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Preston's step-sister was kind of lazy and unmotivated, but she was attractive, with big natural tits, and she got pretty much anything she wanted from guys...this turned out to be true of his father, as well. Preston discovered his step-sister fucking his father and recorded it, then blackmailed his step-sister to fuck him whenever he wanted in exchange for not telling her mother.
Elizabeth had been Preston’s step-mother since he was about fifteen. When she married his father, Sam, the family grew by two, since she brought with her a younger daughter, Gina, who became Preston’s step-sister.

As far as Preston was concerned, the new step-family members were OK, but there were some obvious character flaws that caught his eye….Elizabeth was clearly an insecure gold-digger, and Gina – although very attractive – was a lazy, unmotivated pain in the ass.

The family dynamic was decent….kind of benign….and mostly tolerable. After high school, Preston went off to college, then found work as a financial advisor in a nearby town. He moved out of the family home and bought a house a few miles away, so he could stay close to his father and visit periodically.

Gina, on the other hand, remained unemployed after she graduated from high school. She was a year younger than Preston, and even in her mid-twenties, she lived with Sam and her mother, doing very little to find a job, and getting money from Sam whenever she needed it.

One day, about three years after Preston had moved into his own place, he left work early to swing by his father’s house and get some personal things from the attic. When he arrived, he was surprised to see his father’s car in the driveway, since he typically worked long hours at his law firm. Since he had his own key to the house, Preston always let himself in, then called out a greeting to whoever was home.

When he did that this time, he didn’t get a response. Preston really didn’t think about it much, he just headed upstairs so he could grab his stuff. As he walked down the hallway toward the attic access door, he heard moans and clapping sounds coming from Gina’s room. Curious, he tip-toed over to her bedroom door, which was partially ajar, and peeked inside.

Preston was blown away when he saw Gina, on her bed…on all fours…and his father slamming his cock in and out of her pussy from behind, doggystyle. Both of them had their eyes closed….Sam pounding away, his hips making the clapping noises Preston had heard from the hallway as they slapped into Gina’s ass cheeks over and over….and Gina, moaning into a pillow as she shoved her ass back against every one of Sam’s forward thrusts.

Recognizing the opportunity, Preston pulled out his phone and set it to record, watching in amazement as Sam fucked the shit out of his step-daughter.

Despite his general indifference to his step-sister, Preston had always acknowledged that Gina was a very attractive woman, with a tight, athletic body and huge, natural tits. He always thought that this was the main reason she was so immature and unmotivated….guys treated her like a goddess, and gave her just about anything she wanted in return for a shot at those amazing tits and firm ass. As his cell phone continued to record, Preston smiled and thought to himself that this apparently applied to his father, as well.

As Preston watched….and recorded….his father suddenly rammed his hips forward, causing Gina to let out a grunt as her heavy breasts swung forward, slapping into her chin, and Sam blasted a load of cum deep inside her cunt. Sam pulled his cock almost completely out, then slammed his hips forward again, prompting another grunt from Gina, as he spewed more cum deep inside her pussy. He did this several more times, evoking more grunts from Gina with every thrust, until his nut sack was finally empty.

Preston figured he had enough recorded, so he silently returned downstairs to the front door, then opened and closed it more loudly, hollering through the house that he was there, and where was everyone?

He went into the family room, just as his father came down the stairs, saying, “Hey, Preston….what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?”

Preston laughed and said, “I left early so I could swing by and grab some of my stuff from the attic.…but what about you? Don’t you usually work later than this?”

Sam looked uncomfortable as he tried to answer, but came up with, “Yeah….but today was a little slow, so, I took the afternoon off. I’m actually headed back there now.”

Just as Sam slapped Preston on the shoulder and headed out the door, Gina came downstairs, tucking her shirt into her denim shorts, and said, “Oh, hey, Preston. What brings you by?”

Preston noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra….which was pretty typical for her….and that her boobs were swaying back and forth under her t-shirt, with her nipples making obvious bumps in her shirt…apparently still stiff from her recent bedroom activities.

He smiled at her and said, “Just stopped by to get some stuff from the attic.” He glanced at his father closing the door behind him as he headed out to his car, and added, “Why don’t you come up and give me a hand….I could use a little help.”

“Really? You want my help in the attic?” Gina said, then shrugged and added, “Okay….I guess.”

Preston pulled the attic chain down, unfolded the ladder and he stepped up into the attic, followed by Gina. Once in the attic, he found the stuff he needed and moved it over toward the top of the ladder. Since he hadn’t really needed Gina’s help, she asked, “What the fuck, Preston….you didn’t need me up here for that.”

Preston pulled out his phone and said, “No, but I needed to show you this” as he clicked on the video and showed Gina what he’d recorded.

Gina looked at his phone in horror as she watched herself getting plowed from behind by her step-father. She grabbed the phone from Preston and pulled it away, but he said, “It doesn’t matter, Gina .…it’s already uploaded to the cloud.”

Then he stood up, unzipped his pants and pulled out his 9” dick, which was already semi-hard from watching the fuck session between Gina and his father, and in anticipation of what he was about to do.

“That’s right…I recorded you fucking my father….what do you think your mother would have to say about that?”

“Oh, my God, Preston….you can’t show this to my mother….she’ll kick me out of the house, for sure.” Gina whined.

Preston chuckled, grabbed the shaft of his prick and wagged the bulbous tip about three inches from Gina’s face, saying, “I know….you’d be out of here in a heartbeat….so, if you don’t want your mother to see this video, you better start sucking my cock.”

Gina frantically looked at the video, then at Preston’s growing penis, then back at the video, before letting out a heavy sigh, opening her mouth and sucking in the tip of his dick. Once she had the tip in her mouth, Preston grabbed the back of her head and started rocking his hips back and forth, pushing his cock against the back of her throat, over and over. Gina struggled to accommodate his massive erection, trying unsuccessfully to pull away and sometimes even gagging as he pounded his big, mushroom head and thick shaft as deep into her mouth as it would go.

Preston reached down and pulled her shirt up to her chin so he could squeeze and slap her jiggling boobs, watching them bounce around in front of her as her head bobbed back and forth on his rigid pole.

Gina’s eyes watered from the intrusion sliding in and out of her mouth, but she kept at it, using her hands to stroke Preston’s shaft and fondle his balls, hoping to encourage a quick climax.

Preston was enjoying the situation immensely, and even set up his phone on a nearby box, so Gina could watch the video of her step-father blasting a load of cum inside her twat, while her step-brother stood in front of her fucking her face like a vagina.

It didn’t take long before Preston started breathing faster and catching his breath. He grabbed his engorged prick in one hand, pulled it out of Gina’s mouth and said, “Keep your mouth open.”

Gina did as she was told, and Preston began jerking his cock with one hand, while he pinched one of her nipples with the other. Suddenly, he grunted, pumped his shaft even faster, and shot several streams of cum across Gina’s face and tits. Some of the jizzm landed in her mouth and on her tongue, but a lot of it splashed all over her face, dripping off her chin onto her wobbling breasts, and some even dripping off the tips of her nipples onto the attic floor between his legs.

“Uhnnnn…uhnnnn….Oh, my God…..aaahhhhhh….that’s so good….aaaahhhhh….holy shit, that was great…..aaaaahhhhh….”

Gina swallowed the cum that landed in her mouth, then stayed on her knees, with her eyes downcast, as Preston finished stroking his cock, spewing more spunk all over her face until his nut sack was finally empty.

Preston chuckled, grabbed her tee shirt off the floor and tossed it to her. “Here, you can wipe some of that off with this.”

As she knelt in the attic, wiping his cum off her face and tits, Preston stuffed his still hard cock back into his slacks and brought the boxes of stuff he came for down the attic stairs. When he was done, he called up to Gina to come on down, then watched as she descended the stairs….her naked boobs swaying back and forth in front of her, and her short denim jeans barely covering her ass as she climbed down the steps toward Preston.

When she got to the bottom steps, she turned to face Preston, whose gaze locked onto Gina’s wobbly tits. With a mischievous smile, Preston realized that he was still hard….he reached out and playfully slapped Gina’s wobbling tits to watch them swing back and forth between them, then unzipped his pants again, and pulled out his boner.

Grabbing a breast in each hand, he said, “Holy shit, Gina…I just can’t get enough of these.”

Preston released Gina’s boobs long enough to kick off his pants, and told Gina to get out of her denim shorts and lose the panties. Gina began to slowly remove her shorts…too slowly for Preston….so, once his pants were off and his rigid cock was swinging around in front of him, he grabbed Gina’s shorts and panties, yanked them off her, and tossed them into the pile with his discarded slacks. Then he told her to sit on the third step of the attic ladder and spread her legs.

Gina did as she was told, as Preston grabbed his stiff prick with one hand, and guided it into her pussy …which was still wet with his father’s ejaculate from just a little while earlier. With a maniacal grin on his face, he began hammering his cock in and out of Gina’s vagina with abandon, making Gina grunt from the force of his thrusts, and causing her to grab the railings on either side of the attic stairs to keep from falling off the step.

Preston pounded away between her legs, watching her heavy tits bounce around wildly, crashing into each other and making a clapping sound, much like the noise he’d earlier from the hallway.

He grabbed both of her nipples, using them to lift her breasts, then dropping them to watch them sway and jiggle. Preston continued shoving his cock in and out of Gina’s cunt until he felt a climax building between his legs. He grabbed both of her boobs, hard, then slammed his cock as far into her as it would go, before blasting a huge load of cum deep inside her cunt. He continued rocking his hips and sliding his hard dick in and out of Gina’s twat until his balls were finally empty.

Even after he was done cumming, Preston kept pumping is still erect penis in and out of Gina’s pussy, moaning his pleasure and reveling in his ebbing climax. After a few minutes, he stepped back from Gina’s cunt, pulling his softening dick out of her with a ‘plop’.

Staying between her legs, he put his hands on his hips as he caught his breath and said, “That was nice, Gina….now go ahead and clean me off.”

With sad eyes, Gina took a moment to look at Preston’s spent prick….the shaft remained long and thick, but was bending slightly as it softened, with remnants of his cum dripping from the head….then she leaned forward and sucked the tip into her mouth. She used her tongue and lips to clean off his glistening shaft, then pushed him away, leaving his cock dangling loosely between his legs.

Preston laughed as he put his pants back on, shoved his flaccid dick down one pant leg, and brought his stuff out to the car. He returned to the hallway….where Gina still stood with her eyes downcast and her naked boobs wobbling in front of her…. and closed up the attic stairs.

Preston playfully slapped Gina’s tits, again enjoying their lively bounce and swaying motion, then said, “This is just the beginning, Gina….I expect you to come over to my house any time I call and want a quick fuck.”

“What the fuck, Preston….I can’t do that!” she whined.

Preston chuckled and said, “Yes, you can, Gina….and this is not negotiable. If you give me a hard time, that video will be sent to your mother the same day. Are we clear?”

Gina knew she had no choice and, with a sigh of resignation, nodded her head in agreement.

The first call came the following day….Preston got home from work feeling horny and called Gina to come by, telling her “no bra, no panties”. When she arrived, he had her suck his cock in the foyer, before turning her to face the door so he could fuck her from behind while he fondled her big tits.

The calls continued about two, or three, times per week….usually whenever he didn’t have a date for the night. Sometimes he’d have her give him a blowjob while he ate dinner or watched a ball game, other times he’d fuck her on the couch, or bent over the counter in the kitchen.

Things went pretty smoothly for about eight months, until Gina’s mother came home from work early one day and discovered her husband fucking his step-daughter…..Gina was kicked out of the house that same day.

In a crazy twist of irony, she ended up at Preston’s front door, asking if she could stay with him, since she had no place else to go. Preston initially refused, but relented when she began to whimper, saying she’d do anything to have a place to stay while she figured things out.

“OK, Gina….here’s how it’s going to go….you can stay for one month while you look for work and find another place to stay. In return, I expect you to be completely naked when I’m at home, and to suck my cock and fuck me whenever I want. Those are the terms….it’s a simple yes or no.”

Gina smiled a sad smile and gratefully accepted his terms.

For the next month, Gina remained naked whenever Preston was home from work, and on weekends. Preston grabbed her boobs every time they were in the same room together, and most evenings Gina sucked his cock while he ate dinner or watched TV. Every day Gina would stroke or suck Preston’s morning wood in bed, and sometimes get fucked in the shower afterwards before he headed off to work.

To her credit, by the end of the month, Gina had surprised Preston…and herself…by getting two jobs – one as a dentist’s receptionist, and another as a hostess for a high-end steakhouse in town. Her beauty and physical attributes seemed to be paying dividends….in fact, she also found a basement apartment nearby, with a landlord who was willing to exchange weekly blowjobs for a lower rent and skipping the security deposit.

At the end of the month, Gina packed her car with what little stuff she had, and prepared to drive to her new place. As she left Preston’s house for the last time, she gave him a hug and thanked him for taking her in when her mother kicked her out.

“I know it was a weird situation, but you really came through, Pres. This past month gave me a chance to get my feet under me….so, thank you.” Then she reached between them and squeezed his prick through his pants and said, “Believe it or not, I think I’m gonna miss this. It was kind of shitty how you first started fucking me, but it’s actually a really nice cock….maybe we can still get together on occasion?”

Preston laughed and said, “Sure, Gina.” Then he grabbed both boobs through her shirt, squeezed gently, rubbed a thumb over both nipples, and said, “I’ll never get tired of getting my hands on these….I’ll give you a call.”


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She needed to be made to submit to her stepbrother much more, until she understood what subjugation means

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