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Hope you enjoy my story, P1 has lots of buildup which I encourage you to read to get the most from the story. P2 on the way!
Mike is a good friend of mine both at school and at church. He’s someone I’ve always looked up to, he is smart, kind, brave, and everyone likes him. He always does the right thing and is strong in his Christian beliefs. He has a lot of friends and a small group of us often spend time together because we go to the same school and church.

There’s Mike, James, Nicole, Katie and me. We are all 17 and about to enter our last year of school in London. James has been friends with Mike since forever. They both play football together and James is very sporty (unlike me!). He’s very shy and such a goodie-two-shoes - never in trouble. He’d probably get teased for being so timid if he wasn’t also so athletic and sporty. Nicole is mike’s girlfriend and they’ve been dating for about 2 years. For religious reasons they’ve agreed to not sleep together until they are married, which they plan on doing once they leave school. They are so sweet together and it’s obvious how much they adore each other. Nicole is incredibly smart and attractive - blonde, slim, very fit. Just perfect really. Like Mike. I have to admit I am often jealous! Katie has been friends with Nicole since forever too. Katie is not exactly the smartest cookie, she often doesn’t get jokes or does dumb things, but we still love her for it. She also gets away with it because she is very good looking, with long flowing brown hair, sky blue eyes and an athletic figure. I’ve always wondered if her and James would get together but it’s never quite happened because I think secretly he’s always liked Nicole, but he’s never admitted it and would be too loyal to Mike to ever do so. Both James and Katie are virgins too, sticking to their Christian beliefs to wait until marriage.

As for me, well I often feel like the runt of the group. I’m not sporty, or athletic, or particularly funny. I don’t think people like me in the same way as the others, I often feel like I am there to make up the numbers. I’ve never had a girlfriend and never know how to behave around girls. I’ve been addicted to watching porn for years but have no idea what sex is actually like, though I’m desperate to find out. I often feel such shame from my porn addiction - we are taught at church that it’s wrong but I can’t help it and as time passes I get more and more curious about darker or taboo themes like reluctance, rape, blackmail and force. I can’t tell anyone about it and deep down I feel like there’s a part of me that is just pure evil and I hate it.

One night, Mike texted our group to say his parents were away for the weekend and did we want to go over to hang out at his and watch a movie. Everyone replied yes and a few hours later we were all at his, chatting, eating snacks and trying to decide on a movie to watch. Mikes younger sister Ellie was also there with us. Mike and Ellie got on very well and Mike is always the protective older brother. I have to admit it, even though Ellie is only 15, I’ve always kind of fancied her. She looks incredibly cute and whilst she isn’t as stunning as Nicole and Katie, I sometimes wondered if id have more of a chance with her being a couple of years younger. She is very petite with surprisingly well sized boobs for her frame, possibly B cups. Suddenly, there was a loud bang at the door.

Mike goes to answer the door and to Mikes surprise, standing there is Harry, who used to be at school with us all but recently got kicked out because Mike reported him for selling drugs to other students. Harry was really scary, very tall, muscular, with a deep voice. He wasn’t the sort of person to mess with and I was not supportive of Mike reporting him, but Mike always has to do the right thing! Problem was, Harry was working for a local drug dealer who got angry that Harry had been caught so as punishment he had

Harry’s brother attacked and put in the hospital in a coma. Mike hadn’t realised what he'd gotten us into.

Harry is angry but calm. He stands and holds a gun up to Mike and tells him to move inside and then through to the room with the rest of us in. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they marched into the room and I saw the gun. I’d never seen an actual gun before and instantly I was terrified, feeling cold shiver over me and as I glanced around everyone was shocked and frozen. Harry looked angry, yet he stayed calm as he instructed us to get on our knees in a line and place our hands on our heads. My heart was racing. But strangely this didn’t feel like those hostage scenes in a movie where the gunman is nervous, unpredictable and shouting. Harry seemed clear headed, almost like this had been planned.

“You bunch of fucking idiots don’t know what you did, do you? Thanks to you reporting me, my brother is now lying in a coma to punish me!” Harry explained. “Now you’re going to suffer like I had to. I need to show that people who fuck with me don’t get away with it!”

The girls start to cry from fear and I can feel myself shaking uncontrollably scared as I look around and to Harry who looks almost unhinged.

“Harry I’m so sorry I never knew that would happen! Please you have to believe me. Don’t hurt us! Please! Mike looks panicked as he apologises to Harry again and again.

Harry seems to enjoy watching us all scared and crying.

“Shut the fuck up, now!” Harry shouts. “Listen to me, you’re going to pay for what you did and I’m going to enjoy every second of it. You’ve always been a bunch of do-gooders and it’s about time you had some reality slapped into you.” Harry looks over to Ellie, Mikes little sister, who is sobbing uncontrollably. “You. Look at me.” Ellie looks up. “Maybe I should put you in a coma to teach your brother a lesson!” Ellie sobs harder and Mike starts to desperately defend Ellie and begs Harry not to hurt her.

“Please no! I’ll do anything Harry! Ellie hasn’t done anything wrong, please don’t hurt her!” Mike begs.

Harry smiles, clearly enjoying the power he now has as his plan is playing out perfectly. He pauses deliberately before responding to Mike’s pleading.

“OK, I won’t hurt your sister if you tell your girlfriend to stand up and strip naked in front of everyone.” Harry pauses again, enjoying the reaction of disbelief and conflict from Mike and Nicole, as Mike looks over at Nicole silently begging her with his eyes to do what Harry said to save his sister being hurt. Nicole realises she doesn’t have a choice and is already on the verge of a panic attack from the trauma of Harry’s threats. But she’s still frozen from fear, unable to bring herself to taking her clothes off in front of other people for the first time in her life.

Harry, annoyed at the hesitation, steps forward and punches Ellie hard in the stomach causing her to groan and keel over winded. Mike starts shouting and the rest of us watch on helplessly. Nicole quickly gets to her feet, pleading with Harry.

“Please stop! I’ll do what you want” Nicole says reluctantly.

“Good girl Nicole” Harry smiles back. “And once you’re done be sure to put your hands back on your head so we can all get a good look at you.”

Reluctantly, Nicole starts to remove her clothes as we all watch her. I suddenly feel myself getting hard. Even though Nicole and Mike have been dating for a years, I can pretend I don’t find her incredibly attractive and have sometimes fantasised about her and imagined her naked. She’s one of the hottest girls in school!

I can tell Nicole is scared because her hands are shaking as she undresses, but it’s not long before she’s taking off her underwear and standing naked in front of us all, trying to best not to cry despite looking so embarrassed and scared. She slowly puts her hands on her head. She is absolutely stunning and despite my overwhelming fear, I am still really turned on by looking at her. We all just stare for a moment at her perfect naked body knowing that we are the first people to ever see her naked like this. Harry moves closer and roughly reaches up and grabs one of her tits, squeezing it hard and making her flinch and squeal. Instinctively Nicole pulls back and pushes Harry’s hand away, he glares back at her angrily.

“You shouldn’t have done that bitch” he says. Harry walks over to Ellie and hits her hard over the head with the handle of the gun, causing her to fall back unconscious and blood run out of the small cut on her head.

We all look over in shock and desperation and just before Mike jumps up in defence of his sister, Harry quickly points the gun at him and tells him not to move.

“You all better start behaving or else the next time I’m going to shoot someone.” Harry threatens. Harry walks back over to the naked, shivering Nicole and starts playing with her perfect C cup tits again. “Nicole am I the first guy to ever touch these beauties”, Harry asks, and Nicole nods shyly. “Damn!” He exclaims looking over at Harry, “you ain’t even touched her tits yet?! What a pussy. What the fuck have you done?” He asks in disbelief. Harry mutters quietly that they’ve only kissed, clearly feeling embarrassed at having to talk about it and trying not to look as his girlfriend is molested by another guy.

Harry laughs and calls Mike pathetic and then tells everyone else to strip as well, except Ellie who is still lying unconscious on the floor. This time with shorter hesitation because we know the consequences, we all stand and start to take off our clothes. I feel so embarrassed, no one has ever seen me naked before either and I still have an uncontrollable erection that hasn’t gone down since the moment Nicole started stripping. I also can’t help but glance over to Katie as she strips too, similarly having fancied her for a long time but never having had the courage to do anything about it. Her body is incredible, slim, athletic and so sexy.

To my disbelief as I look around the other two boys don’t have an erection! I feel so ashamed but I can’t hide mine. They are clearly both scared, angry and traumatised which is meaning they can’t get hard, so I now feel embarrassed that I have done and that everyone will see this has turned me on. I also can’t help comparing sizes, which ends up leaving me feeling a bit inferior. I am as hard as I’ve ever been, yet my cock is probably only just about pushing 5 inches. James looks a bit smaller but he’s still soft so will be much bigger than me when hard. Mike is impressively large, probably bigger than mine, and he’s not even hard yet either!

Thankfully Harry going over to play with Katie’s tits this time distracts people from noticing my erect small cock. Katie has incredible tits. Easily D cups if not slightly bigger. They hang so perfectly, firm yet bouncy and her pink nipples hardening nicely from the cold air. Nicole’s tits are incredible too but Katie’s are out of this world! Harry is similarly rough with Katie’s bigger tits, squeezing and pulling them and slapping them hard a few times too. Katie knows better than to resist after what happened when Nicole did so she just stands there and let’s him do what he wants.

Harry steps back to observe us all naked as we also each cautiously glance around to look at each other, all feeling very embarrassed and exposed.

“Hahaha are you hard already?” Harry starts to tease me for being hard and I want the ground to swallow me up as everyone looks at me disapprovingly, like some kind of traitor, and to my pure humiliation the girls both look at me with a look of disappointed disgust. I know I’m not exactly attractive or athletic but I feel so much shame now.

“OK girls, clearly the other boys need something else to help them get in the mood. Come over here and start putting on a show together for them.” Harry commands. I actually feel relieved when Harry takes the attention away from me again. Nicole and Katie both look so shocked and naively have no idea what to do. They move towards each other in front of us and start to awkwardly stroke each other’s arms and sides.

“No, try harder, I want to see you behaving like sluts. Kiss each other, grab her titties and bum, have some fun!” Harry orders them teasingly. Still a little awkwardly, the girls reluctantly do as they are told.

I can’t pretend I didn’t love watching. I knew it was wrong, I knew they weren’t enjoying it, I knew they were being forced and were terrified, but watching these two goddesses snogging and caressing each other was like straight out of a porn video and it was incredible. It was working too, the other boys were getting harder and I couldn’t help but look. James cock grew hard and must be about 6 inches long, which was impressive but it was Mike who I couldn’t stop looking at - his cock was getting hard and must have been almost 8 inches long! I felt like it was almost double my size and suddenly I felt so inferior. Even Harry seemed surprised. I saw the girls notice him too and both were trying to look at him whilst also kissing and touching each other.

“Good girls, you seem to be having a good effect! Have a look at how hard those horny boys are looking at you.” Harry teased. Both girls stared at us, but mostly at Mike, as the three of us stood there feeling so humiliated. This was the first time a girl had ever seen me naked and they didn’t seem interested at all. It was also the first time the girls had seen a real cock. I had a feeling the worst was yet to come.


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That was good but I'd love to see more. Has potential!

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