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Lilly knocked at the door of the fancy house. It was late evening, and there was nobody on the street. The house filled her with dread. She remembered well how they treated her. She was their entertainment. She was pretty sure that if it wasn't for the planned dog rape, the main attraction of the day could be her suffocation, or cutting of her throat. She imagined that these people saw worse things while stroking their cocks.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the doors opening.

--- "You?" --- said the butler --- "What are you doing here?"

--- "Good evening, sir." --- she said bowing low, and keeping her eyes low --- "I wanted to make an offer, sir."

--- "Offer? Are you making the offer, kid, or it's your pimps?"

--- "No, sir. I'm here alone. I want to offer a show to your masters. I want my masters to participate. It will be a surprise for them." --- she said, and he slapped her hard across the face.

--- "I find comparing me, a butler, having a family to care for, with you begin a whore sold by some common pimps, distasteful." --- he said. Lilly quickly understood he meant her choice of words, and that she said "masters".

--- "I'm very sorry, sir." --- she said bowing low again --- "I didn't mean any offence. You are a high ranking servant. You are a man in his own rights, and you choose to work for this noble family. They are lucky to have you. I am just a whore to be used. I don't serve, I am owned. I am made to obey. I am less then a slave. I am less then a dog. Please forgive me."

--- "It's good to see you understand your place in the world." --- he said smiling. --- "As for the show. My masters have sophisticated taste. They don't care for some common striptease. Even if it's performed by a minor."

--- "I assure you, sir. It will match your masters taste." --- she said --- "I will explain everything, as I need some help with the set up."

The butler looked at her with a keen eye.

--- "OK." --- he said.

--- "You agree? I didn't explain it yet."

--- "You will explain it another time. I agree on one condition."

--- "Thank you, sir. I will do anything."

--- "You will stay for the night. And entertain the dogs."

Lilly looked at him puzzled. This wasn't what she expected.

--- "Of course sir, but not today. I have to get back home."

--- "Then the deal is off."

--- "I will gladly entertain your dogs, sir. The whole day. Even tomorrow. But now I have to get back home."

--- "Goodbye." --- said the butler and turned around.

--- "No. Please, sir." --- she said, going on her knees --- "I'll stay. Of course I'll stay. If that is what you want, sir." --- she begged, and he stopped --- "I will just have to call my friend to cover for me."

--- "You have one minute." --- said the butler. --- "Meet me by the back gate." --- he went back inside and closed the door.

Lilly quickly sent a message to Amy to sort things out with her parents, and hoped for the best. She then went to the back gate.

The front of the house was further from the street, but it was still openly accessible, without a fence or a wall. Somewhere in the middle of the house a metal fence was cutting the whole property. The terrain behind the house was completely fenced off, and for what Lilly saw, it was really big.

It was hard to see anything, because just after the metal fence, there was high dense hedge. She came to the gate, and waited. She wasn't told to do it, but she knelt.

--- "I see you didn't back out." --- said the butler opening the gate. He was holding some things in his hands --- "Strip."

--- "Yes, sir." --- said Lilly and quickly took all her cloths off. It was quite a warm evening.

When she was naked, he straightened her, and looked at her naked body.

--- "Whore, to be used by men, and dogs." --- he said --- "That is fitting."

--- "Thank you, sir. That is who I am." --- she said in a humble voice.

He placed a nice long sleeved dress on her, with a nice cleavage. A Bavarian type of dress. He then took her hands and started to tie them behind he back. First he tied her wrists tight. Then he tied her elbows squeezing them together until they were touching. He then covered both of her palm with a small sack made out of leather.

Next he took two sleeves and placed them on her lower legs. They looked like some kind of leg protectors. They were sturdy, and could be fastened tight.

--- "You'll thank me for these later." --- he said.

Finally he placed socks on her bare feet, made out of a similar material.

--- "I think, you will need this." --- he said pulling something from a bag.

It looked a bit like a hokey mask. It was made out of wires, for protecting the face of the wearer. It had straps to hold it on her head.

Lilly swallowed. If she would really need it, it didn't sound good.

--- "Sir." --- she started to say.

--- "It's kind of late to back out."

--- "No, sir." --- she said --- "I just think that if I'm the entertainment for the dogs ..." --- she hesitated --- "I should not hide my face from them."

--- "I see. But these dogs can really mess you up."

--- "I understand. But I am below a dog, sir. I am here to serve them."

--- "OK. Have it your way." --- he said hiding the mask. --- "Come inside."

Lilly went inside of the mansion grounds, and the butler closed the gate behind her, carrying her backpack.

--- "Stand here." --- he said, pointing to a place in the grass field.

There was a big clearing, with some sparse trees and flowers. You could probably play football there. She stood there, waiting. When she heard a faint growling behind her, she got goosebumps. She turned around, and saw the butler holding four dogs on leashes. They all looked vicious, baring their teeth at her, and growling. She didn't exactly know what was she supposed to do.

--- "Run." --- said the butler.

She looked at him with a surprise. But did not understand the first time.

--- "Run." --- he repeated.

Then she knew. Her eyes filled with terror, and she turned immediately, and started running as fast as she could. She could hear the dogs start to bark behind her.

For a second she thought that she's fast, and it would not be so bad. And then she heard the butler shout "Attack.", and she turned her head. He released two of the dogs, and they started to run after her. They were fast. Very fast. She was no match for them.

She tried to run as fast as she could, but soon the dogs caught up with her, and snapped at her feet. After just a few steps avoiding their teeth, she stumbled and fell. Face forward.

She hit the ground hard, as she could not catch the fall with her hands. But that was nothing compared to the first bite on her leg. The dog's jaw closed on her ankle, with an iron grip. She could feel his teeth even through the protector. The other dog caught the shoulder of her dress, and ripped it sideways. She was terrified.

Just as she started to fight back, the grip on her ankle lessen, but the dog ripping her dress, quickly placed his huge jaws around her neck. In one simple gesture, squeezing her throat tightly with his sharp teeth, he showed her who was the master in this situation. She froze, afraid for her life. One wrong move, and the dog could rip out her air pipe.

The other dog sniffed her legs, and started to lick her tights. She didn't move a muscle. When he started to lick around her crotch she instinctively closed her legs. She immediately understood that was a mistake, as she felt the grip on her neck tighten. She spread her legs wide, lifting them a bit, making her dress come up. Giving the dog a full access he demanded.

But just as the licks of the dog became nice, she heard the butler call off the dogs. Lilly was exhausted, but knew that she should get back to her position at the start. Despite her bruises, she lifted herself from the ground, and walked back to her spot, without even being asked.

The same went with the other two dogs. This time they were more brutal, as they waited longer. She ended up with half of her dress ripped, and with scratches on her back. Again the dogs were called off, and she came back. The butler cut the bonds on her hands.

--- "You have a handkerchief in your pocket" --- said the butler --- "Apply some of your scent on it and then throw it here."

She complied. She stuffed it into her pussy. As she did that, she could feel that her pussy was dripping wet, and as she pulled the handkerchief out, it was covered in her slime. She threw the wet garment under the dogs noses.

The smell enraged them even more, and they started to bark. This made her tremble.

--- "Run." --- said the butler smiling. He was clearly enjoying it.

She ran. She quickly learned that the butler wasn't releasing the dogs quite so fast like the last time, and she had the time to run into the woods.

She ran through the woods, trying to cover her tracks. After some time she heard the barks somewhere behind her. Finally she decided to stay quiet in some hiding place.

As she crouched behind some rocks, she saw the dogs coming. All four were looking for her. They became disoriented at the spot where she crossed some puddles, but soon caught the scent again. After just a few minutes, she knew they were on to her, and they will find her hiding place in a second.

She started to run again. The dogs saw it, began to chase her fast. She jumped between the bushes, and then realized she could climb a tree. She hopped on a suitable tree, and started to scale it. But then she felt one of the dogs jump and bite her foot. She stumbled a bit, and her leg fell lower, another dog sunk his teeth in her ankle. She tried to pull it up, but the weight of the dog and the pain was too much. She hanged there for a second, with a dog dangling from her leg, and then another dog jumped and caught the rim of her dress. This made her stumble more, and she fell to the ground.

The dogs went furious on her. She covered her face with her hands, as the dogs started to bite her. The bites to her legs didn't go through the protectors, but the bites on her hands, and elbows went deep. Two of three bites landed on her small tits, and one of the dogs, bitten her crotch, probably realizing that it's the source of the scent they were looking for.

Before long she was laying on the ground curled up, praying to not be eaten alive by this pack of huge dogs.

--- "You made them horny, slut." --- said the butler, coming out of some bushes.

She opened her eyes, and looked around. The dogs were standing around her. Their teeth bared still, and growling at her. All of them had the tips of their hard cocks sticking out of their sheaths. She saw a similar thing when her dog was horny.

--- "I ..." --- she started to say, but didn't know what to.

--- "It's not very nice of you." --- he said --- "Teasing them like that."

--- "Sorry, sir. I didn't mean to."

--- "I think you did. I think you owe them something."

--- "Whatever they want, sir." --- she said --- "I'm here to serve them."

--- "Yes you are." --- he said, coming closer to her, and calling off the dogs.

The dogs sat around them, waiting obediently.

--- "Look what have you done with the dress" --- he said pulling at the material.

The dress was in shreds. It was ripped by the dogs teeth, and cut by the dog's claws. Under it you could clearly see scratches on her soft flesh.

--- "I am sorry, sir." --- she said looking at it --- "It was beautiful." --- she said truthfully --- "I hope I can someway repay for it."

--- "I'm sure you will." --- he said --- "Strip"

Just as she stripped naked and went on all fours again, he took what looked like a big metal hook out of a sack, and placed it under her mouth.

--- "Spit." --- he ordered.

Lilly looked at it and realized it wasn't a normal hook. It was very thick, and the end of it wasn't anyway sharp. It was the opposite it had a kind of a ball on the end.

--- "Spit" --- repeated the butler.

Lilly quickly understood the purpose of it, and spat on it, trying to get as much saliva on it as she could. She knew it would not do much good, as the butler didn't gave her the chance to distribute it.

He pulled out her butt plug in one sharp movement, and then placed the tip of the hook at her anus. She relaxed her muscles, as he pushed it in. It was much thicker then the butt plug. And it went deeper. The curve rested on her tailbone, and the handle was on the small of her back.

As she settled into her new intruder, the butler tied some traps to the end of the hook. He then gathered her hair, and tied them to the leather strap connected to the hook. Just as she thought what that was for, she felt the butler pull at one of the straps, tightening the thing, and pulling her head up.

After a few adjustments, her head was forced up by the hair, pulled painfully by a strap, connected to a metal pipe hook in her ass. It was a pretty humiliating and uncomfortable position. It was also hard for her to close her mouth.

She thought about it for a second and said:

--- "Sir. There are some things that you may find useful." --- she said --- "In my back pack." --- she motioned towards the bag he brought. --- "You can find my extracurricular things in the right pocket."

--- "OK. But no more talking from you." --- he said.

He went to her back pack, and emptied her side pocket. There were some sex toys there, hand cuffs, her collar, a leash and a ring gag.

He picked up the ring gag and the collar, with the dangling dog tags.

--- "Dog slut." --- he read the writing on the tag --- "I agree."

The placed the ring gag between her lips and fastened it behind her head. He then wrapped the collar around her neck, and attached a leash to it. He then tied the leash to a low bush, and stood over her.

She looked at him, and then at the dogs around her, knowing full well what will happen next.

The dogs didn't wait long, and started to fight over her. Soon they established their hierarchy, and the alpha male mounted her. She knew her orders well, and she spread her legs for him to have an easier access. She then reached her hand between her legs, and guided his dick into her pussy. When it hit the spot it went deep, and make her gasp. It was big.

The dog started to fuck her hard and fast. His body was constantly slamming against the hook, pushing it into her ass, which felt like she would be fucked in both of her holes at the same time. She knew that she was supposed to satisfy him the best she could, so she lowered her torso, and backed up on his dick, making him go even deeper.

Just as she did that, she realized the butler was still watching, and saw her lewd display.

--- "You are a real slut." --- he said, and her face burned with shame. --- "Have fun." --- said the butler, and walked off.

She was left tied by the leash for most of the night. Fucked repeatedly by the four dogs. Every time one of them had the knot in her, and turned sideways or back, she would allow her mouth to be fucked like she would have two asses.

When the butler came, she was laying on the ground, leaking cum from her pussy, exhausted. The dogs were asleep around her. He released her hair, which was a huge relief for her neck, took out the ring gag and fed her some water. Her jaw was so numb she spilled half of it. He then pulled the hook out of her ass.

--- "You can go now." --- he said.

--- "The night is not over, sir. And I promised a night." --- she said --- "I think I should stay with the dogs."

He smiled, and threw a blanked over her naked body and left. She fell asleep soon after.

When she woke up, the dogs were still asleep. She crawled to the alpha male, and started to rub his belly. After a while, as she rubber his sheath, a pink tip of his dick emerged. She started to suck it slowly still rubbing him. She know not to touch his balls, as dogs didn't like that.

Before long the dog was standing, and she was under his belly bobbing her head in his huge dick, while another dog was screwing her from behind.

The butler came just as she was pleasuring the last of the four dogs, and had to wait until his knot subsided. He then took her leash, and pulled her to the gate. He left her there, throwing her her backpack and her cloths. It was early morning, and it was starting to get light.

--- "We'll contact you." --- he said, closing the gate.
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