be your willing whore Conner. I’ll do anything you tell me to do. All night long until you can’t fuck anymore and I’m still begging for it.” She looked at the others. “Those girls need some dick boys. Why don’t you go show them how good you are while I focus on my man here.”

The others got up off the couch and moved over to the mat. Conner just looked at her and shook his head. “Craziest bitch I’ve ever seen. But damn do you get me hard.” With that, Sarah took him into her mouth and licked up and down his hard shaft. She toyed and worked his dick getting it extra wet. Moving down, she sucked each of his balls while stroking his cock with her hand before taking him back into her mouth and making him groan.

Before he got past the point of no return, she stood and told him to follow her, leading him past the others toward the bedroom. Ali had Terrance’s cock in her mouth while Joe fucked her from behind on her hands and knees with Ali holding a vibrator on her clit with her free hand. Meanwhile, Jimmie laid on his back with Natalie in reverse cowgirl and Jenny straddling his face. All seemed well enthralled with their sexual activity as they passed them.

Once in the bedroom, Sarah pushed Conner to sit at the edge of the bed and resumed her blowjob. He laid back with his legs dangling over the edge. Sarah took long licks from the base of the shaft to the head and swirled around it before returning to his balls. Reaching under his knees, she pushed his legs up, waiting for him to help. She felt him tense, but he reluctantly pulled his legs up believing what to expect, only to receive a surprising shock. As he pulled his legs to his chest and lifted his ass off the bed, she drew her tongue down from his balls, over his taint, to circle his asshole. He grunted in disbelief, asking in alarm, “What are you doing?” She continued teasing his puckered entrance.

Sarah stopped long enough to reply, “I told you I would do anything for you. Including rimming your asshole. Now just relax and let me play.” She licked his asshole more intently and stroked his dick with her hand. Her tongue pressed in deeper to his renewed groans. Twitching at the new sensations of her tongue fucking his ass and her nose buried into his balls while her hand slipped over the head of his dick. Every time Sarah felt his pre-orgasmic clench, she gripped his cock head tightly and slowed until he regained control.

Deciding the time had arrived, she called to Jenny and asked for her help while she rolled a condom onto the strap-on. Jenny disengaged from Jimmie and came into the bedroom with a camera as requested. With lube from the bedside table, Sarah started to apply it to the dildo and then to Conner’s butthole. To his credit, he didn’t complain or fight it. Sarah grabbed his thighs and pulled him closer to the edge and rubbed the cock head against his backside. “Tell me again Conner.”

“I want to be your slut,” he replied as the dildo pressed into him. Sarah looked over to make sure Joe and Terrance could see the action. Jenny got several close ups of the dildo moving in and out of his ass, getting deeper with each thrust.

“Set the camera up and come help make this boy cum,” she instructed Jenny. With the camera set on a pillow pointed at them to capture the action, Jenny started sucking Conner’s cock from the other side to keep the camera angle clear. While Jenny started blowing Conner with all of her skill, Sarah thrust harder into him, burying the penis as deep as she could. Within a few minutes, Conner yelled as his cock started to spurt. Pulling her mouth off of him, she jerked his cock with fast motions making the cum spray all over his chest and stomach. Conner let forth torrent of white fluid, moaning with each quivering ejaculation.

Sarah waited a minute for him to calm down before slowly pulling out of him. “Go clean up and join the fun,” Sarah told Conner. As he left the room, Sarah asked Jenny while she disposed of the condom, “Do you want to do Joe, or should I?”

Jenny got a sinful smile and arched her eyebrows, “I’ll do it. It will be fun to break him in.” Sarah smiled while nodding and taking off the strap-on, handing it to Jenny. While she manuevered to get it on, Sarah went into the living room. She found Joe sitting on the couch watching Jimmie fuck Natalie in missionary with his face buried in her tits.

Going right over to him, she straddled his lap and started kissing him. Still hesitant at first, Joe soon warmed to her invading tongue and returned the kiss in earnest while groping her tits. His approach felt clumsy and he squeezed too hard, but Sarah didn’t correct him. Instead, she pulled back from the kiss, cupped her breast in her hand, and rubbed her nipple on his lips. “Bite it. Not too hard, but bite my nipple. Please Joe,” she added a hint of desperation at the end. He greedily complied and bit one and then the other while his hard penis rubbing against her pussy.

She stopped him and looked him the face. “Jenny wants you to join her. She wants to fuck that sexy ass of yours. And then I want you to come fuck me in the ass. I need it baby. Will you do that for me?” Sarah gave him her best pout and then kissed him again. Getting the nervous boy up off the couch, she gave him a light slap on the ass as he reluctantly left to join Jenny in the bedroom. Sarah interrupted Ali bouncing up and down on Terrance’s dick and told her to go help Jenny.

Taking Ali’s place with Terrance’s still slick dick soon lodged fully into her pussy, she started riding up and down his vertical pole. It felt good to have a real cock in her and he thrust his hips up to meet her every downstroke. Without slowing, she looked over to see Jenny and Ali getting Joe into position. Ali had the camera. Sarah couldn’t hear exactly what they said over the music and the noise of her own copulation, but had confidence that Jenny had it well in hand.

Conner came back out, still sporting a Viagra induced erection pointing straight out in front of him despite all of the previous activity. Sarah leaned forward ready to complete her promise, telling Conner to grab a condom and the lube. She focused on kissing Terrance and enjoying the intercourse while she felt fingers rub the cold lube on her rear entry. First one and then a second finger entered her butthole to her loud moans into Terrance’s mouth. Once warmed up, Conner got behind Sarah and she relaxed as much as possible to accept the second penis into her body. The momentary discomfort passed and soon both boys worked their dicks in a clumsy unison to fuck her. She felt full but still craved more.

“Jimmie, come over here and make me airtight. Natalie, honey, would you please go help Jenny with your boyfriend?” In a moment, he stood in front of her with his cock pointed right at her face. With the other two slowly thrusting into her, she took Jimmie into her mouth. Having three men fuck her at the same time made Sarah feel like a truly wanton whore. But it also made her feel empowered knowing that she commanded the scene.

Not wanting them to have to stay in the awkward position too long, Sarah stroked Jimmie’s dick as fast as her hand would move as she bobbed her head a few inches at a time. Jimmie groaned and his hips started grinding, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. She tugged on his balls while the other two penetrated her at a steady pace. Grabbing her head, his molten heat flooded Sarah’s mouth. She slurped and choaked down each stream that erupted from his penis. She gave the head of his dick one last lick to get the final drop before pushing him back so she could focus on her other subjects.

“Slid up here Terrance so I can blow you.” Terrance slid his cock out of her pussy and shimmied up the mat while Sarah dropped back to her hands and knees between his legs and pushed back against Conner. She ripped the rubber off of Terrance’s boner and threw it to the side. Conner repositioned as well and lined up better to start pounding Sarah’s ass.

Sarah tried to focus on Terrance’s dick, but the heavy pounding from behind made it difficult to do a good job. In her peripheral vision, she saw the others coming in from the bedroom. They stood in a semi-circle and watched as Conner grabbed her hips and sunk his dick into her tender ass as deep as he could and climaxed with a loud hoot. She felt his manhood throb in her bowels and knew he had filled his condom with more man cream.

With Conner taken care of, Sarah focused on teasing poor Terrance. She could tell by his whimper and tremble of his legs that he wanted his well-deserved release, but she continued to torment and hold him off. The boys had all gotten another beer and sat on the couch watching the action while the girls stood and watched their leader from the other side.

Sarah slowly stroked Terrance’s cock and looked over at the girls. “Natalie, do you want to pop his anal cherry?” Natalie looked shocked and nervous, but nodded with a small grin. “Get the strap-on and come over here. Ali, you suck his dick while she fucks him and he eats my pussy. Jenny, you get the camera. I want a nice close up.” Sarah reveled in how quickly everyone moved to follow her instructions. Terrance dropped his head back down to the mat and looked disappointed.

It only took a minute or two before the scene changed. Natalie had her condom clad strap-on ready to go. With Ali laid down on the floor, Terrance got on his hands and knees straddling her head. She reached up and took his throbbing hard-on into her mouth. Spreading her legs wide with her knees bent and pulled up toward her chest, Sarah laid down in front of Terrance. She grabbed his head and pulled it to her swollen pussy. While watching Natalie move into position behind him, still stroking a generous amount of lube on the thick fake penis, she guided his head, and more importantly his tongue, over her inflamed pussy lips.

With a nod from Natalie, Sarah pulled Terrance’s head up and made him face her. She gestured to Jenny and waited until she got down behind Sarah to get a close up of Terrance’s face with Natalie behind him. “Tell me Terrance. Tell me you want to be my slut and you want Natalie to fuck your ass. I want to hear it baby.”

Terrance swallowed and recited, “I want to be your slut Sarah. I want Natalie to fuck me. Fuck me in the ass. I want to be your bitch.” He grimaced and grunted as Natalie forced the giant cock head past his sphincter and into his virgin territory. Pulling him back to her pussy, she felt his tongue take long tentative strokes up her slit. He stopped several times trying to concentrate as Natalie and Ali both worked the boy’s lower half. It took less than five minutes before the dual assault achieved its goal and Terrance came hard into Ali’s willing mouth. Jenny captured the whole scene and even panned over the peanut gallery on the couch as they watched their friend submit while drinking their beers.

Spent, Terrance disentangled himself and joined the boys. Sarah told Natalie to get the strap-on with the bigger dildo to come fuck her and make her cum again. Running into the bedroom to obey, she came back with the pink dildo strap-on and started putting it on. While they waited, she told Conner get a pair of nipple clamps and a butt plug and enticingly put on the clamps and inserting a big butt plug in her ass.

Natalie got between her legs and rubbed the exaggerated head of the big pink dildo against Sarah’s puffy lips. At the same time, she dripped lube from Sarah’s clit down to the head of the dildo and up along the shaft. She slid the dildo up and down Sarah slit spreading the lube into every crevice. Offering the chain of the clamps to Natalie, she told her to pull on them while she forced the enormous cock into her.

Pulling timidly, Natalie pushed her hips forward getting the dildo to dig into Sarah’s vagina. Sarah moaned and told her to pull harder. Her hand went to Natalie’s hips unconsciously as the thick phallus stretched her insides. Sarah grunted when Natalie got the whole thing in her being bigger than any penis she had ever experienced. Moving in and out of her, she slowly picked up her rhythm while still pulling on the clamps and stretching Sarah’s nipples away from her chest.

Sarah groaned and rolled her head to the side with her eyes clenched enjoying the mixture of pain and pleasure. The giant dildo combined with the giant butt plug filled her completely, even more than the boys earlier. “Take the clamp off and suck my nipple,” Sarah begged. Natalie opened the clamp, surprised by Sarah’s yelp of pain, but dropped her head to Sarah’s breast and tenderly sucked on the abused flesh. The second clamp brought another deep groan from Sarah. When the pain subsided, Sarah grabbed Natalie’s ass and encouraged her friend to pump faster into her throbbing vagina.

Jenny got rid of the camera and sat on Sarah’s face while she ate Ali’s pussy as she laid down in front of Jenny. Wrapping her legs around Natalie, Sarah soon succumbed to her new friends frantic thrusting with a leg shaking orgasm. Even with the release filling her with waves of pleasure, she never slowed in her attack on Jenny’s clit. She lashed it with the tip of her tongue pressing the little nub hard. Sarah wrapped her arms around Jenny’s hips and refused to let her move her sensitive tidbit away against her friend’s struggles, making her moan into Ali’s pussy with her own orgasm. Sarah fondled Natalie’s tits marveling and how heavy they felt in her hands and heard Ali get off from Jenny’s skilled cunnilingus before they all disengaged again.

They boys clapped at the brilliant show, but Sarah wasn’t finished yet. She got Jenny to help her get the strap-on off of Natalie. The three girls laid Natalie down and took turns playing with, licking, biting, and kissing every part of the girl. Sarah finger fucked Natalie and sucked on her clit. Jenny retrieved one of the handheld vibrators and they took turns teasing her cunt. Ali kissed her and lightly pinched her nipples.

After the first orgasm, Natalie complained to deaf ears about her too sensitive clit and begged them to stop. Sarah and Ali each grabbed a leg and held them apart as well as Natalie’s hands firmly to the ground. Turning the vibrator up, Jenny continued to roll it over her pussy to Natalie’s whimpers and begging for them to stop. Jenny soon forced another orgasm out of their restrained victim.

After the second climax subsided, when Jenny refused to quit, Natalie thrashed and yelled for her to stop. Sarah and Ali fought to control her. “One more Natalie. Give us one more and we will let you go. Make it a big one.” Calming her thrashing, Natalie let out a long continuous moan. Her head rolled from her right to her left and back again and her hips ground against Jenny’s toy.

Being so sensitive, it didn’t take long before Natalie yelled out, “I’m cumming again. Fuuuuuckk! I’m cumming. Oh my god. Fuck!” Sarah waited for Natalie to start to come down from her orgasmic high and then shifted her body to sit on top of Natalie, pinning her upper arms against the mat. Jenny took the vibrator off only long enough to get into position to grab her right leg and Ali wrapped her legs around her left leg holding it open.

At Sarah’s instruction, Jenny again attacked the played out vagina, running the head of the vibrator up the slit to rest right under the clit. Natalie screamed again and tried to throw them off, but it she was helpless. “I can’t do it again. I can’t! Stop! Get off me. It’s too much. It hurts! You said one more!” Sarah let her friend protest until the heavy vibration made her stop.

Sarah grabbed Natalie’s face and squeezed hard enough to startle Natalie and get her attention. “It’s my cunt bitch!” She gave Natalie a little slap on cheek. “It cums whenever I say, understand? Now tell me you want to cum again for me.” Natalie looked blankly at her until Sarah grabbed her face and shook it. “Say it!”

“I want to cum for you Sarah. I will cum for you.” Submitting to her tormentors, she stopped fighting. Her pelvis humped and she moaned again in a long low tone. Sarah felt Natalie shudder and Natalie went back to rolling her head from side to side with her eyes clamped shut. Jenny had circled Natalie’s button for a while, but pressed it hard against the clit under the clit hood. Natalie’s moan gained in pitch and volume into a crescendo.

When Sarah knew the orgasm was imminent, she shook Natalie’s face again, “Open your eyes and look at me while you cum Natalie. Keep them right on me.” Sarah had leaned down and stared directly into Natalie’s eyes. She watched the young girl’s face scrunch and the eyelids get heavy. “Right at me slut. Keep them looking right at me.”

Natalie obeyed and screamed out that she was cumming for the fourth time. This time her body jerked hard with strong convulsions and her moan hitched. Still she managed to keep her eyes open, but Sarah watched the focus in her eyes leave as they rolled back into her head. The orgasm lasted a long time and Natalie continued to quake even after the girls released her.

It took a couple of minutes for her to recover and Sarah sat by her side running her fingers through Natalie’s hair. Ali and Jenny had gotten a drink and were already sitting in front of the boys, with each of them sucking one dick and giving a hand job on another. As Natalie sat up, she commented “Fuck that was intense! I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard.” Kissing her, Sarah let her tongue wander through Natalie’s mouth before sucking Natalie’s anxious tongue back into her own.

“Sorry if that seemed harsh. But sometimes the shock and fear makes it that much more intense,” Sarah explained still holding her friend to help her balance as they sat on the floor.

Natalie let out a big breath. “You aren’t kidding. You scared the shit out of me. I thought you were really angry. And when you slapped me, I…I…just couldn’t move.”

Sarah chuckled sinisterly before continuing sternly, “Don’t get me wrong Natalie. You are still my slut and you will do what I tell you to do. But if you make me happy, I’ll take care of you. Understood?”

Natalie’s bright face dropped, but she looked into Sarah’s eyes and replied, “I understand.”

“I understand Mistress.”

Natalie gulped and repeated, “I understand Mistress.”

Sarah smiled and kissed her again. “Good girl. Let’s get back to taking care of these boys. They get whatever they want tonight and we aren’t through yet.” Natalie moved to get up and Sarah took another second. She wondered to herself if she had just crossed another line. From submissive to true dominant. She loved the power it gave her.

Jimmie took his turn under Ali’s dildo violating his anus while volunteering to be a willing slut with Sarah and Natalie taking turns sucking and stoking his dick. They let him cum on himself while he grunted from the strain. Looking back in the living room, Sarah watched Jenny take her turn at being made airtight with Joe in her ass, Terrance in her pussy and Conner in her mouth.

As soon as Joe released in her ass, she pulled him out, angled up over Terrance and lowered her ass back down onto his pole. He thrust up in her while she jerked Conner’s cock. Conner blew first, shooting his baby batter all over her tits. Not long after, Terrance gave one last big thrust up and held his hips off the floor while he nutted.


Everyone needed a little break, so Sarah called down to room service and ordered a bunch of greasy food, including some French fries, chicken wings, cheesy nachos and a couple of pizzas. When the food came, Sarah answered the door with a robe loosely hanging from her, completely open in the front. The waiter bringing the cart looked like his eyes would explode from his head when he saw the mostly naked teenager standing in front of him. Sarah took her time signing the check and thanking him, but didn’t try to cover herself, making her feel reckless and dangerous. She liked being naughty.

Rolling the cart into the living room, she saw Joe and Conner had Jenny in another spit roast while Natalie bounced on Jimmie’s dick facing out with her feet on the floor while he sat back on the couch. Meanwhile, Terrance had Ali bent over the arm of the couch pounding her ass from behind making a loud slapping noise each time his pelvis slapped up against her butt.

“All right you degenerates. Let’s take a minute to eat.” Sarah picked up a nacho and let a big glob of cheese roll off the chip and onto her right tit. Joe came to her rescue first and sucked it off her breast before lingering on her nipple playing with it. Food got spread and eaten off several of the group in creative ways as they all devoured the snacks. They also downed more drinks and passed around the vape again.

Looking around the room while nibbling on a slice of pizza, Sarah realized how relaxed she felt with her friends. The sex continued long into the night. She lost count of the number of orgasms she gave and received, but she pushed past the soreness and the strained muscles determined to make sure everyone felt drained. Each boy got a turn getting a blowjob from three girls at the same time as promised. And nipple clamps got used on more than just nipples.

The different combinations of sexual positions explored throughout the night boggled her mind. But Sarah made sure she shared herself as equally as she could with every person present. She never said no to any request from one of the boys and even said “Yessir” and “Thank you Sir” to emphasize their control. She sucked more dick and ate more pussy than she thought possible. And she, Jenny and Ali each gave full unrestricted access to their assholes with Sarah remembering all four boys getting at least one turn at hers for sure. But by 4am, even the Viagra couldn’t keep the dicks hard and all of Sarah’s orifices felt tender and well used.

She fell asleep in between Terrance and Natalie on one side of the bed with Ali and Joe on the other side. Jenny fell asleep between Conner and Jimmie on the couch in a weird threesome of entwined limbs.


Waking first, Sarah and Jenny surveyed the room. Condom wrappers littered the floor and tables. Toys and lube lay discarded from their last use. The smell of sex permeated the air.

“That was crazy last night,” Jenny said shaking her head.

Sarah could only agree. “Quite a way to end high school.” She laughed, “Best prom ever, right?”

Jenny hugged her. “Friends to the end.” Holding each other for a couple of minutes, Jenny eventually asked, “Should we wake the others?”

Sarah furrowed her brow considering and then smiled. “I have an idea.” She and Jenny woke the other girls and Sarah told them her plan. Each girl got in front of a boy and then in unison they each took a penis in their mouth and started sucking, waking the boys with a blow job. The plan included making the surprise fellatio a race to see who could get their boy off first.

Sarah had Jimmie and startled him awake. Working frantically to wake his limp solder until he acclimated, he soon got into it and rolled onto his back, putting a hand behind his head to enjoy the action. While she used one hand on his shaft and the other on his balls, Jimmie ground his hips and groaned encouragingly, but still clearly appeared drained from the previous night’s activities.

He edged increasing closer, but Sarah heard Terrance grunt and Jenny called out victory a full minute before Jimmie filled her mouth with a fresh load of teenage morning jizz. After gulping it down, she discovered she had actually come in third with Natalie and Conner claiming second place. Sarah did note that Conner’s cum covered his stomach and knew that Natalie hadn’t swallowed. Ali finished Joe off shortly after Sarah.

Giggling, the girls left the boys dumbfounded as they ran off the bathroom. They all went into the shower together and turned the water up warm and took turns lathering soap all over each other while the boys watched from the door. Grabbing the wand sprayer, Sarah rinsed Jenny before focusing the spray on Jenny’s pussy. Jenny protested, but Sarah told her that she won the contest, so she deserved some special treatment.

Sarah stood behind Jenny reaching around to hold the wand in place. The other girls joined in taking turns kissing Jenny and sucking on her tits. It didn’t take long before Jenny lay back against Sarah for support and announced her first climax of the new day.

Seeing the boys leering as they played, Sarah got a new idea to continue the fun and games knowing the horny teenagers hadn’t gotten enough yet. While the girls dried off, she told the male counterparts to wait in the other room and to each pick a number from one and four and to write it down on a piece of paper. Before joining the boys in the living room, Sarah had each girl also pick a number. The obvious plan to pair off at random.

The girls walked out to see the boys standing in line each holding up a number. Terramce had Sarah’s number. Ali with Joe and Jenny with Jimmie left Conner for Natalie. Each girl stood in front of their pick and each leaned in to kiss their boy.

“Let’s work up a little appetite and then order some breakfast!” Sarah announced. Getting one of the cameras, Sarah set it up on a tripod in front of the mat. Once in place, Sarah saw the expectant look on every teenage face as the pack looked to their leader for direction. Unable to contain her big smile at how willing everyone seemed to defer to her direction, Sarah soaked it in for a few seconds before continuing, “Okay, so here’s the plan for the next little game. We’ll get the boys ready and then the girls will drop down into doggie. They get behind and start doing us. Each girl gets to call a switch once and then the boys move to the right like musical chairs. Musical pussies I guess is more accurate.” Everyone chuckled. “If a boy pops, he moves off to the couch to watch. Last girl with a cock wins. Oh, and everyone has to announce an orgasm to the group. Sound good?”

Seeing nods and smiles, Sarah moved over to Terrance to start kissing him while stroking his cock. Ali moved next to give Joe a quick kiss before dropping to her knees and taking his semi-hard erection into her mouth. With Jimmie already sporting pretty good wood, Jenny spit in her hand to rub it over his shaft. And Natalie grabbed Conner’s hands to place them on her tits while she aggressively stuck her tongue in his mouth.

With the boys soon ready and condom wrapped by their respective partner, the girls got down in front of the camera on their hands and knees, lined up in order of their number with Ali on the left next to Jenny and then Sarah with Natalie on the right. Each had a vibrator at hand for extra stimulation. After lube got passed around, the boys were soon buried into their smiling sluts.

“Fuck I am so sore but this feels soooo good,” Sarah exclaimed amid the moans from her compatriots. She turned on her vibrator on low and started rubbing it around her clit. “Jenny what was your favorite part last night?”

Before she answered, Jenny turned on her own vibrator. “Uhhh. Oh my god. I loved it all. Mmmm, Jimmie your so deep. Go a little faster. I think I liked having all my holes filled at the same time. It just felt so fucking dirty. Mmm, yeah that’s right Jimmie just like that.”

“Ali, how many times do you think you …OH MY GOD, I’m gonna cuuuummm…Fuck I’m cumming!! Oh my god!” Feeling her body shake, Sarah gasped and thrust her body back in sync with her partner. When it finally passed, she started again a little breathless, “How many times do you think you came last night, Ali?”

Just hearing Sarah, Ali succumbed next calling out an orgasm loudly. After she calmed down, she answered, “I don’t even know. So many. Jimmie got me over the couch and I think he made me come like five times before he finished. It went on for so long. Oh fuck, I’m cumming again!” Still groaning from her climax, clearly needing a break, Ali called out, “Switch”.

The boys pulled out and shifted over with Conner having to move around the group to get to Ali before resuming. Keeping up the banter, Sarah asked next, “Joe, how did you like fucking Ali? Pretty sweet little body on her right?”

Before he could answer, Jimmie grunted and half pushed Sarah to the mat. “Fuck baby, I’m cumming!!” Taking several more deep thrusts, he withdrew giving her a firm slap on the ass before moving back to the couch letting out a satisfied, “Whew! That is a sweet piece of ass. You are pretty lucky Conner.”

“I think we are all lucky,” Sarah snickered, getting back up on knees and running the vibrator up and down her slit. “So how about it, Joe? How was Ali’s pussy?”

“You’re fucking crazy Sarah. But this has been the most amazing night. You’re all hot as fuck and Ali’s pussy felt so good. So does Jenny’s.” Sarah could hear him start to slam harder into Jenny and she came practically screaming. Ali came right after her for the third time right before Jenny called for a switch.

With the boys repositioned, Natalie got left without a partner. “Natalie, get that vibrator on your pussy right now. Just because you don’t have dick in you at the moment doesn’t mean you get to just sit there,” Sarah barked. Obeying quickly, Natalie turned hers on and pressed it between her legs, letting out a little moan. “That’s right, get those hips moving and tell me how wet your pussy is for me.”

Watching the junior’s body start to grind and seeing her tits sway got Sarah even hotter. “My pussy is dripping it is so wet,” Natalie responded.

“That’s a good girl. Did you like watching your boyfriend fuck me Nat?”

“Uh huh!” she eked out.

“Fucking look at me and answer me properly,” Sarah ordered tersely. Natalie visibly jumped from the unexpected admonishment and stopped moving. “I didn’t say stop. If you don’t cum for me in the next two minutes, I’m gonna go get a belt and spank your ass. Now answer me correctly!”

The vibrator went back in place and Natalie looked Sarah in the face with heavily lidded eyes. “Yes, I liked it.”

“That’s not how you answer me. Try again.”

A momentarily look of confusion turned quickly to understanding. “Oh. Aaaahh. Yes Mistress. Yes I liked watching my boyfriend fuck you.”

“That’s better slut. And did you like it when I ate your pussy? Tell me how much you liked it.”

“Yes Mistress. I liked it. I liked it a lot. You eat my pussy so good.” Sarah could tell by her breathing that Natalie had gotten close.

“When you cum, I want to hear you telling me that you are cumming for ME. Tell me you are MY little slut.”

“Yes Mistress. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh fuck. Ahhhh. I’m cumming for you Sarah. I’m cumming for you Mistress. I’m your little slut!”

As Sarah watched the young woman next to her shake through her intense climax, the power of controlling Natalie became its own aphrodisiac. As compared to her own submission to Mr. Michaels. The ability to dominate another person to do as you wished, against the freedom of relinquishing control to another. The yin and yang of sexual intercourse. Sarah’s understanding of Mr. Michaels need to control her, his draw to forcing someone to submit to his power, became more clear in her mind.

Natalie called for a switch and soon had Joe lined up behind her. Sarah instructed, “Fuck her hard Joe. Fuck her like a bitch.” Joe grabbed her hips and drove his ramrod fully home. He put one foot by her side and grabbed her shoulder and started driving into her with long strokes of his dick. Natalie called out another orgasm followed shortly by Joe himself. Falling to mat, Natalie gasped for breath and Joe gave her a spank on the ass before moving back to join Terrance in the peanut gallery.

Satisfied with her domination of the newbie, Sarah focused on her own growing waves of pleasure. With just she and Jenny left, they looked at each other and silently agreed to try to cum together. “I’m close babe. You’re gonna have to hurry,” she warned.

“I’m right there with you. Almost,” she responded. Both girls started moaning louder. But Conner beat them to it and dropped his load leaving Sarah unfinished.

With a wicked smile on her face, Sarah looked right at Jenny and yelled, “Switch.”

“NOO!!! That’s not fair you fucking bitch!” Jenny complained sarcastically. “You are such a cum whore Sarah!”

Laughing, Sarah responded, “Awww, come here you big baby. Put that snatch in front of me and I’ll get you off while he finishes in me.”

Laying down in front of Sarah with her legs spread wide, Sarah took long laps up her slit and toyed with her clit. Inserting two fingers, she soon gave Jenny the climax she got denied and Terrance plowed her to his own completion. The others all sat around the threesome watching the final sexual act of the orgy.

After a brief break to recover from the heavy morning exercise, Sarah got up and ordered a big meal of eggs, bacon, hash brown, pancakes and waffles and lots of fruit. While they waited for the order, she got everyone going to help clean up. Toys were cleaned and dried. Condom wrappers and beer bottles thrown away. The place started to look presentable by the time the food arrived. Unlike the previous room service order, Sarah answered the door with one of the big fluffy hotel robes tied tightly around herself.

They sat around the table and feasted on all the hearty breakfast while recounting and laughing about the night’s activities. Sarah sat on Conner’s lap and Ali on Jimmie’s since there were only six chairs. With everyone’s appetite sated, Sarah addressed the group, “Okay, it was an amazing night. Clearly, we all had fun. But let’s remember the rules. No talking about it. With anyone. This was just for this group. Anyone talking about it or trying to embarrass anyone here…” she paused for effect and looked from person to person, “ever…and I do mean ever…and you’ll have to deal with your own embarrassment.”

Pausing she turned to Joe. “Joe, there is no need for the rest of the football team to see what happened here last night, right?”

Joe blushed and visibly stiffened before vigorously shaking his head. “Noooo. Definitely not.”

Turning to Terrance, she asked, “Terrance, how about you?”

“No ma’am,” he agreed quickly shaking his head.

“But was it worth it? Worth getting pegged by your favorite sluts?” she asked unable to hind a hint of a smile.

“Oh yeah.” “Hell yeah,” they both said at the same time.

Satisfied, Sarah continued, “Okay. Good. As I promised, the videos will never been seen. UNLESS, you talk. Keep quiet and maybe we can even try something fun again in the future. But talk, and there will be fallout.” She again paused and looked around at the now sober faces. “Is that understood?” She waited until each person acknowledged and promised.

Softening her demeanor, Sarah took a deep breath before getting up and walking around the table kissing each person and thanking them for a great night. They got dressed in the extra regular clothes Sarah had dropped off the day before. Mr. Michaels had already told her not to worry about leaving everything else in place and that it would be picked up in the afternoon. The boys drove them back to Jenny’s house and they split up and went on their own ways.
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