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She may not want to get ‘involved’ with, nor spend time with other people, she may even be a Loner, but she still has a lot of fun.
Sandra is Different

by Vanessa Evans

Part 6

The Friday day time was quite boring, if I exclude the flashing of my pussy in class, but the night was good. Isla sent me a text just as I was leaving the uni, to tell me that she’d heard of a party at a house that was rented by students and we arranged to meet in a pub that was near to the house. I decided to wear some of my new clothes and I experimented with wearing the skirt at different heights on my hips and worked out where I had to wear it so that my slit was visible in the mirror. With the skirt I wore just a semi sheer top, one of the ones that I had just bought from Lisa’s shop..

When I got to the pub it was heaving with mainly students and I wondered how many of them were getting towards the end of their subsistence allowances and would soon be living off beans on toast. It was well past 10 p.m. so quite a few were either pissed or well on the way to being so and as I worked my way through the crowd I got quite a few comments from the guys as they looked at me and saw that they could see my tits through my sheer top. I even got a couple of guys copping a grope of them as I squeezed by them.

One guy said,

“Wow, those are awesome, mind if I feel them?”

He wasn’t bad looking, and he’d asked me, so I stopped trying to move on, stood in front of him and said,

“Be my guest.”

He handed his drink to a mate and then took my tits in his hands and caressed them, including rubbing my nipples. If they could have got any harder they would have. As it was the handling of them was making them, and my pussy, tingle more then they had before.

After about a minute I said,

“Okay, that’s enough, I’m looking for my friend.”

As I turned to move on the groper guy replied,

“Thanks, would you like to stay with us instead, we’re going to a party later.”

“I’m going to a party too, but I have to find my friend.”

I turned and squeezed though a gap and wondered if it was the same party.

I found Isla talking to some other guys. As I got closer I saw that she was wearing a skirt that was nearly as short as mine, and her top was so low cut that I was surprised that her nipples weren’t showing.

“There you are Sandra,” Isla said when she saw me. “These guys were just keeping me company whilst I waited for you, they bought me a drink as well.”

One of the guys turned and looked at me and said,

“Bloody hell Isla, you didn’t tell me that your friend was this gorgeous, can I get you a drink luv?”

“It’s Suzie, and yes please, a bottle of beer please.”

“One beer coming up Suzie, don’t go away, I’m looking forward to seeing more of you, not that there’s much that I haven’t seen already.”

Normally I don’t let guys buy me a drink unless I can see the drink from when the barman pours it to it being my hand because with unknown guys you don’t know what they might put in it, but we were stood at the end of the bar so I could watch the bottle from the top coming off until it was in my hand.

As I was watching I spoke to Isla,

“Hi there, looking good girl. Your nips look like they’re about to escape.”

“Hey SUZIE, glad you could make it, I hope that they do escape. By the looks of your outfit there’s no need for your nips to escape, and that skirt’s so short that I bet that that guy sat at that table will be able to see your pussy if you turn to face him.”

“I hope so too, that’s why I bought it. Hey, are these guys going to the same party as us?”

“They’re going to A party but I don’t know if it’s the same one as us. I see that you’re Suzie for tonight.”

“Yeah, I intend to get laid and I want to make it difficult or impossible for the guy, or guys, to find me afterwards. I’ll give them a false phone number, if they ask, as well.”

“Good idea, if it’s not the same party I’ll become Kat on the way.”

My beer arrived and I had managed to watch it all the way to me so I took a quick swig then thanked the guy.

It was the usual small talk, something that I’m not good at and don’t like doing so after a short while I announced that Isla and I were going to the ladies room. It was at the other side of the room so we had to endure the squeezing through and a bit of groping on the way. When we got there I saw that both Isla’s nipples were out and I said,

“Did you do that?”

“Didn’t need to, some random guy pushed his hand down my top letting them escape and I didn’t pull my top up when I told him to remove his hand.”

“After a few seconds of groping you I presume.”

“After a good few seconds.” Isla replied.

“So are we going back to them?” I asked as I checked my hair in the mirror.

“Naw, there’s tons of guys here, but we could just go straight to the party, it’s late enough so there should be loads of people there already.”

When we left the ladies room we headed straight for the door to the street and once outside I said,

“That was fun squeezing through that lot, I even got a hand on my pussy.”

“Me too, one guy even tried to finger my butt.”

“So where is this party?”

“Not far from here, a couple of streets, so what’s our plan of attack, just strip as soon as we get there and hope that some guys take the hint?” Isla asked.

“I don’t know yet, what I’ve done at most of the parties that I’ve been to is just stare at a guy that I wouldn’t mind being fucked by and waited until he came over to me. Hey, did I tell you about the party at my place where I pretended to get drunk then went to lay down in my room and 2 guys came and gang-banged me?”

“Yes you did Sandra, I might try that at this party.”

“Yeah, go and pass out in one of the bedrooms and wait for guys to come and find us, then we could watch each other getting eaten or fucked.”

“I wonder if they’ll be as good at eating pussy as you are Sandra.”

“You do know that yours is the first pussy that I’ve ever eaten don’t you Isla?”

“Well I guess that you are just a natural then Sandra.”

“You were really good at eating mine as well Isla, I guess that girls are better at eating pussy than guys are.”

“Guys are usually too impatient, want to eat you quickly then move on to the main course.”

“You’ve got more experience than I have Isla, I was a virgin when I came to uni.”

“But you’re making up for lost time now Sandra and hopefully we’ll add at least one more to our tally tonight.”

“Do you keep a count of the number of guys that you’re fucked Isla?”

“I did the first few years but since I came here I’ve lost count. Do you keep a count Sandra?”

“I never thought of counting them but I think that I would loose count as well, hell, I’m not sure that I can remember all the fucks that I’ve had in the last few weeks, some weren’t very memorable.”

“Let’s hope that we find some memorable guys at this party. Memorable for their fucking that is, I’m like you Sandra, don’t want any attachments.”

“That’s right but I’m pulling my skirt up a bit, I want the guys to see my slit and then hopefully add another notch to my bedpost.”

“Yeah, me too, and your clit will be on show if you pull the skirt up high enough, I wish that mine stuck out like yours does Sandra.”

“It does have its disadvantages, with me not wearing knickers these days it presses down on seats and makes me horny all the time.”

“That’s a disadvantage? I’m going to do the same with my skirt, I’m glad that I wore this tight one, when I pull it up it stays up.”

“We’ll be like 2 whores looking to score.”

“We are 2 whores looking to score.”

We both giggled and linked arms for the rest of the short walk, both of us now with skirts that displayed our slits.

As we approached the house we saw 3 guys approaching from the other direction. We met at the front door to the house and the 3 guy immediately started hitting on us. To get into the house you have to go up 4 steps and the guys let us go up first. I knew why that was and it wasn’t because they were gentlemen. Gentlemen don’t ask if a girl has forgotten to put some knickers on which these guys asked both Isla and me. Sorry, Kat and Suzie because that’s who we were when one of the guys asked our names.

The 3 guys obviously had been to the house before because they led us straight to the kitchen and asked us what we would like to drink. I quickly told them vodka and within a minute both Kat and I had a tumbler half full of vodka.

I took a sip and said,

“This is too strong for me, I’m going to put some water in it.”

I turned and went to the sink, winking at Kat as I did so and she followed me. With our bodies blocking the guys view I tipped both lots of vodka down the drain and filled the glasses with water. When we turned and went back to the guys I took another sip and said,

“That’s better, strong drinks get me drunk way too quickly.”

“Me too.” Kat added as she downed half of her glass of ‘vodka’ and water.

“Interesting,” One of the guys said.

Some small talk filled the next few minutes but there were so many interruptions by people trying to get to the table with all the booze on it that Kat decided we should move. We ended up in the living room that also had a lot of people it. There was some background music but no one was dancing, just standing or sitting around, talking and drinking. Some of them were talking very loudly and some were swaying a little, like they’d already had too much to drink.

From one group that were talking very loudly I heard someone shout for the music to be turned up, adding that Shelly wanted to dance topless.

As expected, a number of guys, and girl, including Kat and me, turned to face where the voice had come from and we saw the group of guys with one girl in the middle of them. She looked ‘happy’, and when the volume of the music was turned up she started slow dancing.

The group spread out giving Shelly (presumably) more space. To the sound of most of the group attempting to La-La ‘The Stripper’ by David Rose, Shelly slowly started to raise her top.

To lots of cheering Shelly’s braless tits sprung free and up over her head went her top.

Shelly’s tits looked to be about a ‘B’ cup, slightly bigger than Kat’s.

When the cheering died down I heard her say,

“There, are you satisfied now?”

“Not yet.” I heard one of the guys say.

“Well go and find some other girl to strip for you, I’m not taking my skirt off.”

Kat looked at me and I looked at her. We both smiled and started moving around the room intending to stop near the guys who had got Shelly to take her top off. As we got closer to the group I saw that Shelly was still topless and not trying to cover her tits.

“Good girl.” I thought as we got closer.

One of the guys saw Kat and I approaching and said,

“It looks like we’ve got 2 more girls who are eager to get topless.”

“Bloody hell,” another of the guys said, “they’re half way there already, and look at those belts.”

There wasn’t that much light in the room and most of the guys were stood up so I doubted that they could see our slits but just knowing that they were looking at us and making such comments was making my pussy wetter than it was when we walked into the room.

“Hi guys,” Kat said, slightly slurring her words.

“Well hello ladies, have you come over to flash your tits at us?” Another of the guys said.

“Naughty boys, I don’t get my tits out for boys that I don’t know.” I too slurred a bit.

“We can soon put that right.” another of the guys said, then quickly introduced himself and the other 3 guys.

Meanwhile Shelly was dancing on the spot and looking a bit pissed.

“So now that we know each other Suzie, are you going to get those lethal weapons out for us, they look like they could do a guy some real damage if you pressed against him.”

“We might,” Kat replied, “but can’t you see enough of them already?”

“Nope.” three off the four guys replied almost at the same time.

“You really want us to take our tops off,” I asked, “with all these people around looking at us?”

“Yes, why not,” one of the guys said, “Shelly has and she seems quite happy.”

“Yes, but she looks a bit pissed.” Kat said.

“All due respect girls,” another of the guys said, “but you 2 look and sound quite happy as well.”

Kat and I both giggled then lifted out tops revealing our uncovered tits. We both threw our tops to the corner of the room then I said,

“There, are you happy now guys?”

“Hell yeah.” One of the guys said.

Another said,

“Magnificent girls, I like the way yours are so pointy Suzie. Like miniature traffic cones.”

“And not a hint of any sagging on all 4 of them.” The third guy said.

Both Kat and I smiled then she said,

“Thanks guys, it’s never wearing a bra that keeps them like this.”

“Never did like bras, stupid invention.” One of the guys said.

“I need a drink.” I said, “All this ‘tits out for the boys’ is making me thirsty.”

“Me too.” Kat added.

“I’ll get you some more drinks.” One of the guys said.

“No you won’t,” I replied. “We get our own drinks so that we know that one of you hasn’t slipped a roofy or something into them. We don’t want to pass out then you guys come and take liberties with our naked bodies.”

“We wouldn’t do that girls.” One of the guys said,

“Both of you look ‘quite happy’ as it is.” Another of the guys said.

Kat and I both giggled and Kat said,

“I guess that we are, we’re both the same, can’t take our booze, but I still need another drink, let’s go Suzie.”

Kat and I linked arms and started to make our way to the kitchen and I saw more guys looking at our bare tits. In the kitchen we went to the drinks table and found half a bottle of vodka so I poured us half a glass each, making sure that the guys nearby could see me. Then I turned to go to the sink to swap the vodka for water and saw that the guys who had got us to take our tops off had followed us into the kitchen.

“Are you stalking us?” I asked.

“No, just making sure that no one rapes either of you.” One of the guys said.

“None of this lot would rape us in here.” Kat said.

“It wouldn’t be rape” I added, then added, “Water.”

Kat and I continued to the sink where she stood with her back to the sink whilst I did the vodka swap, hopefully not being seen doing it. When I turned round I gave Kat her now nearly full glass of ‘vodka’ and water and she said,

“Thanks Suzie, this might just make me too pissed to stand up. You guys will look after us if we get too pissed won’t you?”

“Of course we will, we don’t want our new friends to come to any harm do we guys?”

The other guys agreed and as I looked at them I saw that their eyes were going from Kat’s chest to mine and back.

“Dance,” Kat said, “I wanna dance.”

“You need to go into the front room,” one of the guys said, “we’ll look after your drinks for you.”

“No you won’t.” I replied as I lifted my drink to my mouth and emptied it down my throat.

“That’s better.” I said. “drink yours Kat.”

Kat downed hers in one go and we headed to the front room, followed by the guys.

Shelly was still dancing but she wasn’t on her own, 2 other topless girls and 1 fully clothed were with her so we went and joined her. Five topless girls dancing together, all looking a little worse for the alcohol that they had consumed.

“You okay?” I asked as I leant over to Kat.

Kat just nodded and smiled.

“Give it 5 then pretend to pass-out.” I said into her ear.

Kat nodded in acknowledgement, having guessed where I hoped that the situation would lead.

Kat and I danced very provocatively, thrusting our pelvis forward in time with the music, causing our skirts to ride up a bit. Unfortunately there weren’t any guys sat in front of us to see our pussies but the guys who had got us to take our tops off had moved real close to us.

After a while Kat stopped dancing, put an arm on my shoulder and looked down at the floor. I stood still and put a concerned expression on my face as I saw one of the guys step towards us.

Kat’s knees started to bend and I moved to put my arm round her waist to hold her up. I’d only held her for a couple of seconds when the guy who had stepped forward went to Kat’s other side and put an arm round her to help holding her up.

“I think that she’s pissed.” I said, then giggled and continued, “I think that I am as well.”

By then another of the guys had come over and took over from me holding Kat up. They had Kat in between them and had managed to get her arms round their shoulders.

“What are you going to do with her?” I asked.

“Take her upstairs and let her sleep it off on one of the beds.” One of the guys said.

“I’ll come with you, are you going to fuck us?” I added and I started to follow the trio towards the door.

None of them answered the question but I saw smiles on their faces.

We got to the stairs and the people who had been sat on them got out of the way as the 2 guys started to carry Kat up. I soon saw that Kat’s skirt had ridden up and was in danger of being called a belt. I followed the trio up and I saw that I was being followed by at least one guy, but not too closely. I just knew that they’d be able to see my pussy and that thought made it tingle some more.

“My room.” One of the guys carrying Kat said and the other guy opened the door then put the light on.

A couple were making out on the bed and the guy who’s room it was shouted,


The couple got up, the girl pulling her dress up at the top to cover her tits and down at the bottom hem to hide her uncovered pussy.

“Lay her sideways on the bed.” The rooms owner said.

And they did. I don’t know if Kat’s legs accidentally spread wide as she went down or if it was deliberate on her part but her bald pussy was on display for all to see.

I sat beside her then looked up at the guys who were all looking at both Kat’s and my pussies because I had sat with my knees wide apart.

“She’s pissed.” I said. Then giggled and continued, “and I think that I am as well.”

“Lay back and sleep it off Suzie,” one of the guys said, “you’ll be safe in here.”

“Thanks.” I replied and I lay back, knowing that the front of my skirt wasn’t covering any of my bald pubes or pussy. Then I added,

There was silence for a minute or so then I heard one of the guys ask,

“Are you awake Suzie?”

I didn’t reply, instead I was going through the images of Kat’s bare body parts when she had almost fallen onto the bed. Her pussy looked real cute, and wet, she must have been as aroused as I was, and her tits, like a lot of teenage girls tits are, quite proud with hard nipples at the top even though her nipples weren’t as far from her ribs as they are when she’s stood up. Then I thought about my own clit and tits. I could feel my clit throbbing and knew that the guys could see it, it felt a little wet so I assumed that my leaking pussy juices had made their way to it. Then there was my tits. I visualized them and thought of 2 upturned ice cream cones with cherries stuck on the end. My nipples definitely were as far from my ribs as they are when I am stood up.

Then I had to fight a smile when one of the guys said exactly what I had just thought about my tits.

“And that clit,” the guy continued, “have you ever seen one like that, look, I swear that I can see it pulsing, she must be as horny as hell.”

“She’s asleep or out cold man, we should cover them and leave them to sleep it off.”

“We need to take their skirts off, if they’re going to sleep it off on my bed they are going to do it naked.”

Within seconds I felt my skirt being pulled down leaving me naked apart from my shoes and squinting I could see that Isla’s skirt was coming off as well. When we were both naked and laying there with all 4 guys looking down on us I heard 1 of the guys say,

“Are we really going to just leave them there to sleep it off, we have 2 really hot girls here who obviously came here to get fucked, why shouldn’t we give them what they came here for?”

“They’re out cold man.”

“So what, those pussies are just begging to be fucked, look at them, their juices are oozing out of them.”

“You think that we should just fuck them, here, now?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“They might wake up.”

“So what? Remember my ex Lucy, she told me that it’s an amazing feeling walking up and feeling a cock going in and out of her hole so these 2 should enjoy it. That’s if they do wake up.”

“Do you think that girls can cum when they are asleep like us guys can with our wet dreams?”

“Lucy told me that she did, but she never told me how she knew that.”

“She must have had a camera between her legs when she went to sleep. Do you really think that we can fuck these 2 and get away with it?”

“Us and all the other guys in this house probably. Hey, we can take it in turns, you and Tom go round the other side of the bed and fuck their faces whilst Luke and I fuck their cunts, then we can swap ends.”

“I’m going to fuck both girls, both ends.” Luke said,

“Are you sure that you can stay hard for long enough?

“If I don’t I’ll just stuff it in their mouths. Hey, is it natural for a girl to suck anything that goes in her mouth whether she’s awake or asleep?”

“Lucy did whenever I put it in her mouth when she was asleep.”

All their talking was making me a bit frustrated that one of them wasn’t already fucking me but I knew that I just had to wait it out.

Finally I heard them moving around, then my legs being pulled further apart. The anticipation was so great that I nearly orgasmed there and then. Then I heard jeans zips going down, then hairy thighs against the inside of my thighs.

I had all on not to gasp as I felt the cock go balls deep inside me in one thrust.

“Oh that’s good man.” I heard the owner of the cock say.

Then I felt my whole body move up a bit, the cock inside me going with it and my head going off the side of the bed.

My mouth opened as the cock pressed on my lips then I felt 2 hands grab my tits.

“Jeez, these tits may be small but they are solid and the nipples feel as hard as acorns.” The owner of the hands on them (presumably) said.

Meanwhile, below my waist, the cock was going in and out of me with increasing speed and depth. I might have grunted with each thrust but my mouth was a little full. I tried to listen to hear if Isla was getting the same treatment but my brain had other things to concentrate on.

I reached my first orgasm before either of the guys inside me and my body was shaking and jerking as the 2 cocks pounded my mouth, throat and pussy. I was very grateful that the guy fucking my mouth had the common sense to give me breaks to let me breath.

The cock in my pussy erupted as my first orgasm started to fade away, closely followed by the cock in my mouth giving my stomach something to digest.

Then I got a minute or so for my heart to start to slow down a little, and I could definitely hear 2 guys pounding in and out of Isla, both ends, as I could hear guy bragging that he could get all of his cock into her mouth.

Then it started again. Although my eyes were still closed I could tell that it wasn’t the same cocks in my mouth or pussy, they just didn’t feel the same.

I didn’t managed to cum before I’d had 2 more deposits inside me, and another orgasm was starting to build when both cocks withdrew. As I just lay there with a very satisfied feeling I wondered if the guys were going to swap with the guys fucking Isla.

I was actually starting to doze off when I felt my ankles being lifted up then my pussy being invaded by a third cock. Then I felt the wet tip of another cock pressing on my mouth lips.

These 2 guys managed to finish what their mates had started and my body was off again. Both these 2 guys had more staying power than the first 2 and a third orgasm was building when they swapped places.

My teeth nearly clamped down on the fourth cock that was in my mouth but I somehow manages to ride out my third orgasm before my stomach and pussy got another donation.

Then it was peace and quiet for me for a couple of minutes before I heard 1 guy say,

“That was good, I really liked playing with those hard tits and big nipples as I fucked her.”

There was a bit of banter between them before one of them asked,

“Any of you been part of a 3 way?”

I automatically clenched my butt at the thought of a cock invading it. So far in my life I’d never had anal sex although I had wonder what it would be like and I got a little excited and nervous realising that I might just be about to loose my anal virginity. It sounded like the guys had decided to do me first as I felt my legs being lifted up and spread wide again.

“Use her juices to lubricate her asshole.” One of the guys said.

Then I felt some fingers playing with my pussy, going in and out of me and rubbing my clit.

“Have you guys seen the size of her clit? I’ve only ever seen one that big in porno movies.”

“Yeah, it is big, hang on a sec, I’ve got to get some photos of that before the 3 of you fuck her at the same time.”

I heard a camera clicking then 1 of the guys said,

“Rub it until she cums whilst I video it.”

They did and I did cum, then the fingers started moving my juices, and the male cum that was seeping out of me, to my butt hole. At first the fingers were just rubbing across the entrance to my butt hole but they soon started going inside me.

I actually found it easy to relax and let first 1, then 2, then 3 fingers fuck my butt hole. It was nice, bit not as nice and being finger fucked in my pussy.

When whoever it was fingering my butt decided that it was ready, hands lifted me up then lowered me down on my back onto the front of 1 of the guys who had taken my place on the bed. With a bit of shuffling about by the guy I felt his cock at my butt hole then going in. Again, it was nice but not as nice as in my pussy.

Just when I thought that all of his cock was inside me I felt hairy thighs against the insides of my thighs then another cock, this one entering my pussy.

“Are you getting this on video?” I heard 1 of the guys ask.

“Yes, I’ve got a phone in each hand.” Someone replied.

It wasn’t that easy for the 2 cocks to fuck me but they were trying to get some sort of rhythm going. However it was easy for the third guy who came to my head and face fucked me. As his cock entered my mouth I felt a bit proud that I had 3 cocks inside my 3 holes, all at the same time.

Through all this, and the resultant orgasm, I somehow managed to keep my eyes closed and not say anything, although I did moan a bit and just hoped that they wouldn’t realise that I was very awake. I guess that they were too busy with what they were doing to realise what state I was in.

Finally it was all over and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it again. I’d enjoyed it but a good conventional fuck is best. I like cowboy best.

I lay there as the guys checked the videos before turning to Isla. She was still quiet so I guessed that she was okay with the prospect of having all 3 of her holes being fucked at the same time. I wondered if it was the first time that she’d done it like that.

“Okay guys, I was the video operator with what’s her name, who’s going to do it this time with the other hottie, I what to fuck the virgin ass, assuming that she hasn’t done anal before. And swap phones so that we’ve all got a video.” One of the guys said.

I opened my eyes just a little bit and very slowly turned my head so that I could just watch the 3 guys doing to Isla what they had just done to me. Judging by her body jerking I was sure that she too had cum so she must have been enjoying it.

When the 3 guys had had their evil way with Isla, sorry, Kat, I heard zips being closed then one guy saying,

“Are we just going leave them like that?”

“Yeah, why not, they’ll wake up when they are ready. If they don’t wake up before the party finishes I’ll push one onto the floor and fuck the other one again before I crash. It’s my bed so what I say and do goes.”

“I meant cover them.”

“Why, they’re a couple of sluts who obviously like being seen like that so we’ll just leave them. If any other guys are going to the bog and see them they might just come in and fuck them. I’m sure that they’d like that. I was going to change the sheets tomorrow anyway so some more cum on them won’t matter.”

“Fair enough,” another guy said, “if I need to go to the bog I might just come in here and fuck them again myself.”

I heard the sounds of them shuffling around then silence. After a good minute or so of silence, other than the noise coming from downstairs, I partially opened my eyes and looked around. There was only Kat and me in the room.

“Hey Kat,” I said, “you awake?”

“How the hell could I not be? I’m so hyped up from what happened in the last hour that I might not sleep for days.” Kat replied as she got up onto her elbows like I had once that I realised that we were on our own.

“So you enjoyed all that did you Kat? Stupid question, of course you did. Have you ever done anal before, it was my first time.”

“Yeah, one boyfriend wanted me to do it so I did. It’s not as nice as a proper fuck.”

“You’re right there, I’d do it again but I won’t be asking for it, there’s nothing like riding a good cock that’s in my pussy.”

“So what are we doing now Suzie?”

“Well when I’ve pretended to be out cold and been gang-banged before I’ve just waited until everything was quiet then sneaked out and gone back to my room.”

“That sounds like a great idea, I’m a bit sore.”

“So am I but our tops are downstairs. Although I wouldn’t mind walking back to my room topless I think that we might get stopped by the cops.” I replied, “Besides. I like that top, I only bought it yesterday.”

“Okay Suzie, how about we wait for the next guy who goes to the bathroom them ambush him when he comes out. I think that 2 naked girls will be able to persuade him to go and find our tops and bring then to us.”

“Sounds like a plan to me Kat.”

As we waited we quietly talked about mainly what had happened and that we’d not given them our real names or numbers. Isla told me that she too liked the anonymity of it all.

“So you don’t fancy getting a steady boyfriend then Isla?” I asked.

“Hell no, well maybe in 10 or 15 years but until then I want to enjoy life and get fucked as many times as I can.”

“Me too, I’m no good at relationships so anonymous fucking suits me just fine, and I love the fun that I can have letting people see my goodies. I guess that it’s a bit cruel teasing guys like that but if they get blue balls it’s their problem because they could have just asked to fuck me and unless they were fat or ugly I would probably let them. Hey, did I tell you that I was a virgin before I came to uni?”

“Yes you did, you poor thing, think of all the fun that you missed out on.”

“I’d rather not, I might get annoyed with myself but I’m starting to make up for it now and I don’t care if I get called a slut or a whore or anything else.”

“Me neither Sandra, hey, is that someone coming up the stairs that I can hear?”

We both threw ourselves back on the bed and spread our legs. Our skirts were still up around our waists so we were both very exposed. I heard footsteps along the landing then a male voice quietly saying,

“Fucking hell!”

Then another male voice saying,

“Wow, I’ve got to have some photos of that.”

I heard some camera clicks then one of the guys said,

“Man, I’m desperate for a piss, don’t you dare disturb them.”

“Hurry up I need a piss as well.”

I could hear them moving around, the bathroom door opening then closing, then a minute or so later the bathroom door opening and closing again.

“Hurry up man, then we can decide which of us is fucking which of them.”

After the second guy had come back from having a piss I heard,

“So which one do you fancy Jake?”

“The one with the pointy little tits and the big clit.”

“Okay, you take her and I’ll fuck the other one.”

Seconds later I heard jeans zips then a pair of male legs easing mine even wider apart. Within seconds his cock was entering me and his hands were groping my tits and pulling and twisting on my nipples.

It felt good, really good, then I possibly made a mistake, I opened my eyes and said,

“What the fuck are you doing? Did I tell you that you could fuck me?”

The guy just froze.

“I’m sorry,” he finally said, “it’s just that you looked so inviting and laying like that with no clothes on I thought that you wanted someone to fuck you.”

“I did, so don’t you dare stop until I’ve cum.” I replied.

The guy’s shocked face turned to a smile and he started thrusting in and out of me again. I turned my head and saw that Kat also had her eyes open.

My guy came quite quickly and almost apologised as I felt his cock go soft.

“I haven’t cum yet.” I said, “so you’d better find another way to make me cum.”

As his cock slipped out of me his fingers made their way to my pussy and I said,

“No, not your fingers, your mouth.”

The guy looked at my face then his head went between my legs, and his mouth did make me cum. When it was over I looked at Kat and her guy and saw and heard that she was cumming.

My guy started to say that he was sorry again but I interrupted him saying,

“What’s your names, full names?”

They told us then I continued,

“You two took advantage of me and my friend whilst we were asleep, you could get into a lot of trouble for that but we won’t say anything if you do something for us.”


By then Kat’s guy was on his feet and putting his cock away and looking at me as well.

“Right, the guys who brought us up here took our tops off downstairs and we need our tops back. You two are going to go and find them and bring them up to us, then you are going to help us leave this place without being seen. And you are not going to tell anyone what happened here, if you do we will make sure that the authorities know what you did to us.”

“Okay, okay, we’ll do that but you have to do something for us.”

“What,” I replied, “and before you ask remember that you are the ones that broke the law.”

“Give us you names and phone numbers.”

“We can do that,” Kat replied, then she stared to describe our tops.

Off the guys went and then Isla said,

“Well that was another notch on the headboard, he wasn’t that bad actually.”

“No, mine wasn’t either.” I replied, then added, “I hope that they find our tops and bring them to us. I’d hate to lose mine and have to find a way to get home without it although it could be some fun.”

“Maybe, but it’s early morning so there may not be anyone around to see us.”

“Shame, I fancy a good streak where lots of people can see us.”

“Yeah, so are we going to give these guys our names and numbers?”

“Hell no, well not our real ones.” I replied.

“So we’re going home when we get our tops back?”

“Yeah, well I am, you can stay if you want but I have to be at work in the morning.”

“Oh yes, okay Sandra, sorry Suzie, I’ll leave as well, we can walk most of the way together and ….”

Just then the two guys returned and they did have our tops in their hands. We took them and put them on, both of us having pulled our skirts back into place earlier.

“Right, time to get out of here.” I said.

“Hang on, what about your names and numbers?” One of the guys said.

“Have you got a pen and paper?” Kat asked.

Unfortunately, one of them had so we gave them our false names and numbers. As I was giving them mine I wondered if it was a number that was in use and if some little old lady would get a phone call asking for a date or a fuck.

“Right” I said, “Elvis is leaving the building, come on Kat.”

“Hey,” one of the guys said, “I thought your name was Suzie.”

“Dumbass.” I said as I grabbed Isla’s hand and pulled her out of the room.

We walked straight down the stairs and out of the front door. We linked arms and talked as we walked, comparing notes and guys. I’m sure that Isla was as happy with how the night went as I was. When we split to go to our own buildings I thought about how similar Isla and myself are.


My alarm woke me a few hours later and I was soon walking to work wearing another of my new outfits, well a very short dress. I decided that as soon as I found some time I’d go and buy some new shoes.

Somehow I managed to arrive at the shop slightly before Lisa.

“Morning Sandra,” Lisa said as she approached me. “Is that one of our dresses? You look good in it.”

“Morning Lisa, yes it is, I paid for it on Thursday.”

“Relax Sandra, I know that you wouldn’t steal anything from me, I trust you, not like that Annie that I had to sack a couple of months ago. Before your time Sandra, don’t worry about it.”

By then we were inside and I was telling Lisa all about the party and she was telling me that sometimes she wished that she was my age again. The other girls started arriving and before long it was a busy day.

Apart from the odd little trick being played by some of the girls resulting in male customers seeing one of us naked, it was a pretty normal working day. The only big highlight of the day was when the back doorbell rang and Lisa told me to go and see who it was, telling me that it was probably Pete, the deliver guy delivering more stock.

She was right and Pete had a big grin on his face when I rolled up the shutters and saw the back of his lorry ready to roll the racks out.

“Well hello there Sandra, you’re looking as good as ever,” Pete said when our eyes met. “Is that one of the shops dresses that you’re nearly wearing?”

“Hey Pete, how are you doing? Yes, it is one of the shop’s dresses, well it was until I bought it the other day.”

“Well you look great in it girl but you might want to put something else on before you start lifting some of those boxes, I don’t know where they’ve been but they’re covered in soot or something.”

“Oh,” I replied, “I don’t know if there’s any overalls or even an apron that I could put on.”

“Tell you what, seen as it’s you I’ll carry them all in.”

“No, that’s not fair, I’ll do my share of the work.”

“But your clothes.”

“Let me worry about that. Pete.”

We finished rolling the racks off his lorry then I looked at the boxes and saw that he was right, they were covered in some sort of black dust.

“Stay there Pete, I’ll be back in a minute.” I said as I turned and walked off the lorry and to a corner of the store room.

Seconds later I walked back to Pete and looked at his face.

“Wow Sandra, you looked great in the dress but you look even better out of it. I haven’t been able to get the sight of those little tits and that clit out of my head since I last saw them and it’s great to add more images to my mental library.”

“Oh Pete, it’s only a girl’s naked body, you must have seen hundreds of them.”

“But yours is the best ever Sandra, can I be really cheeky and ask if I can take some photographs of you like that?”

“Of course you can Pete, as many as you like but do it quickly please, the shop is busy at the moment.”

Without being asked I posed for around 20 photographs for Pete, some of them showing the view that a gynaecologist would get, if I ever go to see one.

Pete had just put his phone away and I’d picked up the first dusty box and was carrying it off the back of the lorry when Lisa appeared.

“Look at the state of these boxes.” I said.

Lisa ran a finger on the top of the box that was in my hands then said.

“Okay, that explains your lack of clothes Sandra, a sensible idea taking your dress off. When you’ve finished come to my office and I’ve got a wash cloth that you can borrow and I’ll get on the phone to head office to complain about the state of the boxes. I hope that they are sealed properly, we’ll have to check the contents before we put them on display. Oh, good morning Pete, I’m sure that none of this is your fault.”

Lisa left us to it and I made sure to bend over every time that I picked up or put down a box when I knew that Pete was behind me. When we had finished the job Pete said,

“You really are a big cock tease aren’t you Sandra?”

“I guess that I am, but the difference with me is that I’ll follow through if the guy asks.”

“Really,” Pete said as he put his right hand on my left tit and started squeezing and playing with it. “So you’d let me fuck you would you Sandra?”

“Yes I would. Tell you what Pete, one Saturday rearrange your deliveries so that you arrive here at the end of the day and you can give me a ride back to my dorm room. I’ve never had a ride in a lorry, does this one have a bed in the driver’s cab?”

“It does. You’re not just teasing me are you Sandra?”

“No Pete. I’d never do that to you, only guys that I’ll never see again and I see you every Saturday.”

“You’re on Sandra, I’ll see what I can arrange.”

Pete gave my left tit one final squeeze then got in his lorry and drove off. I looked around outside to see if anyone was watching me but I saw no one. I shut the doors then picked up my dress and went to Lisa’s office. She wasn’t there but there were some wash cloths on her desk so I took them to the bathroom and got cleaned up.

Back in the shop all the other girls knew that I had been naked in the back and a couple of them made jokes about me fucking Pete. I laughed them off but didn’t deny that I would if the opportunity arose.

When we were closing Lisa asked me if Isla and I were still okay for Sunday the following week. When I said that we were she told me that her husband Steve had been in the shop earlier and has seen me messing about with some of the girls.

“So he’s seen me naked already then?”

“Yes he has, only a quick look but he approved of what he saw and said that your tits will really attract the potential customers.”

As I walked back to my building I thought about my tits, how they were like little ice cream cones stuck on my chest and how solid they were. I remembered Pete’s hand on my left tit and how he squeezed, twisted, pulled and tweaked the nipple making me get wet between my legs. I decided that although my tits were different to most girls tits I loved them and wouldn’t swap them for anything.


Back at the flats I discovered that my flatmates had decided to invite a few people round for a few drinks. I discovered this after I’d gone to my room, got naked, had a shower and then gone to prepare some food. When I entered the common room I saw 4 unknown guys and 3 unknown girls as well as the rest of those who lived there.

“Here she is,” Geoff said, “our resident nudist. Everyone, this is Sandra.”

“Hi.” I said and continued to the kitchen area, my nipples already having gone hard and my pussy starting to tingle.

“Come and join us Sandra.” Emily said, “don’t be shy.”

“I’m not being shy.” I replied, I’m hungry.

“Come on Sandra, come and give us a twirl and do that standing splits to prove that you’re not shy.” Zack said.

I sighed then walked to the middle of the room and did what Zack had asked.

“Jeez,” One of the unknown guys said, “look at that clit. I bet that that gives you a lot of pleasure Sandra.”

“I’m jealous.” One of the girls said.

I stayed on one foot for as long as I could while some more, similar coments were made then I lowered my other leg and said,

“There, satisfied? I’m going to get something to eat.”

As I went to the kitchen area Lizzy said,

“Oh Sandra, there’s a parcel for you on the side, I found it downstairs this morning.”

“Thanks Lizzy.” I replied.

I guessed what it was so I hurried to get some food ready then took the parcel and my food to my room ignoring requests from at least 4 of the people in the room for me to join them as soon as I had eaten.

As I started to eat I also started to cut my way into the parcel. At the same time my nipples and my clit started throbbing and my pussy started leaking.

I was right, the parcel contained my new Ohmibod and a Hitachi Magic Wand. Using all my willpower not to just switch them on and have some fun, I read the instruction as I ate. As soon as my plate was clear it was put to one side and the Magic Wand was vibrating against my clit.

I think that it took less than a minute for me to cum but I kept it against my clit until I’d cum a second time. As I was getting my breath back I moved so that I could see my pussy in the mirror then I put the Magic Wand at the side of my clit, switched it on and I could see my clit vibrating with the wand. I just couldn’t resist watching it as I came to a third orgasm.

I needed a rest so I put the wand to one side and took a closer look at the Ohmibod Esca2. I read that it needed a phone app so I downloaded it and got it all setup. Leaving it on the bedside table for a minute I tried the controls and was amazed at how it danced around.

Then the big trial. My pussy was already dripping so it slipped in very easily, then I played with the antenna to see how flexible it was and was pleased with the results. I reckoned that I could wear it under a microskirt and have the antenna either sticking straight down so that it was clearly visible, or bend it forward so that it went passed my clit. I wondered / hoped that with it like that the vibrations would go up the antenna and vibrate my clit a bit like the Magic Wand does.

I left the antenna sticking straight down then switched it on and screamed. I was expecting a strange feeling but it still made me scream and jump. I switched it off then back on again and soon got used to the nice, mild vibrations.

Then I started playing with the controls and accidentally turned it up to full blast causing me to scream again and start ‘dancing’ on my feet trying to lesson the effects that it was having on me but there was no relief so I grabbed my phone and turned the vibrations right down.

“Wow, I thought, that was, was, was, indescribable.” I just didn’t know how to describe the effect that it had on me.

I was just getting over the shock when someone knocked on my door.

“Who is it?” I shouted.

“It’s me, Lizzy, let me in.”

I opened the door and saw Lizzy with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Are you okay Sandra?” Lizzy asked.

“Yeah why?”

“It’s just that we heard you screaming and …..”

“Oh that, I’ve got myself a vibrator and I was just trying it out.”

“I can’t see a vibrator. I can see a magic wand that I didn’t know you had but no vibrator.”

“It’s inside me.”

I stepped back a little, spread my legs and Lizzy looked down.

“Oh my gawd, you’ve got one of those remote controlled things, let me have a look. No, better still come with me, everyone will want to see that.”

Lizzy grabbed my hand and just about dragged me to the common room.

“Hey everyone, Sandra has got herself one of those remote vibrators, look, it’s one of those with an antenna sticking out of her pussy.”

By then I knew that Lizzy was a little ‘happy’, and by the comments from some of the others they were too. I guess that I should have been embarrassed right then but I wasn’t, in fact I felt a little proud of myself.

“Come on Sandra, let us all see.” Geoff said.

“Yeah, come on Sandra.” Emily added.

What could I do? I hadn’t planned on showing my new toy to anyone, well not yet, but the opportunity was thrust upon me so I walked to the middle of the room and just stood there.

“Bloody hell,” Andy said, “it’s got a flashing light on the end.”

“Is it switched on?” Zack asked.

“Just on mild vibrations.” I replied.

“Someone turn the lights off and see what it’s like in the dark.” Zack said.

Someone did and I was surprised at how bright the purple tinted light was.

“Bloody hell,” one of the unknown guys said, “we’ll be able to see you coming a mile away.”

“Was that coming or cumming?” Andy said getting a little laugh from a couple of the quick thinking people there.

The ceiling light went back on and Emily said,

“So is that all it does?”

I briefly explained some of the options and then I realised that Lizzy had gone and got my phone. I realised because she started sliding her finger around the screen causing me to gasp. Then she turned the vibrations up to full power and I started dancing and holding my pussy and tits. I say ‘dancing’ but it was more of a case of transferring my weight from one foot to the other and bending a knee to try to squeeze my legs together to ease the shaking that my whole body was doing.

“Oh my gawd,” Emily said, “Is that thing really vibrating that much inside you that it’s causing you to do that? What the hell must it be doing to your insides?”

“Turning them into a liquid goo.” One of the unknown guys said.

By then I just needed it to stop so I turned to Lizzy and almost begged her to turn it off. She turned it down and I let out a long sigh.

“I thought that girls were supposed to like that?” Lizzy said.

“I did,” I replied, “it’s just that that’s the first time and the shock made me need a rest.”

“Wasn’t it good then?” Zack asked, “didn’t it make you cum?”

“It was good, bloody good, but I think that I need to get used to it a bit before I really enjoy it.”

“We can help you with that Sandra?” Andy said, “pass me her phone.”

Lizzy did and soon my phone was being passed around the room, everyone playing with the app and my body responding accordingly. I vaguely heard Emily say,

“If I was dancing around like that my tits would be wobbling all over the place but hers just don’t even move.”

That made me a little proud of my tits but only for a split second, my body had something else to cope with.

At some point I collapsed down onto my knees then onto my back as my legs got weaker and weaker. I could vaguely see my phone getting passed around and even the girls were having a play with the app and therefore me. The more I got used to it the more I enjoyed it although I don’t think that I could ever get used to that full vibration mode.

I had an orgasm whilst someone was playing around with full blast but I’m not sure that anyone realised because the visual effects of the orgasm were just about the same as those from the vibrator.

Finally the vibrations got weaker and weaker and I started to relax. One of the guys said that the vibrator was broken but I believed that they had just run the battery flat. For once I was happy that something had been delivered with a half charged battery.

When I was recovered enough I got to my feet, took my phone back from the guy who was holding it and said,

“I’m knackered, I’m going to bed.”

Geoff and one of the unknown guys asked me to stay but I told them that I’d had a busy day and that they had finished me off, and I kept walking to my room.

I sorted out how to charge the Ohmibod then went to bed with the magic wand plugged in and close to hand. I thought that I might just need it during the night or when I finally woke up.

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