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Summary: Ali learns that Jenny is owned by Mr. Michaels as well and figures out that the girls have been his submissive pets a lot longer than she had suspected. The new trio services their Master with a series of games to test their devotion and control of their bodies. Ali is fully initiated in the role of submissive slut.
This is a 28 chapter long form story. If you are finding this for the first time, I would encourage you to go back and read from Chapter 1 to get the most enjoyment from the overall story. Enjoy!

Sarah found the Ali before class the next morning. “Two things. First, we have a waxing appointment on Saturday at 2:00pm. But the second part is some pretty good news. He also set up massages for us on Sunday AND he is setting it up as a weekly appointment. Through the summer.” Despite Sarah’s obvious excitement, Ali looked apprehensive.

“Waxing like you are waxed? Like all of the pussy hair?” She whispered the word pussy.

Sarah nodded. “Pussy and asshole. Full Brazilian.”

“Pussy and ASSHOLE?! Seriously?” she exclaimed, whispering as quietly as she could, but still very emphatically.

Sarah sighed. “I know, it hurts, but you get used to it.”

Ali looked like she wanted to cry. “Oh fuck. Fuck!” Looking desperately to Sarah, she said “I don’t know if I can do that. I don’t know if I WANT to do that!”

Grabbing her shoulders, she made Ali look at her. “Calm down. You will do it. You don’t have a choice. I’ve done it already so I know. It won’t kill you. Just relax.” She waited for Ali to calm down. “Once you get used to being hairless, it actually feels kind of freeing and it can be a lot more comfortable.”

“Are you sure? Maybe I can ask him if I can just trim it or something,” Ali asked tentatively.

Shaking her head sympathetically, Sarah replied, “He was very clear. Unless you want to make it worse, just accept it. If you ask, he will find another punishment for you. And you already have enough on your plate, don’t you? We are supposed to go over there tomorrow night. You are with Jimmie Friday night. You are still doing your…training. And you have an appointment on Sunday with Mr. Michaels after the massages. Do you really want to risk making him mad again?”

Hearing it all laid out, Sarah could see Ali’s head spin and panic set in. She looked like she might get sick to her stomach.

Sarah shook her. “Get a grip Ali! Getting waxed is the least of your worries. Let’s take this one day at a time. You will get through this. We both will. Now take a deep breath and relax!” Sarah didn’t mean for her voice to get angry, but she couldn’t take Ali’s whining. Especially since she had no idea how bad the punishments could get. But Sarah knew she would learn.

Calming herself, she started again more softly and encouragingly with a smile, “Hey, did you hear what I said? He is setting up a WEEKLY massage for us. This isn’t all bad news.”

The weak smile betrayed how badly shaken Ali remained. In response, Sarah hugged her and rubbed her back. “Let’s get to class. We can worry about all of this later. And tomorrow night will be fun. We will be together.” Sarah looked into Ali’s eyes trying to look supportive, but wondered internally to how Ali would react to finding Jenny there. Without a doubt, Mr. Michaels would have the girls fucking each other. Knowing Ali had only ever been with her, Sarah knew that Ali was in for another shock.

Relaying the news from Mr. Michaels to Jenny after math class, she also replayed the interaction with Ali. Jenny didn’t flinch at the waxing news, but smiled big at the news about the weekly massages. As a way to comfort Ali further, they decided to take Ali to brunch beforehand and even thought about making it a weekly ritual for the three of them.

The rest of the day and the next dragged on and Sarah couldn’t concentrate on anything but the thoughts of more hot sex at Mr. Michaels. Trying to conjure up what he had planned proved to be a fruitless endeavor. It could be anything.

As soon as school ended on Thursday, Sarah hurried home and dove into her homework, wanting everything done so she wouldn’t have any worries after her appointment with her Master. Still, her thoughts wandered constantly, making it hard to concentrate. Knowing the homework didn’t matter too much given she would graduate soon and her final grades weren’t very important didn’t help her focus level either. Eating a quick dinner, she told her parents she had to hurry to get to her babysitting job.

Once in the car, she stripped off the hoodie she had worn to throw off her parents, leaving her in just the thin loose fitting tank top and a pair of short shorts. Without any underwear, she felt mostly naked in the tiny outfit. After picked up Jenny, they rushed off for Mr. Michaels house, with Sarah having arranged to meet Ali at his house. Jenny quickly stripped off her cover garment as soon as Sarah made the first turn out of the neighborhood to Sarah’s whistle at the very tight outfit she had on underneath that highlighted her tits with her nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. “Nice look slut,” she teased to their combined giggles.

Sarah sighed in relief when she saw Ali’s car parked in front of the house. At least Ali wouldn’t be punished for being late. But she readied herself for Ali’s reaction to Jenny being involved. They parked and got out of the car and walked over to meet her.

“What are you doing here Jenny?” Ali asked with a confused look. Then the light bulb clearly went off. “Wait, are you in on this too?”

“Yes. He owns me as well. I am also his willing submissive,” Jenny responded.

Ali looked from Jenny to Sarah. Sarah couldn’t look her in the eye and shuffled uncomfortably. “So how long has this really been going on? Back to spring break? Longer?” Her tone got more accusatory.

Not wanting a repeat of the confrontation with Jenny, Sarah jumped in quickly. “Look. We can talk about this later. Right now we have to get inside. Or did you want to be punished for being late?! Ali? Jenny?” Without waiting for an answer, she walked toward the front door.

Jenny fell in immediately behind Sarah. Not moving right away, Ali soon realized that she was bringing up the rear and the prospect of being punished again for being late pushed her other concerns to the side. She moved quickly to catch up and fall in line behind Jenny.

Sarah opened the door and walked in. The others caught up with her and Ali shut the door behind them. As expected, Mr. Michaels waited for them in the den with a bourbon in hand. The girls lined up in front of him, with Sarah in the middle flanked by Ali on her left and Jenny on her right. Dropping into slave pose with their arms clasped behind them, legs open and chests out, Sarah and Jenny stared straight ahead waiting. Ali saw them and followed suit a few seconds later.

“My three sexy submissives. All in a line. Ready to serve me. What a beautiful site.” He took a long slow drink and let his eyes roam over them. “Who’s ready for some fun?”

“I am ready for fun sir,” Sarah stated, just a split second before Jenny responded with something similar.

Ali realized she hadn’t responded and chimed in, “I’m ready sir.”

Mr. Michaels turned to Ali. “Why the hesitation Ali. Not sure?” he questioned. “Step to the center. Sarah and Jenny, strip her.” Moving to the center of the three, Ali didn’t protest while Sarah and Jenny worked together to quickly get her clothes off. With only a low-cut top over a lacey bra, and a short skirt over sexy red lacey panties, it didn’t take long for the girls to get her naked, including taking off her high heels. Ali stood lower than the other two and became somewhat self-conscious of being the only naked person in the room. She didn’t cover herself, but she couldn’t help but cross her arms in front of her under her tits and cross her legs. The other two resumed their poses with their arms behind them.

Mr. Michaels stood and stared down at the newest addition to the trio. “Get your arms behind you and stand with your legs apart. You don’t get to be embarrassed by your nudity anymore. That is my body now and if you try to hide it again, I will make sure you don’t sit down for a week. Is that understood?!”

Jumping to comply, Ali trembled and her breath hitched as she drew in a frightened breath. Mr. Michaels walked around them, but the girls kept their heads facing forward. It felt like boot camp of a sort to Sarah.

He broke the silence, “I’d like to have a night without punishment.” He walked back in front of them and looked from one to another. “Do you think we can do that? Can you three sluts do what your told without me having to spank or punish you?”

“Yes sir” they answered in unison.

Mr. Michaels leaned forward and clutched Ali’s left breast while sucking on her nipple. His other hand dropped to her pussy and he slowly finger fucked her and rubbed her clit until Ali let out a moan.

Standing back up, he let her go and continued more soothingly, “That’s better. Now come over here and unzip my pants and take my cock out.” Ali moved forward and dropped to her knees, unzipping his fly and reaching into his pants. Carefully fishing his penis out of the tight confines of his underwear as she clumsily managed to pull them out of the way. She stroked his semi-hard member feeling it get harder in her hands.

Leaning forward to take it into her mouth, she stopped herself short to look up at him. “May I suck your…cock…Master? Please.” He nodded and she turned back to take him into her mouth. Working his cock with more urgency, she felt him get harder in her mouth until he grabbed her head and thrust more quickly between her lips, causing her to make gurgling noises.

“You’re learning pet. That was very good. Now I want you to stand and take off everyone’s clothes. Start with Jenny.”

Ali pulled her mouth off of him with a pop and stood up. Starting with Jenny’s clothes, she struggled to get the tight fitting top off over her head. Once Jenny stood naked as well, she moved onto Sarah and then finally Mr. Michaels. She folded everything neatly as she took off each garment. Everyone else waited and watched Ali, making her blush with complete embarrassment. Sarah barely covered a smile and giggle at Ali’s self-consciousness.

“Now kiss each girl and then kneel and lick their pussies,” he ordered. Ali went to Sarah first. She kissed Sarah passionately taking her time to play with her tongue and then slowly kneeled in front of Sarah’s pussy. She used both hands and spread Sarah’s pussy lips while Sarah spread her legs wider and pressed her pelvis forward. Taking hold of Ali’s head with both hands while Ali took long licks between Sarah’s labia, she ground her hips forward and rolled her head back enjoying the young sapphic endeavors. She moaned and pressed Ali’s nose between her delicate folds.

“Now Jenny,” he said stopping the action.

Ali stood and looked at Mr. Michaels with Sarah’s juices still shimmering on her face. She moved and stood in front of Jenny and leaned forward to kiss her. Jenny grabbed Ali’s head and licked the pussy juice off Ali’s face and then kissed her deeply, pushing her tongue to the back of Ali’s mouth. Being the first shared kiss with Jenny, Ali started slowly before returning the kiss in earnest. Jenny embraced Ali and they rubbed their hardened nipples against each other.

Jenny put her hands on Ali’s shoulders and pushed her down. Ali kissed all the way down Jenny’s torso before getting on her knees in front of her. Spreading Jenny’s pussy lips, she dove in with her tongue. Jenny cooed, “That’s it slut. Suck that pussy.” Jenny got into it and also ground her pussy up and down Ali’s face. “Suck my clit Ali. I want to feel your mouth.” Ali moved up and clamped her mouth over Jenny’s clit, sucking it into her mouth and lashing it with her tongue. Jenny spread her legs even farther. “Oh yes you sexy little dyke. Suck and nibble,” she ordered. Her grinding became more urgent.

“No cumming Jenny,” Mr. Michaels warned. Giving him a momentary frown, she continued to grind on Ali’s face and moaned more deeply, moving her pussy all over.

“Stick your tongue in me,” she begged while looking at Mr. Michaels. Ali had to stretch to get her tongue down to Jenny’s vaginal opening and awkwardly thrust her tongue into her. “Oh fuck yes. That feels so good.” Sarah feared Jenny might be getting herself in trouble. Between the grinding hips and the expression on Jenny’s face, she knew Jenny wanted to cum on the nubile submissive’s face.

“I think that is enough for now Jenny. Sarah, find some music you like to dance to on the stereo. Jenny, go make us all some drinks. I left stuff on the counter for strawberry daiquiris. I feel like something fruity and strong. Ali, you come here and entertain me while we wait.”

Sarah and Jenny moved off to take care of their tasks. Mr. Michaels laid Ali down on the ottoman and kneeled on the floor to eat her pussy. Finger fucking her slowly while playing with her clit. Sarah finished first and had a dance beat playing. Mr. Michaels stopped just long enough to tell Sarah to play with Ali’s tits and went back to eating her out. With drinks in hand, Jenny returned, setting them down out of the way. At Mr. Michaels direction, she joined in with Sarah in playing with Ali’s tits from the opposite side of her prone body. Each girl each took a breast and squeezed, licked, and sucked her nipples, kissing all over Ali’s chest and neck. Sarah even nibbled on her earlobe.

Having all three people’s full attention soon had Ali ready to explode. She begged to cum and Mr. Michaels granted permission. Ali moaned through a couple of orgasms before Mr. Michaels got up and kneeled on the ottoman just to the side of Ali. With her ass sitting at the edge of the ottoman, he put her feet flat on the floor with her legs spread wide. The girls kept up their teasing and playing, while Mr. Michaels reached down between Ali’s legs and inserted his middle two fingers into her pussy in a hook. He started to slowly pull his whole arm, bent at the elbow, up and down letting his middle fingers press up hard right behind her pelvic bone. He steadily increased the tempo and strength. Soon his arm moved like a piston, lifting Ali’s ass slightly off the ottoman with each upward thrust.

Sarah could hear the slap of his hand against Ali’s pussy and bit Ali’s nipple harder and squeezed her tit tighter. She sucked Ali’s stiff nipple deep into her mouth.

Ali started panting and let out a long steady groan punctuated with little yelps. Mr. Michaels hand jerked hard in her tender pussy and Sarah turned her eye enough to see lots of liquid cupped in his hand. Ali begged to cum again.

“Cum hard for me Ali. I want you to let yourself go.” With that he pulled his fingers from her pussy and rubbed just her clit furiously back and forth. Hearing Ali scream that she was cumming, Sarah watched as Ali squirted for the first time, gushing liquid onto the hardwood floors. Mr. Michaels had set the ottoman on the edge of the rug knowing the outcome he expected. With Ali still panting and looking glassy eyed, Sarah let go of her breast and moved up to kiss her. Befuddled, Ali didn’t respond at first, but soon kissed her back intertwining their tongues. Jenny came up as well and Sarah broke the kiss and let Jenny kiss her. They went back and forth while Mr. Michaels continued to rub her clit. Ali came again and moaned into Sarah’s mouth.

Sarah broke from Ali and kissed Jenny over Ali’s face while Ali panted with her face flush. The two girls continued to kiss as they moved over to the couch fondling each other, while Mr. Michaels sat Ali up and let her look at the mess she had made.

“That all came out of me?” she asked astonished.

“Yes. You squirted for the first time.” Mr. Michaels chuckled and amended his comment, “Or I should say I made my new pussy squirt for the first time.” He loved his own sick little humor. “Okay you three. Each of you get down and taste it and then go get towels to clean up.”

The girls all got down on the hands and knees, rolled their tongue through the sticky liquid and then jumped up to run get towels. Once they had everything cleaned up, they all toasted with their drinks and had a big gulp.

Mr. Michaels sat down in the big arm chair and told the girls, “I want to watch you dance for me.” Sarah took another big gulp of her drink and set it down and started to sway to the music. The other girls joined her and soon all three were bouncing to the beat. They danced and bounced their tits in front of him, laughing and having fun. When they had finished their first drink, Mr. Michaels got another round. Jenny twerked for him bouncing her ass and showing plenty of pussy. With each passing song, the girls egged each other on to get more lude. They started taking turns giving him lap dances and dragging their breasts over his face. Mr. Michaels enjoyed the show and grabbed and tickled each of them. Soon, the girls took turns grinding on each other, fondling each other.

Mr. Michaels got a third round of drinks, telling them to drink up quickly so they could go upstairs. While the girls continued to dance, he called each one over individually and had them suck his dick while the other two danced and played in front of him.

By the end of the third drink, the girls were tipsy and laughing. Mr. Michaels announced he wanted to move the party upstairs and followed his three pets as they marched to the bedroom. Sarah made sure she trailed the other girls and shook her ass for him as they climbed the stairs and looked back at his leering face with a smile. She loved teasing him.

Once in the bedroom, he took each of them in his arms, kissing them lovingly, and gave each a playful spank on the ass. “Bow to me girls,” he ordered. The girls dropped before him and bowed with their hands pointed at him in a small semi-circle. He took several pictures with his phone and proclaimed, “That is how I want to think of my submissive slaves. Who’s ready to please me?”

Each responded affirmatively without lifting her head. He got up on the bed and laid in the center. “Come here. I want to be the center of attention this time.” The girls got up from the floor and surrounded him. They joined in kissing him, licking him, rubbing their bodies against him, sucking and playing with his dick, kissing his feet, even nibbling on his nipples. He left his arms outstretched and let them do all of the work. If his mouth ever got left unoccupied, one of the girls would lean over him and rub their nipples over his lips and let him bite at them. Sarah straddled his head and used her fingers to stretch her pussy wide before lowering herself onto his waiting mouth. Ali and Jenny took turns swallowing his dick while they both fondled his balls. After a few minutes, they switched positions until each girl had a chance to sit on his face.

Ali took the last face ride before he pushed her off and announced, “I need some pussy. Girls, help Ali sit on my dick and let me watch you play with her while she fucks me.” Ali moved down and Jenny held his cock pointed at her wet snatch while she impaled herself. Sarah kissed her and rubbed her clit while Ali slowly fucked herself on his dick. Jenny rolled Ali’s nipple between her fingers with one hand and lightly rubbed Mr. Michaels balls with her other.

Despite Mr. Michaels claiming to be the focus, Ali had all of the attention and soon started moaning and rocking her head from side to side. “Fuck that pussy is tight,” Mr. Michaels commented as Ali ground her pelvis on his fully embedded penis. Sarah teased her clit faster and Ali grunted as she started to tremble.

“Get the butt plug on the nightstand for Ali.” Ali stopped grinding and blanched at his orders. Jenny had jumped up to retrieve the plug. “I didn’t tell you to stop Ali,” Mr. Michaels warned. With a worried look on her face, Ali jerked out of her stupor and started fucking him again. Upon returning, Jenny rubbed her lube laden fingers into Ali’s puckered butthole. “Relax Ali. You have been anal training for three days. We might as well do it now so you don’t have to do it later,” he coached.

Jenny rubbed the head of the curved plug against her asshole, causing Ali to slow as the head of the plug pressed into her. Sarah encouraged, “You can do it sweetie. Breath and feel yourself open.” With a small yelp of pain the handle of the plug seated itself snugly into her ass crack. After a second to recover, she went back to fucking in more earnest. Jenny took over playing with Ali’s clit and Sarah sucked on her nipple.

Ali got into it again and begged for permission to climax. Mr. Michaels grabbed her hips and started thrusting hard up into her and told Sarah to pull on the plug while Ali came but granted permission. Throwing her head back, Ali moaned from the triple attack, loudly announcing to the group her orgasm. Sarah pulled the plug out to stretch Ali’s asshole wide as her orgasm crested and then popped it out and back in again as the climax subsided. Fucking Ali’s asshole repeatedly while Ali continued to fuck Mr. Michaels. She accepted it much easier with each insertion.

Mr. Michaels stopped Ali and pulled out of her. “Your turn Ali to take care of Jenny. I want to watch you eat her out. Show me how quickly you can get her off. Lay down and let her sit on your face.” While they got into position, Mr. Michaels pulled Sarah over and had her get on him in reverse cowgirl facing Jenny, right next to the other two. He fucked Sarah from underneath, thrusting slowly and deeply into her pussy. Sarah massaged Jenny’s breast and pinched her nipples while Jenny ground her pussy into Ali’s mouth. “Jenny, tell Ali how she is doing. I want to hear you telling her exactly what to do and if she is doing it well.”

“Oh god Ali, you tongue feels so good. Swirl you tongue around my clit. It won’t take long, I want to cum on your face. I love the way you suck my cunt. Dig at the clit with just the tip of your tongue. Press right on it. Oh yeah, right there. Just like that. Just a little faster.” She ground her hips harder while Sarah pulled on both nipples, being bounced herself. “Oh yeah. Right there! Come on bitch. A little harder. Flick your tongue over it and suck it into your mouth.” Jenny’s head started to roll to the side and her moans got longer. She continued to encourage Ali and barely gave the poor girl a chance to breath. “Oh my god. I’m gonna cum soon. Oh Master, may I cum for you?” Jenny had grabbed Ali’s head and her grinding picked up in tempo.

Mr. Michaels asked calmly, “Would you rather cum right now Jenny? Or suck my dick.”

Jenny’s eyes had been closed as she edged closer to orgasm. She opened her eyes and focused on his but didn’t stop grinding her hips. “I would rather suck your dick Master.” Sarah thought she looked pained saying it.


Jenny didn’t hesitate with her answer. “I’m here for your pleasure sir. Your pleasure is more important.”

“That’s right. Getting me off should always be your primary concern. Get over here and suck my dick.” A tremble rolled through Jenny as she got off of Ali’s face, but she obediently moved to take Sarah’s place. Sarah had gotten off and Mr. Michaels dick throbbed and glistened with her pussy juice. Once between his legs on her hands and knees with her ass right at the edge of the bed, Jenny took him into her mouth. “Ali, you straddle my face and Sarah, you get behind Jenny. Get one of the other butt plugs and fuck her ass and use a vibrator on her pussy. Jenny and Ali, I want you to both cum when I do. You both wait for me and I better not hear you cum until I am.”

Sarah grabbed the slightly larger curved plug and quickly squirted lube in the crack of Jenny’s ass. Barely pausing, she worked the plug into Jenny’s ass, earning a small grunt from Jenny’s cock stuffed mouth. With the small vibrator on a medium setting, she rubbed it over Jenny’s slick slit. As soon as it touched her clit, Jenny whimpered and shuddered. Sarah saw Jenny redouble her efforts on his dick and knew her friend was fighting to control herself.

With Ali turned backward facing Jenny, Sarah could see his tongue flutter on her clit and could hear sucking sounds coming from his mouth. Ali always came quickly, and this time proved to be no exception as she called out, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Oh god. If feels so good. Oh right there. Faster. Ahhhh.” She let out several long satisfied sighs as she continued to grind against his face. Shaking her head, Sarah knew Ali had failed to follow directions and would be getting into trouble.

Jenny fondled his balls and stoked his cock hard and deep into her mouth in desperate need to make him cum. Helping Jenny as best she could, Sarah rolled the vibrator around her clit and fucked her asshole rapidly, hoping to distract her from losing control. But her pussy still shook involuntarily, jerking erratically. Finally, Mr. Michaels grunted into Ali’s pussy and pushed his hips up. Sarah knew he had released his reward into Jenny’s mouth prompting her to move the vibrator right onto Jenny’s clit. The focused vibrations made Jenny’s back arch with a obvious body clenching orgasm. She could only groan as she busily gulped his thick ball batter down her throat. Ali announced another climax loudly while Jenny’s body jerked so hard that Sarah had to work to keep the vibrator on her clit, hoping to draw out Jenny’s orgasm as long as possible.

With Mr. Michaels finished off, Jenny pulled him from her mouth and laid her head down on his stomach, finally able to moan out loud. Sarah kept the vibrator right on her clit as Jenny rolled into another orgasm while she continued to fuck her ass with the butt plug at the same time.

“Fuck! I’m cumming again. Master I’m cumming for you! Right there. Hold it right there,” she begged as her body continued to shake. Sarah pushed the plug back into place, dropped the vibrator and stuck her tongue into Jenny’s pussy, lapping up the tangy syrup that dripped from her honey hole.

Mr. Michaels moved Ali off from over him and directed Jenny to the other side of him so he could reposition to the middle of the bed and lay back. He beckoned the girls over to him and Ali and Jenny snuggled up on either side of him while Sarah rested her head on his thigh looking up at him while wedging herself between him and Ali. Knowing she got the short end of the stick didn’t bother her in the least and she felt content to just hold his flaccid penis in her hand, slowly stroking and squeezing it. Despite still feeling worn out the night before last, she still couldn’t wait for him to fuck her again.

Mr. Michaels took turns idly kissing the two girls on his arms, looking to Sarah like the cat that ate the canary. They rested for five or ten minutes before Mr. Michaels announced he had a new game.

He got up and went to his bag and retrieved a couple of more vibrators and three dildos. He told the girls to lay in a triangle, head to pussy. Ali’s put her head on Jenny’s thigh by her pussy, Jenny on Sarah’s thigh and Sarah on Ali’s thigh. Each girl got a vibrator and a dildo. “It’s a simple game. Start with your mouth. I’ll tell you when to switch to the vibrator. Nobody cums until I say, but then when I do, you have to work together to all cum at exactly the same time. We are going to do this until you all three get it right.” He paused to make sure there were no questions. “You may begin.”

The girls each rolled to their side and bent their upper leg to let the other get access. Sarah reached forward and gave Ali’s pussy a long lick with her tongue. Pulling on the curly red pubic hairs, she momentarily thought about how smooth Ali’s pussy would be after Saturday. But for time being, Sarah nuzzled her nose into the hair and inhaled the heady scent. She pulled the delicate lips apart and dug deeper into Ali’s pussy, exposing the pink clit hiding behind the tight skin hood.

At the same time, she felt Jenny doing much of the same to her pussy. Jenny knew just how to tease her pussy. First inserting her middle two fingers into her while rubbing her clit. Sarah let out a moan. Having been denied an orgasm for so long she wanted to grab Jenny’s head and force her to suck her throbbing button, but she focused on the hot pink flesh in front of her. She dug her tongue deep into Ali’s vaginal opening and tongue fucked her as deep as she could stretch, receiving Ali’s groaning response. She rolled Ali enough to pull on the plug still in her ass.

Sarah peeked to watch Ali attacking Jenny’s clit, slurping her clit and labia into her mouth noisily and flicked her tongue at the tiny bead like a pro. Imitating what she saw, she got an appreciative squeal from the young new member. Sucking hard on Ali’s clit, she felt and knew that Ali had another orgasm. Ali had tried to hide it, but Mr. Michaels commented right away, “Ali, if you cum, you are to announce it. If I see you try to hide another one, I’m going to take back my ban on punishment tonight and spank that ass until it bleeds.”

Stopping her actions to look at him, she paled, pleading, “Sorry sir. I won’t mess up again. I just couldn’t stop myself.” She dove back down between Jenny’s pussy lips and dug her tongue into the velvety skin.

“Now use the vibrators and cum TOGETHER this time,” he ordered, somewhat perturbed by his tone. Sarah picked up the small handheld vibrator and turned it on a low setting. Given Ali climaxed so easily, she needed to be careful so they could time this together.

Jenny applied her vibrator onto Sarah, knowing exactly how to get Sarah off. With a slightly larger handheld vibrator in hand that had a dial to control the intensity the vibrations, she danced it all over the outside of Sarah’s pussy and then held it right on the outer lips over her clit. The light touch of the intense vibration drove Sarah crazy. Relying on Jenny to wait for her signal of grinding her hips to let her know when to spread her lips and hold the head just under the clit like she liked to let her climax quickly.

Trying to take it slow with Ali, Sarah moved the vibrator back to the handle of the butt plug and let it vibrate the plug. But it had the opposite effect and Ali started whimpering. Sarah moved to vibrator off entirely until Mr. Michaels growled, “Keep that fucking thing on her twat the whole time. Nobody’s vibrator comes off. You work together to find each other’s rhythm.”

Sarah moved the head up and down Ali’s slit. Despite her best efforts, Ali was soon grinding hard and called out, “I’m cumming. I’m sorry. I can’t hold it. Aaah!” as the orgasm overtook her. Just hearing Ali made Sarah want to let go of her own torment, but she knew Jenny would be left.

Sarah started coaching the young protégé, “She likes it when you spread her pussy lips wide and do circles around her clit. When she gets close, press it just to the side of her clit hard. Slow down on me Jenny. I’m almost there,” Sarah groaned, momentarily losing focus on Ali while trying to control her own rising excitement when she heard Jenny announce her own orgasm.

“Again,” Mr. Michaels barked.

Jenny mercifully backed off of Sarah’s clit giving her a small reprieve. Knowing that Jenny had to start over and would take a minute, she focused on Ali. She pushed the head of the vibrator into the entrance of her pussy and then up to her clit, buried between Ali’s folds. Ali gave two quick jerks of her pelvis and screamed through another orgasm. “Fuck!” Sarah thought to herself. She overdid it and still didn’t get her turn to climax.

“You sluts aren’t working together. Or maybe you all just need more training. Control those cunts and cum together!” he growled. Sarah knew he would lose his patience and that could lead to either spanking or some worse punishment. Like another week of orgasm denial.

At Sarah’s prompting, the girls went back to task and talked more. Giving each other more clues about what they needed to get off. Sarah could feel sweat break out on her forehead from fighting her climax. Controlling her breathing, she told the others she was ready, knowing what to do to get Ali off in just a couple of seconds. She just needed Ali to get Jenny there and begged Ali to find Jenny’s special spot. Jenny guided her. Sarah feared she would blow it not being able to stop the heavy grinding of her hips nor the protesting grunts from her mouth. She needed to cum so badly. When Jenny finally signaled her impending release, Sarah dug the vibrator hard into Ali’s clit and Ali squealed.

“Now!” Sarah yelled and then let herself go. She felt her stomach clench hard and screamed she was cumming to the chorus of the other two girls saying the same thing. All three moaned deeply as their bodies experienced the simultaneous release. Sarah’s rolled through several highs. Hearing the other two cum with her made it that much more satisfying. Even before her own wave of pleasure ended, Sarah dropped the vibrator and jammed her mouth onto Ali’s pussy, sucking the top half fully into her mouth and seeking her clit with her tongue. Ali must have taken the cue from her and did the same to Jenny, because within a few seconds, she felt Jenny do it to her pussy. The tongue on her clit renewed the wave of orgasm to a new high

With the girls panting in recovery, Mr. Michaels barked, “It’s about time. If I tell you to cum together, I expect you sluts to be able to do the first time. Three fuckups is unacceptable.” He shook his head in disgust. Sarah felt her stomach drop and she felt like she had failed. “On your backs. Side by side. Get the dildos and fuck yourselves. Let’s see if you can get it right that way.”

They moved quickly to get into position, acutely aware that they needed to do better or risk his ire. Sarah got in the middle with Jenny on her right and Ali on her left. Spreading their legs, Sarah put her legs over the other girls inside leg, bent up enough to help make entry easier. The dildo handed to Sarah ended up being a shorter but very think brown one with a suction cup at the end. She could see Jenny had a long double headed pink gel dildo and Ali had a realistic blonde one with balls that had a thinner shaft and a big cock head. Gripping the monster in one hand by the cup at the end, she pressed it deep into her well lubricated love canal, enjoying feeling the stretch of her pussy walls on the thick shaft. With it buried as deep as she could go, she lifted her ass off the bed thrusting it into herself.

“Ali, go slow. We are going to follow your lead since you haven’t done this as much. Just make sure that when you say you are ready that you are really ready to cum. Wait for us to tell you we are ready and then go as quickly as you can.” Sarah used long strokes pulling the dildo almost all the way out and then plunging it back in almost violently. With her other hand she pinched and rolled her nipple hard. She saw Jenny using both hands fucking her pussy in a blur of rapid 3” thrusts, causing her ass to bounce on the bed. With the handheld camera, Mr. Michaels got close ups of each girl’s pussy and then faces.

The girls kept up the chatter making sure everyone ramped up as evenly as possible. Ali announced she had gotten herself to the edge and the other two fucked themselves even faster to make sure they could go as well. Sarah grunted she needed to cum. Jenny’s hand started rubbing her clit while continuing to fuck herself as fast as she could. When her hand started moving even faster, Sarah could feel her best friend trembling. She gasped a quick, “I’m ready!”

Ali took two more hard thrusts and grunted, “Now!” All three girls announced their orgasm within a second of each other and the wet sounds of the dildos were drowned out by their yells, squeals, and moans and as they all experienced another explosive orgasm.

When Sarah’s eventually returned from her climatic haze, she pulled the dildo from her well-worn cunt and dropped it to the bed. She gulped air and realized how exhausted the aerobics had made her and felt dizzy from the intense orgasms.

But Mr. Michaels clearly had no intention of slowing down. “Not perfect, but good enough. Get your lazy asses off the bed and come suck my cock.” All three got up off the bed and kneeled in front of him. Working together, they leaned in and kissed and licked his semi erect dick. Taking turns sucking his penis into their mouths and taking long strokes until eventually his cock got harder making it easier. Fondling and lightly tugging on his balls in between turn, Sarah even reached behind him and rubbed her fingers over his asshole.

While Jenny took her turn bobbing back and forth taking him as deep into her mouth as possible, he grabbed her head and took over slowly thrusting into her mouth. “Ali, get the big butt plug and put into Sarah’s ass. Go slow and use lots of lube. I want you to picture that same plug going into your ass. Just like you are going to do for me in a couple of days. Do it right here in front of me with Sarah bent over and laying her head on the bed.”

Ali’s eyes popped in shock and she looked at Sarah with a guilty expression. Sarah gave her a little nod to reassure her and without any hesitation or concern dropped into position with her feet on the ground and her head and chest resting on the bed. Spreading her legs, she grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them wide, giving Mr. Michaels a direct view of her beautiful backside.

Returning with the biggest butt plug of their sets in her hand, she clumsily covered the plug with lube getting some on the floor. She squirted more right on Sarah’s butthole, not knowing to actually squirt it up higher to let it roll down, so a lot of it dripped down to Sarah’s pussy. Ali rubbed as much as she could around Sarah’s tight knot. “Push some in. Work it in with a couple of fingers and stretch me out a little,” Sarah instructed.

Ali tentatively pushed one finger in first. She then scooped more of the lube with her first two fingers and slowly pushed them past Sarah’s sphincter. When Sarah let out a low moan as the fingers got a few inches in, Ali paused, clearly afraid of hurting Sarah. “That’s it. Go deeper and then spread your fingers as you pull them out. Do it a few times and then start with the plug.” Ali did as told.

Once she had somewhat stretched Sarah, she pressed the plug into her ass, getting about halfway in and able to see how wide it made Sarah’s asshole. With continued reassurance to her inexperienced friend, Sarah told her to push harder until Ali got the plug most of the way in. Right as the widest part stretched her fully, Sarah let out a little yelp and the plug seated itself, letting her asshole tightened around the neck. “Good job sweatheart. It really isn’t bad. I actually like the feel of it now. It makes me feel so full.”

Mr. Michaels stood Jenny up sporting a full erection. Without talking he led her to the bed and bent her over next to Sarah. He did the same to Ali on the other side of Sarah. While they waited, he set the camera on the tripod up in front of them on the opposite side of the bed to capture the scene.

With all three girls now bent over, all with butt plugs in their asses, he gave them each one of the vibrators and ordered them to work their pussies, but warned that they were only allowed to cum with his dick in them. Before Sarah could start, he moved in behind her, grabbed her hips, and drove his dick all the way into her in a single thrust. Sarah let out a surprised gasp but welcomed the now familiar feel of his cock. He took several thrusts as deep into her as he could and pressing on the butt plug to increase the sensation.

“All of you look straight ahead and tell each other and the camera what is happening and how it feels. I want to hear you all describing it.” With that, he pulled out of Sarah and moved behind Ali.

Ali started the chatter, “He’s fucking me now. His dick feels so big and warm. So much better than the dildo. Oh my god he is so deep. And he is pressing against the handle of the butt plug and pushing it deeper.” She groaned and even pouted when he pulled out of her and moved to Jenny. Jenny continued with her own enthusiastic de***********ion and Sarah after her. He continued to bounce back and forth between them at random, each girl getting about a minute of fucking.

When he got back to Ali, he fucked her more slowly, but also fucked her ass with the butt plug, pulling it all the way out and then plunging it back in at the same time he thrust his dick into her. Ali came and announced it and even described how the double penetration gave her a longer and deeper orgasm than normal. When he ground his dick against Sarah’s cervix, Sarah had an orgasm as well feeling her body shake all over.

He pulled on Jenny’s hair and fucked her hard. She begged for more and he slapped her ass. With the vibrator on high, she came hard while describing every sensation. Even before she fully finished, he had pulled out and plugged Sarah again.

When each girl had gotten four or five turns, he repositioned the camera and told Jenny to put on the strapon and fuck Ali doggy style with Ali facing him and Sarah. He continued to fuck Sarah, taking the vibrator from her and holding it on her clit himself. Just as Jenny started to enter Ali, Sarah found herself begging to be allowed to cum. “Not yet Sarah. You hold it and look at the beautiful sight in front of you. That pretty young girl on her hands and knees with those perfect tits swaying while your friend fucks her tender pussy. You know what that feels like.” He leaned forward and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back forcing her to look right at Ali, all while continuing to thrust slowly into her and holding the vibrator onto her throbbing clit.

“She’s gorgeous. That look of lust in her eyes. I love fucking her for you Master,” Sarah managed to get out, but struggled against her trembling body. “Please Master. Please let me cum for you,” she begged again, more desperately. The vibrator made it impossible to control herself. Her pussy fluttered with her impending orgasm and she continued to breath erratically.

A quick slap to her ass made it flare in pain. “Not fucking yet! You cum when she cums. Beg her, not me!” He thrust harder into her but never relented with the vibrator.

“Ali! You have to cum for me. Please! I’m going to fucking explode. Please cum as fast as you can. Cum you fucking bitch!” Sarah yelled frantically. Her grip on her body slipped and she could feel the orgasm starting. She let out a low guttural groan. Giving up all hope, she had decided she had to succumb to her own body’s need when she heard Ali’s unmistakable squeal of pleasure. Sarah let herself go with huge relief and felt her body jerk heavily against his body. Her legs shook so heavily she probably would have collapsed if he hadn’t supported her hips. The vibrator however never moved, making Sarah roll through several waves of orgasmic bliss.

Barely giving either of them a chance to recover, he announced, “Ali, your turn with the strap-on. You fuck Jenny while Jenny eats Sarah’s pussy.” Having never worn the double headed strap-on, Ali allowed the other girls to help her get into it, letting out a little surprised gasp when Sarah pushed it into her. Once ready, she shook the dick from side to side, clearly enjoying the illusion of having a dick again like during spring break. Jenny got on her back and Ali fucked her in missionary position while Sarah sat on Jenny’s face. It took Ali a few minutes to get the rhythm down right, but soon fucked Jenny hard and deep. Sitting back with a lude smile on his face, Mr. Michaels just watched the three girls for several minutes.

“Roll Jenny on her side and fuck her that way. Fuck her ass with the plug while you do and then pull it all the way out. Sarah, you sit to her side and hold her head between your thighs.” After a few minutes, Jenny pulled her head back from being buried between Sarah’s thighs just enough to beg for her permission while Ali fucked her pussy and ass in a steady synchronized effort. Instructing her to suck on Sarah’s clit while she did, he granted her permission. A muffled groan soon sounded while she kept her face pressed into Sarah’s pussy.

“Okay, just about time to bring this to an end. I want to finish with Ali getting spit roasted. Sarah, you do the honors while she sucks my dick. Jenny, you get under her and you can play with my balls while she blows me.” The girls were getting tired, but dutifully set up for the last scene while Ali told her slave sisters how much she liked using the strap on, confessing to getting off again while fucking Jenny. Her nervous look at Mr. Michaels while making the admission didn’t get a reaction from him, to Sarah’s surprise.

Once Ali got on her hands and knees over Jenny, Sarah started fucking her from behind. Mr. Michaels grabbed her head and stuck his cock far enough into her mouth to make her gag. He backed off some until she stopped, and then proceeded to slowly thrust into her mouth in time with Sarah’s thrusts to compress her between them.

“Pinch her nipples Jenny. Hard. And Sarah, fuck her ass with that plug. No, not gentle like that. The slut stole an orgasm from me so she gets to be treated like a whore now.” His anger showed as he continued to gag her every few thrusts. Knowing he wanted her punished, Sarah did her best to continue to thrust into Ali and fuck her ass at the same time. Jenny fondled his balls and mauled Ali’s breasts, tweaking and twisting her nipples. Giving no warning, he pushed fully into her mouth and grunted as he released his pent-up ejaculate into her warm receptacle. Ali tried to swallow quickly, but choked and pulled off of him letting about half of his load fall from her mouth onto Jenny’s face and chest. Choking several more times, Sarah worried Ali might get sick, but she managed to get control of herself.

Ali looked up at him somewhat terrified. “I’m sorry sir. I really really tried, but I..I...just….” she stammered.

With a sigh, he interrupted her, “You’re going to have to do better. Clean Jenny up. Sarah, pull the plug all the way out.” Dropping her head to Jenny’s face, Ali started to lick up the spilled cum and saliva. Sarah removed the plug slowly so not to hurt the poor girl. “Sarah, give this girl one last orgasm while she eats Jenny’s pussy. Ali, this time remember to ask first or I tan your hide.”

Sarah continued to fuck Ali from behind, but also used the vibrator on her clit while she did. Jenny scooted up and Ali bent down to her pussy and took long licks from the bottom to the top. It only took a couple of minutes before Ali begged Mr. Michaels for her orgasm. Demanding she wait, he told her to keep eating Jenny’s pussy. The continued stimulation made her whimper, but she tried to focus on Jenny. Her hips started to grind. Within a minute, she pleaded to Mr. Michaels again.

“It’s my fucking pussy now Ali. It only cums when I say. Now say it!” he growled.

“It’s your pussy Master. It only cums when you say. I want to be your good slut sir. Please may I cum for you,” she whispered, clearly about to lose control.

“Good. Now Ali. Cum for me.” Ali let go, practically yelling while her orgasm peaked, lasting a lot longer than normal for the girl. Sarah did her best to make last as long as possible until Ali finally fell to the bed breathless.

Mr. Michaels laid back down in the middle of the bed. He pulled the girls to him and they surrounded him again. He kissed each one slowly and passionately while they relaxed for a while.

He kissed Ali’s forehead one last time and announced, “Clean everything up girls and meet me down in the hot tub. We will take a soak and call it a night.” He headed downstairs while the girls collected up the toys and went to the bathroom to clean them.

Sarah still had the butt plug in her ass and had to bend over to take it out. Extracting it slowly, she sighed as it popped all the way out. Ali watched carefully and asked, “How much does that one hurt?” Sarah could see the concern on her face.

“You get used to it Ali. Like all of this. Just take it one day at a time. And once you do get used to it, it actually feels really good. Don’t worry. You will be able to do it too. Wasn’t the sex tonight pretty off the hook? I know you like using the strap-on.”

Ali blushed. “Yeah, that was pretty amazing. I liked fucking with it. My pussy is sore, but it is definitely getting easier.” She looked thoughtful. “And the orgasms were epic.”

“See? I told you. He can make you crazy and feel like shit at times, but it is also…unbelievable,” she finally said searching for the right word.

They went downstairs and got into the tub with their Master. He had wine for them. They talked about the different positions and scenes, debating which were their favorites. When they were finished, he dried each girl, taking his time. They all thanked him for their orgasms and a fantastic night and then got dressed to go home. It was still a school night and it was getting late.


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Loved it.
The interplay between the girls worked well and seemed real.
Master is one lucky bastard

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